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  1. Jurss

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    Wow , those computer renders!
  2. Jurss

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Just fantastic creation. If I may suggest, I would connect addtional stairs with some hinge directly between those bricks, so there is no gap.
  3. Also, in this case with licensed model, if You build B model, and previously will be applied stickers on some panels or beams, then it is much harder to build something so that those stickers looks also good on B-model. And again, then that B model should also be licensed, or then designer can't use panels or beams with stickers, which again can be really challenging.
  4. Jurss

    Technic Pub

    Only for strong people ...
  5. Yea, I was waiting, that he will put his pug inside that large empty space in main structure :) ok, at least hamster ...
  6. Jurss

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    So much genious solutiuons in just one moc.
  7. Jurss

    [TMC] 8081 QB

    You turned offroader in that modern SUVish-coupe ... Looks good, those wheels really fit.
  8. Thank You, will try that.
  9. @JunkstyleGio I was yesterday checking stud.io if there are those smaller wheelarches - I didn't found them, only big ones. So, how can I get them?
  10. So, then who really built that lego defender :) I'm jelous (positively)
  11. This is really creative c-model.
  12. What could be bending there?
  13. @Arioh Interesting solution. Should be OK, as they have the same diameter as thos baloon tires. I was even trying them, bet then it would be nice to lower the suspension, I suppose. At the moment yes, as I wanted to pay more attention to functionality. Yes, I have some panels in red, where there was black, as I just don't have them.
  14. Yesterday rebuilt rear suspension Needed to move hog steering mechanism littlebit up And then rear axle itself Today made really independent front suspension then also added some cooler (it was really missing there)
  15. I don't know if it filts already here, but I habe rebuilt rear axle Needed to move hoh steering mechanism littlebit up And then rear axle itself