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Found 30 results

  1. I have some very-very rare :-) LEGO micromotors from the 90's which you could not seen before : - they were never sold in the market. - only about 10 pcs were produced from each colors (exception of transparent which were ~30 pcs ) The motors are in good condition, They were never used. (they run only some minutes when they were end-tested) Now I would like to sell them, but I do not know how much can they cost. Many of you asked the story how these motors were birth so I added it to the Topic: The story is very simple. I worked in the company in Hungary where these motors were DESIGNED and produced. In the begining we produced only this motors but later we DESIGNED and produced lot of other products. for example: Micro Motor 9V (71427 and 43362); motor to LEGO 9748 Droid (R2D2). ect. and here were produced: RCX; sensors; Speedster; Mybot unit, LEGO watchs ect. ect which were move to Hungary from Billund. One day I and My 2 colleagues worked in the Night shift. Nobody else, just we. We could use the moulding machines (only had 2 pcs) which produced the plastic parts, We set the machines; change the tools, change the ABS ect. So we produced some parts from the all colors which we had. Next days we assembled them in the production line. We could use the all equipments in the line because we were "alone" and we known the all production proceses and equipmens. I do not know this "Story" is good or not, the motors become cheaper or more expensive becase of this. but it is the Truth :-) My LEGO parts:
  2. It is one more very rare motor from my "collection" Now I would like to sell it, but I do not know how much can it cost. How much can I ask for it? Story: These transparent motors were made in Hungary (where the all Mini-motor were produced). When the LEGO sold the company, the all workers got one pcs from this transparent and gold-colored motors as memories. Only about 50-150 pcs were produced. The motor is in good condition, well working and never used
  3. Hello, I have a lego pirates imperial soldier figure which I cannot find on bricklink, brickset or any price guide (and that includes the ones that include the rarest of figures, like 'figure with only 50 copies which was given away at a lego convention in Romania in 2006'), and I think it may be worth money. Will upload a picture once I find it but basically it's this figure:{"iconly":0} except with a tricorn and possibly slightly different head, and with the lego logo on his back. It seems to have been a keychain as it does not come apart. He used to have the bottom of a plastic key chain (like this: Ambassador Key Chain - plastic chain, with stripes on back&category=[Key Chain][Legoland Parks]#T=S&O={"iconly":0}) on his head but this broke off years ago, probably still in a box somewhere! I think I got the figure at a young age in a box of second-hand lego my mum got me from a co-worker (mostly 90s stuff). If anyone can give a link to a bricklink page or any sources about the figure, please let me know. Would love to know if it's valuable/how it was initially sold. If there's a different forum for which this may be more appropriate please let me know.
  4. I'm interested in rare/uncommon minifigures and I came across this guy on Bricklink: Gray on Orange with Pocket, Gray Legs, White Cap - Glued&category=[Town][Classic Town]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Only produced for a factory display in Germany, only got out because they fell out from under the acrylic glass on occasion. There aren't any available but I can only imagine how much they're worth. I'm looking to broaden my knowledge: what are some similarly rare/expensive figures/figure parts? Not talking about examples like the 2013 Captain Rex, 2016 Thrawn etc that have shot up in value now but were not difficult to acquire when available (although figures from sets aren't completely excluded if older, limited distribution etc)
  5. Hi everyone. Stumbled upon this Super rare set made in 1986 set 1619 25th anniversary jubilee set only released in italy. From what lack of information i can find, this set had a limited production number of 100. Im hoping some expressions of interest will arrise.
  6. Here guys, I got a few of the minifigs at a convention and wanted to know if anyone has seen them before. They haven't been opened and have just been sitting at my desk, the torso doesn't appear to be a decal or anything, so I thought i'd get your opinion.
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for LEGO Prototype figures/pieces (preferably Star Wars but will hear anything out) as well as any other rare LEGO items. I recognize the high cost some of these items command and am willing to pay them. Please shoot me a PM if you have any of these items are know of someone that does! Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hey guys! Long time lurker/member, but have only recently started visiting the site again. Unfortunately, I've been hit with some unexpected expenses recently, so I'm selling off my sealed box collection I've amassed over the past few years. Without further ado, here's some pictures of what I have to sell (only sale at this point, no trades sorry): Rancor Pit (75005) = $85 Gungan Sub (9499) = $100 Republic Swamp Speeder (8091) = $35 UCS Naboo Starfighter (10026) = $650 Brickley (3300001) = $40 and Droids Battle Pack (7654) = $30 Brutaka (8734) = $100 Too many to list, ask for specifics! The Lego Store Grand Opening 2012 (140 out of 500 -- Nashville, TN) = negotiable and Monster Fighters promotional polybag (5000644-1) = $35 Feel free to PM me if you need another picture or clarification on anything, as some of the boxes do have wear on them or are bent/slightly scuffed; prices are negotiable! In most cases shipping is not included, though I'll never charge more than what it actually is and I'll combine if you buy multiple sets. A little info about me: live in the US (Alabama), no pets and don’t smoke, and have +22 positive feedback on the Straightshooter’s List (albeit that was from a couple years ago haha). I’d be willing to ship outside the US, but the buyer would have to pay for the extra shipping + insurance so I’d like to keep it local if possible. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hello all, Many of you may have come across my father JimH in previous forums related to this topic. If you have read any of his posts, you would understand that I am one of the five winners of Lego Magazine's 14k Solid Gold C-3PO Lego mini figure giveaways from the Spring/Summer of 2007. As I am much older now and will be graduating from college in the Spring, my desire to sell the piece has increased. The revenue generated from selling the figure will help put me in a nicer financial standing as I head off into the real world. I will have my father comment on this thread as proof that I am his son and owner of the C-3PO figure. If you have any questions about the piece itself, estimates to what it is worth, or would like to make an offer on the piece, please do not hesitate to post in this thread or email me directly at -removed- May the force be with you! P.S. I am aware that my father has posted pictures of the figure in the past. Unfortunately, I am currently working as an intern away from home this summer. However, once I am back in a few weeks I plan to post updated pictures of the figure for further proof.
  10. TechnicRCRacer

