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  1. For a moment I thought the wheels on the compactor/bulldozer were new, but it looks like these: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=64711&idColor=85#T=P&C=85
  2. Keep them coming! How long does it take to program and run the fancy patterns?
  3. Oops. On my phone they looked like mold engravings, not stamped numbers. My mistake. It does look like a manufacturing batch number.
  4. It is possible that the number is on the inside of the molded part. The numbers are most likely mold/cavity numbers and/or sub assembly part numbers, like @legolijntje said. They are definitely not serial numbers, as that would require changing engravings between each injection.
  5. I'm not sure how I missed this when it was posted. Very nice application of Mindstorms, the latest picture shows some nice paths. The light underneath gives it a very cool effect! Any plans to make it move in straight lines?
  6. Semi dump truck

    This is a very well done build. Nice functions and a very eye catching color scheme.
  7. Works for me, voted, vote was counted, could see the results. Firefox with uBlock Origin (ad blocker) on Windows 7. FYI the poll you made a few days ago didn't work for me.
  8. Robot to follow me

    Sounds like an ambitious project. I would split it up into two stages. The EV3 expansion set allows you to build a stair climbing robot - you can use their instructions or build something similar to it. As for the follower function, the color sensor has a very short range, so you (or your color sample) would have to be very close to the robot to be detected. The ultrasonic sensor would be the better option, but it also has limited range, although it is better than the color sensor. The problem with using this sensor is that it can't tell the difference between your leg and a wall, so you'd be limited to using it in open, clear areas. The sensor would also need to sweep the area to find your position, limiting the speed at which you can walk. The best solution is to indeed use the infrared sensor and beacon. The robot does a sweep, locates the target and drives to it. The cycle is then repeated. You can probably incorporate the follower function into the stair climbing robot.
  9. @Jim I used an image with Lego examples, not an image from the cartoon or other toys.
  10. It is a Lego message board, after all.
  11. This is great! It's relaxing to watch and the tests with the upper and lower limbs were very interesting. The tires are looking a bit worn in the screen capture of the second video.
  12. Hi, welcome to Eurobricks! This is one huge MOC, it looks pretty impressive. Could you please link the video? I have a feeling that pictures alone don't do it justice.
  13. That video is fantastic, nice job! Car looks great, too - the stickers take it to another level.
  14. You can use an adder mechanism based around a differential, although I'm not sure if it will give you much benefit.