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  1. Seriously? Whom did I insult specifically? I didn`t tell anybody to do anything, rather asked them, always starting my sentense by the word PLEASE if you read carefully. If I hurt somebodys "feelings" who has a shelf full of pirated stuff or, on the other end of the spectrum, is full of prejudices against anything "coming from China", I do not apologize. I really have better things to do and will do you guys a favour and leave the forum, at least for a while. Move on and now push the report button whosoever "feels offended" again, enjoy yourself ! Btw. Paul aka Sariel is still my friend .
  2. Please don't mention this sh!tty brand here ever again. Here are the CV joints which CaDA has in the portfolio. The white pieces are the new heavy duty joints which hopefully will be available in the spares shop asap for your convenience.
  3. Yes, they have, as well as unique 9x15 frames which I like very much. Those come in one piece btw., not separated. In the AMG we're having only 5x7 and 5x11 because the model was designed years ago.
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, my bad. It looks better in real, I agree! Though I'm disappointed again about the functionality hidden and not presented adequately. The Ferrari V12 engine is still the core of what it is all about, if it makes any sense at all for the buyer to buy, the driver to drive, the player to play with.
  5. First I wanted to abstain from commenting, primarily because I don't like the real car very much, secondary I don't like your interpretation very much too. On the other hand it's still a Ferrari which can't let me indifferent. So here come my critics (which represent my personal opinion only): I always prefer to see a MOC built from real bricks, rather than purely digital renders. I'm always interested to see some functionality, at least a belly shot, and I'm sure many other visitors of the Technic forum are. It's beneficial first to demonstrate the model in a convincing video, which will then lead to higher instructions sales. The real car shows some elegant curvature all over the body which I'm missing in this replica. It looks rather flat and squarish. Proportions are a bit off. Means the car looks too wide / too short in the wheelbase. Using the Daytona wheels adds to the exaggerated appearance, rim/tire are by nature inacurate and disproportional in their dimensions. The front grill has no actual „grill“ in it. Anyway I appreciate you have done this and I hope to see more from you! This is absolutely not meant to discourage you. Thanks for sharing your work with us !
  6. Thank you @kbalage ! I'll try to explain the concept behind the pullback motor one more time: Its primary purpose driving forward: prevent the second motor from passively spinning while only the first is active in slow mode. The secondary purpose: play with spooling up and down - the supposed KERS or launch control simulation. As you said - the idea with the "energy recuperation" is rather conceptual than really functional, but most people love the very idea. Driving backward: here you can see how the second motor is passively being rotated counterwise if only the first is active. If you push both buttons in reverse, you can move the car at decent speed, of course until the pullback motor is being spooled up. You don´t need to go far in reverse anyway, most likely only for a small correction in the parking lot or to get back on track again. Thank you for the balanced review!
  7. @efferman: Finally, that's good news indeed! I will say a non-supercar model will be refreshing in the portfolio and it's coming not from Eric Trax this time (nothing against Eric's fantastic models)! As I have examined the picture closer - a small note regarding the worm gear: it has the wrong thread, as we've learned recently. Hopefully it will not affect the particular function in your model(?)...
  8. Sorry for the "discrimination" of the girls and of course the grown-up ladies ! Unfortunately they are rarely seen in this domain, the more they are appreciated! I wish I had more fangirls, I'll read and answer all love letters in my PM box, promised .
  9. It's indeed a cool company with a bright future IMO. Though labor force is prone to corruption anywhere, you might have little idea what's really going on in business. Recently you took party in favor of someone accusing me of hatred. I kept calm and peaceful, but said what I had to say. It's your right to decide whatsoever, you are making the rules here. You can silence or ban me, close this topic. No problem, the party will go on somewhere else with a wider audience. It seems to me that new members are being drawed to the forum just because of the existence of this topic and because people enjoy drama . Otherwise it seems to me that folks tend to migrate to other platforms or simply have less and less interest in the increasingly boring Lego Technic theme. But OK, thanks for the hint - it has potential to drive my creativity to next level .
  10. Again, sorry for all the inconvenience! Such kind of response is highly embarassing, as the issue itself is. Don't worry, we'll take care of it on the highest level. The least thing what will happen, is that you'll receive the right parts finally. I delivered the evidence myself - it's a sealed bag where both types of parts are included, there is no excuse. The good thing is that such errors can be traced back in a modern Kanban operated industry. The mole will be found and made accountable. I wish this person good luck, he or she will face serious consequences. In the end this episode will only enhance the quality control process in general . To all the haters who are silently rejoicing - nothing and nobody will stop CaDA making superior designs and beating the competition over and over again. I slayed some giants already. No fear, no regrets !
  11. I've just opened another set - you guys won't believe what I found :
  12. If that's true, sorry for that, though it's not my fault. Please issue a customer complaint to the dealer where you have bought the set (or CaDA directly). I'm happy we could sort that out and I will direct your complaint to the boss himself. The employee responsible for the wild "mix" should get fired.
  13. Did you use the parts from the set or replace your worm gears by Lego parts? This is the root of you problem - just compare with your car: The shown parts are from my stock. I keep both brands separately. The threads are all the same from either brand in my stock.