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Found 6 results

  1. The Brick Train Awards are back for 2022 for their third year. The awards are open to all LEGO train fans to submit their models for free during September in 15 categories: Best steam locomotive Best diesel locomotive Best electric locomotive Best other locomotive Best consist / full train Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best digital locomotive Best digital wagon Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL wagon Best TFOL display Public vote Best display 2021 saw over 750 entries from builders around the world, and showcased a huge variety of creativity in the LEGO fan community. Winners are judged for most categories at a regional level (Americas, Asia & Australasia, and Europe) and a global winner is then picked by a panel of international judges from the LEGO train community. The Brick Train Awards started in 2020 during Covid to try and provide some meaningful activity for LEGO train fans. The TFOL categories are aimed at teenage LEGO train builders aged 13 - 18 to support up and coming LEGO fans, and the quality of submissions is particularly strong here. Prizes for global winners are sponsored by, as well as contributions from TrainedBricks and Brick Model Railroader. Entries are open from 1st - 30th September 2022, and winners will be announced in the first week of October on the Brick Train Awards website,
  2. Hi all, The Brick Train Awards are new virtual, worldwide awards for LEGO train fans. The event is a collaboration between LNUR, the UK LEGO train club, and Brick Model Railroader in the US. In our first year, we have 10 categories: Best steam loco Best diesel loco Best electric loco Best "other" loco (for narrow gauge / smaller / larger scaled models) Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) model - this can be a loco, wagon or display Best individual display Best group display Best building/ structure Each entry is judged at a regional level (Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe - we hope African LEGO fans can join us next year), and then a global winner for each category is awarded from those. We have a few prizes for our winners, as well as an exclusive Brick Train Awards winner’s brick, thanks to our really generous sponsors, including TrixBrix, BrickTracks, BMR, and BrickTrainDepot. Entry to the awards is free, and you can enter up to 3 models per category. Entry closes on July 10th 2020. Other rules are explained on the Brick Train Awards website at Questions welcome, but our FAQ hopefully covers almost all eventualities! For those who don’t fancy taking part, the awards Facebook page and Twitter account is posting a sample of entries which showcase some excellent train builders from around the world. Richard
  3. There were many great MOCs during 2016. As is becoming a habit, and to celebrate some of Thirdwigg's favorite MOCs of the year, I present The Top 16 of 2016. Find out who won the coveted 2016 Thirdwiggy award. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know about your vehement objections to the list. Sorry for all the great ones I left out. Let me know what should have been included. Many thanks to Eurobricks for so many great designs and conversations over the year. I look forward to 2017.
  4. Organizers Note: For those categories in which a tie occurred, but all nominees only had one vote each, no winner or runner(s) up was declared. It's a long read so settle in. "Well folks here we are at last. After several delays due to scheduling conflicts, technical difficulties, and our inability to find an MC the night has finally arrived." "Everyone's out enjoying the get together, including all the big names in Heroica RPG. You're all in for a special treat tonight." "They are indeed, so how about we head inside, things should be starting real soon." "Good evening ladies, gents, creatures..." "You can't say that, Lind." "But Throlar, wha-?" "People don't like it, it sounds discriminatory." "But there's nothing wrong with it!" "You still can't say it." "*sigh* Very well. Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, beings of a generally ambiguous nature..." "Now you sound like you're trying to not say hermaphrodites. Or genderless, or something like that anyway. Not that there are any here that I can see. Correct me if I'm wrong." "We really need to update the Embassy..." "Why don't I start?" "Floor ceded." "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the second Quasi-Annual..." *Quasimodian Audience Member* "You can't say that! It's..." "Why do I even care anymore? Good evening, everyone and welcome to the second of the Randomly Generated-Annual Henrys Awards, where we all stand up here and hope that our good friend farmer MacDonald forgot to stalk his good tomatoes this year." "Stalk, as in...hunt? You know, as in they didn't get hunted down in the Fields, so all you have is good tomatoes to us..." "You're falling faster than a Scroll of Stone cast on a roc." "Fine, you take a turn." "Gladly, *Ahem!* Standing here, in front of this crowd, on this stage, on this chunk of rock that is continually traversing what I assure you are completely lifeless solar seas that swathe this verdant world..." "Look at him, all he needs is a pair of sunglasses and a glowstick." "...despite what others may say." "I was only talking to myself." "We, as the inhabitants of this world, have a task, nay, a duty to preform, to champion the cause of the week and helpless, to aid those in need, to seek out and destroy evil wherever it may be, in a word; to be heroes. But what are heroes you may ask? I will tell you, heroes are..." *Ten minutes later* "... And as the years trod slowly by, and we come to and from the Hall, we face the ever present question..." *Audience Member* "You mean, 'when are you going to shut up?'" "Sir! Such language!" "Errm, Lind, I think we'd better move on a bit." "But I haven't even started my dissertation on the nature of pylons yet.." "Sooo, We've really had a lot of great players lately." "Oh, to a certainty." "We've got the statistic geniuses..." "I still have no idea how Arthur lucked into both the Shadeaux Cape and the Tin Armor. Seriously, nice work there man." "The great roleplayers - Lord Bloomingham, Skrall, Nerwen, Heckz, Vindsval, Eric, good old Arthur again, the list goes on and on." "Pretty much the entire old crowd in general." "There are those we're sorry to miss, like Cronk." "I never met him." "Worse for you then. And of course we have some nice up-and-coming heroes too." "..." "I was expecting you to plug yourself there." "EVERYTHING. I DO AND HAVE DONE. WILL. Make sense. SOMEDAY." "Right, Mr. Shatner voice." "IT WILL." "*ahem* The weird." "Seriously - nice original idea with the symbiote stomach thing, Ezeran." "Reminds me of the Goa'uld." "Really?" "I don't know, kinda similar. Anyhow, nice tweak to your character." "Seconded." "And the disliked, you know, us." "Hey - the most important thing is the safety of the world. You can't beat that for importance. But yeah, we probably should take a course in inter-heroing relations." "Understand, we do know what it's like for you." "Like having to deal with Throlar's staunch refusal to bow to other people's opinion over his morals." "Like having to listen to Lind's endless talking." "Hey... Like having to quest with Throlar in R'kilf." "Like having to listen to a drunk Munchkin running about the Hall like a fifteen-year-old idiot babbling whatever comes into his mind." "You know, you have incredibly low standards for humor." "Okay, that's it. Elf ears, one thing, dwarf jokes are another." "Keep reaching for your humor, buddy." "Rrraaahhh!!!!" *Throlar and Lind are pulled off the stage in a whirlwind of blows and punches.