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  1. bitbamboo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Many thanks, and the shadow is actually a good way to see the difference under different lighting. Waiting for your review, but it should be horrible to keep me away of this beauty. I'm just missing the new clutch
  2. bitbamboo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    These fenders should had been made in two halves. They are just too big to be genreral-purpose. And for the rest, I read in promobricks gearbox and 4x4 with 3 diffs and independent suspension. Sounds pretty techical to me. Not a fan of the colour, but just need to wait for some discount as it is a great model Amazing 2H, not sure yet if I need to choose between the offroader and the Land Rover or Lego has played well to make me think that getting both is a better deal than just one.
  3. bitbamboo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    It is unavoidable to buy this, at least for me. It's just a matter of waiting for some discount. Not all future sets will have the new planetaries + clutch + joints. In cars as the 1H Porsche they would be nonsensical, so these pieces will come in pricey sets anyway. And even if you do not want the new control hub & motors (I'm not really understanding why not) the will be easy to sell in the aftermarket.
  4. bitbamboo

    [Video review] 10265 Ford Mustang

    Thanks for the review, excellent as usual. It's fun to see a Creator set review in the Technic forum but I think it makes a lot of sense. In the press release thread I have just posted that this set can be compared -favourably- to 42096 Technic Porsche, as the Porsche has barelly more technic functions than the Mustang. This set recalls me the complaints on the un-technification of the Technic line, not because Creator gets better which is something I like, but because it makes blatantly true that comment saying "42096 is a glorified 42077" (the blue car from 2018) Technic should forget the looks and focus on complexity, Sytem will allways beat us in looks. And, of course, I'll get the mustang. But not the porsche,;sourcing the new white panels would be enough.
  5. Awesome model, and after seeing many reviews, spectacular photos. Are they from Lego? IMHO this is better than this year's technic Porsche. Looks even better and almost the same number of functions; just lacks suspension...
  6. bitbamboo

    42100 - Still a toy?

    LOL But I am more in the toy bandwagon. For me it is entertainment in pieces, specially the new electronics I can feel guilty for expending so much in a non vital thing, as I would do with expensive clothing, restaurants or watches, but in my mind is money spending in having fun so, a toy. Regardless it surpasess my budget for that or not
  7. bitbamboo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Images should be searched elsewhere, as for example in instagram #legoleaks, but not in this forum I do not get why earlier in this forum the Car Transporter -truck was reported to be black or dark blue. Pics shows it is mainly red with some grey and white. Super excited with this one: It looks as a great platform (ha!) for selling pull-backs. I hope that camaro-blue is the same as 42077 and 42095 but who knows, it might be the muted one from the jet plane Similar with off-road color, the undercarriage seems red and the rest black/dgb and lbg with black wheel hubs, no orange/yellow in the pics. It is a must, in my opinion, as past 4x4 and buggys. If it is fun to drive it outdoors the price might not be a problem
  8. bitbamboo

    Minifig-scale technic builds

    42040 B model fits a minifig in the cockpit quite well, there is a pic linked in my brickset's review
  9. Really happy of seeing it done, and it flies! I thought on doing using the friend's one , because of the uncutted tip, but never ordered the parts to make a try. There are smaller "windsurf" sails in two sizes for that vertical tail, if you really want to, check "plastic triangle" in bricklink
  10. bitbamboo

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Many thanks @Cypr-21 for the un-stickered photos I see it in the same range as 42039 (white-green) and old racers (8145) and obviously Lego has decided that gearboxes are for the 1:8 luxury cars. For me the tipping point are the white curved 3x11 panels. Set price is a changing subject, it might go down as with 42077 (azure) reaching the under-100, but if that part become available at a reasonable price it might be unnecessary to get the whole car.
  11. bitbamboo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    For me it is a good year. There are a bunch of new parts and interesting recolors, even before seeing the inside of the sets. I am only mising the the new power functions but they might show up on the 2H Sure to get the Porsche and probably the Corvette. It looks that the Porsche has steering using the driver's wheel and an interesting interior in the box art, I do not expect a gearbox but there should be quite a lot of space in the rear area to add one or even motors. It is fun how there has been hate for the stickers and now it is for the printed parts. Let's use plain colour stickers to hide the printing! We will get the worst of both worlds :)
  12. bitbamboo

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Didn't noticed the fenders are new (smaller), sounds great as they would match better smaller wheels I agree to call this "1:10" scale as it is the same as 42039 and 8448, and use 1:8 for 42056 Porche, Bugatti and those amazing MOCs
  13. bitbamboo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Really happy with the Porsche 42096, at least 5 white curved 3x11 + 2 in black. And the white wheel arches, printed or not, are a great addition. Fun use of the black curved rack from the bucket wheel excavator and rough terrain crane. And I expect black frames in the underside. I doubt if it would have a true B model but the part selection will allow for many good alternates. It seems same scale as 42077, but with better look, and the 42039, wich seems the most similar set in piece count, style and scale for a direct comparison. I like it much more than the bigger orange porsche 42056. I'll wait for Sariel's video but keen on finding it at the right price. And the vette is a nice panel packs, given it has the right price.
  14. bitbamboo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    8448 do have such feature. It is from 1999, that's 20 years ago I give for sure that 42096 will have a B model. I'm curious about the pieces for steering, if they keep the excellent 42054's wheel hub holder 23801 or they come up with an update.
  15. bitbamboo

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    If you plan to get just a few, I would suggest to have a look to, mocpages and this forum for alternatives. In that sense the green tractor 42054 is a great choice, althought it is a different subject. The most city-style truck is Mack 42078, and the B-model is pure and glorius garbage (truck) I haven't see a C model for a flatbed truck but I guess that it could be done to load and carry around other vehicles.