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  1. noahtheb

    [MOC] Volkswagen Beetle - Baja

    That suspension work is amazing. I also like the engine on the back.
  2. noahtheb

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    This page takes so long to load because of all those youtube embeds, but it's worth it. That Porsche looks so hot. Nice simple technique for the wing too.
  3. noahtheb

    [MOC] 76912 Porsche 911

    I love how vintage this looks.
  4. noahtheb

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    Those usually translate into lego better too.
  5. noahtheb

    [REVIEW] 76912 Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    I plan to fix that just as soon as I get my hands on that set!
  6. noahtheb

    [MOC] Wester Into The Aspens

    Agreed, that wagon looks amazing, and is the highlight of the build for me. NPU on the trunks of the trees.
  7. noahtheb

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    I love how the tree contrasts the rocks. Great shaping on the rocks too. Also I love the upside-down legs of someone drowning:)
  8. noahtheb

    [MOC] (Not so) Abandoned Tower

    I love all the foliage, it looks really well thought-out and adds a lot of life to the build.
  9. noahtheb

    [REVIEW] 76912 Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    The description of the rear end is so good. I thought the same exact thing when I saw the set, and can totally imagine the rear end being the oversized abdomen of a spider.
  10. That technique for the fins on the rear is spot-on!
  11. noahtheb

    [MOC] 76908 Bugatti EB 110

    That looks really clean!
  12. noahtheb

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    If they do make a Utopia, I really hope they don't butcher it. I feel like it's one of those cars that's hard to build well, but if you do find a way to do it, it'll look great. Otherwise, without stickers, it'll be almost unrecognizable. I also hope it comes in the tan color of the Utopia, that would be really unique.
  13. noahtheb

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    I'd prefer the silver and blue one, because we'd get the decal stickers, and we could convert it to all blue if we wanted to. As for the bugatti, I totally agree, and I'd prefer the Divo, as it's relatively less rare.
  14. I'm glad you decided to update your mocs on here, I really like the Delta S4!
  15. noahtheb

    76901 Toyota GR Supra Mods And Improvements

    That looks so good, i love how the small mods made such a difference. I think I'm gonna do a really small mod by adding a stickshift because of the new manual Supra.