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Found 8 results

  1. The University of Petraea is pleased to announce the opening of its new Doctorate of Historica program! (The University would like to thank Erudhalion Sansael / Gabe for capturing this announcement in a picture) What is the University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica program? The Doctorate of Historica program is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary degree program designed to encourage you to advance your building skills across a number of different areas. By the time you have finished the program, you will be certified in most major historical building techniques and subject areas. The program consists of multiple Disciplines, each of which has several Subjects. Over the course of the program, you will build MOCs that cover these techniques and subjects. Disciplines: Technique-Related Disciplines Architecture Landscape Design Hydrology Other Techniques [*]Content-Related Disciplines History Military Science Trade and Law Agriculture and Zoology Anthropology Geography Subjects for each Discipline: Architecture roofing -- Demonstrate mastery of three roofing techniques, not including using standard LEGO slope bricks. Each technique is a separate certification. See examples here and here. wall techniques -- Demonstrate mastery of three advanced wall techniques. Standard, studs-up walls of bricks are not included. Each technique is a separate certification. Examples include (but are not limited to): 1x1 round plate walls (a la Derfel Cadarn) SNOTted tile stonework half-timbered Tudor style wooden walls [*]round walls and towers [*]roof rakes (the inclined end of the roof between the eaves and the ridge; see explanation and a great example from Derfel Cadarn) [*]advanced windows and window frames [*]advanced SNOT -- See question below for an explanation [*]Landscape Design trees (demonstrate mastery of at least three different tree building techniques; examples here and here) flowers and dense foliage landscaping studs up rocks and cliffs two of: sand dunes snow and ice extreme environments (lava, caves, acidic pools, etc) sideways rocks (studs horizontal) [*]Hydrology four of: still water (lakes, ponds, ocean without waves, etc) waves flowing water waterfalls underwater [*]General Building (Other Techniques) minifig posing interior design forced perspective microscale one of: lighted builds (e.g., light bricks, LEDs) movement-enabled (Power Functions, or manually operated via gears or other mechanisms) mosaics, stained glass, or complex SNOTted floor designs brick films [*]History A special discipline, wherein you must build three MOCs depicting significant events in Kaliphlin's history (you make up the events, or use whatever existing history there is). You must also supply a story of suitable length and quality describing the historical event pictured. At least two of the history builds must consist of at least three different pictures, either different scenes altogether, or the same scene at different moments in time, with changes to the scene such as figure movement. [*]Military Science battle scene siege fortifications military camp [*]Trade and Law marketplace manufacturing one of: caravan / shipping by land shipping by sea / water [*]two of: arresting criminals and/or jail courtroom governing body (king, council, etc) [*]Agriculture and Zoology three of: crop farming raising livestock fishing harvest time logging [*]brick-built animals -- Brick-built animals, birds, or fish, realistically rendered using advanced or innovative techniques. Number of animals should be commensurate with their scale -- three or more if they're approximately minifig sized. [*]Anthropology two of: city scene village life countryside scene tribal scene [*]life in Kaliphlin [*]two of: life in Avalonia life in Mitgardia life in Nocturnus life in Valyrio [*]Geography four of: mountains or cliffs oceanside or river scene forests swamp desert grasslands [*]Culture pick 2 of the following: Theater Music Art Current minimum subject count to graduate: 51 total, 24 technique-related, 27 content-related Cool. How do I get started? If you're a member of a Guild of Historica, just start building! If you're not, you'll need to join a guild first. See instructions in the first post of any of the guild threads. How do I post my MOCs? Post each MOC in its own thread. It would help if you prefixed the topic title with "UoP DoH"; also tag it with "Petraea University" and "Doctorate of Historica". In your post, be sure to indicate which subjects you would like this MOC to qualify for (up to a maximum of four). Then post a comment in this thread, with a link to your new topic. How does the Peer Review work? After you post an MOC, if four currently active Kaliphlin guildmembers approve of it, by posting comments stating "+1" or "I approve", then you're certified in that MOC's subjects. However, if three Kaliphlin guildmembers vote against certification, they can veto the approvals, even if four or more guildmembers approve. If someone posts a veto, they must also post a comment indicating why, and what you can do to improve the build so that it passes. I just built a great MOC (before DoH started) that covers some of the subjects; can I get credit for it? On joining the program, you may get four "advanced placement" credits for recently built MOCs. The MOCs must have been posted to Eurobricks on or after June 15th 2013. Just post a comment in this thread stating that you're joining the program, and you'd like credit for a previous build. Put in a link to the build (which must have been posted in GoH), and state which subjects you'd like credit for. It must go through the same peer review. Peer reviewers should post their comments