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  1. Great job on the cliff side. I really envy your collection of nougat bricks, and you’ve put them to very good use in this piece. I also like that the culvert where the tunnel exits is the same color as the stone around it, like it was carved from the hillside. Nice work all around!
  2. The Stad

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    This is coming along very nicely. So many great details to enjoy, but it doesn't feel cluttered at all. I think you've chosen a very nice scale, and your various "brick sketches" have already started to pay off. Love your sigfig's town look, that torso/skirt combo is very classy.
  3. I think awareness needs to be brought to the Avalonian Giant Hare and its impact as a non-native species around Historica.
  4. The Stad

    Allanar Mine

    Beautifully done, this is an amazing moc! I love how you made the various wings of the building similar, but with enough variation to reflect their different ages, and the inclusion of the mine shaft is very nice. I hope it doesn't rain much in Allanar though; that front walk would be quite the treacherous mudslide...
  5. The Stad

    The Undoing of Shriza the Spider

    It's funny, I usually see a new Lego spider and have trouble distinguishing it from the last Lego spider I saw, but not this time. This is a terrific, very distinct, spider, and you've placed it in some excellent trees and brush. I love the story, and you've done great job with positioning your figs.
  6. The Stad

    Rhalyf and the Sorcerer

    This is cool. Great job fitting the floor into the circular dais, and I love your integration of lighting into the build. My only criticism is more a matter of personal preference - I just think the Ninjago skulls look kind of goofy. Otherwise, well done all around!
  7. The Stad

    A Home Away From Home

    A triumphant return to the Guilds! This is a great MOC, especially the vegetation and SNOT-work on display. I think my only critique is that you've got kind of a lot of empty grey space in front of the house, and even breaking that up with some green "moss" incorporated into those sections would enhance this build. Otherwise, great work, and keep it coming!
  8. The Stad

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    @Puvel @JintaiZ @Otherworld @LEGO Train 12 Volts @Servertijd @Brickwolf Thank you all for the positive feedback! @MAB, if Disney buying LOTR means that we get more LOTR Lego, then I'm all for it! @Grover, glad you're enjoying the story; hopefully the next installment isn't far behind... @Goldiebricks, if you're looking for some unsolicited snot advice, you're in luck: Brickheadz - on sale - are your new favorite theme. And do everything you can to become familiar with the geometry of the brick. Otherwise, just keep tinkering and be prepared to re-do your mocs a lot.
  9. The Stad

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    Thanks for the kind words! I had a lot of fun with all the minifigs, so I'm glad you noticed them! I'm glad you like the cloak, it took a lot of attempts to get to this point! And how could I pass up an opportunity to get AoM credit in a freebuild? Thanks! That's why it's called the Watchman's Way, right? Thank you! I love the collars, but they are difficult to use because of how high they sit on the back of the minifig head. There are only a few hairstyles and headgear pieces that work with them, and most of those are still not entirely seated on the head. Thanks for the good advice, it's been rectified! I do love the rotated 1x1; it's a very simple motif but adds a lot of character. I just need to be sure I'm not over-using it...
  10. Another great story installment, and fantastic work on the layout from both of you! Your buildings fit with @adde51's so seamlessly, it's hard to tell where one moc ends and another begins. Keep it up!
  11. The Stad

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Inn Phase 2 and Store Phase 2 are both present in this moc:
  12. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New Unsought but Welcome The autumn sun had nearly reached its zenith as Kjell and his father made their way from the stronghold and down to Førstlys' harbor. Avoiding the prying eyes of the High Road, they took the Watchman's Way and picked a path through the bustling Lower Market. "Father, know that I do not question your judgment, but I must know why you entrust me and my task to this envoy," Kjell pressed as they walked on. "You speak as though you are old friends, though I have never heard his mention." His father was slow to respond, pacing deliberately through the crowd with his guard behind him. "When I was young, perhaps not even half your age, we hosted this very same elf in our halls. He spoke little of his origins, though he told many tales of our own island, as if he had lived several lifetimes upon our shores already. During his short stay he taught my siblings and me to read books and scrolls from my grandfather's library that even our most learned scholars could not decipher, and he showed my father and me many of the island's secret and forgotten places. He was among us for but a few seasons, and then, quite abruptly, he departed and did not -until this day- return." "So why return now and entangle himself in our domestic affairs? While I am grateful for his aid, I am loathe to let a new friend fight our battles for us with so little a commitment of our own strength." Kjell grumbled, his legs aching to reach their destination with more urgency than his father would allow. "As he told us earlier, he believes that this domestic affair aligns with his own task, and coincides with his purpose in returning to these shores," his father replied. "Though, as to our commitment, fear not my son. Some of your compatriots returned from their ranging this morning, and have volunteered to join you in relieving your cousin. Ah! Here comes one of the very same hardy fellows!" The lord of Førstlys halted and waved as a tall, swarthy, mail-clad man cut a path through the crowd, his heavy grey cloak billowing behind him. Kjell recognized Ulrik Dunwald and his confidence swelled. It would truly be a boon to have a company of Skygger at hand. Ulrik reached them, stopped, and offered his sword as a sign of fealty. "My lord, I am yours to command!" Kjell's father inclined his head in acknowledgment, and Ulrik turned to Kjell. "My captain, it has been to long since my Shadows and I have ridden at your side. We are happy to do so once more." "And I am happy to have you at my side, old friend," Kjell replied, offering an outstretched hand. "Then let us make haste," Ulrik exclaimed. "Glory, and a ship, await!"
  13. The Stad

    [MOC] SHIPtember: The M.O.C.H.A.

    Love all the angles on this thing, it's got a really funky exterior that is still somehow completely cohesive. Very nice work!
  14. The Stad

    [MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

    It was really cool watching this one come together on your flickr, but the final product is so much more than the sum of its parts. Another excellent addition to your very impressive fleet, and kudos for banging out such a beast in under a month!
  15. The Stad

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I've always wondered about the large order service - do they apply any sort of bulk discount, or is it still the same price per piece as if you bough through B&P?