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  1. bitbamboo

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Many thanks! Great initiative. I am not planning to build this in the short term, so not really worried by the parts. I'll keep and eye on BnP so if the panels show up i'll give a heads up here. This may happen. What is is sure is that in a couple of years all parts will become available in other sets and in more colors: specially the dumb battery box. So with some patience we will get everything or a reasonable alternative.
  2. bitbamboo

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Hi, many thanks for this! but... i am not being able to use it neither with Chrome nor Edge, latest versions. I am accessing my lego account and using the javascript-bookmark on the page detailing the order Might it be due to having non-BnP items in the order? Back into topic. In EU: The new sloth from friends is available (6301550 in set 41424), in fact 80% of Friends animals are there. Dots allows you to order the non-random printed tiles. All the gold parts from 80012 set (monkie kid) are there ... some of them with "wrong" prices? Take a look from your country; this theme is almost fully available as the Chineese New Year The otter from the Harry Potter set seems sold out, the marauder map from the army pack is not available. Good luck with the page, is crappy as always!
  3. bitbamboo

    42098 - Car Transporter

    There is nothing planned for 2H this year... But there is no real need for that, you can bricklink the parts for any of the amazing entries of the recent contest run in eurobricks. From the entry topic linked below you can reach each individual MOC. I am sure there are several who have shared the building instructions in rebrickable, some of them for free (GT40, Tatra, F355) [TC18] Technic Small Car Contest - Entry Topic
  4. bitbamboo

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Talking about colours: they considered 8 in total, including the pinki-est pink. They show up in thebackgrounf of the video "LEGO Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sián Design DNA" and Defender-green is in close to the lime. The final half minute in Uwe's workshop is amazing
  5. bitbamboo

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Yes! All our lime dreams come true I think it's the new panel upside down
  6. 59: 10 53: 6 9: 4 33: 3 47: 2 24: 1
  7. Congratulations to all participants. There is not a weak proposal 59: 10 13: 6 53: 4 9: 3 33: 2 57: 1
  8. bitbamboo

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    If you can make into TC18 you have my vote. I really like that chassis. The official ruling states : "The deadline date is Monday, the 18th of May 2020. The contest will be closed on Tuesday, the 19th of May, OR LATER." So... who knows. But there are already awesome entries so I would not count with any extension. You already have a good photo of the innings (unless you have modified it) and very little to complete half bodywork. I am assuming you lack of some parts or you'd already build passenger's door. So... choose the cabrio version, trick the photo angle to hide your "gaps" and go ahead. An uncompleted entry will give you more feedback than no entry at all. I'm guessing that as a last resort you could play the joke of entering the contest with it as is just changing the name to "Crashed 911/964 AWD and still up and runnig!!" :D
  9. bitbamboo

