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Found 91 results

  1. I was looking for LEGO Concorde designs but not very much came up in such a small scale so I thought I might as well give it a try. It comes complete with bendable nose cone, retractable landing gears (front and back), moveable back wing flaps (thanks again, mini fig pants...!) and the optional flame FX for... historical accuracy... . . .!? And as always you can find more pics here and if interested in cutesy little Concordes to swoosh around the full parts list here. I hope you like my small sized interpretation of one of aviation history's most iconic aircraft. Thanks & have fun! (And many thanks to ukbajadave for explaining to a noob how to implement more pics here!)
  2. I created a little plane for the Johnny Thunder CMF. It's actually a revamp of set 5911. I hope you like it!
  3. Hi everyone, This is my P-51 Mustang Racing MOC. It is made out of 401 official LEGO pieces. Blue Bull is 28.7 centimeters long (11.3 inches), its wingspan is 30.7 centimeters (12.1 inches), it weighs 263 grams (9.3 ounces) and its top speed is just over 400 km/h (over 250 mph)! A single pilot can sit in the comfortable cockpit and take control of the plane any time. Although Blue Bull has an aerodynamic design, its mainframe’s strength is not compromised! The model is designed with agility, durability and playability in mind, so in case of an accident, the plane is sturdy enough to withstand any drop from the height of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches), without any part breaking off. The model can be easily and carelessly swooshed by holding any part – main body, nose, wings, tail or even the propeller. Plane’s nose, wings and tail are connected at a slight angle. Sideways and top-down building techniques are implemented to achieve the appropriate design of the nose and tail. Nose has a smooth narrowing shape towards the propeller, while tail also narrows towards the endpoint. Main wings also have a slanted design – rear line of the main wings is angled in two points, contributing to the overall appealing shape and leaving enough room for the front landing gear. Front landing gear can be deployed or retracted, but rear landing gear is fixed. If you like the plane and would like to see more photos, visit my Flickr album. And if you especially like the model, consider supporting it on Ideas, under a title "Blue Bull"!
  4. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Hi, It has been a while since I posted a MOC, but I have not been sitting idle. Here is my latest creation, a LEGO Technic replica of the infamous F14A Tomcat: It is as densily packed as I possibly could with features. It has seven electrified functions (driven by one M-motor), six pneumatic functions and four manual functions. Driven by one M-motor and using a manual gearbox the following functions are electrified: - The engine turbines (directly coupled to the M-motor) - The rotating Gatling gun on the port side - A small pneumatic pump - The canopy - The landing gear - The eight landing gear bay doors - The main adjustable wings (in the picture above they are in the low speed, extended position) Next to that there are six pneumatic valves controlling the following functions: - Switch between the internal small vacuum pump and the external large vacuum pump - The bleed doors in the air-intakes of the engines - The delta wings at the side of the air-intakes - The arresting hook - The front and rear flaps on the main wings - The two air brakes on the main wings and the three air brakes at the end of the fuselage The plane also features a couple of manual functions: - A knob to control the pitch of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wings and the joystick are controlled with this knob. - A knob to control the roll & jaw of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wing, the vertical control surfaces and the joystick are controlled with this knob. If the landing gear is down, the front landing gear is steered with this knob as well. A special differential control mechanism is used to combine both pitch and roll control and feed only one signal to each wing. - The nacelles that contain the turbo engines can be opened and the engines can be taken out. - A double lever to activate the ejection seats. The canopy is ejected at the same time as well. This model is available as a limited edition exclusive set on my website. Finally some fun facts: The model weighs around 4 kilograms and is just shy of 4000 parts It is 87 cm long, 101 / 66 cm wide (main wings open / swept back) and 33.5 cm high when put on its stand It has ten small pneumatic cylinders and nine shock absorbers It has 549 axles, 110 gears and 111 panels Most of the functions are color coded so that you can distinguish them during the building process Comments and questions are welcome as always. Leg godt, Jeroen Ottens
  5. Two years ago I built freight helicopter out of set 42074 and few weeks ago I built another alternative model from this set - propeller plane. When you are moving it around it whirls its propeller. I enjoyed building it very much - it took me just three nights to build it and I like its bright color scheme. Building instructions are available at buildinst. Any comments are welcomed.
