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  1. Hi there, I want to show you my latest creation, a 1:16 scale Toyota MR2 (SW20) It has a lot of functions and details: opening hood, doors, bonnet, trunk removable glass-roof-panels working pop-up-headlights with switch inside the car spare tire two engine types possible => Turbo or NA slidable seats More to see in the video: Hope you like it!
  2. Absolutely awesome build! The attention to details combined with the functions are brilliant! Even though I'm not a big Hummer fan, I love this creation!
  3. danielsmocs

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Oh, I missed stopping by here far too long! Thanks for all the nice comments! Yes, these should be audio speakers. I was thinking about some "Blaupunkt" Stickers or something like that to make it clear. Again, thanks a lot for all the nice words. Makes me happy :-)
  4. danielsmocs

    Suzuki Jimny

    Cool model. Very nice attention to details! Most impressive is the very realistic chassis with the complete suspension + drivetrain + exhaust system and even the fuel tank! I will head over to LEGO Ideas to give it a vote ;-)
  5. danielsmocs

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Hi there, I'm very happy about your feedback and very proud for getting frontpaged! You even helped me to get blogged by "TLCB", that's awesome!
  6. Hi there, I want to share my latest version of my LEGO BMW M3 (E30) with you. I'm interested in getting your feedback. I've also made a video, where I demonstrate the functions and which sows the details a bit better. I hope you like it. I've also made instructions, available on Rebrickable.
  7. Fantastic car! fantastic recreation! These pop-up headlights are great!
  8. Very interesting project! It was nice to follow it's development within this thread!
  9. danielsmocs

    1974 Can-Am / Interseries

    Fantastic creation! These were really weird cars and I love to see them in LEGO! You shaped it perfectly and the details are great. It looks as it has workkign suspension on the rear. Or did you just use the springs for the optics?
  10. This is awesome! Very nice details and building techniques! And the color is so flashy :-) My little daughter would love it. The kind of car doesn't matter as long as it is purple or pink!
  11. Absolutely awesome! I love the combination of technic functions and model team look. And the whole thing remote controlled is the cherry on the top :-)
  12. Very nice model. The amount of details is fantastic for this scale. I just can imagine, how complicated it is, to capture all these angles of the bodywork!
  13. By far the best LEGO i8 I've seen so far! Very nice! These doors are brilliant!
  14. This is an unbelievable complex creation! Combining these amount of Technic functions with a Model Team exterior is just fantastic!
  15. danielsmocs

    1990 Honda NSX

    This is awesome! This is also a car on my "wish to build list". Now I can save much time, because I just have to buy your instructions and build it. I mostly build cars from the late 80s and the 90s, so this will fit in my collection perfectly! The attention to detail is fantastic. I also noticed the correct turned LEGO Logos in the Exhaust pipes :-)