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    With fond memories of Claas 42054 : I'm in! In lime it potentially will be the Ultimate Technic SuperCar Parts Pack. I hope it to collect all the new technic gear: reinforced hubs and CV joints from 42099, new differential and 28th from 42109, etc.
  10. I saw the 911-martini earlier this week in The Lego Car Blog and the video of the bleaked one. Congrats, it is a great model This alternate is going to sell lots of Astons
  11. Then and Now - Comparing 4892 Prehistoric Power and 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs Just to provide an initial image of both sets together, please find below the main model of the 31058 with my MOC of a T-rex from 4892 using 85% of the available pieces. There are more pics of both sets along the post, which goes through Facts, Commercial, Parts&Techniques, Models & Community and Conclussions Now and then I buy old sets and they surprise me how archaic they look in respect to more recent ones. I am not trying to review boths sets here but to remark the changes in Lego across the years using these sets. Specially in the ball joints or articulation elements. If the Lego-volution topic is of your interest, please do not take this post as a comparison skipping to the end to find a winner because for me the meat is in the discussion so please feel free to share your thoughts. And my final conclusion is that both are excellent, “Each, in its own way”. I am publishing here to enable an open dialogue and your opinion is welcomed. Then and Now: Facts Year: 2006 2017 Set number: 4892 31058 Set name: Prehistoric Power Mighty Dinosaurs Branding: 8in1 3in1 Piece count: 380 174 (2.2 times) Weight of the pieces (grams): 381 108 (3.5 times) By the way, I am convinced that set size, part count and weight are only considered by AFOLs during purchase consideration, and not by children who are more comfortable with smaller sizes and sturdier and lighter models. Then and Now: Commercial Both Creator sets belongs to the 3in1 lineup, although the old one was advertised as 8in1. They are obviously similar because of the theme but going into the substance, both sets are alike because they were designed to build several brick-built creatures using articulated joints and giving them an organic look with wedges and slopes. The Creator line is now well established and there is a yearly spot for a “small brick-built 3in1 creatures set”, whereas in 2006 it was starting to understand its space in the product lineup. In fact it was its first year of life as we know it today, replacing the “Designer’s Set” range. The modern 31058 fills a spot in the 15 €/$ low range and the old Triceratops 4892 was positioned in the middle size spot of that year with a suggested price of 20 €/$. Do not get fooled by the proximity of the above numbers. Prices have changed in 11 years so the double box-size and piece count - and triple weight - puts the older set in the range of 2017’s 31064 Island Adventures or 31068 Modular Modern Home of 30 to 35 €/$. Pictures reflects clearly the differences in size. Then and Now: Parts&Techniques The old set has bigger, sharper and heavier pieces. By 2006 there were no small smooth curved slopes, as the 2008’s curved 4x1 no studs 61678, the 2013’s Curved 1x2 no studs 11477 or the 2014’s Curved 2x2 no studs 15068. So the organic shaping was achieved by straight slopes, being the smallest available the 45º 2x1, but in general by 4x1 and 4x2 wedges. This requires a bigger scale to achieve relatively smooth shapes and as a result the old set feels bulky, heavy and sharp in every ridge and corner whereas the new one is light and comfy to the hand allowing better child play. Even the old brick separator included in 4892 is heavier and sharper! Well, 31058 does not include the orange one but you get the point. The solutions for the articulation of limbs and jaws shows an even more drastic change. Joints have evolved greatly in 11 years. I suggest to have a look to the following links for further detail in joints: link1, link 2 (Mecha builders are the experts in this topic) My understanding is that the families of joints are, from strongest to weakest and from more degrees of articulation (flexible) to less: Special - as the “AT-AT leg joint” or compass seen in V-shape in the image Rackets - also known as Exo-Force joints, now discontinued and the 4892 main solution in red and grey Bionicle balls -could be “Big balls” but I am not looking for jokes- these are present in 31058 Hinges, as the yellow example, in many variations Mixel joints or “Small balls” also known as, small cups, also included in 31058 Old style turntables in various formats The old cups for small balls, in old grey in the top-left corner The infinite possibilities of bars and clips When I started with Creator animals I was a bit puzzled on how many solutions are available to provide articulation, the above pic is my effort to make sense of them. I think that Lego just produced different solutions at different moments in time for different needs/product lines (Exo-Force, Bionicle, Mixels…) Yes, the Lego brick is 60 years old and its patent has expired; that applies just to the old 2x4 brick. Joints and slopes in 31038 are designs of the recent 21st century, just around the corner; and I do not think that it was possible to produce them with quality even in 2006, comparing the loose grip of old cups with the nice one of the new small balls.This and the bigger one in black in the top-center of the image was one of the hardest family to distinguish across sets inventories and in bkicklink. The bigger is a bit stronger but both are excellent, the smaller is also simpler to use. Variations of SNOT pieces have been released in these years as well. Not sure what has refrained Lego from making available all variations at once from the beginning, apart from brackets which might have required additional technology to avoid cracking. The fact is that from the 2006 set we just get three models of 2-ways SNOT elements in small quantities which pales in comparison with the assortment of 2-ways and even a 3-ways pieces in the modern set. Then and Now: Models & Community At that time the AFOL community had not available all current tools and cameras, so 4892 reviews are not as detailed as the ones for 31058. Brickset’s Review 31058 and Eurobrick’s Review 4892 Jangbrick’s video review 31058 and Video for 4892 Regarding alternates or C-models, both sets are designed for this purpose offering each a huge number of possibilities. The old one missed a T-Rex among the 12 suggested in the instructions’ booklets, maybe because there was one as the main model of 4507 - Prehistoric Creatures from 2004, under the “Designer’s Set” range. I had filled that spot, which can be found in rebrickable , and anyone could make another dozen of excellent models. It is the first alternate to that set in rebrickable, a symptom of what was going on online in 2006. The instructions include 8 models but I’d say just 3 use 75% or more of the available pieces. The new one seems to “only” include instructions for 3 models in the box but there is a fourth one (diplodocus) available for download by Lego (plus some additionals!?) In addition to that it was the star of a contest for alternatives in 2017 and as a result it showcases 24 excellent MOCs in rebrickable and there should be many more in youtube and other pages. What I read from the above is that the Lego effort in producing alternatives /C-models has been substituted by the community activity, with an astonishing improvement. I do not mean that Lego is not doing nothing to promote, create and provoke us, the community, just that the move has been good and it is providing more “play” for all. Due to its nature and parts selection, there has not been any problem in finding examples or ideas to make equivalent models for both sets.I picture here the official main models for each set with the other set matching the “challenge”. I have enjoyed this a lot!! Then and Now: Conclusion Both sets are excellent but if you are used to the 2010’s Lego experience the old set feels … old Despite the new slopes giving a better look and the new SNOTs allowing amazing solutions, there is a complaint I keep on reading from AFOLs feeling a bit cheating in respect to the old times.That is because there are too many specialized pieces. There is a blurry border between a prefabricated plastic toy to be assembled once and played and a construction blocks toy to be built and rebuilt. And the line might be drawn based on the number of available elements and its ability to be used in several builds, fostering or killing creativity. I would say that yes, we have 10 times more parts than before, but the way they are designed to be combined gives as well 10 more models out of the same pieces, keeping the level up. I would say that creativity is king in both sets and the “specialized elements” in 31058 provides lots of opportunities,more than the old blocks from 4892. The main reason for that is the flexibility added by the small joints and the variety of SNOT elements. Anyhow, I am extremely happy with my old triceratops and its bulky and heavy feel fills me with nostalgia and joy.
  12. bitbamboo

    [REVIEW] 11010 - White Baseplate

    Day 1 purchase for me. I would have missed the set without this awesome review
  13. bitbamboo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Many thanks, and the shadow is actually a good way to see the difference under different lighting. Waiting for your review, but it should be horrible to keep me away of this beauty. I'm just missing the new clutch
  14. bitbamboo

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    These fenders should had been made in two halves. They are just too big to be genreral-purpose. And for the rest, I read in promobricks gearbox and 4x4 with 3 diffs and independent suspension. Sounds pretty techical to me. Not a fan of the colour, but just need to wait for some discount as it is a great model Amazing 2H, not sure yet if I need to choose between the offroader and the Land Rover or Lego has played well to make me think that getting both is a better deal than just one.
  15. bitbamboo

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    It is unavoidable to buy this, at least for me. It's just a matter of waiting for some discount. Not all future sets will have the new planetaries + clutch + joints. In cars as the 1H Porsche they would be nonsensical, so these pieces will come in pricey sets anyway. And even if you do not want the new control hub & motors (I'm not really understanding why not) the will be easy to sell in the aftermarket.