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  1. @deki Check this step: The gears use 1 tan pin and 1 blue pin. Maybe you use 2 blue pins. Blue pins are the ones with friction, while tan ones without.
  2. It's simple: Someone would announce that they have the link, and everyone just needs to PM them for pic.
  3. Same fate on 42070 is now on sale for 186 EUR there. From 250 EUR to 186 EUR, mighty long fall.
  4. I found this MOD while looking for a set on The set owner put the BBox behind the cab. I think this MOD is worth applying because it not only reduces the tension of the motor cable but also cover the protruding engine in the back.
  5. I think the live from the Lego Vault concludes everything there is to do with the 40 year anniversary. Can't really imagine what is there to do next given that it's only two more months until the release of 2018 1H (1H are usually released in December of the prior year instead of Jan 1st of that year).
  6. I browsed brickset and found that there hasn't there been any set with double rear 49.5 wheels.
  7. I think that pic matches the silouette most. In the silhouette there's a noticeable gap between the front wheel arch and the bumper, and the truck in your pic seems to have that too.
  8. But, but, there are no hood mirrors in the silouhette D:
  9. What are the most ugly B models

    Ok noted. Thanks Milan.
  10. OH! I've just realized that the Mack Anthem has another pair of mirrors on the hood, but the silhouette doesn't indicate them. So maybe it's not gonna be the Anthem..
  11. I dont get why some people still think the Mack is going to have Arocs wheels. The silouhette indicates pretty clearly (at least to me) that it has wheels of the Mining Truck. And since the Mack has the price of the Xerion I'm raising my hopes for dual tyres of the truck. That'd mean this set will have 14 wheels in total! I'm hoping TLG isn't stingy in this regard. It's a licensed truck after all, and the last licensed truck (Arocs) has proper dual tyres.
  12. What are the most ugly B models

    In light of the new sets since 2013, I think it's worth updating this thread. Semi B-models now include: 42042, 42043, 42054, 42066 Ugly B-models now include: 42029, 42030, 42037, 42070. And I think we have an undisputable winner for the worst B model: 42070.
  13. So the 42039 equivalent is now degraded into second place of 1H, while the 42054 equivalent from 2H is now the flagship of 1H. TLG upped the ante this time. Good indication for even more outrageous prices in 2H.