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Found 12 results

  1. Brikkyy13

    [MOC] [WIP] Large scale C-3PO

    In 2012 LEGO released 10225, the UCS R2-D2. It remains one of my favorite sets of all time, but I've always felt like something was missing... and now with a new BB-8 model coming (that appears to be in the same scale as R2-D2), it's obvious that C-3PO needs to be done next. So I set out to build one myself... and so far I've succeeded... kind of. Legs by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr back by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr Sections by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr With R2-D2 by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr Currently we're looking at 1295 pieces, and it can only get bigger. The original plan was to have it in scale with the R2-D2 set, but since I'm a bit lazy instead of doing measurements I just eyeballed it, using the size of his feet to judge how big everything should be. So the feet ended up being in scale with R2, and everything else accidentally turned out bigger. I didn't actually realize this until I took the screenshots, and I was too proud of my work to go back and change it. The next step is to make C-3PO's feet bigger to be in scale with the rest of his legs, and to continue working upwards from there. I intend on bricklinking all the parts and building this bad boy for my collection once it's finished. I will eventually post the lxf and/or instructions too. I'll update this post as I update the model. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks for checking it out!
  2. NEW MODELS WILL APPEAR IN THE REPLIES TO THIS THREAD - consolidated in to one thread for when further models are added Models in this thread: SNOWSPEEDER REBEL TRANSPORT OUTRIDER TIE SHUTTLE A-WING (MOD) SUPER STAR DESTROYER (MOD) SENTINEL-CLASS IMPERIAL LANDING CRAFT IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER SNOWSPEEDER Hello again everybody With the emergence of pictures of the 20th Anniversary Snowspeeder Polybag I realised that I had not published my own (and if I do say so myself superior! ) MINI Snowspeeder model! This little model has been lurking around for a while continually being tinkered with. It started off as the unreleased LEGO set 8029: However, as you will see from the pictures it has almost entirely been rebuilt. The wings are still attached using the hinge bricks but everything else has been stripped down and rebuilt. As new pieces have been released I have updated this little model. Gotta love Snowspeeders! Anyway I will let the little model speak for itself. Jon
  3. codyaner

    "A New Hope" in Lego

    Hello erveryone, After 13 Months of building I finally finished my A New Hope in Lego Series. I recreated more than 50 Scenes of our so beloved Star Wars movie from 1977. I hope you all enjoy my little photo series and I am happy to receive some feedback from you guys Next Project: "The Empire Strikes Back" in Lego. Follow me on Instagram to always see the latest parts of my upcoming series: A New Hope (1/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr A New Hope (2/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr A New Hope (3/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr A New Hope (4/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr A New Hope (5/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr A New Hope (6/6) by Codyaner_bricks, on Flickr Kind regards Codyaner
  4. Hello again everyone Following on from my Snowspeeder post a few weeks back I realised I had neglected to build the Rebel Transport from Empire Strikes Back. So I decided to rectify that. There are no really tricky elements to this build. It does switch from 2 to 3 studs at the bottom using the new 2x3 jumper plates. This then allows the 5-stud wide main body to get the shape at the front. It is not as round at the front as it should be but you can’t always do everything in this scale and you have to approximate. It also uses the old finger hinge plates to attach the side “panels”. It would have needed a 1 plate high gap between the clip/hinge and the main body to use clips or the clicky hinges so sometimes old is better! Hope you like it Jon
  5. wookieejedi

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Hey Eurobricks, First time poster but I wanted to share the my custom T-65 X-wing I have been working on for the past while. Flickr album: LDD File: Part Count: 1056 Length: 34.5 cm, 13.6 inches, 43 studs. Width: 39 cm, 15.4 inches, 49 studs Height: 13 cm, 5.2 inches, 16 studs Bit of Background: I have loved the X-wing since I first saw the movies, and it was the first MOC I ever completed as a kid. Now as an AFOL I was recently able to block out some time for building a MOC and I wanted to update my first X-wing from many years ago. LEGO's versions have been solid, but the more I examined them the more I wanted to design my own that more closely matched the shape of the OT movie props. I was inspired by the amazing MOC X-wings I have seen created by many folks, including Gray Mouser, Inthert, Psiaki, cehnot, and dmaclego. My Objectives: Model building focused on three key components. Overall I wanted to make an X-wing that was relatively accurate to the source props but also very sturdy and still possessed important play features. 1) My first goal was to provide structural stability to allow for maximum swooshibillity. I will be the first to admit my MOC doesn't capture some aspects of the shape perfectly like others have done, but I wanted to focus on using a Technic solution to build a hull and wings that were very strong. I designed a custom skeleton using Technic beams and bricks across across the entire ship so the model can actually take a short fall without exploding entirely. :) 2) My second goals was to capture the proper shape with the heptagonal fuselage, proper angles and correct length and width proportions. Using the original model and screen grabs from the films as a base, I also drew inspiration from the great models of Gray Mouser, Inthert, Psiaki, cehnot, and dmaclego. I used hinge plates and Technic large ball bearings to achieve the slanted heptagonal shape and these were attached the rigid skeleton to maintain structure/swooshibility. It also means I can hold the model by the nose :) Here is a stress test swooshing videos. Two more are on the Flickr album. 3) Building working 'play' features such as retractable landing gear, removable R2 unit and opening s-foils. Since this was going to be for swooshing and not just display I wanted to incorporate the action features that were present in the official LEGO sets. The first was fitting an entire R2 unit behind the cockpit, legs and all. Fortunately, the skeleton allowed for a large space bind the cockpit and I used hinged panels around the R2 unit so the entire droid (legs and all) can be removed and inserted easily. I also made retractable landing gear a part of the rear engines and the front fuselage. Again the landing gear don't look quite as pretty as a display set, but I prefer the play-ability aspect myself. :) The s-foils can also be opened with a knob on the rear or a switch on the top of the craft. There is also an option to use a knob on the top of the fuselage, but I think the top knob would stick out too much. Just for fun here are the past two iterations of my MOC, from many moons ago I would love to hear thoughts about what others think of the model and I would be happy to answer questions or provide my LDD file, too! Thanks!
  6. thecrea1or

    Han Solo Blaster 1:1 Scale

    Hello everyone, this is my second post here about a model that I am very proud of that I designed a while back. I present to you, Han Solo's DL-44 blaster replicated in 1:1 scale using Lego bricks. The model was blogged about on Bricknerd. Link for anyone interested is below: Link More Photos More Photos More Photos More Photos Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated as always.
  7. MaxTube55

    2016 UCS Reaction

    2016 has been a very successful year for LEGO Star Wars. There so far have been 37 Star Wars sets released (including the 9 sets to be released September 30th). They also made a new LEGO Star Wars TV show, The Freemaker Adventures which just aired its final episode. But 2016's UCS sets have sparked loads and loads of controversy, when the images and details of 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth it sparked outrage as many people though it costed way too much, didn't deserve the UCS title, and was a lazy attempt with so much incompleteness, and other complaints. The other UCS set is the 75159 UCS Death Star, it also has been criticized as a lazy attempt and a cash grab by LEGO. ^ 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth ^ 75159 UCS Death Star Set Reactions: Now I totally see everyone's point on 75098 and I think it was a very poor effort by TLG, but I differ from the majority on my opinion of 75159. I believe that 75159 is great, I have heard how upset people were when 10188 was discontinued, but it was very old and needed an update. Then when we got the update everyone is so outraged and upset with TLG for not changing it much. I see that people wanted something new, but 10188 was selling well for the 7.5 years it was being produced so why change it, everyone loved the set. Now I also see why people are upset about the price hike, but two factors called for it, first is that inflation sucks and accounts for roughly $50 of the increase, and second back in 2008 there was only LucasFilm with the rights to Star Wars, but now LEGO needs both Disney and LucasFilm licencing which isn't cheap, so it sucks but we know that this had to be done to continue to make profit. Also this might be slightly biased because I got to the LEGO and Star Wars buffet late and by the time I bought my first Star Wars set in late 2015 I was not yet big enough a fan to consider buying 10188, so I want 75159 badly an that is also my final reason for why there was nothing wrong with what TLG did with 75159, because there were so many more who wanted and couldn't get the original and we now have a second chance to get it. So leave your reactions to these two sets in the comments and May the Bricks be With You, Always.
  8. Hey guys I was trying to think of something to build from the original trilogy. Something that has not be done yet. I could not think of a single ship or scene that has not been built before and done really well already. Is there anything that we have not seen in Lego form from the OT yet? Maybe that imperial shuttle that was briefly in Empire?
  9. I know it's nothing special, but thanks for watching anyway!
  10. Dear Star Wars, LEGO, and R2-D2 Fans, I know this is late but 3 days ago, on August 13th, 2016 Kenny Baker passed away. For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing man, he is the man who controls R2-D2 from inside the droid. This forum is all about LEGO and Star Wars, so I decided to use the flawless combination of the two to pay tribute to Kenny Baker and his work as R2-D2. I hope you all comment and show your respects in LEGO. Rest in Peace Kenny Baker.
  11. A very short one panel comic inspired by the famous Han/Greedo scene with a little ironic approach to the "who shot first" quarrel that followed Sorry if the image is too large. I'm currently having problems with image re-sizing.
  12. This was made in about a week, just testing out some new green screens and mouth animation. It's a LEGOfied version of the Star Wars Blu Ray trailer from awhile back. [media] [/media]