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  1. Many models have a digital build available - there's a topic with a list of them on Eurobricks. You can use those as a starting point, show the disassembly and then show the installation of new parts. I think the choice between PDF instructions (photo or LPub) and video instructions will come down to what you're more comfortable doing. Both will be time consuming if you want them to look good.
  2. @curakar Very nice collection! I sometimes wish I had the self restraint to keep my sets assembled.
  3. Nice to hear that you got it working - there are occasional posts here asking for help getting RCX to play nice with modern operating systems (and vice versa). I think your excitement will be shared by others.
  4. @AVCampos Thanks for the explanation, it clears up my confusion.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but the EV3 IR remote can control PF motors. How is the protocol different? The only function on the remote that doesn't do anything for PF is the constant IR beacon that the remote can emit.
  6. @imurvai Spectacular work uniting all the available controls. The IR controller will also work on Mindstorms. The only thing left is controlling Mindstorms via Bluetooth .
  7. Liebherr LR 11000

    Incredible work, and welcome to Eurobricks. Like @nerdsforprez said, it's hard to imagine something this huge being functional at the same time. Congratulations on the engineering that went into this build.
  8. food cutter

    Hahaha! This is very amusing to watch. Nice work, version 2 can scan the board for fruit location.
  9. Very good progress so far. How synchronized is the current ticking with real time? Is it something you're aiming for, or is the Lego time system enough?
  10. Cellular automaton machine

    Fantastic work! I'm guessing this is a modular machine that can have as many cells/units as you want?
  11. Nice project, thanks for sharing it. I like the swinging tail quite a bit.
  12. Ford Mustang GT 350-H

    Very nice work, the recolored parts look great.
  13. I added this topic to the Technic Video Tips, it has some very good information.
  14. @Erik Leppen You opinion on the two subjective contests mirrors mine. I prefer clearly defined goals or judging criteria. I'm all in favour of a smaller contest with no prizes. I have two weeks off between classes and could use some Lego time.
  15. My experience with toe-out hasn't been very good. It slows down the car, but maybe balloon tires will have less problems because of the smaller contact area with the ground. Are you planning to lubricate the small turntables? Their friction will sap some power from the motors. Beyond those two points everything looks great. I've been following the build since day 1 and it is a pleasure to watch the car evolve.