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  1. @Jack Bloomer TLG has a lot of different (often competing) targets to reach when designing a set, including minimal part count and durability. Half stud offsets do not stress parts, so they are most likely legal, but they increase complexity and part count. AFOLS are not subject to the same targets, so we are free to build in ways that will never be used by TLG. That being said, a portion of us stick to not stressing parts and only having legal connection, or avoiding illegal ones as much as possible possible. @Didumos69 designs his stuff this way, so I wouldn't worry about half stud offsets in his hands.
  2. Nice work, the speed is quite crazy. Do you have a boat battery level indicator on the controller? Or is a swimming regimen part of the development process?
  3. BusterHaus

    Testing design linkages

    http://blog.rectorsquid.com/linkage-mechanism-designer-and-simulator/ A second vote for this one, as it is quite good, but it takes a bit of time to learn all the options. I still prefer physical building for linkages because it is easier to discover unintended consequences or states. I think simulators are more useful for complex linkages, or finding optimal paths.
  4. @Philo I can make a drawing when I receive the parts. Can you open DXF or DWG files, or is a drawing annotated with dimensions better?
  5. @Didumos69 My parts are in the mail, I'll be able to test designs soon. I'm also following the LDraw parts tracker, but the wave selector is not there yet.
  6. The answer to this has come up in the past, in a way. There are several members who have expressed the willingness to participate in a contest that has no prizes. You can include me in that group, as long as the goals are clearly defined. I think prizes are a bonus for many people, it's the competition that's the real payoff.
  7. I think @Erik Leppen is driving home a very valid point. The idea of a contest is very appealing if the rules and goals are clearly defined. It makes participating and judging much more enjoyable.
  8. That rear light is starting to look like the real thing. Nice work.
  9. I'm very interested in this as well. I made some preliminary 6-speed layouts, but centering the wave selector axle in a triangular setup is somewhat problematic (so far).
  10. I checked this in LDCad and I'm not 100% sure that a 2 axle solution will work. When the tan gears are aligned with the 16z gear, the orientation of the input axles puts the 12z gears in positions that interfere with the 24z gear. One side can mesh properly, but the other side looks to be interfering. I tried to split the difference with no success. A physical build may behave differently. No Facebook here, what's in the link?
  11. Yup, although you're saving on the width. The only downside is that it uses a weak 8z gear, making it unsuitable for mechanized models. @Limga Were you looking for a 2 speed gearbox for a manual or motorized model?
  12. @Bublehead Why not go through the HOF topic, pick a few models and contact the creators directly?
  13. Nice work guys! The length of the video is just right - it shows progress at a good pace and keeps the interest piqued.
  14. BusterHaus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @Void_S I would wait a bit before sharing it publicly. The knockoff sets are still in pre-sale, why make their life any easier. You can probably share it with EB members you trust through more private channels.