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  1. Heads up for Canadians, Costco now has 2017H2 sets: https://www.costco.ca/CatalogSearch?keyword=lego+technic&pageSize=96 Notable discounts: 42070 - $260 CAD vs $370 MSRP 42069 - $175 CAD vs $240 MSRP
  2. Name Unknown

    Hahaha! that's awesome! Is the color scheme final, or is it a WIP?
  3. [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    Nice work so far and it's nice to see that you are very open to suggestions. The wings could be wider, like @Jeroen Ottens said. It would give you a chance to have larger control surfaces - the ones you have now look too small in relation to the aircraft.
  4. [TC12] The Unrollable

    @kodlovag Thanks for the explanation, can't wait to see the seat in action!
  5. [TC12] The Unrollable

    This looks great! How does the seat switch orientation to keep the driver's head up? I can't figure out - it seems like the seat is too wide to rotate inside the cage, and from what I can see the cage doesn't rotate...
  6. Hi, welcome to Eurobricks. Your post is a lacking a bit of info, but here are some troubleshooting tips: Check the batteries in the remote and battery box, swap them out with new ones. Make sure the remote and receiver are set to the same channel (1 to 4). Check both outputs on the receiver by connecting LED lights or motors to them. Connect different motors/lights to the receiver outputs to make sure you don't have a bad motor. Make sure your wire connection bricks are clicked in all the way. Check that your battery box is putting out power by connecting the motor or lights directly to it. If this doesn't work you can contact Lego customer service, they will probably send you a new unit.
  7. Redneck Muddin' Truck

    What a fun build! I think the fear of losing a bunch of 12 tooth gears (from the diffs) in mud would have driven me to a solid axle - it's really fun to watch it with differentials, even though they don't perform too well. Great job keeping the electronics out of the mud and water. It usually increases the center of gravity, but I see the motors are nice and low. I played around with Lego vehicles in snow a few times and keeping electrical components dry is always a priority. By the way, thanks for the credit on the engine, I'm glad to see it was useful for you.
  8. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    Maybe the key word should be Model. It's supposed to replicate something that exists, I don't think the scale or the amount of functions is relevant.
  9. Mark V Tank

    This is a great build, Sariel. I particularly like the gun movement mechanism, which is smoother than butter and still very fast. It also doesn't have the jerky motion often seen when linear actuators reach the end of their travel. The video is very good, too.
  10. [MOC] LEGO Forwarder XXL

    This is the approach I would take, and if it doesn't work, I would gear down the motors even further than the 1:4 reduction you currently have. It will slow down the truck but may actually let the wheels turn.
  11. Very nice start, you really captured the spirit of this contest so far.
  12. [WIP] 2014 VW XL Sport RC

    I really like the approach you've taken with the blue panel builds. Different cars let you experiment with different building techniques, so of you ever want to make your own design, you can just apply what you've learned. Nice work on this one.
  13. No, he did not. Paul is a very talented builder, and taking the opportunity to monetize his talents is not a "bad choice".
  14. You are most likely hitting the nail on the head here, age range aside. Lego wants to sell sets to kids who have outgrown the City/Ninjago/Superhero lines. What easier way than making a simple Technic set that feels like a grown up version of a City bulldozer or a Chima hovercraft? The kids get introduced to Technic parts, visible mechanical functions, and are hopefully retained as customers for the next 3 or 4 years, not to mention the possibility of becoming an AFOL later on.
  15. For a moment I thought the wheels on the compactor/bulldozer were new, but it looks like these: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=64711&idColor=85#T=P&C=85