    Rare Part Finds?

    Hi, I am not really sure where to put this (and if an admin sees this please move it to the right topic), but does anyone want to share an interesting part find? (e.g. rare parts in bulk lots) For me, I once found two working Spybotics modules and remotes in a $12 a pound lot. I also found the rare brown dishes from the old Droid Transporter set.
  11. PhantomDesigner

    Rare Items For Sale

    Hi, I have two very rare developer brick that I'm currently selling on eBay. These bricks are only given to members of Traveler's Tales after a project is complete and will never be sold commercially. They have never been displayed since I received them. These are really hard to get a hold of and a lot of the staff that worked on these titles will never part with them. They'd make a great collectors item. Han Solo: [snap] Ultron: [snap]
  12. Trevpack4563

    Happy Force Friday!

    Happy Force Friday! I Hope You Like This! 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank $30.00 75153: AT-ST Walker $50.00 75154: TIE Striker $70.00 75155: Rebel U-Wing Fighter $80.00 75156: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle $90.00 75119: Sergeant Jyn Erso $24.00 75120: K-2SO $24.00 75121: Imperial Death Trooper $24.00 Minifgure you can get Only today! Get this minifigure by get a star wars set today! plus you can get a rogue one set and get this minifigure! Thanks For Looking at this and BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  13. So in a B&P (Bricks and Pieces) order one of the torsos had the arms on backwards. Obviously it's no big deal, just take off the arms and put them on right, but has ever had something like this happen to them whether in a set or from Bricks and Pieces or Pick a Brick? Also, would this be a mistake that a person made or did something mess up in the factory with the manufacturing equipment? Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Hi all, List will be constantly updated. If it doesn't have a strike through it, it's still available! I do ship worldwide, please ask for a price quote. I ship free in the continental United States. I am located in Kentucky, United States. I will consider trade, depending upon what you have. Just PM. I'm mostly looking to sell though. Pictures can be sent upon request, just PM with your e-mail. I have lots of pictures of every item. For Sale: Open Sets: #7780 Batboat: Hut for Killer Croc- 100% complete w/ instruction manual #7783 Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion- 100% complete w/ instruction manuals (booklet one is partially loose from cover) #375/6075 Yellow Castle + Bonus 1980s IDEA Book- 100% complete w/ instruction manual and box. Box has slight water damage, and castle is missing 3 small stickers that spanned several pieces on the walls. #10220 Volkswagon T1 Camper Van: 98% complete w/ instruction manual +box Sealed sets: #4958 Advent Calendar #7957 Sith Nightspeeder #4202 Mining Truck #7067 Jet-Copter Encounter X2 #9467 Ghost Train Exclusive Minifigures: X2 SDCC 2012 Phoenix w/card 1/1000 X2 SDCC 2012 Venom w/ card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix w/o card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Venom w/o card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Shazam w/ card 1/1000 X2 SDCC 2012 Bizarro w/ card 1/10000 X1 NYTF 2012 Ironman and Captain America w/o bag and lanyard 1/125 X1 NYCC TMNT Shadow Leonardo w/ card 1/500 X1 NYCC TMNT Kraang w/card 1/300 Rare Minifigures: X2 Jango Fett X2 Cloud City Lando X2 Cloud City Leia X1 Cloud City Boba Fett X1 Watto (7186) X1 Emperor Sideous (10188) X1 Luke Dagobah Polybag Minifigures: X1 Chrome Stormtrooper (open) X5 Elrond (sealed) X1 Chrome Darth Vader (open) X1 Chrome C-3PO- Excellent (open) X1 Chrome C-3PO- Good (open) X1 Shadow ARF (open) X1 Chrome TC-14 (open) X1 Chrome TC-14 (sealed) X10 Uruk- Hai w/ Ballista (sealed) Shoot me a PM if interested.
  15. Darth_Brick360

