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  1. The Stad

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    This is so cool! I love that you’re already sketching out ideas/details/color palettes and figuring out how you want it to come together. The not is an especially nice touch. Regarding size/scale, I think some important questions to ask yourself are, firstly, are you building your world in LEGO set scale, or more of a true model scale? Secondly, what separate spaces need to be present? Is this also the Jarl’s residence? Is there an attached kitchen and larder? How many figures does each space need to accommodate, and is it with real-world proxemics, or LEGOfied? You could have wildly different outcomes based on the scale alone. Can’t wait to see where this goes!
  2. The Stad

    A Day at the Old Mill

    Love all the techniques on display here! I think your river takes a slightly-too-drastic turn, and would benefit from sloping one way or the other, but is otherwise handled very nicely. Really liking the weather vane too, that's a fun detail!
  3. The Stad

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    A very fun story, and I commend you on your writing; it's no easy task to put down this long of a story in one's first language, let alone their second (and English at that!). I love all the supporting builds, which are great continuations of your style, and I think you've done very well with you minifig posing and the way in which you photographed each build to show your story. Can't wait to see where this goes next!
  4. The Stad

    Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

    Great work here! I love all the little details that make this such a rich series of scenes, and the books are a very clever way of framing the build and story. Your colors are well-handled, and I love that you've found a use for those useless little goblins. Nice job keeping Alnya relevant too!
  5. The Stad

    Sabishi Monastery

    I must, first and foremost, congratulate you two on your ability to work together; the only time my brothers wanted to build with me was if I let them do the demolition at the end of the project (they didn't always wait for the end). But secondly, and more importantly, you guys have once again knocked it out of the park. The level of detail and cohesive design is excellent, and your storytelling ability with minifig posing is top-notch. If I were to offer critique, it would be that some of your snow effects seem out of place deep underneath the overhanging buildings, and you have a sort of inconsistent section cut going on at the end of your bridge - you have a door there, but no landing, but the snow still wraps around below it. Otherwise, your technical execution is, as always, superlative.
  6. The Stad

    [Custom CMF] Heroes of Mitgardia

    These are terrific combinations, really well-integrated, and I like your little blurbs about each character. Nice job incorporating Norse influences and existing lore from GoH!
  7. The Stad

    AoM Tower Phase 2: Herfin Telosuren

    Thank you for all of your comments @Louis of Nutwood, I'm glad you enjoy the story and the moc!. I have to credit Ralf Langer (not sure if he's on here, but he is on flickr) for the tree technique. As for the history of the place, I have nothing specific to it, but there are other places like it spread around Historica... Thank you @Alfadas, hopefully I can improve in the next phase! Thanks @Kai NRG, glad you like the motif, it was fun to pull into the build. Thanks @Grover, I'm glad to hear that the build matches the story in your eyes. Thank you @W Navarre, I'll have to carve out time for a build or two there in the future. Thanks @Aurore, refined and elegant were definitely among the design objectives on this one! Thank you @zoth33, hopefully there will be more in the future...
  8. The Stad

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    This is so much fun to watch! I especially love the last two days' builds. That bonfire is very clever, and the tree looks amazing (though it's definitely bigger than the standard Lego advent mini-build)!
  9. The Stad

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower Phase 2:
  10. Herfin Telosuren - The Stad - Mitgardia
  11. On the northern slopes of Pikesteel Mountain, nestled among the trees that blanket its basalt crags and sandy gullies, a complex of ancient structures lay. Seemingly untouched by time, and well hidden from prying eyes, its pure white walls had sheltered generations of Great Elk clansmen when their forest homes were menaced by immeasurable threats, then sat unoccupied in times of peace. But in the wake of the devastation wrought in their lands by the Algus, the elves sought to keep a permanent presence in this haven. The Pikesteel dwarves, for their part, had never been able to find the stronghold on the borders of their domain. Thus, they regarded it as a rumor or legend, and were surprised when the elves requested it, and even more surprised when the elves showed it to them. Some among the dwarves argued that they should claim the fortress for their own, given its situation upon their own domain, yet when scouts were sent to find it without elven guides, the hapless dwarves searched the forest fruitlessly for several weeks before stumbling back through the gates of the mountain, perplexed and looking rather worse for wear. Still, the Pikesteel dwarves were eager to have an ally to shelter their northern flank, and so they ceded the land and even committed to aid the largely nomadic elves with settling into their new, well-fortified home. The expert dwarven craftsmen, guided by elven design sensibilities, seamlessly integrated the elves' improvements with the existing structures. In little time the numbers of the tribe swelled, their kinfolk flocking eagerly to the flourishing citadel, which they called Herfin Telosuren in their tongue, or the Haven of the Great Elk. Travelers pays their respects at an ancient shrine to a god whose name has long since been forgotten to these lands. Admiring the tribe's motif, newly affixed to the Great Tower. The elven chieftain thanks the leader of the dwarven craftsmen for his efforts. The fountain tower looks out over the forested slopes that descend to the great lakes and flat lands to the north.
  12. The Stad

    [AoM: Stables - Phase I] Wash away

    I’m really enjoying watching your story unfold, and the progress shown in both your builds and your writing is very evident. The only critique I would offer is that your ground is a little too monochromatic for my taste, and would benefit from having some dark tan or brown mixed in, since those show up in and around the path. Otherwise, this is great, and I look forward to the next chapter!
  13. The Stad

    AoM Archery Phase 1: Surviving the Winter

    Thanks, I thought it’d be a fun way to make use of a part that is otherwise sort of useless! Thank you, the shaping of the landscape to fit on the base was tougher than I expected but I’m pretty happy with the result. And thank you for your feedback on the lighting! I like to think that wild game is the ultimate in free-range meat, and it got to live a very happy, unwitting life before it abruptly became food. Thank you, the leaves were a lot of fun to play with, especially when it came to layering the white over the green. Many thanks! The owl might have a hard time with such a beast of a rodent! Thank you for your comments. Thank you, the use of shadow as camouflage was one of my main intents with the lighting, so I’m glad you noted that in particular! Thank you! I may or may not have several more of those rabbits that will also need dealt with in future story installments...
  14. The Stad

    Challenge IV: Category C: Cleanup

    Excellent use of the new poop elements in the background. Great scene in general, really. It’s important to remember all the people that do the dirty work in our fantasy world, and you’ve accomplished that nicely.
  15. The Stad

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Nice job on the irregular base, and I love how you got the roof to look like the snow was sliding off of it. I like the lighting of your interior shots as well; it looks like everything is being lit from the candles alone and really sells the mood.