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Found 20 results

  1. snaillad

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Hello users of EB! Here I present my latest build, a Mediterranean town square with a trio of intertwined buildings. A restaurant, a shop and various apartments fill the scene. I can't say its any one particular European style, more a hybrid mix of styles. Anyway onto the pics; They can also all be view on my flickr stream here Andy comments or queries about techniques are welcome. Regards!
  2. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part V Snakes of Mophet Previous Chapter: Chapter I, part IV - Outside the gates of Mophet Intro builds by @adde51 Tabibs Study Tabib and the crow (Picture above by Adde51) The next morning the slave trader and his men took the carriage and walked into the city of Mophet. It was crowded with people and creatures/beings inside of the city walls. Various strange smells, chatter, laughter and screams filled the air. They passed by buildings with streets and came to a square full of people. Z looked out of the bars and saw all kinds of people running around. On the other side of the carriage there was a camel looking into the cage drooling on the bars as they passed by. It was a lot to take in for the tired prisoners. The company came to a stop in a square. There was some kind of crowd ahead. "- What's happening?" Pointy asked "- I don't know. I can't see" Hoves side from the front of the carriage. "- Kraaah, be ready, be ready. Kraaah!" Crow said when he landed on top of the cage. "- Be ready for what?" Z said out loud. Left-eye turn his head and looked at Z with a confused look. "- What did you say?" "- Erm, nothing" Z said "- Boy will come, be ready, kraaah" A little boy came up to Z beside the carriage. "- Pssst, you" he said and looked at Z "- I've got a message for you. There will be a commotion ahead soon, don't mind it. Tell your friends to be ready. I will open the cage door and let you out. Then you have to follow me quickly down under ground. We only got a few seconds!" (Picture above by Adde51) Z told the others and they got ready. After awhile the crowd started to scatter and people started to scream. People ran past the carriage. They heard a lady screaming of fear and soon they all saw that the ground was full of snakes that were hissing and trying to bite the nearest persons. The snakes came closer to the elephant and the mage's horse and they started to back away from the snakes. On the other side of the open space they saw a large overturned barrel from which the snakes came out. The mage became furious and started to scream at the man. (Picture above by Adde51) In the commotion the little boy quickly picked the lock and opened the gate. "- Kraaah, hurry. Tabib will come" "- Follow me" The boy whispered. The slaves ran after the boy to a nearby building and into a small door. Inside the door were stairs down to the basement. (Picture above by Adde51) The mage became furious and he began shouting at his guards to protect him. The mage lifted up his staff and started to mumble. "- Stop! Lower your staff!" A voice in the crowd said out loudly. The people in the crowd stood aside and tall man with hair as white as snow and a long beard came out from the crowd and stopped midst if the snakes. The crowd whispered and you could here some say "- It's Tabib" (Picture above by Adde51) The mage became silent as he saw the bearded man. "- You don't rise your staff against any living creature inside the walls of Mophet!" Tabib said in a calm voice that made the whole square go silent. "- Get your filthy snakes away from us Tabib. I’m not afraid of you” the mage screamed. Tabib started to whisper in some odd language and the snakes meander back towards Tabib. “- In Mophet it’s not welcome to use faul and dark magic. Take you men and walk out of the city and go back to Nocturnus.” Tabib responded. “- I have a meeting by the fighting pits. We are not leaving.” “- What is a slave trader as yourself going to do there without any slaves to trade? Tabib said with a hint of a smile on his lips. The mage turned around and looked at the carriage and saw the empty cage. “- Noooooo!!!” The next chapter... The different builds For this story I had to get some help from my friend and fellow member of SwedishLegoMafia @adde51. Most of the builds is his that he has posted earlier (se below) I built the square and two houses. Then we put it all together for some awesome photos and an awesome part of the city Mophet. Zamorah Embassy in Mophet Since Zamorah opened up for trade with other regions in Historica they built embassies in many cities. This building has the Zamorah Weapon crest and sand green and white colours. Hidamus Family residence This is a house in Mophet Kaliphlin belongs to a wealthy centaur merchant family. In this MOC I tested to blend tan, teal and pearl gold and I think it was a great combo. Adde51‘s buildings Here you can see some of the pictures and links below to Adde51 builds here on GoH. Midhana Minaret Qayids Residence Mophet Square Mophet Armory - Al Asliha Kumidia Residence Fa Nadiq Hotel Temple of Afeaa Mophet- Training Ground
  3. wallyjarek

