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  1. prototyp

    [MOD] 10248 - Ferrari F40

    So cool to see this model still getting attention. I ended up with a completely redesigned front and rear chassis (amongst a lot of of other things) to get the ride height lower. Essentially I've used technic beams to relocate the axles; legal and simple, but a ton of design iteration to arrive at. I've been asked for instructions a few times and have been poking at converting the LDR build and all its sub-assemblies into but it's a massive job... likely won't happen soon. Pics for inspiration:
  2. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    This is great intel, thank you. Couple more I was considering looking into build possibilities for are Lime, similar to the original concept's color, and they did a very nice blue - sort of between dark azure and normal blue.
  3. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Games controller (unprinted, apparently). It's perfect for these modern 'yoke' style race-car steering wheels (I've been using it this way in my mocs since it became available, fwiw ;) Thanks for posting these... Watching these has definitely increased my interest and appreciation for the new models. The techniques at work are really impressive; all those short bars and open-stud plate connections to shift SNOT directions in the Ferrari for example - that's ace stuff.
  4. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Curious what y'all think this part might be? Thin walls, some kind of hole or indent. The height is interesting as it appears to be a full brick high (taller vertically than a single stud piece set in SNOT):
  5. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Some quick takes... I'm looking for a) a great model (good proportions and details) b) useful or new parts c) clever designs and fun building. With that: Ferrari 512 gets props for the rear half of the car being 9-wide. That front fender build looks elaborate. IMO, they used the wrong windscreen part tho. I get why they chose the conical/round one vs 18973, but it just looks kinda odd... What's up with the steering wheel up at face-level for the fig? Verdict: Eh... will probably buy and mod it (I've been scratching at a 10-wide 512 for ages, time to wrap that project up I think). Evija has a bunch of Dark Green recolors, so that's cool (tall fenders!, 1x2 brackets, triangle tiles, 11291 double-slope, that snowboard wing). I like the rear end design quite a lot and interesting use of the 27262 part (trans clear!) for the tapered rear window. Skip the yellow stickers and rub off the yellow windscreen print, and it's a pretty handy sports-car builder pack. Verdict: Buy. Countach is almost as good as Barneius' MOC. The flat printed wheel covers are throwing me off tho, need to be inverted dishes somehow. Curious what structures precluded using inverted 24201 2x1 curve slopes to complete the top-half of the side intakes which are such a signature design detail on the IRL car. I'm impressed with the 1x2 panels used for the mid-roof overhanging the quarter windows and grids, that's clever. Rear fender box intakes are awesome. Rear view looks ace with all the angles coming together around the taillights. I've come around on this one, Verdict: Buy. Looks fun to build. The Astons. Not sure what to say about the Valkyrie... just going to move on... Need to double-check the lime parts, but I don't think I see any new recolors here other than the super-pointy 65426/9 2x4 wing plates. Vantage's tail view looks pretty sweet, the interlocked cheese-slopes for the ducktail and taillights is cool. Lime horns for the grill shape is clever. No side-view of the Vantage to be seen? Curious how its proportions hold up. Unfortunate windscreen/roof-piece printing (drawing a curve on it doesn't make it look curvy). Good parts pack maybe? Fun for moc/alt builds? Hopefully not packed full of color-vomit... Would have been more compelling as a Vibrant Yellow parts pack, as it is it feels like wait-and-see. Verdict: hold... Many of the previous releases ended up looking much better in person than they appeared in the box art or promo images. Surely that will continue to be the case here. The Ferrari probably looks wicked, all low and wide. Who knows, maybe even the Valkyrie works when you see it on the shelf? Ps: 76909??? Going mad guessing what it might be.
  6. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    from what we can see so far, imo they have a similar vibe to the c8 corvette from last series; bunch of blocks that kinda-sorta look like the subject. is a drag about those slopes likely being printed, hopefully the parts get released in non-printed form
  7. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Worried about the Lotus in dark green and yellow, but I guess we just have to wait and see. (Googling "dark green Evija" brings up lots of pics of an - IMO - hideous colorway. Hopefully Lego's a bit more tasteful.)
