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  1. Looks good, but it is hard to recognize there some particular car. Maybe it is also because Nissan Patrol doesn't have some kind of iconic look (but it doesn't look bad), like Toyota FJ cruiser f.i.
  2. Really nice replica of real car, the mainframe. Is there some closer picture of rear axle. I see, that swingarms are pretty low at the wheel (5L distance top-bottom). Why? Setup like this (with small turntables for hubs), allowed me to make rear chassis narrower
  3. See where I put those numbers on picture.
  4. Yes, there are reasons for that, but for lego model I think opposite solution will be better - then brakes could be engaged just by starting compressor, not running it all the time, and also using separate motor for pneumatic valve. Yes, they could be then slower ...
  5. Interesting design 1. I would out there 5L beam 2. I would put there some bracing, so that by braking it wont go up. 3. I would remake so, that rubber or some shock absorber works on releasing brakes, so that there is no need to always have pressure.
  6. Jurss

    My Catfish MOC

    Interesting, entertaining thing.
  7. Jurss

    Jurss' Workshop

    Building 42082 from parts I have, saving money, maybe for 42083. Also working on some fornt axle concept Trying to figure out steering (again),
  8. Depends of functions, what he want's to implement. This size could be pretty "easy", no too small or big.
  9. Finally here also better prices - can buy for 285EUR (initial price was 420EUR). Will get one tomorrow ... Wife won't be happy.
  10. 42000 was my first Technic set, and it is definately in top 10. I don't see 42030 mentioned here. I also would put 42043 in first place, but You have it already.
  11. Maybe in this set white ones are used, because there is so much other parts in red. So, for easyer building, clerer building instructions, they used those white parts.