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Found 8 results

  1. These are builds inspired by or taken from the first MMO made for Lego: LEGO Universe. (or LU, as it was affectionately known) Here is my space base... ...the space vehicles, and below is the history + the LU story post-2010: This game had very few real world items in sets, but two things did come out: First, an astronaut for people who pre-ordered the game in 2010... and then a rocket that was modular in the style of the game (Nose + Cockpit + Engine) and was released in a LEGO Club event to build your own rocket. (both pictures from Brick Link) The game lasted barely past it's first birthday (October 2010 was when it started), with the plug being pulled on February 1st 12:01 AM 2012. As a testament to the game I played and loved, I built some models that continue the story past 2012 and beyond the current day. Here are those builds: - 16 soldier figures - 1 orange mini-fig robot (from Galaxy Squad) - 1 train engineer (in brown) - 2 scientists (in blue jackets) - 1 Bob (lab coat with white boots) - 2 astromech droids The NIFT-E robot was designed in 2015 to compliment the thousands of Sentry (set 4416) series robots produced in 2006 by the X-POD corporation for the original Nexus Force founders. Thirty-four of these newer robots were produced in 2018 as a test batch, called the Nexus Iron Friendly Teammate - Engineer class (NIFT-E) for use as spaceship ground-crew and heavy engineering duties, including fueling and heavy duty maintenance, computer updating, and guiding ships into landing zones. They are used alongside human counterparts who work on the harder to reach areas of a ship's engine, and on life support systems. Each human master mechanic (of which every base has at least two or three of them, plus several apprentices) is assigned an NIFT-E counterpart, in which they are equal partners working towards the same goal: keeping the ships flying, the base humming with life, and repair bay as empty as possible in case of emergencies. I copied this back in 2012 from a desktop download from the old LEGO Universe game. It was carefully cut out and switched to gray scale to save ink. It is the logo of the Nexus Force. Due to the Nexus Force logo not being found anywhere but a expensive mini-figure torso from a limited edition polybag, I have decided to change the logo to something different. This new logo is seen in the 2014 CITY Arctic sets. I figure this is my in-universe explanation of the logo change: This moon base-like space base model was inspired by set 60036 (Arctic Base Camp), with a rooftop shield generator partially lifted from set 75098 (Assault on Hoth) and a sensor array inspired by set 76157 (Wonder Woman VS. Cheetah) The base consists of eight separate, interchangeable, modular sections, all of which have opening roof / wall sections for ease of access. These sections include (but are not limited too): a common bunk room, a spaceship control tower, a fusion generator, communications room, break room, and several more. As you can see, I joined the base to the rail-line with a short siding for freight deliveries, and for the servicing of steam locomotives on services such as the Moonlighter passenger train. Fictional history of the base: The Nexus force landed on an ice world named DY-17, (this was soon to be renamed Ice Station Destiny) in a bit of desperation, as the Maelstrom had damaged their escape cruiser, the Bright Hope, to the point of near hyper-drive core failure. The ships sensors located no technology on the surface, and not many life forms, but a lot of geothermal activity in the form of large heat/steam vents from the core to the surface, which could be used for emergency power. The ship landed, and soon the base camp for the crew of the Bright Hope was set up. It was then discovered the planet had many mineral deposits that happen to be compatible with the metal in the Hyper-drive cooling system. So, the minerals began to be mined, and pretty soon the crew had a good operation going that was almost self-sufficient and very eco-friendly. A vote was taken, and the crew chose to stay on the ice world they re-named Ice Station Destiny, as the planet had supplied all of their wants and needs. The logo was repainted to show the original Nexus logo as a distant star, signifying the journey taken by the Bright Hope to their new home world, which was symbolized by the ice-covered world on the logo. The Bright Hope and crew were eventually discovered two years after their landing on Ice Station Destiny by the Norstas of the nearby world of Beta Polaris. Bob formed a friendship with this like-minded race, which eventually became an Alliance between the two forces, and the rest is history Common bunk room, as everyone on the base sleeps in shifts in these bunks. This corner hall module also leads outside via a back door. (not visible here) The beating Nuclear heart of the base. It is powered by cold fusion, and is situated at the center of the base, under the radio communications antenna. This deep-space communications room is where every listening post the Nexus Force has comes to bear it's potentially deadly load. What are they listening for? No, it's not the latest M-TRON corporate gossip or Blacktron III secret battle plans. It's whether the Maelstrom has figured out how to invade our universe from the old pocket dimension they have been sealed away in. This ultra top secret project has listening posts attached to an uninhibited asteroid or comet in almost every known sector of inhabited space. They plan on finding out where and when the Maelstrom ever invade (if they ever do) and planning a counterattack with all available forces before they can even fully emerge through the rip in space-time. The fusion reactor's control room. This module leads outside to the base's elevated landing pad. Upstairs is the flight control tower. This tower makes landing large spacecraft easier, and helps keep an eye out for unwanted guests. It sits on top of the previous module. These computers analyze rock samples looking for fuel traces to be mined. The break room is mostly taken from set 60036, with the addition of the Death Star plans. (Why not?) The radio array on top of the nuclear reactor. SPACE VEHICLES This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. More recently, I combined the ship with a more elongated nose taken from the 2015 DC Comics set 76028 (Darksied Invasion). I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen over on MOCpages. (RIP) The ship has three areas for up to eight crew to be placed, with passageways for the figures to "walk" from section to section. The rear of the ship has three engines and a rotating, elevating laser turret above. This rocket was originally poly-bag number 55001 from the failed 2010 MMO Lego Universe. Just like in the game, it can split into three modular parts connected by Technic axles. These sections are the following: -Nose-Cone -Cockpit -Engine The rockets can be dissembled into the three component sections and are interchangeable with each other, and with about 15+ other rockets available in LDD form from the Lego Universe Wiki. Also, the completed rockets can seat 1 mini-figure each. The LEGO snow speeder design from Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) of Star Wars fame has been using basically the same design for almost two decades (since 2004's set 4500, actually) and I have appropriated it for my LEGO Universe space fleet. Yes, I removed the gunners seat and added a new rear cockpit canopy, but it's the same basic overall design. (Ok, so I also placed fins on it from the EU Sandspeeder variant for added flair.) These two have replaced my original Nexus Force fighters from six years ago. (2016!) There is room inside each cockpit for a single figure. (Please note: The main cockpit canopies have the wrong "look" due to a mix-up. I want to order replacement ones without any printing soon.) Rear view showcasing the Speed Champions windscreen at the rear when the gunners seat / harpoon gun was. I am going to put a R2 droid head in behind the pilot for hyper-space navigation, but am as-yet unable to locate where I placed them in my collection. (I know I have some extra I just can't find them!) LAND VEHICLES This revamped model is one mean-looking space-driving machine! Partially inspired by Lola the car from the TV show Agents of Shield, (although this one doesn't fly) this is Bob's ultimate ride. It still seats one figure, although it now features a roof overhead for weather protection. The doors also open. ..and it even has room for taillights! (no exhaust pipe needed, this thing runs on clean fusion.) This model is a slightly modified version of set 60033, Arctic Ice Crawler that I call the Mobile Ice Driller . Whereas the original set has a crane hook, this one has a much more useful drill bit. The drill is used for mining energy crystals embedded deep within the ice of the frozen world on which the Neo Nexus Force is stationed. This is a very slightly modified version of set 60035: Arctic Outpost. All I really did to this one was add the symbol to the front fender. The inside of the mobile outpost is a lab, complete with Bunsen burner and microscope with crystal sample. It seems the computer hanging from the ceiling bar is off right now, as the scientist is out collecting more samples that were dug out with the Mobile Ice Drill. The rear of the model is pretty sparse in details, and as such, their isn't much to say about it. The snow speeder you see here is a simple vehicle to aid in fetching luggage and equipment across the base. It is armed with a flare gun and a radio. These come in mighty handy when the sun sets and temperatures plummet to well below minus 125 Fahrenheit! FINAL THOUGHTS Well, that's all I've built so far, but that's not the end of the story or the models. Scott Bourgeois from MOCpages has made some pretty awesome stuff related to the Neo Nexus Force, their first allies, the peaceful Norstas (from the planet Beta Polaris in orbit of the the North Star) and the common enemy, the Xantukans. (inspired by the snake cultists from Ninjago) These were visible on MOCpages, but are now long gone. EDITED 8/1/22: added pictures of the base as it was in July. (first two pics) Any thoughts / ideas / complaints would be appreciated!
