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  1. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Small Ford Hoonicorn

    With plastic wheels it should lame-drift :D
  2. Fast and simple model with big steering angle inspired by the Ken Block's Hoonigan Ford "Hoonicorn" Mustang. The scale is compatible with 42098 Car Transporter. The model is powered by the BuWizz 2.0 and driven by a single L motor. The car has a one whopping manual function - freely spinning turbos. It was build in approximately 5 hours. Hope you like it. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  3. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] BMW M3 E30

    Made some changes to the exterior.
  4. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Microvan Kei Car

    Totally forgot about a video.
  5. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Microvan Kei Car

    Thanks! Thanks! I used Subaru Libero as the base for the proportions.
  6. Very compact Japanese microvan kei car. 9 studs wide, 24 studs long. It is powered by BuWizz 2.0 and single L-Motor. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  7. Made yet another set of modifications: The pull-back system swapped with the remote controlled system Front end swapped with the custom design Small changes to the design throughout the model Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  8. Made a lot of the chassis improvements. Stud.io model at Rebrickable was updated.
  9. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] BMW M3 E30

    Sadly I never managed to fit something into the c-pillar that wouldn't look ugly.
  10. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] BMW M3 E30

    Remade the rear end with more accurate rear lights.
  11. Big thanks for the instructions! Already on Rebrickable.
  12. It works fine. Parts won't be damaged overtime. But it is considered as an illegal technique for Lego. More legal solution. But it looks much worse due to a gap caused by the studs at the edge.
  13. Shaking isn't a problem really. But crashing head on into the wall is.
  14. Stock 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron looked very unfinished to me. So I made some improvements. - Detachable Interior The most glaring omission of the original set. Some seats and a steering wheel make the model so much better. Free Stud.io model - Detailed Front End When the stickers don't cut it. More detailed front end made of bricks. Free Stud.io model Finished result: