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Found 316 results

  1. [HSS] The Silver Bull inn Standing proudly in front of the Palace, and overlooking Rockwail's main plaza, is The Silver Bull inn. It's neither the largest, nor the most infamous inn in town, but it does enjoy a good reputation. To the more wealthy traveler, it offers peace and quiet at the heart of the city, tidy rooms and good meals, including soups, meat and hot drinks. The inn accommodates seven guests across four rooms, and furthermore houses the city's post office. Messenger Fiona, of Avalonia, is delivering a message from Albion to the post office of The Silver Bull. At the door she's greeted by an unusual visitor who is making his depart. In a mix of thrill and unsettlement, a shiver went down Fiona's spine. She had gotten acquainted with the non-human population of Nocturnus before on a number of occasions, but never had she seen an undead skeleton before! At second glance, he seemed quite the gentleman, though. Look at that jaw line! Haha, kidding! Little did the Avalonian messenger know that she had just met the famed Resistance warlord Anfauglir! And Anfauglir wasn't the only Nocturnian lord at the inn at that moment... --- Additional pictures: I'm happy to be sharing posting another HSS build for Rockwail, at the very end of 2023. Indeed, HSS. Not sure if that was clear before, but it is now! I've worked on other buildings too, but those are for the coming year. As usual, I learned a lot while building. More than with any previous MOC, I struggled with figuring out the layout of the interior and how to break it open for access to the interior. For example, I shuffled around the beds several times to get a three-bedroom floor that made sense. It's my biggest fully enclosed MOC building to date, and yet the interior space turned out to be very tight. That was one of the reasons I choose to not have any actual doors inside the building*, only brickbuilt 3-wide, 6-high door frames. So a bit of a schematic rendition. *save for the door to the toilet, which is a detail that was lost in a section that doesn't detach for access (for structural integrity and my sanity). I hope you enjoy. C&C welcome!
  2. We go back several centuries, to a time when an alliance of dwarves, humans and orcs had successfully defended their stronghold in the Moruth Swamplands. In the wake of their victory, the King of Rockwail commissioned the sculptor's guild to make an enormous statue of Merin Uîr, a legendary warrior who was said to have defeated multiple enemy platoons in the Boulder Bogs through ambushes and trickery. The sculptor's guild was happy to take on the King's request. Sculptor vedette Yurro has taken the lead on this task. He is carving the head, torso and upper arms from a single block of stone. Meanwhile another experienced sculptor has started on the lower arms and hands, and apprentices are being instructed to carve out the rough shape of the pelvis and legs, which will later be finished up by Yurro. A statue this size is a serious undertaking, and lots of things can go wrong in the process, but so far Yurro and his crew have not had any major setbacks. A relief! --- Yes, there will be a the full statue later. I'm sitting on quite a lot of (mostly) finished Rockwail stuff, but I don't want to spill all of the beans yet. Cheers!
  3. [HSS] Master Jeweler's shop In the middle of Rockwail stands one of the very few jeweler shops that exist in Nocturnus. Jewelry is not all that popular in the Darklands, at least not the fancy kind. Decorated armour and weaponry, on the other hand, is valued a lot more by Nocty's populace. However, even in the land of monsters and barbarians there are individuals with taste — and Rockwail's Master Jeweler is there to cater to that clientele! One such individual with exquisite taste happened to be paying Rockwail a visit: Lady Sithanna of Shadowmere. Fortunately for her, it was an informal visit. It had been while since she last crossed Rockwail... 15 years, perhaps 55 years? Vampire naps can really mess with one's memory and perception of time! Obviously some things had changed in the city, but she was relieved to find 'her' jewelry shop still around. She paused in front of the shop window. It was almost exactly as she remembered it, but the window was now modernized with large glass panes. She looked at the elegant golden necklace was on display. "That glass wouldn't stop me from taking it, if I wanted to.", she thought. Perhaps the shop had a new owner, since the jeweler she knew was very protective over his wares. Or perhaps security in the city had gotten tighter? Whichever was the case, she was eager to have a look inside. Inside was Heinrigh, the Master Jeweler, tending to a customer. Heinrigh "I think this one suits you particularly well, Madam. The colour of the stone complements your dress very nicely. I also have a broche you could try on, I think that would — Hello, yes come in! Oh my... Lady Sithanna!" Lady Sithanna "Heinrigh! It brings me joy to see you! How have you been?" Yeah... that must have been at least 30 years! One more nap and she might not have spoken Heinrigh ever again... --- A little later than planned, but I enjoyed working on this build and I rather like how this turned out. I'm particulary happy with the 55-piece display cabinet, and the shop window which I've had as a tablescrap for close to two years. I tried to find out what kind of equipment a medieval jewelry maker would have on hand, but couldn't find much all that much online, so I greebled a bit. Let me know what you think, I appreciate your comments and criticism!
  4. Rockwail School of Orphans Rockwail has seen the passing of many kings and rulers, each leaving their own mark in history and on the city. Not all that long ago, relatively speaking at least, the iron fist rule of king Zoroaster took a particularly heavy toll on the residents of Rockwail. Many lives were lost due to his warmongering and exploitation of miners and labor slaves. As a consequence, the amount of orphans peaked during this period. When Theophraster I, Zoroaster's half-brother, claimed the throne, he sought to repair some of the damage Zoroaster had done. He believed orphans were a key to turn the ravaged economy around, so he built an orphanage and established an education program. His efforts bore fruit, for him and the city. His apparent philanthropy earned him the respect and support from the scarred people of Rockwail, and the word also spread beyond the city. In rough and tough Nocturnus, these 'soft' policies were looked down on by some of the greater Lords, but merchants and craftsmen flocked to the city! Later, despite dwindling numbers of orphans because of peaceful times, Theophraster II continued to invest in the future of the disadvantaged, by founding the Rockwail School of Orphans. The School of Orphans is not as big as it used to be at some point, but one of its most prominent and remarkable buildings is still in use today, and is maintained with funds from the royal treasury. And somehow, it's the place Exetrius Centario of Zotharith found himself in... He looked up from his reading material and gazed at the window. He put his book away for a moment and stood up to overlook the square of the Four Virtues. It appeared peaceful, a little quieter during daytime than Zotharith. The sudden thought of home, so far away, made his mind wander between the turns his life had taken ever since the Civil War, the places he visited and the people he met. Before the war, he was just a mage trying to climb the ranks. Okay, maybe not your average mage, but the second son of the wizard ruler, Onicius. Sometimes, he was sent out for a task by the Order of Zotharith, but generally he was around his home city a lot. Once, he traveled to Kyrrath to visit his aunt. That was the furthest he had ever been. His elder brother, on the other hand... Anyway, during the Nocturnus Civil War he joined the 1st Corps of Zotharith, which was hunting down Raavage through the Rakath mountains, and he eventually ended up defeating him. But if that wasn't hard to believe enough, he also got to attend the victory party in Cedrica, with Queen Ylspeth! As well as the legendary Warlords, with some of whom he discussed the future of Nocturnus, in Merodaquinas. No big deal, right? It was hard to fathom. After the storm of events, he returned to Zotharith. Luckily, he found his father, mother and sister (who served in the 2nd Corps) in good health. Furthermore, the city seemed to be completely unharmed by the war. It seemed like he would be easing into his old and familiar life again, until a letter from Rockwail came. It was a personal request from King Yurdtroth, the city's new ruler (since Raavage's occupation ended), adressed to Onicius Centario. He was looking for someone to fill the position of Wizard of Rockwail, as well as an ambassador for Zotharith, and had heard of Exetrius' hand in the victory against the Black Spire. Exetrius and his farther agreed that this could be a fantastic opportunity, thus they accepted the request. And so, within a month or two of being home again, he left for Rockwail indefinitely. From the letter, it was not fully clear what the position would entail, but that was a risk he was willing to take. Upon arrival, he met with King Yurdtroth. He was not as intimidating as he imagined, on the contrary actually. He soon learned that one of his tasks would be to teach magic at the Rockwail School of Orphans. Of all things, teaching children was somewhat daunting to him, and something he hadn't anticipated. On his first day, the stairs he had to climb to get to the oddly placed school building seemed to never end. An old wizard dressed in blue, which turned out to be the retiring Wizard of Rockwail, welcomed him. "Don't worry, it'll be fun", he said with a smirk. With the old fart's perception was nothing wrong, that much was clear... The earth sciences teacher, named Ruppert, asked him to come into the class. Still nervous, Exetrius climbed out of the study room. A little awkwardly, he introduced himself to the three kids in class. But soon, he found himself wondering why he had been worrying at all. The kids were very interested and asked him lots of questions. This wasn't so bad at all! ---- Later than planned, but here is the full build! Mine entrance part here. Figuring out the layout of this build, with the mine entrance, school and blacksmith was a fun puzzle, and I enjoyed putting my limited number of purple, magenta and pink bricks to good use. I'm also glad to be able to give an update about Exetrius. While writing the recap it became clear just how few and far between his backstory is. I don't blame you for never getting into the Exetrius Saga if you haven't. It's a mess, though it has good parts that still hold up, imo. Anway, if you read the recap, click the links and look at the images, that should give you a decent idea of Exetrius. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Long ago, one of the first dwarven Kings of Rockwail ordered the construction of a sacred mine entrance, right in the heart of the city. For decades, even centuries, miners receive the blessing of Mòhria (represented by the statue on the altar) before descending into the perilous deep. Rockwail has one of the most diverse populations in Nocturnus in terms of races as well as ancestry, so there are a number of religions within in the city due to the many different backgrounds. However, be it through belief or through superstition, the vast majority of miners always descend to the mine and tunnel complex of the city in the morning, via "Chapel Gate". They may take a different route to the surface, as there are multiples entrances annex exits in Rockwail, but the ritual of entering through Chapel Gate is one that persists across miners from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs. Today again, two miners are venturing into the deep with the hope of bringing riches to the surface, but above all hoping to return safely. Perhaps empty-handed as they did yesterday, but there's always that sliver of a chance to find something truly extraordinary. Something that will have all of Rockwail looking and talking about them. And since they are 'free miners', they get to keep everything they find, unlike those employed by a mining company. It has its disadvantages, but if they find "The Big One", as they call it, they may not have to work for the rest of their lives! Fame, fortune and comfort... a miner can dream! Unfortunately, today was just another day at the mine. No fame and glory, just bits of ore and barely a grain of crystal. Tomorrow, maybe... Meanwhile, behind Chapel Gate, a blacksmith has just started working on some iron ornamentation. It is for a very important commission, which was made to the guild of smiths. It's too large of a task for a single smith's shoulders to bear, especially in the given timeframe, but his experience and craftsmanship will be invaluable to give the end result it's desired flair. --- Hi, happy to share (part of) a new build with y'all today! I felt that it was necessary to divide this build over two posts, because the writing would otherwise become a bit long and messy. And it's also more practical for the HSS. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Other Work: CDC2 CMF: socalbricks [Freebuild] Cobold's Crusaders (REVAMP) I'm back! After last year's fun CDC2 CMF, I was inspired to make more characters for the guilds. Enjoy! Geovana Guild: Mitgardia A sorceress who was adopted at a young age by amethyst-worshipping monks. Taught to harness the stones' power, she is now the last of her order. Despite this, she has vowed to defend the amethysts from pesky dwarven miners until her last breath. Boab Guild: Kaliphlin A blind naga assassin who can “see” through heightened senses of hearing and smell. His strongest ability is his sense of touch, using his hands, tail, and the hollow end of his spear to track nearby movements. A being of few words, he is steadfastly loyal to the Desert King (his mentor and first employer). Maridia Guild: Valyrio A mermaid who has made a small fortune selling the treasure she found at the bottom of Valyrio's harbors. Having learned water sorcery from her fellow merfolk, Maridia travels all throughout Valyrio's coastal cities, resting on a floating pool of water. She is currently making a sizable amount of money salvaging sunken treasure from Valyrian harbors and selling it in Canal Square. She has heard many tales of far-off lands from her customers; she plans on seeing all of them once she has enough money! Sko-Khan Guild: Nocturnus A soldier who was stranded in a massive pit during the war against Raavage, Sko-Khan spent weeks fighting off (and eating) giant scorpions (it was during this time that he ripped off a scorpion's claw and uses it as a weapon). After climbing out of the ravine himself, he became a muscle-for-hire for various Nocturnan warlords. He still carries the claw to this day, and has adorned his armor with matching scorpion imagery as a sign of respect for his old foes. Dombard the Doom-Bard Guild: Nocturnus Most bards lift the spirits with stories of bravery and heroism. Not Dombard - for reasons still unknown, he aspires to make his listeners as angry and miserable as possible. His lute (forged from and doubling as an axe) is unpleasant to the ears, and his voice is described as sounding like “nails on a chalkboard” and “a vulture being strangled” It is said that the latter is so grating that it can send members of races with “sensitive hearing” (such as elves and centaurs) into catatonic shock. Garrus Guild: Nocturnus Garrus saw his home of Abyssian turn to ice at the hands of Raavage’s forces. Though he survived the attack, his forearms did not, and he had them replaced with primitive prosthetics. Filled with rage, he decided to track down those responsible for the attack, adding massive swords to his prosthetics. Leaving a trail of bodies, he soon heard word that Raavage had already been killed (thus depriving him of his revenge). With no home, family, or outlet for his rage, the hulking reptilian became a brutal bounty hunter. Though he has mellowed with time, his infamous reputation remains unchanged (as does his enthusiasm for violence).
  7. Rogue Angel

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement. Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions. Some further ideas for the categories are in this list curated by @Grover. But again, even this extensive list is not exhaustive; if you think your build qualifies for a category, put it there. Creativity is always encouraged! Agriculture Grains and Produce Farm Garden Mill Granary Marketplace Vineyard Orchard Livestock Farm Cattle/Horse ranch Dairy Swineherd Sheepfold Marketplace Kennel Beekeeper Fishery Nautical Harbor Shipwright Quay Fishery Ferryman Port Dock Lighthouse Military Keep Barracks Gatehouse Tower Castle Fortified Bridge Wall Beacon Cavalry Stables Ballista Tower Fort Religious Chapel Church Monastery Tomb Cemetery Temple Mosque Shrine Medical Apothecary Herbalist Infirmary/Hospital Mortician/Necromancer Torture Chamber Barber/Physician Hospitality Food & Beverage Bakery Butcher Winery Kitchens Brewery Café/Street Food Tavern Lodging Inn Stables Coach house Celebrations Wedding Festival Laborers Lumber Mill Grain Mill Mine Stone Cutter Wood Cutter Mason/Adobe Maker Stable Hand Cleaning Workers Field Hands Foresters Carter Diggers Quarry Craftsmen/Merchants General goods Cooper Wainwright Tannery Carpenter Dyer Marketplace Fishing Rod Merchant Glassblower Arms & Armor Blacksmith Bowyer Fletcher Siege workshop Armorer Clothing Cobbler Seamstress Textiles Furrier Woolen Mill Specialty Candlemaker Wood carver Stone Carver/Sculptor Goldsmith Bookbinder Florist Jeweler Horse Tamer Merchant's Hall/Guild Coal Merchant Magic/Potion Vendor Tinker Potter Services Herald Cartographer Money lender General Store Scribe Courier Trading Post Shipping house/Warehouse Scholars Observatory Alchemist Philosopher Library University/Academy Astrologer Entertainment Minstrel Fortune Teller Street Musicians Performing Troupe Brothel Sports Arena Theatre Administrative (Town or City only) Town Hall Chancery Forum Council Building Administrative Building Meeting Hall Customs House Palace Embassy Courthouse
  8. It is said that war knows no winners, only losers. That everyone loses something, but some lose more than others. But there are fruits that grow from a bloodstained soil, though rotten and bitter they may be. Merodaquinas was a town that lost less in the war than most of Nocturnian towns and cities. Before the war, the affairs of the interior of Nocturnus would rarely affect the town much, being located far away and on the outside of the Rakath mountain range. It didn't have particularly strong connections with the outside world, though it served as a resting stop for people traversing the mountains or the nearby Kelra Labyrinth. To Ravaage, conquering Merodaquinas would have had little strategic benefits. So instead, he sent a raiding unit to pillage whatever there was to be pillaged, and maybe turn some of the wretched souls in the town to his side. And burn the rest. And so Merodaquinas was shaken up by a raid and fires. The local lord's troops couldn't stop the raiders from pillaging parts of the south and east of the city. However, unexpected help arrived! A witch from the nearby witch village, which had not always been on the best of terms with Merodaquinas and its lord, had seen the skeletons approach. Soon, and without much hesitation, the whole witch village rushed to town. With the aid of the witches, the pillaging and plunder ended and the town was purged of Ravaage's raiders. The leader of the raid and a few scummy turncoats managed to escape, but the town was spared a much worse fate. It is said that war knows no winners, only losers. However, the fruits of the terrible Civil War tasted rather sweet for Merodaquinas: it had rekindled the relationship with the witches, united the town, and partly purged the shady individuals and their businesses from it. In a later stage of the war, unseen numbers of Mitguardians and Avalonians passed through on their way to reinforce the Resistance armies in the Rakath. These days, the sun seems to shine just a bit brighter in Merodaquinas than it did before! --- Here's another build that I should have posted a long time ago! Initial plan was a raid scene with bloodshed and burning houses, but when I built regular houses instead everything started looking more quaint and peaceful than I had foreseen. So to not ruin the vibe (and avoiding the extra work) I posted the peaceful build "Merodaquinas - Trout's Crossing" in 2020. However, the idea of a raid scene was still kicking around and I wasn't completely happy with the photos, so I set out to finish what I started. I finally created a scene and took some additional pictures! Not only for this build. I hope you like them! More pictures:
  9. LordDan

    [Freebuild] Vampires!

    Once again, Dan finds himself in Nocturnus, this time investigating rumors of a clan of Vampires that had been crossing the border into Avalonia and preying on its citizens. During his trip, Dan ran across a mysterious fellow traveler. After a tense first meeting, Dan learned that the traveler's name was Trevor and that he was a vampire hunter. Together, they set out for a suspicious castle nearby, and now find themselves fighting for their lives against a host of vampire soldiers ( Who seem to be a bit less hospitable than those from Shadowmere ) Notes: This build was inspired by the vampire survival game V Rising and the Castlevania series on Netflix. C & C appreciated
  10. Nocturnus - Settlement Index Description Nocturnus is home to an array of peculiar places, not in the last place due to its equally diverse population. This settlement index explores the many communities of Nocturnus, to aid those who seek to visit, trespass or find a place to settle in the Darklands. It may serve as a practical reference guide for building in or writing about a certain settlement. It provides a basic set of architectural, geographic and/or demographic background characteristics per settlement. Notes The described characteristics and features are an interpretation of what is seen and written in the build topic threads (in the first post). The given characteristics do NOT dictate what future builds of a settlement should look like; nothing is set in stone. What is considered in this index as a 'settlement' is determined by the sum of existing builds and lore; it is not defined by strict (build) requirements from the HSS. Settlements appearing on the map of Nocturnus automatically qualify to be indexed here. This topic will be updated to include more settlements, characteristics, builders, etc., based on newly posted topics. You can leave a comment below to bring new builds of indexed settlements under attention. The Map of Nocturnus Special Status Settlements Abyssian *Former Capital* Abyssian Castle is located at the centre of Nocturnian peninsula, in the Moruth Swamplands. It was the home of the late Guild Leader Lord Ssylirrlith and the throne of Nocturnus, before both were destroyed by the catastrophic explosion of the Orion Sphere. What remains of Abyssian is an inhospitably cold frozen ruin, surrounded by icy swamps as far as the eye can see. Once built on a cluster of rocks suspended above the swamp, a grey fortress with many octagonal towers, big decorative spikes, and chains. (Former) Population: Lord Ssylirrlith, lizardfolk, snakemen Roofs: Light bluish grey, dark bluish grey Builds found: 1, 2, 3 Builders: @I Scream Clone, @Ecclesiastes, @Exetrius Shadowmere *HSS Status: Hamlet* Large and ancient fortified city in central Nocturnus, built on an active volcanic plateau, surrounded by the Moruth Swamplands. Invaluable stronghold of the Nocturnian Resistance in the war against the Black Spire. Black, gothic citadel with many towers, arches and spikes, black city walls. Swamps, lava streams, blood fountains. Population: Vampires, undead, orcs, lizardfolk, minotaurs. Roofs: Bright red, black. Builds found - exterior: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Builds found - interior: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Builders: @Lord Vladivus, @MassEditor, @Mike S, @TitusV, @SkaForHire, @Jorrith Regular Settlements Carakath Miners town in the Southern Rakath Mountains, once home to a fighting tournament with wild animals and children. Population: Humans, dwarves, orcs. Roofs: Dark red. Builds found: 1, 2 Builders: @Exetrius Fallen Angel Crater/geological depression in the Siccus Badlands. Mysterious place, reportedly surrounded by remnants of an ancient civilization. Purple water lakes. Population: Orcs Roofs: - Builds found: 1, 2 Builders: @-Carson Haupt-, @Exetrius Harbringer's Haven A village in the far north of Nocturnus. At the village lays a cemetery and a large vampire tomb. Population: Vampires, batfolk, undead. Roofs: Black. Builds found: 1 Builders: @Jorrith Kelra Labyrinths System of labyrinths, plugs the gap in the Rakath Range and forms the greatest constructed barrier for anyone trying to get to the heart of Nocturnus. Disorienting maze of overgrown stone walls of varying height. Population: Minotaurs, lizardfolk and lost travellers. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4 Builders: @I Scream Clone, @Windusky, @The Maestro Kyrrath Kyrrath, also known as the City of Purple, is a city located between the forest of Grimwood and the Kyrrath Mountains. Famous for it's half timbered houses with strange shapes, twists, and purple roofs. The terrain is mostly rocky, with purple and green trees and murky green waters. Roofs: Purple. Builds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Builders: @jaapxaap, @Exetrius Lith My'athar Very large royal city in the depths of the underground. A major crossroad in the network of underground passages and lava chambers that spans Avalonia, Nocturnus and Kaliphlin. According to the lore, it is connected to a twin city in another dimension. Bright red and black gothic superstructures with lots of towers and bridges, with bows, spikes, stained windows and supposedly magical devices. State of the art knowledge of magic. Obsession with hunting and enslavement of 'strong' species and monsters, to add to the 'arsenal' of curiosities. Arguably the most diverse population in all of Historica. Population: Dark elves (Drow, the rulers), surface dwellers (i.e. lizardfolk, snakemen, half dragons, feline humanoids, orcs, wherewolves) and abyssal dwellers (i.e. humanoid bats, demons, elementals). Roofs: Bright red or black. Builds found: 1 Builders: @Angeli Merodaquinas Important stop for people who have crossed or are about to cross the Kelra Labyrinth or the Rakath Mountains. Half timbered houses (reminiscent of Avalonia), canals for transporting goods. Theft and other shady businesses are common. Population: mostly human. Roofs: Bright red or dark red, black. Builds found: 1, 2, 3 Builders: @Cij Daoke, @Exetrius Nestlands Embassy (Formerly: Kas'ret Vud) Fortified settlement at the southern edge of the Moruth Swamplands, founded on a granite plateau surrounded by swamp and red badlands, called the Blood Sands. Conquered, abandoned and re-inhabited countless times, currently under rule of Shadowmere, run by the allied Nestlands Clan from Kaliphlin as an ambassy. Thick stone outer walls, black gothic buildings, Kaliphlinian buildings, remnants of previous occupations. Magic installments. Population: Orcs, wherewolves, minotaurs. Roofs: Black, reddish brown, bright blue Builds found: 1, 2, Builders: @gedren_y Port Wrath A grim, dangerous harbor town in the Northern Rakath Mountains, lawless black market trading hub. Blood-red water in and around the harbor, reportedly cursed. Wooden and stone wharfs, taverns and trading houses in shades of grey, red stained windows. Skulls and spikes serve as decoration. Population: Minotaurs, orcs, undead, cyclopes, ghosts, tradesmen. Roofs: Black or dark red. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Builders: @Dr Rod, @Captain Nemo, @Lord Vladivus The Reach Surface capital of the goblin empire, the southernmost city of Nocturnus, located in a narrow, forested river valley in the Rakath Mountains. Free standing houses of wood, small wooden watchtowers on poles and stone fortifications. Colourful, autumnal trees are interspersing the city. Population: Goblins, orcs, humans, dwarves, kozar. Roofs: Brown. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4 Builders: @Blufiji, @Brandon Stark Rockwail Ancient fortified city in the Boulder Bogs, heart of the Moruth Swamplands, founded on bed rock. According to lore, the entire fortress was carved out by dwarves, from a giant boulder. Shrouded in fog, protected by thick walls and a magic barrier, it is a secret and secure place. Worn and weathered walls, dark, narrow streets, diverse, crooked and leaning buildings, taverns, makeshift scaffolding above the streets. Vast underground network of catacombs and dungeons. Population: Humans, orcs, snakemen, frogmen, undead. Roofs: Dark brown, black Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Builders: @-Sunder-, @Exetrius Skavenport A port city east of Grimwood and the Kyrrath Mountains, where rats and men live side by side as merchants, craftsmen and farmers. Half timbered houses with odd angles and sharp roofs, narrow streets. Roofs: Black. Builds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Builders: @Jacob Nion Town of Illusion It's indicated on the map of Nocturnus, so it should exist, yet unambiguous and detailed records of the place seem to be missing... Population: - Roofs: - Builds found: Only this comment Builders: @Dr.Cogg Vacunani City built in a chasm thousands of years ago, of which the location is unknown. Hermetically sealed by elaborate stone gates. Possibly contains Nocturnus' most ancient and extensive archives. Population: Inani Roofs: - Builds found: comment, 1, 2 Builders: @Umbra-Manis Zotharith City at the edge of a swampland on the eastern side of the Rakath Range. Major magic development hub. City lies partly on rocky river banks, partly expands into the marshes. Home to a big magic festival. Small wooden huts/houses on poles in the swampy outskirts, extensive arcane energy collector network. Oriental features adopted from eastern Kaliphlin. Horned roofs. Population: Humans, orcs, mages. Roofs: Black. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Builders: @Exetrius, @jaapxaap, @Henjin_Quilones ----
  11. A Rockwailer guard gazes over the Boulder Bogs. Standing guard on the ancient city walls is a rather uneventful job. The Boulder Bogs are a damp, foggy, and thoroughly smelly place. Not much ever approaches the isolated city. The waters – or rather, the sizzling green soup surrounding Rockwail, are inhospitable to most life, though lizardfolk and other tough-skinned creatures are able to swim in them. As far as the eye can see (usually not far) there are boulders with varying degrees of vegetation on them, and more green soup. On the rare clear days of the year however, the view is not awful. But today it is. Today will be another boring day on the Walls where nothing happens... ... or will it? For a brief moment, the guard thought he heard a voice, far in the distance. Any activity above the water level, other than the moving of birds or other small creatures, is notable in this swamp. There are people going outside the walls to hunt and gather resources that are not found or grown inside the city, but those people can rarely be heard from afar. Did he imagine hearing it? Now with his full concentration, he looked and listened again. There it was! One voice, two, nay, three even... something was approaching! Travellers? Enemies? A handful of unusually loud citizens? The fog was thick as ever, so whoever these voices belonged to: once in sight it could be too late. The Rockwailer Guard had to identify them as soon as possible. Maybe today wasn't going to be as uneventful as usual! --- Thanks for reading, if you did! The lore is is new here, but the build is definitely not. Let's go back in time in time for a moment, see additional pics below. It's the beginning of 2019, I was creating builds to further illustrate what happened in the Nocty Civil War. I was gradually starting to think about how to move the overall Nocty story forward, by making builds of 'turning point' events. I decided I wanted to depict Rockwail, the forgotten stronghold city, silently taken over by Raavage's skeleton army that he was building, being stormed by the forces of the Resistance. I was going to call it "Liberation of Rockwail", and it was going to be both an awesome architectural-landscaping build and an epic battle scene. I went all in on complex and subtle angles for the wall to add a sense of realism, but it created a lot of problems that needed to be solved. And every other part of the build also took more time than I had hoped. I put the build aside several times and started/finished other builds (most notably "EVA 02 & Tokyo 3" and "Lego Universe: 10th Anniversary Tribute"). In May 2020 I finished the build as you see it here, but still intending to make a battle scene with boats and grappling hooks or something. In late 2020 I concluded that despite all effort that went into it, it wasn't the ideal build for the scene I had in my head. I photographed it so I could put it on my year 2020 build collage, and uploaded it to Flickr in January 2021, but still kinda wanted a Civil War scene with it. However, my motivation to do that decreased and I moved on, thus never posting it here in the Guilds. I also thought the photos I had didn't really do it justice, and same for the order in which I uploaded them. This was "confirmed" by the amount of faves/likes that was much lower than I was expecting (not a healthy mindset!). I couldn't help but feel that I wasted some of the build's potential. It didn't help that due to covid there were no expos to show off this build in real life. However, I've come to terms with all of that. I think it's a fantastic build, one of my finest works to date. Above all, I've learned that if you have an ambitious plan, you should expect it to take (much) longer than planned. I could have done it 'quick and dirty' and finish up the story of the Civil War sooner (which Nocturnus would have benefited from), but at the same time I can't. No halfhearted builds, sorry! I have more Rockwail in the pipeline, and this time there will be both important lore and an epic overall build. Oh, and I figured I'd enter it in the HSS. Why not, right? Hope to bring it to you soon!* Cheers! *I'm trying to live a social life and graduate and get a job and build other ideas too, cut me some slack!
  12. Under the blood tree The carnivorous blood tree of Nocturnus was rare - thankfully - and deadly. As it digested its victims, the soil around its roots would stain red. This faded over time and only the collection of bones within the twisted roots hinted at its terminal hunger. Build notes This is my entry for the gradient category of Summer Joust 2022. The minifigure harkens back to my CMF entry last year and the two Nocturnus troublemakers.
  13. Exetrius

    CDC2 CMF: Homecoming

    Guilds of Historica Collectible Minfigures: Homecoming Yes, I remember now... I don't know why, or if this is common, but I tend to forget where it all started. How I ended up doing what I do. But as I set out to write this topic, it came back to me. I think it was around 2014 that Guilds of Historica caught my eye. I'm sure it must have been one of the many awesome castle builds that guided me to this forum. I went over the New Member Guide, the Guild topics one by one, and saw the maps. And then I saw minifigures, unlike any I had seen before. Custom factions, armies, fantasy races, built from official lego pieces! Up to that point, my (teenage) creations were based on official LEGO themes, built to be populated by official LEGO minifigs. With Guilds of Historica, it all started to change. A new world opened up for me, a journey, and a place to belong. I started building custom figures myself, eventually a sigfig and his family, friends and foes, and joined the Guilds a year later. So looking back at it, the figures have always been there, sparking new builds and stories. Perhaps that's why I have this feeling of homecoming. Introduction by Exetrius Welcome to Historica, fellow adventurer! On my travels through this land, this mighty continent, I have seen many wonderful people, creatures and other beings. Of course I can't tell you about all of them, that would take days, weeks, months probably! But, don't worry: I have made a selection. Let me introduce you to some of those I have met, or heard about. From the cold North to the hot South, from the tumultuous East to the calm West, from the world above to the world below, and from places within to places outside the continent. Let's start with the four guilds on the continent, and Varlyrio. Mitgardia Magnus, Lord of Spróggefjell Keep "Staring at my armour isn't going to help you get through the winter, get to work!" Yffreya, wilderness hunter "A mercenary job? Sorry, but I don't hate humans that much. Do I look like I do?" Kaliphlin Madame Quarrat, mine owner "This deep pink sapphire came from the latest expansion. Work for me, and you might find one too..." Norri, badlands nomad "This is Bërtah, my favourite of the herd. She's a little shy around strangers, though." Avalonia Fiona, Mystic Isles messenger "It's mostly good news from Albion this time around, so I can afford to take the scenic route. You can join me for a while, if you like." Jerome, salvager-carpenter "You are leaving your old wagon in good hands, sir. And, on behalf of the trees in our forests, I thank you!" Nocturnus Pandemonium, 6th wizard of Zotharith "Yes I burned the town, got a problem with that? There wasn't a good soul in the whole rotten place anyway..." Umdurin, Vacunani scholar "If I'm not mistaken Volume 467 of the Recorin Orbi makes mention of such a tunnel exit. I'll check with the archives." Varlyrio Don Giullio, art dealer "100% genuine, for certain. This is a one-time offer: 13 silvers and it's yours." Rebecca, maid and assistant-chef "I'd love to chat, but the market will be closing soon. Later!" Outside of the Guilds, there is also plenty of interesting folk. Some of them I never met in person, for better or for worse... Ghost Islands of Yureishima Yoshintamaru Sasekageojima, Master swordsman "I see your spirit is fierce, but you lack technique. And away with those runes, they ruin the flow between you and the blade!" Miyuko of the Dawn, folk legend It is said that those who meet Miyuko die on the spot, and depending on her judgement either get sent straight to the realm of the dead, or are reborn from their former bodies. The Underworld Zugal defector and Demorian informant "The war really changed the Clan, you know. I tell you: flying up and down the Underworld is better than serving Raavage." K'sirtllhisqr, Drow mage "Where do you think you're going, surface critter? Trespassing this area is strictly forbidden, even for Drow..." Cedrica Sabrina, spoiled brat "Say hi to Marco, I got him for my half-year birthday! Hey, I'm not spoiled, you're just too poor to understand!" Lunarius the Formidable, archmage "A City of Magic, you say? Sounds like something I need to keep my eye on..." ---- And there you have it: 16 figures! I wasn't feeling very inspired from the beginning, but I had said I'd participate so I didn't go back on my word. I found a way to produce solid figures nonetheless. There are a number of little hints to previous builds or other references baked into the figs and their bios, tell which ones you like! I could do a breakdown later. Thanks for looking! Criticism welcome, hit me with all you got. @Henjin_Quilones I'm not going to keep this from you: Fiona with nougat skin and white elven hair looked glorious. For example as a Hesperian dragon rider. However, it just looked wrong next to the carpenter... Maybe a fleshie figbarf isn't all that unlikely anymore.
  14. Hired Hands of Historica Queens rule and warriors battle, but workers propel Historica forward. These are the hired hands of Historica. I created these minifigures for the Guilds of Historica 2nd count down challenge. There are members from all five guilds as well as Cedrica. Kaliphlin Jaffar the Monkey Trainer The aristocracy of Kaliphlin likes their monkeys trained, might as well collect extra profit while I’m at it Pouri the Attendant Fanning the king is exhausting Sesur-hat the Scribe Drawing one map is fun, a dozen copies is not Varlyrio Drad the Deck Hand After two months at sea, I long for the harsh Wastelands Sofia the Back Stabber If the poisoned apple doesn’t work, the direct approach will Elias the Net Maker Mending nets is better on my back than reeling them in full of fish Mitgardia Thodil the Ice Cutter I don’t know why humans don’t get their own ice, mining it is much easier than mining rock Aðalgeir the Furrier Harsh winters create the best business Gjertrud the Snow Shoveler I’d give half my wage for a sunny day Avalonia Ailmer the Lumberjack 𝅘𝅥𝅮 I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok… Fanes the Farrier My work is all the separates you from the ground Neddi the Gardener If you step on my flowers once, you won’t do it again Nocturnus Mudgul the Miner At least there is no ghastly sunlight down here Ruak the Bone Craftsman I’m the best in the over and underworld Koglodzar the Slave Driver I can’t believe I get paid to do this! Cedrica Esther the Chambermaid You wouldn’t believe what the Queen did last night!
  15. Rendezvous at Slime Bay - Enter the Algus![NCW] Ambush in the Rakath[NCW] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands![NCW] Turmoil in Camp Carakath[NCW] Zotharians in the Underworld [NCW] Rockwail's Catacombs: Rise of the Undead [NCW] Feathers of Fate (Ssilyrrlith's Retreat)Dependable, trustworthy allies are hard to come by. And even when you think you have found them, they may still turn their back on you after a while, or gain an unfair advantage over you, which will inevitably lead to being bossed around further down the line. You never know who will betray you next, so it's important to keep looking for tomorrow's allies. Also, the war between the Black Spire and the Resistance was moving towards a stalemate, and as anyone knows stagnation means decline. Therefor, Raavage had been much determined to draw in external forces. At last, he learned about an ancient race from the North. Banished from Mitgardia by humans, forced to inhabit a forsaken frozen wasteland. Maybe there was some common ground in their agendas... Raavage sent a couple of messengers to the Great North. Few of them actually reached the Frozen Beyond, and the remainder froze to death. However, by sheer luck the last frozen messenger was discovered by a patrolling Algus squad, and the message he carried found its way to the halls of Algugoran. The Algus reciprocated with a messenger of their own, and so the foundation for a potential alliance was laid. Raavage, not intending to waste precious time on endless and risky messenger traffic to gauge interests, demanded a meeting with the highest notable figure straight away. Rendezvous point: Slime Bay, an inlet of the rocky northern shore of the Nocturnian peninsula, around the twentieth day of summer. A bold invitation for sure, disproportionately less favourable for the Algus, with their mostly neglected nautical force and lacking knowledge of the eastern seas. More than a few swears and curses must have been heard at Algugoran at the time. However that same year on the eve of the twenty-third day of summer, a single foreign ship, bruised and battered by the hellish journey it had endured, appeared at the bay. It was at that moment that Raavage knew: he had found a new dependable, trustworthy ally. Raavage's guts were right indeed. They got down to business, and their discussions ended as follows: Lord Raavage "We will meet again in this bay, exactly one year from now. Bring your best soldiers and mages. I will make sure nothing stands in our way towards Abyssian. Nocturnus will be mine, and I'll let you have Mitgardia." Algus commander "Very well. But what about the rest of Historica?" They both laughed boisterously... --- Thanks for reading! Pics of the full build: So there's another GoH creation done! It's a shame that I have no event to display yet, because I have a whole pile of them! So much that I'm actually starting to run low on grey bricks, tiles and plates, but hopefully that will not stop me from making the two more NCW builds that I have planned for this summer. Btw, following your tips on my last build I put a bit more effort in the editing of the main image, which didn't take too much extra time. I think it looks a lot cleaner. Any tips or tops on the writing particularly are appreciated, even nitpicks on word choice (I don't have the intuition of a native speaker)! Cheers!
  16. So, when I said that I possibly didn't have time to make an entry for this contest, because of Nocturnus Civil War (NCW) stuff I'm doing, someone suggested I could combine the two. And so I did. Side note: I'm starting to see that I'm way more involved in building architecture, and much less in building scenes where lore actually happens, so I still have two large creations from last year that I haven't posted yet. I do have a plan though, trust me™. Anyway, I'll put the entry first and then the NCW lore part. Royal Nocturnian Outpost (Ssilyrrlith's Residence) Before the days of the Nocty Civil War, Lord Ssilyrrlith, ruler of Nocturnus, would once and so often leave Abyssian and swamp that he calls home behind, and move to his summer residence (quite literally). It is situated in the Siccus Badlands, specifically on the northern banks of the Fallen Angel, where skies are often clear, the air is dry and temperatures are high. This small military outpost was initially built to gain more control over the disputed Badlands region, and as such it serves as the southwesternmost cornerstone of the Nocturnian Empire. The little stronghold residence is a place where Ssilyrrlith comes to gain some peace of mind - up in his tiny tower room, and do a bit of voluntary studying. Nevertheless, sometimes his duties catch up to him, in the form of his trusted feathered messenger! The tower opens up in multiple sections to reveal staircases, ladders, and Ssilyrrlith's detailed tower room, featuring furniture (cabinet, desk, bed, chair, sadly not all in the picture...), luxury items, writing and reading material, and a functional toilet which exits at the back of the tower! Feathers of Fate [Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands! [Nocturnus Civil War] Turmoil in Camp Carakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Zotharians in the Underworld [Nocturnus Civil War] Rockwail's Catacombs: Rise of the Undead It had been quiet at the residence outpost for months - no, seasons on end. This far out in the Siccus Badlands region, major events of the Nocturnian Civil War; of the Algus invasion; the conflict in Kaliphlin; or even the rise of the true Heir to the Historican Throne, were little more than clouds on the horizon, or rumbles in the distance. With two exceptions. The first was eight months ago, when an elven messenger on their way to Avalonia passed by and reported that Abyssian Castle, with Lord Ssilyrrlith in it, was under heavy siege, and for some time already. The military staff present was shocked by this news, brought to their ears by a stranger, and initially didn't want to believe it. For all they knew, the "Hesperian", as that messenger had claimed to be, could be anyone. So, in a higher state of alertness and preparedness, they waited for orders. Those never came. Three months later - this was the second instance, the Hesperian returned, with a army of warriors seemingly drawn from all corners of Historica, and they were heading towards the battlefields at the Moruth Highlands. Now realizing the gravity of the situation, the full military unit, save for a couple of caretakers of the residence, joined the army and left for the blood-drenched heart of Nocturnus. And since then, it had been quiet... Mael, on of the caretakers, gazed out over the Fallen Angel stretching out before the stronghold, mostly shrouded in mist and fumes. Another empty day? Probably. But then he heard a familiar squeak, coming from the sky. He look around and was both delighted yet nervous at the sight of Aras, Lord Ssilyrrlith's loyal messenger bird, which was making a rapid circular descend. He hurried to the platform in front of the gate, while notifying the other guard. Aras greeted him quickly with a nod, but the look its eyes was insistent. Mael pulled a letter from behind its broad white-feather collar. He passed it on to his colleague, who was more literate. "Mael, I can't believe it..." he stumbled, as he went over the letter again and again. "It says... it says Abyssian.. has fallen." --- So that concludes both the entry and the story continuation, I hope you enjoyed!
  17. The tower isn't the most amazing thing, but I challenged myself to build it out of dark and light grey (not dark and light bluish grey) for the historical sake of this part of the contest and the pieces were limited. Bob and the wizard passed a dark tower overlooking the road. It looked like one of those evil towers out of Lord of the Rings, and sure enough, it was filled with what looked like orcs on the battlements. Bob stared in amazement as they drove past. “Where the &*^# are we?” Bob asked. “We’re in western Nocturnus, as I explained before,” the wizard replied. “Yeah, but what state?” The funny man looked confused. “I don’t understand. This is Nocturnus, sometimes called the nightmare lands.” “This isn’t New Jersey?” “Not as far as I know,” the man replied with a shrug. Bob sighed. “Who are you?” “My name is Razin, the traveling wizard.” “I'm Bob. Nice to meet you.” “Likewise,” Razin replied. “And what do you do with these … things?” Bob asked, looking down at the crate he was sitting on. “I am a wizard by trade, so I use some of those things to cast spells. However, the magic business isn’t the most stable, I’m afraid, so I also sell components to other wizards, witches and spellcasters to help make ends meet.” “Huh,” Bob replied, now pretty sure this guy was nuts. “I’m not from anywhere around here and need to figure out how to get back home.” “I would suggest that you try Albion. Cedrica is the capital of all Historica, but there has been a lot of turmoil there with the many civil wars of late, and they have lost a good many people among the chaos. We have a new queen, but she is still trying to organize things.” “OK, sure,” Bob replied. “Hold on, my spell is about to expire. I need to re-cast it if we are to talk longer,” Razin told Bob. He muttered and waved his hands about again, then looked to Bob. “All right, it’s back again. I think we should try and teach you some of the rudimentary language so you can ask your own questions. I can get you to Albion, but I have a lot of other business, so you’ll be on your own after that.” Bob nodded. “Thanks for your help,” he replied, thinking that he needed to find a phone. Previously
  18. When Bob awoke, he found himself in some nightmarish Dr. Seuss book. He sat up and looked around. He was no longer in Philadelphia, that was for sure. His head was pounding from a hangover, so he must have slept for some time, but were it not for that, he would not have believed that he was awake. He was outdoors next to some sort of disgustingly colored pond in the middle of a bunch of black trees with purple leaves and red fruit. The vegetation had bizarre colors with odd flowers. Strange sounds from animals he had never heard filled the air and he swore he was being watched. The entire place was humid and smelled like the mens’ room at an Eagles game. Where on earth was he? He had no idea, so he tried to think about the last thing he remembered before finding himself here. He was working on that old gypsy’s sink and… ugh, he had been so drunk that when he stood up he puked up his breakfast of Slim Jims and Schlitz malt liquor all over that gypsy. And that’s when she cursed him. Yeah, he remembered that now. Everything had faded out after that though and he couldn’t remember anything else until he woke up here, wherever ‘here’ was. He thought he was either in some strange dream, or maybe that gypsy had just dumped him in a forest in New Jersey. Well, not much else to do but figure out where he was. He noticed his toolbox had somehow made it with him, and he grabbed it before exploring the area. Not far away he found a road of dark red earth. This was too weird. He checked his cell phone. No service. Great, he was probably even farther away than he thought. That gypsy may have drugged him and dumped him someplace in West Virginia. At the sound of approaching horse hooves, Bob wisely stepped out of the road, and a horse drawn cart approached with a driver clad in green colors with a funny hat. He slowed as he pulled up next to Bob and stopped, greeting him in some strange language. Seeing that Bob didn’t understand him, he waved his hands, muttering some odd words, and then he spoke again. His speech came out in English, but there was a bit of a delay and his words didn’t match his sounds, sort of like watching martial arts films dubbed in English. “Say, friend, what are you doing here? This is not a very friendly part of the world, and you don’t look like you’re from around here by your strange garb,” he said, gesturing to Bob's clothes. “Uh, no, I’m not from here. Where am I?” Bob asked. “Why, you’re in the forests of Nocturnus. How’d you get here?” the man asked. “I don’t really know,” said Bob, squinting his eyes from the hangover pain in his head. “I got cursed by a gypsy, and, well, here I am. Is Nocturnus near Philly at all?” he asked. “I don’t know where this Philly is, but I can take you with me to Albion, where you can get some help. Hop on in.” He gestured to the cart behind him, filled with crates and sacks. “Mind where you sit, I have some expensive spell components in there.” Bob looked around, and, hearing some growling from the brush where some weird whitish dog looking things were, decided to take the ride offered. Bob climbed on board with a “Thanks,” and thought to himself: ‘Spell components? Is this guy one of those LARPer freaks?', but decided not to comment, happy to be free of this weird area. He watched as the landscapes rolled by, but the scenery was far from normal. Strange birds flew through the air with calls he had never heard, and there weren’t any airplanes or traffic around. For that matter, there weren’t any electric lights anywhere. Bob checked his cell phone. Still no service. He was definitely going to pad his hours and charge mileage when he billed that gypsy. Bob's journey continues!
  19. Rockwail's Catacombs: Rise of the Undead[Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath[Nocturnus Civil War] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands![Nocturnus Civil War] Turmoil in Camp Carakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Zotharians in the UnderworldWhat enabled Lord Raavage to take over Nocturnus so quickly? That is a question Nocturnian lords, leaders, and strategists alike would kill to get the answer of. Figuratively speaking, of course. Though the truth might never be fully uncovered, one clue is to be found in the city of Rockwail. One would be forgiven for not having heard of that place, because it is in fact one of Nocturnus' better kept secrets. Rockwail is an ancient stronghold city in the middle of the Moruth Swamplands, located not too far from the Capital, Abyssian. It is a place even most lords haven't heard of. Of course there are folklore tales, and songs of old, but any more concrete evidence of its existence would take serious determination to find. Raavage, with his insatiable lust for knowledge and boundless determination, managed to find it. When he learned about the extensive catacombs and dungeons underneath this secret city, a plan began to form. One that would grab Nocturnus to by the throat... From the mausoleum at the centre of Rockwail, a staircase spirals down into the deep, the spill in a network of layers upon layers of tombs. The catacombs were carved out by dwarves in ancient times, but are still used to bury the dead to this day. They are said to contain the remains of thousands of dead, of all shapes, sizes and races, but the full extent of what lies buried is a matter of pure speculation. In one of the tombs, the workers and crates with equipment have arrived, and the first skeletons are being taken out of their eternal resting places. Now they just need to wait for one of Raavage's necromancers to kick off the revival process. Orc supervisor "Ah, there you are! I was wondering if we'd be waiting here all day!" Necromancer "Keep your voice down! Don't you have any respect for the dead?" Orc supervisor "Like you're the one to talk..." Necromancer "What was that? I'd shut that mouth of yours, if you don't want to be exorcised. Now, show me to the skeletons." Orc supervisor "Aye sir." And so the necromancer performed one forced soul embodiment after the other, and the workers put on boots, chest plates and helmets, before sending the recruits to the surface. An army was rising in Rockwail, and the world outside didn't suspect a thing! --- Additional pics: The latest installment in my Nocturnus Civil War series. I'm jumping back and forth a in time a lot with the depiction of these scenes. Apologies if it's getting confusing, I'll probably arrange them in chronological order once I've built some more scenes. Anyway, credit to @-Sunder- (now inactive, like most of the Nocty gang) for thinking up the City of Rockwail. His vision and incredible writing made me want to build in Rockwail too. I used his build of the catacombs for reference: If you want an inspiring read, I highly recommend you check out his story builds. They are all linked in the Nocty Settlement Index, under "Rockwail". Thanks for reading!
  20. Zotharians in the Underworld[Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath[Nocturnus Civil War] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands! [Nocturnus Civil War] Turmoil in Camp Carakath Lord Raavage had been turned to dust at the hands of the 1st Corps of Zotharith, somewhere deep beneath the Rakath Mountains. While the Nocturnian civil war was still raging on in the Moruth Higlands and several other places on the surface, the 1st Corps was finally enjoying a day of relative peace, perhaps the first in weeks. Even though the Underworld was clearly a hostile place; lava lakes, blazing heat, razor sharp rocks, toxic gasses, and the ever-present chance of running into the Drow and other monsters; Exetrius could not help wondering at the eerie beauty that the place had. Also, the fact that it harboured villages and citizens, not much unlike the world above, fascinated him. Aestelle, a Hesperian elf who had who had been tasked with guiding the Zotharians through the underworld and who had studied its pathways like few other surface dweller, called him out of his thoughts. Aestelle "So.. do you look forward to meeting the Queen?" Exetrius "The.. Queen? How do you mean?" Aestelle "It hasn't really landed yet, has it? You defeated Raavage; of course you are going to meet Queen Ylspeth! What did you expect?" Exetrius "Oh, well eh... I suppose I didn't think that far ahead..." Aestelle "I hope your father has gifted you more than just white hair and a talent for magic, something like farsightedness could be helpful when being the future ruler of Zotharith. Exetrius "Ho, hang on.. I'm not --" A sudden scream from the back of troops stopped their conversation. A wave of panic broke out among the soldiers, who had started to rush to the front of the convoy. "Demon attack!!!" Exetrius turned around and saw a huge devil heading for them a high speed. Where did it come from? Was it a survivor of Raavage's battalion they fought earlier, or had the Drow of the Underworld taken notice of them? It didn't matter; the only thing that mattered was to find its weaknesses and to kill it. They would return to the surface, to Zotharith... all of them! -- A sign of life from Nocturnus! Feels good to be back, I hope it was worth the wait. C&C appreciated!
  21. Hello, I'm still alive ;-) My actual MOC... still in progress 20180302_124718 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20180302_124810_001 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20180215_170317 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20180206_203210 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr
  22. Onwards, to the Moruth Higlands! The Civil War of Nocturnus was yet to reach its climax. Lord Raavage had moved into the Rakath Mountains to retrieve the Necromancer's Helm, accompanied by a strong military force to ensure the perilous descent into the underworld was victorious. With part of Raavage's attention and strength diverted, the forces of the Resistance moved to the heart of Nocturnus - the Moruth Highlands - by the thousands, to strike the Black Spire as hard as they could. Gal-Turok's army split up in numerous groups, each heading their own way through the Moruth Swamplands. One such group had almost crossed the Moruth, when they ran into a checkpoint. Guard In the name of Shadowmere, I require you to state your name and business! Goblin chief I have orders not to answer to mere minions. Let us pass, or bring me your superior! Guard Well, aren't we being a little rough, Southerner - Guard 2 - He will be here shortly. Messenger Sorry to keep you waiting, sirs. Our chief is busy at the moment, but I can authorise you to pass if - Goblin chief - Authority or not, the battle is out there, and we gotta go! Messenger Hang on, hold up! I have intel on what's up ahead, but first I need you to verify you are men of Gal-Turok. Goblin chief Isn't that obvious then? Messenger I'm terrible sorry to tell you this, but there have been reports of complete goblin squadrons resurrected by the Spire, sir. That news had to settle. The goblin chief promply removed his helmet. Goblin chief ... Unbelievable, that can't be! How... vile, they are! Alright, here is my seal ring. I can assure you my men are alive, even if some don't seem like they are, and we are twenty-four in total; six canoes. Messenger That's all I needed to know, sir. Please proceed! Goblin chief My men, we are moving! Thank you.. eh- Messenger -Keruem, sir. Be wary of the friends who are foes. Goblin chief We will... --- Hi, here's another scene from the Nocty Civil war (previous one: Ambush in the Rakath). I hope you like it!
  23. Turmoil in Camp Carakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath [Nocturnus Civil War] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands! The Civil War of Nocturnus was yet to reach its climax. Lord Raavage had moved into the Rakath Mountains to retrieve the Necromancer's Helm, pursued by the 1st Corps of the Zotharian army, which was moving at a strenuous pace, beyond the front line, into unconquered territory. The 2nd Corps was assigned to fend off any attacks on the city of Zotharith and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, a division had been stationed at Carakath, a miners town in the Rakath southwest from Zotharith. The division was led by Vauranglir Merehgrim, 2nd mage in the Order of Zotharith. After defeating the Spire squadron that initially had the town's surface in control - underground, the dwarves defences were holding out - no attempts had been made to retake the town from the Resistence, and life was actually relatively peaceful. One morning however, Camp Carakath woke up to a baffling sight... Contrary to popular belief perhaps, skeletons are one of the toughest enemies for humans to face. Due to the lack of flesh, they are obviously invulnerable to flesh wounds and virtually invulnerable to arrows. It also makes them incredibly light and swift. Additionally, they are maintained by magic, which means they don't need to eat, drink or rest, and they can't drown. While it is true that they only have a very faint perception of physical world around them, their souls see the underlying spiritual world much better than humans can, enabling them to track down their enemies in complete darkness and regardless of obstacles. It goes without saying that the fact that a pile of them, plus a mage, lay lifelessly in the middle of the camp, seemingly without any witnesses of what happened, gave rise to great confusion. All that could be done was wait in suspense for the moment Vauranglir would step out his tent and lay his eyes on the bizarre scene. The previous night... It was the middle of the night. Vauranglir couldn't sleep. The bed he had been provided with was too soft and comfortable to his taste, thus got up and sat down in front of his tent. The two guards in the little trade hall were craving for sleep, so it seemed, and it didn't take much to have them both drop to the floor, fast asleep, before they had even noticed their commander. He'd take over the nightwatch, but to keep him occupied he started working out a spell that he had had in his mind for a while. The hours slipped by unnoticibly. Suddenly, he sensed something was approaching. He blew out the candle. For a moment, the thought of waking up the guards and soldiers crossed his mind, which he quickly rejected it. Too much of a hassle. He would treat himself to some nightly fun. Skeletons, several of them, charging towards him. Vauranglir was quite amused. Time for some exorcism... He slayed them one by one, and then their master showed up. He strengthened the sleeping magic for the whole camp, as he felt things could get a little rougher from here. Mage "Surrender yourself to the Spire and I will leave your comrades alive!" Vauranglir "You have me absolutely terrified. Come on, Spire lord, show me some magic!" Mage "Not a step closer, I will..." Vauranglir "An advanced targeting spell, excellent choice, very impressive! Though it feels like I've seen it somewhere before... oh wait, I DEVISED IT! Guess what, boy? I also know how to break it!" And thus, the unfortunate lad was done for, and Vauranglir could finally rest as well, though in a more temporary way. The morning would surely bring turmoil, but whatever... Hi, I'm back. I spent my (whole) weekend on setting up the scenes, experimenting with nighttime photography and editing. So, I spent quite a few hours in the dark, and right now it's past 2:00 AM here, so I guess I'm starting to turn nocturnal, just like Vauranglir. Now, let's hope someone will actually read all of this. I'm off to bed, lol.
  24. It had been a good day the market. Many new exotic fruits and clothing were for sale and other new goods from the faraway Varlyrio . Angus and Lilly were going home from the market, happy now when Avalonia was in peace and flourishing as never before. It was good times. The streets of Zamorah were almost empty when everyone was at the market. Outside the family house they met Lilly's older brother Lars, he worked as a cartographer in Albion and were always out on missions in far away lands, making maps of unknown territories. Lilly: "Hi, Lars! How are you?" Lars was in a hurry but turned around to greet his sister and brother in-law: "Hi, Lilly and Angus." Lilly: "How are you? It's been awhile!" Lars: "It's fine, it's fine." Angus: "Well, we know you better than that Lars. You look stressed out and worried. Has anything happened?" Lars: "I'm in a hurry. I have to go to Albion before dark. I just made a quick stop to say hi to mother." Lilly: "Where have you been? What interesting things have you seen at your travels? You know I love your stories!" Lilly tried another tactic. Lars lowered his shoulders and sighed deeply: "Well, something troubling has been told to me by a traveler in the mountains in eastern Mitgardia. News that have to be forwarded to the Guild leader in Albion. If I tell you this, you have to keep it to yourself!" Lilly: "Ofcourse Lars, you know we can keep a secret" Lars: "Well, this traveler came storming in to the Tavern were I was sitting eating dinner. He looked totally freaked out and were mumbling about demons, evil creatures and the death himself walking among us. I invited him to the table and asked what was worrying him." Traveler: "They are back! The demons of Nocturnus. They are here among us already. I've seen them myself!" Lars: "Take it easy friend, here you got some mead. Now tell me what you have seen." The traveler took a deep sip of mead, then said: "I was walking in the Castaway pass north of here when I heard a loud crack to the right of me. I was afraid and hide behind a big rock. When I looked up I saw a bright light and a ring of fire appeared out of nothing in the rock wall. The ring expanded to about 14 feets wide, burning and a great heat radiated out from it and melted the show around it. Then out from the fire black figures stepped out into the snow instantly melting under there feets. First came some demon-like creatures walked out and after it came some winged beast with a even more terrifying demon riding it…. After that I can't remember anything. I think I maybe passed out or something. When I waked up they were gone. And there were not any trace of them. I know I saw it! I'm not crazy!" The traveler drank all of the mead in the cup. Then his eyes widened: "We all have to flee, they are coming! Noctornus is rising!!" The he stood up and ran out from the tavern with fear in his eyes. Lars: "Then I ate up and decided that I have to inform the Guild about this. So I took of directly and came here" Angus: "Well, that's… that's not good news!" Lars said in a not so convincing words: "I don't think you should be worried. It can be a crazy man's fantasies, but it's my duty to inform the Guild." Lilly' s eyes widened: "Can this be the reason The Aurum Order has ordered the city walls to be reinforced?" Angus: "We shall not draw any fast conclusions right now, we haven't heard anything of that." Lars: "Well, you should not go around walking about this. And take care of eachother. I really have to go. Have a good time and I hope we will soon see eachother again." Lars kissed his sister cheek and hurried away down the street.
  25. Ambush in the Rakath In the ever so restless Nocturnus, the civil war that eventually brought Lord Raavage to a fall carries on. Following his defeat, many armies under the command of the Black Spire were either annihilated or liberated by the forces of the Resistance. The remainder scattered and fled into the Darklands's wilderness, in a desperate attempt to avoid immediate death. However, the struggle to stay alive is not a capability possessed by all beings in Nocturnus, and particularly not in Raavage's armies. Once the magic casters are taken out, the undead soldier puppets collapse. But some are different. Those that have been infused with souls can maintain their existence, but their time is limited. They had been on the run for several days. Every bone was aching, several places had started to go numb. They seemed to have lost their pursuers somewhere along the way, but they were on their last legs. The Rakath mountains are a harsh place for the living, cold and barren, but the skeletons faced different problems. Their souls were on the verge of disembodiment. The magic energy that moves their bodies wouldn't last a day longer, forcing them back into dangerous territory. At last, they sensed the very faint presence of mana, coming from an abandoned tower. The door wasn't shut, one of them entered while the others stood guard. A window opened on the upper floor, an arm held out a mana crystal and waved it around triumphantly. They were saved! However, the moment of joy was only brief. The enemy appeared too quickly; it had been set up from the start! With stronger will than ever, but practically defenseless, the skeletons headed into their last battle... For the glory of Free Nocturnus! Additional shots: Hello Guildies and others! It has been a while! My apologies for my inactivity, I hope this Nocty build is to your liking. In my opinion, too little of the Nocturnus Civil War lore has actually been built in bricks, so I thought I'd start with that instead of my personal saga. Some techniques that were new to me here were the wall texturing and the modularity. Though not really visible on the shots, it features an opening roof, a ladder, a staircase, and an opening front door. Also, I had a bit more practice with trees/scrubs, which I think turned out nicely. Btw, I want to thank my sister for lending me here excellent camera; my shots are a lot sharper because of this! That's it from me today, comments and criticism always appreciated!