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Found 41 results

  1. Ninja-go to 2018 for new sets and cool stuff. More movie sets? Motorcycle gangs? Outrageous! 70633: Kai - Spinjitzu Master 70634: Nya - Spinjitzu Master 70635: Jay- Spinjitzu Master 70636: Zane - Spinjitzu Master 70637: Cole - Spinjitzu Master 70638: Katana V11 70639: Street Race of Snake Jaguar 70640: S.O.G Headquarters 70641: Ninja Nightcrawler 70642: Killow vs Samurai X 70643: Temple of Resurrection
  2. Lego Harry Potter (2018) ---- August 1st Release: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall - $99.99 878 pieces Press Statement: 75953: Hogwarts Whomping Willow - $79.99 Press release 75955: The Hogwarts Expresss - $79.99 Press release 75956: Quidditch Match - $39.99 Press release
  3. Here follows are the current confirmed upcoming Lego Marvel Superheroes themed sets, for early 2018 release: Additional Content Forthcoming...
  4. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Speed Champions sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  5. Here follows are the current confirmed upcoming Lego DC Superheroes themed sets, for early 2018: January Wave: #76096: Superman Krypto Team-Up - $19.99 Pieces: ?? #76097: Lex Luthor Mech Takedown - $39.99 Pieces: ?? #76098: Speed Force Freeze Pursuit - $29.99 Pieces: ??
  6. Peppermint_M

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Alrighty then, we're not finished visiting Elvendale! Discuss 41190: Emily Jones' Eagle Escape 41191: 41192: Axari and the Capture of the Pound Lion 41193: Aira and the Wind Song Dragon 41194: Noctura Tower and the Rescue of the Earth Fox
  7. 42071: Dozer Compactor Pieces: 171 RRP: $19.99 42072: WHACK! Pieces: 135 RRP: $19.99 42073: BASH! Pieces: 139 RRP: $19.99 42074: Racing Yacht Pieces: 330 RRP: $39.99 42075: First Responder 42076: Hovercraft 42077: Rally Car 42078: Mack Anthem 42084: Hook Loader Pieces: 176 RRP: $14.99
  8. 75930 – LEGO® Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate$129.99, 1,019 pieces 75926 – LEGO® Pteranodon Chase$19.99, 126 pieces 75927 – LEGO® Stygimoloch Breakout$29.99, 222 pieces 75928 – LEGO® Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit$39.99, 397 pieces 75929 – LEGO® Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape $79.99, 577 pieces 10756 – LEGO® Pteranadon Escape $19.99, 84 pieces 10757 – LEGO® Raptor Rescue Truck$24.99, 85 pieces 10758 – LEGO® T. rex Breakout$49.99, 150 pieces 10879 – LEGO® Gentle Giants Petting Zoo$19.99, 24 pieces 10880 – LEGO® T. rex Tower$29.99, 22 pieces
  9. According to @Sir von Lego in the Architecture 2017 topic, TLG will release Las Vegas and Shanghai skylines next year.
  10. LegoFjotten

    [MOC] Captain Nemo's car

    This is a small build for the Eurobricks 2018 event in Billund. The goal was to build a car in the Speed Champions style, either an actual car or a movie car. Since I'm not a car buff I opted for the latter. The car is Captain Nemo's car, from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I took some creative liberties to make it more Speed Champions like rather than going for accuracy. Comments are welcome, and check out my Flickr for higher resolution photos! Wasn't quite sure which forum this belonged in, but since it's a steampunk car it ended up here.
  11. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  12. ElectroDiva

