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  1. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not true. The day after Black Friday products have been revealed. And *gasp* that’s a Saturday!
  2. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    LegoLeaks on Reddit and that has been confirmed as the name 3,003 pcs $200 USD Reveal tomorrow likely (given all the new set announcements the past few days)
  3. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Considering this release is celebrating 15th Anniversary of the Modular line this could have some marketing plan attached to it’s unveiling. i remember when the Assembly Square was coming they teased it a month before the actual announcement. It was a silhouette teaser on the employee intranet page. I am hoping that since this is an Anniversary set that its a large one on the scale of A/S and that the price rumor is wrong.
  4. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Assembly Square is retiring so it’s possible. We know it’s either a corner or an Assembly Square sized set. But given how the Garage is also retiring, it’s a toss up.
  5. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you forget about how we found out about the Assembly Square set. It was leaked via a screenshot off the internal store employee site, as a silhouette but it clearly said it was to celebrate the Anniversary of the Modular line. We probably won’t see any leaks until the boxes get printed up in China like the Diner and Rollercoaster got leaked by a Chinese leaker.
  6. ncx

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Trains are all on a 4 year cycle. Lego tends to release 3 sets. Remember when Toys R Us was still around they had an exclusive set every train cycle regarding the lack of a train station. That’s because the 3rd train set, the Disney train, includes one. You have to understand how Lego uses their sets to make them desired to be collected by including elements or items to make them all come together. The passenger train typically includes a “Level crossing” as cheap as it looks and all that. The cargo train includes the switches and sometimes a crane. the 2014 wave had a decent station but it seemed a bit lacking, then came the winter village station released in 2017. IMO the worst one the crocodile will likely retire around Black Friday during their sales as will the Disney Train. The City trains will remain available until March or April then the new ones will come out in July (Lego retired the stock before they removed the sets entirely from the site in late April/Early May).
  7. If its just something like that and not a teaser or what have you, it’s just a promo to market the new 3-1 sets and they just recommend the Haunted House and Rollercoaster to go with them. And which that Rollercoaster is retiring this year so it could be the last push to sell as many as they can before it discontinued. I hope we get a better coaster next year or sometime. Maybe some new elements like banked curves and vertical loop parts perhaps. Yeah its possible to SNOT the curve parts into a loop but we don’t have any banked parts or twists to make more complex designs. And it’s absolutely disappointing what has become of Online PaB they used to offer so many parts now it’s barely anything worthwhile. To get the extra tracks you have to go into Bricks n Pieces to try (if you’re lucky). Rant over before I get off topic.
  8. Care to post a screenshot? It could possibly be a Halloween themed ride or addition to the haunted house.
  9. I have seen some wonderful remakes of SW in Ice Planet colors, see below. Have you seen or made any MOCs in past space themes that were inspired by SW ships? Maybe even improved them? Please post them to give us inspiration. This photo was found on Reddit and I would love to make my own MOC diorama as well.
  10. ncx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The trains release cycle is actually every 4 years. so that release is next year. Keep an eye out for the current trains to have a “retiring soon” tag. Usually happens around October. Also the Highspeed train and Blue freight train came out in 2014, retired in 2018, same year as the Green freight and Blue/Yellow passenger train released. Also a good way to know if a fairground set is releasing next year instead is to look back at the friends fairground sets. If I recall, they released the friends coaster a year before the real rollercoaster set release. I think this year they changed up the schedule because of 2020’s lockdowns the designers were probably not able to get the design done in time for production. Just a theory
  11. Not really. Fairground sets have been announced in the beginning of Summer before. As have other creator sets, such as Winter Village.
  12. Partially right, partially. ————————— Get ready for the first LEGO® CON | June 26, 2021 Want to get closer to the LEGO world? We’re excited to let you in... That’s why we’re hosting our first ever LEGO CON, the online experience for LEGO fans everywhere! Join us for 90 minutes of live entertainment, world-first reveals, behind-the-scenes access and never-tried-before build attempts. It’s something new. It’s something fresh. And it’s all online. We’ll be going live from LEGO House (The Home of the Brick) in Billund, Denmark to bring you the latest news, world-first set reveals and some very special guests... Plus, you’ll be able to VOTE, share your own builds throughout the show and connect with an awesome community who share your passion for the brick. Livestream the event right here, for free... 5PM LONDON 12PM NEW YORK 9AM LOS ANGELES
  13. I just looked at something and there was also this stupid thing…
  14. Have a link? I don’t get on Facebook anymore. Twitter is mostly where I hang out lol
  15. You guys seem to forget that when the first fairground set launched 2014, it launched at £119.99 / $149.99 / 129.99€ The Fairground Mixer it had 1,746 pcs i’m just glad this isn’t the one off year where we don’t get a new set. Given the history so far, it tends to be 2 release years, break, 2 years, break. I would love to see Lego get creative with the colors and make it colorful. I doubt it’s a mechanical set due to price. My bet is a sky fall ride. It would be possible to just manually lift it up and then it would drop with a lever release. I skipped the Haunted House and Carousel set because they felt dull to me. The haunted house should have been a ghost train ride… Not accurate information. Release is set for July tho. So we should be seeing the official announcement any day as May comes to a close £80 / €95 / $110 Are the listed price points with a possible bump in price for North America to $129 which falls in line with a mixer sized set.