    Rare Parts Shop?

    Does anyone know of a good brick link store that sells rare pieces? Like anything that is not common, even prototypes and pre production parts. Thanks
  16. Hello ! I am selling my gold chrome C-3po minifig found 9 years ago, and displayed since. I don't need to tell you that I never played with, you'll see in the pictures that it is in perfect condition ! Unfortunately, I didn't keep the white polybag, and this is why I am selling it way less than other sellers. The less price I found for it on Bricklink was 350$ for a minifig with scratches, on eBay, no one less than 360$. I am selling mine at 275$, this price includes secure shipping with tracking, a paypal insurance and, of course, The C-3po minifig. Here are the pictures,
  17. I made this thread on order to help anyone who is having trouble finding discontinued sets. Does anyone know where to find the Ninja DB X in the UK? it's still easily available in America, but the set was released three months earlier in the UK, which means that it gets discontinued three months earlier.
  18. Hello all, I have come here with deep regret today...I am planning a trip, to drive all of america aver several months, And I realize i will need some dosh, To do this i see no alternative but to sell my life's collection :( , Before i jump in to anything i wanted to share this to see if anyone had ideas about bulk sales/ big buyers or other stuff, So here is my collection, Any advice on sales/value would be great :D DSC00916 by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr ANYONE WANT THE LOT? by Jazz Baker, on Flickr The pictures really dont show the extent of the stuff here, It is almost all complete, and most boxes+instructions are around, Cheers guys, take care
  19. Im a brickmaster.

    Is this Real?

    I was rambling about the internet and found this list for a movie version of the Mask of Shadows: The listing has ended apparently and I have no interest in actual getting it, but my curiosity has been peaked! Is this a real thing and if so what did it come with? I myself cannot remember a thing about!
  20. If you look at the bottom left of the Finn polybag you can see a code in the exact same style as the Plastic Man Polybag, which was used to unlock the character early on in the game. HYPE!!!!!.
  21. Hi from Singapore, Looking to sell off many of my old lego sets, in Singapore only! These sets are all used but in good condition. They are all fixed but can be dismantled if requested. No boxes or instruction manuals included. Sets are from 2003 to 2010, from BIONICLE to STAR WARS. Prices can be negotiable. Contact: *snip*
  22. Do you want to own functional, durable and unique lego versions of real-life guns? Do you want to own something even bigger than a Star Wars set? Than you will be interested in ArmyBrick's lego weapon manuals! We offer only the file of the instructions. We do not offer the weapons physically. Here is our store on ebay: [link removed]
  23. LegoGunInstructions

    Lego Digital Designer Weapons

    Something new is on the horizon of the Lego Universe - something for people who are bored with the average Lego sets, which are never bigger than a microwave. The 1st business on the internet with Lego Weapon Manuals is for people who are interested in military and building life-sized, BIG creations with their hands. I would have been so happy if these instructions were available when I was a child, but I guess when something that you want doesn't exist in reality you have to create it. Check it out:
  24. Hello lego fans who are also fans of call of duty. I made a 2-part series revealing custom figures I have made who are dedicated to the game. I would like for the world to see these customs because I know many lego fans will adore them. Here are the videos: Tell me what you think!