    2018 Lego Trains

    I think it's high time we started a 2018 Lego Trains thread after a pretty disappointing 2017. 2018 has to be an improvement right? Quite a few people seem to believe that there is a "pattern" to the City train releases and according to this pattern we should expect a new Passenger Train, Cargo Train and Train Station in 2018. @Duq explained the pattern very well on the 2017 Trains thread. In addition to these expected releases, there is also a rumour that the next modular building could be a central train station. Personally I find that a bit hard to believe but you never know!
  13. Confirmed! From 414514145241453414544145541775 – Unikitty Series CMF Collection Discuss!
  14. The upcoming 42082 Rough terrain crane has inspired a whole list of possible improvements because I believe that at this scale some cool functions could/should be modeled (in random order): Two stage outriggers, preferably PF controlled Multiple steering modes (minimal 2: 4WS and front wheel steering) Pendular front axle Luffing jib, folding away against the boom Second winch for secondary hook Replace LA’s which lift the boom with an actuator with a longer stroke for bigger range in the boom angle Cosmetic changes to cabin, engine cover and upper structure to resemble real cranes more like Grove or Terex Some of these are probably overly ambitious and I’m not claiming to be able build all these MODs in one single model, but I am curious to see how far I can take this. My first step is to take a look at possible two stage outriggers. So far I’m tinkering in LDD to find mechanisms for the horizontal stage which are rigid enough to support the Crane and compact enough to fit on both ends of the 42082. I think it must be possible to fit the outriggers in a module measuring 5x7x23 studs. The ultimate goal would be to lift the crane from its wheels, but considering the size and weight of the 42082, I would be happy if the outriggers can simply provide actual support. Progress so far:
  15. And lo, another wave come-eth. Yes, it is @x105Black's nightmares come true. (All meant in good jest and humour) As it seems there will be more Nexo Knights. 72001 Lance's Hiver Jouster 72002 Twinfector 72003 Berserker Bomber 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown 72005 Aaron's X-Bow 72006 Axl's Rolling Arsenal
  16. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please. Edit by Pandora to add High-Res pictures. 2018 LEGO Friends Sets 41327 Mia's Bedroom 41328 Stephanie's Bedroom 41329 Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 41332 Emma's Art Stand 41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle 41334 Andrea's Park Performance 41335 Mia's Tree House 41336 Emma's Art Café 41338 Stephanie's Sports Arena 41339 Mia's Campervan 41340 Friendship House 41341 Andrea's Bedroom 41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store 41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre 41347 Heartlake City Resort 41348 Service and Care Truck 41349 Drifting Diner 41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash 41351 Creative Tuning Shop 41352 The Big Race Day 41353 Friends Advent Calendar No pictures yet. 41346 Friendship Box Friends Juniors Sets 10748 Emma's Pet Party 10749 Mia's Organic Food Market 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House Polybags 30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat No pictures yet 30404 Friendship Flower 30405 Stephanie's Hockey Practice No pictures yet Pods 853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod 853775 Andrea's DJ Pod 853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod 853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod 5005236 Friends Clubhouse
  17. -Small Mulan set -Cinderella Castle -The Little Mermaid Wedding Ship -Sleeping Beauty Castle set (with Maleficent!) -Small Frozen set with Elsa and Olaf The The Little Mermaid Wedding Ship can be seen in this clip: It looks like they will introduce a new micro-doll (?) mold to make the Sleeping Beauty fairies Merryweather appears in the Sleeping Beauty caslte set as a micro-doll
  18. Long-time member, sometime speaker. I thought it was time to get more active in the AFOL community, so I've started a YouTube channel. The first batch of videos will consist of my reviews of the new Harry Potter sets and Collectable Minifigure Series. Please find the first video, a review of the polybag 30407: Harry's Journey to Hogwarts, below. I'll add more reviews as I make them. Apologies for the varying picture quality. It's my first try! And I'm thinking: I should probably include more close-ups of the actual LEGO next time... Still, I hope this proves useful and/or entertaining to you. Thanks!
  19. Tree of Worlds Each year, a group of Eurobricks members meet together in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the annual Lego convention Brickworld Chicago, to construct one large and crazy collaborative build. This is the result: This year, 18 members of our online community came together to build one crazy display--a massive free-standing tree, six feet tall, holding on the end of its mythical branches, Elemental Worlds--realms embodying all of the most important elements of the universe. This build took a year of planning, building, headaches, and Swedish Fish to construct, transport, rebuild, and finally display to the public and private attendees this past weekend. To build the tree itself, a small number of us met up a for a few weekends prior to the event to pre-build the entire piece. This worked wonders, as it meant we didn't have to build on theory...until we arrived and found out we didn't organize well enough and had to rebuild half the trunk from scratch... One of the coolest aspects of the tree was that it was situated on the convention floor, in a wide open space. Utilizing planning and generous fire safety regulations, we are able to position the tree in a vast wide open space, which meant that all the aisles in the hall seemed to lead to it. This made the display a landmark of the convention, so much so that we noticed people start to use it as a meeting-point. For those interested in logistical construction, we supported the tree with a simple wooden frame (somewhat visible on the progress picture above). It was...mostly successful! Additionally, we must thank LEGO themselves for their great Event Support program (via their Ambassador Program)--which allowed us to buy many many many more brown bricks that we thought we'd need at an affordable rate. We otherwise would not have been able to build this creation. --- So who built this? Eurorbricks--that's who! Well more accurately, a number of Eurobricks members did: Front Row, Left to Right: @Hinckley, @Quarryman, @Ryushi, @CorneliusMurdock, @soccerkid6, @LittleJohn Second Row, Left to Right: @Darkdragon, @ZCerberus, @Kristel, @Captain