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  1. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure Lake Pickup Truck

    There was an outdated video with the WIP version of the model.
  2. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure Lake Pickup Truck

    The front suspension is basically the same as in this MOC with photo sequence instructions
  3. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure Lake Pickup Truck

    Yes they are. I'm using eyesight renderer with the highest settings. Some photos of the model:
  4. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure Lake Pickup Truck

    Made a complete overhaul of the model with the free instructions to go with it. The renders and the link to Rebrickable are in the first post. Real photos and videos will be added later.
  5. Playing with those kind of models is not the greatest idea in general if you are concerned about breaking any parts. :D But nevertheless even with exposed BuWizz you should be fine driving on reasonable surfaces. Fixed, sorry.
  6. Finally made the instructions. Available at Rebrickable for free.
  7. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure V8 Racer

    Added working steering wheel Unused variant of the rear end.
  8. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure V8 Racer

    Added better mirrors Added new rear splitter Added roof scoop Updated the instructions for the changes above
  9. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Ferrari F355

    The model itself looks nice. But the proportions of the model in relation to the real car seems off tbh. I guess the roof should be 1 or 2 studs lower.
  10. apachaihapachai

    [TC20] 2020's 8880 supercar

    Looks way better than the original
  11. apachaihapachai

    Outdoor Events

    We don't have a strict policy about visual appearance because it is too subjective. The main goal is to have fun, not to make a best looking model altogether.
  12. I noticed that generally the most popular event for outdoor competitions are Truck Trials. In Moscow Technic Crew RLUG we are making monthly events and don't want to stick to the trials only. So we are trying to make every event to be different. The point of this topic is to show and share ideas for the events. Some examples: - Downhill race using brakes and steering only. - Track racing in 42093-scale models. Time attack and head-to-head racing. - 42078-scale semi-trailer truck driving. Where you need to complete the course without and with the cargo. - Long range (2km) expedition where you need to finish the course without breaking the model or draining the batteries. - Hill climb racing. - King of the Hammers race
  13. But it's not that hard to build a good performing offroader using small wheels. And speaking about the topic. I think the main flaw of the set is price tag. Nothing more, nothing less. Couple of mods definetely can make it drive way better.
  14. apachaihapachai

    [MOC] Azure V8 Racer

    I think Metallic Green could be a great color for this.