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Found 19 results

  1. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    Experimenting with some HDR photography techniques to try and get the lighting how I wanted... Looks like there have been some mixup on this alien’s first contact mission to Earth: perhaps not a complete bust after all Duplicate of first shot, but with a little bit more detail in the mix to see the actual construction
  2. *Your entry has earned 8 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* With the galaxy open again to non-humans, a Herglic shipwright finds his way to Kashyyyk to revive the shipbuilders guild lost during the Imperial occupation.
  3. The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 2nd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 3rd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 4th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 5th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 6th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 7th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 8th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 9th Chapter (you are here!) (Picture by Captain Braunsfeld... in case that wasn't glaringly obvious. ) Captain Cookie continued: Well, my lady, you know that Red Fandago had collected all the miniature ships and found all the maps. So he decided to charter a ship and set sail for the wreck. He took off his mask and changed his wig so that no one would recognize him, and as a further precaution, traveled to Eslandola and visited old Captain Argentum. _____Lady de Summer: Old Captain Argentum? Yes, my lady. You know Captain Argentum, who attacked the Oleonders and established the settlement of Nova Crablandia. His father. They had their similarities... Old Captain Argentum: So you'd like to charter my ship? Red Fandago: And I was about to say - you have a ship you'd like me to charter? Old Captain Argentum: I do, I do. As fine a ship as ever sailed the seven seas! She can boast of having put a hole through the planks of twelve Oleonder ships in three separate engagements! Not bad for a peaceful trader! Red Fandago: I'm amazed that you're interested in lending it. Old Captain Argentum: Well, my good sir, I'm not getting any younger, you know. These ol' timbers might not hold up much longer. And the truth is, my son - he's a flighty boy, you know! Always getting into scrapes. Can't seem to keep a ship afloat for more than a month. I'd rather see the Sparkle in safe hands. Red Fandago: That's me, definitely. Old Captain Argentum: Let's see. What do you do when you spot an Oleonder on the high seas? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: Quite right. And what do you do when you see a Sea Rat? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: Excellent! And what do you do when you spot a Corry? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: ...? Red Fandago: A twenty-four gun salute, of course! Old Captain Argentum: Well said! Well said! And what is your opinion of King Fernando? Red Fandago: Fire! Ahem! I mean - Long live King Fernando! Old Captain Argentum: Your answers, sir, are excellent. My own son could not have responded better. And what, by the way, do you do when you see a crab? Red Fandago: Fire! Old Captain Argentum: ...? Red Fandago: To cook it, of course. Old Captain Argentum: Bravo! You are just the man. That is where my son trips up. He wishes to protect the crabs. It will get him into trouble one day, the foolish boy! Red Fandago: Unthinkable! Old Captain Argentum: Well then, you have yourself a deal! I wish you a prosperous voyage, and may the winds always be in your sails! Red Fandago: And in yours, good Captain Argentum! [to be continued...] A few more pictures of the forced perspective! Constructive criticism is always appreciated!
  4. ThaukaFilms


    youtube What has the pigeon seen in the forest? A study focused mainly on working with forced perspective, animating animals, and story-telling by a kid. English subtitles available.
  5. Captains personal log, 35th day, New Terra Expd., 48o 43'' 15' E, 68o 23'' 36'; off unknown Island In a few minutes, we shall embark the jolly-boat and go investigate that curious cove from whence the natives came. It is odd how things turn out - When Montoya first approached me with the offer I was quite shocked. To leave the Queens Service for a personal, scientific expedition! Had not the Crown itself sanctioned the expedition, I should never have left the service! However, I must admit that being under the command of none but my closest friend does instill a certain degree of freedom. No royal yard to question my decisions on rigging, no overzealous armory commander questioning my choice of armament, or the barrels of powder used in gunnery practise... I never quite fathomed how rigid the service really was, I suppose. Of course, the ship being the Athena did spur my motivation, even though she was in a sorry old state when Montoya bought her from the lists... Condition regardless, she was my very first command, and one never forgets one's first command! 'Tis good she was completely refitted, and I must say she has responded well to the efforts. I shall never forget the first time I saw her again, after being decomissioned from the Royal Navy. Lying there at the shipyard, waiting to have her masts removed. Never there was a more beautiful sight... I had to try Gideon's forced perspective thingy! I am not entirely happy with the amount of blur in the background, but blurring it more didn't really seem to answer. Looking forward to hearing what you think - if you like it (and are not a corlander), please approve, as it is my third freebuild this month.
  6. Since oil has proven to be an effective weapon against the Algus, the Council of Barqa has decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke has proven to be effective in deterring the Algus and reverse the effects of their weather manipulation, of which one effects are that it has been snowing in Kaliphlin. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the hopes and prayers of the people of Kaliphlin is that these frosty invaders will retreat to their frozen hell in the north once again. I would like to claim the following UoP credit for this build: Forced perspective [General Building (Other Techniques)] Photo spoilers: The lighting of the fires was accomplished by using a blacklight and a long exposure time, as you can see in the photo below. Since using only the blacklight makes all the other colors strange, I also mixed it with a bit of flash illuminating the other parts. The hard part was to find a suitable mix between enough blacklight to light the fires and enough flash to not make all the other bricks too purple or blue.
  7. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia Gideon is the fourth son to le comte de Bothnia (the Count of Bothnia). Bothnia is a rather small but fertile county located in northern Oleon. As Gideon’s hopes of inheriting his father’s lands were slim at best, his career options would traditionally have been either in the military or in the Order. Gideon has however spent many years studying various subjects at a couple of Oleon’s most prominent universities, to his father’s displeasure since he has been forced to pay for Gideon’s rather lavish lifestyle as a student. The new horizons which are opening up beyond the seas has opened up new opportunities to break with the boring traditions of the family, and Gideon is now setting out for a new life as an explorer and entrepreneur in New Terra. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia. Closeup of sigfig. The Saulse family uses the following heraldry: Per pale sable and argent, a falcon displayed countercharged, a bordure azure. (source: Secondary characters I created a bunch of different figures when trying to create a sigfig, as I originally thought he was going to be some kind of bluecoat. I have no idea about if or how these secondary characters will appear in my builds, but I figured I might as well post them for future reference. At least the priest has already given me some ideas... I've taken some liberties using titles in French as it seemed to suit the setting, but if the leadership wants to maintain it all in English I can change that. Theodore Saulse de Bothnia, comte de Bothnia and colonel (retired) in the Oleander army. War hero in the fourty-nine years war which he can tell countless stories from, most of them more or less exaggerated. Alexandre Saulse de Bothnia, oldest son and heir to the county of Bothnia. Contre-Amiral (rear admiral) in the Oleander fleet. Hector Saulse de Bothnia, second oldest son. Commandant (major) in the Oleander army. Jayson Saulse, priest in the Order. Devoted to Poseidon. Here shown in both traveling garments and ceremonial garments. (I need to get a white hood to BL!) A small photography tutorial I also took the opportunity to show those of you interested in forced perspective a piece of useful knowledge. If you compare the pictures below, you can see that the amount of background blur increases as the aperture gets bigger (smaller f-number). I've found that tinkering with this can be very useful when trying to create a believable background in forced perspective builds. Of course I had to use more light when using a smaller aperture. The scene with aperture f/4.5, which was the largest this lens could go at this focal length. In my opinion, the background is now too blurry. The scene with aperture f/8. The scene with aperture f/16. Individual bricks are too visible in the background so by now the forced perspective effect is diminished. (It also makes some nasty dirt on the sensor appear more clearly...)
  8. ThaukaFilms


    How would your encounter with pirates end like?
  9. BrickCurve

    The Final Battle

    The final battle between the elected champions of the Dragon and Lion knights for the control of the kingdom. Quick entry into the 2015 CBC ( Due to size restrictions I couldn't use a longer base to improve the forced perspective of the backdrop.
  10. Guerilla attack on A15. While Everlast has been lost, the High Council still has supporters in the north east. Some of them have established groups of resistance, fighting for the Republic and the People. The High Council has despatched several vessels to supply these partisans with both weapons and other supplies. _______________ Hope you like my first attempt at a forced perspective - I think it works quite well However, I am not sure if this picture might be better: C&C very welcome
  11. Immediately after [soNE Freebuild] 7.4 Off the Books Goatm and his nurse disembarked the Imperial freighter both with their respective roles. Amid the constant noise and bustle of the docks Goatm would dicker out deals with the local merchants for the sale of the white saplings, so precious to the nobility of Aquilae. Many of the interested merchants were developers for high-end shops and personal landscapers for the elites; they paid little attention to Goatm other than to ask him when he would be returning with more and to schmooze him for the purpose of some future economic familiarity. Goatm had stayed in his Imperial white for this very reason; the merchants only saw a faceless officer rather than the dead man Goatm intended to keep hidden. Just as the last sapling was sold, Goatm called his enslaved Wookiee from the cockpit to inspect the freighter’s hull before takeoff. Shock and awe echoed across the dock as the merchants and tradesmen alike caught sight of the beast. The Empire had been especially jealous of its new species of slave and few had surfaced in the legal market. Meanwhile, after downloading the local Imperial intelligence reports on Aquilae, the nurse went about acquiring civilian clothes for the two ISB agents. Goatm had given her strict instructions to start at the shops outside the Imperial outpost and work her way across town, stopping at the stores of ever lowering levels of economic strife. Ideally, her effort would allow her to disappear with no one noticing the Imperial officer that traded in her illustrious uniform for peasant rags. Goatm’s refusal to sell or trade the Wookiee led to the high-end restaurant overlooking the dock where the merchants continued to hound him and liquor him up. Eventually Goatm found his mark. A flamboyant Ithorian strutted across the dock with a Kowakian perched on his back. He was inspecting a shipment of mining equipment aboard a large freighter and savagely berating the crew for some minor infraction. It wasn’t long before Goatm and the Ithorian –Ng’Ray Sti a mining entrepreneur, surveyor, and equipment supplier– were leaving the restaurant to discuss the Wookiee’s ownership on their way to Gordon –a dubious spaceport far from the capital. There, Goatm would rendezvous with the nurse, take on the new identity she prepared for him, and sell the Imperial freighter to a chop shop. Goatm had exchanged the Wookiee and their remaining cash for Ng’Ray’s stock of mining equipment and a one-way, no-questions-asked ride into the wasteland of Aquilae. The wastelands were known to the locals as barren, toxic, and completely devoid of life, but Goatm had suspicions to the contrary. He remembered his mother recounting the countless green hills under the beautiful green sky of Aquilae where she would play as a young princess. Imperial maps noted many long and entangled canals that led to hundreds of reservoirs far from the city, but only grey wasteland could be seen from above on the rare occasion that the pale green overcast lifted. The city-dwellers didn’t dare to test the longevity of their breathers outside the tall city walls and told horror stories of the deadly gas pockets and nocturnal predators of the wasteland. Something was amiss. To test his theory Goatm and the nurse set out with the flamboyant Ithorian surveyor for the reservoirs hidden in the Aquilae wasteland. Ng’Ray’s ship stays low across the grey, endless plains, avoiding any possible detection along the way. Hours later they drop into a valley to find a bright blue reservoir surrounded by deep green grasses and piercing white flowers. Goatm lowers the cargo door, clipping the canopy of the low lying trees, and the nurse leaps into the canal below. Ng’Ray, rattled by the unexpected departure, screams over the internal comm for Goatm to explain but realizes his radios are dead. Goatm is gone, already tumbling through the thick grass as the Ithorian hears a deep growl from the cargo bay below. [soNE Freebuild] 8.1 Escape to the Wastlands of Aquilae 2 by goatman461, on Flickr [soNE Freebuild] 8.1 Escape to the Wastlands of Aquilae by goatman461, on Flickr “I guess you were right about the reservoirs, but who’s going to check the air first? Our ride just crashed into the cliff side.” “I was actually wrong about the reservoirs. Look; the water is flowing FROM the city; these valleys are being irrigated, not consumed. “As for the air, well, if he made it, the Wookiee will test out the air first. But that’ll mean we’ll have bigger problems… Ever been hunted by a Wookiee?” (To be continued…) [soNE Freebuild] 8.1 Stingray by goatman461, on Flickr Please judge, comment, and criticize. Thanks in advance.