in the MOC's topic, not this one. Can I use MOCs that I'm also building for another challenge or contest? Yes, you can. This program is all about improving your building skills, and if you do some great work for a challenge or contest or whatever, and want to get credit for it, that's fine. But make sure that it's really a good example of the subjects and techniques. Do I have to post the MOCs in the Guilds of Historica forum? Your MOCs must be posted in the Guilds of Historica forum or LEGO Historic Themes forum. It is OK if they have been posted somewhere else first. To ensure that most reviewers see your MOC, we recommend you post it in the Guilds of Historica forum. Can I just quickly build a bunch of mediocre MOCs and get my titles? You could, if you could convince the peer-reviewers to certify your builds. But you'd only be fooling yourself. And your mediocre builds would be up here for everyone to see. Is that worth a lousy title? This program is not about the titles, it's all about improving your techniques and styles, and getting you experience in building across a wide range of subjects. So I'm reviewing someone's build, and it's pretty good, but not stellar. Do I approve it? Tough call, right? Well, the goal of the program is that everyone who completes it will have demonstrated basic mastery of the techniques and subjects. That doesn't mean they have to be world-class in those techniques, but the quality should be high enough that you can say, "Yes, they know what they're doing when it comes to that technique." The key phrase is "basic mastery" -- you have to demonstrate mastery, not just crank out a small, mediocre MOC that checks the boxes, but on the other hand, that mastery is "basic", not amazing, or world-class, or even innovative. OK, basic mastery works for technique-related subjects, but how should I judge content-related subjects? When building for the content-related subjects, students should ensure that the build fully explores the subject. Since these subjects are not testing mastery of a building technique, students need to demonstrate instead that they can create a build that represents a well-thought-out and fully realized scene concerning the subject. Reviewers should expect that the build does not just present a small, standard representation of the subject. Let's take the example of the crop-farming subject. Is it enough to show a farmer tending to a single plant? Perhaps, if the plant and scene were really exceptional, but most likely not. How about a row of crops, with a farmer and a scarecrow? That's getting better, and if very well done, it could be approved. How about several rows of different types of crops, with several farmers doing different tasks (one weeding, one harvesting, one planting), a scarecrow, a farm cart and horse, a barn, and some good landscaping. Assuming the build quality is good, that is definitely a well-thought out build that well represents the subject, and would be easily approved. How long is the program? The program is currently open-ended. Work at your own pace. This is not a race, and you're not competing against anyone. It's about you advancing your building techniques and styles. I'm in a different guild; can I participate? Definitely! University of Petraea has a very diverse student body, from all over Historica. As long as you can pay tuition, you're welcome here. Speaking of tuition, what if I can't pay? No problem! See our financial aid office. You might want to bring a wagon to carry back all to forms you'll have to fill out. You may also pay in chickens, fresh salmon, and dark chocolate. How do we track who has been certified for which subjects and disciplines? You are responsible for tracking your own progress through the program. You should do this in the DoH Registrar's thread. Make one and only one post in this thread where you'll track your own progress. When you complete an MOC, edit your post and add the MOC. Once the MOC has been certified for its subjects, edit the post again, and update that MOC's entry to reflect the certifications. So your one post in that thread will have a list of your MOCs, and for each MOC, a list of the certifications achieved. You might want to keep a count of total certifications at the top or bottom of your post, along with any interim degrees you've achieved so far. What happens when I complete the entire program? You get the praise and admiration of your fellows! Plus, you receive the title of Professor of Historica, are qualified to lecture at the university, and can use the faculty lounge and golf course. Do I receive any titles after completing some of the program but not all of it? Various titles are granted or in common use for students in the program, although students generally don't use the lower-ranking titles (Apprentice, Novice) except in a derogatory fashion. Once you are certified in a subject, you're considered an Apprentice in that subject's discipline. If you meet all the requirements for a discipline, you are a Tradesman or Bachelor in that discipline. Once you acquire three Tradesman or Bachelor degrees, you attain the title of Master. Once you acquire two Masters (or six Tradesmans or Bachelors), you attain the title of Doctor. After three builds you're considered a Novice, regardless of whether you've completed any disciplines. After seven builds, you're considered an Adept, regardless of whether you've completed any disciplines. I have a great idea for a build; can I substitute this idea for a subject? Yes it is possible, although not common. You may apply for a substitution by sending a PM to the Assistant Dean for the DoH Program (NiceMarmot) or the University President (SkaForHire). Note that allowed substitutions are rare, and are mostly granted only for extreme shortage