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  1. Show us your Working Place

    It is not mobile anymore. You can build it on wheels, but it will be hard to move around. Also it wont be smart. My box is already pretty heavy. I thought about something like that before, but couldn't find place for it.
  2. Nice, looks simple (but doesn't mean, that it is)
  3. Building model of something, it is good to start with scaling. For particular thing, i would be nice to have some suspension, so smallest tires could not fit. For some smaller model, also, some specific (smaller) suspension parts could be needed. Then, according to scale, You can place tires, and see, what could fit between them. Sometimes, for some model of something real, I start with putting some panels together, to see, what is possible, what size it would become. But all this comes with experience. It's something like, for a student to ask some skilled arhitect - where to begin? It is hard to explain, because it depends on case.
  4. Show us your Working Place

    It will become "un-stable-r" No, maybe in summer, don't know which :) Also still didn't bought more boxes with drawers.
  5. You could "cut" yellow axle, but not that red.
  6. Visual design was not main goal, but I like those spare tires, but cabin could be better, I just made some cabin, so there is something.
  7. Final functionality: HOG steering (central spare tire) Risable rear axle (closer to front), with locking to not rise or lower too much (some stud travel) Gearbox, to switch between HOG steering and axle rising function (switching with left spare tire) Side outriggeers with lock function Rear outriggers Crane (on turntable, riseble) Rear axle swinging (independent on each side) Openable cabin rised axle
  8. You could try to connect mechanisms somehow to battery switch, only You need there some flywheel or something with inertia. Or with pneumatics, something like this
  9. I'm afraid that pure Lego solution other, than using old differential isn't possible. Maybe somehow rerout side by side two axles, then center with u-joints, but it seems, that it will become pretty long solution. Also, if you not use those clutch gears and things like that, they allow to turn turntable, without affecting that drive etc. If everything is fixed, of course, turning turntable will somehow turn also output.
  10. I put one gear at one worm gear and two gears after second worm gear (both worm gears on same axle), then angles are different. Maybe, if gears are between both wormgears (as in this moc), it is possible to align, it seems so. Have to try.