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  1. 1967 Eleanor Mustang

    Fantastic model, I love the Cobra symbol on the side. The whole build looks great - I think it's the attention to all the small details. Keep up the good work!
  2. I really like the look of this car - very cool and performs well, too.
  3. Grum's Shed

    Holy cow, Grum, you lucked out with so little damage. I'm sorry it happened, but I'm pretty sure you're more determined than before to get it done. Stay strong buddy! By the way, when you were writing about chairs I had an idea of using two chairs a few feet apart, laying a smooth metal rod across them, then using a string or two to raise and lower the arm. It would make for a quick, primitive crane, although your current method seems to be working fairly well - as long as you don't have brushes with the controller.
  4. Great little SUV, the video is fantastic. Those low angle shots make it look like a real car and show off the speed.
  5. @jaffrry Nice build, I'm impressed with the driving speed. Brick models are usually heavier and slower, and the small tracks aren't the strongest, so it's very cool to see the good performance.
  6. This MOC looks great! I noticed a bit of vibration on the arm in the video - is this caused by the u-joints being close to their bending limit?
  7. Hah, exactly what I had in mind! It's perfect.
  8. Nice original MOC! The finishing touches on the controller and control tower are very good, and the tube routing is very clean. The video is great, too! By the way, I expected the gangway to be the Abbey Road crosswalk.
  9. I'm not sure if this MOC belongs in the Technic or Star Wars forum, but I'll post it here and let the moderators decide. I recently picked up set # 75532, Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike. It's a very nice set, but has no alternate build, so I made a C-Model (or B, I suppose) out of it. Here is what the original looks like: Endor Walker I built a Star Wars-themed walker as the alternate model: Functions: Opening cabin Tilting cabin Pivoting feet and legs Features: Cabin with seat Twin cannons Turbine engine under cabin The legs and feet can be set in many different poses, with each of them moving independently. The cabin can tilt once the legs are in place, allowing the aiming of cannons. Here are some more pictures: Inside the cabin is a seat: Rear section:
  10. Awesome build, it looks like an official set. The level bucket is quite impressive to watch.
  11. A great little pair - I especially like the forklift with its three functions in such a small package.
  12. I'm sure it could be easily avoided by placing a clutch gear in the drive train... Seriously, I doubt you will ever see a car gearbox that's motorized from Lego. It brings too much risk of damaged parts. Edit: @Milan I like your review quite a bit, especially the use of Gifs to show the functions. Keep up the great work.
  13. Very good work, Sariel. It's a very cool demonstration of the torque effect.
  14. Grum's Shed

    I'm glad to hear that my method was useful! It's crazy how much it stuck with me over the years. I had a job many years ago where I used it when installing chains on industrial machines. But enough reminiscing - your build is going great, you should be quite proud. I'm still curious as to how you'll lift the arm to install it.
  15. Very good model, the pickup mechanism with the brushes works great. I like the video quite a bit, it showed your model but also explains how its real life equivalent works.