  6. dodge23086

    Help with a Lego build

    I’m in the plane stage of a lego project I have the blueprint to make a RC scale model of German Horton 229 from WWII. I thought it be cool to make it out Lego bricks (after seeing someone a very large replica of Air Force One ). The only problem I’m having is how the engine are designed into the plane. I want to be authentic on my design. I’m hoping not to ruffle any feather by asking for help with project. I just think it’s a pretty cool plane. I attached some pics of the real Horton 229 as it sit in the Smithsonian to be restored for the museum.. again I hope it ok to post these considering it still has all the original marking on the plane. I got those off the google to show the design of the engines. again I apologize if I offended anyone
  7. After watching the 2019 "Midway" movie, I tried to build a technic version of SBD Dauntless. I wanted this project to be a light and quick one, so I decided not to build the plane from scratch, instead, I wanted to mod from some exist MOCs. Then I found this master piece plane MOC on RB: It's @Nikolay's wonderful fighter bomber MK II, a beautiful fictional plane packed with tons of features. This MOC has more than enough features I want to add to my SBD, so I removed some of them and adjusted the shape of the plane to make it look like a SBD of course, and here is the result: Featurewise it has(left over from original): Control surfaces controlled from cockpit: Ailerons Flaps (Unfortunately, it doesn't have any of the SBD's famous giant speed brakes) Elevators Rudder, connected directly to the tail wheel Other functions: Retractable landing gear; Wing folding mechanism, I know real SBD can't fold its wings, I keep this function to save space.... Rear machine gun Central retractable bomb pylon Sliding openable cockpit Some details: The olive green parts introduced by 42110 fits very well as the interior color here. The white belly: A closer look at the bomb: For paintjob , I chose the SBD-5's typical paintjob instead of the SBD-3 which appears in the movie. Some comparison with real SBDs: In memory of the already dissembled prototype: More pictures Thanks for watching, hope you like it. Many thanks again to the original MOC author: @Nikolay
  8. I’ve been wondering for a while what on earth Creator Expert 10269 is going to be, and as I could find barely anything about it, I thought this thread would be the way to find out more. 10269 (Vehicle D2C Set) is described on Brickset simply as that, with absolutely nothing else to tell us what it is. Does anybody know anything about it at all, apart from ‘vehicle’ and ‘creator expert’? It could be a train, a car (though unlikely as the Ford Mustang has just been released), a plane, a ship, a shuttle or something completely new. The only thing I can possibly think of is an Emerald Night 10th anniversary rerelease, though I can’t see why they would do that. Please share your thoughts on this set below. UPDATE: LEGO has revealed the Creator Expert vehicles range, 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy! 1023 pieces US $99.99 – CA $139.99 – DE €89.99 – UK £84.99 – FR €94.99 – DK 799DKK – AUS $159.99 AUD Available on the 1st of August, with VIP early access from the 17th of July. Build and display your own Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle! Explore the finer details of iconic engineering with the LEGO Creator Expert 10269Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle. Developed in partnership with Harley-Davidson, this highly detailed LEGO motorcycle captures the magic of the real-life machine, from its solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires to its teardrop fuel tank with printed logos and inbuilt speedometer. Other features include a Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes, handlebar steering, moveable gearshift pedal and brake levers, kickstand and a sturdy display stand. Finished with a dark red and black color scheme, this amazing display model makes a truly iconic centerpiece for the home or office. This advanced LEGO set provides an immersive and rewarding building experience. Features solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires, teardrop fuel tank with Harley-Davidson logos and inbuilt speedometer, Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons, dual exhaust pipes, handlebar steering, moveable gear shift pedal and brake levers, kickstand and a sturdy display stand. Comes with an authentic dark red and black color scheme. This LEGO motorcycle makes an iconic centerpiece for the home or office. Spin the rear tire to see the Milwaukee-Eight engine pistons spring to life. New-for-July-2019 decorated elements include 2 dark red 2x4 tiles printed with the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy tank emblem. Special elements include a new-for-July-2019 rear rim with super-wide tire. Measures over 7” (20 cm) high, 7” (18 cm) wide and 12” (33 cm) long.
  9. Here's my entry to the polybag contest - Jai's Water Plane: Kai's Water Plane is based on the City Police Water Plane (30359), which was released in 2018 as part of the Mountain Police sub theme. In addition to the colour changes, I've added about 20 parts to the original parts count of 48. The main changes were to the floats and the wings. The swords ended up being in a precarious position, but I couldn't not include them. Kai will just have be careful when he's getting in and out of the seat! Hope you like it!
  10. Nom Carver

    60177 Airshow jet + F 16

    I started triying to build an F 16 but it didnt come out as I expected, however it provided simple ideas that, scaled down could be aplied to a little set I had laying arround, a colorfull little plane that was about to be dismantled but with these improvements it turned into a silly cute and sort of <insert that tiresome argument> version of its otherwise agresive counterpart. 1 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 3 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 5 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 7 by Nom Carver, en Flickr Here is my first faild atempt: 56606385_378741259637065_6522137649791107072_n by Nom Carver, en Flickr 56618794_378741346303723_4619562833829429248_n by Nom Carver, en Flickr And the set I started with: JET1 by Nom Carver, en Flickr
  11. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Kestrel - SkyFi Plane

    The Kestrel is another of the Goodbury Mechanical's faster planes. A jet-propeller hybrid created by the engineers and innovators on the path to a true jet plane. Goodbury are leading the way on development of super fast and manoeuvrable planes and one day hope to create a true Jet Plane. This is one of my "classic" builds: Create a whacking great engine/motive element and then strap the other bits to it. I love playing with the more metallic parts for building a super powerful looking motor. With that built, I added in somewhere for a pilot to sit and some wings so it would go in the sky. This top view shows the propeller and motor through to the back jet, the whole construction is virtually a cylinder from end to end. The wings, cockpit and canopy were added a while after I had built the engine, so I chose a good colour contrast for the more brooding metallics and blacks and a canopy that added another splash. The wings were set up to match the brutal look of the engine. I hope you enjoy this SkyFy build of mine.
  12. Hi, this is my creation :) I have other pictures, but I have used all 100kb for that image, what should I do to add other files? Thanks if you answer me :)
  13. Hi
  14. The De Havilland DHC-2 often called Beaver is probably the most famous and beloved bush plane ever built. With its distinct look, flight characteristics and sound it's instantly recognizable. It was produced from 1947 to 1967 by De Havilland Canada. Despite being out of production for many years now a lot of planes are still in use. If you want to find out more about the real plane click here. With the help of gabriele.zannotti I built the DHC-2 out of Lego. Features: True to original plane with details such as exhaust, floats, decorated cockpit, nice looking and fresh colour scheme, window prints on the fuselage, radial engine print, antennas and lights on the wings Retractable landing gear that folds into the floats Accessories namely first aid kit, a mail package, a letter ,a fuel canister, a safety buoy and a rope to tie up the plane A small piece of land with a wooden dock, a fir tree and an air sock 2 minifigures, a pilot and a hermit who lives in the wilderness with his dog So what are you waiting for? Support this project on Lego Ideas and with some luck you can soon take your plane and deliver the hermit's mail into the wilderness! This model was built in mecabricks and rendered using blender. Special thanks to gabriele.zannotti for making the awesome pictures! It doesn't only need a good model to make a great project but also a cool way of presenting it. Make sure to check out his flickr account for more amazing images! Thanks for checking out our article. Make sure to support, comment and share! This is a collaboration between gabriele.zannotti and saabfan.
  15. Hi, I would like to present my next C-MODEL model. This time it is made from 42025 (cargo plane) SAILPLANE GLIDER Designed completely computer-free method. Just building, un-building, rebuilding. It took me over the year. But I had few periods when I did not touch it for several months or many weeks. For now, there is only very few pictures, you can call it a teaser. Video showing details and functions, complete description, and many pictures will come soon. Features: COMPLETE FLIGHT CONTROLS -working ailerons (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working elevators (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working rudder (controlled by the working pedals in the cockpit) -working flaps (controlled by the lever in the cockpit) -fully retractable landing gear (1 central wheel) (controlled by the knob on the side) -fully open-able and close-able landing gear bay (controlled by the lever under the fuselage) -open-able canopy (controlled by the lever on the side under the wings) - correct T shape tail - only 7 studs wide fuselage! - only 2 studs thick wings! - winglets - tail wheel. - structurally sound and rigid, wings are somewhat flexible (but still very playable) but I guess it is only accurate: No motorized functions - I thought it would be odd to put motor into something that is by definition motor/engineless - (I know there are self propelled sailplanes, but this one is not it) It is totally full, very packed and dense MOC. It is not a simple build. It assumes the builder is experienced technicman/technicwoman. It is huge - see with 42055 as reference: I hope you like it. More to come "hopefully" soon. _________________ edit 2: Video: _________________ edit 1: Photos added: leftover parts: February 2017 state: ______________________________ I hope you like it. Thank you for your time seeing the pictures.
