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  1. JoeyB

    Take this with a HUGE grain of salt

    I mean... it would be nice? But, until they show there's a new constraction theme, I'm going to pretend we're not seeing one for a while. The Clickits (seriously?) Friends spin-off and a new IP do sound nice, I'd love for LEGO to have more than 1 or 2 original lines at a time. Who knows, only time will tell... I also have to wonder how many of these leaks are true and how many are nonsense.
  2. JoeyB

    What would you like from a Sci-Fi Racing theme?

    How cool would it be if there was magnetic track and repulsor pieces to let sets actually hover above the surface? It's probably impossible- or at least impractical- to do that, but it'd be so neat to have sci-fi vehicles able to float above the surface when they usually need a stand or wheels (or their bases). That would certainly pique my interest, anyways.
  3. Hmm... looking back, there were a lot of things I don't like about Mars Mission, as nostalgic as it is for me. The color schemes on both sides get pretty repetitive and boring after a while. The normal alien figures are terrible, some of the worst LEGO has made by far. However, the Alien Commanders I love! They remind me of the Independence Day aliens with those mouthplates, and I love their limbs, especially seeing how they're reversed for arms and legs. I could see someone getting them for some semi-realistic designs for Sci-Fi Martain vehicles. The sets I was looking forward to most were the MT-61 Crystal Reaper, MX-71 Recon Dropship, and the ETX Alien Mothership Assault. I know you can also hook up Power Functions to the Crystal Reaper to make it remote controlled, which is awesome! So yeah, there ya go.
  4. I'd assume it means they weren't sold as widely as the 2015 figures, and were therefore harder to find, which doesn't speak well of LEGO's management or support of the theme.
  5. Hello there, it's been pretty quiet huh? So, in 2016 I neglected getting some of the BIONICLE sets then, for a number of reasons, and I was recently looking into rectifying that on eBay and Bricklink. I found that- more than the 2015 sets and even years prior to that- the prices for the 2016 figures are ridiculous. Like, even used figures I see at $40-50 regularly, and the only decently priced ones are bootlegs from China . Don't even get me started on the mint ones. So... what gives? Why are people asking so much for these figures in particular? Ah well, thank you and have a good one!
  6. JoeyB

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    "Impressive... Most impressive." This is insane. It's such a shame LEGO still hasn't made a truly accurate windscreen, it's only really bothered me since they released the newest model and it's sooo close... but not there yet. Yours looks nigh perfect, how sturdy is it? Can you hold it by the nose or body, or the wings? Great work!
  7. JoeyB

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I' love to see a Geonosis Arena with some partially brick-build arena beasts. It's such an iconic location, and always liked the beasts (especially the Acklay, they bring back good memories from the OG Battlefront on Felucia), I'm surprised we haven't received one yet! Battlefront 2 is going to Geonosis this November... ah well. Who knows?
  8. Dare I ask... will we ever see Star Wars walkers with proper articulation? My Rogue One AT-ST looks great... but that's just it. It looks great. The head turning feature is cool as ever. Considering that AT-STs have about 4-5 points of articulation in the legs, I'm really bummed that a set from 2007 has more articulation than one from 2016. And this goes for more sets than just the AT-ST, the small walkers in battle packs (like the Imperial pack from 2017) have been incredibly lacking. The legs for them often have either one point of articulation (AT-ST, AT-DP). That, or they have more, but their orientation prevents them from bending forward much further than a standard upright position. They also only bend on one axis, so even if they have a decent number of joints, they can't properly plant their feet on slightly uneven terrain. No ankle or hip articulation also mean you can't shift their balance, a key issue when posing other figures. The ball-joints from both larger Constraction figures and the smaller Mixel joints would be amazing on those sets, at least for the "hips" and ankles on it. I understand that the 5 points an AT-ST has would be a bit ridiculous and not feasible for a LEGO set for children, but for me at least 3 points is a minimum I'd like to see on most figures or mechs. Oh well, what are your thoughts?
  9. Good news, everyone! I think I've seen every episode more than 5 times over.
  10. Hi there, how's it going? Cartoons are fun, and some get widespread recognition and praise. You've got your Spongebob Squarepants, Kim Possible, Phinieas and Ferb, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, etc... but have guys ever watched and liked any shows as a kid that no one else talks about anymore? Myself, I just started re-watching My Life as a Teenage Robot on Hulu, and I was having a good ol' time. Fun style, I love the Metropolis-styled world inspired by early pulp science fiction. There was also a show I enjoyed called The Secret Saturdays I loved as a kid. What about you guys? Thanks, and have a good one!
  11. So... The Clone Wars is coming back. That's nice. After all the doom and gloom I've heard for the "cancelled" B2 and AR-RT, do you think they'll be released now after the positive reception to the news?
  12. JoeyB

    its a bug

    Aww... he's so cute : )
  13. JoeyB

    [MOC] Umarak the Gatherer

    Awesome, this is so clever... first, I really like the idea of this alternate gentle Umarak, and you use that wonderfully here. I like the greenery growing across him, it looks so beautiful, especially the budding flowers on the right arm! Your choices of color are great too, browns, tan, dark green, and the gold help him feel truly good and natural. Nick said it earlier, but those hooves are brilliant, and a great way to reference Umarak's original skeletal-piston design! The Rey skirt and viking shield look great, and I love the entirely gold antlers! That transparent Hau -I'm so jealous, by the way ; )- looks perfectly ethereal to fully realize this character. Wonderful work!
  14. JoeyB

    Shadow Lord Tahu

    That is incredible. I'm really jealous of that mask, it looks perfect! I love the use of Whenua's mask as shoulder armor, the hunched stature and the fire coming off of his left arm. he just looks evil...
  15. JoeyB

    [MOC] Agents: the Glowfish

    Holy Gadunka! Finding and using all those glowing elements couldn't have been easy (so many Takadox and Gadunka shells...) , it looks magnificent in the dark! I like the use of the tendril bits for his mouth, like the terrifying beast is really just a harmless filter-feeder, but I digress. Great work!