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  1. [MOC] Frankfurt class patrol cruiser

    Another great set of renderings from another terrific model. I love how your creations always seem so believable and have great thought in all their details. This looks like the logical descendant of a current warship design, and it shows of some cool building techniques. Very well done.
  2. The Hidden City of Gondolin

    This is fantastic work, you've excellently captured the Art Nouveau/Craftsman architectural style of Peter Jackson's elves, and I love that you used colors that were more "summery" to fit the elves at their prime in Middle Earth. You parts usage is absolutely fantastic, especially the boats in the roof and all the subtle details in the gazebos. The furniture and instruments are also very clever. An all-around great build.
  3. Future of AG - It's feedback time!

    I didn't really choose my words very well on that. I agree, the build quality is what is most important. What I'm really driving at is that the damage to a corporation should be related to their loss depicted in the build, but not necessarily to the size of the aggressor force. For instance, if I build a massive Octan battle tank blowing up a Kawashita scout on a speederbike, Kawashita would lose relatively few DP because their asset was not itself a very valuable build. However, if I build a large, complex Kawashita anti-aircraft outpost being blown up, even by just a single Octan saboteur, Kawashita would lose much more DP. And you're right, it also shouldn't matter how many builds a corporation has done on a planet before they're attacked, only that they do indeed have an established presence to attack.
  4. [MOC] LEGO Medieval Layout/Buildings - WIP

    Your buildings are all fantastic, I love seeing a medieval city built with as much height and detail as the Creator modular city buildings. But I think my favorite pieces are actually your trees. They all look so old and gnarled yet stately and grand. Can't wait to see this whole layout assembled.
  5. Oswald the Ordinary

    This is a really fun build with, as others have said, great stonework, and I love the way you handle the texture on the aging wattle and daub walls. The cannon barrel works great for the top of your chimney, and I really like the subtle splashes of color with the flowers growing up the walls.
  6. [Brains] Cat A - Home is Where the Heartbreak Is

    Your control of textures is awesome in this. Everything, from the stone bridge and the drifting snow, to the cracking ice and the weathered boards of the dock, is really well done.
  7. Future of AG - It's feedback time!

    I'm sure by now it's far too late to change anything about upcoming game mechanics, but I thought I'd at least throw in my two cents as someone who has long observed this game from the shadows but hopes to be involved in the future. I'd personally like to see the job system and the tag system be tweaked to influence the way that new planets are controlled and end up producing resources. I think that a series of steps in the planet controlling process would add to the sense of having smaller short term objectives that encourage teamwork and strategy. What I'm thinking is, rather than having all builds generate domination points and resources, certain types of builds generate one or the other. For instance, military and exploration builds generate domination points, while civic builds generate resources. On top of that, builds that depict resource generators, like an awesomenium mining rig, a biomass farm, or an oversized water pump, will continuously generate resources every turn at a rate determined by the score they received (meaning that the bonus provided by a player's job will add to the long-term impact of their builds). Hand-in-hand with this mechanic would be that a corporation needs to have a certain number of domination points on a planet before resource-generating builds could happen there, so certain players with certain jobs would have key roles on different planets at different times. Also, in order to unlock a new planet for building, corporations would have to commit a certain amount of resources and/or research a certain type of technology, as if to show that they are funding and outfitting the new colonizing efforts. To this I would also add that corporations could directly target each other to reduce the capacity to produce resources or to take away domination points. This would provide a role for piracy and special ops, as well as adding a new twist to alien activity. The judging for such an activity would have to be based on the size of the enemy resource/fortification/force being disrupted by the player. Regardless of how AG2 shapes up, I'm planning on participating, these are just a few thoughts I've had. Thanks Bob for all the work you've done, and to the rest of the community for entertaining me for these last few years as I've been away from my own collection. There are some really inspirational builds out there and some great stories being told!
  8. Somehow Johnston had hacked the monitoring relay to broadcast her own signal to the cruiser in orbit. And somehow the cruiser had managed to coordinate an extraction. It would take twenty-seven minutes. Sarge pointed at the horizon in the direction of the original drop zone and simply said, "too long." The message was sent that the team would be moving out to the south, across open ground, and the evac would just have to find them. They didn't wait for a reply, as the rest of the team now saw the shambling masses reach the crest of a hill, sloping their way sickeningly towards the relay. Overhead, lightning forked menacingly as a new storm picked up. They ran. As they went the light fell and new shadows began to follow just outside their vision, but they were moving faster and faster, until suddenly a flash illuminated the hollow faces and gaunt figures of many somethings that were once human. Hundreds of red eyes were on the backs of the team, then around them, then among them. Still the team ran. Then a booming behind them, but not thunder, and then light flashing in front of them, but this time from the roaring muzzle of a 40mm rail gun. None of them had ever been so happy to see the bulky mass of an MR-68 Razorback come tumbling down to land in front of them. They set down right in front of Johnston and Silva, who let loose alongside the outboard gunner, while Enrico cast aside his now-empty rifle and powered through the horde with nothing but a combat knife. Sarge was running, but the dead were catching up. One was on his back, but so was Schultz, who sent the thing flying with a well-placed blast. In a few short steps they were aboard. The Razorback's engines roared, swinging back into launch position, and the ground fell away from their feet. Sarge glanced back at the writhing creatures shrinking slowly into the distance, then turned away with a sigh. "I need to retire." https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33134137443/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33561938070/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33134138003/in/dateposted-public/
  9. Unidentified radiation in orbit and high-intensity atmospheric electrical storms scrambled communications between the Federation Police Cruiser overhead and the survivors of Recon Squad B almost as soon as the team had landed. The survivors regrouped and realized immediately that contact needed to be reestablished. Enrico suggested heading for the facility that was the source of the original distress signal, but without elaborating, Sarge shot that idea down. He had landed the closest to the facility of the five survivors, and had encountered the remnants of the planet's terraforming crew. "We're not dealing with that," was the only thing he said about his findings. Luckily, by hiking in the exact opposite direction for several hours, they stumbled across what appeared to be a large antenna. It was overgrown, but it's aircraft light was still blinking so it was apparently still powered. "Johnston, make that thing talk for us. I want off of this planet ASAP," the sergeant ordered. "The rest of you, get off the ground and rest. I've got the first watch." *I can't get my files to get down any smaller, so please follow the links to my flickr to see more. Thank you. https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33947063395/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33103649464/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/135986100@N03/33906233356/in/dateposted-public/
  10. The distress signal was old by the time it reached Federation dispatch satellites. The system was on the far edge of the galaxy and had been experiencing heavy waves of unidentified radiation that were disrupting transmissions off the planet. A cruiser was diverted from an anti-insurrectionist patrol to investigate, but by the time they had reached orbit it was estimated that the signal had been put on an automated loop for over two standard months. Twenty Recon Marshalls were dropped out of low orbit in individual rapid insertion pods, spread over several kilometers of the planet surface. Massive electrical storms took out six pods before they even reached the ground. One pod's brake boosters malfunctioned and it exploded on impact. Of the thirteen that landed, the eight closest to the terraforming facility that had initially broadcast the distress call were attacked by...something. All that was heard from their comms were screams. These five were the only ones left: PFC Enrico - Rifleman - Young for a recon team, especially on a black ops cruiser, but he's proven himself in multiple scrapes with vicious alien wildlife and fanatical rebels. He doesn't question authority outright, although has been known to be a little too quick to improvise before getting all his orders. Specialist Johnston - Heavy Ordinance - She's been a core member of the recon team for nearly a decade. An expert with anything that has a blast radius, but also quite capable with complex tech, she will occasionally customize her own weapon variants from the standard issue equipment for a little added fun. She's currently toting her new favorite toy: the Hot Shot. She won't tell anyone what it does, but has warned them to "give it a little extra space." Master Sergeant Audie - Sniper - A veteran that has long since earned his pension but keeps re-upping, his career has spanned the cosmos from the Core to several of the Outer Arms. With the Lieutenant dead (lightning strike mid-troposphere), Sarge is now the ranking officer for the crew. He doesn't say much, but he'll sure as hell let you know if you're wrong. Corporal Silva - Rifleman - A recent transfer with many, quite impressive, commendations, this is his first drop with the team. As far as the team is concerned, you're don't count as an asset until after your first drop. Specialist Schultz - Psychological Tactics - He keeps to himself mostly, and is usually referred to only has "that guy." Standard comm procedures do not apply to his position, and no one really knows what he does on missions. He drops with the team, maintains radio silence, then shows up again for extraction. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that after he drops on a planet, Federation Police forces don't usually have much trouble with the locals for a few decades.