  16. Peppermint_M

    MOC: SkyFy Sparrowhawk

    Goodbury Mechanicals is proud to present the Sparrowhawk, a new aeroplane utilising Jet-Propulsion! Designed with the aim to break the sound barrier, hopefully the first to do so. The plane has been put through its paces and will be ready to try for the speed record soon, our brave pilot is ready to take off. It has been a while since I built Sky-Fi, or added anything to the Goodbury product line. So here is the Sparrowhawk, I love to use dark tan and metallic shades. The speed champion hubcaps look great for vents and I used binoculars to create the pew-pews. Top View, shows off the angles I used in construction, it is also useful to show off the printed/stickered tiles I used for flare. Side view, shows off the sides of the jet engine. Unusually for me, I built this plane fuselage first. I most often create the engine/propulsion unit and put the wings and cockpit around it. It took me ages to decide the best engine type to use for the fuselage I had created. The "egg" parts make for a super mean looking engine that could power a plane to unknowable speeds. The rear view of the jets. I love using the ninjago spinner crowns for planes, they just look so cool! I hope you enjoy my SkyFi MOC, it is a genre I love and one I have not shared a pane from in a long while. Comments etc are welcome.
  17. 8450 The mission was released in 1999, and contains 643 pieces. Although it was originally intended as an expansion set for the cybermaster series, it is mostly listed as a Technic set. Being part of the cybermaster, it is also the biggest set by far in the Competition subtheme. It was 60$ on release, and I ended up paying $300 for mine MISB. I have no idea what it's worth, because it's been such a long time since I saw any for sale. The box The box is of a theme similar to the 8448 and 8458 sets, with silver/grey and yellow colors. The front shows the main model, and the flip-top lid unveils the disc needed to see the instructions, as well as the features of the plane. The weird-looking guy in the upper picture is commander Jack. The boss tells him to get ready for his new, dangerous mission. I'm scared already. It takes me a while to dare to open the box. Once opened, the box has a plastic inlay which holds the disc with instructions. Here you can see all the brochures and various papers included. Maybe this was the reason for the lack of paper instructions. There is a value coupon, a 1999 service catalog with part numbers, a mindstorms booklet which presents all the sets of the year, and TWO sticker sheets. The instructions Well, what can I say. The main reason why I got into Technic was to get away from the computer. Then this happens. Not only are the instructions supplied on a compact disc which can only be run on a win98 machine, they are also with tiny, tiny steps just to make you watch the animated menu. 376(!) steps for the main model, and 195 for the alternate. I figured some people may get frustrated(like me) over this, so I've uploaded the whole instruction set to my Brickshelf folder. Additionally, when I was building this set I found a lot of errors in the instructions, misaligned pieces, wrongly oriented connectors and so forth. Even wrong pieces were rendered. Therefore I had to pay extra attention when building this set. Still, there is a small booklet included which contains axle measures and an introduction to the software. The parts The parts come in nicely numbered bags from 0-10. Once opened, these parts stand out from the rest of the friction pins, beams, axles and bricks: There is a dampened spring included. This is a 1 x 11 link in black. Only seen in this set, it fetches 2$. A lot of Dark Turqoise parts are seen here, and most of them are also featured in the other CyberMaster and ROBOLAB sets. This is a Technic Ball Joint 2 x 7 with 2 Ball Joints, which only comes in this Technic set. It is mostly seen in the Competition range. Tubes and flex axles helps forming the lines of the plane, and the 19L axles seen at the far right are unique to this set. If you're looking to buy some, they come at 15$ a piece. Probably one of the rarest parts availible. Okay, that's it for the parts. Moving on to the build, starting with... A model: The Mission The main model has four sub-assemblies which are combined into a big plane. The build starts with the front canopy, which is not a particularly interesting build. The yellow double pins in the back is for connecting it to the rest of the aircraft later. The Technic slope/wing is stickered with some handrests with controls. The canopy is made with axles and connectors. It has some stickered instrument panel in the roof. Two big panels are used to close up the sides. Now for the main part of the fuselage. The links are used to synchronize the landing gear. The landing gear is powered by a damped spring. Next is the mount for the canopy. You can see where the yellow double pins will fit. A set of 4 16T gears transfers the drive from the spring driven axle and forwards. The yellow thin liftarm with the axle and bush pushes the damped spring so that it expands and turns the two 16T gears.Here is the completed landing gear assembly. The wheels turn against eachother into the hull. The damped spring is nearly invisible when the landing gear is retracted. Some aesthetic details on the main bodyusing flex axles and ribbed hoses improves the models look. The rear wing is made of axle connectors and regular axles. Another part finished. The only thing remaining are the wings. The engine rotates freely in a rack which also supports the wing. The engine is hidden away behind a panel with a sticker showing the fuel intake and other features. The left wing is made the same way. This plane has several attachments; a winch, a drill, a bomb dropper and a claw. The bomb release mechanism works by turning the lever, which returns to its original position with aid of the rubber band. Next is the grab arm, drill and winch. The arm makes extensive use of the bionicle pieces to achieve full freedom of movement in all directions. The claw closes by use of 2 rubber bands. The drill is a worm gear on an axle driven by a knob. The winch is operated by cranking the yellow axle and pin connector, and the rubber band provides stopping power. The last thing to be done is combining all the different chassis parts into the finished plane. The finished model is a beauty! Features Opening canopy, which fits a technic figure. The wings are synchronized with the landing gear. This plane lands like a harrier. The different attachments can be mounted on the front of the plane: Winch Dropping bombs Drill and claw The claw is capable of lifting the 8209 Future F1, weighing 72 grams. Comparison 9394 Jet Plane: 8855 Prop Plane: 8480 Space Shuttle: B model: Chopper The chopper in this set consists of two smaller builds, which are combined near the end similar to the main model. We start with the bottom. An axle with two 3L axle and pin connectors runs through the centre. The landing wheels are placed, and a rubber band provides suspension. The canopy is made of axles and connectors like the main model. Sadly, it does not open. First part of the assembly is complete. The yellow Double pin allows it to be attached to the body later. The rear base starts with the input axle for the main prop. It has a 12T bevel gear on it. Next is the retractable landing gear, driven by a dampened spring. A set of cams pushes the spring so that it expands. Here is a pic of the function. As the axle with the cams pushes the spring away, it expands, turning the 4 16T gears. This assembly extends the prop driveshaft, and adds another connecting point for the canopy. The propeller itself is made of axle connectors and flex axles. Now that the rear part of the model is completed, we can join the two pieces. This is a very odd looking chopper. It has wheels in the front, but the claw in the back prohibits it from rolling. Features Turning either of the yellow knobs rotates the main propeller. Pushing the dampened spring activates the grabbing arm. The arm is very strong, and was able to lift this 8294 Excavator. It weighs about 1 kg. It is minifig compatible, and seats one in the cocpit. When he's tired of flying, he can disconnect the cabin, and drive around the area. The buggy has suspension, but no steering. Comparison 8068 Rescue Helicopter: 8412 Nighthawk: Conclusion As strange as it may look and function, this is my new favourite plane. It's swooshable, even by a kid's standards, and the various attachments makes for a nice selection of playing scenarios. A big bonus is that the landing gear works by a push of a button. The ability to seat a Technic minifig is always nice to see, and the attachments are a nice touch. I know this is suppose to fit in with the Cybermaster sets, but since I don't have any I'll just have to compare this to the other planes I have. I'm a bit puzzled by the bomb dropping feature, since Lego toys are almost never violent, except when it fits the certain theme. From a innovating perspective, the building is also an interesting one, making separate assemblies and combining them in the end. This is fairly common nowadays, but when this set came out, it wasn't. Too bad I can't say the same about the instructions. For the alternate model, it could have been its own set. Diving in and grabbing something with the claw is great fun, especially since it is able to lift something big. Comparing the looks to other Technic planes, this is definately one of the better looking of the bunch. Overall, it stands nicely out in my collection with the black/green/yellow color scheme. The functions aren't all that special, but the tilting rotors are better executed than the 8434 Aircraft. Overall you can say that these two sets are pretty much alike, but this one is better. Get it if you can. You wont regret it. Hope you enjoyed the read. As always, source pics are here. The instructions can also be found there. Look in the "misc" folder, you will find the pics and a PDF for the booklet and one for the instructions.
  18. ER0L

    MOCs: LEGO Aviation

    Hi all, as you might know I’m a car builder mainly, however, I’m interested in practically everything in the Lego City world, boats, trains (and monorail, of course!) included. One of the subjects I’m very fond of is Lego aviation. Of course, we won’t see those heavy brick-built aircraft fly high in the sky. But even grounded planes are quite interesting, especially passenger and cargo planes, just because of their size which allows lots of special functions you won’t be able to include in smaller vehicles. Plus an airport is in fact a place where lots of different vehicles can be watched: crash tenders, pushbacks, pallet and belt loaders, jet air starters, refuelers, extra-wide buses etc. etc. Since there are quite a few MOCs now concerning aviation I will put them together in this thread. This can also be regarded as a contribution to the idea of a more technical Lego city where any space available is used to include functions or light to get more interesting Lego City layouts. #1 Faun 8x8 Crash Tender (ARFF/FLF) 8w ARFF, equipped with 3 flashing lights (9 Volt Light & Sound) plus battery box. Fits 2 minifig firefighters. The Faun has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96949 #2 Canadair Waterbomber CL-215 Wingspan 80 studs, weight 1050 g, equipped with 3 PF M motors (2 for the engines, 1 for the flaps), battery box and IR receiver. The rudder is coupled with the nose wheel. Fits 2 minifig pilots. Since 2014 the Canadair has undergone some changes, e. g. it has smaller propellers nowadays. Also the Canadair has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=95522 #3 Turbofan A possible design of a spinning turbofan with PF M motor I've developed some years ago: Sorry, I only have this blurry video of it. This design hasn't been used on an aircraft model yet, maybe I'll build something around it in the future. #4 Pushback/Tow Tractor/Aircraft Tug “Goliath” Not the most beautiful vehicle I've ever built, but it does its job: moving relatively large aircraft on a Lego airport which is rather rare to be seen, I guess. Equipment: PF M motor, IR receiver, battery box + Light & Sound flashing lights. Plus it has a storage compartment to keep the tug bolts. The pushback has a front wheel drive (with worm gear) and is able to push or pull Lego aircraft up to 1,5 kg (tested), maybe more, on a straight path - I wasn't able to build in a proper steering. More pics: Fixing the engine: Video: Thanks for looking, more to come (there's another aircraft in the pipeline). [Edit, 26 June 2016] #5: Sea King Coast Guard Helicopter PF motorized The chopper has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...26#entry2596441
  19. Sorry if this isn't the proper sub-forum, I usually don't post much outside of the pirates forum. NASA ER-2/Lockheed U2 NASA ER-2 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr NASA ER-2 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr So I've wanted to build this plane for several months now, and yesterday I finally figured out how to make the fuselage look good and then the rest just fell into place. The plane replicated is the NASA version of the famous Lockheed U2 spy plane, in it's white NASA livery. For more pictures you can go to my flickr page or checkout out my ideas page where I also have a write-up about the model. You can get to both from my signature. I can post pictures of it in it's classic black as well if there is enough interest! Anyways, thanks for looking!
  20. Hi! I'm working on a new cockpit canopy and wonder if this is something people would buy. I've been building fighter jets for many years now. However for a long time the cockpit canopy isn't the best for the different ways it works in reality. Brick 30384 and 92279 So I've been doing a 3d model of them and they have now been printed. Working with a plastic company to get a prototyp. So the pices are made to fit most of the "modern" fighter jet canopy. Like F18, F14 etc. So first you have a shorted 30384 that will remain fixed on the aircraft, like F18. And a extended 92279 by 3 studs that will be the canopy that opens and closes. Another version (not printed) is the F16 version canopy. So my question for you guys are. Is this something of interest? They would be made as close to lego's as possible. F16 version by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr F16 D canopy by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr F16 C canopy by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr
  21. Hi all, I'd like to introduce you an alternative build for the 42025 Cargo Plane: the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Cargo Plane. It's using only parts from the amazing 42025 Cargo Plane model. You can find the MOC details and building instructions at Above image is a LDD rendering. I eventually recreated the model with LDCad and produced instructions with LPub3D. The core design is the official 42025 A model (cargo plane), but I reused the linear actuators that lift the cockpit and the cargo bay and placed them in the engines to allow them to pivot between vertical position (take-off and landing) and horizontal position (cruising). The engines can be tilted while the propellers are running, which makes the VTOL operate as in reality. To demonstrate what this VTOL MOC can do, please check the following small YouTube video fragment: I know I should upload some more photos, I hope o find some time in the near future to do so. I hope you enjoy this MOC.