* Two irritable looking women are pushed onstage as they slowly meander to the podium, both of them talking in hushed voices. "They want us to host? Just because we're minstrels?" "Pfft, at least the stuff backstage is free." The hosts make it to the podium as Karie moves to the mic. "Hello Heroica, feuding houses, and all you out there in internet land! My name is Karie Alderflask-Cour-" "And I'm Nerwen Calmacil!" "And we're your new hosts for the second Not-Annual Henry's Awards! A lot's happened in the years since the last one, including more quests, more antics, and more of me!" "We've seen the rise of the Wolfgang, the introduction and deaths of many prominent characters, and the rise of faction elements to the game. Multiple villains have been defeated (the Regret twice), people finally saw merit with siding with Ulric Wolfkin, and Arthur quit Heroica, although probably not for long. In honour of this, we will be playing an expertly crafted highlight reel showcasing the events that have.... *Producer* "...?! #%@&$! ...!" "...apparently we won't be showing a highlight reel because the producers mistook how many zeros were in the budget. Again. Instead, we've been asked to entertain you." "Don't get too excited folks, it's not that kind of entertainment." "You know it's hard for women in Heroica, the dozen of us, and I'm not just talking hard like Hoke's head or Atramor' abs or mmm, Eric'... , *Producer* "...?! #%@&$! ...!" "...ahem, sorry. And though there's been lots of new members, hello Calamity, Jinnifer and Annienal, any suggestion that they come second to heroes like Guts, Hybros, or even yourself Karie, should be laughed at." "But the same goes for our men. Considering how many teenage male human rogues we have in our hall, it's hard to stand out in a large crowd." "But our newer companions are not mere palette swaps. Oh, sorry there Leofwein. Huh? Alexandre? Oh. it's hard to see past these lights. Anyway, whether you're a bigfig like Skrall or Vindisval or short like Matthias or Grimwald, we've got a lot of people running around Heroica Hall, and the following awards are dedicated to the folks who stand out among a sea of particularly stand out people. Usually." "Well, let's get on with it. Here are the awards for the PC Category!" "Ahh, the thrill of acting...there is truly nothing quite like it. Of course, as any actor can tell you, every good character has a basis in truth--the trials and struggles of everyday existence, from child to elder, each day in front of the next. Each one of us has our own story to tell, whether pauper, prince, or king...but, as some stories are better than others, so too are some storytellers more skilled in transcribing their tales. This award celebrates those best at building such stories day by day--some tellers of two tales, others a master of the one they've chosen. But this year's winner tells two tales so different, they can hardly be recognized to spring from the same hand--and yet, both share a depth and reality that go far beyond the norm. Without further ado, this year's Henry for Best Role-player goes to..." Best Role-player Winner: Boomingham/Bobby (Zepher) with 3 votes Runners-up: Hybros/Jinnipher (JimB), Vindsval (Asphalt), Skrall/Boris (WBD), Karie/Annienal (Kintober) with 2 votes "Strategy is a neccesity in battle. There is no denying that. Whether the scale is on a full on siege on a castle or a drunken bar fight, if you don't have a strategy, you're done for. I've been in more than a few battles, and I've met more than a few strategists. One in particular stands out in my mind, and although he did some... questionable things, he deserves the award. The award for "Best Strategist" goes to..." Best Strategist Winner: Arthur (Flipz) with 9 votes Runner(s)-up: Atramor/Miderun (CallMePie) with 3 votes "Hello my fine ladies and you dashing gentlemen, you're all looking as dapper as ever. It has always been my passion to be this city's resident fashion expert and I must say that over these past years we have seen some... "interesting" trends. From custom cloaks, to racially insulting hats, you heroes certainly know how to make an impression. Some of you, no matter the weather, no matter the location, no matter the job, due such a marvelous job in keeping up the image of your fine organization, while others... well let's just say you're efficient. Now I'm here to present the award for best designed PC figure, you're lucky I'm not competing, but let's get on with it. We've got several nominations ranging from that ravaged hulking hero missing an arm to that ruffian of the high seas. Without further ado the winner is..." Best PC Figure Winner: Vindsal (Aspahlt), Purpearl (Purpearljellyblob), Kheyli (K-Nut) with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Atramor (CallMePie) with 2 votes "I've been the matron of the Heroica Saloon for a long time. Probably too long, at this rate, hmph. And I've seen all sorts of people walk in and out of the doors of that hall. Spiderpeople, symbionts, undead, yetis, zealots, mages... I've learned how to tell if someone is interesting, original, trouble, or just plain boring from a mile away. You can usually tell by the bar tab and what they order, too. Fact of the matter is, I've seen hundreds of interesting and original characters in my life. Had to smack a couple around with my broom, too! And that makes me qualified to announce the award for "Most Original Character"..." Most Original Character Winner: Vindsal (Asphalt) with 7 votes Runner(s)-up: Heckz (Cutcobra) with 3 votes "Hey folks. Back at it against at the second not-even-almost-annual Henry's, huh? Well, this award goes out to the baddest of the badmegablockses, those who know when to hold them, when to fold them, when to shank a guy, and when to flee dramatically into the breaking dawn with a giant explosion framed in the background. Now, these sly rogues know what it means to be a true badass. One is a heavy drinker with some killer blades, loves ships, and has no patience for higher authorities..." "....and the other two aren't me, but they get an award for it? Damn thing must be rigged...well, their names are..." Most Badass Character Winner: Guts (Scubacarrot) with 6 votes Runner(s)-up: Atramor (CallMePie) with 4 votes "Efwew few yeawf fhewe-" Knife-Tongue coughs. "-fhewe awe awawf-" Knife-Tongue coughs loudly, and clears his throat. "Ah, there we are. The wonders of magic." "I was enlisted to distribute these questionably canon awards to a pair of fellow of infinite jest and whose comical antics and evidently entertaining quirks have touched, poked, or perhaps afflicted the largest volume of heroes that have determined that they should be recognized for their sheer absurdity. Why I of all people was chosen to issue these rewards remains incomprehensible but alas, I am no position to question the strange policies of the gods overseeing this odd event. But I digress and doubtless the crowd grows tired of my meandering point." "The first of these heroes is a man with a most disturbed fascination with himself and suffers hair gel fume-induced delusions of grandeur involving himself and the fancies of any and all women he encounters with even a semblance of beauty. The second is a half-elf that once found himself the travelling companion of a flaming skull that thus fostered an unhealthy social ambiance that he struggles to come to terms with while also seeking in vain the affections of those around him. Truly is Heroica the home to the greatest of champions. These two fellows are..." Most Humorous Character Winner: Heckz (Cutcobra) with 11 votes Runner(s)-up: Warlen (The Chosen Minifigure) with 3 votes "Name's Anwyl. Most of you heroes must know me - I'm the only smithy in Eubric who can give you authentic Darven-made weaponry. And yes, I am a dwarf. Just tall for my kind. see the beard? Not here to talk about that, though. I have to say - possible thanks to yours truly, heh heh - that some of you are armed to the teeth. A force of destruction in battle, able to handle any situation, just like any good hero should be. There's a couple who stand out in my mind, though, that have such good, well slected gear, I'd wager there isn't an enemy they can't beat. Now, if only he had a toupee in his inventory, haw! The winner for "Most Optimized Character" is..." Most Optimized Character Winner: Guts (Scubacarrot) with 11 votes Runner(s)-up: Atramor (CallMePie) with 2 votes "Greetings to viewers and spectators alike! I am the Dragonlord, one of the six Veterans of Heroica. Of course, I was not among the original six to establish our organization; that would be the noble warriors who put an end to the war in Ennon. There were veterans before myself, and there will be veterans after - our organzaition has lasted for more than two hundred years, and what a two hundred years it has been. I imagine some of you in the crowd have had their lives touched or made better by the hand of Heroica. That is why we are here. When you need an act of heroism, we are at your service. And for our organziation to persevere, we will require new heroes, new veterans, to join the cause and take lead. You have voted amongst yourselves about who you think is the future of our organization, and you have picked two very noble candidates, with only one vote setting them apart. Without further ado, the "Most Likely Character To Become A Veteran" is..." Most Likely Character to become a Veteran Winner: Hoke (UsernameMDM) with 4 votes Runner(s)-up: Nerwen (Chromeknight) with 3 votes "There are dangers in Olegaia, and the heroes of Heroica have dealt with a great many of them. But they have also shown themselves to be kind, and pure, and capable of not only defeating evil but fostering good. And what, in this world, is a greater good than love. Compassion between two individuals. Love comes in many shapes, many forms. Sometimes we are even reluctant to admit that we feel it, especially if we've got the old hardened heart of veteran warriors. But it does, in the end, touch us all. And it is, in the end, what we remember. So it is my great pleasure to announce the greatest love stories of Heroica and her heroes..." Best Relationship (Romantic, PC's or NPC's) Winner: Eric (Khorne) & Periwinkle (Sandy), Karie (Kintober) & Mason (Endgame), Tarn (Zepher) & Ella (Zepher) with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Heckz (Cutcobra) & Heckz (Cutcobra), Nessa (herrJJ) & Karie (Kintober) "Dad! I'm fine! The dress is bad enough! Sometimes, Dad..." The Ace Assassin quickly adjusts her hair, then rushes out into place as if nothing had happened. "*Ahem.* Well. They're telling me I need to talk about relationships? Antagonistic ones?" Diana smirks. "Yeah, I know a little about those. On my first Quest, there was this pair of Mages, a Rogue, and a Ranger--that last one turned out alright, though, once he got his head on straight. The point is, sometimes the most powerful relationships, the kind people remember the most, are the ones between people at each others' throats. Or arms, as the case may be--these winners are pretty hardcore. Some may technically be my enemies, but they back up what they believe in, no matter who they have to fight--even if it's each other. I can respect that. Their ends justify their means, and in this case it means a nice shiny trophy; the Henry for Best Antagonistic Relationship goes to..." Best Relationship (Antagonistic, PC's or NPC's) Winner: Karie (Kintober) & Mason (Endgame) & Boomingham (Zepher) with 4 votes Runner(s)-up: Throlar (Lord Duvors) & Eric (Khorne) with 3 votes "Howdy all! The great warrior Russel Ruffers reporting in! And I'm accompanied, as always, by my great steed and ally the incomparable Sir Pigley. Say hello, Pigley!" "Hello." "He's shy in front of crowds, though heavens know he loves the theatre! Remember that time you acted in a play, Pigley?" "I do. It was a great achievement." "It was! Though Pigley and I see the world in a different way, we're still the fastest of friends. We've been here and there, fought dogs and the undead together! And we're better off for it. Nothing makes friends like facing off against the worst of odds and knowing that you're best of pals has your back. Not that Russel Ruffers would lose to anyone... but it's always nice to have Pigley along. And you heroes know that too. Through thick and thin, you're all the best of friends, even when you bicker and blow each other up with bombs. So, the best friends of Heroica are..." Best Relationship (Platonic, PC's, or NPC's) Winner: Nyx (Pandora) & Boomingham (Zepher) with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Guts (Scubacarrot) & Hybros (JimB), Annienal (Kintober) & Vindsval (Asphalt) with 2 votes] "HELLO! MY NAME IS SORSHA AND I HAVE THE HONOUR OF ANNOUNCING THE WINNER FOR-" *Audience Member* "Don't shout into the mic!" "UMMM... I HAVE THE HONOUR OF ANNOUNCING THE WINNER FOR THE MOST MEMORABLE-" A halfling man walked onstage, grumbling as he did so. He grabbed the mic from the podium and stormed offstage with it. Sorsha watched for a moment before returning to her speech, her booming voice filling up the hall. "OKAY, I HAVE THE HONOUR OF ANNOUNCING THE WINNER FOR THE MOST MEMORABLE PARTY. I'M NOT REALLY ONE FOR SPEECHES, BUT I CAN SAY THAT HALF OF THE QUESTS THAT HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCED WOULDN'T BE AS INTERESTING IF IT WEREN'T FOR HEROES COMING TOGETHER IN TIMES OF NEED, OR, UM, SOMETIMES A LACK OF COMING TOGETHER AND STUFF, AND THIS AWARD IS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT! IT WAS A UNANIMOUS LANDSLIDE AS TO WHICH PARTY WAS THE MOST DYNAMIC AND ENTERTAINING TO FOLLOW, WHICH KIND OF SHOWS SOMETHING ABOUT HOW DYNAMIC THIS GROUP WAS. THE WINNER FOR MOST MEMORABLE PARTY IS..." Most Memorable Party Winner: Quest 100 with 8 votes Runner(s)-up: None "Hola, heroes. Good to see you all again. You all know me! Johnny Everyman." Johnny points to himself. "Scholar, lover, you know the drill. Anyway, seems they hired me to tell y'all what you did that was hilarious. See, I think most everything you heroes do is hilarious. We're always having laughs, me and you, you and that other hero, someone at your expense. Anywho, I think heroes are a pretty funny bunch. But, you know, some of you are funnier than others. So, here we go..." Most Humorous Moment Winner: Nose Incident in Quest 121 with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Vindsval putting Lind in the corner in the Hall and Karie Seducing the Rogues in Quest 93 with 2 votes "Roll film!" *Sigh* well here we are again folks, it's a miracle we even ended up doing another one of these things. I don't know what all the hype is about, it's been a rather tragic few years if you think about it. I mean, Eubric is on the verge of total chaos, we've seen coups, tragic deaths, suffering, torture, treachery, and all out continental wars. *Sobs* I've been asked to present the award for the most tragic moment over the past few years, from the death of a little girl, to the senseless slaughter of hundreds in a war, to the loss of a dear friend in a most distressing fashion, you heroes have had to go through a lot. *Sigh* well let's get to the winners, through really what sort of "winners" are they?" Saddest Moment Winner: Jules' Death in Quest 129 with 4 votes Runner(s)-up: Ending of Quest 116 with 3 votes "I guess we have a clip to show for that." "I'll start by stating the obvious: life is full of memorable moments. I've had many. Some were great. Some... Well, they simple weren't. Remembering the good and the bad is how you build yourself up as a person and carry on. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. There are better spoken and more experienced people to talk about the happy and the sad. There are moments that leave you utterly dumbfounded and confused. They occur, it takes a few minutes to sink in, and even then your mind is still kind of reeling. Not good, not bad, and just to sum it up in a couple of syllables... "Huh? What?" Yes, I'm talking about those all-too-memorable and far too baffling "WTF" moments. Heroes getting sex changes by accident, parasites emerging out of someone's neck, meeting an older brother that you somehow had even though you were under the impression all of your family was dead, unstoppable forces barging in during the middle of a battle... They make you stop, think, and double take. They are worthy of rewards, if only because of how much our mind refuses to come to grips with them at the time. The most "WTF Moment" award goes to..." Most WTF Moment Winner: Ending of Quest 129 with 2 votes Runner(s)-up: None "Roll the tape!" <Hello heroes. It is my genuine pleasure to see you all again! Do not think that Sir Earl Poletad has forgotten about you. Who could ever forget the brave heroes of Heroica? No one! You have swayed lives, from that a small frog to those of a whole nation. When the history books are written, you will be in them, each and every one of you. Brave warriors, cunning brains, kind hearts. All of your deeds are heroic to me. But those that will be remembered the most are..." Most Memorable Moment - Poletad Winner: Ending of Baltarok Trilogy with 6 votes Runner(s)-up: Ending of Quest 100 with 2 votes "Apparently we have a full blown trailer to show for you folks!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pit orchestra swells as two familiar hosts walk back onstage, still beaming their plastered on smiles to the crowd. Karie laughs uncomfortably as she approaches the mic. "That brings us to our half time show, and since our previous hosts are currently still involved in a bout of fisticuffs, we've been given the honour of pulling this next segment out of our as-" "As we were saying before, Heroica wouldn't be the same without its cast of characters, each vying for time to shine and the space blurt an elaborate backstory to their fellow questmates in a rambling wall of text. But we wouldn't get that chance unless there were people behind the scenes, pulling all the strings and setting up battles and puzzles, handing out loot and expy like Double Rainbow and books on Harlotry. Which reminds me, we haven't seen Alexis lately, wonder who's next to pick up that class? As long as it's not Pretzel eh?" "Agreed. But not all experiences and loot is good. Let's not forget the legendary Healing Staffs and how they managed to completely ruin the lives of QMs everywhere, and nothing else. Well, except undead. Speaking of, how exactly do Sorrow and Boris manage to heal themselves if they're undead? Wouldn't that hurt them more?" "Apparently they're the right sort of undead. So, these next awards are all about those QMs and everything they do to help make this game what it is. So take it away..." What a wonderful world we live in. Many grand cities, many grand sights, I, the great Guffington have seen quite a bit of it after all. But it wouldn't be possible without the ingenuity and imagination of the most fantastical of mortals. The best of the best, so when it comes to the great artists who have given life to this place we call home, what better way to express our gratitude than to declare them creators of the Best Scenery and Photography..." Best Scenery/Photography Winner: Sandy with 14 votes Runner(s)-up: WBD with 4 votes Ummm... so they told me I was supposed to talk about "NPC design" I think it has something to do with all the great cultures and people in Olegia I guess. So I haven't had much travel experience, but I've got to imagine there's some pretty weird and strange folks out there. I mean dragons are pretty cool... well are dragons people? Oh and those blue folks from out east, talk about class. Well that's probably enough about that, how about we see who the winners are?" Best NPC Figure Winner: Council of the Blue Hand with 2 votes Runner(s)-up: None "Doesn't matter what it is, whether it's a quest or an automaton, to get something working properly. Mechanics aren't an easy thing to design. So when someone comes up with something truly new, unique, and workable, it should be given the respect it deserves. That's why the reward for "Best game Mechanic" is going to go to...." Best Game Mechanic Winner: Mobs (WBD) with 11 votes Runner(s)-up: Grid Battle in Quest 112 (BrickDoctor) with 2 votes A crash is heard on the roof as ceiling tiles and rafters fall from above and onto the stage. Two draconic heads poke down from the holes in the roof. "Apologies in advance for the ceiling. I never really grasped how small human dwellings were until today..." "But we have other revealations for you today than that of my brother's. My borther and I prided ourselves on our skills in battle. My borther is among the best hunters to live, and I am among history's most infamous conquerors." "Our wings have carried us into a thousand battles, and carried us out victorious a thousand more. And yet, it was to your organization - a group of rag-tag, idealogically opposed humanoids - that brought the both of us down. Human tenacity is something to be commended." "Needless to say, we are no foreigners to the battlefield, and neither are you. There is one battle in your recent history that we are pleased to announce has won the award of Best Battle. A strong force of heroes pitted aainst a stronger force of enemies - villains and allies alike joining the fray, before the heroes slaughter the last of their foes and make an explosive exit..." "The award for best battle goes to..." Best Battle Winner: Final battle of Quest 129 (CallMePie) with 5 votes Runner(s)-up: Rat Slog Battle of Quest 68 (Zepher) with 2 votes Dain Almight attempts to take the stage, but finds it swarmed with clean-up crews and decides to make his announcement from off to the side. "What you heroes do in quests and battles is a bit similar to what I do as alchemist. Do something wrong or use the wrong thing, and it'll blow up in your face. Literally, in my case. And that is why you need the right item for the task! You heroes and your bag of holding are so throughly stuffed with items by now - some are btter than others, of course. Now, the question is... Which item is considered the best? The answers lie in this envelope! Let use see... The rsults for the award of "Best Item" are..." Dain opens the envelope in his hands, looks at the piece of paper within, before a look of confusion passes over his face. "Uh. It's completely blank. Is this a clerical error? It isn't? Oh... Ahem. Well then." Best Item Winner: None Runner(s)-up: None Marching in from off stage came a red headed man, his hair immaculately neat, the overpowering odour of his cologne filling the first few rows of seats. He finished grooming his moustache and goatee as he confidently stood in front of the podium, smiling confidently, the microphone clasped under his arm. "*ahem* Good evening ladies and gentleman! For those of you who are unaware, my name is Lieutenant Paolo of the Watch!" The lieutenant gives a hearty and welcoming salute to the audience. "I have been given the privilege of bestowing this years award for the Best Friendly NPC award to one lucky individual. Heroes drive a quest forward, and their actions dictate the direction of an adventure, but they wouldn't get very far if there weren't individuals who helped push said heroes in the right direction. These individuals, or "Friendly NPCs" as some like to call them, sometimes don't even have much screen time, but still have the ability to impact heroes with their own decisions, actions, and personalities; and the following award is dedicated to the créme of the crop, the Friendly NPC who was the most engaging, interesting, or all around likeable. Ladies and gentleman, without a moments delay, the winner for Best Friendly NPC is..." Best Friendly NPC Winner: Illidria (CallMePie) with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Punii (Endgame), Guffington (Zepher), Sandman (Endgame) with 2 votes "Hello, heroes! I regret to tell you that I must take my leave from this city for the time being, but I couldn't resist the chance of making a guest appearance here at the Henrys. Consider yourselves honored, heh heh... Heroica has run into their fair share of opposition in these past four years. Chaotic witches, corrupted admirals, fiendish golems, conspirators, conqeurors, crustaceans, and mind-flayers, just to name a few examples. All stood in the way of heroes. Some failed and met their end. Others lived to tell the tale, as some of you may remember! What is a hero without a villain? Homeless, most likely, but also meaningless. And we have a fair share of great vilains on the ballot. As for runner ups... We have that wretched Ulric, an ebony dragon who I had the displeasure of facing once before - we called it a draw after we nearly ripped each other to shreds - and myself. Which villain has risen above the elite and is considered the Best Villanois NPC Heroica has ever faced? I hardly think I need to build more suspence. The Best Villanous NPC is..." Best Villainous NPC Winner: Melville (CallMePie) with 3 votes Runner(s)-up: Baba (Sandy), Ulric (Sandy), Vorpalis (Endgame) with 2 votes "Commander -- I mean, heroes, our intelligence sources indicate that previously unknown entities often attempt to undermine Heroica field operations. We believe that these Voices in the Sky harbor some sympathies for...misguiding...the heroes and are intent on surprising you with new technology and artifacts at moments critical to your quests. Early reports indicate that this is pretty awesome to watch from the sidelines. We have isolated the sources of the best of these, the winners of the Henry award for Best Plot Twist..." Best Plot Twist Winner: Ending of Quest 118 (Flipz), Ending of Quest 120 (Sandy) with 2 votes Runner(s)-up: None "Remember, heroes, we will be watching." The pages of black book turn all by their own, and a black hand emerges, pulls the microphone a bit closer, and speaks. "So. Here's how the quest process works. Someone encounters a trouble. They write up a notice, pin it on the questboard, and give the heroes some time to sober up and sign up. After that, the heroes go on all sorts of fantastic and whimsical and deadly adventures. But who is it that helps record all of them down? Well, myself and Byblos. And I gotta say, probably my favorite part of the job. Y'know why? I love stories. I'm a book, for Ennoc's sake, could you expect anything different? So when the heroes come back and tell me all the daring adventures and interesting people they've met, I'm practically enthralled. I have a few personal favorites out of the bunch. But it was you voting, not me, although I must say you all have excellent taste in literature based on the results. The runner-up is a tale of forbidden love, right and wrong, betrayal, vigilantism, and weird worm looking things. The story that tops it? A foreign land, a myriad of characters, and all of the freedom the world has to offer... The award for Best Single Quest goes to..." Best Single Quest - Bookmark Winner: Quest 130 (Sandy) with 5 votes Runner(s)-up: Quest 70 (Endgame) with 3 votes "Greetings - I'm Byblos, the librarian for Heroica. As my... I suppose he's an assitant - Bookmark stated, it is our responsbility to record the adventures of the champions of Heroica. And I would agree that it is among my favorite duties. Bookmark typically just records them and views them as singular stories, though - when a lot of times, this isn't the case. Olegaia is a vast world, and many of its stories are intertwined. It is my job to arrange and achive the records of what we have been told. Sometimes I delve into them and read them all the way though - to see how we have affected history and how the people and heroes have changed. They're all fascinating arcs, really. And I must agree that the one voted to first place truly is a fantastic trilogy. The reward for the "Best Story Arc" goes to..." Best Story Arc - Byblos Winner: Baltarok Trilogy (Zepher, CallMePie, WBD) with 6 votes Runner(s)-up: Wolfgang Arc (Sandy) with 2 votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 minutes of Lind and Throlar staring angrily at each other "This is pointless." "You're right." "The past is the past, and that can't be changed, especially if we dwell on past mistakes." "Changing and growing and improving is something that has been part of this game for years." "And that's why we're here tonight, to celebrate how much this this game, and you wonderful people, have improved over the years, and how much we hope you'll improve over the years to come." "So here's to you, and all the years that have passed, and to the hope that this little game of ours will continue for many more years, *cough* Despite what Sandy says. *cough*" "I might have something for that..." "Lind, now is not the time to talk about Heroica GAtS" Nerwen and Karie return to the stage. "Hello boys, glad to see you two straightened things out, but we really have a show to finish." "Well we figured we might close things down." "Oh sweetie, Karie and I did not just spend these past few hours putting this show together on the fly and not do the finale. Now how about you and Throlar go have a seat down front?" "But..." The pair receive an icy glare from the two minstrels and decide it's better to comply. *To the tune of Les Misérables's "One Day More"* "One quest more, Another quest another destiny. This never-ending road to become OP These guys who seem to know my past Will surely learn the truth at last! One quest more." "I was broke before I joined Where would I be without my hubby? "One quest more." "Why are certain groups always rejoined? What happened to good company?" "One quest more!" "One more quest till my next job class, It'll make me so OP! I will join the high tiered heroes. They'll rejoice so jovially! "One quest to a brand new weapon!" "Raise those expectations high!" "Find a buddy to vote for king!" "Go destroy a powerful ring!" "There's some new loot for the victors!" "There's some new gold to be won!" "Do you hear the heroes sing?" "My place is here! I fight, with you!" "One quest more!" "Throw a potion here, Catch them as they fall! Never know your luck, when there's a PvP!" "Tomorrow we'll be far away Unless the Sign Ups are delayed! "Tomorrow we'll discover what our wily Quest Master has in store. One more job One more day One quest more!" "Good night, Eubric!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On behalf of the Henrys Planning Committee: Thank you, thank you, thank you. A lot of work went into this event to make it better and even more memorable than last time. There are so many people to thank, from those of you who wrote speeches, to those who organized, to those who offered needed criticism, to everyone who voted, to Sandy, and of course to all of you who have made this game possible over the years. The Henrys will hopefully become an annual event to cut back on the humongous number of quests we had to go through. For those of you who won an award we have a special reward for you down below that can be added to one of your characters inventory. Thanks again and may the next few years be even better than the past ones. - WBD, Zepher, Flipz, & Endgame Henry Award - (Can be sold for 200 Gold or to give +1 HP or +1 Power to a character, Consumable, Soul-bound)
