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  1. Thank Maestro, I'm looking forward to fleshing out this place too. I've already got a lot more lore that I hope to tie into my Mitgardian builds, so hopefully I can find the time to do a lot more building soon. Thank you TitusV, I was thinking about how so many cultures are defined by their beliefs and the way that they interact with their faith in their daily lives, and it developed into (what I consider) an interesting mix of characters and groups. Thank you Grover! I was certainly aiming for coherence, and showing that groups that interact with each other will influence the styles and cultures of one another while also maintaining their own unique features. Thanks Exetrius, those are some of my favorites too. The screaming face from Black Canary was one of the highlights of the new TLBM CMF line for me, and I just had to use it for the Voicecaster.
  2. Love the amount of detail in this moc, it really feels like a bustling port city. The buildings are all spectacular, and my only problem with the sloping walls is that you got to them first (I've been planning a moc of my own using a very similar technique). They look really great, and do a good job of setting this place apart from everything else we've seen so far. If I had any criticism, it would be that the black-on-black details on your roofs are very hard to see, especially when you have so many brightness values in each image. I'd also love to see that dragon in a picture of its own, to get a better look at him. He kind of blends into the black on the roof right now. Otherwise, this is an all-around fantastic effort and I'm really excited to see where your story goes from here!
  3. [Safe Haven Cat. C] Pinnothen Sojourners

