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  1. I thought 1H flagship has a shelf life of 1.5 year? 42052 Helicopter was released at the beginning of 2016 and was retired sometimes mid 2017.
  2. We already have that page. We call it brickset.
  3. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Is there any front loader refuse truck without the upper cabin cover? The 42078 B model doesn't have the upper cabin cover. Garbage may fall on it.
  4. Or maybe he just has speech impairment
  5. U Wabra has never appeared on any Technic Designer videos as far as I remember. Someone else will do the talking about the sets for him.
  6. Put me in the let's wait until there are official pics camp
  7. Considering my preference for Technic and my general indifference for LEGO Superheroes also, may I inquire into how your expectations for what's coming up for Batman has anything to do with Technic in general and with this thread in particular
  8. Or closing a grabber, or rotating a small turntable, or tilting an attachment. In general all the things from far away, at the tip of an appendage.
  9. After that I can finally rest in peace... or pieces of Lego...
  10. The two things I've been waiting for are finally here this year: a garbage truck and a forklift. I dont know what I should wait for next anymore. Maybe a flagship backhoe. But nothing to wait for after that.
  11. @Cardboy The pin holes are 3 studs apart. The dashes and the x all represent 1 stud.
  12. @Cardboy It is like this - - - - - - o - x - o x is axle hole o is pin hole No lever
  13. I think he meant both articulated steering and front axle steering.
  14. I think the steering is like this -- -- 20z -- -- -- -- -- 20z -- turntable gear rack The direction of the 42080 is like this I think --------\ front rear \ \ | cabin |
  15. There are also 2 red pins with bush in the front portion of the lower body. They signify the integration of two seperate modules. I'd say there is a large turntable under the cabin. It doesn't need a knob to rotate. The superstructure of 42053 doesn't need a knob to rotate either.