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  1. That first picture is confusing, by the first sight, it seems that there is positive camber, which would be wrong. After analysing structure, it seems, that it is negative, so it could be then OK.
  2. Good progress. That suspension geometry is not really correct, in real car world it would be OK, if geometry was otherway, so that distance between swingarms at the frame is bigger, than at the hub. Also, by connecting shock absorber to lower swingarm, there is possibility, that under the load it will pop out of the hub. At this geometry, it is also impossible add some connector between upper and lower swingarm, to prevent that. But I like that connection of shock absorber to suspension. I think, that You could try to turn this around, and make all the suspension more compact.
  3. You already did :) Just add embed also some picture direclty in post.
  4. As for any other car, also for Lego, staying still just makes it worse for that car. Most probably, under load, it own weight, some beams, axles etc. bends, and after that time of staying still, that bend remains permanent. Of course, bended axle doesn't turn so good anymore. Also all the geometry is not the same anymore. if there is also some lubricant in motors, it is also somewhere in one place, not all over mechanism anymore.
  5. [WIP] Monster Van

    It would be pretty hard to add electric motors to this at this scale. Nice little monster
  6. Of course, there will be limitations with Lego Technics, and also system bricks.
  7. That would be too wide, only If I would keep the first scale/size, also hubs are not for these wheels. For this scale I already had mad some other, with 3L swingarms and floating differential (I even didn't made picture), but, as I wrote, then there wont be space for some engine. Maybe It would be even hard to make correct back slope.
  8. Could be pretty big probability, because they allready cooperate with McLaren - some small sets and that big model from bricks for Goodwood.
  9. In this model there is no suspension, at least, at the moment. Front suspension could be installed pretty easy, but, if I put that thing in the back, then there won't be place for any kind of engine. Maybe I'll try to put some half stud beam on doors, but 6l black ones are still in box of 42056, because I promised to my self to open it only on Christmas. Maybe I'll rebuild doors, because they are too flat now, maybe I'll add more system bricks to the car because of this (at the moment this is allready my MOC with most of the system bricks). Yes, maybe it would look beeter, if the roof was by some half stud lower, but it would be really challenging. I will consider also this option. But I still have a lot of the work inside - steering wheel and HOG steering, some kind of engine, maybe some roll cage, but there is not so much space anymore left, to make something nice (it seems so) I still want to keep as Technic model, not make as model team.
  10. Lego RC Car with Sbrick

    It is just simple chassis, also steering angle is very limited.
  11. With Sariel scaler total height is 12.5 to these tire size. Now the height is 13. Maybe it's perspective problem, because from side it looks ok. I need to move B-pillar more to front, and also rebuild C-pillar. Of course, it would be nice to rebuild "front window" also, so it is like rounded.
  12. Interesting machine
  13. Thank You, I'm trying Some first version of body
  14. those two not technic things on hood