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  1. Think they would do a UCS Supremacy? That would be a pretty cool build for 5000 pieces
  2. What to do with stud shooters

    Thanks! I was limited by the size and of the stud shooters and the color of the pieces I had on hand. I will make some bricklink orders to make some more for the rest of my battle packs.
  3. What to do with stud shooters

    Here are some I made
  4. What to do with stud shooters

    Also, how do I upload pictures? I did something and want to share
  5. [MOC][WIP] AT-M6 Plus Plus size

  6. What to do with stud shooters

    Hello everyone, I love buying battle packs but as of now, all the battle packs include stud shooters instead of normal blasters. They look rather unrealistic for army building and displays. Also, I don't want to waste time by bricklinking proper blasters every time. Also, I don't want to waste the stud shooters that come in the battle packs. So I added a few pieces to them to make them look like proper blasters. I will post pictures soon as soon as I figure out how to do it on eurobricks. I was also wondering if anyone does the same. If so please post your ideas. -Legoboy22
  7. [MOC] MC80 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

    About time someone else has done this ship! It is a great MOC, really love the engines and the hangar bays. Could you show it side by side with the ISD? Also, you could make a mini rebel fleet around it. Nice work!
  8. Hello pierre, This is single-handedly e best imperial fleet i have ever seen in lego to date. The super star destroyer is flawless with every little angle and detail perfect. The imperial star destroyers are impeccable and the impellor is unmatched by any other i have seen in lego. The acclamators are the cherry on the cake for this fleet. My only suggestion which i am sure you will do later is to position the smaller star destroyers on clear stands in a fleet formation. Now whe are those pesky rebels who dare defy this power xD. Im sorry for the gushing but it impossible not to do that on this build Brick on! -Legoboy22
  9. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    How about a UCS hammerhead corvette or a UCS mc 75 cruiser. The mc75 was the flagship of admiral raddus in the battle of scarif. It looks like an interesting build
  10. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    What is with the bridge of that star destroyer? Why is it so oversized? Nice collection though
  11. Our FIRST ever MOC- Police Station Modular *UPDATED*

    Thanks for taking my suggestion! It looks even better than it did before. I would say its perfect and blends even better with the buildings surrounding it. Nice job again! I really hope to see more of your MOCs in the future
  12. I guess I'm a little biased toward the HE seeing as I am French and my favorite train is the TGV. I was so thrilled I see a Lego rendition. I have always liked steam and diesel trains but my true favorite trains are the high speed bullet trains
  13. Lego train random controlled by Arduino 2.0

    Very nice and intricate! Also I have always enjoyed your youtube channel. Brick on!
  14. Hi everyone, I have always wondered why the horizon express TGV has not been as well appreciated as the emerald night or maersk. In my oponion the HE is the best one of the creator expert trains. 2nd is the emerald night ans lastly the maersk. The HE has complex building techniques, small details, rare colors and small pieces. It is a fine train and looks nice and sleek. It is a wonderful train and i am very pleased to have it. -legoboy22
  15. Lego Ambulance Plane MOD

    Thanks, are you able to see the helicopter? Or is it not possible