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Found 25 results

  1. I finally took pictures of this MOD of Overwatch set 75972 I've been working on basically since the set released in 2019. It's been turned into a 6-studs wide 1950's-style tow truck, and seats one figure at the wheel. The front of the truck. The rear of the truck. The cab roof is removable to seat the driver behind the wheel. NOTE: The vehicle might get changed to black later on because a printed grille (the same part type I'm already using here) in CITY 4+ set 60435 is coming out, and I always wanted the grille on my tow truck to be more pronounced. Only time will tell if this truck gets color swapped or not... Thoughts?
  2. Ransom Fern

    [MOC] Reinhardt

    I hadn't seen anyone used the mudguard piece for the collar so I built this to see what that might look like Nerf this Instructions:
  3. Brick Cucumber

    Overwatch promotional Tracer figure.

    When the Overwatch wave first launched, a bunch of Lego influencers were sent a promo box featuring a exclusive Tracer Figure (Idk if it counts fully seeing as it's only the acessories from the figure) and the & Reinheardt 75973 set. The Tracer figure had two exclusive versions of the new gun piece in gold. It even came in a little box with a bag inside and instructions on the back. I've looked around, but I can't find the box or figure listed on Brickset or Bricklink and Bricklink doesn't even list the part in that colour. Anyone got any information on this promo? How many of this figure were produced?
  4. So, what are your hopes and speculation for the future of Lego's partnership with Blizzard Entertainment for the Overwatch theme? Which characters, vehicles, and locations are you anticipating for potential future waves? Here are @Oky's pictorial reviews of the theme's very first wave of sets: Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75971 Hanzo vs. Genji Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75972 Dorado Showdown Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75974 Bastion Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  5. Cheers, loves! This was built for the Overwatch contest on Lego Ideas last year, but unfortunately I couldn't get it done in time. However, I am still quite proud of it, so I wanted to share it anyway. When Overwatch hero Ashe heard about the Queen of Junkertown's treasure and how difficult it is to steal, she saw it as a great challenge and a way to make a name for herself, so she devised a plan to infiltrate Junkertown and steal it. She fashioned Junker disguises for herself and her trusty sidekick B.O.B. out of junk with which she planned to enter Junkertown under the pretense of wanting to enter Bob in the Scrapyard fights. Ashe plans to use this fight as a distraction while her Deadlock Gang would sneak into the Queen's vault and empty it. Basically, this is a Junkertown-inspired re-imagining of these characters from the game. In case you're not familiar with them, this is how they normally look like in the game: Ashe wears a hogdrogen canister on her back that connects to her mask in order to protect her from the poisonous environment of Junkertown. Ashe's mask can be taken off and replaced with a cheese slope nose. Ashe wears spiky armor and razor claws on one of her wrists for close combat. Her saw-blade hat can be used as a throw-weapon and her belt carries various tools for scavenging and surviving the harsh outback. Ashe has her "eyes on the bad guys". Bob doesn't look too different, although he does wear a bit more armor and spikes, and a belt buckle with a gear instead of the Deadlock Gang logo to hide his affiliation. The Deadlock Gang logo is also absent from the back of his vest. "B.O.B! Do somethin'!" Just like in the game, Bob has three cannons that can pop out of each arm for his ultimate ability. Bob traded his bowler for a more outback-appropriate fedora. Here is a close up of the loot box. You feel the urge to open it, don't you? Thanks for looking, and remember: Play well, play Pharah!
  6. LunarBricksTeam

    [MOC] Reaper (Overwatch)

    This is my kid (8-year-old) and his first-ever built MOC from his favorite character. Reaper from the Overwatch. What do you think? It took him 6 months to build it, and his father helped him just a little bit with his legs and head. Everything else is his work. I'm so proud of him. More pictures are available on our social media accounts if you're interested.
  7. Hello my name is Andrew! I am a collector and HUGE FAN of LEGO! Recently I started my AFOL YouTube channel where I create animated stop motion LEGO reviews! Due to the law of COPPA it is now very difficult to attract new viewers. I would like to find my audience who will inspire me to my work, give good advice and just good friends! These are links to my best videos, what do you think of this? LEGO Marvel - Hulk Helicopter Rescue Stop-Motion Review LEGO Overwatch - Junkrat & Roadhog Stop-Motion Review I will be very happy if you follow me on YouTube if you liked my work! Thank You! :3
  8. Gun Turret Transformer Robot (similar with Overwatch Torbjörn Turret)
  9. Since BrickHeadz are really hitting it off this year and with the release of Lego’s fourth cinematic movie next year, you can almost guarantee another year of BrickHeadz. Which characters are you expecting from TLM2 theme? What about other themes? Potentially Overwatch BrickHeadz?...
  10. Steven the toa of flight

    Lego overwatch brick built figures

    I recently bought and built the lego bastion and I am very impressed by its attention to detail and I got the idea of overwatch buildible figures with accurate scale to the other figures for instance bastion is taller than mercy,etc. who else thinks that this is a interesting idea?
  11. Kon'nichiwa! Our next stop on our world tour of the Overwatch sets takes us to Hanamura, Japan, where we witness the epic fight between the two great dragons, Hanzo and Genji. About Overwatch For those of you who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below to get a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75971 Name: Hanzo vs. Genji Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 197 Minifigs: 3 Price: £24.99 / $19.99 / 24.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: This set is clearly based on the animated short film “Dragons”. There will be spoilers for that short in this review and it’s a great little short, so watch it before you continue reading if you haven’t already: The Box Even though the set is called Hanzo vs. Genji, you don’t actually see the two fighting on the box art. Instead, Genji is chasing after the henchman for some reason who is attempting to call for reinforcements just like in the short, while Hanzo is getting ready to strike from above. What makes it even more confusing is that the shrine seems to be located on the balcony outside of the dojo instead of inside. The top features the usual Lego Overwatch branding with Tracer in the upper right corner, the Blizzard logo in the lower right, and the set info on the left hand side. The back of the box looks much more accurate to the short as it shows Hanzo and Genji actually fighting and the background depicts the inside of the dojo. That along with the inclusion of the set info again here makes me think that this should have been at the front of the box. Hanzo and Genji get name tags and there is a URL for the Overwatch product page on at the bottom. The top shows the Hanzo and Genji minifigs at actual scale, but the two images overlap each other due to the thinness of the box. I’ve never seen that in these scale references before and I don't know why they tried to cram both of them into the picture instead of just using one minifig as usual. On the bottom there are just some choking hazard warnings. The choking hazard warning continue on one side of the box while on the other side there is another render of Genji and Hanzo. Contents Inside the box there are four unnumbered bags of varying sizes, an instructions booklet, and a sticker sheet with just two stickers. Instructions The first pages of the instructions show you how to sort the parts and download digital instructions using the Lego Life app (which currently doesn't work as the set isn't available yet). Here is random instructions page that shows how the arch is constructed. The instructions are simple to read and the light blue background makes them easy to see. The last page features the inventory and another reminder to scan the QR code on the front cover to unlock some the parts from the set in the Lego Life app. Notable Parts While there are some stickers in the set, many of you will be delighted to know that most of the decals are printed. The printed parts include a 1x1 cylinder with a slanted red cross, the 1x2 smartphone tile that is available in many Friends and City sets, a 1x1 round tile with the Overwatch logo to represent the medal given to the Overwatch members when they're invited to join, and 2x2 round tiles with the Shimada Clan seal - two in lime and two in blue - to represent Genji and Hanzo's spirit dragons. We also get a few parts in rare colors such as the banner in white, 2x2 curved tiles in dark red, and a 4x4 curved tile in brown, as well as an unprinted BB-9E head. The Minifigs We get three figs in this set: Genji, Hanzo, and a Shimada henchman. Hanzo is the oldest of the Shimada brothers and was meant to become leader of their clan when their father died. He killed his brother Genji when he refused to take part in their family’s criminal empire, or so he thought. Genji was able to survive by joining Overwatch and becoming a cyborg ninja. He has accepted his new body and forgave Hanzo who has come to regret his actions and has set out on a path to redemption. The Shimada henchman is the most important character in the game and I am so glad that he is available in such an affordable set! He is totally not just some random goon that Hanzo