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  1. Why give up so quickly?? I liked your choice. You could try to ask these guys for (exclusisve) 2D renders: I´m sure this guy will have the car in the portfolio soon and will be able to help you too : I´ve bought 2D blueprints for a Ferrari for 20 bucks from him some time ago. In the meanwhile you could work on your chassis first and decide what car to build on top later!
  2. brunojj1

    How to start develop a supercar

    Why would you want to make instructions? If for others you need to end up with a good model first. Then take risk to be ripped off by the Chinese without earning a penny. If for yourself, it´s enough to take the model apart after having considered it as really finished and then simply make pictures of the particular subassembly and the parts it contains. Working with software is something which requires a lot of learning again, it´s no fun at all for most builders I´m aware of.
  3. brunojj1

    How to start develop a supercar

    No need to be magical, it´s all about thinking & work. I found the best advice here came from T Lego, you should follow it. Don´t be too strict about "rules", find out yourself - it´s the major part of having fun playing . Of course one can avoid many mistakes usually made by beginners (all of us were at some point). You should visualize your end result, make compromises but don´t let go your dream! Immagine the finished car, but start with the solid basis first - the chassis. Take your time and never give up, because that´s the difference between losers and winners - the latter always take that one impossible step further where everybody else would give up.
  4. Let the OP decide himself what he himself considers to be true and let everybody have their own opinion, please! As far as I know, this forum is not owned by TLG but is dedicated to discussions around the hobby. Another prominent example in Germany where TLG issued a warning by their lawyers regarding potential trademark infringements, was a German Lego store owner, Held der Steine, who was selling mostly Lego products. Back then he was a normal retailer making YT reviews about Lego products only (free advertising for TLG!). He had his own logo, formerly showing a brick with 4 nipples on top (which btw is not patented per se) – the controversy was all about this trademark logo by which the customers allegedly were supposed to identify/confuse him as the official Lego company. The result of the whole argument wasn´t a battle in court, but simply a change of the logo ... and a complete change of the product portfolio in his business. Now he is promoting other brick brands as well, amongst TLG products. Who cares...
  5. Very cool F1 car in a refreshing color scheme ! The dark blue color is kind of inviting to build a Red Bull vehicle and the suggested red/yellow sections built of parts instead of stickers are very original. I like the suspension and especially the opening underbody - a feature I´d consider to implement at some point too. I´d prefer to see the narrow wheels from the 42000 set at the front to get more realistic, but then you´d have to paint the standard rims which of course would be a crime for a pure purist ..
  6. Terrific MOC, didn´t expect such one from you ! That blue clutch gear sticking out at the rear wheel is kind of disturbing, but the design solution is genious.
  7. brunojj1


    Terry, thank you for sharing this beautiful and instantly recognizeable replica with us! Great job on the bodywork and respect for putting in all that functionality . Reminds me of my current to-do-list, namely the BMW 428i Gran Coupé I´m driving and which needs to be built soon in Lego Technic . I have to agree with others that I´d prefer to see your model without stickers. The front and overall look would be cooler IMO if lowered by half a stud probably. Can it be adjusted independently in relation to the rear axle?
  8. brunojj1

    Planetary hub internals

    I don´t care if it´s recommended somewhere in small letters - the box clearly says „OFF-ROADER“ + the picture on the box is clearly advertising a use in an outdoor environment. Almost all significant reviews shown on YT are testing it outside, quite reasonable to have a bit of fun playing. I mean there are big letdowns for me as a potential buyer - first my disappointment about the new BT technology, not being compatible with most older electronics. The app being non-open-source which could mean after one year or two it´s becoming useless even for the set itself if not being updated permanently for all upcoming devices. Now I even can´t use the new hubs and u-joints which I was expecting to give me some advantage above the older hubs in any of my future applications. The price tag about 230,00 EUR I simply refuse to accept as a customer. And yes, it was only expressing my critical personal (non-biased) opinion, which I based on other experts reviews.
  9. brunojj1

    Planetary hub internals

    So after all the other the other drawbacks in the glorious 42099 crawler set and the damaged u-joints you demonstrated earlier, I see not one single little reason to consider anything of it to be useful. Shame on the TLC for spending as many resources into the research and development of "new generation" components and making the set so expensive. The product development in general makes me sick when I compare it with the happy days 6-7 years ago.
  10. Oh sorry , my sincere apologies for not being precise enough! Should I say "engine hood" instead of "engine cover"? Btw., no need to fix anything on my behalf or satisfy anybody else than yourself in general, only if you feel the need for the sake of Your project improving the appearance by some minor but crucial changes. I was talking particularly about this area here: Maybe you would feel the need / see a chance / be happy with moving the lower panel 1/2 stud up. Of course I don´t know if the new attachment points would interfere with anything else, it´s just an idea: Or 1 entire stud up + adding a 8x1 tile at the bottom not to ruin the line:
  11. Thanks for sharing, I´m pretty excited to see it revealed finally ! The bare chassis is a piece of art on its own, the overall appearance doesn´t disappoint in any way . Fantastic functionality considering the limitations at the given scale, especially the (widely) opening doors & engine cover ! Some minor critics must come from me regarding the area around the rear wheel arches and the big gap between the engine cover and the lower panel. However, the side view still looks very uncompromised and lovely. Enjoy your great success with this stunning creation!
  12. Great & realistic design ! It´s nice to see more and more supercars appear on the forum build in the 1/12 scale. You´ve put the doors at a nice angle. Love the fact it´s RC and the placement of the PF components ! Putting it at Lego Ideas is a waste of time and energy, just my opinion. Sadly, there´s a great chance to be released as a set somewhere else where you don´t want it..
  13. brunojj1

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    Very impressive ! Good to see you in action again, no matter how fast time is flying - for me You were pointing the way by your style and this sort of professionalism ever since I can remember . Love all the details by which one can judge the passion and the tremendous amount of work put into this creation. The universal truck base probably could serve for many modification options like an Unimog - I´d love to have a lovely simple tipping bed on it.
  14. @lego_tactics The synchronisation is easy theoretically, but take your time to level it right. The front axle is a bit tricky because it has some play (the chassis is not rigid in some areas at this stage). Start at one end, wind it up or down to the max at one side and then the other. Then add the knob wheels left and right of the yellow one, while trying not to compromise the heights on one of the sides by turning them. Then wind everything up by turning the orange centre axle - let´s say up to the middle position. If both sides are horizontal, everything is ok. If not, play around until you´re satisfied. Same for the rear axle - it´s easier to do it here, you have simply to pull out the 8L axle w/ stop and reinstall the knob gear to get it equal. On the first picture you have shown the final adjustment between front and rear axle which can be adjusted individually, disconnecting them by pulling out the 5L axle by 1 stud. The air brake is admittedly hard to put together. But once assembled, you just have to find the middle position by moving the grey 16t gear on the bottom of the car which I called the airbrake activator and find the neutral position from where it will have the same travel while turning the steering wheel left or right. Don´t worry, I´m sure you´ll get the idea and find out everything during the assembly .
  15. There were reasons why I didn´t want to comment on this (great!) model. The first prototype shown didn´t convince me at all with its non-constistent mix of panels & bricks. And maybe because I don´t like bulky heavy vehicles transporting fat dictators, with umbrellas costing a decadent amounts of 700,00$+ . The OP was asking for opinions, willing to improve everything meticulously over and over again. With the effort of the fruitfull discussion the results are respect demanding. Most of all I apreciate the functionality, especially the windows moving and of course the belly shot. Thanks for sharing with us your love for this car, the interesting engineering solutions and all the fun you´ve had !