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  1. BusterHaus

    [WIP] Superbike

    I'm not an expert on bikes but this one looks great and I'm very impressed that you managed to fit the 4 speed transmission in it. Keep up the good work!
  2. This sums up this MOC perfectly. It's simply a pleasure to admire, with the different elements blending into each other to form the exotic lines. There individual panels disappear and become beautiful shapes that represent the real car faithfully. Technic building at the next level.
  3. BusterHaus

    [MOC] Mechanical Game of Life

    Fascinating concept and device. Will you be hooking up a motor to it and recording a long sequence? How reliable is the mechanism?
  4. BusterHaus

    Changing out motors?

    The easiest way to speed up cars is to switch the power source from a Lego battery box to a BuWizz. It has a higher voltage, which results in higher RPM for the same motors. The support up to now hasn't been great for this product, but @Zerobricks has recently been hired by BuWizz to help in this area, so I'm hoping things improve.
  5. A link would be useful: https://www.cailliau.org/Alphabetical/L/Lego/ Thanks for bringing this up, I didn't know it existed.
  6. BusterHaus

    [MOD] 'Rusty Bucket' buggy

    It looks unstoppable! I like that it's still fast with the 4:1 reduction.
  7. Excellent C-model, it could be a B-model. The functions are abundant and work great, and your solution for the suspension is awesome.
  8. BusterHaus

    Technic Pub

    A week ago is I started disassembling all my half (or less) finished builds. I came to the conclusion that it's better to focus on a single project than 8 different ones simultaneously. Now I just need to pick one and run with it... Anyone else run into the same problem? As a side note, some of the builds had been assembled for almost a year and had quite a few cracked parts when I took them apart. I don't remember bricks cracking this easily when I was a kid. Sigh. These are the worst offenders: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151519486@N07/shares/61b061
  9. Nice progress on the body, although the nose looks to be too long. Maybe shorten it by a stud?
  10. BusterHaus

    EV3 - Toy Quadruped

    I'm not sure why a mechanical solution is required here, despite the fact that it works. You can physically align two independent motors before starting the program and shift phases as necessary inside the program. You can also track the position of each motor and synchronize them again to walk in a straight line. The use of a torsion bar seems redundant - I'd like to know more details, I have the feeling that I'm missing something obvious...
  11. @Hrafn Nice work! Are you planning to build in some locks to keep in place l the selectors driven by knob gears?
  12. The quick and dirty way to do it is a 24-12 gear combination on the output of a 90 degree shifter. I haven't built it yet, so I don't know if it will actually work flawlessly, as the slack between the 24-12 gears may affect shifting performance.
  13. @Stefaneris From what I can see in the pictures, the 15L LBG beams look to be unsupported close to the string attach point. You could make your structure much stronger by using a few beams to create triangles. You can use any combination of the ones below:
  14. BusterHaus

    Show us your Working Place

    @Edwin Korstanje Are you making models full time now?
  15. This test was made to determine the angle at which part 35188 disengages the gear. Result: approximately 45 degrees in each direction.