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  1. I have a question about CV joints (2 parts on the most left in the picture). As we know these pieces are wearing out quickly, especially under heavy load - for which they supposedly were designed for. Is R&D developing something better? Do they consider to use fiber glass / carbon fibre / metal to reinforce those parts so the hardcore fans can push performance to next level?
  2. brunojj1

    Audi R8 Spyder RWD - 42083 B model

    Nice Audi R8 ! An interpretation which Helge Myhre can only dream of . And thank you for sharing a bit of the background story and WIP struggles with us. Considering the given limitations regarding colors, squarish arch panels and others, you have done an amazing job. I love all the mechanics you have managed to put in, especially the retractable roof / engine cover ! AWD would be mandatory to me which I would have never sacrificed for a better turning radius but keep the authentical basic Audi feature. I have to agree with @T Lego about the „flatness“, but only regarding the rear of the car, the front seems to be within proportions for me.
  3. I used 11L axles and 16L axles at the skirts originally. Both didn´t exist in the CaDA parts catalogue.
  4. brunojj1

    Unknown Red Supercar MOC

    This is no doubt a blatant ripp-off of my current model at least in some major parts. To fit the big wheel arches they needed to shorten the door, but otherwise it´s almost the same as on my car. My doors consist of 170+ parts, 46 steps devoted in the instructions. Then they imitated the box cover from CaDA#61042 for whatever reason, especially the black and white stripes which I can´t detect on the car btw. The seats look like ripp-offs from the Sian. I´m curious about the chassis underneatch the shiny shell. Wouldn´t be surprised to discover some nasty things there too... EDIT: I don´t really care too much about this happening. The car looks nice in some way, honestly .
  5. @thekoRngear: I´m happy you finally got your set, whatever the reasons for the delay might have been in these difficult times. 1. It seems you got the version produced for "mainland China" which is marginally different from the "international" version (besides pricewise). It´s safe to say 14+, no 6 year old on this planet will be able to accomplish the task. Otherwise it doesn´t matter. 2. If you browse a few pages back (p.11 - XenoRad), you will find the typical spare parts assembly. Don´t ask me why they are so many .. 3. Check my video and get the 4 easy fixes which will improve things slightly but significantly. You can use the black thin wires (the ones wrapped around the brandnew motors cables) to attach the wiring properly e.g.. Use the metal U-joints at the rear axles, instead of the weaker plastic counterparts. The battery has about 20% power, so it needs to be fully charged first. Full recharging takes approx. 4 hours.
  6. I thought we have to respect the rest of the community as well, my friend. Your specific question for help is completely out of place in this topic. It wasn´t meant I do not care about you or your country, it´s simply not important for me. You are welcome whereever you come from. Misunderstandings occur when different mentalities meet. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  7. Fantastic, my friend! That´s where the real fun starts. You should start building your own Farreri soon ! I´m really wondering why still nobody has built it with some buggy motors. I don´t have the time unfortunately... I´m afraid it´s not possible. If you have seen these photos or similar interpretations on others, try to ask them or better - build something yourself which really suits your needs, no matter how long it takes. Seriously ?? People from all around the big world are talking here. We are here to discuss things, but we cannot help you because we don´t know (and we don´t care) where you come from and how the shipping is going. Please ask your seller, shipper, customs broker or whatever. It´s Covid times and that maybe a reason for a delay (?!) Otherwise, you are welcome!
  8. Ok, maybe we should explain a bit better how a „simple“ 4-speed RC gearbox concept can work and how you can step up the game. Using Sariel`s Gear Ratio Calculator makes life easier. We are skipping equal meshes and count all gear reductions till the differential. 1.GEAR: 12/20 + 20/24 + 20/28 = 1 : 2.8 2.GEAR: 12/20 + 20/28 = 1 : 2.3 3.GEAR: 20/24 + 20/28 = 1 : 1.7 4.GEAR: 20/28 = 1 : 1.4 By swapping the gears behind the differential we are having the following sequence: 1.GEAR: 12/20 + 24/20 + 20/28 = 1 : 1.9 2.GEAR: 12/20 + 20/28 = 1 : 2.3 3.GEAR: 24/20 + 20/28 = 1 : 1.17 4.GEAR: 20/28 = 1 : 1.4 Somebody might say we have messed up the sequence now. It´s not the case if you simply reverse the sequence and change numbers (in your mind first ) : 2 → 1; 1 → 2; 4 → 3; 3 → 4
  9. Basically the shown stepper is my idea. But I don`t want to claim anything here because my idea is based on an idea which is based on another idea from somebody else etc. I think the most progress on steppers in general has been made and shared here by @Didumos69 and other nice guys. I needed it to be compact and reliable and it is. The jamming which sometimes occurs, mostly in one of the both directions, is due to interference of the orange +0 beams with the red 16t gear on the middle axle - the CaDA parts have sharper edges and can collide sometimes (where Lego parts don´t!!). Easy fix #1 was offered in my video to deal with that. I´m interested in such a solution. Though I think you will have to modify the construction under the roof quite a bit, at least. If you get it running at this gear combo, using 4x CaDA motors and double BuWizz at ludicrous speed and make a video of it - that would be the icing on the cake of everything, my friend !! In the meanwhile there is the possibility to have a more moderate upgrade by swapping the rear gears like this:
  10. You are absolutely right! Unfortunately I couldn´t find any documentation on this experiment, but I think now I got it right: Make sure you brace the gears properly from both sides! I don´t have any video. I didn´t build it with 4x CaDA motors because I don´t like to couple 2x remotes. However I love how this thread is developing into a "pimp-my-car" topic .
  11. @astyanax & @amorti: nice mods, thanks for entertaining ! The original idea with the 4x L motors was to gear everything up by the factor 20/12 (and successfull in experiments). You could place the gears behind the "wall" facing towards the rear axle. Though I can`tell you if any other device than 2x Buwizz can handle that composition.
  12. brunojj1

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Really nice job you have done here ! Especially if this is supposed to be you first MOC (which I strongly doubt). You have reached many of your self imposed goals regarding the functionality. Not least the great body shapes you have managed to replicate which makes the car instantly recognizeable. One thing which bothers me are the front wheelhouses - the use of sloped bricks seem to be not the perfect choice. The first time I got familiar with the McLaren Senna, there was an article with few pictures somewhere. In the first sentence the author was saying something like "It looks like a Lego car". I didn´t like the shape so much compared to the P1, but I couldn´t agree more on that sentence.
  13. In terms of lines crossing with the front end parts - I would agree on this part. Otherwise I can assure you the bonnet can be closed entirely without any problems if the double hinges pushed back entirely, battery box underneath and wiring installed properly, the mentioned stand tilted forward, not backward. Most people don´t do one of these so it doesn´t close and that´s it. Most collectors do. I forgot to push the "don´t criticize me" button (joke) This virtual reality doesn´t represent literal reality where the bricks behave different! I have followed your suggestion - it looks bad:
  14. Great job, this looks like 100% purely made in France ! Most I love the tons of functionality you are always squeezing into the square. And respect for changing the scale frequently. How much is that a challenge on its own and how interesting?