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Found 3 results

  1. In 2017 the AMG company is celebrating its 50th jubilee - congratulations on this occasion! Now here is my tribute, although it wasn´t the main intention to build for that purpose. Back in 2015 we´ve had a fun project, the BMW M4 DTM which was echoed by fellows around here far more than I expected and it opened many opportunities for cooperation with other specialists to round up the MOC. Together with Lipko´s Audi RS5 DTM a Mercedes still was missing in the line-up of some collectors though. One of them, our dear EB fellow filus followed the idea strongly and thanks to his accompaniment we elaborated the AMG C63 DTM racecar of the 2015 season. The whole project turned out to generate more fun (and challenges) as assumed. To make everything more interesting, a lot more time has been invested than planned first and more diversity was created resulting in 2 different chassis – manual and PF. On top 2 different exchangeable liveries. The quality of the model was on priority and can be considered as far better than the quality of e.g. the BMW M4 DTM. Parts rarely fall off when the car meets bumps and walls. You can even lift the car by the roof without damaging anything. Testing both models with kids of all ages between 2 and 10 years showed some robustness and reliability above average. Thanks to all participants involved in the process! Custom stickers were provided by Jaap (Jaap Technic) again, who did a fabulous job, and these really made up the icing on the cake. Thorsten Spelz produced extraordinary detailed separate instructions for both chassis and both liveries which allows to choose the desired individual setup and color scheme. Sorry in advance that these can´t be offered for free, because too many careful efforts, costly parts and countless hours of work have gone into the project. Manual chassis: Most of the development has gone into the manual chassis. I had to try it once and I´m glad I managed to make a “simple” but fool proof shifting mechanism which relies on shock springs only. No rubber bands used and the shifting parts itself retract by gravity only (which doesn´t allow 10 shifts per second though, who cares). Especially the beautiful engine sound is a nice feature – btw it´s also a kind of gear indicator – after some time playing you can distinguish the actual selected gear by the different sound and resistance while pushing the car. A white 24-teeth gear has been installed between differential and gearbox, preventing gears from damage when pushed too hard – a bit similar to the 42056 Porsche setup ;-). - dimensions in studs (L/W): 61/25 - independent wheel suspension - 4 – speed gearbox - 2 manual shifters (up and down) and steering in comfortable position above the rear axle - working steering wheel - mini fake V8 engine RC chassis: Nothing special and no new big achievements here probably. Anyway I´m very satisfied how good all together works. The XL motor geared down 3:1 works flawlessly together with the L motor geared down by 5:3 ratio – absolutely no grinding at the differential between both motors which is another good indicator of efficiency. As you can see in the video, the cars´ speed is reasonable for indoor and is almost the same compared to the BMW (stronger) equipment. Comparison here: BMW is driven by 2 XL motors; gear reduction 3:1. - dimensions in studs (L/W): 61/25 - independent wheel suspension - remote driving and steering - LED lights - PF equipment: 1 XL motor + 1 L motor for drive, 1 servo motor for steering, 1 pole reverser, 3 LED pairs (2 front, 1 rear), 1 extension wire, 1 battery, 1 IR V2 receiver, 1 IR remote - SBrick compatible (replaces receiver, remote and pole reverser) Bodywork dimensions in studs: length 61 studs (without rear spoiler); width 25 studs (without mirrors); height 15,5 studs - openable doors - easily removable rear spoiler and engine hood - custom stickers corresponding the looks of the real cars - roll cage under the roof - Technic panels count: 51 “Silberpfeil” livery - #6 Robert Wickens The new orange parts from the 42056 set allowed replicating the distinguished color scheme of this nice livery. I like especially that the round shaped roof could be made using the 13x3 bowed panels. Unfortunately Silver beams and panels are not really available, so these parts have been made in white. The stickers with the particular energy tin make it very special IMO. “AMG” livery - #3 Paul di Resta The white/black color combo may seem nothing spectacular nowadays, but with the slight red accents and the stickers in particular it makes an equal counterpart to the other variant. The roof couldn´t be built the same way and its shape turned out a bit different, unfortunately the new 13x3 bowed panels, to be released in 2H in black color, were too far on the horizon during the design process. Anyway the overall parts availability is great and I guess this version will be the preferred option for most who want to rebuild it. And here the mandatory videos: More pictures can be seen at my bricksafe. Instructions and stickers are available. Enjoy and have fun !
  2. Racetrack start lights Bridge My own Construction. Suitable for DTM or Formula 1. Inspired by Bruno's DTM BWM and Mercedes Programmed functions: Formation Lap Race Start Race Break Safty Car Powerfunktion: - 2x SBricks - 11x PF Lights - 1x PF Akku Instruction with SBrick Programm: Partlist: Backround Picture SBrick: Video:
  3. BMW M4 DTM is a prototype racecar made by the automobile manufacturer BMW constructed for only use it the DTM championship since 2014. The M4 DTM supersedes the M3 DTM being used since 2012. The other 2 participating manucfacturers in the championship are Audi and Mercedes. The races are rarely to see on TV even in Germany. Often the only option is the official livestreaming of all events at Timo Glock finished 15th in this years season – winning only one race (Oschersleben). I like the “racey” look of the M4 DTM, so I thought this yellow Deutsche Post Wagen would be somehow nice to recreate. I used to own a few BMW in my lifetime – E36 Coupé, E46 Coupé and E46 Touring. They all were sporty and nice looking cars, had reliable motors and were fun to drive (especially RWD in winter in the snow ;-). Having thought about a BMW MOC about a long time now I decided to rip apart some boring construction machinery and build a new car in fresh tasty yellow! Motorize it as heavily as possible with 4 XL motors. The car is suspended as low as possible few mm above the track level and touches the ground if pushed down (like the real car does ;-). And it doesn´t contain any gearbox. Non-Lego-parts: the yellow pneumatic hoses (4mm) came really handy to create some round shapes. I bought some kilometers of it at ebay and enjoyed to experiment by cutting it at any required length. Beeing sturdy it causes some problems bending the rear fender a bit, but doesn´t disturb the look too much, even if the lighter shades of yellow are clearly visible. Data: lenght: 58 studs (46,5 cm) / 61,5 studs (49 cm) with rear spoiler width: rear 25 studs (19,5 cm); front 25 studs (19,5 cm) height: 15 studs (11,7 cm) parts: 1.900 – 2.000 weight: 2,2 kg drivetrain: 4 x XL motors & 2 receivers & 2 rechargeable batteries gear reduction: 3:1/1:1/20:12/20:28 = 3.572:1 (according to sariel´s gear ratio calculator) steering: 1 x servo motor coupled to working steering wheel & 1 receiver and battery, Ackermann geometry other features: rollcage, independent wheel suspension, LED lights (2 pairs in th front, 1 pair in the rear) PDF building instructions here.