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Found 14 results

  1. My brother built this two-story building originally for his town hall on a whim. He never liked it and was going to scrap it, until I convinced him to sell it to me for $30 instead. When my brother owned it, it was completely empty and without any real roof like it now has. However, it originally did have a huge 6x6 clock dish where the dollar sign now is. (He kept that part, but I don't mind) I've turned it into a neo-classical style bank, styled after the town hall from the Back to the Future films. The dollar sign piece was reverse-engineered from Brick City Depot pictures of their bank. The building is replacing my 2011-vintage Gringotts bank MOD, based on part of set 10217. (Diagon Alley) The blank rear wall. There are supposed to be 13,800 "dollars" in the vault in 100 dollar notes. As to what's in the chest: it might be the Holy Grail... or Jimmy Hoffa's body. No-body knows! The printed vault door from "the Incredibles" series of sets is in there, but not visible in this shot. I have four teller windows (two on left, two on right) to the model's first floor. There is also a Bank truck coming eventually. Comments, questions, or suggestions welcome!
  2. Hello there, it's been pretty quiet huh? So, in 2016 I neglected getting some of the BIONICLE sets then, for a number of reasons, and I was recently looking into rectifying that on eBay and Bricklink. I found that- more than the 2015 sets and even years prior to that- the prices for the 2016 figures are ridiculous. Like, even used figures I see at $40-50 regularly, and the only decently priced ones are bootlegs from China . Don't even get me started on the mint ones. So... what gives? Why are people asking so much for these figures in particular? Ah well, thank you and have a good one!
  3. This model is revamped version of set 41134 (Heartlake Performance School) with parts of set 10217 (Diagon Alley) and a heavily modified version of the truck from set 75972 (Dorado Showdown) thrown together to make this classical styled bank. The time-frame is set in the mid to late Roaring Twenties, when gangsters like Al Capone ruled Chicago's speakeasies and bank robbers such as Bonnie & Clyde ran rampant across the USA. (Of course, the law was always at their heels, and eventually justice was served.) This is the fourth version, which is set to replace my Gringotts bank model, which has become a sore spot on my layout as it's just too small. As before, this bank features a fancy entrance with Greek columns going up and creating a balcony on the second and third floors. The model features a detailed interior, and is open-able like a dollhouse to provide access to the inside. Also, the black 1 x 4 brick above the front door should have this BANK print on it. The rear of the bank has a second story fireplace flue. The model is open-able like a dollhouse to provide access to the inside, as you can see by the hinges on this side. Inside the front half and on the lower floor, we have two tellers desk with spots for four customers total. The upper floor features counting desks, along with half of the the money-filled vault. The lower floor on the back half features a staircase to the upper floor, a controlled access point to the behind-the-scenes part of the bank and the bank managers desk. The upper floor features the other half of the vault with the rest of the $14,800 in hundred dollar bills. (I transferred all the green bricks into 1x2 plates, then times by 100 to get that number.) This model was partially inspired by 2019 Overwatch set 75972 (Dorado Shwodown) which I reverse engineered from a picture last week into the front half of the truck seen here. The rear of the truck. The rear double-doors open to stash valuables, the roof section comes off, and the driving compartment seats one mini-figure. Thank you for looking at these models. Any comments, be they helpful, quizzical, or critical are welcome at any time. Thanks again for reading!
  4. de-marco