    Thank you! I got the chance to ride around in a Hawaiian sailing canoe a few months ago and it made me really want to play with the idea of a relatively small, but very seaworthy sailing vessel, and see what I could do to bring in different cultural influences. Figuring out the long, narrow shape was a ton of fun, and I'm really happy with the result. As for the green, I didn't give myself enough time to pick those pieces out of my "miscellaneous glass/water surface" parts bag before I took the photos, so here we are.
  4. My entry into Category B: And Category C:
  5. In the months following the Historican Civil War, strange vessels were seen racing on the winds off the eastern coasts of Nocturnus and Mitgardia. No one knew their origin, and the folk that piloted them spoke in a strange and antiquated manner, if they ever came close enough to communicate at all.
  6. Far to the east of Historica lie the Great Wings, a series of vast lands that stretch for hundreds of miles, surrounded by innumerable smaller islands. Many centuries ago, the Pinnothen fled the calamity of civil war in their home in the land that would become Historica and conquered much of this place. They drove out the dark elves that had made their kingdoms there, built on the backs of slaves, and brought their worship of the Eight Children and their aspects (the Pinnothen's understanding of magic) to their new subjects. 1) Champion of the 8 The most elite warriors and magic wielders of the Pinnothen, Champions are considered to be the Children's most favored, and often hold positions of high honor at temples and among noble households. However, they devote their lives to study study and training, rarely intervening in the affairs of the world except in the most dire of circumstances. 2) Chosen Selected early in their youth to become highly versed in the Eight Aspects and their manifestations, Chosen are the most exceptional children of the nobility, trained with the sole purpose of attempting the Eight Trials when they come of age. The few who survive this ordeal are offered places in the Royal Household, to elevate the position of their families and strengthen the power of the ruling bloodline. 3) Officiant of the Eight Trials A master of their respective aspects, Officiants administer the Trials of the Eight to the Chosen. It is a position of honor, but also one of great solemnity, as many Chosen die at the hands of the Officiants. It is also a position of great peril, as the Chosen occasionally lose control of the aspects they wield, with disastrous results. 4) Pilgrim of the Eight Paths Like Champions, Pilgrims devote their lives to the study and application of the aspects. Unlike the Champions, Pilgrims do this while practicing a lifestyle of asceticism and travelling the length and breadth of the Great Wings. They are greeted with reverence in the towns they visit, and have been known to intervene with their abilities for the good of the commoners. 5) Heavy Phalanx The primary strength of the Pinnothen standing army, the long spears and stout armor of the phalanx, bolstered by their rigid discipline and zealous conviction, have kept the lands of the Great Wings secure for millennia. None withstood their advance during the Settling, and few have posed a serious threat to them in the time since. 6) Pinnothen Voicecaster Highly skilled in the Aspect of the Song, the Voicecasters issue commands at the front lines of the battlefield and relay information across great distances on behalf of the high commanders. The mastery of their aspect allows them to be heard above the chaos, and some of the greatest voicecasters have been known to compel their enemies to lay down their arms with the power of their words alone. 7) Order of the Hammer Acolyte The Order of the Hammer is devoted to building, forging, and crafting, though an acolyte is not allowed to do any of that until they've proven their knowledge of all the materials the order favors. Some acolytes spend years in the order before they're allowed to construct their own hammer. 8) Order of the Pestle Healer Superior The Order of the Pestle deals in the creation of medicines, foods, and even some poisons (though this knowledge is reserved for only a trusted few). The Healer Superior carries an over-sized pestle as a symbol of his rank, and spends much of his time teaching and demonstrating for less-experienced adherents in one of the order's many temples. 9) Order of the Stars Wayfinder The Order of the Stars studies everything to do with the skies, from meteorology to navigation. The wayfinders are renowned for their ability to find safe courses through even the most treacherous regions. They are invaluable to the captains of ships that brave the unpredictable swells and jagged sea rocks of the Shattered Coast 10) Forgotten Emissary A high elf dignitary from the Mystic Isles, sent to the kings' court on the Old Shores, before the Kinsunder. He followed the Pinnothen in their flight from the Faithless, then again across the shifting sea to the Great Wings, and has served as an observer and an adviser to every successive monarch in the millennia that followed. 11) Khashdin Animator The Khashdin are not born, hatched, or summoned like other creatures of the world. They are first shaped from stones and clay, and then granted life through means known only to the Animators. They grow slowly over centuries by consuming the minerals around them, some becoming so vast that they can be mistaken for geographical features. 12) Khashdin Pyre Carver As important to the life of the Khashdin as their creation by an animator is their transition from the moving stone back to the living stone of the earth. Pyre Carvers prepare the place of a Khashdin's death, where they return their spirits to the ground and become one with the stone again. Some among the Khashdin's few visitors mistake the figures that line the halls of their cities for statues, when they are in fact the honored dead. 13) Khashdin Axe Bearer The great leaders of the Khashdin are, invariably, colossal figures, slow-moving, and often unable to fit through even some of the grandest gateways. Thus, they often deal with outsiders by way of emissaries. These envoys, by bearing the axe of their ruler, show that they speak with his authority in all matters of trade, diplomacy, and war. 14) Eastern Drow Stone Crusher The Drow and the Khashdin, each living primarily beneath the surface of the earth, have been enemies for time immemorial. While the Drow prefer to combat the Khashdin through guile and sorcery, occasions sometimes call for a less subtle form of confrontation. 15) Eastern Drow Subversive When the Pinnothen first began the Settling, the Drow were at the height of their power in the Great Wings. Now relegated to a few strongholds among the Featherstones in the east, they have been readying themselves for centuries to retake the land that was once theirs. Subversives work in the shadows to sow seeds of discord among their enemies, making the land fertile for their reconquest. 16) Flatwater Fisherman The eastern reaches of the continent are broad, rolling grasslands, crisscrossed by ancient forests and vast, shifting river deltas. Hundreds of small communities live along the banks of each river, the fishermen and merchants plying their trades from atop agile catamarans. 17) Shattered Coast Slaver Their kingdoms overthrown by the first Favored King after he led a slave revolt, most of the ancient slavers were hunted down and forced to capitulate or be destroyed. A clever few, though, have managed to evade the Pinnothen for generations, hidden among the rugged cliffs and deep, rain-soaked valleys of the Shattered Coast. 18) Ancestor March The tradition of the march dates back to the Old Shores, before the Settling. When times are most desperate, the wizened elder warriors of a city don the black funerary armor and go out to stand between death and their descendants.
  7. AoM Tower Phase 1: Watchers on the Trail

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Thank you, I tried them out at a smaller scale in some sort of "hanging gardens" in my gateway, after being inspired by one of @Derfel Cadarn's tree techniques that used levers to create more natural shapes of foliage. I figured I'd sacrifice effect for what I perceived as realism, thinking that whoever built the bridge probably used whatever material was on-hand, and so the stone used for the bridge would match the stone around it. But I definitely see where you're coming from! Yeah, a little variation wouldn't hurt there. Thanks! It's super tricky to do.
  8. The Lord of Førstlys was in fact the lord of all of the Burial Isle, and its safety was, first and foremost, his concern. Thus, trusted members of his household were often seen traveling the length and breadth of the island, taking count of the defenses of the various communities set along the rocky coasts and nestled into the mountainous interior. Makny's father would often take him along when it was time to inspect, leading him on horseback through the hills and gathering news from every outpost they passed along the way. Inspiration for the rockwork came from @soccerkid6, particularly his recent Nordheim Watchtower. I might be lacking subtlety in my own application, but I generally like how it turned out. You're welcome to disagree of course.
  9. AoM Storehouse Phase 1: Taking Stock

    Thanks for the feedback you guys. @TitusV, you're right about the need for more hillside. Let's just say that, in the spirit of AoM, I was leaving myself more room for improvement. @soccerkid6, I've never been much for interiors, but that cutaway would have been fun. This time around I was much too focused on how to incorporate the SNOT log wall with the tile foundation and the hillside to even think about how it would look inside.
  10. The Gateway

    This is a project I started in 2011 or 2012, spent about a year-and-a-half building (I was in college at the time, and my summers were spent working away from home), and didn't photograph until spring of 2016. I've obviously been sitting on the images for a while, telling myself I would clean them up, but now I just want to be done with it, especially since I'm in the process of demolishing it. I think I intended to enter this into a CCC, or tie it to an event on GoH, but never had the time to finish it for any deadlines, and wasn't sure if the protracted building schedule would be a disqualifier. The whole scene sits on 15-32x32 plates, and 8-16x32 with 1-16x16, for a total footprint of 176x112. It takes two people and a heavy piece of plywood just to carry it, and to get it through doors requires a third to make sure it doesn't slide off the plywood when it gets tilted sideways. I couldn't even venture a guess at the piece count, but it sure weighs a lot, and it's very difficult to photograph. Anyway, here it is now: an envoy from the Green Dragon faction meeting with the Crownie King at a lesser gate in their grandest city. An overall view from the corner. A side-street and terrace. An overview from the opposite corner. A little stream below the walls. If you want to see anything in particular closer up, just tell me. I probably have a picture of it, I just didn't bother to upload it yet.
  11. Every so often, Makny would go with his father to check on the stores that had been gathered over the growing season. The old warehouses had been dug into the hillsides along the fields to protect their contents. The earth kept the old burrows cool through the heat of the summer, but made sure they didn't freeze in the depths of the cold northern winters. C&C welcome as always!
  12. Nordheim Watchtower

    You've captured this region of the game and its distinctive style very well. I love your take on the autumn birch trees and the stone foundation of the tower, and your furniture is very clever. All-around great job.
  13. Makny's youth saw good times for Førstlys, and the village swelled in size. More people needed more food, and more food required that more fields be cultivated. Since Makny wasn't yet strong enough to handle the plow, he would follow his father and sow the seeds into the fresh furrows. Many days of his early summers were spent pacing the fields. When once he protested that it didn't seem like the work of a nobleman, his father reminded him that it was the duty of the lord to be sure his people ate, and what was the duty of the lord, was the duty of his son, and his son as well. I realized after this was dismantled that I didn't get the green and yellow in there, but I wanted to try the uneven base and banner seemed out of place in a field so...
  14. The pilot dipped the cutter down out of the low clouds to get a better bearing on his surroundings. Scanners weren't picking up very much tech in the area, though their records showed that their destination was close. This would require old-fashioned visual guidance. Below them a partially frozen river wound through the narrow valley, alongside an ancient dirt road that had been carved out of the rocky mountainsides. It shouldn't be too much further now he figured as he angled the craft towards a gap in the mountains. Still, he wondered if this guy was really worth all this effort. I've been sitting on this for a long time, just haven't had a chance to photograph it until recently. C&C welcome on this, my first (posted) build for AG.
  15. AoM Farm Phase 1: Clearing Fields

    Thank you! I've been playing a lot with ways to build a small-to-mid-sized tree without the trunk being disproportionately bulky. I may have gotten a little overzealous with my cropping...