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  1. No problem, I approve.
  2. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    Are LEGO ordering parts from ebay, aliexpress?! No, even chinese copies are now better. Sad trouth.
  3. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    Guten Morgen, @Jundis!
  4. Cool alternate.
  5. 3 months already?! Time flys. But, please no military.
  6. Jurss

    DIfferential information

    Yes, You will have higher speed, but You will loose torque on driven axle. There could be not enough torque to start that Porsche moving
  7. But, if there are no pictures in the topic, then why ask for them? If I will see, that topic ih HOT, then I know, that there are new pics.
  8. Jurss

    Jurss' Workshop

    Building 8070 . Don't have those hubs, so need to rebuild it for those I have. I found some rebuild, but it looked, that for suspension won't work for it. Maybe just a littlebit. Rear I did like this I used 7L beams, as I'm planning to use Defender rims. Generally because of front, then also there suspension seems possible. Front is so far now. I have plan (who knows how it will go) to rebuild it later to some 2021 style, with frames, more paneling etc. I don't want to harm anyone feels :) Anyway, at the moment I'm also not shure about correct clearance, it could be more like the latest Ferrari from Lego. But then it will be already partially in 2021 style :D
  9. To which one of thousand shades? :)
  10. Jurss

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    That was grand prix racer. Formula 1 is TM, so they can't use it freely. As F1 we can count then 42026: Black Champion Racer from 2014.
  11. Jurss

    [MOC][WIP] Smart Fortwo

    Good start. As mentioned, something is not OK with the front, not like smart.
  12. Really refreshing to see something different than vehicles, also all functionality is impressive.
  13. I would like to, but, I suppose there are better than me. Also, I don't think, that my family would be happy to move 1800km because of my dream job.
  14. Jurss

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Most probably he doesn't have them, never have seen