  22. I am trying to build a Lockheed U-2 spy plane on the Lego Digital Designer, but I'm having some trouble getting the round shape of the fuselage to look the way I want it too. I haven't been able to come up with anything realistic looking. Does anybody have any tips, photos, or Lego digital designer files they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Anything would be appreciated!
  23. Grid F4 Studica. Based on the Argentinian PUCARÁ (in Qechua, “fortress”) counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft, the Erotema Air Force requested projects for a similar plane. Some projects were presented, and the final one, offered by Erotema Air and Defence Systems (ERADS), was selected. This model, whose selling name is PICARÓN, has the following features: -2 piston engines. -2500 kg of external load. -6 hardpoints (fuel tanks, bombs, missiles, rocket pods, machine gun pods…). -4 12,70 mm machine guns. One of the requirements for tender was the possibility of operation in unpaved runways. That´s why the landing gear is abnormally long and has 6 low-pressure wheels. Once you know the aircraft, there´s the story… In an improvised airfield close to Carrefour, in no man´s land, a lonely PICARÓN is fueled up and loaded for an incoming CAS sortie. 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Very close to the aircraft, the pilot receives the last orders. -Your orders are simple: loiter over Carrefour and provide CAS on demand by either our army or our COAC allies. Your callsign is TIZONA. When requested to a certain area, proceed as fast as possible. No enemy aircraft foreseen. -Ok, when the bird is hungry, what can I do? -Simple, just let us know by selecting your closest landing area. They are preloaded in your flight computer, and proceed. -Inflight refueling? -Not yet…but the refuel will be quick. However, you will be able to eat, drink, piss or what you need. No more than 10 minutes to have the plane ready to crap steel. -Good. Let´s go. 4 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 5 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 6 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the PICARÓN prepared for takeoff… 7 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 8 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Details of the weapon load. Hellfire Missiles. 9 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Left wing, we can see 3 Hellfire missiles, 3 125-kg bombs and 6 similar bombs under the belly. The right wing carries another 3 missiles and bombs. 10 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr By the way, TIZONA was the sword of El Cid (have you seen Charlton Heston´s movie???) He was one of the heroes of the Spanish Crusade, which started in 711 AD until 1492 AD when the Arab invaders were defeated.
  24. Hi everyone, Me and my brother are planning to build an Adventurers layout based on the Desert and Jungle series. My brother will build the Desert part of the landscape and I will build the Amazon part. I have started with the vehicles, because if I start building the landscape, I do not have the parts for the vehicles. I have built several cars (I think 12). 4 of those cars will be used in a town The left car is a little based based on the Island Racer of the Dino Island. I have created one jeep inspired from a jeep of Indiana Jones. It was the idea to make the jeep 7 studs wide. I have created another car and someone compared it with the car of Donald Duck. The focus was on the mudguards. I have created a ship/boat based on the River Expedition set of the Amazone. The boat has another color scheme than the set, but the structure is almost the same. For more pictures you can see them in the Flickr album. Various Adventurers Creations I still need to take some pictures of other cars. I will do that at the end of the week. Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  25. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Passenger plane (Jetliner)

    It had been a long time since I built an aircraft, So as the last project of summer 2017, I decided to build a plane. The goal was to improve on my last plane (The Gulfstream private jet, if you remember). I wanted to add a suspension system to the landing gear, make the wings more sturdy, improve control for functions, and have the jets on the wings, and to reduce the amount of illegal connections (nearly 20). I am happy to say all of these goals were achieved; the illegal connections brought down to only 2. Here is the video: I was lucky, as the weather was really photogenic while filming/ shooting pictures. Speaking of pictures, here are some: I drew a little runway out of chalk to make some effect. In conclusion, I am so much better with a pencil Honestly, I quite happy I built this. I hope you like it is as much as I do! Please leave you thoughts, as I would love to hear them. Planes are a favorite of mine, so I will totally build another one soon. Thank you! BrickbyBrickTechnic