  8. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Slightly different tangent, wagers on colors? Most importantly what mudguard colors will be added or re-issued, and possible new parts to come. (A silly exercise but I'm impatient waiting for leaks so let's play product planner for a moment). Ferrari 512 = Red. Sure there were other variations and liveries (Penske's Sonoco Blue would be awesome, Ecurie's yellow), but it's a classic racing Ferrari. Has to be red. (That said, how seriously cool is it this car's getting a SC model. I'm so stoked. Winning. I've been poking at a 10-wide of the 512 for some time, can't wait to see how they design this one.) Lotus Evija = Yellow or Bright Light Orange (or Light-bluish gray... but wait, there's a Bond Aston?) Probably not Blue given the 2021 series McLaren Elva is so similar - even considering no roof - and these will be on the store shelves together, nor Orange because again McLaren. Would be very cool to see Bright Light Orange used here tho. Countach = if the Ferrari 512 is red, then depending on 'which' Countach this is, color could be pretty wide open; the original concept was yellow. Blue, green, orange were some classic 70s colors. The Huracan Trofeo was black so likely not black again, so if it's a later 80's wings-n-flares edition that leaves us with probably White (despite Lamborghini's historically colorful palette). Aston Valkyrie = new highlighter Bright Yellow. If there's a car for that color, it's this one. Very excited to see this! Could be Lime, but hope it's highlighter. (Mudguards are going to be tricky since the real car's fenders are generally split body-color and carbon, makes me worry they won't be either 35789 or 18974, though 98282 would be ok) Aston Vantage GT3 = If the Valkyrie is BY or Lime, then that leaves Dark Bluish Gray or Dark Green for the Vantage, probably with some bright yellow details. Seems pretty obvious. This is the dark and moody one. Mystery dual-pack is mystery. Surely something Blue to balance out the palette. Bond's Aston = definitely Light Bluish Gray. LBG mudguards! (Probably the shorter curved 35789 ones). Would love to see a proper silver used for a whole car, tho, come on TLG. Dom's Dodge = Black ( car or no, another late-model Dodge brick?)
  9. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Thanks Carbo, I'd forgotten about how much American iron was in the 2016 lineup... If we're looking at patterns, only three more years till the next Audi model :) and four more years till the next time a Ferrari doesn't appear.
  10. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Assuming the 'blonde' hair piece in the same shot is Bright Light Yellow I'd put my money on the van parts being standard Yellow on account of how different they appear in the photo, and particularly given those short SC fenders are already produced in that color. One could hope for some more colors tho, too early to tell for sure.
  11. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I ... think you might be right ;) Time to start pulling together some ideas (and parts) for BLY builds... 70’s cars, old Datsuns. Very cool.
  12. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Hey Carbo, what set/theme did you see? I'll go searching... Curious what the BLY is being used on (and what "new windscreen" might be coming) Thanks for setting that up... I'm getting some photos ready to post :)
  13. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Don't want to add too much to the speculation based on an extremely low-res image but a few things that stand out squinting into the abyss: C8R Corvette appears to have the tell-tale gap ahead of the front fender left by the short 98282 "City" fenders. Interesting choice, if so... Seems the C3 Corvette is using the same 2x2 dish wheel solution as the Dodge... Very interested in what's going on to hold that together. Body shaping looks really very good on this one, and agreed, looks like it might be Dark Red. Jesko windscreen looks smoother and rounder than the angular 65632 used in the last wave for the Ferrari and Lamborghini... 6-wide revision of 18973? Or just clever printing and a poor image... Looks like a pretty cool model in any case. (I saw The Jesko at the Monterey Historics a few summers ago, super-impressive car in person) Can't tell much about the Elva... is that Dark Azure? Polybag one was normal Blue so probably not, but it would be very cool if Dark Azure made it to SC. Boy I hope the Supra's proportions are better they they look here, appears there's some Saab Sonett level front overhang going on. Probably been said before, but bummer there's not another Group B car to hang out with the Audi S1 (a Ford RS200 would have been an easy one, imo) Speed Champions has typically brought a handful of new parts moulds each release – clever slopes, a windscreen or two, some interesting tiles – very excited to see what this wave might bring as that always opens up more MOC opportunities.