  5. Waterbrick Down

    Henrys Announcement Topic

    "Hello Heroica RPG! It is good to be back after all these years. Have we got a show for you, bigger and better than ever before! In two weeks we are proud to present the 2nd quasi-annual Henrys! A night filled with fun, excitement, and appreciation for all those who have participated in this game over the years. We promise you celebrity hosts, special guests, in game awards, touching tributes, comedy, tragedy, special effects, and a guarantee that our program will be Wanye Kest free!" "This year's nomination categories are!" Player Group Best Role-player Best Strategist Best PC Figure Most Original Character Most Badass Character Most Humorous Character Most Optimized Character Most Likely Character to become a Veteran Most Powerful Relationship (Romantic, PC's or NPC's) Most Powerful Relationship (Antagonistic, PC's or NPC's) Most Powerful Relationship (Platonic, PC's, or NPC's) Most Memorable Party Most Humorous Moment Most Sad Moment Most WTF Moment Most Memorable Moment QM Group Best Scenery/Photography Best NPC Figure Best Game Mechanic Best Battle Best Item Best Friendly NPC Best Villainous NPC Best Plot Twist Best Single Quest Best Story Arc "We hope to hear from all of you soon and want to thank you for making the past few years such a wonderful experience! See you in two weeks!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please send in your nominations for each category by PM to Waterbrick Down by no later than 9/2. Use this thread for any further questions concerning the Henrys or simply to reminisce. FAQ: Am I allowed to vote for myself? Yes Are the relationship categories restricted to PC's? No, they can include any combination of PC's and/or NPC's What Quests/Events/Characters/Etc. are considered eligible? All events proceeding and including Quest 56 are eligible Can I vote for the same character in multiple categories? Yes Do I need to vote for every category? No, but there's plenty of time to go back and catch up on old quests
  6. “Hi there, you must be here for Heroica RPG’s first Henry Awards. I hear the ceremony is about to start soon, so you’d best get inside!” *Fireworks* *AC/DC begins to play in the background* “Ouch. Stark said this was easy.” “Ah, that is better” “Cronk would like to welcome audience to the first ever Heroica Awards. It seems like only yesterday that brash young adventurers came knocking on door of Hall. There have been ups and downs but Cronk thinks every being will agree that a good time was had by all.” Please roll highlight reel now, Mr. Awards Producer. That name too long. Cronk will call producer... Zeph. ...What’s that? It seems highlight reel was not in show’s budget. Hmmm... Cronk will describe then. What being could forget the first quests by a handful of eager rookies? Parties got lost in mazes, tried to talk to warehouse guard dogs, and battled vast quantities of furniture. Good times. But heroes have since been all over known world. To the far shores of Salamanda, where heroes had to make unicorn undead and sell little boys to witches. To the sands of Dastan, where a young mage made all of Heroica proud by eating an unarmed prisoner. From starting wars before heroes properly do research to breaking out from Arena ruled by crazy witch, it’s been a wild ride. And one that heroes are quite happy to have opportunity to have. Okay. First section of awards, as other producer called WBD, tells Cronk is about things called “QMs” and “NPCs”. Sounds like lots of letters to Cronk but Cronk is told such things are vital to questing. Apparently, quests not exist without “QMs”. And what is quest without beings to save or enemies to bash? There have been many such things throughout Heroica’s history and many are fondly remembered. To start off Awards, Cronk would like to introduce Count Lewis of Lion Knights. Seems like nice fellow to Cronk. Please applaud for Count. "With any quest comes the task of documenting it to be remembered and learned from, and part of that task is the creation of paintings and scale models to commemorate the quest. This is easier said than done, as it takes no small amount of skill to craft accurate and pleasing representations of the events of a quest. There is a myriad of techniques used by the craftsmen commissioned to paint and sculpt these commemorative pieces that most of us cannot hope to understand, from 'SNOT' to 'forced-perspective' to 'Photoshop' to strange machines called 'cameras' that look like something fresh out of a Ji Pei workshop. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: that some of these artists are able to render impeccably the smallest details, light realistically the most complicated of models, blend masterfully the most subtle colors of paints and never fail to stop experimenting with the most unusual of techniques to rise above the rest. These creators of paintings and sculptures of majesty worthy of honoring the acts of Heroes are the winners of the Heroica Awards for the category of Best Scenery/Photography, and they are... Best Scenery/Photography Winner: Brickdoctor with 12 votes for all of his quests Runners-up: Sandy with 5 votes for Quest 44 & Etzel with 3 votes for Quest 49 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Well now, well now, it is quite an honor to be here with all you fine folks. I was just working on another brilliant invention when I got the invitation to host one of these here awards. I figured now would be a good time to check up on you Heroica chaps. Has anyone seen that Nord fellow around lately? Ah well, never mind, on to business. Now there’s been quite a bit happening with your organization and that’s all thanks to some really smart people. It takes a lot to keep an organization such as this one on its toes with new surprises and twists and turns. One of the most memorable challenges involved a lot of people running every which way trying to keep from tripping over their own feet as they faced off hordes of enemies. Additionally there’s one member of your organization who seems particularly bright at keep you all at tip top shape with new challenges and puzzles a plenty. So without further ado, the winners of the best game (as if this were all some sort of game) mechanic are... Best Game Mechanic, Battle, Puzzle, etc… Winners: Brickdoctor, JimBee, & Zepher with 5 votes for the Final Battle of Dastan & Sandy with 5 votes for his many unique game mechanics and the continuous battle of Quest 50 Runners-up: Brickdoctor with 4 votes for the Hexagon Battle mechanic & Waterbrick Down with 4 votes for puzzles and new mechanics & Etzel with 2 votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Throughout their quests, heroes pick up many shinies. Many quests introduce new weapons, artifacts, and consumables that the heroes can use to defeat evil easier. The Treasury in Eubric Freeport has record of all of these, but which are the best of the best? A new pair of gloves for those guys with the big shields? A weapon of chaos that can transform into anything the user desires? Or maybe a ballerina's