    [MOC] Armored Truck

    Armored Truck building instructions Part list
  5. This bank was originally designed for the Western theme as a two story open-backed model. I then decided it would look better as a regular town model and thus I added a rear half and third floor. The model opens like a dollhouse on a hinge, and locks shut on a Technic pin, just like most of my buildings. The more modern-looking truck model is a modified version of the 2014 set 76015, Doc Ock Truck Heist, with the bulk of the changes inspired by Flickr user eurotrash48903, or Eurotrash as he is known he on EurobBricks. The truck is already built in real life, but it is included in the LDD file as well. When the building is built in real life as well, I will update this thread with pictures of it in real bricks instead of in digital screenshots. The bank should feature printed 1 x 1 letter tiles in various spots: the top of the building below the clock should say "1892" while just above the front door should be the word "BANK". Inside the building on the lower floor is the three teller windows and loan officers desk. The middle floor features three counting tables and tow vaults. (those vaults are the same as the one in set 10217, Diagon Alley) The upper floor features the bank manager's office with filing cabinets and three chairs. The rear of the building. This truck was inspired by Eurotrash and his own MOD of the set to be 7 wide. I didn't change it quite as much as him, but I did follow his lead in several spot, such as shortening the frame by 2 studs and getting rid of the ridiculously over-sized original wheels. The roof and front have been strengthened and a door added to the rear, as their was none before. One mini-figure can sit in the drivers seat. The LDD file for the both bank and truck is included in this link here. As usual, comments, questions and complaints are welcome.
  6. Eslandola funds the construction and licensing of properties, ships and fortresses. Please claim your rewards in this thread: Type: Property / Ship / Fortress Size: Small / Medium / Large / Royal / Prospecting / Mine / Ship Class X Licensed by: noone / myself / Eslandola / xxxx Claimed Reward: XXX DBs from January 17th, 617 AE to April 17th, 617 AE - 15 Dubloons for every small property - 30 Dubloons for every medium property - 50 Dubloons for every large property - 500 Dubloons for every royal property (only 150 Dubloons for private palaces) - 15 Dubloons for prospecting - 20 Dubloons for setting up any mine from January 17th, 617 AE to April 17th, 617 AE: - 10 Dubloons for ships rated class 0 or class 1 - 25 Dubloons for ships rated class 2 - 45 Dubloons for ships rated class 3, or 80 Dubloons if sold to Eslandola - 75 Dubloons for ships rated class 4, or 150 Dubloons if sold to Eslandola - 100 Dubloons for ships rated class 5 or higher, or 200 Dubloons if sold to Eslandola Transferred so far: Property - Royal - Elostirion - 500 DBs (Cotton Island, Salida Este) Property - Royal - Elostirion - 500 DBs (Lion Hall, Montario)
  7. According to this article, Lego a better investment than gold Do you buy sets as an investment? Personally, I have CMF sealed bags from early series and I'm planning to sell them after the theme is discontinued But after reading this, I'm considering buying some sets The Force Awakens line and The LEGO Movie theme sound like a good options Same with the Ghostbusters set
  8. Office machine? I am not sure that's proper title. I am not English native. Maybe government or department machine? Maybe something else? Check out description and photos and tell me what would be better. Anyway it is hidden behind a puppet mindlessly obeying orders. Manipulated puppet doesn't even know that he is performing acts of evil. He is the link in the system, it's integral part. Getting his hands on the all kinds of goods and passes them to his soulless master. Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Office machine Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  9. Still not knowing my full way around Bricklink, I'm confused as to how I know/calculate the full costs of a set with everything like shipping included without going up to nearly buy the set. Any help here please?
  10. Murdoch17

