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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone heard if were getting another fairground set for 2016? The first 2, the Fairground Mixer and the Ferris Wheel were very nice sets and seemed like they were planning to do these annually. Any rumors?
  2. R0Sch

    10303 Loop Coaster

    According to Promobricks, the new Fairground Collection set will be 10303: Loop Coaster, a giant roller coaster with a double looping and track segment elevator consisting of 3 coaster wagons that run on yellow bright light orange track. Also included are a hot dog stand, a pretzel stand, a clown with bike-stand selling balloons, a bench for minifigures to rest on and an amusement park plan. The elevator is operated manually, but the set is "Ready for Powered Up" and can be fitted with a battery box (88015) + motor (88013), similar to 10261. Set number: 10303 Set name: Loop Coaster Pieces: 3756 Release Date: July 1st 2022 Price: 359.99 Euro 399.99 € / $ (PPP 10.6 Cent) Nr. of minifigures: 11 (7 visitors, 3 vendors, 1 coaster operator) Size: W=85cm, H=92cm, D=34cm
  3. Octopus fairground ride, with lorry to transport the ride.The lorry features 4 wheel steering. The cars have fold down front like the real ride to allow for easy boarding. Uses two motors to provide the counter rotating motion. Each motor can be individually controlled to provide a variation in motion. Measures 60 cm diameter when setup. Video available here Instructions avaliable at More pictures at
  4. Here is my review on the latest people pack: THE GOOD: Rubber duck! Excellent accessories! Ordered a bunch from brick & pieces already. All attractions are functional despite being small. The MULLET! hair piece! Lots of new torso designs! New printed pieces!!! THE NOT SO GOOD: Slightly over priced. $10 cheaper would be nice. Still have printing issue on dark colour for one of the torso =( Overall, I think it's an excellent people pack. So many new elements with this pack. (The ducks, new torso and new printed pieces) Great to see some new colours of hair and the return of the mullet. What impressed me though is that all small builds are functional attractions. Love how the hammer game is designed and built. The only issue is this set does not come cheap. I would love to get multiples of this set but the price is high in that case so will have to wait until clearance for that to happen. However, I still recommend you get hold on one because this is a great set.
  5. Hi there, I have always wanted to purchase the original Grand Carousel, but missed out on it the first time and was not willing to spend thousands of dollars to got a hold of it aftermarket. I was so happy when they announced the new 2017 Carousel. I think it surpasses the original in almost every way. The one thing I felt that was lacking was the sound brick. After assembling the new 2017 Carousel and motorizing it, I went about seeing how I can add the sound brick. Bricklink is selling this one piece for between $200 CDN and $650 CDN! There was no way I could afford it. Luckily I found an ebay seller from Korea selling these for $25 US plus shipping. These look to be official Lego bricks but probably reprogrammed. I ordered one and it arrived 3 weeks later (South Korea to Canada). I added just 2 additional parts to automate the sound so that it would automatically turn on when the motor is activated. The sound plays for just under 2 revolution. After the first revolution, the trigger is hit, but the sound brick does not stop. After the second revolution the sound bite ends and there is about a second delay before the trigger is hit again, starting the music up once more. This results in continuous music with about a 1 sec gap every 2 revolutions as long as the motor is running. Overall I'm very happy with this enhancement. I thought I would share in case others are interested in doing the same. Here is a link to the ebay item: Here is a video of the sound brick added to the carousel: Here are the additional pieces I added to automate it: finally, here are the pieces assembled. You can see the yellow cylindar activates the sound brick every revolution. I chose this solution after many variations because it's a round piece hitting a round piece, which should minimize the wear. Additionally, it's only 2 additional pieces. If you have any suggestions on improving the activation, please leave a comment. I hope you find this useful. Thanks!
  6. Brick Rides UK

    Hello I'm Brick Rides UK

    Hello, I'm Brick Rides UK. I'm a massive fan of Lego and love building functioning fairground rides from Lego. Please visit my website, facebook and youtube for more of my creations. Website - Facebook - Youtube - Brick Rides UK Youtube Trailer
  7. (Long time lurker, first-time poster here, so be gentle :) As a great lover of the fairground/ theme parks, I was pretty disappointed last year when we didn't get a Creator Expert Fairground set. I decided to take matters into my own hands and set about designing some rides of my own. I present to you; the Swing Carousel and the Drop Tower! (apologies if these photos are too large; I am nowhere near technically skilled enough to choose sizes myself :) Both rides function exactly like their real life counterparts - in the Chair-O-Planes' case, via lots of gearing and a drive wheel, and in the Drop Tower's case, by a large conveyor belt running up the centre. Here are some videos of them in action: I think that's all I'll say on their design and just let the pictures do the talking. Both rides are on Lego Ideas, and you can find their project pages (with a couple extra pictures) here: Swing Carousel Drop Tower Any and all support would be hugely appreciated (I know 10,000 is pretty unlikely, but it's worth a shot :) Please feel free to give any feedback and constructive criticism - I'm always looking for help and advice on how to improve my MOCing skills. Thanks for looking!
  8. Terrasher

    Motorizing Fairground Sets

    Hi, I don't own any of the fairground sets, but I'll be adding a couple to my collection pretty soon and want to motorize them. I own the power functions battery boxes that are better suited for Technic sets. Is there a difference between this battery box and the system one that shows up in the new Rollercoaster video? I don't know if the speed of the motors will be different depending on what battery box is used.
  9. Since Lego have kinda gone quiet on the Fairground rides, I've been busy! I'd long since decided that I wanted some dodgems in my funfair to accompany my Carousel, Ferris Wheel & Mixer, so about a year ago a started doing some research. My favourite "existing" set was one on Ideas. So rather cheekily I contacted the designer, skcheung, and asked him for any advice, or tips. I liked what he had done but wanted to "bling" it up and redesign the mechanism to accommodate my own ideas. Anyway he helped immensely, I even asked him if, when finished, we as a team should re-submit my plans to IDEAS and share proceeds if we were fortunate enough to get over the line. Sadly the response put a rather large hole in any plans for Ideas, they are super unlikely to manufacture any design containing magnets as young kids have been known to swallow them... Anyway after about 6 months designing, 3 months collecting/buying parts and another 3 months tweaking once built, i finished. It shares the same footprint as the Carousel (something i am determined to be non-negotiable for all my funfair rides.) and uses the standard Power Functions battery pack, motor and polarity switch. My photo skills are a bit rubbish so there's a video at the end too. Once again a big thanks to SK Cheung - Without his advice I would not have made a set that I am as happy with, as I am playing with this :) Thanks for looking.... Now on to that GHOST TRAIN!!!
  10. Guzzisti

    Fairground Generator Truck [MOC]

    After buying the Ferris Wheel to go with the Fairground Mixer, I thought it'd be interesting to make a generator truck to power the rides. 2017-03-04_03-43-32 by fathomer1977, on Flickr 2017-03-04_03-41-46 by fathomer1977, on Flickr 2017-03-04_03-39-28 by fathomer1977, on Flickr Removing the 4X6 curved wedges on the top reveal the top of the battery compartment and top of the switch wires. The 2x2 grid is the power button. 2017-03-04_03-37-22 by fathomer1977, on Flickr A closer look at the internals: DSC_0018 by fathomer1977, on Flickr As you can see, it's a tight fit inside. DSC_0022 by fathomer1977, on Flickr The battery box is actually a major part of the frame and hinders easy access to change batteries. DSC_0026 by fathomer1977, on Flickr The wires are tucked under the body, hence the plate on the bottom DSC_0028 by fathomer1977, on Flickr My two problems: The contact points on the side pull off when disconnecting the wires to the rides. The bars which are for the operator to connect to the switch fall easily out. I haven't decided on a solution yet. Overall I'm really happy is that it looks like a basic City truck. I had tried using the larger battery box but couldn't make it look clean enough. The proportions work for the truck.
  11. Zusammengebaut

    [MOC] Bumper Cars (Dodgems) - Fairground

    Hello, in the last days, I build a new "ride" for my fairground: Bumper Cars. I was running out of some bricks, so I have to add more cars in the future. But I am happy with the build. And what do you think? Is there something missing? Have a great weekend Andres
  12. brickie

    'FROZEN' ride in Theme Park

    As part of 'Screamworld', this is the latest ride; FROZEN. The track comes out of the side up top and enters at the bottom. 'Let it go'
  13. Yooha

    Fairground Dodgems

    Seeing the new 10244 Fairground Mixer set made my excited, and the idea of an amusement park ride being mobile is brilliant. I thought it will be quite a challenge to continue what TLG started and design something similar. Here is what I came up with: Fairground dodgems The whole thing can be packed onto a truck and assemble on site. The two half of the building is attached using clips. As the total area covered is quite big, it has no floor- use it on flat surface! The Technic axles on top help the whole structure being more stable while traveling. With three cars and a ticket booth. The truck is basically the 3221 LEGO City Truck. I wanted to concentrate on the dodgems.
  14. Yooha

    MOC - Fairground accessories

    Hi to everyone, Since the press release of 10244 Fairground Mixer my love for amusement parks/fairgrounds flared up once again.I loved designing the rides and shops for Roller-coaster Tycoon, and now I want to continue that road somehow. The set gave a great idea of traveling fairground so I designed a movable dodgem ride, and then I planned to continue with some “accessories”. For inspiration I visited the usual market in my hometown. The town of Debrecen hosts the Saint Michael’s Day market twice a year, in May and in late September/early October. A few blocks of the town is a huge (some kms long) market at this weekend, where sellers of clothes/shoes/dishes/candies/you-name-it try to sell their goods. A small fairground is part of the fun too. The following, smaller “activities” are regularly seen in these market: Ice cream motorcycle (How the ice-cream section is connected to the motorcycle section) Candy floss stand Indian musicians These guys always appear at the market. I don’t know how many such group travels around Europe, or even the same people come back each year (twice), but their music is an integral part of the market, and I love to listen to them.