of bricks. What qualifies for the "Advanced SNOT" building subject? SNOT is Studs Not On Top, but you probably knew that. Advanced SNOT is a bit of a "I'll know it when I see it" subject. The reviewers should be flexible about techniques, but still hold students to a high standard. Recommended techniques and styles include having studs pointing in at least three different directions, using multiple types of SNOT bricks, and having studs at angles other than 90 and 180 degrees to horizontal. Using a few headlight bricks, Travis/Dalek bricks, or 1x1 bricks with stud on the side to put a few tiles or slopes at 90 degrees is not going to cut it. There are many good discussions of SNOT available on the InterScrolls; the University can recommend Didier Enjary's classic Advanced Building Techniques Guide. How do the roofing, wall, and tree subjects work exactly? Regarding the roofing and wall subjects: The text "Each technique is a separate certification" means that each technique can be separately judged -- a judge could approve one technique and deny another, even in the same build. They are each different subjects as it were, and count towards the maximum of four subjects per build. However, the trees subject is just one subject, as is the brick-built animals subject, and they only count as one subject each towards the maximum, even though you (may) have to build multiple trees / animals. In fact, it is acceptable to spread these subjects over multiple builds, acquiring partial credit with each build -- there is no need to have all the different types of trees in one build. Just make sure you ask in your final build for final certification, and reference the previous builds. If you do spread them over multiple builds, they only count towards the maximum per build in the final build. How big do my builds have to be? For most subjects, there is no minimum or maximum size. See subject definitions above, as some do specify a size. However, your builds should be large enough to clearly demonstrate your mastery of the technique or subject. In some cases this could be done with a very small build, but in most cases a larger build will be required. The University finds that most students have success with builds of 16x16 or larger. Remember the goal of the program is not to crank through the subjects with the minimum effort possible, but instead to push yourself and advance your own building styles and techniques. You should be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. I built a huge MOC; can I get more certification in more than four subjects for it? Very large and diverse builds may request more than the standard maximum of four subjects. Each request will be reviewed individually by the Assistant Dean for the DoH Program (NiceMarmot) and/or the University President (SkaForHire), with input from the peer reviewers. Even if the build itself is huge, the area representing each subject must still be a decent size. In general, don't bother asking for an exception for builds that are smaller than two 32x32 baseplates. I spilled shadows all over my term paper, blurred it quite a bit, and wrote it on top of a picture of my bedroom; is that OK? The University is known throughout the world for its very high standards, both for its professors and its students. We expect the highest quality work from our students, and therefore will not accept work that is out-of-focus, dark, has distracting backgrounds, or is otherwise of low quality and care. Lousy photography is not subject at this university! Students are advised to take their time, get some good lighting, and at a minimum, put a sheet, towel, or posterboard/foamcore behind their builds. There is plenty of good advice on taking photos of builds on Eurobricks. Can I use an LDD build? The university prides itself on being on the leading edge of education technology! So LDD builds are acceptable for DoH credit. However, judging of LDD builds will be at a higher level, as you are not constrained by your brick collection. So the judges should have higher expectations and criteria for LDD builds. I don't like some decision made by the reviewers / the University / etc; can I appeal? We are working on developing a Board of Appeals for the program. More information to follow. Contact NiceMarmot or SkaForHire directly in the meantime. Or just revise your MOC and suck it up ;-) I posted a build, and requested certification in four subjects, but have been denied one of the subjects; can I ask for a certification in a new subject for the same build? You may retract a requested subject, even after it has been denied, and request certification in a different subject in the same build. For instance, if you requested certification in advanced SNOT for a build, along with three other subjects, but get feedback that your SNOT is not so advanced after all, you can retract it and request a different subject for the same build, e.g. roofing. You may do this twice per build. Can I build anything I want? Yes, but builds which bring the good name of Petraea University and its inestimable staff into disrepute are not permitted. Is hazing allowed? Absolutely. However, make sure you leave no permanent marks or damage. Will I be taught by Prof Frankenstein or Prof Leibniz? You should be so lucky! Faculty assignments are posted outside the Registrar's office. I'm a werewolf from Nocturnus; can I eat my fellow students during the full moon? Absolutely no consumption of fellow students, staff, or faculty allowed. Punishable by banishment to the Null Void. And believe us, we have professors who can definitely send you there! Is University of Petraea going to win the big game against Qarkyr Tech this year? Definitely! The Sand-Worms are going to stomp all over those lousy Miners! Go Worms!