easily defeats in the short and whose inclusion in this set is completely pointless. Genji gets a new mold for his helmet and Hanzo gets one for his hair, and they both get a new bandana piece to attach to their new headgear, all of which look great, although Genji’s helmet looks a bit big on him. He comes with three shuriken, but unlike in the game, he can't hold them all at the same time, which is fine. Hanzo looks pretty good for the most part, especially his gunmetal legs, but the flesh printing on his chest looks a bit pale which is a common issue with bright printing on black parts. Hopefully TLG will figure out a fix for this soon. He comes with his Storm Bow and it’s cool to get the bow and arrow piece in dark blue. The henchman looks decent and has an appropriately scared face. He comes with a neat gun similar to those from the first Batman sets and a smartphone, although the parts he is made of are preexisting and pretty generic. When compared to the character models in the game, there are some notable inaccuracies though. For instance, Genji's white and nougat color scheme looks to bright and colorful in my opinion. I think dark tan would have been a better choice instead of that orangey color. Also, Hanzo's awesome dragon tattoo that stretches from the bare side of his chest down to his left hand is completely absent. With all the amazing arm printing Lego has been doing lately, it seems like they should have been able to include it easily, so why was this omitted? It makes his chest look so empty. For what it’s worth, the henchman looks spot-on, but that's not a huge accomplishment. Honestly, while I appreciate his inclusion, I would have much rather given up the henchman minifig in favor of another playable character from the game or at least some more printing on Hanzo and Genji. Genji has a sword holder on his back which carries his Dragonblade and it's nice to get the katana mold in lime green. The only thing he is missing is his wakizashi sword that he uses for swift strikes and deflecting enemy fire. There is an empty spot for another katana on his back, so they could have easily fixed this by just including one more katana in silver, but perhaps they decided against it since it would be in the wrong place on his back. Hanzo has a quiver in black. As you can see, Genji's bandana attaches straight onto the back of his helmet while Hanzo's attaches to the left side of his hair bun. There is no pin hole on the other side of his hair, so you can only attach it on this side. The henchman doesn't have anything on his back other than two printed lines. Genji and Hanzo have some nice back printing as well. Here is a picture of them without their neck- and headgear on. So what is hiding underneath Genji's mysterious helmet? Nothing. It's just an unprinted silver head, which might be useful for MOCs, but is very disappointing given the big twist at the end of the animated short that this set is based on. Sure, we never get a good look at Genji's face, but they could have at least printed his eyes. Hanzo and the henchman don't get any second faces either, so the henchman seems to constantly be in a state of anxiety, making him the most relatable minifig in 2018. The Build With the exception of the SNOT arch which uses an interesting technique to attach to the top of the wall, the build is pretty standard and it doesn't take very long. Here is a shot of it about halfway through the build. The Completed Set The finished dojo consists of a large wall with an arch and a banner and with a small hallway with stairs on each side as well as a small display with Hanzo's old sword and sheath on it which he swore never to use again after supposedly killing his brother with it. On the wall there is a slashed Shimada Clan seal and a banner with kanji on it. I'm impressed that TLG kept the blood splatters on the banner. The writing on the banner translates to "dragon head, snake tail" which is an idiom that basically means "anticlimax". It is believed that this is just Blizzard playing a joke on anyone trying to translate its meaning, but in the case of this set, I think it could also be referring to Genji's unprinted head. While the scene is fairly recognizable as the second capture point of the Hanamura map, it does have several inaccuracies. All of the black parts should be gold and the red columns should be a light brown color. That disc below the arch is much higher up and doesn't feature a seal. There are no balconies above the hallway in the game, just a big mural, the pots are down on the ground, not up on the walkway, and the stairs extrude out from the walkway instead of being recessed back into it. Also, the stairs in the set are each missing a step. I'm guessing this was done so that you can put a minifig on there, but it makes the stairs look broken/unfinished. The dojo looks quite boring when viewed from the back. Instead of being one continuous hallway like in the game, the section behind the wall with the arch is just empty, and the only interesting things in the two hallway sections are a small health pack on one side and an Overwatch medal on the other (which presumably belongs to Genji). There is no health pack in this part of the map in the game, but I really like the health pack because it looks just like the ones in the game, so I appreciate its inclusion. There is also a Technic pin on each side where you can store the extra dragon discs. The instructions don't tell you this, but that's what I'm assuming those are for. Play Features The only play features in this set are the disc shooters on each side of the dojo. One side contains Genji's spirit dragon, and the other Hanzo's. You can aim them by using a hinge and press the red tab on the back to shoot out the spirit dragon disc and try to hit a minifig. It works pretty well, although you can't angle the shooter very much without hitting the sword display. "Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!" Spare Parts There are a few interesting pieces left over after the build such as an extra Overwatch medal, an extra shuriken (since they come in packs of two) and spare bandanas for both Genji and Hanzo. Ratings Design: 3/5 - While the scenery is recognizable enough, it's not completely accurate and looks a bit bland, especially from the back. The black, red, and tan color scheme makes it feel more like something out of Ninjago than Overwatch. Build: 3/5 - Except for the SNOT arch and maybe the unconventional stairs, the build is pretty average. Minifigs: 4/5 - The minifigs we get look pretty good and come with some cool new headgear and accessories, but I have to deduct a point for Genji's missing face and Hanzo's missing tattoos. Playability: 2/5 - The only playability this set has is two of the same play feature which is not bad, but not great either. Parts: 3/5 - There are a couple of rare parts and I like that a lot of the parts are printed, but it's nothing to write home about. Price: 4/5 - 197 parts with 3 figs for 20 bucks is quite fair for a licensed set. Overall: 3/5 - This set had potential, but it kind of came out just okay. Both the figs and the build, while nice, are not as accurate as they could have been and there's just not that much playability. The Shimada henchman was a nice addition, but kind of unnecessary. If you really need to have Hanzo and Genji in your collection despite their minor flaws or if you just want to add another dojo to your Ninjago layout, you could pick this up on sale, but otherwise I'd say this Overwatch set is pretty skippable. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? And who do you think will win this duel, Hanzo or Genji? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! Oh, and if you're an Overwatch player, shoot me a PM with your username so that we can play some games together!
  12. In this review we will be taking a look at D.Va & Reinhardt, or as I like to call it, the tank pack! Every good team composition in Overwatch should include at least two tank heroes, and this set gives you just that! About Overwatch For those who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below to get a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75973 Name: D.Va & Reinhardt Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 455 Minifigs: 2 Price: £34.99 / $39.99 / 39.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: The Box The box has the usual Overwatch styling and shows Reinhardt and D.Va in action in Numbani which is kind of a random choice for a location since neither of these heroes has any personal connection to this map, but I guess it doesn't matter since any hero can appear on any map in the game. The back of the box shows the two tank heroes striking poses in the middle of Kings Row. Again, this is a location that they don't have much connection to, except that Reinhardt was present during Tracer's first Overwatch mission here once. There are name tags for both of them and the image has a very processed look to it with glimmering light reflecting off their armor. The set info and a URL to the Overwatch product page on are also present. The top of the box has the set name in five different languages, an ad for the Lego Life app, and 1:1 scale images of the minifigs. The bottom of the box has choking hazard warnings in many different languages. On one side of the box there is a render of the minifigs where D.Va is doing her iconic shooting-while-somersaulting pose. The other side just has some copyright information. Contents Inside the box you will find three numbered bags, two instruction booklets (one for each tank) and a sticker sheet with a whooping 19 stickers. Instructions The first pages of the instructions show you how to build the set using the numbered bag system and how to download digital instructions using the Lego Life app, but the set is currently not available on there, so it won't work yet. Here is a random instructions page. The instructions are pretty clear and the different shades of gray parts are easy to differentiate. There are several of these large click-hingers and every time you put one of them together it shows you the word "click" in seven different languages. Notable Parts There quite a few parts of note in this set! Thanks to D.Va, we get several curved parts in pink that didn't exist in this color before, including the new gun mold. It's kind of a shame that these will all be covered in stickers by the end of the build. We also get a 1x2 panel and curved windscreen in classic trans-green which should make retro space MOCers quite happy. Other interesting parts include new molds for Reinhardt's shoulder armor, 1x1 brackets, unprinted gray BB-8 heads, and that 1x1 round tile with the Overwatch logo printed on it that appears in a few of these sets. Minifigs We only get two minifigs in this set, but they are quite excellent figs. Reinhardt Wilhelm was one of the first Overwatch members and also served as one of the Crusaders, a German military order of modern knights, during the Omnic Crisis. He has a larger than life persona and loves to fight for honor and glory. His minifig is basically a smaller version of his power armor and comes with the Overwatch medal that was given to him by his mentor Alderich Von Adler when he passed away and asked Reinhardt to join Overwatch in his place. Also, the lower half of his large rocket hammer can be reconfigured into a smaller, minifig-scale version for his minifig to hold which is pretty neat. He has a great new helmet mold and some detailed printing on his torso, but his legs are just plain silver. D.Va a.k.a. Hana Song is a very different kind of person. She's a young superstar and former pro gamer who now uses her skills to protect her home of South Korea in a mech suit. She is usually very cheery, but the trauma of experiencing war at such a young age gets to her sometimes. Her minifig looks absolutely adorable. She has a great new hairpiece with her headset molded onto it and her head comes with a "winky face" on one side and a face with a chewing gum bubble on the other. Her torso printing extends nicely down to her legs and she gets a pink version of the new gun mold with no add-ons to represent her Light Gun which works pretty well. There's some nice detail on the sides of their new headgear as well. I really like the gunmetal color and pink stripe on D.Va's headset. The figs look great from the back, too, as Reinhardt has some detailed back printing and D.Va's hair flows down her back beautifully. D.Va has so back printing, too, which you can see in the photo below. You can also see both of their alternate faces here. While Reinhardt has the visor for his helmet printed on one side, he has his unmasked face on the other and he comes with a white hairpiece to complete the look. This is a nice addition, although I don't think it captures Reinhardt's swept-back hair very well. It looks more like the hairstyle that he had when he was younger. The Build You start the build by putting together the first part of Reinhardt's power armor. The first bag contains his minifig and the parts for his armor's torso and legs. Similar to the two Hulkbuster armors that have been released, the torso is constructed laying on its back. It uses a lot of SNOT for both shaping and keeping it together. Here is the completed torso. Next you build the legs and attach them to the torso. This is what you have at the end of the first section: It's hammer time! The second bag contains the parts for Reinhardt's arms and rocket hammer. Once you "arm" Reinhardt, his armor is finished. His hands have clips on their palms so that he can hold his rocket hammer securely. Here he is in all of his (honor and) glory! The parts for D.Va's mech are not split up like Reinhardt's and are contained in a single large bag. And no, I didn't accidentally open the bag from a Lego Friends set; that's just how much pink there is in D.Va's mech. The cockpit for D.Va's mech is very different from Reinhardt's as it is essentially a box covered in brackets and built onto SNOT hips. Very unusual. The limbs of this mech are much smaller than those of Reinhardt's armor and are therefore built fairly quickly. A few building steps (and about a dozen stickers ) later, the mech is finished. Spare Parts The spare parts consist of the usual assortment of small pin, plates, and tiles, including an extra Overwatch medal. The Completed Set Once completed, both mechs look great. Reinhardt's armor looks a tad chunky, but I think they did alright considering the scale. D.Va's mech on the other hand is just gorgeous with its popping colors and smooth bubbly shape! Both characters are pretty spot-on if you compare them to the images from the game below. My only gripe with Reinhardt is that he is missing the recognizable orange glowing ring on his chest which could have easily been fixed with the inclusion of another sticker, but oh well. D.Va's mech has a bunny face on top of its cockpit where there is none in the game, and the window is not as organically shaped or even in one piece, but I don't think a better solution exists, so I think they did as good a job on it as they could without a new mold. Looking at their backs, Reinhardt's rocket engine seems to be too low and doesn't look as good as I had hoped. D.Va on the other hand looks quite good. She has two thrusters on her back that are mounted on ball joints so that they can be pointed in many different directions. On his left forearm, Reinhardt carries his lion head shaped shield emitter which looks alright, although all the details are represented by stickers. D.Va's fusion cannons have stud shooters at the front which is a clever way of adding playability while creating an excuse for the designers to not try to come up with a solution for a 3-barrel gun which would have been very difficult at this scale. One thing that I must criticize about D.Va's mech, though, is that it's a bit front-heavy and its toes don't really touch the ground, so it tends to fall on its face if it stands on an uneven surface. Play Features Speaking of playability, these mechs pretty fun to pose, especially D.Va's. Since her mech's arms are mounted on Mixel joints, they can assume all kinds of poses. Her legs are pretty posable too, although there are small black bars sticking out of the side of the hips which prevent you from lifting the legs up any further than they are in their default position. This is done so that the mech doesn't bend down inadvertently. Reinhardt is a bit more limited in movement. His elbows are constructed in a way that don't allow him to extend his arms out further than 135 degrees for some reason, so they're always at an angle, and his left arm can't even be fully retracted either since the shield emitter collides with the shoulder armor. Also, since he can't turn his elbows or wrists, he can't hold his rocket hammer with two hands unfortunately. However, unlike D.Va, his leg and shoulder movement is completely unrestricted. The shoulder pads are mounted on clip hinges so that they lift up when you lift Reinhardt's arms, although you will need to manually push them back down afterwards. Neither mech has any knee or hip posability, but that's been the norm for many years now, so there's no use complaining about it. Still, it's fun swinging Reinhardt's rocket hammer around and trying to recreate emotes from the game. Reinhardt's armor has a U-shaped piece with hinges on top of it that keeps the minifig from falling out and can be lifted up to slot him in and out of his armor. D.Va's mech has a hatch in the back just like in the source material and you can insert her minifig through here. The windscreen at the front can split open as well, even though it's not supposed to be able to do that. Unfortunately, D.Va can't actually grip the joysticks that control her mech and just lays loosely inside the cockpit, although it is possible to somewhat fix her in place by squeezing her hands in between the joysticks. It works well enough, but a more secure connection would have been nice. Ratings Design: 4/5 - The designers did a great job capturing the likeness of these two tank heroes at this scale, especially D.Va. I feel they could have done a slightly better job on Reinhardt, though, especially his back. Build: 4/5 - I like building mechs because they involve so much SNOT, joints, and interesting angles, and this set gives me two of them, so I'm happy, although there isn't anything too different from other mechs. The large amount of small stickers is annoying though. Minifigs: 5/5 - 2 Minifigs is a bit low for a set of this size, but the two we get are excellent. Plus points for the extra hairpiece for Reinhardt. Playability: 3/5 - Pretty standard posability for mechs plus stud shooters for D.Va. Parts: 5/5 - Lots of new parts in cool colors including some new molds. Price: 5/5 - 8.8 cents per piece seems very fair, especially with all the new molds and recolors. Overall: 4/5 - If you're a fan of D.Va and Reinhardt or mechs in general, this set will hit the spot for you. You get two great minifigs and lots of useful new parts for a fairly low price. I just wish Reinhardt would have been a bit better designed and more poseable. I guess that "precision German engineering" that he's always talking about is not what it's cracked up to be. Still, a fun set and a great addition to any Overwatch collection. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? And which of these heroes do you like better, D.Va or Reinhardt? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! Oh, and if you're an Overwatch player, shoot me a PM with your player name so that we can play some games together! Love, O.Ky Fun Fact: If you're the kind of toxic player who writes "GG EZ" in the chat in Overwatch, it automatically gets replaced by a random humorous line such as this one. It's even funnier if you imagine that it's the character they're playing who says those things.