    Bank & Money Transfer - 3661 MOD

    This building (originally set #3661, Bank & money Transfer) now has a rear staircase and a hinge like in Medieval Market Village. The rear of the model contains a water cooler on the first floor, (with a neat cup dispenser trick) stairs to the upper level, and a expanded Vault on the second story. Also, the skylight has been moved to the rear roof and it does not open anymore. The front section contains nearly the same components as the original set. The first floor has a non-break-away ATM , desk, waiting area, and sorting tray for packages, while the second story contains the entrance to the Bank vault. Here is the outside of the bank. (front view) I added a new rear to the building, something the original model was severely lacking. (The pin is for the hole in the sides opposite the hinge, it keeps the building closed when you want it to be.) The interior of the model. I especially like the cup dispenser on the water cooler. This Bank model will look nice next door to the upcoming CREATOR set #31026, (Cafe & Bike Shop) wouldn't you say? LDD file for the Bank MOD: http://www.mocpages....1397074788m.lxf Comments, questions, & complaints welcome!
  11. This is my first time to do an MOC modular building, and it is a chance for me to put my profession into practice in the brick city! (I am working as an architect) There is still a lot of room for improvement and detail refinement, but at least the basic shape is all here. Yes, this is a bank, the Lego Bank of the Golden Scorpion. Finally, the Lego citizens can get their money here for shopping at the Grand Emporium and watching movies at the Palace Cinema! And yes, finally my street is starting to look different than the others! Overall view, the workers are cleaning up the place and preparing to get off work... The main entrance has two doors, left and right, separated by a little pond. The middle fountain is a mushroom jet, and water at the entrance? It is all about feng shui! (in Chinese feng shui, flowing water means money!) The front elevation is decorated with a lot of golden pieces, and the scorpion logo is right there too. It has a golden and silver on its left and right sides respectively, symbolizing trading and monetary matters. Let's talk a look at the first floor. Instead of making the whole floor removable, I retain the front facade of the 1st floor to the G/F, as a little test to see if this section cut is more useful or interesting... G/F . Basic Services (card return, passbook check, ATM, appointment booking...) The ground floor has a small counter for some basic and easy services. A guard is at the door, while you can see the ATM on the left. On the right is a lift to other floors, and it is a bubble lift! (glass lift) Another angle of the floor. A staff is handing a new credit card to the client... Let's have a ride on the lift to the next floor! 1/F Bank Vault The bank vault storing the most valuable things is located on the 1st floor. Today some green money cases are delivered and a staff is watching. Well, sounds like there are enough gold bars to buy the new Lone Ranger Lego sets coming this summer! 2/F Premium / Advance Services The topmost floor is for advance banking services, where you can find a bigger counter (I should put more staff in). The table on the left allows customers to talk to staff on more serious matters like setting up new accounts, insurance policies or getting more information on new saving plans. There are also seats for customers to wait during busy hours. Another angle. The call button of the lift is not on the wall but on a pedestal. This guy at the counter is taking out quite some money from his account! There is nothing on the roof for security reasons. You know people can go to another building from one roof to another in the modular building series, right? It is too easy! So here, there is nothing but a roof with security wire beneath. There is a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) machine but again, it is well secured with alarm system linked to the police station. I guess the crooks cannot get into this bank that easy like in the set 3661! Here is what it is like to be next to the Town Hall! :) Oh, the money transport truck has just arrived! Hope you enjoy it! The bank starts running this Monday! Thanks!
  12. I just wanted to compare the price in for different regions. Poland: 799 PLN ~= 250 USD ~= 188.45 EUR
  13. deltarex101

    The Goodness of Lego-like products

    I have been a collector of lego from 2008 then on March 2012 ( summer break ) I made a interesting discovery First. I was just then surfing the net for some cool lego creation when suddenly a huge file of lego-like products began to appear which for me is just a low quality plastic dangerously selling in the market, but at that time I was very curious at the military section I discovered they have many sets that was cheap and very interesting design. And so I began my Adventure to the "underworld" of the legoworld and so I went to the flea market and purchase a few of them. the company's name 1. KAZI 2. Enligthen and so I was not so surprised about the condition of the Kazi set that proves to be a JUNK but to the enlighten set it was near to lego like 80-90% that have some little troubles like there copying of lego sets ( ferrari I even bought it ) and so this continued my "hobby" of purchasing the best of them and using their designs I would use them to create my own version and then I discovered a trouble between the two the real fake lego's and the hard working fake lego's Real Fake legos - this guys are the real trouble maker their the ones who are destroying Lego and the company sets and making a fortune in their hidden scam the example of these are ( Kazi, Ligo, some I cannot understand chinese logos) Hard working fake legos - well this guys main motive is 1. Get rich 2. Give the best quality like 80-90% of the bricks there are few in the market that you can really depend on and most of their sets have still mishaps but still you can use them on your lego bricks ex. ( Enlighten, Star Diamond etc..) these two have been tested by me and I found that they have okay/ good quality but still lego has still the best bricks out there Now I have told my story on how I have been participating on these "knock-offs " sets.Now I have gathered a good and bad points to the use of these bricks: Bad 1. They have low QUALITY AND THEY WILL CHEAT ON YOU AND FAKE YOU!!! 2. They can be Dangerous for the Health 3. You will waste some good earned money and get some bad quality plastic Good 1. The third-world kids can have own lego-like bricks 2. You can find pieces that are rare to those who can't afford the set or on bricklink 3. There good for displaying 4. They (good company) can be use on lego too Plz could you tell me about the ideas on your mind about the knock-offs and tell me did you like it or not about the sets that you bought. Cheers!!! :laugh: :sweet: Pictures: