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  1. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    This. The whole supply chain - importers, distributors, retailers - hear about what's coming well before any official public announcements. Promobricks - somehow ;) - has their ear to those rails.
  2. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Thanks Carbo, I'd forgotten about how much American iron was in the 2016 lineup... If we're looking at patterns, only three more years till the next Audi model :) and four more years till the next time a Ferrari doesn't appear.
  3. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Assuming the 'blonde' hair piece in the same shot is Bright Light Yellow I'd put my money on the van parts being standard Yellow on account of how different they appear in the photo, and particularly given those short SC fenders are already produced in that color. One could hope for some more colors tho, too early to tell for sure.
  4. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I ... think you might be right ;) Time to start pulling together some ideas (and parts) for BLY builds... 70’s cars, old Datsuns. Very cool.
  5. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Hey Carbo, what set/theme did you see? I'll go searching... Curious what the BLY is being used on (and what "new windscreen" might be coming) Thanks for setting that up... I'm getting some photos ready to post :)
  6. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Don't want to add too much to the speculation based on an extremely low-res image but a few things that stand out squinting into the abyss: C8R Corvette appears to have the tell-tale gap ahead of the front fender left by the short 98282 "City" fenders. Interesting choice, if so... Seems the C3 Corvette is using the same 2x2 dish wheel solution as the Dodge... Very interested in what's going on to hold that together. Body shaping looks really very good on this one, and agreed, looks like it might be Dark Red. Jesko windscreen looks smoother and rounder than the angular 65632 used in the last wave for the Ferrari and Lamborghini... 6-wide revision of 18973? Or just clever printing and a poor image... Looks like a pretty cool model in any case. (I saw The Jesko at the Monterey Historics a few summers ago, super-impressive car in person) Can't tell much about the Elva... is that Dark Azure? Polybag one was normal Blue so probably not, but it would be very cool if Dark Azure made it to SC. Boy I hope the Supra's proportions are better they they look here, appears there's some Saab Sonett level front overhang going on. Probably been said before, but bummer there's not another Group B car to hang out with the Audi S1 (a Ford RS200 would have been an easy one, imo) Speed Champions has typically brought a handful of new parts moulds each release – clever slopes, a windscreen or two, some interesting tiles – very excited to see what this wave might bring as that always opens up more MOC opportunities.
  7. prototyp

    [MOC] Prototyp's City Scale six wides roundup

    Instructions are available for my original models at Rebrickable: The Hakosuka and McLaren P1 are there, as well as a bunch of bonkers “time attack” cars. Will add the link to the post. I’ll work up instructions set for some 510 variations. Thanks for the bump!
  8. Yes, they’re eight-wides :) Eight wide in that these have big super-wide box-flare effect, blown out but still keeping in scale with their original six-wide Speed Champions references (and their four-wide cockpits.) These are almost-entirely MOCs, however in the spirit of Time Attack super-mods I made a point to utilize one carry-over detail to tie them back to their source models. They are not alt-builds though, many parts are not found in their original sets... They all fit a minifig and carry as much greebly mechanical detail as possible under their bodywork. Ferrari F40 FFS The beautiful F40, here sliced and diced into Time Attack form with many Ferrari F1 references... Widened track and fenders float over a pared-down chassis featuring an extensive F1-derived front wing. A tall roof intake forces big cooling for the intercoolers, most of the rear bodywork is cleared away to flow to a huge rear wing hovering over an equally big diffuser. Side-panel SNOT build held over from the 75890 set. Dodge Challenger Demon SRT ATTAK If big is good, then bigger is better. The Demon’s massive Hemi v8 reworked and twin-turbocharged for time-attack abuse. The ATTAK may look like a gigantic brick, but the bodywork is hollowed out and the stripped-down chassis extended to make way for huge front and rear downforce. Lots of little details inside; red-block hemi engine, giant intercoolers, inboard pushrod rear suspension. Half-stud-offset roof borrowed from the 75893 set. Porsche 911/08 RSR-K BRSRK! A lean and mean approach to competitive power-to-weight ratio. All the mechanical cleverness is out on display on this one. Air-cooled, naturally-aspirated flat-8 is hung in a hybrid 911/tube-frame-and-monocoque chassis with entirely new suspension. Technic-beam headlights technique carried on from the 75895 set. Mini Cooper JCW TA/HC “SuperCooper” The one that started it all… Looking at the bonkers Dakar Mini got me thinking that if the Dakar is essentially a mid-engined tube-framed buggy with a Mini-ish shell on top, then that same shell could just as well be dropped onto a road-course prototype chassis. So here we go. Turbo-inline-six aft, nose cut away to clear wings with wings surrounded by wings. No missing the rear vanes, diffuser and that giant biplane rear wing. So low, so fast… All the bodywork lifts off to display a compact, low-slung chassis. These were a blast to design, are great fun to build and display. Will definitely be doing more. Instructions for all four are available at Rebrickable:
  9. prototyp

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Few more images of the Audi and Ferrari here:
  10. Interesting... no other deltas in the build? I wonder if that instruction booklet format will become the new SC standard. The folds have always been a little bit of a bummer.
  11. prototyp

    Speed Champions 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    “A new build method...” Yea, one could hope... IMO this particular model’s build was particularly unsatisfying. The finished result looks good (with exception of that wheel/tire combo) but the build itself was joyless plate-stacking.
  12. prototyp

    Speed Champions 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Waaat? Lame. Of all the compelling classics, cool new cars, interesting historical racers doubling up on an existing build is ridiculously lame. Can’t believe they’d go as far as thinking this was a good idea let alone all the work packaging marketing etc. Doesn’t look like they fixed the stupid wheel/tire combination either. Not at all remotely compelling, even worse as a missed opportunity to do something cool. (the 930 in all metallic silver would be nice tho)
  13. Nice review, thank you. For what it's worth, the dark-green #314 car included in the set is a real thing as well... There were three Mini 'buggies' at Dakar in 2018; the red one shown above ran #305, a Red Bull-sponsored #310, and the #314 green car. Via BMW: What gets a little confusing is that the 2019 #314 Dakar car is the more-normal-MINI-looking non-buggy MINI also in dark green. Different years, different racecars, same color and number. Google searches turn up a mix of both but tend to show more recent photos... Given Lego's MINI set was released before the 2019 Dakar was run, it makes sense that it's the 2018 car which is depicted.
  14. prototyp

    [MOC] Climatology Survey

    This whole build is amazing. Fantastic how all the great details come together.
  15. prototyp

    Speed Champions 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    "Shame" "Monstrosity"... Lol, you guys are kind of bumming me out... I'm digging the Mini set, even the Dakar buggy. The real life one looks ridiculous (I had to Google it too) but here in SC scale it's quite a cool beast. It's got some interesting shapes with a good looking livery and makes for a hilarious contrast in scale to the tiny OG Mini (which I think was kind of the point, sort of an inside joke about non-mini modern MINIs). The buggy will stick out like a sore thumb towering over road racing cars like the AMG and LMPs on my shelf, but that's the fun of it. It's the clown shoe. Bring some of the Dakar T4 class semi trucks into Speed Champions line and it'll be a riot of color and scale, even if no one knows what they are. The thing that riles me a little about the Mini set is the pricepoint is kind of out of whack... There's $30 in cars and $20 of some scaffolding bits and a couple tiny toolboxes. The Ford GT + GT40 and 911RSR + 930 sets nailed the pricepoint and content balance. (And since I'm sharing opposing opinions, I bought the Porsche box mostly for the modern 911 RSR to pair with the redone 919. The 911's crisp shaping and compactness put it up amongst the best of the SC series builds, imo.) Others on my will-buy list: the F40 is a lifelong favorite. As a SC it's a bit too cute tho, begging for some mods. The Senna is interesting if only as a parts-pack, it's a hideous machine in an odd color scheme but makes for some great Lego shapes. YMMV I'm stoked the series is continuing and that the quality in design and parts across all the sets continues to improve.