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  1. @MKJoshA @Louis of Nutwood What did you guys have in mind?
  2. The Stad

    [Freebuild] Guard of Rockwail

    Glad we got to see this build, and I like the story you've written to accompany it. I love all the funky angles on the wall, and the buildings inside the city are very well executed. I'm glad you've got your priorities sorted properly!
  3. The Stad

    [Freebuild] Under the blood tree

    Ominous, and very, very cool. Love the use of the octopus tentacles for roots and the dragon limbs as branches.
  4. Another amazing project from you, and a very entertaining story! I love your trees, the house, all of the interior scenes, and of course the bridge is very impressive. I hope that model castle is a hint of what's to come...
  5. The Stad

    L'Ascensione dell'Architetto (Full Collab)

    This is a monumental and very impressive undertaking. I'm glad to see such a rich story of intrigue and treachery as befits your shady, nefarious, back-stabby guild, and I love finding all the tiny details you stuffed into these compact scenes. Looking forward to the next installments!
  6. The Stad

    A Mitgardian Adventure

    This is awesome. Great story, amazing details in and out, and a jaw-dropping size of project and diversity of building styles. Welcome back, and keep it up!
  7. @mrcp6d I tried them from all different angles, and that didn’t seems to make any difference. Like @Ayrlego and @MKJoshA said, the dark red plastic seemed to be the deciding factor. The weirdest part was that the right arms were a visibly different plastic than the others, and it seemed uniform (not like they had been stored with one side in sunlight or something). I think the only blessing is that I don’t have a huge need for dark red arms. I doubt I’ll ever try to convert them back from Mitgardians in the future.
  8. I just had a strange -if not entirely unpredictable- experience with minifig customization. I just purchased ten of this torso to fill out the ranks of my Mitgardian regulars, and was going about swapping out the dark red arms for green, when I realized that the right arms of the assembly were a slightly different plastic than the left arms. I didn’t have to look too closely to visibly see the difference, but the real kicker was when I actually pulled the arms out, and nine of the ten right arms snapped at the socket. The left arms all came out without any issues. The torsos themselves were all fine as well. Of course, the age of the assemblies most likely had something to do with exacerbating the differences, but I still thought it seemed noteworthy. I just thought it strange that arms would be so dramatically different in quality, in the same color (nominally), and within the same torso assembly.
  9. The Stad

    Avalonian Tavern

    Very nice work. I love the attention paid to both interior and exterior details. That roof looks very time consuming, but the result is well worth the effort.
  10. This is an incredible series of builds! Great details on the columns, in the floor, the stained glass windows, and all the furniture. All your figure combos are really nice as well, particularly your royal guards. I'm sorry to see the story of Parzival come to such an abrupt end (if that really was his body in the tunnels...), but I hope we'll still get to see more of the story that precedes this chapter, and I can't wait to see the direction of Zamorah under its new leadership!
  11. The Stad

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    That is such a cool shape! I love how the tail elements create a gnarled form, and great use of the giant tooth elements to make the roots. The only thing I’d change would be to make the top spread out a bit more, but I think that’s just personal preference. I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter of your story. Good luck!
  12. You've built another great moc with another excellent installment to your story. I appreciate all the little details you've squeezed into the rooms, but my favorite inclusion has to be the downspout on the outside of the armory. I'd love to see these fitted into a larger moc showing the entirety of Embarvale Castle, though I'm sure that would be staggeringly large based on the scale of the rooms you've built so far! Kudos on the documentation of your photography process, it's both informative and inspirational, and a fun peek behind the curtain!
  13. The Stad

    VOTING topic CDC2 CMF

    One each for: 13.Ayrlego 15.socialbricks 18.Aurore
  14. The Stad

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    One each for: 5.KaiNRG 6.Servertijd 15.W Navarre
  15. The scale of this thing alone is staggering, but for it to also be packed full of interesting building techniques, a slew of diverse minifigures, excellent color composition, and all-around gorgeous design, this build totally raises the bar. Outstanding. Totally amazing.