shoes, suitable for even the gruffest of warriors? Without further ado, the best shinies in Heroica are... Best Item: Winners: Zepher with 2 votes for Dancing Shoes & Waterbrick Down with 2 votes for Lamp of Summoning & Xarrzan with 2 votes for Counterstrike Gloves & Sandy with 2 votes for Pheles Rod & Zepher weith 2 votes for Zoot’s Plaything ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Welcome, welcome one and all! Welcome to this amazing fall! An amazing fall because awards are raining from the sky!” *Spins in a few circles, throws bells into the air that rain down around, ringing all at the same time. Feet start tapping to a nice beat* “And with that intro I say hi.” *Smiles friendlily* “I have been given the GREAT honor of presenting to you, all of whom probably knew,…” there is a short pause before saying “the Best Friendly NPC award!” *More bells and some whistles fly from Singerson’s pockets, the spinning continues* “I can definitely afford, to take a look at this envelope. Oh me, oh my, we might even cry. These individuals truly deserve this auspicious honor. The first place winner is a character indeed. He can provide you with much fish feed. But if you’re interested in something illicit, stop on by his stall and you he sure will solicit. We have a tie for second place, such a shame to lose the race. This first young lady is a rising star! If you get in the way she will throw you far. She doesn’t stand for any rowdiness and if you are in her good graces than it sure is bliss. This next little fellow may be born a runt, but his explosives aren’t some small stunt! He doesn’t mind your leftovers and to be his friend you don’t need a four leaf clover. It’s time! It’s time! I would usually rhyme but I have been delegated to say the following words. And…the winners are…” Best Friendly NPC: Winner: Gurnam with 8 votes Runners-up: Patricia Cousland with 2 votes & Punii with 2 votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, howdy there folks! Looks like it's time for me to present. I promise, I'm not going to blow the stage up, while I'm on at it least. Ha ha ha! Well, I've never been much of a talker when it comes down to it, but these winners are some great ladies who have really challenged some heroes of Heroica, and that's where all the fun is at anyway, isn't it? So, here we go!" Best Villainous NPC: Winner: Wren with 11 votes Runner-up: Violetta with 3 votes SPECIAL AWARD: The Best Good/Bad: Jules (Received one vote for best friendly NPC, and one for best Villainous NPC) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Takes a theatrical bow as shadowy hands - of dead Proggs, most likely - momentarily emerge from the floor and applaud him* "Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Some of you may be a bit confused - why am I presenting an award at the Heroica awards ceremony? Don't I hate most of you with a burning passion? The answer to that question is, indeed, yes. Which is actually why am I here, believe it or not. It is my pleasure to be able to announce the victors of the Best (Game Mechanic) Villainous NPC. There are some foes that are tough, some that hit hard and can take a beating without breaking a sweat. There are enemies who heal, swindle, cast spells and breathe fire... However. There are those who rise above these enemies in pure ingenuity, thrashing the heroes before them with grace and dignity. These baddies provided unique fighting experiences... Shame, considering they're all dead. Maybe I should fix hat if I get some spare time. Anyway, as you verminous humanoids may have deduced, it is my pleasure to announce this award to remind you all of some of the more trickier foes your organization has encountered. Remember, heroes, there is always a bigger fish in the pond, just waiting for its chance to strike... Now then, I believe that it is quite nearly time for me to quit ranting and open up the results. It was my honor to know the people whose names are inscribed in this envelope. However, most of you heroes actually know them - practically all of you hate them - and one of them has even been fought twice! The winners ARE..." Best (Game Mechanic) Villainous NPC: Winners: Aquos with 3 votes & Death Progg with 3 votes Runners-up: Mirror Heroes with 2 votes & Slim Yscum with 2 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I am here to present the winners for the Best Story category. Stories are, after all, mirrors to our own lives, journeys to our inner consciousnesses. The most interesting stories are not the ones about the battle between good and evil, but the ones that cover the entire spectrum of life. We all have our accomplishments and our regrets, as told in the best of stories. The winners of this category were all stories like that, full of moral conflict and intrigue, touching upon a multitude of lives. The events told in these stories do not only shape history but also touch us on a personal level. The winners are... Best Story: Winner: The Wren Saga with 5 votes (Additionally in the Wren Saga, but not counted for the tally: Quest 7 got 1 vote, Quest 19 got 1 vote, Quest 38 got 2 votes) Runners-up: The Dastan Trilogy with 4 votes & Quest 44 with 3 votes (Additionally: The over-all fate of Uland got 1 vote) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello again friends. Aren’t awards fun? Beings get shiny statues and people applaud. Makes Cronk happy. Anywho, it is now time for second part of Heroica Awards. Producer Zeph tells Cronk that these awards are for “PCs”. Zeph explain to Cronk that “PCs” are another word for heroes! Imagine that. Cronk has many friends that are heroes and deserving of shiny awards. Cronk hopes that Cronk’s friends shall win awards. To start off categories, Cronk would like to introduce Captain Illdria of the Magpie. Captain seems to be tough but fair woman, a fitting sea captain. Please applaud for Captain! “Greetings to everyone, heroes or…otherwise. Now, this award’s not just all about the history behind the hero. It’s not about all the tragedy or badassery. It’s all about the hike, from home, to Heroica, to wherever you might’ve been the past year, the people you’ve met, the things you’ve done, how you’ve done them. Some of you like to be the absolute best hero you can be, while others…eh, well, we won’t judge you. Anyway, this award is going to the paragons of superior stories, to those whose development’s been the most noteworthy among heroes. They're both the righteous warriors you'd expect from Heroica, but funnily enough, I can't imagine them being any more unlike the other...these two people are…. Best Role-player: Winner: Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) with 6 votes Runner-up: Cronk (CorneliusMurdock) with 4 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well then. Hello everyone. Nice day isn't it - as long as none of you brutes start a brawl. Anyways, I whizzed over here to this nice place to talk about the best of you heroes. True, everyone can buy a bedroll and an upgrade to their weapon - but who has figured out the best combinations in order to optimize their fighting strategy?" "I'd like to say something about a noble hero, a brave one. A silent warrior, he bravely launches arrows at his numerous foes, and even punches them with his powerful fists... All while cowering behind a nigh- impervious hunk of expensive metal. I don't think he's ever gotten a scratch even... Also I know of another hero that deserves mention, I must say he has had a different strategy. By building up his immune system - er, his collection of artifacts, he feels incredibly safe against most negative effects. That and his powerful weapon make him an impressive