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  1. prototyp

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    Yep... Honestly looking forward to these new F1 models. Nice to see the new parts in virtual form... Are those in LDRAW, Mecabricks, or your own work? Have been hunting the Ldraw team's file activity since the first pics of the new models showed up, but might have missed them. Itching to start working these parts into mocs... Guessing the answer to this is "not yet" but feel I should ask: Do we know what the part numbers might be: 4x1 cut-tip slopes right and left (sidepods) 2x2 compound curves right and left (wing surfaces) 2x1 cut-tip tiles right and left?
  2. Cheers, thank you so much. Design was mostly engineered digitally in Bricksmith where I can make a mess of translucent parts to help visualize connections, fixed points, hinge-points, critical structures, check for conflicts and overlaps. Would be so difficult to get all the intertwined connections and structures wound together without either huge amounts of iteration (as you've done) or by being able to see into and through the designs... That said there are always refinements that come from building the thing a few times. Your Octan build is very much a cousin to this one. Would be very cool to do a few more LMP-era open-top cars, tbh... Or really any of the modern prototypes. (I do have a Audi R18 model 99% done and in the cue to shoot and post. It's outrageous.)
  3. TLDR: Super-detailed fully-modularized Creator-scale 16-wide MOC build of beautiful 1999 Le Mans-winning FIA LMP prototype. 903 pieces (including 3 round-plates-with-strings, 6 whips, and 8 “non-Lego” custom wheel parts). 1/15.2 scale: 16 stud wide, 38 stud long, 23 stud wheelbase Winner - with a bit of luck - of an exceptionally rough and tumble 1999 Le Mans in the hands of Joachim Winkelhock, Pierluigi Martini, and Yannick Dalmas. The LMR was the second iteration of BMW’s LMP car, designed and constructed by BMW with Williams F1, powered by a development of the BMW S70 V12 which the McLaren F1 had used to win Le Mans a few years prior. Longtime BMW racing partner Schnitzer Motorsport ran the team at Le Mans proper as well as in the American Le Mans series. The low and sleek car looked like a ufo compared to the competition. The LMR has a fairly simple and compact shape, but it’s not a brick… the subtle lines are quite refined and put up a challenge to capture smoothly in Lego. The entire nose build is a circus of surfaces all at slightly different angles, their mountings dotted here and there in precise positions over the tub structure. The roll-hoop and engine hump cowlings are jammed full of more angles and curves. The rear fenders tumble and taper back to those extremely compact multi-directional-snotted wing mount and taillight assemblies. The sidepods look simple but are full of some connections voodoo for their multi-hinged lower surfaces. The car's so slim there's really nowhere to hide much supporting structure. Wheel inserts and brake discs are designed in Cinema4d and fit into the back axle tubes of Lego's Icons wheel #42716. The spoke shape, offset and hub proportions were refined through a sequence of paper prototypes to dial in their scale, then the final design was high-resolution SLA resin printed and sprayed with Tamiya TS38 gunmetal (as are the backs of the Lego wheels). Graphics are a mix of printed stickers and cut vinyl. It's not quite perfect: the indigo color-shift blue vinyl turned out a bit too dark - needs a much larger surface area and strong light to really sparkle - and those delicate air-flow pinstripes need to be metallic on transparent substrate so the different white materials aren’t as noticeable. The open cockpit captures various details; Pi/BMW M digital dash, switches panel, electronics boxes all carefully studied, drawn in Illustrator, and shrunk down to scale. (I forgot to do the Emergency markings, so these are swiped from a 1/24 model and comically small) The rear bodywork is a large single assembly that lifts off, revealing that glorious V12. The rear wing and trailing edge of the bodywork (with those complex little taillights) is cantilevered off the end of the transmission. The intake airbox assembly lifts off to reveal 12 intake trumpets, the oil tank and engine ancillaries. Getting the radiators attach at angles flush with the wing plates on the ends of the sidepods was a triumph of Lego maths... A few stickers for the radiator faces and the cam covers provide some texture. The sidepods, splitter, and engine drivetrain are all separate from the tub following the construction and design typical of these cars; the bare chassis of these masterpieces of design and packaging is one my favorite views… The tub itself has a raised footbox with a rounded 'boat prow' profile which helped to channel airflow from the upswept nose underside out through the open sidepods. The remaining flat floor continues back to under the rear axle where the shallow diffuser tunnel kicks up. As always, thanks for looking and thanks for the inspiration, Prototyp These photos up at Flickr: Stop by and say hi:
  4. prototyp

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    There's already the Aston Vantage coupe from 76910, so it's a fair point Lego might want to shake it up. The DBX707 suv "Safety Car" is entirely plausible (technically it's the Medical Car...). So far Lego's SUV models have kinda been stinkers, with exception of the brilliant Bronco. (If it is the DBX I hope they've come a long ways from the Jag iPace and Urus builds)
  5. prototyp

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    Was curious about these new funky wide wheels so did a quick Photoshop overlay with the recent low-profile co-moulded SC wheels. Assuming the outer diameters are the same, it looks like a 2x2 tile should fit inside the rim of the new wheel. Looks like it might be tight, but appears in the margins of typical brick-to-brick gap. Hopefully it'll fit... That said, it would be cool if there was yet another new wheel-cover/turbo-fan/aero-disc part (there's a very slight difference in perspective between these two images, hence the slight misalignment... tried to focus on the centering of the tile and the new wheel to get a read on the fitment of a 2x2 tile and the 'brick-gap' typically kept as a minimum space between parts)
  6. prototyp

