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  1. That front axle is really good, compact, and I like how well you packed electronics.
  2. Is Lego getting more expensive? [OC] : r/dataisbeautiful (reddit.com)
  3. New parts from kawasaki? But did You tried to use full stud lenght axles, 2L halfbeams.
  4. If only lego had enough resources for designing B-models. But it seems, they are tight on budget :)
  5. This is really good, also functional.
  6. It for shure makes sense. Like the placement of "battery" boxes. Littlebit worried about that connection of upper part of boom of whatever that is for "sprayer".
  7. Is that old type cv-joint at motors holding well?
  8. Bought today litllebit under 60EUR. Can't wait to build.
  9. I like that somewhat oldstylish, classic technic look.
  10. This looks good and also detail level is really amazing.
  11. I like body, it represents very well some possible original. Maybe standard balloon tires would look more proper.
  12. This is one of most unexpcted alternate I have seen. Well built.
  13. That second truck :D And poor droids :(