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  1. Minas Morgul: Heroic Rendition

    This is a beautiful piece, and I love how recognizable the castle is even in its heroic form. You've done an excellent job of adjusting the features away from "evil" while still retaining so many of the design gestures that made Minas Morgul so iconic. I want to think that this is how Minas Ithil looked before the Witch King came. All around, a fun, wonderfully realized creation.
  2. The palisade around Sorgheim was erected in haste, though not without care, and its earthen ramparts were broken with bastions that allowed defenders clear sight along the outer face of every wall. If an enemy were able to make their way to the base of the wall, they would find little shelter from guardsmen's arrows. Another section of a larger scene, this goes with the gatehouse I posted last week. C&C welcome as always. Hopefully I'll find more time to finish the other sections soon...
  3. Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Wow, I'm a little behind posting to this thread. Any chance I could get a scorecard going on the first page? Agriculture: Defenses:
  4. The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    I've admired this on your brickshelf for some time now. I have to say it is a beautiful moc, from the smallest details to the overall composition, it looks absolutely terrific, and I'm very impressed by your 7 day build time. The only thing that I would change is the base of your lighthouse. It seems a bit out of scale with the straight portion, and maybe slopes too dramatically for my eye, particularly given the verticality of the rest of the buildings. But that's just, like, my opinion man.
  5. As they toured the island, Makny and his father would stop in many towns and villages, making sure that local affairs were in order and speaking on behalf of the Lord of Førstlys when needed. One of the stops on their journey was to Sorgheim, an ancient village that stood at the base of the mountains where could be found many of the tombs, crypts, and barrows that gave the Burial Isle its name. In recent years Nocturnian raiders had begun to frequent the shores of the island, occasionally making their way deep inland. Thus, the people of Sorgheim, like so many others, had bolstered the defenses around their town. The gatehouse at the center of their palisade made use of an ancient, crumbling arch, which they had cleaned and rebuilt to an extent, and which the Jarl's men now patrolled. I've been sitting on this for a while because I wanted to post it as part of a larger assembly, but with the guilds being so quiet lately I figured I might as well post it now. I'll probably clean it up a bit more before I post the whole scene, but for now C&C are welcome!
  6. Old Mage's Tower

    Great work with your textures on this, and I really like your vegetation. The shaping on the roof and top floor are terrific, and I love your wheelbarrow. There are so many excellent details, it's hard to count them all, and I feel like every time I look at your images another clever assembly reveals itself. Very well done.
  7. [Prologue] The Return of Sister

    One of your best yet. The corvette looks so sleek and sinister (perfect for Mantis) and you have some terrific parts usage, as others have mentioned, in the red fighter.
  8. W40k Tau Battlesuit

    Your version is a fair amount bulkier than the source material, but I like the overall form and style of it. I think the lower legs could use a bit more length and could be built out more to give it more of a look of mobility and stability. Props to you for integrating the stud-shooters in there, I can't ever bring myself to use them for their intended use, but they really work well in this case!
  9. Thanks Henjin, I've been gravitating slowly closer and closer to the fleshie side, especially as the torsos with fleshie coloring get better and more interesting. The Nexo-ness of the Khashdin comes partly from their origination in that particular theme, but I thought that some of the designs there really lent themselves to a crystalline/geological aesthetic, which made sense to me for a species made of rocks. Thank you Soccerkid, I hope they look as formidable as I had imagined them! Thanks mccoyed, that's high praise given the competition out there. The beard hair was the best option I could find to cover up the back of that head, and I thought it seemed sufficiently mystical/mysterious for the character. I'm glad you like the lore too!
  10. Challenge: "A safe haven"- ENTRIES!

    Wow, not sure how I missed this thread. Hope it's alright to move my entries over here from the intro thread after a month of them being in the wrong place... Cat B: Cat C:
  11. Thank Maestro, I'm looking forward to fleshing out this place too. I've already got a lot more lore that I hope to tie into my Mitgardian builds, so hopefully I can find the time to do a lot more building soon. Thank you TitusV, I was thinking about how so many cultures are defined by their beliefs and the way that they interact with their faith in their daily lives, and it developed into (what I consider) an interesting mix of characters and groups. Thank you Grover! I was certainly aiming for coherence, and showing that groups that interact with each other will influence the styles and cultures of one another while also maintaining their own unique features. Thanks Exetrius, those are some of my favorites too. The screaming face from Black Canary was one of the highlights of the new TLBM CMF line for me, and I just had to use it for the Voicecaster.
  12. Love the amount of detail in this moc, it really feels like a bustling port city. The buildings are all spectacular, and my only problem with the sloping walls is that you got to them first (I've been planning a moc of my own using a very similar technique). They look really great, and do a good job of setting this place apart from everything else we've seen so far. If I had any criticism, it would be that the black-on-black details on your roofs are very hard to see, especially when you have so many brightness values in each image. I'd also love to see that dragon in a picture of its own, to get a better look at him. He kind of blends into the black on the roof right now. Otherwise, this is an all-around fantastic effort and I'm really excited to see where your story goes from here!
  13. [Safe Haven Cat. C] Pinnothen Sojourners

    Thank you! I got the chance to ride around in a Hawaiian sailing canoe a few months ago and it made me really want to play with the idea of a relatively small, but very seaworthy sailing vessel, and see what I could do to bring in different cultural influences. Figuring out the long, narrow shape was a ton of fun, and I'm really happy with the result. As for the green, I didn't give myself enough time to pick those pieces out of my "miscellaneous glass/water surface" parts bag before I took the photos, so here we are.
  14. My entry into Category B: And Category C:
  15. In the months following the Historican Civil War, strange vessels were seen racing on the winds off the eastern coasts of Nocturnus and Mitgardia. No one knew their origin, and the folk that piloted them spoke in a strange and antiquated manner, if they ever came close enough to communicate at all.