  13. Oky

    REVIEW: 75974 Bastion

    Bastion is one of my favorite Overwatch characters, so I was excited when it was announced that we'd get a Lego version of it. However, the first Bastion set that was released, the Blizzard exclusive 75987 Omnic Bastion, was a bit disappointing since the model was based on an obscure skin, was not small enough to be minifig-scale, and couldn't even really transform. Luckily, TLG seems to have fixed some of these issues by also releasing a UCS-scale model of classic Bastion in the main Overwatch line. But is bigger actually better? Let's find out! About Overwatch For those who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below for a brief summary: Set Number: 75974 Name: Bastion Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 602 Minifigs: 0 Price: £54.99 / $49.99 / 59.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: To learn Bastion and Ganymede's origin story, I highly recommend watching the beautiful animated short "The Last Bastion"! The Box The box designs for the Overwatch theme have been pretty unconventional so far, but Bastion's might just be the strangest one yet! The front features Bastion in recon mode guarding the first capture point of the Eichenwalde map which is a fitting location for Bastion. The top has the usual white Lego Overwatch banner and it has the set info underneath it on the left and a Blizzard logo in the lower right. What is odd about it is that it highlights a play feature of the set on the front of the box instead of the back by showing Bastion in its transformed sentry mode in a little box on the right. There is also a small notification in the bottom left letting you know that Batteries are included. Things get even stranger when you turn around the box to see its back. Like with the Dorado Showdown box, the back box art is in portrait format instead of landscape like the front and looks more like your usual front art than back art. It depicts Bastion peacefully hanging out at the edge of the Eichenwalde map with Ganymede sitting on its hand and the city of Stuttgart which Bastion was originally programmed to attack visible in the background. There is also a name tag for Bastion, the URL for the Lego Overwatch product page, and another "batteries included" sign. The right side of the box has another render of Bastion along with some copyright information and a small box demonstrating the light brick functionality which is an uncommon place to have such a play feature highlight. There is more info about the light brick's battery on top of the box as well as an ad for the Lego Life app and a 1:1 scale image of Ganymede. On the bottom there is mostly just a bunch of choking hazard warnings. Contents Inside the box there are an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and four numbered bags. Instructions The first eleven pages of the instructions booklet are filled with warnings and other info about the light brick battery. I guess they REALLY want you to be careful with this thing! The eleventh page shows you how to "arm" the light brick and how to replace its battery. The next two pages show you how to use the brick seperator, how to build the set using the numbered bag system, and how to download digital instructions using the Lego Life app. Here is a random instructions page. The steps are easy to follow, and like the Reinhardt & D.Va set, there are several illustrations of these hinges that can click in seven different languages. Towards the end of the booklet there are six pages that show you how to transform Bastion from its recon mode to its sentry mode. Each transformation step fills out an entire page, making the illustrations easy to see and follow. The last two pages contain the inventory. Notable Parts This set has a lot of parts in rare colors such as tan, orange, sand green, and light yellow. There's also that 1x1 round tile with the Overwatch logo printed on it again, and we get an interesting new part in black that looks like a 2x2 tile with a 1x2 plate attached to the top of its center at a 90 degree angle. And then there's the light brick of course which is not super rare, but always great to get in a set. Minifigs Gany-fig Sadly there are no minifigs in this set - however we do get a small brick-built character in the form of Ganymede, Bastion's little bird companion. This is the last thing you build, but I figured I'd get this out of the way before we focus on Bastion. Ganymede is constructed using some clever SNOT techniques and half the parts that are used are in rare colors. The head looks a bit big and lacks some detail around the eyes, but otherwise Bastion's feathery friend looks pretty good and makes a nice addition to the set. The Build The first bag contains a brick separator (yay? ) and the parts for Bastion's head and torso. First you build Bastion's pelvis which is almost entirely built with SNOT (studs not on top). Next you build the hips. This is where the new black bracket piece is used to hold the red ball joint socket vertically so that the socket points down. Once you connect the pelvis and hips, you finish the rest of the torso and the head. This is what Bastion looks like after bag 1: The second bag contains the legs. The way the legs are built fairly straight forward, although they do utilize some SNOT on the sides for stability and detail. The gray round 1x1 plate with a bar sticking out of it is used effectively here to add some greebling to the knees. These are the parts from the third bag. Can you guess for what these are used to build? That's right, these parts are used to build the feet as well as the gatling gun. Bastion's toes are built using an interesting SNOT construction involving two headlight bricks to get that angled-up look. The fourth and final bag contains the parts for the arms and Ganymede. The arms are comprised of multiple moving parts which are connected and then added to Bastion's body. Once Bastion has been "armed", you put together Ganymede and you're done. Spare Parts There are several little bits left over after the build including the Overwatch tile and some of the other rare parts like the round 1x1 plate with handlebar in gray and the rounded 1x1 tile in light yellow. The Completed Set Once completed, Bastion looks quite impressive. This big bot stands about 10” tall and feels very robust. The tan, sand green, gray, and orange color scheme looks great, too. When compared to the Bastion from the game, it holds up pretty well. Aside from some missing details and minor proportion issues, the set looks spot-on. I think the designers really did about as well as could be expected of them. There is only one big inaccuracy that bugs me. If you look at Bastion's back, you will notice that the ammo canister on its gatling gun is completely absent. This is a pretty big oversight considering it's almost as wide as the barrel of the gatling gun itself and I have no idea why they didn't include it. Instead, there is just a small gray tube with the Overwatch logo on it cap which is a nice touch, but doesn't make up for the missing ammo barrel. The ammo belt on Bastion's submachine gun is missing as well, although that's easier to ignore. Bastion actually has a few things in common with WALL-E in that they are the last operating robots of their kind who surpassed their original programming to save humanity and pursue their own interests. To give you an idea of Bastion's scale, here are the two robots having a play date with their pets. Play Features This set not only looks good, but it also has a lot of playability as well. Bastion has an impressive amount of articulation which is demonstrated in the following photo. The arms, shoulders, legs, and feet are all poseable. The hips can turn 360 degrees, the head turns and can look up and down, and the fingers can be put into a variety of poses thanks to being attached via ball joints. Bastion's thumb also has a jumper plate so that Ganymede can sit on it. The only thing that's not poseable as you might have guessed are the knees, but that's okay since Bastion doesn't usually move them much anyway. The arms can be fully stretched out, although it looks a bit awkward as the joint is on the upper arm instead of on the elbow. With such a wide range of motion you can put Bastion into all kinds of poses! You can even have Bastion enter "Rest Mode" by sitting it down. Bastion's eye is light blue when it's in peaceful mode, but you can have Bastion switch to combat mode by pressing the light brick button on the back of the head which is a pretty cool effect. However, there is more to Bastion than meets the eye as its main play feature is its ability to transform into sentry mode. As mentioned before, the transformation only takes six steps and is fairly easy to do. Below is an animated GIF that shows you how it works. The set's description advertises that the transformation can be performed without a rebuilding, and while this is technically true, you do have remove the head unfortunately for the transformation to be complete. DISCLAIMER: Toy does not actually transform by itself. Aside from having to remove the head, the transformation is pretty faithful to how it is in the game, although the energy core in Bastion's chest is not exposed by the transformation. I wouldn't mind if the Bastion in the game didn't have this weak spot either. Here is a picture of Bastion in sentry mode with the removed head beside it. It looks pretty good and about as accurate as it does in recon mode. The gatling gun is mounted on a Technic friction pin, so it can be spun, but not very easily. It would have been kind of cool if the designers could have found a way to incorporate a six-stud shooter so that the gun can actually shoot something, but I appreciate that they focused more on looks than playability. The lack of an ammo container is especially noticeable in this configuration though. It looks pretty good from the back, too, although the arms don't tuck away quite as neatly as in the game, especially the gun arm, so it just ends up sticking up into the air. Ratings Design: 4/5 - Bastion looks great and reasonably accurate in both recon and sentry mode, and Ganymede is a nice addition. I still wonder what happened to Bastion's ammo though. Build: 5/5 - The build utilizes many interesting SNOT techniques as well as some Technic and there isn't much repetition. A very satisfying build experience, even if the stickers are a bit annoying. Minifigs: 0/5 - No figs, no points, sorry. And no, Ganymede doesn't count. Playability: 4/5 - Bastion has a lot of poseability and the transforming feature pretty cool, althougyh not completely flawless. The light brick is a nice touch as well, but kids might be disappointed that Bastion's guns don't actually shoot anything. Parts: 4/5 - Lots of useful parts in nice and rare colors and even a new element. Not too shabby. Price: 5/5 - Over 600 pieces for just 50 bucks is incredibly cheap for a licensed set, even when you consider the lack of minifigs. Overall: 4/5 - It's a shame we don't get a minifig-scale Bastion in this wave, but this large transforming action figure of the character certainly makes up for it, even if it doesn't fit in with the rest of the sets. It looks great in both modes, is very poseable, and feels sturdy, plus it has a light brick and other neat parts. It would have been nice if some aspects would have been a bit more accurate or if it maybe included a minifig to give an extra incentive to buy it, but nevertheless I can highly recommend this set whether you are an Overwatch fan or just enjoy big robots. At such a good price, you can't go wrong. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? And do you think they should nerf or buff Bastion? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above!