  2. This model started out as Vader's castle, a upcoming 2019 Star Wars set (number 75251). But I'm going to retrofit it for my Space stuff, specifically, the home of my techno-mage, Analog and his fellow band of runaway rouges from the corrupt Space Police IV regime. My backstory for the building is as follows: The Black Castle and the planet it sits on were once the epicenter of a ancient mega-empire of aliens from an age long past, known as the First Ones. They were ended nearly three billion years ago in a cataclysmic event simply known as The Great Event. Their Empire was besieged by a entity from beyond time itself, possibly from another dimension altogether, which turned the entire city world the castle sits on into a volcanic wasteland, with the shining ivory tower turned black and scarred, it's water feature turned to lava, in a final battle to destroy the evil entity, in which the empire's defender's succeeded, but only just barely. The empire, which spanned the entire LEGO galaxy, fell completely apart without the capital planet. Local species rose up to take over their own planets in time, but by that point any traces of the old empire were only a widespread myth.... except for the legend of the Black Castle. You many know it as the legend of Atlantis, as that was the name of the home planet / city before it fell apart into the volcanic wasteland. (The eons of time and many translation errors may have gotten the name of the method of it's destruction wrong, but it still sank into a sea of liquid, right?) More recently, rouge Blacktron III scientists stumbled across the castle, and set up shop there, performing experiments using equipment from the castle's ancient, - yet still very highly advanced - medical bay on unlucky captives, creating techno-mages, changelings, and many more things that would make even Dr. Frankenstein weep. In a desperate move, these captives rose up from their shackles and destroyed the all the Blacktron that knew of the Castle, thus keeping it's location secret. This ramshackle group still keeps the castle for their own, with group leader Analog and his car Shatter-point running supplies, new recruits, and news back and forth across enemy lines to and from safe houses and the castle. This space base is not complete, as it is lacking set 75251, (Darth Vader's castle) which is supposed to go in the bottom left corner. But until that set is recreated in LEGO Digital Designer, this will have to do. The base model you see here is an amalgamation of several sets, including 75098 (Assault on Hoth) for the blast doors, 75203 (Hoth Medical Chamber) for the medical bay, 7879 (Hoth Echo Base) for the sensor array and gun rack, and 8089 (Hoth Wampa Cave) for the secret exit. Also, the control booth is a custom made design that was pulled from my imagination. As you may have guessed, this base was originally set on Hoth or a similar ice planet, and was mostly colored white instead of dark tan and dark gray volcanic one it sits on now. (This model has been seriously gone through to be 100% build-able in the chosen colors as shown.) This medical bay has three recharge ports for techno-mages to sleep / recharge and connect to the base computer at, if they wish. The healing tube is for those too seriously injured for the wearable healing suits, such as those missing entire limbs or over 60% 3rd degree fire burns. The mailbox is also in this section, though as this is a secret base, it is unused. The base's brain and nervous center is the control booth, which control everything in the base, from the blast doors to the hallway lights. The huge windows overlook the base's hanger, where the hover-car known as Shatter-point usually is parked. The sensor array is highly tuned to be nearly undetectable to enemies sweeping the star system looking for civilized worlds. It is also able alert the base to long range threats, so they can shut down and go silent, just in case something picks up the scouts interest and they land a probe team on the planets surface. (usually when such a thing happens, they officially "lose contact" with the orbiting ship due to "radio interference" of "volcanic clouds" and are never seen again. In reality, they are physically eliminated by ground forces after radio contact is lost due to the sensor array imitating the clouds. The orbiting ship then assumes the lava has swallowed the team up and moves on to another planet.) The hover car is a mashup of set 5973 (Hyperspeed Pursuit) and a fantastic MOD of set 70907 (Killer Croc Tail-Gator) by user @hachiroku24 as seen here. Fictional background info: This craft (named Shatter-point) was originally owned by the criminal aliens known as the Skull Twin, and was sold at auction to a man known as "The Collector", back before the dark times began. Eventually, the heavily remodeled hover sedan was given to The Collector's young techno-mage friend just before the Collector disappeared into the bowels of the capital city planet to escape the Space Police IV and it's corrupt ways. The techno-mage (known as "Analog" for his love of pre-computer revolution machinery, like record players and radio tubes), then discovered the truth about his friend The Collector. The Collector ran an underground railroad-like system of resistance groups to the SP IV regime and the OCTAN Super Secret Police program, which was headquartered in the volcanic remains of the long-lost city of Atlantis at the Black Castle and had subsequently given Analog the job of keeping the secret railroad running in his absence. Together with unlikely allies, menacing foes and possible double agents, Analog will work to restore freedom for his friends, expose great tyrannies in the OCTAN Corp and in his rag-tag group, and all the while running from the law for the reason of just existing! The car was synced up to Analog's tech implants and made to be an extension of his mind, up to the point of having it's own artificial intelligence by itself, calling itself "Shatter-point" after it's supreme hacking abilities and it's ability to fly better than even cyborg pilots, leading to shattering blockades(and pursuing ships) into a thousand pieces. The vehicle can seat one figure comfortably in the drivers seat. The vehicle also features clean nuclear energy provided by a Mister Fusion (patent-pending!) reactor run by scrap metal. The car's roof opens up to place a figure at the controls. (the canopy doesn't actually stay up like shown, but is being held up by my finger just out of frame.) As usual, Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome! EDIT 1/31/18: added new car pictures, working on updating the building's screenshots. EDIT 2/7/18: I just finished revising the building to be like set 4996 but in red... real pictures of the building coming soon! EDIT 10/9/18: add castle and backstory to the main post. more pictures coming eventually (hopefully soon!) EDIT 10/10/18: added full base to first post
  3. Bob De Quatre

    Review REVIEW: 75098 Assault on Hoth

    Introduction The battle of Hoth is maybe the most known conflict of the Star Wars' Original Trilogy. So naturally AFOLs were waiting for TLG to reproduce that battle in Lego. And they've finally done it! But... I guess everyone reading this review has something to add after that "but", so I'll try to ignore everything that had already been said about that set and to review it with an open mind. Thanks TLG for the opportunity to do this review, which will of course only reflect my own opinion. Set information Set Name: Assault on Hoth Set Number: 75098 Number of Pieces: 2144 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 2016 Prices: £219.99 / $249.99 / €249.99 #75098 on Brickset #75098 on Rebrickable Packaging The box is pretty big. So big that I just couldn't take decent pictures of it... So I'll use the official images from TLG. The front of the box shows the whole set, except for the Tauntaun den, with the classic Star Wars logo and the Lego Star Wars UCS logo. On the top of the box you can see the 15 minifigures included in this set, as well as the Tauntaun and the Wampa. The back of the box shows the back of the set, with the Tauntaun's stable, and the numerous play features. Content of the box The box is 2/3 filled with 18 bags, numbered from 1 to 13. There is also some loose items: two 3026 6*24 white plates and two 6082 dark bluish grey BLURP. Two plastic bags contains the whole assemblies for the Tauntaun and the Wampa. The thick instructions booklet and the stickers sheet come packed together. The 21 sticker don't have the glossy look and stand out when applied, especially the white stickers on white parts. Instructions booklet The instructions booklet is pretty thick, with its hard cover and 280 pages. Inside you'll find pages about the Lego Designer team and of course the battle of Hoth. I found these few pages quite interresting. Instructions are clear to follow and shouldn't lead to any error. Unlike some reviewers, I don't think they are too simplistic or childish. Minifigures The set contains 15 minifigures and 2 large figures! Let's start with the named minifigs: R3-A2, K-3PO, Toryn Farr, Han Solo, Wes Janson, Wedge Antilles and Rebel Officer, who