    LEGO Speed Champions 2024 rumors/speculation

    We're getting into the window now :) IIRC in the past there have been some early catalog leaks mid-December, also didn't someone pick up a set accidentally put out at a Target? Last wave, the official TLG pics and interviews all landed sort of December 31/Jan 1st ish ahead of the March release. - Not going to add to the list of wishes other than I'm hoping to see some interesting colors added to the lineup (Sand blue? Pearl Titanium? Maybe a return to Dark Blue or Bright Light Orange... can we see a Highlighter Yellow SC?). Stoked to see what (if?) new parts the team devises, always so fun to stare at the press images and suss out the new parts and clever techniques.
  7. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    Thanks for this BrickMonkey... I had initially planned on lowering the windscreen/rear roof a plate but after building your mod I think achieves a similar tweak to the proportions and is /much/ simpler. Still a little tall, but good enough... Completely removed the yellow stripe on mine and swapped to the F8 windscreen, used pointy-slopes to finish the black hood insert, tweaked the chassis with cambered wheel mountings, and added deeper side-skirt shaping and a few aero bits inspired by the Novitec N-Largo. Fully agree this is a solid SC model with an enjoyable build and looks excellent all dialed in. (sorry about the gigantic images - no image-display controls here on Eurobrick?)
  8. prototyp

    [MOD] 10248 - Ferrari F40

    So cool to see this model still getting attention. I ended up with a completely redesigned front and rear chassis (amongst a lot of of other things) to get the ride height lower. Essentially I've used technic beams to relocate the axles; legal and simple, but a ton of design iteration to arrive at. I've been asked for instructions a few times and have been poking at converting the LDR build and all its sub-assemblies into but it's a massive job... likely won't happen soon. Pics for inspiration:
  9. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    This is great intel, thank you. Couple more I was considering looking into build possibilities for are Lime, similar to the original concept's color, and they did a very nice blue - sort of between dark azure and normal blue.
  10. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Games controller (unprinted, apparently). It's perfect for these modern 'yoke' style race-car steering wheels (I've been using it this way in my mocs since it became available, fwiw ;) Thanks for posting these... Watching these has definitely increased my interest and appreciation for the new models. The techniques at work are really impressive; all those short bars and open-stud plate connections to shift SNOT directions in the Ferrari for example - that's ace stuff.
  11. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Curious what y'all think this part might be? Thin walls, some kind of hole or indent. The height is interesting as it appears to be a full brick high (taller vertically than a single stud piece set in SNOT):
  12. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Some quick takes... I'm looking for a) a great model (good proportions and details) b) useful or new parts c) clever designs and fun building. With that: Ferrari 512 gets props for the rear half of the car being 9-wide. That front fender build looks elaborate. IMO, they used the wrong windscreen part tho. I get why they chose the conical/round one vs 18973, but it just looks kinda odd... What's up with the steering wheel up at face-level for the fig? Verdict: Eh... will probably buy and mod it (I've been scratching at a 10-wide 512 for ages, time to wrap that project up I think). Evija has a bunch of Dark Green recolors, so that's cool (tall fenders!, 1x2 brackets, triangle tiles, 11291 double-slope, that snowboard wing). I like the rear end design quite a lot and interesting use of the 27262 part (trans clear!) for the tapered rear window. Skip the yellow stickers and rub off the yellow windscreen print, and it's a pretty handy sports-car builder pack. Verdict: Buy. Countach is almost as good as Barneius' MOC. The flat printed wheel covers are throwing me off tho, need to be inverted dishes somehow. Curious what structures precluded using inverted 24201 2x1 curve slopes to complete the top-half of the side intakes which are such a signature design detail on the IRL car. I'm impressed with the 1x2 panels used for the mid-roof overhanging the quarter windows and grids, that's clever. Rear fender box intakes are awesome. Rear view looks ace with all the angles coming together around the taillights. I've come around on this one, Verdict: Buy. Looks fun to build. The Astons. Not sure what to say about the Valkyrie... just going to move on... Need to double-check the lime parts, but I don't think I see any new recolors here other than the super-pointy 65426/9 2x4 wing plates. Vantage's tail view looks pretty sweet, the interlocked cheese-slopes for the ducktail and taillights is cool. Lime horns for the grill shape is clever. No side-view of the Vantage to be seen? Curious how its proportions hold up. Unfortunate windscreen/roof-piece printing (drawing a curve on it doesn't make it look curvy). Good parts pack maybe? Fun for moc/alt builds? Hopefully not packed full of color-vomit... Would have been more compelling as a Vibrant Yellow parts pack, as it is it feels like wait-and-see. Verdict: hold... Many of the previous releases ended up looking much better in person than they appeared in the box art or promo images. Surely that will continue to be the case here. The Ferrari probably looks wicked, all low and wide. Who knows, maybe even the Valkyrie works when you see it on the shelf? Ps: 76909??? Going mad guessing what it might be.
  13. prototyp

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    from what we can see so far, imo they have a similar vibe to the c8 corvette from last series; bunch of blocks that kinda-sorta look like the subject. is a drag about those slopes likely being printed, hopefully the parts get released in non-printed form