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  1. Good replica. I just don't understand, why there are two gear levers?
  2. Steering rod is OK. Those ares just for fixed connection, at least not for nice independent suspension
  3. Nice replication. Recognisable. Somehow door is not OK, too rounded for that Volvo. Also I miss, that it is not openable.
  4. Your design is good. There are those "mustang" wheels, which are close to these. The main issue in this scale is, that inner side is narrow, and there are issues to achieve good turning radius or good suspension travel, keeping that turning point in center of wheel.
  5. This is what contest was really missing so far.
  6. Jurss

    Technic Pub

    We don't discuss lego in pub
  7. Jurss

    Mechbuilds Projects

    Engine looks good.
  8. Interesting. You also already learned how to drift arount table leg.
  9. Jurss

    [TC20] 8440 Formula Flash

    I intentionally put black, to be more actual. They would look more similar to origina, but couldn't figure out nice way how to connect them there, so I went for these. OK, I could switch to flat panels for spoilet, then it would be easy to connect those small panels. Then again whole front spoiler would loose something. I thought about that, pretty lot. At the beginning I was considering different wheels, but none was in the same scale, closest usable were larger (you can see in first post) or much smaller. As I had those original before contest (the original 8440 set I bought during contest), I decided to use them, as they just look best of all available wheels. Thank You!
  10. Jurss

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    One of best entries so far. Some more modern wheels would be good, but they are not yet available.
  11. This cool, mostly because of using some part of A model, and also official app.
  12. Entry name: Lego 8440 Formula Flash Link to discussion topic
  13. As I understand, idea is not to make just studless copy. Idea is to make that set as it would be made today, in similar scale, with similar functionality, colors etc., using actual parts.