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Found 52 results

  1. Originally intended to be my own continuation of Mixels tribes (Series 10), the Lost Tribes of Planet Mixel are here. Consisting of three new tribes (Futurons, Tidebreakers, Zientists) and nine original Mixels. From left to right... Aerocraft, Timestopper, Dronar, Submareen, Ankhor, Eeyel, Bunserner, Moleculeye, and Cappo! Yikes, talk about a mouthful... I poured a lot of energy into making these models up to the same quality of official Mixels sets and to make each Mixel recognizable as what they're based off of immediately. I think it paid off, but I'd love to hear feedback, criticisms and what others think. These guys are also part of a LEGO Ideas project, which you can support here: Additionally, here are some Max models for the tribes.
  2. Takanuinuva


    Something I whipped up for Christmas. A trio of Chrismas Mixels I'll probably get a Max for them out before New Years An attempt at a max
  3. Due to a lack of space, I am clearing out a bunch of Lego. I am anxious to get these to people who might enjoy them. I generally ship with USPS and always provide a tracking number. In the past, I’ve traded and bought minifigs from other members and am a straight shooter. Now's the time to get some Christmas shopping done! ONLY THE MIXELS ARE LEFT! Mixels: $100 for the whole shebang! That's 36 sets total, with instruction booklets. Footi (41521) (Series 3 Spikels) Scorpi (41522) (Series 3 Spikels) Hoogi (41523) (Series 3 Spikels) Glomp (41518) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Glurt (41519) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Torts (41520) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Mesmo (41524) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Magnifo (41525) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Wizwuz (41526) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Meltus (41530) (Series 4 Infernites) Flamzer (41531) (Series 4 Infernites) Burnard (41532) (Series 4 Infernites) Globert (41533) (Series 4 Glowkies) Vampos (41534) (Series 4 Glowkies) Boogly (41535) (Series 4 Glowkies) Gox (41536) (Series 5 Klinkers) Jinky (41537) (Series 5 Klinkers) Kamzo (41538) (Series 5 Klinkers) Krog (41539) (Series 5 Frosticons) Chilbo (41540) (Series 5 Frosticons) Snoof (41541) (Series 5 Frosticons) Spugg (41542) (Series 5 Lixers) Turg (41543) (Series 5 Lixers) Tungster (41544) (Series 5 Lixers) Kramm (41545) (Series 6 Weldos) Forx (41546) (Series 6 Weldos) Wuzzo (41547) (Series 6 Weldos) Dribbal (41548) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Gurggle (41549) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Slusho (41550) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Snax (41551) (Series 6 Munchos) Berp (41552) (Series 6 Munchos) Vaka-Waka (41553) (Series 6 Munchos) Camillot (41557) (Series 7 Medivals) Mixadel (41558) (Series 7 Medivals) Paladum (41559) (Series 7 Medivals) Bike Shop and Cafe (31026) $70 SOLD Bricktober Mini Modulars: ALL SOLD Hotel (40141) $12 Bakery (40143) $10 Theater (40180) $10 Town Hall (40183) $10 Pizza Place (40181) $10 Fire Station (40182) $10 Train Station (40142) $10
  4. I went a little off the beaten path here with a Glorp Corp Maxel...kind of more like a Mega-Mixel lol It's made up mostly of pieces from the six Glorp Corp Mixels, plus a few random others. Tried to channel insects/xenomorphs. I mostly just miss Mixels and want them back lol Thanks for looking!
  5. Onepu the Protector

    Basil the Dragon

    >>> The full album <<< Basil the Dragon is a combo model I've built out of the pieces from Mixels Boogly, Glurt and Vampos.
  6. Bought my first Mixel set since they were on sale in our area. Grabbed the Medivals set since I wanted to create a "mech minotaur" as my first MOC. After a lot of failed attempts I've decided to make an exosuit for my desktop dwarf instead. Parts were inspired by the Mixel builds of chubbybots and dark_syntax Version 1 Dwarven Mech 1 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Version 2 I've decided to use as much parts as possible from the Medivals Mixels set to create a 2nd version of my dwarven mech. I tweaked and swap parts all around until I got satisfied with my work. Dwarven Mech 2.0 1 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2.0 2 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr Dwarven Mech 2.0 3 by Jon Jansen Campos, on Flickr
  7. Mail or maille (also chain mail(le) or chainmail(le)) is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Mixel hinges used instead of rings contains 3,820 pieces and around 5 hours build time. Fits 36" chest and unsuccessfully tried to wear it as the hinges kept popping out. Could be layered outside to keep them together but it would make it much heavier. So it's done for now... AC
  8. Build your own wearable brick accessories using the mixel joints... AC
  9. TheBrickPal

