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  1. How did you find Lego's internal names for parts?
  2. SO that it can be sold to Monkey D. Luffy.
  3. I'm not really into all these Space sets either. The only set that I might get is the VTOL as it resembles the Osprey.
  4. Probably 42184 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut White Hyperca
  5. Hi everyone, this is a question from RacingBrick
  6. Hi everyone, this is a 3rd party controller from RacingBrick
  7. Ngoc Nguyen

    Technic Pub

    Asking for an acquaintance.
  8. Is it though? From what I've seen, the front and rear axles are constructed similarly.
  9. I whipped up the function pages for the mini 42054 as well. ]
  10. The next installment in my mini set collection is the shrunk 42078 B model Mack LR Front Loader. Rebrickable link: This one was initially not in my plan, but since there's a Mack LR on the market, I might as well take up the chance. Because of that, this model is also a 42167 mod, and it has the color scheme of 42167 instead of that of 42078 B model. However, if someone wishes to build it in the 42078 color scheme, they just need to swap the pieces for the cabin. The color for the fork is yellow instead of green because the bent 11 liftarm (32009) in green hasn't appeared in any Lego set in 22 years. In real life the fork also comes in orange, but the quarter ellipse 2x3 liftarm is not available in that color at the time of this post. During the design process I've also incorporated several details from the real Mack LR Front Loader, most frequently this one. Therefore, there are some differences from the Lego 42078 B model. For example, the rear hatch is curved and not slant, and there are fire extinguishers. I also included a cabin cover, which is very conveniently replicable through the new 2x5x3 curved quarter ellipse thick panel. I was also able to route the HOG steering to behind the cabin cover, and the HOG knob is removable for display. The movement of the fork does not interfere with the cabin cover. The model has most of the functions of 42078 B model, namely: - Steerable front axle - Openable doors - Liftable front forks - Tiltable bin holder - Extendable ejecting blade - Openable rear hatch There's no top cover for the trash tank because I couldn't get it to work properly in this scale. Even in my 42078 B model that top cover doesn't always work properly either, so I decided to drop it. The hardest part during the design process is the gearing under the trash tank. I need to route two independent functions (Ejector Blade and Fork) in a space of 3 stud height, while taking into account the rotation direction of the knobs and their corresponding functions. And since there's no linear actuator, I need to put the fork function through a worm gear which takes up space as well. But in the end I managed to solve the problem rather elegantly. More photos coming soon. If I can figure out how to do the rear compressor function for the rear loader type, I will make the third Mack LR model as well. But that's for the future. And in case you're wondering if I plan to do the 42078 A model, the answer is yes, but only the Mack Anthem tractor unit. I don't feel like the trailer is gonna be worth my while.
  11. I have something else in development for you
  12. Tha's not a Scania's face