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  1. Are pneumatics allowed? There's no mention of them in the rules.
  2. BusterHaus

    [EV3] Climber Robot

    "The challenge was to climb a rope 2.5 meters long to reach the ceiling, deploy a flag and return to the ground. 4 motor, 4 sensors explained at the end of the video." Very cool project! The rope detection and grabbing are my favorite part. Was the footage of rope taken from the pixycam?
  3. A custom one would be stronger, although would take much more place.
  4. Nice start! You have some pretty ambitious goals, although I don't think they are out of reach. When I saw the dual drive my mind immediately went to skid steering, but the wheel base would have to be shorter to make turn easier. Are you planning on driving it in the snow?
  5. This is very cool, you made a physical version of the bubble sort. I don't think I've ever seen it before. The Geneva mechanism that uses the chain is excellent, it had me wondering for half the video how it was achieved. By the way, this project would fit very well in the Eurobricks Robotics Forum...
  6. @iLego The first level of customer service won't be able to help you, but for technical Mindstorms questions they can connect you with one of their experts. Not sure if they do it in every case - the one time this happened to me the second-level person didn't sound like regular customer support, more like an engineer.
  7. BusterHaus

    Compact heavy ratchet joint techniques?

    If the goal is just to pose it, a turntable with a worm screw will probably be your best bet. Edit: added picture. The lower gear is used to distribute the torque over a longer distance.
  8. The small EV3 motor is comparable in size to a PF L motor. It is very precise and will stop at exact positions. You will not need a white clutch gear, as the position is always known and you can use a homing cycle when starting the program to find the rotation limits. The drawback is that the controller brick is bulky in comparison to a PF battery box and IR receiver. You will likely have to sacrifice some of the interior to fit the controller brick and a gearbox.
  9. BusterHaus

    Pin Sorting Machine

    This post won't give you a solution, but maybe it will help you see the work you are facing. From what I've seen, hoppers/feeders and alignment mechanisms are some of the most challenging devices to create. The solutions often involve two or more mechanical "tricks" combined together to achieve something that looks like magic. @thekitchenscientist mentioned vibration, but you can also have surfaces with different coefficients of friction, static "fingers" that tip the object in a particular direction, screw feeders, star wheels, conveyors running in opposite directions, gravity chutes and hoppers. There's probably a ton of other options in this arsenal of "tricks", and combining them is a whole science. Electronics are often used to test the outcome of the device - for example, a bottle that is placed upside down on a filling line will be detected before getting to the filling mechanism. It will then be knocked out of line and returned to the hopper/feeder. So the mechanism doesn't need to be perfect, as long as you build in a way to eliminate bad results. (At some point efficiency becomes an issue, but that's a different story.) Good luck, this is quite an ambitious project.
  10. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    Congratulations on finishing it and for sharing the progress once again. Your choice to revisit these older sets gets a huge thumbs up from me - I never built these sets, and in all likelihood never will. Watching your progress and updates is a close substitute.
  11. Cute soccer bot! Are the holonomic wheels part of the expansion set? The non-Lego version of the bot seems to have a 360 degree camera - can the Pixycam be used in such a setup?
  12. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    @grum64 You'd have to come up with a while new set of tools and methods to speed it up - something like the Grum Yank instead of the Grum Knock.
  13. Very nice project - I like that you showed everything: building, connections and code.
  14. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    @grum64 I stand by it! I'm one of those people who take a build apart almost as soon as it's completed. It's usually so quick that there's no time to document the process.
  15. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    When you run out of space on the shelves and need to take models apart to free up space, you can do disassembly updates here.