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  1. brunojj1

    [MOC] [Control+] WTCC Race Car

    Great MOC, thanks for sharing! The first impression is always important and I must say I liked that front view instantly ! Surprisingly the colour vomit between yellow/bright light orange/orange/red isn´t as much disturbing, it indeed resembles a „natural“ racecar where the colours have no bigger meaning other than be distinctive from the competitors on the racetrack. The following isn´t meant as critics, jsut my opinion. Although this is a freestyle creation, there are no limits or boundaries of course, I wish the part behind the wheels to be a little bit longer for aesthetical reasons, featuring side view proportions like in a „regular“ sedan. The gaps above the rear wheel arches are slightly too big for my taste. I´m not familiar with these white pieces you have used on the sides of the seats (bionicle?..) Please make a video of the driving car, I think many of us would like to see the performance you achieved with the new electronics.
  2. I wonder why on earth they called it „DTM“ and mounted a cargo box on it, actually it has nothing to do with the DTM racecar RS5. Some interesting background info about the real counterpart which I found a bit funny and sad at the same time: "„The Audi RS 6 DTM Avant, one-of-a-kind and a former Gumball 3000 car from winter sports enthusiast Jon Olsson, was bred to 1,000 hp and stolen and set on fire.“ .... Nice job on the stickers, your model is recognizeable. The front is too bulky, the bonnet sitting at least 1 stud too high. I don´t like the beams-over-flex axles at the wheelhouses.
  3. @Seely : First of all, welcome to EB! The shown GTR spoiler is a custom modification posted on rebrickable by Schotty08. You should sign up there (if not registered yet) and ask him. Some more similar to this can be seen there on the photos section under both RC and manual versions. I guess the lack of the exhaust part led these guys to get creative, I always apreciate that .
  4. brunojj1

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    The side view is a photography and the camera perspective is a bit distorting. Anyway, at the first glance one can instantly notice the too short wheelbase (distance between front and rear axle). The picture from the front conceals this dimension. The wheels are probably not too big, it´s rather about the too big radius of the wheel arches which is the same as on the Porsche 42056. This makes the wheelbase look even shorter. The perfect radius for 1/8 scale would be the wheel arches from 42096 - they are way too big for the smaller 1/10 scale.
  5. brunojj1

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Neither of those! FERRARI is the world´s most powerful brand after LEGO. It´s logical both should team up (again!) in a joint venture to create the ultimate product and make (most of) us happy.
  6. brunojj1

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    There is not much to discuss so far, as long nothing new is being revealed to us. Therefore the topic title has been changed to "speculation". All we know it´s again a ridiculously expensive USC Lamborgini Sian in military olive green color with golden wheels. The highly educated well paid marketing experts in the HQ are doing their best to promote their premium product. IMO people are rather being scared away by this strategy. Honestly I´m tired to keep up with the useless bubble content every day... Anyway, staunchly looking forward to this car..
  7. brunojj1

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I deliberately have chosen a pic with a tuned Continental GT version which actually looks like a sports car. The original car and the rest of all Bentley are not to my taste. Doesn´t matter anyway because it has to be something new, not existing so far. However I hope they will stick with another brand outside the VW group next time .
  8. brunojj1

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    There is also Bentley within the VW Group. So here we go with a wild speculation for 2022
  9. brunojj1

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    From the beginning I was sure about the new wheels - they are the highlight of the whole thing because they will look good on almost any car MOC you can think of. Congrats to all the military guys on the olive green colour. Not so nice for all the other MOCers. Although being the biggest Lego Technic supercar enthusiasts, again we must accept we are not the target group with the "UCS model". I personally prefer the bigger Bugatti wheels above the Porsche wheels because the bigger diameter makes up the sporty modern look of a sportscar/ supercar.
  10. brunojj1

    Multiple steps with servo motor?

    The silicone band goes around the orange 3L connector, attached to the yellow bushes. That makes sure the rotation stops at 90 degrees. EDIT: I´ve had a little mistake in my previous version and updated the links in the post.
  11. brunojj1

    Multiple steps with servo motor?

    Here another compact stepper with servo motor. Silicone band is not shown.
  12. brunojj1

    MOCs vs Official Sets

    @Lipko This was the situation yesterday, but things are rapidly changing. Conservative or not, the empire is falling. As Held der Steine, a renowned expert in Germany, has said: TLC think they are doing so great. Neutral observers think otherwise regarding the wasted potential: imagine driving a 6-speed car in 3d speed, rev counter in the red area, thinking „Yeah, I´m driving at breathtaking speed!“ In the meanwhile you don´t realize you´re being easily overtaken on the other lane. Btw.: the market for MOCers isn´t that small and new opportunities are on the horizon. Competition is good, let the consumers worldwide decide who delivers the better toy to play, the more accurate replica or whatever.
  13. @T Lego I like this kind of attitude of perfectionning over and over . The "eyes" look even better now with the hockey sticks. The thin stickers at the edges make a small but considerable difference. I have thought about the front fenders again and I fully understand your struggle with this section - damn it - no 2L, 3L straight connectors available in dark azure! What do you think about the following: spare the #4 connector on the front end and the bionicle tooth at the door and put the flex this unconventional way: One more thought on the wheels: the inner rim part could be sanded, treated with filler and sprayed with matt silver.