    Mixels 2016 Discussion

    We're headin' to Mixopolis, folks! SERIES 7 MCPD 41554 Kuffs 41555 Busto 41556 Tiketz Medivals 41557 Camillot 41558 Mixadel 41559 Paladum Mixies 41560 Jamzy 41561 Tapsy 41562 Trumpsy SERIES 8 MCFD 41563 Splasho 41564 Aquad 41565 Hydro Pyrratz 41566 Sharx 41567 Skulzy 41568 Lewt Medix 41569 Surgeo 41570 Skrubz 41571 Tuth SERIES 9 Trashoz 41572 Gobbol 41573 Sweepz 41574 Compax Nindjas 41575 Cobrax 41576 Spinza 41577 Mysto Newzers 41578 Screeno 41579 Camsta 41580 Myke
  10. I was looking at Captain America and Spider-man and thought about the similar color scheme. The mixels have recently had occupation themed mixels. How about a superhero mixel tribe using red, white and blue as the color scheme. The shield using mixel I've name Blockaid. I've calling the other one Zhero. Zhero was built first and is not as successful IMHO. He uses 88 pieces so he is high for a mixel. Additionally he has studs showing everywhere. I'm planning on doing a spider based mixel for the last one.
  11. With the Mixels series finally over. I set to acquire a complete army of Nixels. I've managed to get every unique printed Nixel face from 2016 except for 2. The Nixel face from Skulzy And the Nixel face from Camsta Now I would buy them from Bricklink. But no seller has both of them and I don't want to have to make 2 separate orders. So I'm asking if anyone here has both of them and would be willing to sell them to me.
  12. Mixels Aren't Dead... Kinda... Greetings and Salutations, And Happy Late Halloween, Fellow Eurobrickers! Today I present to you my very own Mixel Tribe, and indeed, a very spooky and Halloween themed one indeed. So, without any further ado, meet the mysterious Voodums tribe From left to right, we have: Ghooly, The leader: Baron Zom-Zom, and Mo Joe. As you see, the overall theme of the Tribe is Black Magic, Necromancy, and, of course, Voodoo, hence their name. The colorscheme is Black, Purple and Dark Green, with creepy Glow-in-the-dark addons, and a little bit of gold. At first glance, they might seem stiff and cold, but when you get to know them, they may become your friends to die for... Baron Zom-Zom is the Leader. He's a skilled magician, but don't expect him to pull out a rabbit (at least a live one) from his fancy top hat. He may be a little grim, but what would you expect from someone who lived all his life in gloomy marshes? Zom-Zom never is seen without his magic wand, which is the source of his Voodoo powers. Ghooly is the life of any party, even though he's nothing more than a walking coffin. He is also constantly hungry. Hungry for what? You don't want to know. All I can say, it begins with B, ends with a S, and it rhymes with Grains... Mo Joe may wear a headdress made of bones, but he ain't no bonehead, oh, no, in fact, he's so smart, he has a degree of a doctor, a witchdoctor that is. As Zom-Zom's assisstant, he is responsible for making all the wicked concoctions and talismans the Voodums use in their dark rituals. And, If you ask him politely, he'll show you his Snake Dance! And, as a bonus, here's a small zombified Nixel. I hoped you Enjoyed this little treat with no tricks, the .lxf will be soon avaible to download (If you ask for it politely :P), have a great November, and see you next MOC. Sincerly yours, Eggy.
  13. Takanuinuva

