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  1. Idea for one end. It is compromise, but it works But I think, I need to make it digital.
  2. You plan to hold differantial only on those CV joints? Are You shure, that You will be able to fit tyres like this? Those form T2 goes on narrow rims, or You will try to fit both on wide rim?
  3. It may look the same, but is spent two evenings to make everything work again, after I shortened wheelbase to needed lenght I think I remember, why wheelbase was longer. I made it littlebit longer year ago, so I can use that 16L technic link. It was needed, as beam toched 24T gear. At the other end largest gear is 20T. And I put gearbox that way, as there there was 5x11 frame, which not allowed that 24T gear there. Now I turned gearbox around. So I can use something different than 16L link. So I also replaced that 5x11 frame with 11L crossbeams. Now need to start think about steering. Maybe also HOG steering, as this will be fully manual model.
  4. I'm afraid that there are compactness limits for standard parts. That file is for ldraw?
  5. Part limit. OK, it is harder to judge. But limit should be.
  6. I checked, in fact it is 2x3.6 to be in scale. I think, I will stack system tiles or something, then put it sideways.
  7. This could be in scale. Maybe too wide, I think theres something more like 2x3. I was thinking about somthing made from some tiles. But who knows.
  8. Thank You. Ordered white rims for front on bricklink. Got in to order of ~100EUR :)
  9. Almost year has gone. After lot of other things MOC was in this state As today it is really autumn with raining all day, restarted this with improwing gear shifter movemnet range Was like this Changed to this Then switching precision needed to be improved, so I limited the movment of that 90deg arm to the lever, also moved it half stud back, so it is in the center of those 2L driving rings in gearbox Also on the sides there are limiters. Now it is back on the wheels. Also reinforced gearbox and connected engined to gearbox. Did measurments, somehow wheelbase is 3 studs too long. And I need to get white rims for front.
  10. Then turn it around technically. If that doesn't help, build Your own mechanism. We also don't know how it really will attach to main frame of Your tractor.
  11. Sideskirts are somehow wrong. Maybe for bonnet there will be those tappered/curved panels, and then there will be stickers for stripes