  2. This thread is to be used for tracking your builds for the University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica program. You are responsible for tracking your own progress through the program in this thread. How? Make one and only one post in this thread where you'll track your own progress. When you complete an MOC, edit your post and add the MOC, including a link to its post. Once the MOC has been certified for its subjects, edit the post again, and update that MOC's entry to reflect the certifications. So your one post in that thread will have a list of your MOCs, and for each MOC, a list of the certifications achieved. There's no need to list the certifications that you're going for in the MOC, until it's actually certified (you put those in the MOC's actual post). You might want to keep a count of total certifications at the top or bottom of your post, along with any interim degrees you've achieved so far. What format should I use for my post? It doesn't matter too much, but here's an example: NiceMarmot RTD Tongue of a Bandit - certifications: Minifig Posing, History etc... # Certifications: 8 Degrees: Bachelors in History Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Post them in the main Doctorate of Historica thread, so we don't clutter this thread up. Thanks!
  3. mrcp6d

    Death in the Rafters

    As a journeyman Dragonslayer walks through the halls of Drakken Keep, another hunter stalks her prey... I submitted this as a CCC entry this year, and used my Safe Haven assassin and a Dragonslayer "armor off" concept that didn't make the cut. It;s good to actually build something! Are we still doing Doctorate of Historica? If so, I request UoP credit for Windows & Window Frames if there are any Kaliphlinites still on the forum. C&C Appreciated!
  4. Some years ago . . . When Mateus first tried to farm, things did not go well. It turns out, Kaliphlin sand is not particularly fertile, and nothing grew. After a lot of trial and error and blood and sweat and tears, he finally came up with a solution. By adding a mix of eastern Avalonian soil and chobo droppings imported from Muninn, Mateus finally managed to get crops to grow in the hostile Kaliphlin environment. (Thank you mccoyed for the droppings!) I like the organic build shape and the way the ground texturing and changes in elevation came out. I struggled with creating a visually pleasing base that worked with the shape, though. The pattern of 1x2 palisade bricks and 1x1 round bricks works best of the the options I tried, but . . . it just doesn't look as polished as I would like. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome! I would like to claim the following UoP DoH credits: - General Building (Other Techniques): Forced Perspective (edit: withdrawn) - Agriculture and Zoology: Crop Farming - Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin
  5. The Grand Lawn at Petraea University is an artful creation. Designed by Professor Oyal, and maintained by second and third year mage adepts; the Grand Lawn is a favorite of study groups and professorial lectures. Kaliphlin dignitaries have also been known to address their people in this idyllic place. --------------------------- Eight weeks ago: Minister Aturl Prndrn called together all the remaining Nestlands soldiers, mages and volunteers who served during the Revolword War. PU Overall by gedren_y, on Flickr They gathered in a circle at the northwest corner of the Grand Lawn, where the Kaliphlin and Avalonia walls meet. To the Minister's left: PU Gathering 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr The Minister's dedicated guardsman, Sdair Zuuree(gedren_y). PU Gathering 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr Aturl's longtime friend and companion, Namses Setesh. PU Gathering 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr Ehfrik Daffys PU Gathering 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr Munruh Kihllwhit, Icemaiden Ryssa Kend, and High Ministry Guard Shay Liih. PU Gathering 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr Hahndus Mohr and Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen Ruhgd M'Goll and Alsor Frggsun. To the Minister's right: PU Gathering 06 by gedren_y, on Flickr Sdair's younger brothers (twins), Lohp and Wahl Zuuree. PU Gathering 07 by gedren_y, on Flickr Kynkayd Hernbolnd and one of Namses Setesh's loyal guardsmen. PU Gathering 08 by gedren_y, on Flickr Fleshmage Neord Bloodmane. PU Gathering 09 by gedren_y, on Flickr Neord's apprentice, Olik Funrirr. ------------------------- "Now that everyone is here," Minister Prndrn began, "The strongboxes from the High Treasurer came today. Payment to date for most of you is ready now." Much of the group began talking at once. The Minister silenced this with a wave of his hand. "For our good volunteers, along with to date pay, I have service extension and release authority," the Minister continued, "And for our official guards, I have some new orders." "Oooh, goodie," Wahl drawled, "Ah 'aven't been able ta get in sum good pr'ctice wit me bow." Aturl glared at Wahl before he continued, "Wahl and Lohp, you two are being transferred to Captain Shay Liih's command. The High Ministry has decided that the three of you are needed in Cedrica, to