has the perfect name you can have to be an officer in the rebellion! Everyone here gets a backprinting, except for R3-A2. Rebel Officer gets a mustache, but no leg printings! Wes and Wedge are dressed as classic rebel pilots. What I miss the most is probably a hood for Han. Riding a Tauntaun without a hood will freeze his ears! Continuing with the named minifigs: Jeremy the Tauntaun, Luke skywalker and Bill the Wampa. Of course, when I took the picture above with all the named characters, I didn't forget Luke was still hanging in the Wampa cave... Luke has a double printed head, before and after meeting Bill. Sadly, no legs printing for him! Then we have 7 non-named characters: 5 rebel troopers, including 3 in cold resistant outfit, and 2 snowtroopers. the snowtroopers don't have any leg printings, but they have a skirt! Back printing for everyone, but no double-sided heads. Interesting parts The interesting parts of this set obviously include the Tauntaun and the Wampa. There are some rare parts, the only exclusive being the #64225 4x3 wedge in light bluish grey. 1x4 yellow tile with black stripes are nice, especially since I didn't own any! Build With bag 1 we'll build the left side of the trench and the whole imperial assault force, with its impressive E-Web blaster and a snowspeeder... Good luck guys! Bag 2 finishes the left side of the trench and brings the central part. We also build two canons and an 1.4 FD P-Tower. The trench is completed with bag 3, with which we build the right side of the trench, a loose snow patch, and two DF.9 batteries. In this bag, we also get 3 rebel troopers, who already outnumber the imperial forces. Bag 4 brings us the shield generator, with its four three round structures. With bag 5 we'll start building the T-47 airspeeder. And finish it with bag 6. Lots of stickers on that T-47. Bag 7 will start the Echo Base entrance, with part of the door opening mechanism. With bag 8 the Echo Base entrance is complete, with blast doors and lookout tower. With bag 9 we'll build the small control room. Bag 10 contains the Wampa's ice cavern. Luke can be suspended to the upper side of the cave and use the force to pull its lightsaber from the ice. I'm still wondering how a wampa can enter this cave... Bag 11 brings us a small moving crane, a small service vehicle and the Tauntaun stable. I always thought the Tauntaun was a carnivorous creature! The building of the v-150 ion cannon starts with bag 12... ... And ends with bag 13. Spare parts... Always welcome. The complete "outside" set finished. The "interior" parts of the set. Play features The play features of the set are simple but effective: the big door opens and closes, the studs shooter shoot studs and the lookout tower goes up and down... But let's take a look at what is, in my opinion, the nicest feature: the swapping elements. The two cannons, two DF.9 batteries, and the 1.4 FD P-Tower can be positioned at 7 different places on the trench part, the loose snow patch, and the Echo Base entrance. The shield generator also has a nice play feature as it can explode with a simple hit on a lever on the back of the build. But as you can see, when I was taking pictures, all my attempt resulted in the middle section always dropped down back in place... That may not have been the case with a four sections shield generator... Speaking of accuracy, the ion cannon firing sequence is really nice, as a pull on the back lever will pull back the "barrel" and shot the two darts one after the other. Toryn The ion cannon opens on the top to reveal nice firing and target control center that can fit a minifigure. The hatch can be closed with Toryn Farr inside. The 1.4 FD P-Tower has the same play feature, but there are no controls, and the hatch doesn't close. It seems pretty useless to me... Why? We have all read previous reviews of this set, and most of them were pretty harsh. I must say that I have mixed feelings toward this set. The minifigures, the lack of new elements, the use of older designs, etc... it's obvious that choices were made. What were the constraints that led the designer to make those choices? Sell price? Budget? Disney requests? All models look like they aren't finished, or at least needed a few more bricks. This is really visible on the ion cannon and the Echo Base doors. The name of the set, "Assault on Hoth", isn't well chosen too... The imperials are clearly outnumbered and have almost no firepower. How are they supposed to blow that 3 sections shield generator with just a snowspeeder bike? I would have sacrificed the wampa cave for an AT-ST. But what