fighter. But I can't say much about his attitude - echs, it stinks!" "Anyways, I'm talking too much. Right right, the winners are... Best Character Optimizer: Winner: Bartholomew Docken (Brickdoctor) with 14 votes Runner-up: Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) with 3 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Greetings heroes of Heroica! It is I, Hlin Horrkkba, here to add some much needed derring do and panache to these awards! The award I have been asked to present today is in the category of Best Strategist. Now I know I am not eligible for this award, which is lucky as I am sure I would have run away with the voting, but I know what makes a good strategist, being one myself. I can reveal that the winner is a master at carefully analysing their opponents, in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as bringing out the best in their own party by seeing which artifacts are best suited to both the hero and the current strategy. I am proud to announce the winners, who are... Best Strategist: Winner: Arthur Justus Regulus VII (Flipz) with 7 votes Runners-up: Barholomew Docken (Brickdoctor) with 4 votes & Sylph Solanum (Dannylonglegs) with 4 votes & Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight) with 2 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Well I must say, I certainly wasn’t expectin’ to be considered one of the most friendliest chaps to you folks, guess I’ll have to work on that. Now when it comes to heroes ya have those of ya who are yer hoity toity goodie two shoes, and then there’s the chaps who as soon as they walk into the tavern or pub ya just know there’s goin’ be an ol’ fashioned brawl. They’re the chaps that punch first and ask questions second, the chaps that get stuff done no matter how messy or painful the job. This category was a close race fer sure, one contestant a sailor of the seven seas, a rogue after my own heart, if I had heart that is. The next contestant another rogue with a past shrouded in many a tale of mystery and adventure; he prefers his purse full, his dagger sharp, his enemies dead, and his wine excellent. The last contestant is no stranger to the halls of Heroica, she’s been here since the beginnin’ and I don’t know about you, but even I’d prefer to keep my skin from catchin’ on fire due to this fiery individual. So here we go, the winners of the most bad-megablocks hero are none other than… Most Bad-megablocks Hero: Winner: Atramor Gibbin (CallMePie) with 7 votes Runners-up: Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) with 6 votes & Nyx (Pandora) with 3 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “What makes people interesting? It's when you can see from the first glance that they've got a good story to tell. They stand out in the crowd, make heads turn, and get talked about even after they've gone. It's my pleasure to present to you the winners of the Most Original Character category. You only have to look at each of them to see all the possible stories they hold. You feel drawn to these characters, wishing to know more and more about them, and that is what makes them truly original. And the winners are... Most Original Character: Winner: Skrall (Waterbrick Down) with 5 votes Runners-up: De'kra (Tanma) with 3 votes & Atramor Gibbin (CallMePie) with 2 votes & Cronk (Corneliusmurdock) with 2 votes & Stigveladi "Amma" Kötturin (Psykater) with 2 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hello ladies!" "And gentlemen!" "Especially ladies." "We have been chosen to present the reward for the Most Meaningful and/or Powerful Relationship! We are honored." "We definitely did not come here for the open bar and sufficient monetary reward." "Definitely. We have been chosen because of our inherent connection with Ennoc, naturally." "No doubt, even though we were kicked out of his Order after all our hard work, we feel no less. Now we just serve him in different ways." "Yes, and that is a powerful relationship!" "Let that be a lesson for all of you!" "How is that a lesson?" "Uhh, I am not sure, per se... I just always wanted to say that." "Let's just get to the awards." "Yes..." "The winners of the awards..." "Hang on, why do you get to say it?" "Oh look, there's two winners! Two winners everyone! Jacob, you go first." "The first winners of the Award for the Most Meaningful and/or Powerful Relationship is a pair that... Oh god, Age difference much? I am not sure that's legal. I'm pretty sure we should inform the temples." "I am not sure that is what they mean by powerful relationship..." "Hm, I just assumed, makes more sense why they picked us, I guess. Anyway, a younger girl, an older man, two jokers in a world full of grumpiness! Congratulations!" "The other winner is a pair of an old rogue and an even older Elf, only you can't see that, so good job! They had their run ins, but still stick around, congratulations to you both!" "The winners are… Winners: Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) and Nyx (Pandora) with 4 votes & Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) and Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight) with 4 votes Runners-up: Atramor Gibbin (CallMePie) and Nyx (Pandora) with 2 votes & Nyx (Pandora) and XX (Zepher) with 2 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Someone rushes onto stage* <Wait, it’s not over yet. One of the best parts of going out on adventures are all the great people and frogs that you get to meet! Some of those people end up getting along really well! Those people become friends! Also, sometimes, you meet people who you disagree with, and they make you sweat a little and worry! These people become your person antagonists! A good fun party has some friends and some enemies! So, without further adieu, the parties that we liked watching the most!> Best Party Dynamic: Winner: Quest 28: The Breakthrough (Bartholomew Docken, Lord Lawrence Boomingham, Haldor Skovgaard, Jess Islanti, En Sabah Nur) with 6 votes Runner-up: Quest 33: Wanted Violetta Cat Burglar (Althior Emorith, Alexis Fenral, Benji Carvenhall) with 2 votes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ *To the tune of “The Impossible Dream”* To Dream the Heroica Dream, To treat the QM like a foe, To loot more than realistically carried, To run where NPCs dare not go To right wrongs for piles of gold, To fell foe with bows from afar To bash when foe finally stops talking To drink free at Heroica’s bar This is friends’ quest to min/max friends’ build No matter the nerfing that might happen and will To defeat all the foes And then take all foes’ stuff To be willing to search for loopholes When enemy is too tough. And Cronk knows if all friends do these things And win battles galore That the loot and the levels friends gain Leave friends hungry for more And the world will be better for this That one Hall full of Heroes for hire Still quest like some bloodthirsty pirates To Loot and maybe set things on fire! “Cronk would like to thank all friends that make Heroica possible: the heroes, beings called... “players”, other beings called “QMs”, and most importantly the mythic founder of Eubric, the one called “Sandy”. Cronk would like to thank audience for being such great audience and Cronk wishes audience a truly good night.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A gigantic thank you to all of you who helped directly put this together; it couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you as well for all to all the players of Heroica RPG, it really is amazing to look back on all that has happened since the beginning of the game and the ways that each of you have contributed to make it such an utterly enjoyable experience!