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  1. Looks good, ther's even HOG steering.
  2. Jurss

    (TC15) Delta Dart

    Interesting (geniuos) mechanism
  3. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    I remember somebody writing, that older/first mold is usable.
  4. Jurss

    [WIP] Riga-24 Delta

    Yes, there are similarities, because it is really hard to make very special simple motorcycle. Each of them have some significant design elements.
  5. Jurss

    [WIP] Riga-24 Delta

    Had some time to work on this
  6. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    I'm dissapointed, they don't connect
  7. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    Anyway, need to get some, they could be usable for some lights housing, as large exhaust, maybe somewhere else for some realistic design.
  8. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    thank You @MikeTwo9398
  9. Jurss

    General Part Discussion

    There is this part in nontechnic set https://brickset.com/sets/containing-part-6249327 It is called Pneumatic Connecting Piece, Interesting, what will be the purpose for it? Maybe just to connect this? https://brickset.com/sets/containing-part-6248537
  10. Jurss

    Technic Pub

    Yes I know, lot of finns are coming trough Estoni to Latvia once a year, to buy bear for next period P.S. Karhu is pretty OK.
  11. Jurss

    Technic Pub

    Maybe @allanp can comment on Guiness from cans :)
  12. Another parallel project started. Hope it won't be so challenging, and I will finish it this month. It is 50ccm motorcycle RMR 24 Delta. Produced in that time occupied Latvia, Riga. All young boys dreamed about it at that time, as it was almost the only option in this class at the time. It was produced little bit after gaining independence, but there was no demand anymore for such kind of vehicle anymore, because cars got much more available, gasoline was still cheap. https://www.google.com/search?q=rmr24+delta&rlz=1C1GGRV_enLV751LV751&ei=gVU0XN2uMY-urgTAsIvgBQ&start=0&sa=N&ved=0ahUKEwid8-_t2N3fAhUPl4sKHUDYAlw4ChDy0wMIdQ&biw=1920&bih=1054 Second preffered option was Or (harder to get, and was equipedd with JAWA engine) As all these was pretty hard to buy, almost everybody was riding this thing (by some "tuning" could reach some 40+ km/h) Delta had 50ccm 2stroker engine was, with some 2HP. Some 2 speed gearbox. At the beginning on handle, later foot switch. All drumbrakes. Engines was from neighbouring country - Lithuania. Very rarely JAWA engine was available. Some first draft of front fork. It won't have any suspension. Then I wanted to color somehow front fork (yellow axles will be replaces by grey, when I'll get 11L axles in grey, now I only have one, and it is somewhere deep in Chiron), and also made first draft of frame. Main color is defined by fork, as I had two triangles in red, also axle pin 180 connectors in red (other options was grey and black).
  13. Jurss

    Technic Pub

    Dark beers are my favorite. I always automatically dislike something in cans ... the company, brand is owned by A. Le Coq ... and that is another reason for me to loose interest in this. Sorry.
  14. I had seen it before and I don't have it at the moment, but I put it finally on my wanted list. I have lot of "strange" parts there, but I have somehow postponed them, and trying to build more with more often used parts.