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  1. JoeyB

    its a bug

    Aww... he's so cute : )
  2. JoeyB

    [MOC] Umarak the Gatherer

    Awesome, this is so clever... first, I really like the idea of this alternate gentle Umarak, and you use that wonderfully here. I like the greenery growing across him, it looks so beautiful, especially the budding flowers on the right arm! Your choices of color are great too, browns, tan, dark green, and the gold help him feel truly good and natural. Nick said it earlier, but those hooves are brilliant, and a great way to reference Umarak's original skeletal-piston design! The Rey skirt and viking shield look great, and I love the entirely gold antlers! That transparent Hau -I'm so jealous, by the way ; )- looks perfectly ethereal to fully realize this character. Wonderful work!
  3. JoeyB

    Shadow Lord Tahu

    That is incredible. I'm really jealous of that mask, it looks perfect! I love the use of Whenua's mask as shoulder armor, the hunched stature and the fire coming off of his left arm. he just looks evil...
  4. JoeyB

    [MOC] Agents: the Glowfish

    Holy Gadunka! Finding and using all those glowing elements couldn't have been easy (so many Takadox and Gadunka shells...) , it looks magnificent in the dark! I like the use of the tendril bits for his mouth, like the terrifying beast is really just a harmless filter-feeder, but I digress. Great work!
  5. JoeyB

    [MOC] The Necromancer

    Such a gentleman! The Karzon faceplate always looks good, I like the minifig capes you use on him! The Ruby scepter and magma orb make him look stupendous as well, nice work!
  6. JoeyB

    WIP feedback thread

    Hiya! Well, I was at a friend's house recently, and she has a decent collection of old LEGO sets. Barely any are from this century, aside from some bips and bobs from Harry Potter and Orient Expedition, from what I could recognize she's got stuff from Forest Men, old Town, a lil' bit from Classic Space, Futron, and what inspired me most of all... Blacktron! I think the pieces are from the Invader, Alienator, and I believe the Battrax. I tested myself to make something of the pieces I scavenged from her collection, and here's what I made! This is a Blacktron Gunship, half-finished : /. I'm gonna finish this puppy in LDD, as much as I'll miss those epic printed pieces. I'd love suggestions, but here's the kicker... I want to update this using only pieces circa 1990. I'm thinking of adding turret/scout ships that detach, to better emulate the original ship designs. Any thoughts?
  7. JoeyB

    Need help identifying this piece

    ...Did you mean, this? Hope this helps!
  8. Yeah, they're neat, but I think they only have dark green in 'em. Still, I really like the molding, they have these "tears" of trans green that run down from their eyes to their neck.
  9. JoeyB

    [MOC] Nidhiki the Fallen Toa

    I... I don't know what to say. That's insane. The level of detail crammed into every centimeter is astonishing. The colors are great, and concentrating each color in different parts of his body was really smart. I love the tubes sticking out of him going into his waist and arms, they make him feel much more haphazard. That head construction is beautiful, I adore the parts usage (Axxon's blades, the Ninjago blades, the wolf head...). This is awesome. I hate to ask though... what's meant to be his eyes? The white blades, the green spots, or something else, I'm not sure.
  10. Well... I'm biased towards the Galaxy Squad, I just enjoyed the Ender's Game-type premise. I wish they went more in-depth though, seeing other alien races fight alongside the humans & androids would have been great! Some of my favorite sets from the line include the Swarm Interceptor, Vermin Vaporizer, Bug Obliterator, and the Hive Crawler : ) I too think the bugs are better looking, they just have more personality, and they are colorful and detailed... BUT if you like the style of the Mars Mission figures better, take a look at the Alien Commanders... I love those guys, they look truly alien.
  11. JoeyB

    Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    Fiddly BITS!!! Really clever use of the motorcycle body, remind me of the other speeder bike the Space Police have in Freeze Ray Frenzy! From the holographic display, to the tools as pston detailing in the back, the thrusters you set up along it's belly, this thing is awesome! Good work!
  12. Neat stuff... as a kid who loved both Mars Mission AND Galaxy Squad (especially the latter), I think you could work with both of these models. Seeing a progression of the figures from the space themes (Modern City/Creator stuff -> Mars Mission -> Galaxy Squad) could be really neat! Otherwise, you do you. A besieged mining colony on Mars, a modern aerospace testing and training facilty, an intergalactic war zone with the Bugs, whatever sounds best to you!
  13. JoeyB

    Preta the Demon

    Gosh... it's so alien, I can hardly tell some of those pieces are LEGO! Your part uses astound me... the Fangar jaw, those HF feet as a backbone, the Glatorian heads on the legs, those Nexo Knights monster bits as eyes, it's absolutely incredible. The trans blue and reds give me a frost/ice theme, something cold and merciless. This is great, I hope you get some much-due attention!
  14. JoeyB


    Wow, this is amazing! Bounty hunters are always cool, and I LOVE the idea of one that's not a low-life criminal, but a respected celebrity! Gosh, I don't get how you guys have such insanely intricate builds for these models, everything from the waist to her wings to her tiny feet are really detailed. She's got a cool profile, and your color choices are absolutely impeccable, and I think give each of the elements an actual purpose. The yellow really pops, it looks like some vibrancy she'd add to be recognized, rather than as practical camo or anything. The Bright Violet looks a little more subdued, like it's actual armor she has as shoulder-pads and thigh/waist armor. The black feels more like a body glove and lighter armor (or her inner workings) that isn't really important. The azure jetpack looks great, it helps the wings really stand out against the yellow and dark purple, and could be seen as a separate accessory she bought and now wears. Or it's just to show how awesome her jetpack is, 'cause it's working. Oh, and that sword almost looks like it's glowing, the red works so well! Great piece, I'd love to see her fighting some of those droids you made ; )
  15. JoeyB


    I love how bendy and flexible his limbs look, they seem so unlike most LEGO models. I don't know how you made that gorgeous spherical head, I love that! The red & black combo is always an awesome combo, I love the symmetry, and the shapes you use throughout; mainly the rounder, more mechanical red parts and the more uneven, organic black parts. I really like the triangular shape in the torso, and those black tubes in the waist look excellent ; ). Great model, I'd hate to fight one of these fellas!