would have been the price to even the forces? While adding an AT-ST may have been possible, I don't see an AT-AT added to the set without a big price increase. And isn't that set already too pricey? Again I'm wondering what led to that lack of imperial forces... The Ultimate Collector's Series label. What does it mean? How is it applied to a set? Is that set worth of the label? I'm not in favor to give that label to playsets. To me a UCS is the Falcon, the Star Destroyer, the X-wing, not Assualt on Hoth or the Ewok Village. I think the UCS label is now only a commercial label that TLG applies to its Star Wars sets if they reach a given price tag. "Yes madam, it's an expensive box with lots of small plastic bricks, but it's an Ultimate Collector's Series box!" There is one last question that I'd like to ask: do we AFOL have some sort of responsibility? (Yes, you can start throwing rocks at me...) We expect a lot from TLG. And we are almost never happy. For years we wanted a Battle of Hoth set, and asked TLG to release one. Just take a minute to think at what would be your dream Hoth Battle set. Do you visualize it? Now try to fit it in a 250€/$ box... You'll have to make choices. And I'm sure your set won't appeal to me, but mine won't please you. And both won't please another AFOL... TLG tried to satisfy all of us AFOLs, with a product that is mainly aimed at children. They failed. But I'm sure kids will have a lot of fun with that set... Fun... Conclusion Design: 6/10 - The designs are simple and nice, nothing more. Parts: 6/10 - Not the best part selection I've seen, far from it (curved slopes!!) Build: 7/10 - Hours of good builds, but nothing complicated or with advanced techniques. Playability: 8/10 - A nice playset... for kids. Some good ideas. Minifigs: 8/10 - Saved by the number of minifigs, but they could have used some more printings and accessories. Price: 5/10 - Star Wars sets aren't cheap, and this one is way too pricey. Overall: 40/60 (66.6%) - A percentage score that may scare many of us! With reason... Too expensive, minifigures are ok but barely, almost no imperial forces... But still a nice playset. If you don't have oldest Hoth sets, I think you can enjoy the content of this set. Else, I think that Ben Kenobi could say "This is not the set you're looking for..."
  4. MaxTube55

    2016 UCS Reaction

    2016 has been a very successful year for LEGO Star Wars. There so far have been 37 Star Wars sets released (including the 9 sets to be released September 30th). They also made a new LEGO Star Wars TV show, The Freemaker Adventures which just aired its final episode. But 2016's UCS sets have sparked loads and loads of controversy, when the images and details of 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth it sparked outrage as many people though it costed way too much, didn't deserve the UCS title, and was a lazy attempt with so much incompleteness, and other complaints. The other UCS set is the 75159 UCS Death Star, it also has been criticized as a lazy attempt and a cash grab by LEGO. ^ 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth ^ 75159 UCS Death Star Set Reactions: Now I totally see everyone's point on 75098 and I think it was a very poor effort by TLG, but I differ from the majority on my opinion of 75159. I believe that 75159 is great, I have heard how upset people were when 10188 was discontinued, but it was very old and needed an update. Then when we got the update everyone is so outraged and upset with TLG for not changing it much. I see that people wanted something new, but 10188 was selling well for the 7.5 years it was being produced so why change it, everyone loved the set. Now I also see why people are upset about the price hike, but two factors called for it, first is that inflation sucks and accounts for roughly $50 of the increase, and second back in 2008 there was only LucasFilm with the rights to Star Wars, but now LEGO needs both Disney and LucasFilm licencing which isn't cheap, so it sucks but we know that this had to be done to continue to make profit. Also this might be slightly biased because I got to the LEGO and Star Wars buffet late and by the time I bought my first Star Wars set in late 2015 I was not yet big enough a fan to consider buying 10188, so I want 75159 badly an that is also my final reason for why there was nothing wrong with what TLG did with 75159, because there were so many more who wanted and couldn't get the original and we now have a second chance to get it. So leave your reactions to these two sets in the comments and May the Bricks be With You, Always.
