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  1. Peppermint_M

    Lego AL 2019

    Okay then moving it over!
  2. Peppermint_M

    Lego AL 2019

    So do we know what it is yet? I think it would be more at home in Special Themes if it is an accessory building line. But if it is still a chance to be another action-y line it would go here...
  3. Why must it make you feel guilty? If you are finding the LEGO is causing a distraction to the important and priority parts of life, then try putting it away out of sight. If you think that your collection is too large, pull out what you know you will never use to sell on. Your dinosaurs are works of art, but I am sure you are well aware of what parts you need for future builds and plans, so by all means reduce according to your needs. That frees up some physical space and makes it easier to pack something away for a while. If your planned focus for now is (rightly) schooling/university it is better to put away things that act as a distraction to priority deadlines. However, I am going to third the advice that LEGO is a good stress release. LEGO is one of the greatest de-stress methods I know. It helps me deal with my anxiety disorder and my general work based frustrations. It is also a tactile and 3D method of problem solving, a physical method of untangling your thoughts/problems. So, maybe you can downsize the collection, focus on something else by putting away what you don't need out on view. But unless what you feel bad for is actually hurting anyone, guilt is just a self destructive thing.
  4. Peppermint_M

    A quick comment on spam

    Peppermint Educates! King Cnut and the Waves not to be confused by Katrina and the Waves
  5. Peppermint_M

    HELP! ! !

  6. Peppermint_M

    HELP! ! !

    I found that merging the two accounts worked for someone who had a problem. So I shall try that one again. Edit: Ok, looked you up and I approved the account. Hop on in!
  7. As rubbish as that is, throwing away bricks is certainly too much of a reaction. At least donate them if you don't want to hang on to them, way too much goes to landfill. You got your money back, you can use it to go buy the set on Bricklink and the children have learned a valuable lesson about buying online. Sad but true, for all the genuine sellers there are scammers. And these days you run the risk of picking up sets that are manufactured by the bootleggers like Lepin, so hey, you avoided that one. Free bricks at least!
  8. It's what it says on the tin really guys. I want new graphics to match the new banner size. I have some helpers waiting in the wings once I decide on the theme for the new banner image. I just need to know what you lot think! Have a vote, drop your opinion in here and discuss.
  9. Peppermint_M

    Restoring Printed Parts

    The title is as it is, I have one of these: But due to age and past treatment (by others!) it is looking a little worn out, the printing is a little faded and outright cleared off in places. Now, I have a lot of resources to touch-up the print - Citidel Paints, paint pens, markers, acrylic paint and even the option of laying black vinyl sticker on to replace the damaged print. Has anyone tried to restore a printed part and has advice?
  10. Peppermint_M

    QIHUI brand... competitor or bootleg?

    It is not a brand I know of and I am not well versed in Technic MOCs to know if the products are copies of any builders. If you are concerned about the origins, try searching up a few Technic MOCs that cover the same vehicles to see if they are ripped off?
  11. Peppermint_M

    A quick comment on spam

    Yeah, there has been a real wave of Korean spam. The problem is keeping registration balanced to weed out as many bots as we can without putting off genuine members. Keep on reporting Spam you spot and we'll keep on smashing it down.
  12. Peppermint_M

    Is Lego’s quality deteriorating?

    I'm not sure I can agree... I have been sorting out my bricks again, a number of older MOCs and new sets are ready to be recycled into new builds. I have also had a few fleamarket finds to add in. This means I have got a swath of bricks that date from the 1970's until this year. The older brick have discoloured, some plates have even warped or have snapped when I am taking them apart or taking bricks off them. There are old bricks missing chunks, which may be a result of misuse, but at the same time one or two broke as I carefully separated the parts. The 90's bricks are okay, bar the discolouring issue from UV damage and the fact that a lot of 90's parts are not my true cup of tea (lots of very big windows and large panels. Alright I guess and they have their uses, but still not the greatest). Less damage to the bricks of that era and nothing so far has broken from being used. The main problem in the 2000's bricks are the colour issues that have been well documented. Dark Red was always inconsistent. The plastic is fine and my own bricks were stored in a decent way, so they have not had a chance to discolour (if it is still an issue). Nothing has snapped, but some of the used plates are deformed due to misuse and abuse. The current production bricks are wonderful. Vibrant and still perfectly formed. I had been gifted one of the Create boxes, and opening it up to sort the parts fresh from the bag was a joy. They felt different, but they felt nice, not bad. Like a crisp and fresh brand new book. Of course, I adore second hand books too. But therein lies the true face - Old bricks are loved and cherished, there is a nostalgia to them and an acceptance of their condition. Many agree that the 2000's bricks had problems that are now resolved, but still some are stuck on the loss of the old greys and brown. I have not experienced any "stickiness" to bricks, true the tyres can at times fell a little off, but not always. Truly my main bugbear is the sticker sheets getting crumpled in the box!
  13. Peppermint_M

    LEGO Elves 2018

    It is disappointing that we lose a refreshingly colourful and well designed fantasy theme. But I guess it means we just have to turn to MOCing in the future.
  14. Peppermint_M

    signature / link to website

    That looks great, nice and LEGO based but also a link. I like it!
  15. Peppermint_M

    Girls, stand up !

    Made you pink!