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Found 5 results

  1. Well overdue for a Delorean MOC, to make it stick out from the bunch I've packed some Technic into it as with all my builds. Full independant suspention with working steering. The Doors open up the steering wheel works, all the fun stuff. There is about 1 beam width of suspention travel And a engine under the cover. 33% bigger than the real one, It might make it to 88mph now. I'm quite proud of the front end, It's probably one of the most complex ive made. I remeber seeing the concept of a virtual Pivot steering,Sariel's I belive, and though it could be expanded on to include suspention, just never got around to trying it. So thanks Sariel. Underside Steering and suspention there is a chanel on the underside runing the entire length of the car that would be perfect for a HOG steering shaft to come out under the rear bumper, I just can't figure out a way to connect it up to the steering gears without fauling the mechanism. If you have an idea on how to, I'd love to hear it. I've now realised the poster is missing part of the car, The rear wheel should be between Marty's legs By some amazing stroke of luck all of it can be build in LDD, just need to connect one 5beam to the 1.5 pin in the steering and to bend the hood down ~2degrees
  2. So most everyone i've seen likes to add drive to their front axles. I'm having trouble building a dead front axle for my truck. I'm no good at steering geometry either. Here's what i've come up with so far. Right now it works for what it is, but could use improvement. If anyone has any ideas or links, please share. I'll try to add some pics.
  3. Hello guys ! I am happy to start this new project (thought I haven't finished the other car ). So far I built the front suspention and the grille : And with tires : If you are wondering what is with those dark bluish gray beams, well, that is the maximum distance at where the engine can be placed relative to front wheels. @Sariel's scaler said that this car is in 1:8,3 scale . Please , you see anything that can be improoved just leave a comment :) LDD file is coming soon, just need to finish it (first time I use LDD so it will be interesting) . IA creations
  4. Hello all! Kinda late but better later than never. I want to present you my entry for REBRICK contest :BUILD THE FUTURE . And I built a trike :) The main feature of this model is the trazition from drive mode to fly mode . Front wheels are lowered by 2 small LAs and the rear wheel raises (by 2 small LAs) . This is done by 1 M motor. Driving works at any time and it is powered by 1 M motor. About the steering , it is powered by 1 servo motor . The handlebar is conected to the steering. When wheels are lowered they can still be sterred [it looks so cool :) ] . The last freature is working front independent suspention (works in both modes) . It was a very interesting challenge and I hope you will like it as much as I do :) My favourite shot : Rear: Posted on Rebrick :{0C2B083F-BB14-47C0-84A8-775CB958273D}&a_id=bc094429-5297-4d4f-90dc-6bad2335db1a&sortEntry=false Youtube video : More pictures here: As always a comment is much apriciated :) Btw , whould you guys like tear down photoes ? And AHF stands for Always Have Fun ;)
  5. Hi all After getting the 42038 Artic Truck, I played around with the track links and noticed that if you make a loop with all the tracks inverted, it can compress, but spring back to its original shape, and so I figired if I had the tracks jammed between some rollers on the underside and on the topside is a sprocket, it will have a motor per wheel and very high ground clearance. I have made a mockup of 1 wheel, it is fairly smooth running but needs stabilizing a lot, the wheel wobbles around. I think having two sprockets on the top then a roller in the middle on the underside might be better (like a triangle shape). The good thing is the wheels change shape depending on the surface it is driving on, the wheels in the mockup are quite hard to compress so just add more links to it. Heres the pics: Now since i'm too busy to start building this I'm just gonna leave the idea out here and see what happnes, I have my 42029 project on the go already... I'm sure somebody willl make something cool out of it, post ideas and builds below!. Regards, Snipe