shore up the city's depleted defenses." "Dat's hogwash," Wahl replied, "Don' get me wrong, M'nstr. Ahv' been wantn' ta see Cedrica lihk ma bro, but da three uv us won' really be that much help." "Yes, but the Drow invasion of Avalonia needs watching. That's your real mission," the Minister cut him off, "Relations with the Nocturnians are strained since the Black Spire's forces control most of Nocturnus now. We have to appear as neutral as possible, that's where Neord comes in." "It's official now?" Neord asked. "Yes, you are officially the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Nocturnus," the Minister answered, "I hear that you have a residence ready to go." Neord nods and replies, "Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere has given me the use of a fortified house on the edge of his lands. I already have it arranged to my liking." "Wonderful," Aturl sighed, then asked, "Is your apprentice Olik ready to take over your duties in Cobalt Vale?" Neord looks over at the young mage, smiles and nods. "The two of you will need to head back to Cobalt Vale tomorrow, so you can make arrangements for your new duties," the Minster continued, "Ryssa." "Yes, Minister?" Ryssa replied warily. "The Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen are under your command for the return trip," Aturl announced, "When you arrive, they will return to their garrison, but you will have to make the same preparations as Neord." "Then I'm?" Ryssa stammered. "Yes, the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Mitgardia," the Minister laughed his reply, "You, and those that go with you, will have a long sea voyage ahead of you. Lord Andrius Hierre will be shipping out from Berigora, on a voyage all the way to Thorshaven. There he'll help you make arrangements for offices, and an introduction to the Mitgardian Prime Minister." "Thank you, Minister," Ryssa mumbled, glassy-eyed. "Sdair," Aturl said, turning to his loyal guardsman, "I'm sorry to say that your payment will have to wait until you and I get to Lost Vega." "But, M'nstr," Sdair said cautiously, "Ah thought we wuz headin' home, too. Ya know I was plannin' . . ." "I know, Sdair," the Minister cut him off, "Your holy quest. When we get to Lost Vega, your pay to date will be ready, and you can leave my service. The casino heads there have assured me that they can get you to Sultan's Gate. There your Quest for the Egg can truly begin." "But M'nstr, I canna leave ya till yer safe home," Sdair argued. "Don't worry about me, Sdair," Aturl sighed, "I can arrange for guards in Lost Vega. Besides, I'm pretty good with a blade myself, remember?" "A'ight, M'nstr," Sdair conceded. "Ehfrik Daffys," the Minister continued, "I have to ask, are you ready for your release orders?" "Ah, weel, Ah wuz hopin' ta c'ntinuu wit Cap'n Shay Liih," Ehfrik replied, "Iffin she'll 'ave me." "I can sign extension authority over to her," Aturl agreed, "If she agrees. What do you say, Captain? Do you want him?" Shay Liih gives Ehfrik a considering look, then nods. "Done," the Minister decreed, then continuing down the line, "Munruh Kihllwhit, how about you?" "Ah'm of a mind ta see da ancestors' lands," Munru replied, "So, Ah'd lihk ta offer meself ta Miss Ryssa, here." Ryssa nods before Minister Aturl can even ask. "Alright," the Minister agrees, "Hahndus Mohr, you?" "Ah've seen ennuf warrin', but am willin' stay servin' yerself till ye see home," Hahndus answers, "Sdair's quest is a holy one, an' I wuldn't want 'im ta be worryin' 'bout you wiles 'e's on it." "Thank you," Aturl accepted, "And you, Kynkayd Hernbolnd?" "Ah'll be doin' de same as Sdair," Kynkayd said intently, "Da world need da Goddess sumthin' fierce, an' Ah mean ta do sumthin' about dat." Sdair gave a rare, wide smile and nodded. "Go on now," the Minister dismissed the group, "See to readying yourselves." As the different groups begin to form up, Namses Setesh sidles over to the Minister. "I and my guardsman are with you, my friend," he assures Aturl. The two friends embrace for a moment then head out. Sdair takes a moment to stop at Captain Shay Liih's group to say, "Ah hear dat Cedrica's got some verra old scrolls. Be lookin' fer some mention of da Egg, will ya?" "Will do," Shay Liih replies with a smile. It isn't long before the groups leave the Grand Lawn with purpose. ------------------------------------------- During the Nestlands meeting, there are still other things happening in the area. ------------ PU Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Above the Grand Lawn on the Catwalk, a newly ordained Priest of the Armored Eagle Goddess is demonstrating a ceremonial dance. PU Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr His mother, High Priestess Miisha, looks on proudly while Professor Illam Shiek'spar composes some verse about the dance. PU Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr An Avalonian nobleman's son is enjoying the spectacle, while his guardsman watches something in the sky with firm interest. ------------- PU Student 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Inside, a student rushes back to her dormitory with her part of a scavenger hunt in hand. PU Proposal 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr Hopefully she won't run into