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    I like LEGO and Zoids. I have an extensive collection of Lego and a growing Zoids collection. I adore MOCing and a variety of "themes" dominate my building, most recently this is Science Fiction MOCs. I like making random figures but no super customs just yet. I have made it my mission to review as many clone brand sets as I can, so people can get an informed view on the competition. My other hobbies include reading shelfloads of SpecFic, writing short stories, drawing, gaining knowledge and seeking out SF artbooks. I am currently studying to be a Civil Engineer and I work full time for local government. That's all I'll write here, you'll get a better idea of me from my posts. :)


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  1. New Emoticons

    What browser are you using? Have you changed the posting mode at all? There are two edit modes for posting and one of them only generates the emoticons once you post.
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Yes, please do take it all over to the appropriate threads. Maybe there will be something that can count to us fans as a replacement for Nexo Knights, filling the slot in Action and Adventure. Maybe TLG have plans that fit elsewhere.
  3. Girls, stand up !

    Ok, getting my pink going! Pink for all!
  4. As far as I am aware there are NDAs in place, but from the series I guess there was a building challenge somewhere as part of the process. My brother and I have applied too
  5. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Cool beans! I'll be keeping my eye on the post Thanks Mike
  6. What are rare parts for TLG space set 894?

    Also, this is a SciFi set not a Town set. I'll pop it over to the right place.
  7. [MOC] Ice Planet Chopper

    What a wonderful first post! That is an excellent little chopper that looks like it could have been a part of the Ice Planet theme. I particularly like the little details you've put in and the use of the tubing (I love some tubes in a SF MOC). The photo is not bad at all, phones have some good cameras these days. Thought there are plenty of tutorials out there if you feel the need to improve. Thanks for sharing and welcome to sharing things on EB!
  8. [MOC] Space Police Planetary Enforcer

    Ah, a good chunky space vehicle. I love these sorts of builds and Space Police always has such a nice colour palette to work with. A great build there, fresh but still with hints of the classic theme. A redux is always a fine line to walk and you've nailed it. It is too bad that it can't be played with too heartily.
  9. I use custom accessories from third party producers and compatible brands as there are details and accessories LEGO does not or will not provide. Brickarms, Brickforge etc go alongside some of the Mega and other branded parts, but only those LEGO do not produce. A lot of people accept these kinds of inclusions as TLG are never going to provide certain detailed weapons, nor are they going to change the look of a number of their traditional parts (Like shovels or wrenches etc). I also throw in hair parts that come in colours TLG are not producing just yet. Some of the more random shades are Lilac and red (like, actual red and not ginger). One day I hope for every hair piece LEGO produce in in every colour LEGO uses as that would be so cool (Bring back service packs!) until then I will buy figures from elsewhere so I can get purple or azure hair... I also use the super cheap baseplates from Wilko (A UK shop chain with a sort of General Store remit) because those vacuum formed plastic sheets with studs on are a step above 'tabletop' as it is. I do not wish to spend another £10 or more for the studs (that no one will see as they are all built on) to be moulded with LEGO on them. Considering they must cost pennies to produce and very little to ship, LEGO are practising daylight robbery to sell them at the prices they do. Once upon a time I used to mix all my bricks, but when I got to my teens and joined the online LEGO community I separated them out. Apart from the noticeable difference in colour and quality, it was a hassle when people fussed about the clone parts I may have used by accident in a MOC and it was easier when building for a contest. Now I have a box of random clones that I let visiting kids use. I also set it out when I display at a local Comic Con so that the children can play and my MOCs remain safe!
  10. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    So a quick reminder: Yes, the ending of this theme does affect the production of related media, but can that discussion remain in the dedicated media thread.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Alright then. Now at least everyone can stop complaining that the theme exists. Though I might have to crack open a beer and pull out some popcorn if whatever comes next is not the back-to-basics castle them everyone believes Nexo Knights is blocking. Just to remind before anything starts up: There are a few threads dedicated to speculating and wishing on new themes for Action and Adventure and within LEGO products as a whole. So there isn't a need to discuss potential replacements in here. Cheers.
  12. Lack of original themes

    Indeed. There is a Beach set currently available with lots of beach going figures in beach appropriate clothing with seaside activities provided in the form of accessories and mini-builds. Right away we have a narrative restricted to the beach. However, the creator and the Building Bigger Thinking sets do not have a narrative context. So this makes for something more acceptable? All I can really get from all the arguments people are making in agreement with the topic is: "TLG are not producing sets I, an adult far from their target market, want". Toys have "required" a narrative for a long long time. Probably about the moment advertising was invented. This topic rears its head very often. In fact it honestly looks like originality is not wanted by AFOLs, rather some rehash of what they enjoyed as children/when they were younger. Agents should have been Alpha Team, Pharaoh's Quest needed to be Johnny Thunder again, Power Miners was supposedly better if it was Rock Raiders. Castle has never ever been any good since the 70s. The list goes on, but TLG are going to listen to market forces, not embittered nostalgic adults.
  13. Lack of original themes

    You are mangling the English Language for your own ends! A license is required by a manufacturer to produce items in the likeness of another company's or group's IP. Like right now, Mattel has the license to produce Star Wars action figure toys, or Pop! Vinyl has the license to produce collectable figures based on Stranger Things. An original IP belonging to a manufacturer, even with media extras on TV and in film is a Franchise and they give production companies the license to create the partner media. Hasbro owns My Little Pony, they license it to the companies that make the movie, the cartoons, the magazines (the socks, the blankets the chocolate bars...). TLG owns and developed Nexo Knights, Elves and Ninjago. There was probably a contract bidding process required for the animation companies who produce the TV series, magazines and books related to the media. If not for each specific theme, then likely some sort of blanket partnership with LEGO to develop cartoons based on their properties. That, or LEGO approached a media partner to produce these animations etc as they learned the hard way that keeping everything in house costs a lot and is very risky (See, late 90s early 00s for TLG) Honestly, if you have some free time and some Netflix, The Toys That Made Us is very interesting and sheds light on toy production and development (with associate media) from both the toy makers (See He-Man) and the film creators (See Star Wars). But really, refusing and refuting the actual definitions of words only makes your argument fall apart right at the start.
  14. HELP! ! !

    Special Themes probably fits the bill.
  15. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Alright, I see a quick reminder is in order: Media focused discussion does not belong here thanks. Sets and what sets might come from the TV series are subjects we can have here. Plot discussion belongs in LEGO Media. Thanks for those who shared the reminders earlier (I was away in London for the weekend so I was a bit busy...)