  12. This is the MOC I created for Brickvention 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. I have used forced perspective, with foreground figures in Miniland Scale, and the background in microscale. The biggest challenges for me were working out how to make Vitruvious' cape (until I found an old belville set in my daughters collection) and to make the sun and flower in the background rotate, and swing back and forth. This was my first technic creation since emerged from the Dark Ages. I do not apologise for the amount of color... but it turns out I used at least 8 different shades of blue! Child's eye view at the Expo Parent's eye view Our heroes The Whale The Duck Microscale Super Secret Police Dropship Microscope Masterbuilder's Submarine
  13. What an absurd mission we’re on. Giving a “thank you” card to Boba Fett. Has the Empire really lost its mind? But I won’t complain. For once, we’re on a peaceful mission with a positive vibe to it. For once, no killing, voluntary or involuntary, on purpose or by accident, significant or insignificant. Just crossing the galaxy to say thank you. It’s a pity that such a nice act comes forth from a whim of insanity. But a lot of beautiful things are born in disease… “We’re approaching the surface. Landing gear stand-by” The Sentinel-class landing craft I’m piloting has one of the few cities at the surface of Mon Cal as destination. This planet is probably the easiest one to find the bounty hunter, since I don’t see that craft of him going under water. So only a troopers were needed per city. [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr They’re in the back now, talking. They seem quite excited. Not only to be practically on leave. Not only to visiting a nice peaceful planet (and way better than looking for droids in the desert). No, most of them seem to be excited to meet him. “Have you heard he has tamed a Wampa to be his pet? Really. Or that all of his pillows are made from Ewoks? Really. Or that he once killed a Gorax with nothing but a mouse droid? Really. And o, that mouse droid! Did you know he stole it right from under Vader’s nose? Really. Really, that man can do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived getting eaten by a Sarlacc…” “Yes, he can do anything…” (that one wasn’t much of a talker) “But he’s quite frightening too. Who knows what his next target will be. Maybe my head will be the next trophy on his shelves, in between the pink of the ambassador of Alderaan and a tooth from as space slug (that he killed because he helped captain Solo escape)… Maybe I don’t want to meet him after all.” “Are you mad? You’re might meet the most feared person in the galaxy – after Lord Vader of course (you never know who’s listening) – and you want to run away in fear. You don’t make sense.” “Yes, imagine meeting the man who did all of those great deeds. I think I will faint.” It just keeps going on. They seem Fett’s personal groupies. And for what? What has that foul bounty hunter ever done to become such a hero? Sure, that Wampa, Gorax and space slug stuff… But since when did a killer become the hero? Is murder the new cool? He might be skilled in what he does, but so is a trash collecting droid. He’s just a diva. I hope the others will see that when they meet him, but I’m asking too much of them. Let them adore him. What harm will it do? Let them adore the killer instead of becoming him. Let us all enjoy war instead of making it. It are our deeds that define us. I feel lacking. What are my deeds? I have only done things I regret. Do I regret myself? I wish those deeds never took place. Should I stop to exist? Isn’t there more to me than my deeds? And what more can there be to that bounty hunter? He has done enough deeds. But does that make him superior to me? “Stand by for landing” Let’s just give him the card and let’s go. _____ LXF File here. The whole thing actually fits on a 16x16 plate. It is build in such a way as to stand upright, and there's no limitation on height [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - The proof! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And I know, it looks bigger on the inside. And it looks ugly on the outside...
  14. -Carson Haupt-

    Ch II - Prolouge - Black Crusade

    ...So you see, that is why the moon gets smaller and larger. Any more questions? Yes. Is it true that the Duke is a vampire?!? Hmm... I hadn't heard that. Tell me about it! Ok, here goes... As the civil war raged in Nocturnus, Cassius set out with a group of his most seasoned comrades. As they made their way to Abyssian, they were slowly picked off one by one, by the native tribes, hostile environment and rebel soldiers, until only the duke was left. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he came up over a ridge and there he saw it. A castle, black as night, jutting up out of the ruby sea that lat in front of him. He wasn't sure which side the mighty fortress was allied with, but he knew he had no other choice but to head towards it. Besides, they had most likely already spotted him. He paused, gathered his wits, and began the trek down to the gatehouse. When Cassius got there, he was greeted by an opening portcullis. He saw no guards, so he decided to head towards the tower. When he got to the door, it opened. Inside was a pale man, dressed in ruined court dress. Welcome to my tower. I am Lord Shirl. Come in. You must be tired. To this, Cassius replied, "Yes, and I am parched. May I please have something to drink?" Of course. Follow me. They soon arrived in a room overlooking the walls. In the center was a raised pedestal, with a plain stone cup of some strange liquid in it. Cassius suddenly realized it was blood. "I hope you don't mind, this is all I have. I'm sure you'll grow used to the taste... After all, I sure have." Cassius tried to run, but was frozen in place. The vampire lord picked up the chalice, tipped back the Avalonian's head, and poured the liquid down his throat. Cassius felt a sudden peace. All his worries and desires slipped away, like fog in the sun. Hssss he though, the sun. How he hated it. "There, isn't that better? Now, return to your pretty green country. Don't worry, thrall, your master will join you soon... And then, you will create any army for me, and I will rule again!" So there you have it. We're ruled by a vampire. That's just plain stupid. Heck, that's stupider than the myth that Mitgardian ladies have beards! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew! Glad I got that posted. This challenge has been a blast to build for, and I really enjoyed it! I'd also like to claim the following: Forced perspective Roofing #1 C&c appreciated!
  15. Dutchy

    [MOC] Wizard Fight

    The battle between good and evil is being fought again! A peaceful wizard, minding his own business, is begin attacked by this... monster! A man full of evilness and jealousy... After the 'good' wizard slept with his wife, who was tired of her man constantly being busy with potions and magic, he wants to take revenge on him! Overall MOC MOC with blue sky background MOC in bird's eye view This is my first ''MOC'' uploaded to Eurobricks. I know it's nothing special but I just had to post this as it looks a fun build to me C&C is always welcome.
  16. 74louloute

    Story of the Aeropostale

    1930, Friday 13rd June : 6am Henri Guillaumet say goodbye to his friend Antoine de Saint Exupéry before taking off for its 92rd flight over the Andes. Story of the Aeropostale by 74louloute, on Flickr Story of the Aeropostale by 74louloute, on Flickr He didn't know, but in a few hours, he crashed his Potez 25 at Laguna del Diamante in Mendoza, Argentina, because of bad weather. He walked for a week over three mountain passes. Though tempted to give up, he persisted while thinking of his wife, Noëlle, until June 19 at dawn when he was rescued by a 14-year-old boy named Juan García. He reached a village whose inhabitants could not believe his story. This exploit made him stand out among the 'stars' of Aéropostale. To his friend Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who had come to find him, he said, "Ce que j'ai fait, je te le jure, aucune bête ne l'aurait fait." (What I have done, I swear to you, no other animal would have done.) More pics of the plane : ----- This is my first try at a forced perspective, I hope you guys will like it ! Critics and comments are welcome.
  17. After the past few days - the One Year party, Lion Dance, an exciting Gladiator Battle, a quick trip to the Arkbri Digging site, and then dropping by for an Oliphant hunt - I'm sure all our tourists are ready to unwind! And where better to do this than in Goolag Archipelago's Sunset Bay? An overview of the entire MOC. I actually built this before the party, so that was my inspiration for the border. Only the Bay: In general I think this looked better before I took the pictures (but then I almost always think that...). At least I built the entire thing really fast... I think it took me about three or four hours. Comments are welcome!
  18. How better to relax on a summer afternoon than with a burger, fries, and a drink, overlooking a sandy beach? This build was a bit of a challenge, as it's actually two different parts, so I had to do quite a lot of experimentation with the camera angle, height of the balcony, distance, etc (and in the end, I ended up using one of the first photos...). SNOT sand and water can be pretty tough too, especially since I didn't have quite as much blue as I had hoped. Hope you enjoy it, comments welcome!
  19. potnoodlelover

    Never look back

    Never look back (Syndicate Sponsorship Contest Entry) by NOISY~BOY, on Flickr I havent posted on here in a while, so here's another FP for yall. Enjoy.