J'on as he proposes to Nefer-Amun-Nut. PU Proposal 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr --------------------------------- Here are some shots of the build w/out the figs. PU WO Yard 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Wall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Wall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Corner 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Catwalk 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Hall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr PU WO Hall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr (I am sorry about the quality of a couple of the shots. I have some better images of the figs on my Flickr photostream.) ------------------------------------------- Edit: I'd like to make the following Doctorate of Historica claim. Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin - 1 credit
  6. Old Elza the Sand Witch was cursed from a young age with powers ...or something, at least that's what I heard. Maybe she is just an old woman who lives alone on the outskirts of Eastgate. At least she doesn't have any cats. Requesting University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program in the following Categories: Architecture: Roofing (roof 1) Round Walls and Towers
  7. -Carson Haupt-

    Ch II - Prolouge - Black Crusade

    ...So you see, that is why the moon gets smaller and larger. Any more questions? Yes. Is it true that the Duke is a vampire?!? Hmm... I hadn't heard that. Tell me about it! Ok, here goes... As the civil war raged in Nocturnus, Cassius set out with a group of his most seasoned comrades. As they made their way to Abyssian, they were slowly picked off one by one, by the native tribes, hostile environment and rebel soldiers, until only the duke was left. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he came up over a ridge and there he saw it. A castle, black as night, jutting up out of the ruby sea that lat in front of him. He wasn't sure which side the mighty fortress was allied with, but he knew he had no other choice but to head towards it. Besides, they had most likely already spotted him. He paused, gathered his wits, and began the trek down to the gatehouse. When Cassius got there, he was greeted by an opening portcullis. He saw no guards, so he decided to head towards the tower. When he got to the door, it opened. Inside was a pale man, dressed in ruined court dress. Welcome to my tower. I am Lord Shirl. Come in. You must be tired. To this, Cassius replied, "Yes, and I am parched. May I please have something to drink?" Of course. Follow me. They soon arrived in a room overlooking the walls. In the center was a raised pedestal, with a plain stone cup of some strange liquid in it. Cassius suddenly realized it was blood. "I hope you don't mind, this is all I have. I'm sure you'll grow used to the taste... After all, I sure have." Cassius tried to run, but was frozen in place. The vampire lord picked up the chalice, tipped back the Avalonian's head, and poured the liquid down his throat. Cassius felt a sudden peace. All his worries and desires slipped away, like fog in the sun. Hssss he though, the sun. How he hated it. "There, isn't that better? Now, return to your pretty green country. Don't worry, thrall, your master will join you soon... And then, you will create any army for me, and I will rule again!" So there you have it. We're ruled by a vampire. That's just plain stupid. Heck, that's stupider than the myth that Mitgardian ladies have beards! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew! Glad I got that posted. This challenge has been a blast to build for, and I really enjoyed it! I'd also like to claim the following: Forced perspective Roofing #1 C&c appreciated!
  8. -Carson Haupt-

    Drowned Town

    On the far western border of Burnby, there is a town that dates from the time of the Kaliphlin Conquest. When the guilds were formed, it was abandoned in favor of newer settlements. However, over time, the river Avonmora, once the lifeblood of the town, grew until it covered the entire valley. Only the tallest buildings poked above the water. Nobody knows exactly when, but sometime in the last three hundred years the area was resettled by exiles from both Mitgardia and Kaliphlin. They fashioned homes out of wood, and built them on top of the ruins. Now they fly the Avalonian colors. Fishing is a major part of their economy. Guards are posted to keep an eye out for bears in the winter months. They like to steal the fish. People store and gut fish away from their homes, so that they will stay clean. The organs are thrown back into the river, so that the May nourish the other fish and continue the cycle. Due to all the fish, there is a large cat population. Since they have no farmland or animals, a lot of the supplies must be imported. Using barges made of logs, they float up and down the river, selling fish and trading for supplies. While they're traveling, the rivermen live in their barges. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was one of those really fas builds. I really enjoyed building it, and hope you like looking at it! I'd also like to claim the following: Shipping by Water Fishing Oceanside or river scene C&c welcome!