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  1. Jurss' Creations

    This is starting to look very good. Do the front mud guards move up and down with the suspension?
  2. @Blakbird I've been following your progress, very good work! Does MLCad handle this amount of parts well?
  3. [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    Technic beams are challenging as a choice because they are very flexible. I suggest something like the image below as it is much stronger than single beams. It will still be weak along the length of the blue pins but at least you should be able to support the weight of the model.
  4. You talked about programming an acceleration and deceleration for the motors to prevent jerky movements - this is a very smart thing to do, as it protects the motors (and mechanism) from excessive wear and damage. The acceleration and deceleration will vary on the momentum of the mechanism being controlled by the motor. The higher the momentum, the longer these two cycles. I don't know why Lego didn't include a block or a variable to control this, beyond the position lock/free spin motor mode. Perhaps it's because they don't expect the motors to be subjected to heavy duty action, or maybe it's because it's fairly trivial (although not always obvious) to implement when required. By the way, thanks for sharing the program and doing the explanation, it was a very good read.
  5. Great work, it performs very well! Real servo motor drivers have a whole bunch of programmable variables, including acceleration and deceleration. You can probably make a custom block for this on the EV3.
  6. 9: 10 18: 6 22: 4 11: 3 10: 2 5: 1
  7. BusterHaus Builds

    @Jurss @Didumos69 Thanks for the wishes, they are very appreciated. @BrickbyBrickTechnic I built this mostly one handed. I thought about @grum64 and his building techniques during the whole process.
  8. Mechanical rowing boat

    This is very fun to watch. Nice job!
  9. BusterHaus Builds

    Coaching ice hockey. I think i showed the kids what NOT to do. The cast will be on for 6 to 8 weeks, so it's not exactly a speedy recovery, which is why I spent a bit of time tonight coming up with something that will make my life easier for that period.
  10. BusterHaus Builds

    Broke my wrist. Typing is not easy so I built a rolling platform to support my arm. Version 1 works ok, I have some ideas on how to improve it. The big turntables don't work as well as expected. The large tires on top can sit in a few different positions (x and y) which allows some adjustment on the height of the cast. Let's hope images from Twitter work.
  11. These video tutorials are also very good: http://www.stemcentric.com/ev3-tutorial/
  12. Heads up for Canadians, Costco now has 2017H2 sets: https://www.costco.ca/CatalogSearch?keyword=lego+technic&pageSize=96 Notable discounts: 42070 - $260 CAD vs $370 MSRP 42069 - $175 CAD vs $240 MSRP
  13. Name Unknown

    Hahaha! that's awesome! Is the color scheme final, or is it a WIP?
  14. [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    Nice work so far and it's nice to see that you are very open to suggestions. The wings could be wider, like @Jeroen Ottens said. It would give you a chance to have larger control surfaces - the ones you have now look too small in relation to the aircraft.
  15. [TC12] The Unrollable

    @kodlovag Thanks for the explanation, can't wait to see the seat in action!