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  1. Jurss

    42075 Terminal Tractor

    I really like this C model.
  2. Jurss

    cybermaster sound not working

    It is virtualbox, it is not perfect. Check again some soundcard settings for that virtual machine. By default theres is some windows hd or something, change to SoundBlraster16, if not done.
  3. Jurss

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Cool MOC. Interesting how the connection from gear lever is made to gearbox?
  4. Jurss

    New AFOL looking for advice

    Welcome! I think, there was topic something like this. I just can't find it now.
  5. Jurss

    [TC17] OverLander

    Thank You @Leonardo da Bricki , in that small picture they look somehow different.
  6. Jurss

    [TC17] OverLander

    What are You using as rims? They doesn't seem as standard ones.
  7. Jurss

    Impossible LEGO

    With tip of this, You could get that axle out. That's (maybe) there are those holes on the sides also on those axle-pin connectors.
  8. Jurss

    Planetary hub internals

    Working on some vehicle. Did calculation, maybe someone did before, don't know. With new hubs driven by new large motors, with so called Unimog wheels, speed will be close to 1km/h , little bit more.
  9. Jurss

    Jurss' Workshop

    I also still don't know where this will lead :)
  10. Jurss

    Jurss' Workshop

    You know, there is new SW movie In fact, I accidentaly returned to idea for this triangle type chassis. I think, now the concept is much better. more rigid. Some real model Now I need to add somewhere shock absorbers. But that will be after Christmas. And then I will need to create similar rear part ... and then connect them together. Merry Christmas!
  11. Jurss

    42029 wheels

    Yes, but not with full suspension. On B model, it seems, there could be issues when turning. Also this could be in the way
  12. If You ever wandered :) , how other wheels look like on 42029 (sorry, dont have studio and it is pretty dark outside also) Original Porsche and Bugatti sold, so no pictures with those wheels. Also flattest smalles tires I didn't put, as then front suspension is on the ground. Everything else is usable.
  13. What's the point of this topic? If You really have some pictures of some progress of something, then please post them.