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  1. Awesome build Pufarine! Good to see more romanians here :)
  2. Thank you! I particularly like how the front part of the hood turned out. The curved parts matched perfectly for the car.
  3. It's very interesting that you mention the tolerances from IRL. Sometimes I build for real and studio doesn't like it, other times I build in studio, and I don't like it. This is because parts have play, and studio does not account for frictionless pins play and weight of the model. And this can cause (like recently for me) to make a suspension digitally, and it sags IRL, or touches the bodywork.
  4. Thank you guys! I have to say that I get a particular fun when I work with a limited inventory. I guess it shows that you don't need 50000 pieces to make nice builds, but rather you just need experience. I do get very frustrated at times, when I run out of a certain pin and I need to pull it out of somewhere from inside the build... It is also interesting for me to compare the solutions that I come up with, when using thse limited inventories to when I have full freedom of choice. I often think how I could make a particular section if I were given endless parts. Thank you! The DRS was a must have feature, it's so prevalent in the real thing. I must say the color combo works really great, and I hope to see more supercars in this color scheme.
  5. Hello people! This is my newest B model and definitely my favorite one that I've done so far. It is a Porsche GT3 RS, 2023 version and it is a 42156 B-model alternate. After getting the Peugeot 9X8 for Christmas I decided that this car would be up next to build. I am so happy with this build, it really turned out better than I would have expected. Also, I am using about 95% of the parts from the original. Features: suspension, steering, opening doors, working steering wheel, working flat 6 piston engine and manual DRS spoiler (with lever between the seats). Specs: Parts: 1687 Weight :1475 grams Length: 47,5cm/18,7in Width: 22cm/8,6in Height: 13,2cm/5,2in The design process has been pretty interesting this time. I was alternating between digital work and real brick building. I actually built the chassis and spoiler in Studio, before even opening the any bags with pieces ;) Of course they needed a bit of revision but it turned out great and it is very rigid. Let me know what you think about it. Building instruction HERE Photo gallery HERE YouTube Video: Best wishes, Alex
  6. I had this bug happen to me before the update, with the same set-up. You need to change the ports around. Sometimes the app is drunk.
  7. What a lovely build, congratulations!
  8. I wanted to say a lot of things, but found it unprofessional to indulge in such endeavours.
  9. I did do a challenge similar, I think about 6-7 years ago. But it was a 1 hour challenge I did with a friend. Here is the result: Yes, 1 hour :)
  10. Dude, this is so awesome! It almost feels like we are taking a ride . Congrats on the build, it's seriously impressive.
  11. It looks good! I do expect some melting to happen with the axle between the motors. I did a similar thing and in 5 meters of driving I destroyed an axle and a frame
  12. Wow, congratulations to everyone! I had a lot of fun with this contest. Thank you to the organizers, to the voters and to the participants!