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  1. Anyhow, I have this theory regarding the upcoming Fire Plane. in 2015, when the tapered panel was introduced, we get the Fire Plane 42040 with 7 of that new panel. In 2018, we get the 42066 Jet with 10 of that panels in black for the first time and 4 in medium blue. It seems like whenever TLG wants to introduce a new color in a slanted/tapered panel, they'd release a plane. So I guess the upcoming Fire Plane will have lots of tapered panels in the new neon yellow color.
  2. Also there's info about a technic polybag with 78 pieces.
  3. That pin with friction is required to make the collective pitch not collapse by itself due to gravity.
  4. Don't you think TLG will make printed small mudguard in black for the rear of the upcoming Camaro.
  5. I'm really curious about how this side profile is going to be replicated in Technic.
  6. I brought a 2nd copy of Lamborghini last week, and noticed a new level of color inconsistency lol. The pistons in the engines have slightly different shades of yellow. Some of them have orange-ish yellow, closer to the shade in 42099. Some has the regular yellow. I forgot to take the photos.
  7. The tail rotor spins at 2.7 times the speed of the motor, so no wonder the motor struggles.
  8. Same here for me. Three weeks ago there was a warehouse sales of the sole distributor of Lego in my country, and there are lots of McLarens. I find that unusual, because 42123 is a set I regard very highly.
  9. The Peugeot might bring back the curved panels from 42113.
  10. I think this is the only year in which the 2H flagship is leaked 1 year in advance No point in guessing it until 2024.
  11. Why does the list sound like a rerun of 2022 1H to me Am I old and jaded or does the 1H list sound kinda uninspiring
  12. Bugatti Bolide seems to be the successor to the 42123 McLaren, which I really like.
  13. Since Rebrickable removes my mods, I'm gonna put them here. Also new entries: 42040 White Parts and 42040 No White Mod.
  14. That might be the inspiration for the next 42065/42095 clone. The trend is that the flagship will be the biggest/among the biggest machinery of each kind. There are already - Biggest front excavator - Biggest hauler - Biggest bulldozer - Biggest crawler crane (I guessed this one correctly based on the previous flagships) Last year I wrote a list of the remaining biggest things that TLG hasn't done. - Bucket trench excavator- Simple hydraulic boom excavator- Dragline excavator- 6x6 mobile crane - 8x8 mobile crane- Tower crane- Backhoe - Mining dump truck- Combine harvester - Biggest front loader- Biggest reach stacker- Biggest forklift- Biggest telehandler Let's see if the flagship fall into which one for 2023 or 2024 (if the Liebherr crane is released in 2023)