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  1. It seems, that You have had lot of thinking. That's good. And still, I see, that it is planned, that those click hinges also will be supported, there where will be construction, on which they will rest, so those two pins then really doesn't seems an issue. Anyway, first buy parts (if You don't have) for one ring to test everything. Of course, if money is not an issue, then this step is not necessary :)
  2. OK :) If not mistaken, there will be some 10 connection points, so some 800g on each. Not very critical, but could be close to limits (lego plastic is pretty sturdy), especially, if they need to hold also some moving of whole structure to some exposition or something. I'm afraid, that those lower click hinges could be weakest point, or that section of some 4 studs from that vertical beam to that click hinge.
  3. Only suggestion - multiply connection points. I'm just curious - where there will be 7kg+?
  4. interC@Ptor Police (COP) interceptor, so Space police. Functions: mowing wings (for takeoff etc.) mowing rear thruster - up, down, sideways wing and rear thruster synced movement by levers in cokpit some adjustable weapons in front Main functions mechanism
  5. It is OK, accroding to latest lego quality standards, like colour variations, misaligned axle holes etc.
  6. You can buy Jerone instructions. You can find some examples of real mechanisms on the internet, and then try to replicate it. Build some basic model, mechanism, which could be for that folding roof, try to improve it.
  7. I was thinking about levers somewhere on top, but that is just too much to hide with good body.
  8. Yes they still are. Nothing close to that 42005 really nice, soft, responsive suspension.
  9. Recently built 42005, so it inspired me to build some smaller monster truck. I don't want to call it smaller 42005, as then it should have been littlebit different. Here it is Fully compressed supension Somthing from build process Next to big brother
  10. Main chassis With spring setup like this, there is some supension travel (2+ studs), but it is still pretty hard suspension. It won't be so nice like on 42005
  11. Front is somewhat OK, but as more to the back, it goes totally bad. I'm afraid, nothing larger won't fit there, as wheel arch is too narrow, but can't tell from that one picture provided.