    Square Heads Project

    Let me start by saying that the idea for this project came quite by accident, I looked through my drawer with printed bricks and noticed a brick 1x1 with printed eyelets. I have a handful of them and I started to put my hair, caps, etc. on them. I found them very funny and made me play with them positively. I've been working on them for the past few weeks. Superman Surfer Geisha Lone Island Football game Airplain Kill Bill On the road Wedding More pictures
  4. Dzoni90

    [MOC] Medieval Square

    Hi all, this is my new creation, Medieval Square. It contains of a blacksmith, a bakery, an old tavern and a little market with street entertainers. Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Medieval Square by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr
  5. Hello everyone,This is our latest project, the Main Square of Crema, a town in the Northern part of Italy. We represented the Cathedral (2016, see Discussion), the facade of the Palace of the Bishop (2018, in yellow), part of the City Hall (2018, with the tower and some interior). We are aware that the buildings need lots of improvements, concering both structure and quality details, but for now we didn't want to devote all of our time to this work and so this is a beta version which we hope to improve in the next years. We decided to add a Christmas atmosphere to the layout (forgive some improper clothes :P), but the idea is to transform it in a rainy layout, something quite uncommon. The whole MOC is made up of about 17.000 LEGO bricks. I add to this post some pictures of the city, so that you can compare them to the model. More pictures on Flickr.I will add some better when I have time to organize an adequate photo setting. Every suggestion is definitely welcome; we hope you will like our MOC! :)Thanks for reading,FBros
  6. WP_20160817_007 WP_20160817_003 WP_20160817_022 WP_20160817_023 WP_20160817_037 WP_20160817_049 WP_20160817_060 WP_20160817_062 Hi all :) Here is a project we completed in 2016, the Cathedral of our own town in the northern part of Italy. Nowadays, we're working on the adjacent square, with the goal to complete it in a few years. We will be posting updates very soon. As for the MOC itself, we chose a 1:75 scale, so that it could be populated with minifigs, without being too huge and expensive. The Cathedral consists of about 9600 bricks. Some techniques were inspired by others' works, while some were developed for the purpose of maintaining the most possible similarity to the real Cathedral. Hope you will enjoy! Every suggestion is welcome! FBros
  7. My current ongoing project is a Modular corner building with a square and a clocktower. So far most of the building exterior is done, with the exception of most of the clocktower itself (I havent decided quite how to do the clockfaces, may have to bricklink the Big ben clockfaces) EDIT: The clocktower is now done! Next step is ground level! See a small album at The plan is to house a restaurant (with the glassed in roof terrace, a small cafe and a sports goods store in the building as well as a market stall or two in the square bellow. Let me know what you think!
  8. gabrielerava

    Peace & War Square

    Hi to everybody, following the Hat Store (see I decided to expand the project into Peace & War Square. The square is named after the two statue placed besides the Arch: the war statue on the right and the peace statue on the left. It is composed of four main buildings: the Hat Store, The Gringotts Inn and the Fruit Loggia (from left to right) plus the Alice Arch and the Tower. Here follows some shots for each of the the buildings, except the Hat Store, see the related topic). First of all the Gringotts Pub Somebody on the roof.... The first floor. And the pub. The Fruit Loggia With a small Orchestra performing on the top! And finally Alice Arch (named after my second little daughter). Somebody is planning to sell it to some tourist? Some additional shots from the ground from a professional photographer perspective! Street cabaret! Last shots Frontal View Right View (War Statue) Left View (Peace Statue) Actually the project was interrupted four months ago due to worl reason (real work) and for new projects in my mind, so that some elements are still missing (in particularry on the right of the Loggia). Anyway; I would like to share the square as it is now. In the next future (I hope), once completed it will be placed in Rava Town ( case, there is also a video. Hope you enjoy! Gabriele
  9. Giacinto Consiglio

    [MOC] Fountain of the Angel

    Here's another MOC of mine, the Fountain of the Angel! It still needs some flower beds, but the fountain itself is 100% complete. Hope you like it! Check it out on MOCpages HERE and on Rebrickable HERE aswell!
  10. Redhead1982

    MOC Modular round park square

    After a very long time, here's another MOC I made recently. It was built for an exhibition in March this year, but due to the turn of events, I took the photos much later, and only found time to upload them now. This was a ''quick'' model for the exhibition, which is why there is almost no interior detailing (another reason was lack of ideas). Since the facades are mostly covered by the vegetation, the unfinished interiors are not seen. I used this model to try new styles and techinques for the buildings widths and roof design. This is the front view, with the buildings partly covered by the tall trees. The park area can be removed to see the buildings in their full glory. I tried different widths, colours and roof styles. I wanted to make a yellow bank since the 3661 Bank and Money Transfer set, but nver had enough yellow bricks. Now that I got enough bright yellow bricks, this colour seemed great to finally build a bank. The left building is a post office, and the first floor design was initially based on a LDD model made by my sister. The dark green building is an older MOC, used for comparison only. Aerial view reveals the almost round park on the square. Initially, I wanted it round, but turned too small for what I wanted to do, so I made it more oval. The paths are crossing the park from different angles, and there's people walking from one side to the other. Since this was build for an exhibition, the park was positioned between the train station and the rest of the town, and had a very transitional role (with people crossing from the station to the downtown area). If interested in more different angles (but almost the same looking pictures, feel free to check my Flickr account.
  11. LegoSjaak

