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  1. My first attempt at building a construction vehicle. The tracked crawler front loader with a fully functional boom. It can lift and transport up to 400g of load. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  2. But with planetary wheel hubs instead
  3. Mercedes-Benz Unimog I made to compete in the outdoor truck trials. The 3D model is avaliable for free at Rebrickable.
  4. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] [Control+] Oriole Rig

    And after 2 years I finally completed a free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  5. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Kei Van

    Made a lot of improvements to the model.
  6. Very compact (9 studs wide, 22 studs long) Japanese kei car. It was made to compete in the kei car racing event. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable Old version: Current version:
  7. Yes. The 4x4 drivetrain is free spinning. At the rear the drivetrain is connected to the improvised disk brake made out of the 30mm wheel and the actuator. Lateral grip is very important too. That's why I used wide slick wheels. Rear brakes only are very bad idea. Everyone with the rear brakes only spun out during the race. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Video from the event:
  8. This model was created to compete in the Downhill Race event. The goal of the event was to build a gravity-powered vehicle with working brakes and complete the course on inclined park walks. Functions: - 4-wheel transmission brake; - Steering. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  9. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Technic Jet Aircraft

    The F35 resemblance is just a coincidence. It wasn't meant to be any particular fighter jet. I had in mind a trainer jet. Something like T-45 Goshawk.
  10. This model was inspired by the idea to use as much technic panels as possible. It can fit a minifigure inside and got a functional landing gear. It can fit a minifigure inside and got a functional landing gear. Free Stud.io model at Rebrickable
  11. Here's a short video. Obviously I can't floor it to show the max speed due to space limitations. Can't test it outdoors right now because of snow sadly.
  12. The fast and light model inspired by Formula One McLaren cars of the late 80's - early 90's. Made in the Marlboro livery. Power: BuWizz 2.0; Propulsion: RC Buggy Motor; Weight: 1Kg; Working quick release steering wheel; No suspension for better rigidity. Free stud.io file
  13. apachaihapachai

    Outdoor and Indoor Events

    Indoor events.