  14. [In Athena voice]: "Welcome to Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Prepare for review." This is the flagship set of this Overwatch wave and represents the final point of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map. About Overwatch For those who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below for a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75975 Name: Watchpoint: Gibraltar Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 730 Minifigs: 4 Price: £79.99 / $89.99 / 89.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: The Box The box art for this set is very dynamic as it shows the rocket blasting off from the launchpad from a bird's eye view. I like how the tip of the rocket and the tower overlap the Lego Overwatch banner with Tracer at the top as it really makes the image pop. You can also see Reaper climbing the tower in his wraith form and Mercy gliding next to the rocket while Winston is... throwing peanut butter at it? Sure, why not. Maybe that's his way of christening the rocket. The Blizzard logo that is usually in the lower right corner is in the lower left this time in order not to cover up the launchpad. The back features a more straight-on image of the set that depicts the minifigs in a scene that much closer resembles an instance from the game where Pharah, Mercy, and WInston are teaming up against Reaper. A popular strategy in the game is to have a Mercy follow a Pharah around as she flies over the battlefield raining down justice from above and keep her healed and boosted the whole time. This comp is known as Pharmercy and it's great to see it being referenced on the box here. Like with all the Overwatch back box arts, there is also the set info again, name tags for all the heroes, and the URL for the Overwatch product page on The top of box features the set name in five different languages and a lineup of all the minfigs at 1:1 scale where Winstons left arm is awkwardly cut off on the edge. The bottom just has the usual choking hazard warnings. On one side of the box there is a render of the minifigs striking various poses while on the other there are just the Overwatch and Lego Overwatch logos. Contents All the contents of the box are inside of plastic bags. There is a bag with a sticker sheet and two instruction booklets (one for the rocket and one for the launch site), a bag containing Winston's body parts, a big containing roller coaster tracks and long plates, and six numbered bags, two of which both have the number 1. Instructions As usual with these sets, the first pages show you how to build the set using the numbered bag system, how to use a brick separator, and how to download digital instructions for the set using the Lego Life app. And like the other Overwatch instructions, these are clear to read and have a discreet light blue background. On the back of the final instructions booklet it lets you know that this set can be combined with 75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker. More on this later. Notable Parts Which parts are notable in this set? A better question would be what parts AREN'T noteworthy! This set is chock-full of rare and completely new elements! There are a bunch of straight red roller coaster tracks including a short one that otherwise only appear in the expensive large Roller Coaster set in this color, space shuttle hull pieces in white and black, various plates and tiles in dark azure, 2x2 curved tiles in dark red, the rectangular shield in white, 1x1 round plates with a bar on the side in gray, 2x2 triangle tiles in black, and bar holders with handle and a 2x2 plate with 2 studs in blue. The latter is exclusive to this set in this color and there is no real reason for it to be blue as it is mostly hidden in finished set, but I won't look a gift plate in the mouth. However, the most exciting recolor strangely enough just might be the brick separator that is included in this set as it comes for the first time in the recently resurrected teal color! Never has a brick separator looked more beautiful and I wouldn't mind if they only produced them in this color from now on! But that's not all! We also get several new molds such as pair of 4x6 wedge plates in white and several pairs of 3x3 wedge slopes also in white. These seem like extremely useful parts and I hope to see a lot more of them in the future. We also get that new 2x2 tile with a 1x2 plate coming out of its center at a 90 degree angle in black like in the Bastion set and the new gun mold in dark gray like in the Dorado Showdown. Printed parts include the checkpoint marker dish and 1x1 health pack cylinder that are also available in the Tracer vs. Widowmaker set. Minifigs There are 4 figs in this set, so let's talk about them, ladies first! I am a Mercy main (meaning I play her the most) and Pharah is the only damage hero I am good at, so I am very happy to get both of these awesome heroines in the first wave and in the same set no less. Mercy is sadly the only support hero that we get in this wave (supports are always so underappreciated ), but she's a good choice since she's quite a popular character, even though she has been receiving some hate lately because of how easy she is to play and the countless nerfs (downgrades to her abilities) that she has received since the release of the game. Mercy a.k.a. Dr. Angela Ziegler is a brilliant Swiss medic and scientist who served as a guardian angel to the Overwatch team for a long time until she left the organization because she disagreed with its militaristic methods. Pharah a.k.a. Fareeha Amari is courageous Egyptian protector who grew up wanting to join Overwatch like her mother Ana, but never got the chance when it got shut down and started working for Helix Security International instead. Mercy has a great new hairpiece with her golden halo molded onto it and comes with a cleverly brick-built version of her Caduceus Staff with which she can either heal or boost teammates with. The set description on Shop@Home says that the set comes with her Caduceus Blaster as well, but I regret to report that no such blaster is included. Very disappointing. She has detailed printing that goes from her torso all the way down to her toes. Unfortunately, she is suffering from stormtrooperitis which is causing the flesh colored printing on her black head to appear pale. This is usually not an issue when the head is covered by a helmet, but it's pretty distracting here. Pharah has a great looking new helmet mold and blue Nexo Knights armor to represent her Raptora Mark VI combat suit which works surprisingly well. Like Mercy, she has detailed torso printing that extends down her legs, although the printing stops at her knees. She gets a stud shooter gun to represent her rocket launcher and it comes with two extra pieces of ammo. Comparing them to how they look in the game, they're pretty spot-on. Only Pharah could have been slightly more accurate with a new armor mold, but again, the Nexo Knights one works fine. Here is a side so that you can get a better look at the new hair/helmet pieces. Just look at the gorgeous metallic printing on the side of Pharah's helmet! Mercy wears a clear neck bracket with Chima wings attached to it to represent her Valkyrie wings. They don't look as mechanical as they should, but they do their job well enough. Pharah's wings are brick-built in such a brilliant way that they can fold all the way down when she's on the ground and can fold up once she's flying. Very impressive. Both of them have some nice back printing as well. Here is a picture of them without their headgear and wings so that you can see it better. You also get an unobstructed view of Pharah's face here which features the udjat tatoo under her right eye that she got to honor her mother's memory when she appeared to have been killed in action. Unfortunately Pharah doesn't come with an extra hairpiece for when she takes her helmet off like Reinhardt and McCree, but oh well. They also both have double sided heads with angry expressions. These ladies are not to be messed with! The other two figures in the set are a bigfig of Winston and a Reaper minifig. Reaper is the same as the one you get in the Dorado Showdown set, except he comes with a ghostly leg piece to make him exclusive and to represent him in his wraith form, a ghostly state that he can go into to become invulnerable for a short time. He also has his twin Hellfire shotguns again. Winston is a super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla from the moon because that's just the crazy futuristic world Overwatch takes place in. He is a brilliant scientist and the one that initiated the reforming of Overwatch. He was driven to this decision when Reaper and his Talon goons attacked him in his lab at Watchpoint: Gibraltar in an attempt to download the Overwatch agent database as seen in the animated short "Recall". Therefore, it makes sense for these two to be included in this set. Winston comes with a brick-built representation of his Tesla Cannon and a small health pack, both of which look fairly accurate as well. Being a completely newly molded bigfig, Winston looks pretty accurate to his appearance in the game, although he is missing some of the mechanical details on his spacesuit. As I said in my Dorado Showdown review, Reaper is also accurate except for his slightly scrunched-looking mask. Winston is more slouched down than other bigfigs and his arms are more stretched out. This doesn't allow him to rotate his arms fully, but it lets him lift himself up by his knuckles as a gorilla does. His arms lack any kind of printing which is a shame. Winston's jump pack is brick-built as well and mounted to his back. Reaper has his trench coat shaped cape again and it still looks nice and trenchcoaty. Like Bane from TLBM, Winston has four studs on his back which hold the jump pack to his back. Reaper also comes with a pair of black legs. Here is a picture of him without his cape so you can see his back printing. The Build This first bag contains Pharmercy, the teal brick separator (did I mention it's TEAL?!), and the parts for the front half of the spacecraft. You start the build with a boat hull and then add various wedge plates onto it. Pretty basic stuff. After you add a few more white plates and slopes, the tip of the rocket is finished. Bag #2 contains the lower half of the back section of the rocket. This part of the build is similar to the first, just a much bigger scale. What I like here is that the walls of the front are entirely made using SNOT tiles. Bag #3 has the necessary parts to finish the