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  1. @astyanax It was a big pleasure to see you at work and your contributions are a big enrichment to this thread ! You will take her apart to build her more beautifull sister, so she will be dying heart broken ... At least we have these wonderful renders and your pictures left for memory . @fdfs It´s a great MOD, the most developed out of the box I´ve seen so far . As for the rear fenders I´d rather stick to astyanax´ solution.
  2. @Zerobricks Jerry, you are blowing everything away with this spectacular story! Congratulations for all the achievements you got with this so impressive hypercar model! I finally got the time to watch the entrire video. This is the sporty kind of joint venture where all the pieces fit together and your baby is playing the major role in the movie. The original cars´ long wheelbase allows you to put all the motors and even a pair of BuWizz between the seats and rear wheels, so it was perfect to be the role model for that. And I love how this time you have paid so much attention to aesthetic details. What I don´t like so much, is the rims color and design, but that´s obviously a personal taste. Why do you prefer to use a M motor for steering over a servo in this extreme setup? How would a normal Lego servo respond to the new generation battery/app? Why is the model so parts-intensive, considering so much of the space is used up by all the devices?
  3. @astyanax Wow, I thought you have disassembled your car in order to build another FIAT 😃?? It looks great in the renders, hopefully your real counterpart can live up to it 🇮🇹! I guess the front fender pieces are attached "illegal"? I definitely would prefer the flex axles without the sausages lined up 😬
  4. Honestly I wouldn´t consider to use a chain in a RC model. Just imagine one chain element to go loose and soon the rest of if going stuck in the drivetrain . The way it is you have to synchronize only ONCE and secure by a 5x3 L liftarm in the next step. Lubricate the red gear between if you want . The friction isn´t that severe, even less in relative terms, the higher you go with motorization. Exactly ! LDCad actually can do some tricks, IDK how, should I . I personally can recall 2-3 sections which definitely will cause collisions, such as the front hood meeting with the vertical liftarms - my estimate is about 1/3 of a stud which is not much. Anyway, while I prefer to work with (bending) physical parts and real prototypes instead of digital, nobody was setting standards what´s illegal and not. It´s different aspects to go in compliance with the RC gearbox sitting right underneath it. It may work in any manual driven of your cars, no doubt with any problems because you may have fine-tuned everything already and the chain falls off onto the floor in worst case?
  5. @amorti Maybe it´s time to close this useless topic and let it R.I.P.
  6. I don´t know why these particular nostalgic features as 4-wheel steering, Ackermann geometry are considered so important or even must-have in the "ultimate" Technic supercar. Maybe it´s just lack of fantasy in the existing line-up so far. I would say the real successor of the 8880 set doesn´t need all of that desperately. It rather should represent the best and most interesting features of a modern hightech supercar. That means implementing electronics inescapably and showing them in the best way possible to educate kids and adults about innovation, mechanics etc. Not necessarily having a kinda dumb Super Mario application with no soul. I don´t know how to explain this better, meanwhile having no intention to reveal all of my ideas yet for my next MOC .
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, my bad ! I have the set standing unpacked in my closet, no time to build it so far and my son didn´t like to build yet. And I´m willing to revise my statement "it´s not a car" either - it´s just not a supercar .
  8. If the gearbox is counted as the main parameter for the judgement, we have to appoint the Bugatti with the innovative new orange gear selector used. However, IMO the first UCS car #42056 Porsche is a better candidate in terms of setting new standards. I favour it against the Bugatti & Sian because it´s built more parts-efficient. Of course there were flaws in it and it wasn´t really groundbraking radical new concept-wise. Anyway it was a game changer regarding the importance to have a UCS line at all, which TLG had recognized finally at the time. New arch panels, wheels with realistic offset, paddle-shifting, double clutch sequential gearbox were the modern features at least. Unfortunately the Defender isn´t really a car, even if its chassis consists mostly of a gearbox (which is flawed too and doesn´t use the new wave selector as well).
  9. Great job, thank you for sharing your work with us finally ! Especially the top view looks stunning . The center console being only 3 studs wide impresses me. The "glass" pieces are very cool to have there. Some minor critique points, obviously moaning on high level: stacking beams more than 2 rows isn´t desirable, as well as using so many system pieces for decoration - it ruins the looks a bit in a subtle manner due to the square edges, inevitable. We can witness that all your struggles for the V2 were worth it - I like that attitude of refining and tuning a lot. As others said, the functionality would be interestsing to have a closer look at. Now I will recolor my Senna in Forza to yellow and go for a lap of honour for you .
  10. That is correct. If you use Sariel´s calculator, you have the inversion of the gear ratios which I had stated - for me it´s easier to think of gear reduction the other way. Don´t be confused, my friend . You could even swap the 24/20Z gears behind the differential and get an even bigger gear reduction. One can´t confirm this to be "ideal" because there are other factors which can vastly influence the performance, such as torque, friction, quality differences between old Lego gears and newer generations, between CaDA gears and Lego parts. Most important - the batteries (plural!). You definitely need at least 2 CaDA batteries which unfortunately can´t be controlled by only 1 controller. Better use 2x BuWizz and there we are having multiple generations too of which performance is not the same. On the downside they are all expensive. Nobody can guarantee if that will be working at all. You have the basic platform - keep on experimenting until you have your own peak solution!
  11. Guys, let´s come back to commenting in a constructive way and not fight over wordings. There is enough negativity in the world around us, here we are supposed to be on a neutral playground . Indeed, this is the kind of humor I like - laughing my megablocks off !
  12. In my very humble opinion - YES it is! I will present the idea to Martin immediately, along with another even simpler proposal I had in mind.
  13. I´m proud having "invented" a part for CaDA, among others, which is currently being used in their "Osprey" Tilt rotor helicopter C61076W: I have no patent for that (yet) . And I don´t care. Does somebody have suggestions for any NEW part as substitute for the orange wave selector we are talking about? Keep in mind the whole concept is patented, not only the part´s geometry.
  14. It´s a very entertaining episode again, isn´t it! No matter what - it´s great to be part of this community where we can discuss everything in all openness, honesty and respect. I´m proud with the big impact I could achieve with this modell - thanks God, thanks LEGO, thanks Johny´s World, Held der Steine and especially all you guys and girls! The journey will continue, hopefully in a peaceful competition and coexistence. If somebody is interested in a modern cancel culture war, I have no time for that. There is so much more to discover in the future, so many ideas hovering in my mind, projects on my workbench - so let´s move on with playing and having fun!
  15. Oh please, I don´t mind at all and I think the OP doesn´t either. As long as the moderators don´t intervene, IMO it´s apreciated by everybody (except those "being offended by the fact it´s not Lego"). And I really would like to know who´s the creator of this super cool Humvee (wish it was @Sariel ).