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  1. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Thanks Aanchir! I don't have to worry about sturdiness or colors too much since I'm working in LDD at the moment, but I appreciate your tips!
  2. Is LEGO Ideas self-promotion allowed here?

    Cool, thank you! Yeah, plugging in the link at the beginning and copy-pasting the exact same description seems pretty low, I appreciate the feedback!
  3. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Hiya! So... I've been fiddling around some more with MOCing- both with physical bricks and in LDD- but I've been having trouble building figures with system pieces for the look I'm going for. This is especially directed at @Aanchir , what with his sweet android. Any suggestions to make poseable figures using mostly system pieces? Especially with lower limbs and bodies, those are giving me a headache. I'm excited by what I've got so far, the cartoon characters I'm making seem semi-feasible now, but they really need all the details right. Thank you and I appreciate it!
  4. Yeah... and that's a bummer 'cause I have almost all the Stormtrooper-type sets and they have been getting progressively more and more boring to me. Some are cool, like my Shoretrooper Captain and OT Stormie, but the build is so darn bland after... 7, 8 sets? I dunno, I was hoping for a bigger last hurrah for the line, but we'll see what the future holds.
  5. Is LEGO Ideas self-promotion allowed here?

    I see. IF I were to "promote" a submission, it would be as an actual MOC showcase, plus the link, okay... I appreciate the clarification. BriXtar? Just a MOC showcase site? Yeah... Don't want any "one-&-done" users who just dump all their self-promotion on here in hopes of support, I gotcha... thanks for the reply!
  6. Toa Mata Revamps

    You're welcome! Sometimes there just isn't a good solution for some things : /
  7. [Galidor Category B] Boge (Television Accurate Ooni)

    Awesome! The colors look really good together, those green eyes pop so well! Not to mention those building techniques... the Dark Red Skrall/Vorrox shell plus the Galaxy Squad blades make for a great look, I love it!
  8. Hi, how are you doing? So... just as a future reference point, how do you feel about self-promoting your Ideas submissions on here? Are they allowed, and- more intriguing to me- do you respect them? Is it too desperate/low-brow to you? I've been debating whether I should put any and all my future Ideas submissions on here, I'm curious what you guys think about it? Thanks, I appreciate it!
  9. [MOC] Zeren

    It's so clean looking, sweet! I love the color scheme, it pops in all the right ways. It's such a little thing for me to focus on, but I adore your saw-off shotgun build. The little grip makes me want to pick it up and go *chick-chick* ; )
  10. Toa Mata Revamps

    These are great, man! I love your use of iddy-bitty Technic pieces and system pieces to make these dudes, I love it! I really like the yellow and burnt orange accents on Lewa and Pohatu, they remind me of the G2 versions I like. Oh, and Kopaka's shield looks sooo much better, that was a good choice! If I had to critique something... I wish Gali and maybe Onua had the reversed leg design and- in Gali's case- wider hips. I don't think it's possible given how you made the lower limbs, but it would be cool to see. It's not as big a thing for me with Onua, since he already has a hunch-back and the regular leg design better accentuates his beefy-ness, but Gali having something different would both make her look more feminine and make her stand out more from the group. Regardless, I like the MOC, kudos!
  11. [MOC] Troddon, the Poor and Disadvantaged

    Sweet! I never really see a lot of Yo Yo, Piraka MOCs. I love the color choices, what with the black, dark green, and those lovely blue parts! The hands give him a lot of character, I adore the ridiculously sized shackles and chains, and how do you get those awesome teeth into that Raidak head? The Knight's Kingdom swords look great, whether they're meant to be a skirt or some feather-like appendages. Good job, man!
  12. I'd assume that's Disney's doing, but regardless I wish they were markedly cheaper. I still want my AT-RT and B2 though : (
  13. [MOC] Solis

    Awesome figure! I love how you stick "Sol-y" with black, white, and that lovely trans-blue. So clean and experienced looking!
  14. [Galidor Category A] WotFace

    Your description is hilarious XD I love the security camera detailing in the photo, gives it that much more life!
  15. Future Constraction Lines

    Hmm... I made a submission on Ideas for Lego MST3K, and I have the Atlantis Shadow Snapper, I want- no... I need Gamera.