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  1. I realize this is an old post but I have to give you some credit here, those inverted windscreens as windows is a fantastic alternative to the expensive panels and nicer looking than having to resort to using 1x2 trans-yellow bricks. I really like that idea. Thanks for sharing this!
  2. I realize this post is very old but I just want to post to thank you for taking the time to make all these swatches into a neatly organized zip and you even labeled each color swatch. Props! This will help tremendously when designing my mocs and prints.
  3. ncx

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  4. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    going by Lego's previous pattern of release (Straight Straight Corner) the next modular will be a Straight/Inline model. and going by weight would be a good metric since, if you look at train sets for example, the track alone raise the price of the set because of how big the parts are. It's unfortunate that it's not a requirement that weight is on the box because that alone could help determine whether or not the piece count even has value since they can include pieces in that count that are already together (ie: minifigure hands, arms) I have thought about this more often since the price changes hit. Because the PPP is all over the place now, it typically was around 6-7cents for modulars, now it's between 8-10cents. Licensed is all over the place hitting double digits for some and not others. Unless we get some insight into how Lego determines pricing from someone that works on the inside, we may never know.
  5. Wow, you need to touch grass because everything you just said is not true. But whatever. I’m done with this thread. It’s all speculation at best the first coaster was inspired by a wooden coaster hence the slope not being steep and the style of supports. it’s not nearly resembling a crazy mouse coaster. Those rides don’t use trains they use single cars.
  6. Not true. A banked piece is possible they just have to design the new piece to not have too much of a degree to which the car has too much friction on the rail. But knowing Lego they only make parts that can be recycled in other sets so that would be the only thing setting the designers back from making a better car design that also works with banked curves and can handle inverted track using a dual wheel design that hugs the rails on both sides like bearings would. the first coaster was based on a wooden rollercoaster, likely the one that once resided at Coney Island. this one is definitely an intimin styled drop coaster but they didn’t do all the track that way. Just the drop curve (they kinda had no choice but to invert the standard curved pieces to make a 90 degree drop). I would like to see a Giga Coaster or an inverted one sometime. (Ie: suspended from the rail so that you’re hanging but strapped in) (not to be confused with a Flying coaster or the 4D coaster. also, looks like this coaster is based on this one. It too has an elevator but its a racing drop coaster
  7. That short piece is not new. the only new pieces are the inclined curve at the top of the tower and at the bottom of the last loop before the return to the station. And the 90 degree loop pieces that look like they are indeed skewed not bent like others are saying. if you look at the higher resolution images of the set at different angles you see these parts are molded that way i am disappointed in the overall design. It’s too busy. How would this be automated like the first coaster? This one looks like it cannot run on its own because of the tower. also why no attempt at trying to make banked curves or a corkscrew piece. The new looping parts suggest it might have a future in making a corkscrew possible because they are not straight like the photos suggest in some angles like the press image from above they skew about 2 or 3 studs the other direction. i’d like to see an inverted coaster (yeah that might require a new coaster car design but the track seems to be designed to allow for a dual wheeled design to make a suspended coaster like that). only thing I like about this set is the color scheme. Beautiful color choice bad design. Wish they used these colors on the first set.
  8. I do believe so. If you look closely you can also see a yellow loop near the right edge. The coaster is rumored to have yellow track. Looks like they plan to announce the coaster at the Lego Con. They made that massive amusement park diorama to highlight this announcement more than likely.
  9. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not true. The day after Black Friday products have been revealed. And *gasp* that’s a Saturday!
  10. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    LegoLeaks on Reddit and that has been confirmed as the name 3,003 pcs $200 USD Reveal tomorrow likely (given all the new set announcements the past few days)
  11. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Considering this release is celebrating 15th Anniversary of the Modular line this could have some marketing plan attached to it’s unveiling. i remember when the Assembly Square was coming they teased it a month before the actual announcement. It was a silhouette teaser on the employee intranet page. I am hoping that since this is an Anniversary set that its a large one on the scale of A/S and that the price rumor is wrong.
  12. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Assembly Square is retiring so it’s possible. We know it’s either a corner or an Assembly Square sized set. But given how the Garage is also retiring, it’s a toss up.
  13. ncx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you forget about how we found out about the Assembly Square set. It was leaked via a screenshot off the internal store employee site, as a silhouette but it clearly said it was to celebrate the Anniversary of the Modular line. We probably won’t see any leaks until the boxes get printed up in China like the Diner and Rollercoaster got leaked by a Chinese leaker.
  14. ncx

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Trains are all on a 4 year cycle. Lego tends to release 3 sets. Remember when Toys R Us was still around they had an exclusive set every train cycle regarding the lack of a train station. That’s because the 3rd train set, the Disney train, includes one. You have to understand how Lego uses their sets to make them desired to be collected by including elements or items to make them all come together. The passenger train typically includes a “Level crossing” as cheap as it looks and all that. The cargo train includes the switches and sometimes a crane. the 2014 wave had a decent station but it seemed a bit lacking, then came the winter village station released in 2017. IMO the worst one the crocodile will likely retire around Black Friday during their sales as will the Disney Train. The City trains will remain available until March or April then the new ones will come out in July (Lego retired the stock before they removed the sets entirely from the site in late April/Early May).
  15. If its just something like that and not a teaser or what have you, it’s just a promo to market the new 3-1 sets and they just recommend the Haunted House and Rollercoaster to go with them. And which that Rollercoaster is retiring this year so it could be the last push to sell as many as they can before it discontinued. I hope we get a better coaster next year or sometime. Maybe some new elements like banked curves and vertical loop parts perhaps. Yeah its possible to SNOT the curve parts into a loop but we don’t have any banked parts or twists to make more complex designs. And it’s absolutely disappointing what has become of Online PaB they used to offer so many parts now it’s barely anything worthwhile. To get the extra tracks you have to go into Bricks n Pieces to try (if you’re lucky). Rant over before I get off topic.