    Lego 10255 XXL Assembly Square MOD

    After getting my third set i went on with the XXL version of the Assembly Square.. so far i ended up with this! The turret building is looking pretty good to me now!
  12. Recently i made some expansions on my Modular Square. Within a few months, i have to fit in the Lego 10255 Assembly Square as well, but i'll find a way! I used 20 modular sets to create this square. For the square itself, i used over 16.000 parts for tiling, trees and benches! Enjoy my HD YouTube video, that i made last week and get inspired!:
  13. sander1992

    Triwizard Tournament

    Hi everyone I have created a small landscape based on the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. The movie and the set 4762 were a disappointment. The book describes the presence of a town with small cottages with gardens and the treasures of the champions are held on a small square. I have tried to recreate the scene from the book on a 32x32 plate. There are two small cottages and a square. Harry wants to rescue Ron and Hermione and confronts the merman. Victor Krum is on his way to rescue Hermione. Here is an overview of the landscape. Here is a link of the Flickr album. The photo's are also on my Brickshelf account. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  14. I finally managed to make a HD-video of the new modified XL BrickBank in my Lego Modular Square. I hope you like it!! For this Modular Square i used a total of 19 modular sets. The first three modulars are in their original size. All other 8 modulars are XL versions, each made of two sets. The footprint of the whole square, including its buidlings counts almost 62,000 studs. The measurements of the square are 336 x 184 studs, equal to 2.62 x 1.44 meters (=3,8 square meters), or 8,6 x 6,0 feet (= 51,6 square feet).HD
  15. Serpico

    City Square My LEGO Square..... I hope you guys enjoy
  16. Hello everyone! Here's my latest MOC, Winter Village Square. It is made up of a small mountain church where a wedding has just finished, a fountain - with a couple of guys taking themeselves a selfie, a tree bended under the pressure of the snow, then a newsagents, some bike raks, a mailbox, and a Dodge car. The scenery is completed with some interesting winter minifigures to make a scene that perfectly fits the LEGO® Winter Village layout. That is my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Contest IV! I hope you'll like it! Every comment or suggestion is obviously welcome! Thanks for reading and watching! :) Fusar
  17. Redhead1982

    Food market

    After a long break from building, I finally managed to create something new and take pictures. They're not the best, as my LEGO dedicated corner is still a work in progress, so I had to work with the lights I had available in other rooms. Without further ado, I built this open food market as a part of the LUG's town display. It was a nice change from building modulars, most prominently it was build much much faster. The market was built on two 32x32 baseplates, and is split in two parts to allow minifigs moving from on side of town to the other. There's 10 food stalls in total, and you can buy almost anything. My favourite stall is actually the one not selling food, but flowers. It was also the first one I made, and I used the same or very similar design to build other stalls. Since fruits and vegetables need to be washed before consumption, there's also a small well with two faucets for those who cannot make it home with the fresh fruits. One of the stalls offers home made marmelade and honey, the other one bread and cookies, and the third one sells different vegetables. To conclude, this is a slightly different areal view of the market.
  18. LegoSjaak

    Lego Modular City Square

    Since two days i'm working on my latest project...a Modular City Square... or, a square for my is a rather large surface, so i had to do a few bricklink orders...but this is what i started with..updates will follow!!.
  19. snaillad

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Hello fellow EB members. My latest creation Piazza Maria is a little closer to home than my last, a town square with influences from several different parts of Europe. There is a deli, an ice cream parlour and a furniture shop around the main square with a market with outside seating to create some hustle and bustle! I only chose to furnish the interior's on the ground floors in all 3 buildings as there is very little depth to the buildings to accommodate a lot of apartment furniture like beds and such. I merely wanted window decoration where possible to show the buildings purpose. Anyway on with the pics, there's only 7 so they are all in here, apologies for editing of the last two, I tried to erase out some brightly coloured plates underneath so it looks a little scruffy! If you wish to view them in flickr you can on the link here: Any comments welcome! Cheers
  20. Here are some pics of the new Town Square pizza and bike shop after being converted to a modular building. Still have a few more things to add to the interior, but it's nearly done.