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  1. It's a great looking model. The rules allow one battery box, are you planning to remove the second one?
  2. Why not use System slopes? https://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catString=31&catType=P
  3. Hi Grum, all the best, speedy recovery, and I hope you get to build soon. Glad you're out of the hospital and that the miracles they performed worked.
  4. Diff locks on a manual model would generate a lot of user complaints. "Why is there so much rolling resistance?" "The car doesn't want to turn." I would be very surprised to see them in this set.
  5. Lots of great details in this model. I know it's not the same type of ship, but it reminds me of 4015, the first Lego set I got. Wonderful work.
  6. @amorti Are you talking about the instructions for the Hammerhead?
  7. Those crop circles in the snow are mesmerizing. Looks like a very fun toy. The body looks awesome, too.
  8. Hi Grum, I missed a whole bunch of updates, just got caught up. I don't remember any project of yours having some many mishaps, I hope you finish it without many others. By the way, don't be too hard on yourself for making assembly errors, they're unavoidable when you are excited to finish the build.
  9. I'm very impressed with this, the 4 jaw chuck is my favorite feature. Does the tail stock have a live center? Does it work well?
  10. This is a very good looking set. I think they missed an opportunity by not putting "batteries not required" on the box.
  11. This is great, old school building. The speed of the functions is just right, quick but controllable.
  12. I have to agree, it was very fun to see the amount of talent and fantastic results. It even got me out of my current mini dark age, I started shrinking 9398 but never got around to finishing it. Congratulations to the winners and kudos to all participants, and a big thank you to Jim and Milan for running this contest.
  13. Excellent work Mr Jos, I really like that the solution allows controlling the "on" timing of the valves and the amount of pressure built up before the next valve is open. Would you have a picture of the horizontal travel mechanism? It looks very smooth.
  14. That looks great. I guess the shrinking factor is dictated by the tracks (3:5)?
  15. @aminnich Maybe it's a software solution, instead of a mechanical clutch? You can detect motor stalls using the position encoder.