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  1. Jurss

    [TC14] Wave Swing

    Some homogenous swinging could be made with one drive motor and two linear actuators. OK, 4 will make ir more precise. Maybe You could use only one motor, but trough some gearbox. Wont those top connections of linear actuators flex?
  2. Rebuilt totally the boom Small turntables will act as hinges. It wont be good to put that load on axle, which also transfers power to "propeller". In fact, I'm planning to put motor for "propeller" in to boom. Another thing - I'm planing to make the tip also to rotate, most probably not full 360' , but mainly to swing. Connection of small turntables to frames
  3. How to You plan to transfer power of 4 buggy motors trough that gearbox?
  4. Jurss

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Haven't seen "vomit" machine like this before. Nice start.
  5. Jurss

    [TC14] The Zapper

    Interesting solution.
  6. First version of boom I think I will rebuild it to 5 stud thicknes, so it is easyer to connect to main base, also gearing at the tip is planned to rebuild from cross type gears to normal ones.
  7. Have been in thing like that, but it was some 30 years ago ...
  8. Jurss

    Small Supercar Concept

    Interesting shaping of front. Looks more like some sporty keycar, because it is pretty high.
  9. Jurss

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Looks good! For real one it seems too fast.
  10. Made tip of the boom. It was pretty long road to this "propeller" part will be removable - for maintenance :) in this block axle is changed for 90 degrees and also input is lowered by 3 pins trough gears. I'm starting considering to make that gear thing simpler, but ... then "propeller" part wont be easy removable.
  11. Jurss

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Challenging model. It will be interesting to see, how You will manage to stop it properly, so all frames are in line.