rest of the rocket. It also holds Reaper and his cloak in a separate box. Once you add the roof and the stabilizer wings, the last part of the rocket is complete. I like how they used they used the triangle tiles along with the Nexo Knights shield to form a larger triangle at the top and the pear-shaped build in front of it is pretty neat too. Next you begin building the launchpad. Bag #4 has all the parts needed for this. The construction of the launchpad is pretty simple. I like the use of a sideways 1x1x6 column as a pipe though. I see red for bag #5 because this one has the parts for the red launch tower. Once you add it onto the launchpad, the build is complete. Spare Parts There are several of the usual small bits left over after the build. Nothing too exciting, except for the teal brick separator of course! The Completed Set When you put the two rocket halves together and set the ship up vertically on the launchpad, you get a pretty impressive scene. The whole thing stands about 15.4” tall and over 8” wide! The rocket looks very sleek and cool. The launch tower is not bad either as it has some interesting details such as the fuel tanks, fueling arm, a satellite dish, an Overwatch logo, and a pipe going up its right side. For some reason the designers decided to use plates instead of roller coaster tracks on the back of the tower. Personally, I would have preferred the latter. The underside of the rocket looks kind of boring compared to the other side, but that's how it is in the game too. The rocket looks very lean and mean from the side. While the set is pretty big, it dwarfs in comparison to the setting from the game. Both the rocket and the launch tower are so massive in the game that it was difficult for me to get a good screenshot of the whole thing! The launchpad alone is so big that only heroes who can fly, teleport, or jump high can get onto it, so obviously the set is very underscaled, but with that in mind it looks pretty close to the source material. The tower could have been more accurate though. It needed to have a second fueling arm instead of the satellite dish and Overwatch logo, and it should have been taller than the rocket. The top of it also looks different. The rocket on the other hand is about as close as they could have gotten it. It's pretty clear where the focus in the design process went. Play Features Even though the rocket and launchpad are just background objects that don't actually do anything in the game, the designers managed to fit a lot of play features into this set. The cockpit at the tip of the rocket can be opened to seat a minifig inside, although if you want to use Mercy or Pharah you will need to remove their wings to do so. Right behind that cockpit there is a laser cannon that can be popped out and aimed in many directions thanks to being mounted on Mixel joints. It's a bit difficult, however, to lift this section up without pulling some of the white curved slopes off. Behind the laser cannon is a small room with a control panel which I can only assume is the gunner station and which can be accessed by removing the windscreen on top of it. There is only barely enough space for a minifig to stand here, but again, you will need to take off Mercy and Pharah's wings if you want to put one of them here. The cargo hold of the rocket can be opened up as well. As you can see in the back right corner, Winston has packed his favorite snack for the space trip, peanut butter and bananas. The left corner has some tanks which I assume are meant to be filled with oxygen. There is enough space here to put Winston inside, although he too will have to take off his jump pack to fit inside. The two halves of the rockets are only connected by one Technic pin and a pair of clip hinges and can therefore be split apart. This connection is surprisingly effective as the rocket holds together quite well, but you don't need to use a lot of force to pull the halves apart. It's actually a very satisfying feeling to pop the front off and on. Splitting the rocket apart will reveal a thruster at the back of the front half and another pair of laser cannons next to the gunner station on the other half. Remember that last page of the instructions that said that this set can be combined with 75970? Well, below you can see a picture of the payload having reached the final checkpoint (Victory!) and one picture where it has been attached to the rocket via the four studs on the black pear-shaped part on the back of the rocket. It may not be the most secure connection, but it works well enough. The boarding ramp and fueling arm of the launch tower can be folded up, and now the rocket and drone are ready for liftoff! The satellite drone XR-9 looks pretty good on the rocket. Since it has the same color scheme and shape, it looks like it could be an extension of the rocket itself. It's like a space shuttle riding on the back of a rocket and they are very swooshable together. Ratings Design: 4/5 - The rocket looks great and is very accurate, and while the launch tower is detailed and recognizable enough, it has a few inaccuracies and feels a bit like an afterthought. Build: 4/5 - A mostly standard build, but there are some interesting building techniques here and there. Minifigs: 4/5 - 4 figs is not a lot, but you get one tank hero, one support hero, and two damage heroes and they all look very good aside from some printing flaws. Even Reaper comes with wraith form legs to make him exclusive to this set. Playability: 5/5 - They put just about as many play features as they could into what was originally an immobile background object. Parts: 5/5 - There are tons of new and rare parts in this set! If you're only interested in the Overwatch sets for the parts, this is the one to get. Teal brick separator. 'Nuff Said. Price: 2/5 - 12.3 cents per piece is not a good value, especially considering how low the other Overwatch sets are priced, although it's kind of understandable with all the large parts and new molds. Overall: 4/5 - I really wanted to give this a 5/5 based on how cool the rocket ship and the minifigs are, but it just feels a bit overpriced for the amount of parts and minifigs you get, and the launchpad could have been better. I'm also disappointed with Mercy's face printing and that the set description lied about her blaster. Still, I can highly recommend this set to any Overwatch or Space fan, especially if you're looking for some interesting new and rare parts! That concludes my Overwatch review series. I think the first wave of this theme is very strong and I hope it will do well enough that we can get more sets in the future. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Most of the Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019, but this set is already available to buy on the US shop, so go get it if you're interested! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! And remember: Play Nice, Play Pharah. Oh, and if you're an Overwatch player, shoot me a PM with your player name so that we can play some games together!
  15. It's high noon! And you know what that means - it's time for a showdown! A Dorado Showdown to be exact. Dorado is a city that is located at the coast of Mexico and powered by giant ziggurat-like fusion plants and today is Festival de la Luz in Dorado, an annual celebration of the end of the Omnic Crisis, so let’s join the festivities! About Overwatch For those who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below for a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75972 Name: Dorado Showdown Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 419 Minifigs: 3 Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: The Box I am detecting a pattern with these Overwatch sets where the front box art has the wrong background and the back has the correct one. This set is no different as the background isn’t even from the right map. It’s from the Dorado Deathmatch map, not the Escort map that the set is based on. Close enough, I guess, but still a strange choice. We can see Soldier: 76 moving the payload through the first choke point from the Escort map while Reaper is trying to attack him and McCree seems to be hanging on for dear life in the back. A very colorful and action-packed image. As always, you got the white Lego Overwatch logo with Tracer up top, a Blizzard logo in the lower corner, and the set info written in the in-game font on the left. Sure enough, the back of the box features the correct Dorado map in the background, showing the bridge right where it should be. The art depicts the set from a different angle and shows the minifigs with name tags locked in what I can only describe as a Mexican stand-off (get it? ). What’s a bit strange, though, is that the picture is in portrait format and therefore sideways, resulting in the two tabs for opening the box being at the bottom. The top of the box features the set name in six different languages, an ad for the Lego Life app, and a line-up of the three minifigs at actual scale. On the bottom there is a bunch of choking hazard warnings in different languages. One side of the box has a render of the minifigs striking poses with their weapons while the other side just has the Overwatch and Lego Overwatch logos. Contents Inside the box you will find three numbered bags, a sticker sheet, and two instruction booklets - one for the fruit stand and truck and one for the building. Instructions The first pages of the instructions show you how to build the set using the numbered bag system and how to download digital building instructions using the Lego Life app. I've tried it, though, and it doesn't work as these sets aren't available on there yet. Here is a random instructions page. Like with all the Overwatch sets, the call-outs are pretty clear and the light blue background is pleasant. Notable Parts We get a few parts in rare colors in this set such as dark red and yellowish orange. We also get that new candle flame piece from the Wizarding World sets, a bunch of the 1-stud brackets, and the new gun mold that is used for many of the weapons in this theme in dark gray. The only part that is printed in this set unfortunately is the 1x1 trans-light-blue cylinder with a slanted red cross on it. Every other decal is a sticker, like the silver decoration on the grill of the truck (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the part before applying the sticker). The minifigs We get three minifigs in this set: Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree. It makes sense to include Soldier: 76 in a Dorado based set since he is seen serving as a vigilante in that city in the animated short “Hero”. Soldier: 76 a.k.a. Jack Morrison and Reaper a.k.a. Gabriel Reyes have quite a history together, so it also makes sense for them to appear in a set together. They were both turned into super soldiers by the soldier enhancement program, America’s initial answer to the Omnic Crisis. They joined Overwatch together and rivaled each other for the leadership of the team. After Overwatch’s headquarters got attacked and the team dismantled, the two were presumed dead, but later reemerged as the vigilante Soldier: 76 and Talon terrorist Reaper. During his time at Overwatch, Reyes also recruited outlaw Jesse McCree who was a member of the Deadlock Gang. I guess that’s why McCree is included here as the third hero. They all look pretty good, especially Soldier: 76 with his gunmetal jacket and pants. He gets a cool new ruffled hairpiece while McCree and Reaper each get a new type of cape to represent their poncho and trench coat respectively. The printing on their heads and torsos is nicely detailed, but McCree is the only one who has leg printing sadly. Soldier: 76's heavy pulse rifle and Reaper's Hellfire shotguns are brick-built while McCree comes with a standard revolver to represent his Peacekeeper. I don't mind these brick-built solutions at all, although Soldier: 76's rifle looks quite massive, even considering how big it is in the game. When compared to their video game counterparts, they hold up pretty well. It's unfortunate, though, that McCree doesn't have his signature cigar and belt buckle that reads "BAMF", but it's understandable that they wanted to make him more kid-friendly for the set. Also, Reaper's mask looks a bit scrunched and not as long as it should be, but I can see why they didn't want to create a new mold just because of that, so this is as good as they could do. However, I do like how the McCree minifig has one dark tan hand and one gray hand. That's good attention to detail. The figs look quite good from the back as well. Soldier: 76 has some nice back printing that shows his number and McCree's back has plenty of detail as well. Reaper's slim cape is probably as close as we will ever get to an official minifig trench coat, and it does the job fairly well, so I'm OK with that. Reaper has some back printing too. Here he is with McCree with their capes off to get a better view of their printing. None of the figs have an alternate face, but that's excusable. To make up for that and his missing cigar, McCree comes with a hairpiece for when he is not wearing his cowboy hat which is a nice bonus. While it may make sense for Reaper to appear alongside Soldier: 76 and McCree, it's still disappointing that he is in this set because he is exactly the same one that appears in the Watchpoint: Gibraltar set. Below you will see the full roster of playable characters that are currently available in the game. With so many to choose from, it's unfortunate that we already get a repeat in the first wave. For instance, Sombra would have made a better choice since she is from Dorado. Oh well. The Build The first bag contains the parts for the power generator, market stand, Reaper, McCree, and their capes in a separate box. These two builds are fairly simple and are finished pretty quick. Since we don't have a building to attach the string of lights to yet at this point, the instructions have connect them to the top of the power generator for now. That way the lights will have power until we can plug them into the building. The generator has SNOT plates all around it that not only look accurate, but keep it stable as well. I also like the little bull-shaped pinata and the way they used diamonds to represent low-poly light bulbs, although there are far too few lights on the chain. Like in the other location-based Overwatch sets, there is a small health pack included here even though there is none in this particular area of the map. Maybe TLG just wants to send a message to kids about how healthy fruit is. Either way, I'm always happy when these health packs are included. The fruit stand itself is pretty basic and the posts holding up the canopy are a tad flimsy, but it looks fairly accurate. The second bag contains Soldier: 76 and the parts for the truck. The truck is built around a couple of long Technic beams which keep it stable. Note the dark gray 1x2 plates with rail towards the front which are cleverly used to later hold the fenders in place without making the fenders look too thick. At the end of bag 2, the truck is finished and looks quite good with its mix of 1950's and futuristic aesthetics. I like how they used 1x6 tiles on the sides of the cabin to keep the back wall of it steady. The truck looks good from the back too, although it's missing its rear lights. I don't know what the regulations for hovertrucks are in the future, but I don't think this is up to standard. The flatbed of the truck has a 2x2 jumper plate that is used to easily mount the power generator at a 45 degree angle. The third and final bag contains the parts for the building. Lots of tan and gray here. Despite its size, this is a pretty simple build since it's mostly made out of large plates, bricks and wall elements, so I won't bore you with in-build shots of it. This is what it looks like when finished. It may be a simple building, but I do like how they used SNOT tiles to represent the archway and stepped window frames. The backside is open and completely empty aside from a single candle. There is no roof over the doorways on each side, making the roof look unfinished. While this hallway is empty in the game too, I think they could have at least included a few more candles. There are three stickers that you need to apply in this part of the build. One of them is on the right side of the building that depicts an ad for Lucio with graffiti over it and the old Overwatch poster that Alejandra removed in Hero, although it should have been on the inside of the bridge, not outside. Still, it's a nice reference. Instead, the inside of the bridge features a seal that reads "Justice" and "Jack Morrison" with a relief of Morrison in the center. There is no such seal in the game, but I guess they just wanted to add something to make these walls more interesting. Directly on the other side of the seal there is graffiti of Gabriel Reyes shrugging. The messy look of the graffiti provides a nice contrast to Morrison's nice and clean seal on the other side and fits Reyes' rogue personality. It hints at the idea that these two former leaders of Overwatch are in some ways two sides of the same coin. Pretty deep for a couple of stickers. Spare Parts The good news is that there are several of the usual small pieces left over after the build which include an extra candle flame, so at least you can add one more candle to the building if you have another white cylinder as well. The Completed Set Once you put it all together, you get quite a nice scene. It really looks like something straight out of the game. If you compare it to the image below from the game, they managed to capture the look of the Dorado marketplace and the payload very well. The truck is spot-on and is only missing its rear view mirrors. You can see the market stands in the back and the building with the archway on the left. If you look at the building in the screenshot above, you will notice some differences to the building in the set. There are no lanterns and instead there are some banners and street signs on its facade. That's because the building in the set seems to be based on the backside of the bridge rather than the market-facing side. As you can see in the screenshot below, the backside does have the lanterns and no banners, so if you compare the set to this image, it's pretty accurate, except for the missing plants and strings of light under the bridge. It's strange, though, that they chose to do this. Play Features Even though this is a playset, there aren't too many play features. The roof and windscreen of the truck are only attached by two studs, so they can easily be removed to seat a minifig inside. There's only one seat, so there's plenty of room to store the minifig's weapons. The truck has train wheels hidden underneath, so it can easily be rolled around, and the bridge has plenty of clearance for the truck to move through under it. I'd actually love to see a MOC of the entire map where the payload moves down its path on train tracks. Also, the shutters on the windows of the building can be lifted up so that the heroes can shoot out of the window. And... that's basically it. No trap doors, no flick-fire missiles, nada. I guess that's accurate to the game, but I was still expecting a bit more. Ratings Design: 4/5 - Visually, they pretty much nailed the look of Dorado. The truck is spot-on, the fruit stand is simple but serviceable, and the building, while based on the wrong side, looks accurate as well, although I wish they would have fleshed out the roof and back a bit more and included a few more candles and light bulbs. Build: 3/5 - Aside from a few good uses of SNOT, there is nothing too challenging in this build, but it's not bad. Minifigs: 4/5 - 3 Minifigs is a decent number, although only two of them are exclusive to the set. They look very close to the characters in the game, and while some minor details may be missing, the extra hairpiece for McCree makes up for it. Playability: 2/5 - You can roll around the truck and open the windows on the building. That's it. Not a whole lot of playability for such a decently sized PLAY-set. Parts: 4/5 - There is a good number of parts in rare colors. Price: 5/5 - At a mere 7.2 cents per piece, this might just have the best value for a licensed set I've ever seen! Overall: 4/5 - I think the designers did a good job recreating this part of the Dorado Escort map in such a fairly small set. You get a few good minifigs, some useful parts, and some decent looking scenery. There could have been more play features and details, and it would have been nice if they would have at least given Reaper a different skin or something to make him exclusive, but at such a ridiculously low price I can't even be mad. Even if you're not an Overwatch fan, the set is worth getting for the parts alone. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order and will go on sale January 1, 2019! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! Oh, and if you're an Overwatch player, shoot me a PM with your player name so that we can play some games together! Fun Fact: When there are two or more of the same hero on a team, it's referred to as a hero stack.
  16. Cheers, Love! The cavalry's here! And by “the cavalry”, I mean Lego Overwatch sets! This is very exciting news for a big Overwatch fan such as myself, and I’m here to tell you all about my thoughts on these sets! About Overwatch For those of you who are unfamiliar with Overwatch, click below to get a brief summary of what it is: Set Number: 75970 Name: Tracer vs. Widowmaker Theme: Overwatch Year of Release: 2019 Pieces: 129 Minifigs: 2 Price: £12.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€ Links: S@H Brickset Bricklink S@H description: The Box The box art shows Tracer moving the payload across the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map near the start point while Widowmaker is… well, I’m not sure what she’s doing. It looks like she’s running away from Tracer which is very unlike her, plus she seems to be holding her sniper rifle by the butt. It would have made much more sense to position her on the platform in the back trying to snipe Tracer, but oh well. The top banner sports the Lego Overwatch logo on top of the white-to-light-gray gradient that is often used in the Overwatch branding and a depiction of minifig Tracer in the same action pose that she has on the box of the game which is a nice touch. There is a Blizzard logo in the lower right corner and there is some info about the set on the left in the same font that is used for text in the game which is also a nice detail. The back of the box looks a bit strange as it looks like it could be the front of the box. It has the same layout with the Overwatch logo in the upper left and the set info below it and another picture of Tracer and Widowmaker fighting over the payload. The only difference is the URL in the lower right, the name tags for the figs, and the inclusion of the minifig accessories and the stand for the payload. Also, is it just me or does this picture of the set look a lot more CG than the one on the front? The top has some copyright information and 1:1 scale images of the minfigs. The bottom has some choking hazard warnings. The choking hazard warnings continue on one side of the box while the other has a render of the two minifigs in action poses. Contents The box contains three unnumbered bags, a loose 6x8 plate, an instructions booklet, and a sticker sheet. Noteworthy Parts Even thought this is a fairly small set, there are several pieces of note. Those include some printed pieces such as a large dish to represent the drone's charging station, a 1x1 cylinder with a slanted red cross, and the good old white slope with a radar screen with controls. There are also a few parts in rare colors such as the A-Wing fins and a neck bracket in white, the ingot tile in flat silver, a 1x1 round tile with pin holder in red, and 2x2 plates in dark azure (not pictured). In addition, we get a new gun mold in black and white. Hmmm, I wonder which one belongs to the good guy and which to the bad guy? Instructions The first pages of the booklet show instructions on how to sort the parts and retrieve digital building instructions using the Lego Life app, although the instructions for these sets are not available yet as of this writing. Here is one of the instructions pages. The call-outs are pretty clear and the build pops nicely against the light blue background. However, I noticed an error on this page where it tells you to turn the build around even though the building step doesn't require you to do that. Are they trying to make the build last longer by making you do pointless tasks like this? Nice try, Lego. At the end of the instructions there is an image that lets you know that this set can be combined with 75975 Watchpoint Gibraltar and there is another ad for Lego life telling you to scan the QR code again to unlock some stuff in the app. The last two pages list the inventory. The Minifigs As you probably figured out by now, this set includes minifigures of Tracer and Widowmaker. I guess it makes sense including these two in a set together given the encounters they’ve had in the cinematic trailer for the game and the short “Alive”. For those who don’t know, Tracer a.k.a. Lena Oxton is a young British adventurer and hotshot pilot who was left with "chronal disassociation" after a failed test flight of an experimental aircraft. She would randomly disappear for long periods of time at first until Winston invented a chronal accelerator for her which allowed her to control her time-jumps and made her one of Overwatch’s best agents. She’s also lesbian, bringing some much needed LGBT representation to the Lego world, and she's kind of the mascot for the game, so it’s nice to get her in the cheapest set. Widowmaker a.k.a. Amélie Lacroix on the other hand is literally a cold-blooded assassin who used to be married to an Overwatch agent, but was brainwashed by the terrorist organization Talon to kill her husband and become a living weapon for them. So yeah, pretty much the polar opposite of Tracer. Both figs look great and come with cool new hair molds. This is a pleasant surprise especially for Tracer whom they could have easily just given Kai’s hair from Ninjago. I really like Widowmaker’s gunmetal goggles with red highlights and purple hair in the back. They both have nicely detailed torso printing which extends down to their legs. Widowmaker’s torso features one of the biggest cleavages we’ve seen on a minifigure to date. Are we sure this set is meant for 8 year olds? Here are some screenshots of the two girls from the game. Overall, I'd say they look pretty spot-on. The only thing that would have made them more accurate is dual-molded arms to represent their short sleeves and maybe some more printing on Tracer's legs, but I don't think it's necessary. For all the weapons in this theme, Lego decided to go with a brick-built approach using the new gun mold that I highlighted earlier which actually works quite well. Tracer comes with her pulse pistols and Widowmaker comes with her rifle which is known as the Widows's Kiss. She also has a grappling hook like she does in the game to get around the map. Sadly it doesn't come with any rope, so there's not much you can actually do with it, but I appreciate the inclusion nonetheless. Tracer also comes with a lightning bolt attached to her back to represent the zig-zagging trail of light that she leaves behind when she blinks in and out of time which is a nice touch. Both of their torsos have back printing with lots of nice silver details. Their heads are also double sided, giving Tracer a confident grin and Widowmaker a winking expression for when she's looking into her sniper scope. The good thing about their weapons being brick-built is that you can convert the Widow's Kiss from its sniper rifle configuration to its submachine gun mode by simply removing the barrel and scope. The Build Aside from a bit of SNOT, the build is pretty basic and quick. The Completed Build Once you finish the satellite drone and put it on its charge station, you're done. EZ GB (Easy, Good Build). As I mentioned earlier, the XR-9 is the payload of the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map where you need to escort it to the rocket so that Winston can launch it into space and re-establish Overwatch's communications network. Below you will see a screenshot from the game. I'd say they nailed the look of the drone and its charge station. One thing I noticed, though, is that they moved the "WP-G" text off from the center of the station since they can't print in the center, but that's okay. The way they used a hinged window frame to allow the drone's head to peek out of the hull is so simple yet brilliant, and the use of hinges for the engine intakes is pretty clever too. The whole thing has a very sleek look. I love how they used those black curved wedge slopes to round out the front of the wings and the nose. The only thing that bugs me a bit is how the stabilizer fins stick out so much at the back. It would have been nice if they could have used some inverted slopes to make the transition between the fins and the body a bit smoother, but oh well. I like the use of the profiled 2x2 bricks for the engine exhausts. It looks especially aerodynamic when viewed from above. Here you can also see that the engines are firmly held in place via Technic connections. Play Features Even though this is just a simple drone that moves from one point to another in the game, the set designers were able to fit some play features in it. The 2x3 tiles in the center of the XR-9 can be removed to reveal a small cockpit that you can seat a minifigure in. Of course, since it's an automated drone, it doesn't make much sense to have a cockpit, but I suppose it could just as well be a maintenance hatch with the drone's computer inside it. There is also a storage compartment in the back that contains a health pack like the ones that you find hidden around the maps in the game. Again, there is no such thing on the XR-9 in the game (unless there's some secret hack that I don't know about), but the health pack looks great and adds play value, so I'm fine with it. Spare Parts There are a few small studs and things left over after the build, including extras of the rare white neck bracket and red pin holder tile. Ratings Design: 5/5 - The designers managed to recreate the satellite drone from the game perfectly and the fact that you get one of the check point markers with it to use as a stand is great. Build: 3/5 - Aside from one or two clever part uses, the build is pretty average. Minifigs: 5/5 - 2 Minifigs is not a lot considering that you get twice that many in Star Wars sets of this size, but the two that we got come with great new hairpieces, double-sided heads, multiple accessories, and a satisfying amount of detail. Playability: 3/5 - You can swoosh the drone and open its secret compartments which give you decent amount of playability, but there's not much else you can do with it. Parts: 4/5 - There are more rare parts in this set than I was expecting. The printed elements and the new gun molds are especially neat. Not a bad for such a small set. Price: 4/5 - 11.6 cents per piece isn't ideal, especially with only 2 figs, but it's not bad, and the new molds make up for it a bit. Overall: 4/5 - This is a pretty good little set. If you're just looking to dip your toes in the Overwatch theme, this is not a bad way to do it. The minifigs are great, the set is accurate to the game, and it includes some cool parts, all for a decent price. Plus it's a nice addition to 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar. See my review of that set to see how the two can be combined. Thanks for reading and please check out my other Overwatch reviews! If you'd like to learn how to do high-quality reviews like this, come join the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Special thanks to TLG for sending me these sets for review. Lego Overwatch sets are currently available for pre-order, so go and reserve your sets now! What do you think of this set? Will you be buying it? And who do you think will win this duel, Tracer or Widowmaker? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll above! Oh, and before you flood the comments with "Maybe I'll be Tracer" memes, don't bother. I'm already Tracer.
  17. This interesting article on Forbes gives some good insight into how Lego Overwatch came to be: For me, the most interesting tidbit was the Warcraft mention: "Newman: If things go well, that you can see pursuing LEGO products with other IP? Beecher: It needs to be the right time and place for both parties. I mean, we would definitely be interested in discussing that. With World of Warcraft, there’s a hundred million-plus people that have touched that experience at some point in their life, so there’s a very broad and diverse audience around the world that supports World Of Warcraft. But it obviously would be a mutual decision. We need make sure there’s enough indicators pointing to that it would be a great idea. [Ed. note: LEGO spokesmen declined to comment on the possibility of WoW products.]" Another interesting note is the aim to target an older audience than normal: "Chee: I think with Overwatch being a very new IP to the LEGO group, and also we’re hitting a different age group than we’re usually targeting, a little bit higher age mark, we spent quite a fair bit of time trying to strike a balance between a set that has play features, versus a cool model that they can just display. With older children, they might not want to play with the model that much, but they find it cool and they might want to build it and display it. Newman: And with some very adult children. Beecher: Kidults." P.S. - Posted here rather than the Licensed forum because I think this article has broader appeal to gain understanding of how Lego work with IP holders to come to product fruition.
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  22. Short introduction from A super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant scientist and a champion for humanity's potential.[2] When he loses his temper, Winston becomes a raging ape. In his off-time, he enjoys peanut butter and bananas The original picture In LEGO version Let's see the equipments Tesla Cannon The Jump Pack And the Barrier Projector and The Primal Rage The short video to show the flexibilty Thanks for watching!
  23. Here is a completely purist lego Overwatch minifig collection. Hope you recognize them or I 've failed :D
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