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  1. bitbamboo

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Zero 2022 sets here by the parts, I agree with @anothergol but for me it is a matter of space rather than cost. A bag of pieces can go into trays almost unnoticed but new sets would claim some reconfiguration of the play/display area I think that all conspiranoid theories are wrong and Lego is just optimizing a service that has probably grow beyond than expected. IMHO the heavy users of BnP were bricklink shops and specific MOC-oriented AFOLs (building or designing) which are a minoritary market who do not buy lots of sets anyway, so sales figures of sets should not feel any impact by the BnP activity change Probably first the availability of parts and second the smoothness of the web impact just in the sales of the BnP service itself, so they are probably seeing a decrease in the total amount of sales after the investment made in usability. So they go ahead and improve the usability further (400 pieces per page! woah!) not seeing the actual reason for the sales decrease. They have lost the big buyers and it could be confirmed by the average value per order before / after the change.
  2. bitbamboo

    Monochrome Minifigures

    According to brickset inventory [link] : yes, it is medium lavender.
  3. bitbamboo

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Just found this from @LvdH in the Technic forum - General Part Discussion thread and I though it was worth to quote it here
  4. I think that the book will be not limitted, just the "slipcase edition" So my expectative is that it will be available later at more reasonable prices but without the slipcase
  5. I understand the "limited edition" as the renaming of the "launch day GWP" which lasted a few minutes generating months of web rants Loving the model, I'll get when in heavy discount as the Sian. These 1:8 are incredibly satisfactory despite all the criticism they receive about their functions
  6. As you already have tracks (42095) I would suggest going for tires, so the 42124 You should view them as parts packs, not sets. Because as a set everybody is on the 42140 Remember to check brickwatch, 42129 has a good discount in Germany Here you have a table for most PU sets
  7. bitbamboo

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    My best guess for the second is a chef's hat like this one ; but it is just because Promobricks mentions today a new mini-chef for the Lego House
  8. I think that the scale would be closer to 1:8, think of Sian's size. The tire is available in BnP (Design ID : 80542; Name "TYRE, NARROW, DIA. 75.1, NO. 1" ) at over 4€ each. So assume 7.51 cm external diameter. This is a tad smaller to Sian/Bugatti/Porsche tires or to the standard motorcycle ones Rims (ID: 84772 ; Name "RIM, DIA. 62.3X20.3, NO. 1" ) are not yet in BnP, well they are "at 0€" so I guess they will show up in the future. Its diameter matches the Sian/Bugatti/Porsche rims , which is welcomed so most MOCs would benefit easily of the new wheels
  9. I'm using tiles as well, but the stacking technique mentioned in Batman review makes plates to look tempting; Anyway I'll probably go for the layered idea as it improves the detail and I have limitted space. My source of truth is obviously bricklink , and my biggest surpise has been that green 1x1 tile is new from 21332 The Globe. So, not yet aware of the color gaps in plates. I'll share if I finally need to investigate them. There are a couple of novelty-tiles in Elvis but I do not think that adding new colors will be activelly seek when selecting the motives. There are very few missing colors and most images can be rendered with the above palette, in any case time will tell.
  10. The Brothers Brick review of Batman mosaic confirms the brand new medium lavender 1 x 1 round plate , not tile. Although there are 1x1 square tiles available
  11. bitbamboo

    10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Discussion

    It's not even a year old, I would not be worried at all. In EU shop it is just "pending" stating that new orders will be delivered on March 3rd
  12. bitbamboo

    10298 Vespa 125 Scooter (1960s)

    Many thanks for the info!! The parts' page gives all reasons to make a day-1-two-buys to moc classic cars. But they will be a lot bigger than typical Creator ones. I think 10265 Ford Mustang is 1:13 and this rim & tire size in a car would be close to 1:8; think of 42115 Sian
  13. Thanks for sharing this,really nice. I'd look if I have the parts in blue and orange to mock "2022's McLaren" 42141
  14. bitbamboo

    10298 Vespa 125 Scooter (1960s)

    I can't believe how good this is going to look next to the cool yellow Fiat 500 It brings even a perfect new tire and lots of recolours, as the Shuttle quarter dome, etc.
  15. Instagram leak images seems to me the new panel (Sian triangles) in standard blue. And I would bet that it is a 1:10