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  1. Great MOC and congratulations for succeeding with the torque verctoring system, I love it ! I´ve had such ideas with the battery a long time ago, but from idea to realization is a long way as you know. Allthough I´m following a different idea as mechanical solution right now which involves multiple differentials. Some questions: Who is "US"? Sharing one project with others must deliver double fun but is not as easy as well, right? Does the amount of torque vectoring correlate with the current speed? Why is the counterweight needed - is it because of a sensitive suspension?
  2. On the other hand is the most popular theme. It could get a lot more attention, drag more MOCers into the contest and probably more people into the forum . Despite the Lego company does it no justice at all, delivering the same boring stuff year after year. Let´s contrast that in a creative way!
  3. Yeah, what about a Need-for-Speed contest with maybe 2 categories "robbers and gendarmes" ?.. I always wanted to build a car in 2 versions like these e.g.: Please don´t consider this as a commitment to ever take part in a contest (I´m a poor slow builder )...
  4. I won´t tell you ! Please do yourself a favour and try-and-error a little bit. What can happen in worst case? Damage a gear, so what? Discover the joy of sensation after having figured that out, my friend !
  5. @artic13 : Why not simply add a second L motor, regardless CaDA or Lego and change the gear reduction?
  6. I´ve been late to the party, is there some rotten salad left ? Has someone seen Helge around? I´m literally drinking my well deserved end of working day beer right now - cheers everybody !
  7. It´s all not OK, in my humble unbiased opinion . Why does the clamshell not stay where it belongs? Because it´s high temperature in Billund or because it´s simply poor design. Easy fix: remove the 1L beam / sleeve and leave the pin naked (blue circle) or replace by an axle pin:
  8. You can lower it down a little bit by weakening the linkage like that:
  9. @SNIPE This model is designed to sit on a shelf. The queen of flimsyness says don´t even dare to touch me, don´t move me around, forget about playing. If you wanna do it anyway and even motorize, you should first redesign the mounts for the front wheel hubs which simply fall out too easily. Then the pins on the wheels have almost no friction. So for heavy RC driving I suggest glue them to the hubs or lubricate them by sticky honey . The overall ABS material in this set feels softer and connections less reliable than what you´d usually expect. The bricked rear end would loose up to a few hundred parts on the first meters, but that´s tolerable IMO . Just do it!
  10. That´s great news indeed ! The given range of lengnths is highly welcomed too, however they seem somewhat odd (literally) to me. Lengnths in 4,8 and 10L maybe will be added later, I will ask them and order all available of course: You are right for 95% estimated part of Lego users. But the CaDA portfolio program consists at least 80% of RC vehicles. And more new (more!) powerfull stuff is on the way, promised. From my other RC related experiences I know that everything can break. That´s part of the hobby.
  11. @Aerolight : People are getting tired of clickbaiters who always have the biggest the greatest awesomeness in superlatives to offer. Don´t wast time and just skip them. As you said, we are here to have fun and believe it or not - I am reading your thread because I want to learn something from everybody. So you are supposed not only to be the GOAT on here, so you need to remind us what rules have to be respected?? Wow. Oh btw. - you have non-Lego wheels mounted on your truck (which make the truck "the biggest" indeed). No smileys.
  12. Nice to see my "useless" rotor blades come to use again
  13. Actually I don´t know, having seen them today first time. Seems not to be an actual photograph, but a render. Chromed elbow pieces - hmmm...
  15. It´s a real shame that TLG doesn´t offer spares in any color and lengths available. They would be so cheap to produce. So others have to do that in the future.