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  1. I would appriciate a better MOC description rather than just the first link being a sales pitch. I understand the desire to sell B models (I've done a couple) but please keep any promotional links at the end. And make a topic with a few photos showcasing some angles. Regardint the model, at a first glance it looks almost like the Lego Set. You should have chosen a car that is a bit more different from the original.
  2. I appreciate all of the comments! Nothing hurts Bruno, we all here to improve and have fun👍. Yeah, the proportions are not 100% , yeah it is kinda slammed to the ground, but I still enjoy how it turned out. Trust me, I wish I used my full collection as I usually do to create the best looks and the best functions... Time go get working on new cars, I got 10 on my to do list so it should be a fun year, and hopefully plenty new stuff to surprise you guys in a good way. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hello everyone! Today I want to present you my latest build, a B model for the 42143 Daytona set, the Ferrari Purosangue: Being the first ever 4 door car produced by the Italian brand, although they do not advertise it as a SUV, it is the most practical Ferrari ever made. Even though I had only the limited inventory of the Daytona set, turning a 2 seater in a 4 seater was a nice challenge and I can say that I am very pleased with the final result. Features:-steering with steering wheel-8 speed gearbox-V12 engine-opening hood, doors, and trunk-full suspension I borrowed the Daytona from my friend @braker23 and took some photos next Purosangue's brother: Some pictures of the interior: Here is the video presentation on the build: Also an extensive photo gallery is available: There are also professional building instruction for this model: Ilea/ferrari-purosangue-42143-b-model/#details I hope you like this build. Any criticism, feedback, improvements are welcome. Thank you!
  4. Incredible work brother! Anyone who builds this will gladly and proudly display it!
  5. In am excited for the 7L flip flop beam. Pretty sure it was first released in this set? Will be getting at least one set for sure.
  6. Use the 5 wide tracks and mount them sideways to get any angles you want, and build on the sides of the tracks.
  7. Always when I get a chassis ready I am already thinking of the next project. This does mean that I do tend to finish builds in a longer timeframe that otherwise. This is what I do to keep the motivation going: I watch videos of the real cars on YouTube, throughout the building time. Also very important: when I choose what project to work on, it is always an exciting car for me, and not necessarily for everyone.
  8. All my models that I posted on my Rebrickable have been stolen and resold in China WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, either as sets (the BMW) or just as instructions (rest of them). It is sad, but on the bright side, it is proof that my work was good enough to be of interest to "them".
  9. This is a superb MOC that really incapsulates what technic is all about: Functions and Looks. The bodywork looks very impressive and is definitely a faithful representation of the real car. The functions are just incredible, and they definitely add a lot of value to this build. I feel that with this build, the standard of the technic supercar MOC was just raised to an astronomical level, and all of us MOCers should take notes and don't sleep on this one. One thought that keeps grinding me, is that even though this model is so spectacular in every way, I keep on thinking if this many functions is just way too many? If there is such a thing =) Congratulations on the model!
  10. We never get tired of those, it's just that the standards are so high that you need something really innovative to get the attention.
  11. The side view is absolutely splendid! I would think you should use Lox's Huracan solution for the headlights, as it seems to be the most faithful one to the real car. To be fair, the front is not up to the standard of the rest on the build, mainly the headlights and the front intakes. I believe you can do even better. Overall, even with the mentioned critiques, it is a cool car and good representation in lego 👍
  12. I'm an engineer, but I have learned about structural integrity, suspension designs, gearboxes, helicopter mechanics, strength principles. Also, since building with lego I've learned about photography, videography, production, emails, digital work, editing. Overall it was a massively positive experience!
  13. I think for what you are describing, you would need a Large motor. It has enough torque for most applications. Also, you can program the PU hub to make the motor run at a slow constant speed.
  14. Noticed that all of the pins and axels since 2020 got much softer. I keep them separate from my good old pins.
  15. I am also interested in this!