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  1. I'm just a casual fan who likes to take things out and make them go for a few rides and put them back on shelves. I'm not really into all the off-road or extreme trials. So even though PU system has its advantages as you said, they don't increase the values of this particular set to 42129 me and don't outweigh the hassles that running the C+ app involves.
  2. Ngoc Nguyen

    General Part Discussion

    After I put the PF mod into my Zetros, I have two of the 2x3 curve L liftarms left. I'm quite sad to discover that their axle holes don't align. TLG doesn't seem to have solved this problem.
  3. Got my paws on the the 42129 the other day and quickly incorporated the PF mod (Servo steer) into it. I'm very happy with how the set performs and the decision to go for the PF mod instead. It doesn't perform any worse than the standard design, and whenever I want to play with it I can just turn on the switch, pick up the IR controller, and start driving. No need to wait for all the hassles of app config, calibration, update, errors and whatnot.
  4. Ngoc Nguyen

    Technic Model Comparison

    The Unimog is oversized compared to its function. I think if it was designed in the more recent Technic lineup it would be scaled around the Zetros's wheels instead.
  5. Crane goes up, crane goes down, that counts as a transformation righttt
  6. Ngoc Nguyen

    Technic Model Comparison

    The three Mercedes Benz bros.
  7. Ngoc Nguyen

    General Part Discussion

    I got my paws on a new 42129 yesterday, and while building it I discovered that the pins in that set are also crooked too. This is so annoying.
  8. Go nuts.
  9. I finished building this model in Studio yesterday, and I realized that @Jim was right: the building experience is very enjoyable, unexpectedly so. I can't really explain why or how, but that's my impression.
  10. Is one PF battery box enough to power 6-7 RC functions?
  11. I've finished building this set in Studio. The only missing parts are the tracks. I'll take a break for some days and then I'll start the PF conversion mod.
  12. I think PF just doesnt go well with a 1-2-3 gearbox. That's why I removed it from my 42114 PF in the beginning.
  13. Ngoc Nguyen

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    That's a tiny improvement over the 42109 Ducatti.. But why do I feel like it's more likely than not