    Mixels My 3 Tribes

    Seeing as Mixels is cancelled. I figured now is a good time to post the updated versions of the three Mixel tribes I created. First off is the Pink all female tribe. The Carolites. Carolites are environmentalists and live at a lake surrounded by flowers. Mamo is there leader. Her personality is so calming it even settles the rage of Nixels. Pieces 44 Then there's Hearth. While not very bright. She puts 110% percent in everything. Pieces 55 Lastly is Scala. She is stubborn. One Mixel you don't want to argue with. Pieces 51 Max The second tribe is the grey tribe. The Airheds. They live high up in the clouds and cause the weather for Planet Mixel. They can all fly There leader is Waftson. He has a bit of a gas problem so don't get behind him. Pieces 65 Bluster's head is a giant fan. It always spins and makes him dizzy. Pieces 48 Fogorn can mimic any sound. Though at a much louder volume. Pieces 40 Max The third tribe is the gold tribe. The Eyeguys. As the name says each member has multiple eyes There leader is Spiclops. He's very friendly but his insect appearance tends to frighten other Mixels. Pieces 48 Isor can see in multiple directions but tends to forget which way is forward. Pieces 47 (Ignore the name in the links. I just came up with a better name today) Oculus loves shiny objects. He's attempted to steal Shuff's Ceramic collection more than once. Pieces 63 Max
  14. As much as I enjoy Lego, I have a very small collection of sets that includes a bunch of Mixels, some minifigures, and a few mini modulars. The Mixel max builds invariably leave you with a handful of unused pieces, typically 1x1 studs and slopes and other miscellaneous small bricks. So yesterday I challenged myself to use some small black baseplates as the foundations of a few micro city scenes, inspired in part by soccerkid6's clever medieval micro builds. Here's what I ended up with. These two buildings are built on two 2x4 black baseplates each: And each of these is built on a minifig baseplate: They ended up being a bit abstract, but I enjoyed the challenged of using excess pieces and trying to create a theme across several builds. In particular, it was good to use some of those extra minifig baseplates, which I hadn't been able to use in anything else until this project.
  15. kofi

    [MOC] Mixel-Ent

    Hey there! Here is my Mixel Ent, built out of 50 parts. Hope you enjoy! Mixel Ent by kofi, auf Flickr
  16. Hi, this time I used some parts from MIXELS 41554-56 to create this motorcycle. Hope you all like my creation!
  17. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 41560-62 Yellow Mecha

    This time I used the parts from MIXLES 41560-62 to build this yellow mecha. Hope you all like it!
  18. Hey Guys, I've gone on a building spree the last few weeks and decided to film all the sets I have. I never thought it would be this fun to build Mixels. I'm still a bit sketchy with my videos since i'm trying to learn different techniques. Let me know what you think of the video and how it could be better. Enjoy
  19. Hi, As you all know, the Mixels franchise invites you to mix each mixel model into something bigger. This time around I'm messing with the series 6 Glob Corp tribe, composed of Dribbal (set 41548), Gurgle (set 41549) and Slusho (41550): The challenge is to create something funny with solely these pieces: Here's my first max build (using the pieces from the three models), I call it Voodoo Max. VOODOO MAX INSTRUCTIONS Hope you MIXELS fans like it.
  20. I'll leave you all this Tumblr post to dwell on. Feel free to come up with any crazy connections you can find.
  21. Takanuinuva

    Creating the Misical Muxels

    I have some prototype designs made for what I think the music tribe Misical Muxels would look like. The 3 of them are based off a snare drum, an organ and a guitar. What I'd like is some color scheme and name ideas. Right now the colors i have are black and silver. I don't want to do black since the Nixels have that color. But the silver will probably stay since I'm using that for the organ pipes and guitar strings. The prototype names I came up with are Bassie, Truble and Cleft Here are 2 pictures of there prototype designs. No Max yet until I finalize there designs http://www.brickshel...al_muxels_1.png http://www.brickshel...al_muxels_2.png
  22. wallacechow2005

    [Alternate MOC] MIXELS Mecha

    This time I only take use the parts from the MIXELS 41536-38 to build this Mecha. These 3 packs are good for MOC mecha or robot as many ball joints are provided. Also there are many metallic silver part and technic parts. Hope you all like my creation.
  23. Don't be fooled, this Mixels MAX can see you which ever way he is facing you, so don't think you can get away that easily. Glozon by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Glozon by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr 'MOC: Glozon' Album: I really hope you enjoyed this MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel