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  1. Your building skills and especially the frequency you are pumping out these cars are mindblowing! I would prefer this cute Porsche a hundred times over the 42096 on my shelf. I guess if these wheels would be white, the whole appearance was unbeatable.The proportions are good, nice yet simple basic functions. Great job again !
  2. brunojj1

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    @MinusAndy: Can you please leave a reference to which real racecar this replica is based on? Is this supposed to be an Escort? Sorry if I´m so ignorant, but I couldn´t find anything matching your version properly by google . I suppose the wheel archtes would look better if simply leaving the flex axles or maybe using a double row of them. Otherwise it looks promising, especially the chassis and engine details. And I love those wheels too .
  3. brunojj1

    42115 Lamborghini

    Or the opposite - there has to be some continuation of one specific color. Then the original car has been presented in that olive green and the unique number 63 on it. Anything else would be a big surprise and extraordinary welcomed! You name it! "They are fighting us MOCers" - I can´t get over this thought for some reason..
  4. brunojj1

    42115 Lamborghini

    I could bet it´s coming in the same color like the Defender. Good for all the military guys, very bad for supercar builders . What else could you expect from the company nowadays...
  5. brunojj1

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    My all-time-favourite is the hauler designed by @designer-han almost a decade (!) ago. Regardless the proportions I apreciate the fact that with this set we are getting a variety of nice panels in YELLOW which weren´t available so far. That widens my opportunities a lot for building a nice supercar in that color .
  6. brunojj1

    Bricklink and Chinese Parts

    Nobody on this forum is interested in what you are telling here.
  7. @howitzer: great job, thank you for that! I even didn´t realize some of the parts fall into the "Technic panels" category .
  8. I think it´s impossible to install these components into this model without sacrificing the whole chassis . And I have no intention to buy / test them at any time in any of my MOCs, because I just can´t see any smallest advantage over the good old PF system combined with SBricks.
  9. The terms "sustainable" and "radical ideas" are very contradicting IMO. The comfort and many other achievements we are living in today, at least in the countries where real Lego is available and payable for average people, is in danger if people are being empowered who want to save the whole galaxy, but aren´t able to take on responsibility of their own life. Means first organize your psyche, clean your room, pay your bills, raise children, build a home for your family and perhaps then move beyond that environment. Please keep out Donald T and Greta out of this forum along with politics as a whole!
  10. It depends, as far as I´m concerned various sellers offer 2x pcs in one lot, usually it´s shown in the item description. The link above offers 1 rim + 1 tire per lot. The modules in the manual / RC chassis are very similar, but they all have small differences regarding the mechanics, the points for the separation are at the same places. Although you theoretically could interchange the modules from both versions, it doesn´t make a lot of sense, since you want to build the one or the other. The modularity itself was a challenge I´ve put for myself, also helpfull for designing the car respecitvely keep the functions at the same place. And of course the intention was to make it more interesting to assemble, easier to disassemble / modify as well. Another idea was to offer several motorization options in the RC version where the modularity comes in handy, although practically you need to tinker quite a bit to downgrade the drivetrain.
  11. The chromed "Porsche" rims I was presenting in this topic were bought from ebay, I don´t remember from where they came exactly. TLG doesn´t offer anything like this and moreover after highjacking bricklink you can´t buy them there as well. One famous seller has created his own website now for chromed parts: If you are referring to the matte silver Bugatti wheels which I´ve put on and photographed recently next to Charbel´s McLaren 720S - these were purchased from here: Side note: my comment in my previous post regarding not using any clone parts wasn´t about rims. I just wanted to make clear that I didn´t use non-Lego motors and PF components other than SBrick/Buwizz. I fear somebody want to nail me on that as well ...
  12. I think you are a lover of rice cookers . IMO the black/white color combo looks unspectacular. Of course you have not many other options, but e.g. red on chromed bugatti wheels would look much better, since you already "broke the law" by using non-Lego wheel arches, they exist in red somewhere as well. Also I´m not a fan of the tiles above the rear wheel arch. EDIT: And I miss the sleeping eyes of the older RX7
  13. brunojj1

    [MOC] Ford GT40 Mk1 1967

    Congratulations on this fantastic replica! Reminds me of the film "1966 Ford vs. Ferrari" I´ve seen recently, a great movie doing justice to this legendary car. Finishing first and second at Sebring was business as usual for the Ford GT back then ...
  14. brunojj1


    Your Hoonigans are your best creations and therefore successfull regarding their popularity. I´m having a blast chasing them at Forza Horizon . The performance is probably the best you can get out of it, although Sariel´s Pagani Zonda was faster and lighter because of its body made of flex axles. You´ve put a superb looking livery on it on top .
  15. Hi @mschaap , welcome to EB. Although I must say if you are using clone parts you are in the wrong forum. My car was designed with Lego parts and the only considarable third party components were BuWizz and SBrick - there the motors are combined on the same channel and no problems.