Nemo, @MKJoshA Third Row, Left to Right: @Prune Face, (Tree), @Silver.Smith, @Rogue Angel, @Gideon, @Vincent Kessels Not Present at Convention: @Bob De Quatre @RoxYourBlox ---- Who Built What? Each member of the collab built a realm on a branch and/or helped construct the tree itself. The Ice Realm, by @Gideon, who also apparently took 1000 photos at the convention, many of which are shown here. The Night Realm by @Kristel--her Dragon was nominated for Best was also at one point destroyed after a great fall and had to be rebuilt...thanks in no part to unnamed persons who know who they is Edit Z- There was one sober person there... he takes no responsibility for the incident. The Gem Realm, by @Quarryman, who also came so close to finishing his individual build this year! Edit:Z- Quarry was also nominated for Best Land Vehicle for another build! The Harvest Realm, by brother builders @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn. This was their first Brickworld Chicago, and we were very excited to have them join the team...and teach them the important lesson that you need to put Technic in heavy things if you want it to hang upside down. Edit Z- Little John was nominated for Best Teen Creation and SoccerKid6 was nominated for Best Individual Layout and won a Judge’s Award for their castley creations. Speaking of heavy things, @MKJoshA built the Earth Realm--which ended up being too heavy for the tree when it snapped a branch overnight (although for the record, all the sober members were not in the convention hall at the time of the incident...) So we were forced to make a quick fix by moving his realm to a nearby table and moving the Bee to the end of the branch. So...sorry again Josh! The Water Realm, built by @Captain Nemo, because of course. Edit Z- Nemo wracked up 4 more nominations for Best Creature, Best Sea Vessel, Best Large Building and Brick World Master! The Heart Realm, by @CorneliusMurdock, who we apparently don't love enough, because we broke his heart like three times. The Thirst Realm, by @Darkdragon, ironically located next to the Water Realm and under the furnaces of the Forge Realm. Dark Dragon also won the award for Best Train, which was part of her individual layout. The Forge Realm, by @Silver.Smith, with a very cool Forge Deity. The Nature Realm, by @Rogue Angel, which contained numerous flowers that were constantly knocked off. The Nebula Realm, by @Hinckley. The fire ship on his realm was nominated for, and won, best Sea Vessel. Edit Z- Hinckley also took home a small brick for his Best Large Building! Additional Builds In addition to the Tree itself, we constructed numerous other builds to decorate the display. Builders: @Captain Nemo (Dragon Snake, Bear, Dream-Catcher) @Hinckley (Bee, Beehive, Mushroom) @Ryushi (Greenery placement) @ZCerberus (Frogs, Flowers) @Bob De Quatre (Stag Hall Design), @Prune Face (Lighting) Edit Z- Ryushi captured a big brick for Best Replica and ZCerberus got the nod for Best Spacecraft thanks to table space donated by Hinck and Nemo! Transformation One of the best things about the display was that it transformed. During the annual World of Lights (in which the convention hall lights are turned off, leaving only lights on the builds) the tree transformed from a mythical representation of the universe to that of a physical one--with the realms becoming floating planets. Accolades The Tree of Worlds was awarded the Best Group Display at Brickworld Chicago 2018. This is the third consecutive win for Eurobricks! The Fire Ship won the award for Best Sea Vessel and the Night Dragon was nominated for Best Creature. Additionally, our very own Root-Admin @Hinckley finally won the prestigious Brickworld Master award. -- Finally I'd like to thank everyone once again who participated in this undertaking that was our display! It was a lot of hard work but we are very happy to show off the results. If you would like to see more images, please view the Flickr Pages of Gideon and Hinckley
  20. There will be 7 sets to be released next January
  21. Three years ago, I bought a large amount of the exclusively new "Kashyyyk battle pack" sets. Agreed by everyone, the primary reason for these sets were the highly detailed Scout trooper, whilst lurking in the background, remained the non-cannon Kashyyyk clone trooper. Although, the value for the ordinary troop barely suffices over £5, there was a rather stranger peculiar misprint, which was briefly spotted 2 days prior construction. This misprint, annoyingly encouraged me to discard the misprint, however with conversations with Lego, a replacement was offered. Fortunately, I still have this misprinted helmet piece, where the front facing detail is reversed, meaning that the front helmet is plain, olive green, whilst the detailing is behind. Anyone have any clue, on the value behind this misprint? Please find the image attached below. Kind regards,
  22. Let's keep them all in one thread for clarity, shall we? I will be adding videos to this first post as they are released. Be advised of the possible animal content, including angry hamsters and sleepy pugs ;) First, the 42078 Mack Anthem: 42077 Rally Car: 42076 Hovercraft: 42075 First Responder: 42074 Racing Yacht: 42071 Dozer Compactor:
  23. Some of you may remember that last fall there was some sort of dicussion concerning a blade piece, which at the time was going to debut in a 2018 Ninjago set. While it clearly looked like a piece designed with constraction in mind, it made its first appearance in a System set. Some of us, me included, thought it could be a hint that something was about to happen in the constraction departement. As we all know, it wasn't the case, but simply because we were looking in the wrong direction: it wasn't a hint about constraction's near future, but about its near past. Infact, once I got my hands on the piece thanks to Bricklink, I immediately noticed a tiny detail... (sorry for potato quality) As you can somewhat see, the piece was trademarked in 2016, and yet we get to see it only in 2018. But why? Because it was a piece designed for BIONICLE G2's third year. Since development of new sets usually happens at least 12 months before they hit stores, it's highly possibile that in late 2015 designers were already working on 2017 sets, and this blade piece was on of those that was fully designed before the decision to axe the line was made. Since it already was in their pool of "trademarked pieces", why not using it? And there we are. Sure, this is not a 100% foolproof theory, but because of the year printed on the blade and the fact we first saw it only in 2018, I don't think there are many other alternatives. Chances are that we might see more "unreleased pieces" in the near future, since it's safe to assume a huge chunk of G2's third year was already designed when the reboot was canned.