  5. I'm finally ready to introduce a new, originally-designed speeder to you straight from the classic trilogy: --Rebel Troop Carrier-- Based on the speeder used by the Rebel Alliance at Echo Base on Hoth, this speeder isn't the most recognizable among Star Wars fans, but as a vehicle from the films, as well as being featured as a design element on the Hoth maps of Star Wars: Battlefront, it is still a valuable icon of our appreciation. To date, LEGO has only released one version of this speeder. Included as a supplement in their newest hoth set, 75098, it wasn't my favorite. To me, little-to-no detail was put into the build, as it was a very simple build and, surprisingly, much smaller than I'd previously hoped it be. Needless to say, I took it upon myself to create a much more, highly-detailed rendition of the speeder. Using namely the photos of the speeder from The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Battlefront, as well as inspiration from other LEGO customs designers, I think this speeder turned out great. The scale is perfect for this build. It includes spaces for 4 rebel troops and a driver, as well as 5 spots for easy blaster housing. The front of the model is a very sturdy assembly which houses the different lights seen on the original speeder. It's also built at an angle, just like the real thing. The most challenging aspect of this model was the rear side, as there is a LOT of detail to consider. In the end, I was able to synchronize detail and functionality/playability together, rather than have detail be the "sacrificial lamb: for functinality's sake. The center end opens up so there is more access from the rear side of the speeder for troop entrance. MOCpages Comments welcome. God bless.
  6. Guys, I just wondered whether you think the poor reviews and general public disappointment with 'Assault on Hoth' (75098) will make a cloud city based set even more unlikely now, or in the future? I think the general consensus is lego are biased towards 'starship or vehicle' based starwars sets rather than playsets such as Endor, Death Star, Mos Eisley Cantina etc, but I just wonder whether the poor sales of 75098 could put the brakes on lego EVER releasing a cloud city set? I wish there was a way for us lego starwars fans to communicate directly with Lego group and vote on ideas for the next large lego set. Clearly lego know their market far better than I do, but it does concern me that the recent carbon freezing chamber and the hoth set seem to be receiving very poor reviews as I am worried this will put the final nail in the coffin for ANY further cloud city stuff. I just wish someone at Lego would get on with discussing, planning, or designing some large cloud city set or modular sets. At the very least, even just individual 'scene' sets such as the classic "I am your Father" duel and/or a Bespin cloud-car set would surely sell like hot cakes? Finally, I should say that I am no fan of the hoth set either, but I do really like the 75137 carbon freeze chamber and I have bought quite a few sets. The Ugnaught minifig is superb! 'Nuff said.
  7. I seem to be among the first to review the new addition to the UCS line. Long story short: it's not a terrible set, but I have completely no idea why LEGO thinks it belongs with Ultimate Collector's Series. This is everything I DON'T expect to see in a $250 UCS set: old, recycled, cheap and full of cut corners. To be honest, I find it the UCS badge on this set completely unwarranted, and the price only adds to the insult. This thing has 150 pieces more than the 75060 UCS Slave I set, but somehow it's 25% more expensive. And to make things worse, they were both designed by the same man. I mean, someone decided that the next task for the creator of exquisite 75060 should be "sell these same 4 old sets again".
  8. Since that I'm extremely disappointed with 75098, I using some time to think that how 75098 should have been. So i started today and see wherever my re-imagination of 75098 will be ever slightly better that the TLG's 75098. This is now currently my biggest LDD MOC project after for this one. I started with the shield generators since that they should be bigger in 75098. I will design the shield generators more like a display piece that a undersized display piece with weird play features (cough* 75098* cough). Here's my early design and I planned to build a internal structutre and built it completely later. (WIP)(LDD)How 75098 Assault on Hoth should have been by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr What did you guys (And girls) think?