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  1. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    When you run out of space on the shelves and need to take models apart to free up space, you can do disassembly updates here.
  2. Can you flash the original firmware back on the intelligent brick? I know Mindstormer uses a custom firmware that I replaced with the original once I was done with the project.
  3. BusterHaus

    Quadruped kinematic workbench

    I'm not sure if this applies to all walkers, but in bipeds the flat line helps keep the foot on the ground for a longer time, increasing the portion of the cycle that the body travels over that foot. You can slow down the cycle yet still travel a (relatively) big distance with each step, making the walker advance faster. Having a slower cycle helps increase the stability. If the bottom curve is not flat, the body is dropping or lifting during the step, adding instability to the walker. Sometimes this instability is desirable (if you are counting on it to shift the center of gravity), but it can be quite difficult to control/predict at different speeds.
  4. BusterHaus

    How to motorize a Diorama?

    The controller brick can control up to 4 motors at the same time, each working independently. It can also accept up to 4 independent inputs. You can run one motor while another waits for a signal from an input to start running. Seems like multitasking, but maybe I'm missing something.
  5. @Hanso Please post links to your posts in the following topic and they will be moved here:
  6. BusterHaus

    Quadruped kinematic workbench

    This solution for testing linkage patterns is excellent. I like the ease of adjusting the pivot point and the fact that you can draw several patterns on one piece of paper. Will you be using one of the the "classic" linkages for future walkers? The "d#" one doesn't have much of a flat line unless you start playing with the orientation of the whole mechanism.
  7. BusterHaus

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Awesome MOC, this will be a great contender in this contest. It pushes the limits of rigidity.
  8. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    It's funny that you complain about them, but I think your photos leave little to be desired. They are sharp, well lit and usually show quite a bit of details. Yes, the reflection from the window is apparent, but unless you're taking them on a cloudy day, it will usually be the case. A curtain should help, but don't turn your shed into a light tent just to improve your pictures marginally.
  9. Hi @xp10r3r, if you are new to robotics and programming, I suggest getting the retail version of Mindstorms and building/programming all the official models. It will get you familiar with programming concepts, the visual Mindstorms programming environment and "language", as well as with some simple mechanisms. The retail version is easier to follow than the education version if you don't have a teacher. Programming takes time to learn, and it may be boring to just look at one concept at a time, but you won't find a better way of learning. A lot of the concepts build on each other, so as tempting as it is to skip simpler ones, you are better off following the steps set out in the official Mindstorms models. One other important note: you will not learn programming in a few sittings. It takes time, so your plan of building an automated warehouse will be on hold for a while. As you learn different functions and concepts, you can note how they can be applied to a future build.
  10. @Mestari When I looked into cables for controlling PF motors with Mindstorms I came to the conclusion that it made more sense to purchase Mindstorms motors instead, and get the full servo features. Cables + shipping came out close to the price of new Mindstorms motors, this was a few years ago.
  11. Great to see this project coming to life and that you are still working on it. What other functions are you planning?
  12. BusterHaus

    Effe's MOC Corner

    That's one beautiful truck. The cab is gorgeous and the color scheme is perfect. Do you have space for feet on the front outriggers, or are they too close to the tire?
  13. BusterHaus

    [MOC] Walking Tank (Hexapod)

    @Pepinard I used the model provided by @bmaurice, it was for the walking chassis only. The body and cockpit were not part of it. They look extremely cool, but I was more interested in the walking mechanism and never went further.
  14. BusterHaus

    Grum's Shed

    Nice progress! For some reason I don't think the official box pictures of this model don't show its true size - it's only by following your build that I realize how big it is.
  15. BusterHaus

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    Yes to all the questions about the claw arm project. Mindstorms is a toy version of an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC). The controller brick can be daisy-chained, accepts inputs and has outputs. Programming can be done through the official Mindstorms software, or through a variety of popular languages. The inputs take signals from sensors: color, distance, infrared, gyroscope/tilt - there are even third party sensors like cameras (for object tracking or recognition), heat/barometric pressure, force, etc. Outputs go to servo motors, of which there are two sizes. Since they are servo motors, position can be controlled and used as another input - for example, you can measure its change over time and determine if the claw arm has managed to move an object. The Mindstorms system is great because it allows simple projects, but can be scaled to really large, complex ones. You can check Arthur Sacek's creations on YouTube, or David Gilday's Mindcuber and Cubestormer 3 (Rubik's cube solvers). Like Lego bricks, Mindstorms has some limitations - one of the most notable is the low processing power in the controller brick, which can be circumvented by offloading heavy calculations to a computer (Sacek 360 milling machine) or cell phone (Cubestormer). However, most users will probably never need so much processing power, so it's not a huge issue.