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  1. The Stad

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Nice job on the irregular base, and I love how you got the roof to look like the snow was sliding off of it. I like the lighting of your interior shots as well; it looks like everything is being lit from the candles alone and really sells the mood.
  2. The Stad

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    This is a great, lively scene, with tons of really nice vegetation (love those pine trees especially), and you’ve done well with the snot border on the base. I love how you tie all your creations back into your micro scale map too, it makes them feel so much like a part of a larger world!
  3. The Stad

    Tabib's study

    You’ve done a great job of packing a somewhat small scene with tons of detail, really bringing it to life. I love your floor tile design, but I’m curious what the units might look like with 1x1 tiles, rather than plates, to continue that masonry texture a little further.
  4. The Stad

    Prelude: The Winter of Despair

    I love both of these MOCs, but I also really love how you’ve incorporated them into the current story several years after they were built!
  5. The Stad

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    I love how you tend to work on such a grand scale, yet don’t skip over the finer details. This is a very impressive MOC, with some really cool colors and nice variegation of oversized, subterranean flora. Nice work on the story too, most intriguing.
  6. The Stad

    Prelude: Even a Feather Can Tip the Scales

    Love the rock work here; it seems like we rarely see much variation from the jumble-o-slopes technique, so this is a cool, novel approach that looks very realistic. You’ve done a great job with the vegetation and the ocean backdrop (love how the trans-blue plates transition to tiles between “middle ground” and “background”), and your dragon, as usual, is really, really cool.
  7. Surviving the Winter | The Stad | Mitgardia
  8. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New In the weeks following the Rigr's visit, supplies arriving at Gammeltårn had slowed from a steady trickle to essentially nothing. When it became evident that his garrison was entirely cut off, Makny ordered his men to return to Førstlys and offer no resistance to the Rigr's men on their way. Several men volunteered to stay and continue with their work, and Makny gladly accepted their company, but as Winter settled upon the Burial Isle foraging became increasingly difficult. Makny preferred hunting to fishing in the harbor, and each morning would take a short bow into the narrow glens above the city in search of game. Today he had the good fortune of coming across the tracks of an Avalonian Giant Hare, which he'd followed through the frost-covered brush until he found the creature. Brought by refugees from Avalonia during the Elemental Crisis, the hares were kept for their flavorful meat and supple pelts. Several years ago, four of the five breeding pairs on the island had been set loose during a violent storm, and now herds of the docile, dog-sized rodents could be found menacing crops around the island. As he crept towards his quarry, Makny remarked to himself that if such a specimen had spread this far from the farms he would have to redouble the population control efforts upon returning home. For now though, he was glad for the infestation; he and his men would eat well tonight. Experimenting with some new lighting and background options on this, I'd love to hear what you think of the result!
  9. The Stad

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Inn Phase 1:
  10. The Stad

    Challenge III: Cat B: Farmer Gyles' Mill

    I love all the activity in this scene, and your windmill is very clever. I do think you could have put a little more effort into the palisade (standing logs on end on top of the ground isn't a very stable way to build a wall), but I appreciate all the laborers at work on various tasks around the job site. And as a whole, it's a very visually appealing build. Well done!
  11. The Stad

    AoM: Tower Phase 2: Spring Watchtower

    Great job on the colors and the shapes of your foliage, it looks very organic. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all excited to have you back and building!
  12. Welcome @Aurore and @ForTheGreaterGood, you've chosen an excellent outlet for your spare time! Speaking of time: did anyone else come frustratingly close to finishing an entry for this round that they couldn't quite complete by the drop-dead date? Here is a progress photo of my would-be Category A entry as it was on deadline day: I guess this means that I now have as much time as necessary to polish it up as a freebuild...
  13. This is amazing! I love everything being off-axis, I think that was a great decision that allowed you to fit so much more into each scene, and you’ve executed it really, really well. There’s so much going on, I don’t know where to start, but your story is terrific and your creation is outstanding. And it definitely looks very Mitgardian!
  14. Category A entry: