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Found 36 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* There are many reasons that those who indulge in greed are weakened. As you claw and sweep others' treasures towards yourself, you'll find--like the millions before you-- that having more will not--cannot--create the happiness you lack. Quite the opposite, and the explanations of why are many. That's just one problem with hoarding material riches: the more that you have, the more you have to lose. Imperials plunder the galaxy as if they are its rightful owners. Like spoiled children, like the tyrant kings of old, they look on the earnings and the heirlooms of the galaxy and demand they be given the best. No one gives it to them, so they kill, and they take. And then they have to squirrel it all away somewhere safe so that no one can ever do the same to them. The Imperial Cargo Hulk slid like a glacier through the darkness of space. This huge gray thing, this gargantuan pyramid that pushed steadily on, its treasure trove of dull-colored cargo containers locked in behind. It was a bloated whale, rich with oil. Three ships accompanied the beast: two Gozanti-class freighters, weighed down with spoils of their own, and an Arquitens-class Light Cruiser; a floating slab of durasteel stuffed full of TIE Fighters and spotted with guns. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Four starships shot out of hyperspace. Lo, came the hunting party. With no hesitation, they moved to engage. Mandalorian warriors and ships funded by the considerable wealth of Atrisia and a coalition of sympathetic CFS member worlds. The best warriors in the galaxy, a well-laid plan, and a blank check. They came to take the whale. A Teroch-type gunship--a modified heavy-hitter from the old Mandalorian Wars--took aim at the cruiser, the biggest threat by far. The cracking blue ray of an Ion beam erupted from the Teroch's focusing dish and struck the cruiser. Blue sparks arced along its surface as the ship listed to the side. The two Gozanti's banked to intercede, but as the Teroch--the Mando'a word for "pitiless"--disabled the cruiser, the D5-Mantis (a Mandalorian classic) and YV929 (a brick filled with weapons) swept past and descended on the freighters like birds of prey. A flurry of screaming missiles raced out from the Mantis and under, smashing both ships' TIE complements to spacedust. The Imperial professionals on board readied their counter attack, but Mandalorians hadn't held their own against Jedi without leaning into surprise: while the Imperial pilots and gunners sighted in on the Mantis and YV929, the breach alarms went off. A boarding party, but with no sign of a docking ship. This maneuver had been carefully-coordinated, long-practiced, and perfected by the disciplined soldiers of Clan Eldar: Dozens of super commandos launched themselves from the Mantis and 929 at the right moment and used a combination of momentum and jetpack thrust to land on the Gozanti, only seconds after the missiles had hit their targets. Now, at once on both Imperial freighters, they tore through the interior hallways amidst clouds of smoke, blasters ringing in the deaths of the Stormtroopers on board. The warriors aboard the Teroch disembarked similarly onto the ILC, but unlike the freighters, leaving the ILC in a flyable state didn't concern them. Teams of three landed and set charges while the ILC sat ion-dazed and silent. The next step would be the most dangerous: they ran along the surface and jumped, pushing away from the cruiser by way of their jetpacks. A trigger man on board the Teroch pulled the switch and the seismic charges blew simultaneously. As though pulling in matter around them, the implosions deadened all sound. Then, at the deepest silence, blue rings rippled outward in a concussive burst that carved its way through the hull of the cruiser, but caught and sent the Mandalorians hurtling toward their target. The Cargo Ship. The Mantis and 929 strafed the behemoth's surface guns while the Teroch held its ion beam and the fourth ship--a modified ARC-170-- launched anti-hull missiles at the crippled cruiser. The ARC buzzed like a hornet, sending a torpedo screaming straight down the ship's gullet into its central hanger. Fire blossomed out and vanished as the ship crumpled in on itself. Paralyzed and pulverized, the cruiser was done. The last squads aboard the Gozanti freighters finished checking supply closets and maintenance tunnels. Shouts of victory filled the halls, a Mandalorian cry to signal a battle won. They had the ships. A small crew was left on each while their comrades left the airlock. With forty flares of jetpack thrust they left the freighters for the channel of space between them and the Cargo ship, drifting to join their brethren. The Mantis and 929 dipped towards them, slowing in place for the soldiers to latch on, before slingshotting them to their destination. Intentional to avoid the boarding parties, they joined the Teroch and ARC-170 in picking away the rest of the surface guns. 60 Mandalorians landed on the Imperial Cargo Hulk, managing only a 20 seconds difference. Group by group, they breached airlocks, hulls, and the bridge itself. Precision that comes with centuries of battle. Perhaps you're worried you might unknowingly face a similar wrath one day. But this did not come from nowhere, it was far from unprovoked. An Imperial Remnant had done what greed makes all men do: they had taken what was not theirs. Lucky for you, you can learn from their mistake. ______________________________________________________________ More Pictures Notes Thanks for looking!
  2. CaptainPolluxofOrion

    Kalmar Nyckel - LEGO Contest, ends in March 2021

    Hi, yesterday i was searching for pictures of the "Kalmar Nyckel" for my WIP Moc "Parrot". There i a website of this Ship, the "Kalmar Nyckel" On this website i found a page with a Lego Contest ending on March 1st 2021. There are 3 Categories: 1. Build a ship with bricks in real. 2. Build a ship with the Studio 2.0 Software 3. Build the Kalmar Nyckel or the USS Delaware Attack Submarine. This Ship will then be used by Kids on all Shipbuilding Days. (Only Summarize, more info on the Website) There is also the opportunity to build spaceship on the first 2 categories. Dont know how active the Space Theme is on eurobricks. Maybe i also post it there. I myself will try to build a Ship on Studio, maybe not the Kalmar Nyckel. Would be a bit too advanced for me, at this point. Would love to see some Models made by you. And i think there is some who could make an awesome representation of the Kalmar Nyckel.
  3. *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Well known for it's orbital shipyards, Kuat is a prime target for the Alliance. Believing the planet to be relatively undefended given recent rebel activities in other sectors, the rebels launch a surprise attack. Still, the shipyards were still defended by three ISDs: the Viceroy, the Impermanence and the Ring Guardian. With all fighters deployed, the rebels must take down the shipyards before imperial reinforcements arrive... Ambush over Kuat by simulterious, on Flickr MOCS and MODS used (most are just duplicates in the photo): A-wing by simulterious, on Flickr Y-wing [1] by simulterious, on Flickr Star destroyer by simulterious, on Flickr Nebulon B frigate by simulterious, on Flickr X-wing by simulterious, on Flickr Tie Interceptor by simulterious, on Flickr
  4. Seeing all these social media posts with pictures of yourself from many years ago, I got to thinking about BoBS and shipbuilding in general. While a few players come here as expert ship builders, most of us start out less so. It may seem daunting for new players to see some of the masterpieces some builders here deliver. Hence, it came to me that it may be both fun and inspirational for all to see how we have each progressed in our building skills. So allow me to lead by example - I hope others will join in and share their own progress. My first vessel for BoBS, the small xebec "Sphinx": And my latest, the class 4 lugger "Defiant" (now sistershipped as the Audacious): I think I can safely say that I am quite happy with my progress in almost all aspects. It is fun to me to realise that in fact they use very similar techniques with hinge plates. Bonus: Show me what you've got!
  5. Hey there, I wonder if anyone is interested in seeing smaller and or bigger Lego engine pieces. You know those light bluish grey engine block pieces, connecting rods and yellow piston pieces? Smaller and bigger versions of those. Smaller versions can be used to put inside a moc built locomotive, boat or possibly a semi or even pneumatic engines. Bigger ones could be used for huge ships or pneumatic engines. So what do you guys think about this? I could design these things and open a bricklink store for you to buy. Let me know, I think it's a useful idea...
  6. Caspothelegobuilder

    HMS Poseidon MOC

    i also made a youtube video about it, but that was a long time ago, when it still looked ugly, really smart of me ofc
  7. Sebeus I

    LW 2019: Windfall Island

    I wasn't going to post this initially but decided to do so anyway, It's going to take some time before it gets into the next stage. Windfall Island, as it was when I presented it at Lego World Copenhagen in Februari; I apologise for the quality of the pictures, the lighting on these events is rarely optimal for taking sharp pictures. One of the latest additions was the Firenze-style tower, which served as the most prominent and tallest building in the center of the town. It is however going to be replaced later. For the next time I exhibit the Island I'll be bringing smaller ships along, these big ones tend to obstruct the view. The northern cliffs, with the small soldier fortress on it, is currently being completely reworked into actual cliffs. The light bluish grey rocks were from the beginning a temporary solution to compensate for the lack of bricks and allow me to present a complete Island in the earlier phases. Time for some closer views . There are quite some rough edges still. I can tell you it's not evident to keep up the quality of a MOC this big, especially considering it has to be moved time from time. I don't know where that guy got his drink, the bar isn't finished yet. Good old Redbeard seems to have chosen this place to spend his retirement days. On this side I originally intended to have a complex structure of piers and scaffolding which I would have called 'Little Venice'. I'm not sure now if I'll ever build that part. The greatest challenge remains transport solutions. Well, I hope you like it. It might look quite different once finished. If you were interested in some of the ships part of this display, these can be found on this forum (some of them are quite old though); Christine, HMS Elizabeth, Red Beard Runner, HMS Marianne, Flying Dutchman, Piercing Flame, Raging Fire, Trading ship.
  8. Ape Fight

    From a LEGO catalogue circa 1995

    Got my Town out of the loft the other day, thought some of the pictures might bring back fond memories of the way Town used to be All the pics are on and a description (plus all the pictures) can be found on MOCpages here
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] LaPetunia

    A fast and maneuverable little skiff she is ain't she? The Captain swigged another swallow of Bru-Haha seemingly talking to himself. Meanwhile the crew was busy running drills on the new guns they just acquired at rock bottom prices from a friendly pair of smugglers in a rowboat. She even got a lovely stern doesn't she boys? Again it seemed the Captain was talking to anyone who would listen. Captain seemingly drunk: Oh she's a lovely little Petunia with a pirate crew... With a Pirate Crew... With a Pirate Crew... Oh she's a lovely little Petunia ... With a Pirate Crew ... Oh won't yee come and sail with Meeeee! OoC: this ship will be featured in a later build comments and criticism welcomed!
  10. This is my first MOC (Or partial MOC I guess) which I haven't been outright embarrassed by which I've been building for the past week or so. I'ts the interior for a LEGO UCS The Punishing One, but I COMPLETELY lack the skill to do the rest of the MOC. So far I've only made the interior, which personally I think I've actually done a fairly good job of, though I haven't done the cockpit. (The tiles in front of the door the farthest up are supposed to be the start of it) So because of being terrible at building MOC's I was hoping someone could take the task over from me... I'd be happy to help however I can though, but if you use my interior I'd be a little annoyed if you didn't at the very least give me credit. You can download the lxf file for it here, which is meant to be opened in Lego Digital Designer Wars Jumpmaster 5000 Dengar's ship the Punishing One.lxf?dl=0 As for references to the vehicle I'd suggest referring to, and the X-Wing Miniatures series model of it if you feel like spending the money on it A basic view A top-down view The bunks Dengar's lounge' :P The cabinets and draws The oven/microwave hybrid and stove (Hey, it's sci-fi, of course it can be a hybrid and the reason for this is definitely not that I'm just lazy :P Hey look! For once a Star Wars ship actually has a freaking toilet lol I also want to point out my the pattern I've made for the walls. Since I couldn't find a way to smooth it up a bit I decided to make it a pattern, albeit very basic, but I don't think Dengar would really care about aesthetic lol. Here is a space I've cut out for the Boarding/Cargo ramp as well. I also plan to build interiors for several other Star Wars ships by the way
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Vengeful Arrow

    A new ship has been commissioned for trade … why so many guns you ask? well the seas are full of pirates these days and you can never protect your cargo too much. Thanks for viewing Comments and Criticisms welcome
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    Before you begin the basic design of the hull is not mine. I watched a time lapse video on MOC Bricks youtube channel and decided I wanted a ship of this fashion. I tried to stay true to the basic design but I had to make major changes both to account for 1) LDD does not like the placement of certain bricks and 2) My ship is considerably shorter and 3)The shrouds are not string rigged as they had done in the video. Also a special Thanks to @kaiju for not only the name of the ship but the push to finish three ships before next turn. The figure head kept rendering improperly so here's a snapshot: This render was done before it was named and I felt the figurehead was not befitting the name so I changed it to the above snapshot instead I do plan to build this in actual brick although it will be several months before I order the brick as I have three trains I need to get build before December lol. I'm not sure yet if I will be able to keep the Teal but I'm hoping! Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Triton's Pithy

    Another Fine Trade ship commissioned to set sail. OoC: Sadly Blue Render keeps flaking out on this one so I only got two pictures rendered. I built this a while ago and but never posted it. I feel the hull has good shape, but the more I look at it the less I like the masts. This was a trial in new technique for me. Comments and Criticism welcomed.
  14. Legostone


    Bid using this form - whatever you enter would be what you pay! Look at the auctions current prices here! it would be appreciated if you note that you bid on something right here! Auction closes Sunday, 20th May, at 23 GMT If you have vessels to add pm me! All mocced vessels are linked to their MOC - those without links are not mocced! _____________________ it had been a couple days since the ball in King's Harbour, and many of those visiting were still around - or had at least left a representative in the town. In the Harbour, a small Merchant vessel had arrived, showing a white flag. A Corlander guard approached the vessel. "Aye, I'm a ship broker! I've been tasked by various people to sell the vessels they captured and don't have a use for! As I couldn't get the vessels here, I've brought models and information about their location! You'll have to send someone to pick them up. I've heard many pirates promise not to attack those coming to pick up a prize, if, in turn, they weren't attacked either. And thus, a day later, the auction starts. First on the list - The Defiance! Captured carefully by Harrison Torn, she is now sitting together with The Athena on Baskers Island, just waiting to be picked up by the lucky winner! Next up - The Athena, same location, same seller. Terraversa also has something to sell! Their recently captured FTA The Gargoyle! This fine little vessel is located in Trador, just waiting! Now, for the Corries here - you might be glad to hear, the crew of the Lady Jacqueline is doing well! Captain Bluebeard, however, wants to work on his reputation - you get the crew with the ship! Together with the crew of the HMS Proserpine! However, we've heard of a massive fleet protecting the harbour - so don't just sail in to Calisto to pick her up without actually winning her in this auction! HMS Proserpine is also up for auction! Next - ships that have found their way to Tortuga! We have the Tuna King and Cotton Lady - both brought there by LeColeon! Beyond that - this wasn't all in Tortuga! We also have the Supreme here - Montroy brought it there. Lastly, we have a couple vessels where we didn't receive the models in time for the auctions. We wish that these sellers would be faster at this! Misfortune's Wrath - Alexport. Captured and sold by Romantica. Blood and Guts and Butcher - both captured by @Legostone and now located in Bardo! Ship stats for the captured vessels: Ships: Class Range Maneuver Guns Crew Cargo Hull Blood and Guts 4 4 3 4 3 1 3 Butcher 2 4 3 1 3 1 0 Cotton Lady 3 3 3 1 1 6 1 HMS Proserpine 5 5 4 6 4 0 2 Lady Jacqueline 4 4 5 1 1 5 2 Misfortune's Wrath 5 4 4 4 4 1 4 The Defiance 3 4 3 1 1 4 2 Tuna King 3 3 4 1 1 4 2 Supreme 3 3 3 2 1 5 1 The Athena 2 3 2 1 1 3 2 FTA the Gargoyle 3 4 6 0 0 4 1 Bid using this form - whatever you enter would be what you pay! Look at the auctions current prices here! it would be appreciated if you note that you bid on something right here!
  15. Hi friends, You know me for my big scaled one of a kind ship models that i build in commission for ship onwers and shipyards and have build many of them, but the most time i create and design and liver very exclusive construction kits for my clients. The last 3 year i have created more than 10 different kits and sold a couple of Thousand of them. My designs with the construction kits are nothing, without the great work from my great friend JunkstyleGio for all the renders and instructions and Jaap Technic for his sticker sheets. This year is a very busy and the first 4 sets are ready to deliver out and here is the first sneak previeuw of the first construction kit that is gona be deliver to a client in Brasil this week. It's a Tugboat that is build at the scale 1/87 and have 1457 pieces and is for my client a new build tugboat that is liver by Damen shipsyard design 2412, build in Brasil and is sailing in the second week of August. Here are the first pictures of the construction kit and later on more news of her. I hope you like it, and this is a set and not a one of kind model where i can go mad in details. And JunkstyleGio and me make a joke in the disclaimer and the client must laugh very much on it and have to stay in the final printart. Regards, Edwin
  16. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    Hello All, For the last 1,5 year I've been building on a habour scene. I called the town Bickton Harbour. In this 1,5 year I have built 5 buikdings and several ships. It started with Harpers baitshop. A small wooden building on a pier. After this model I designed and built Gilbert. A fuel and oil company: But what is a harbour without ships. I had a few ships around but they were all to big in scale and size to fit this scene. So I built a LEGO City style trawler and somewhat later an American style tugboat. Brickton harbor is taking shape by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Tugger 1 is also on LEGO ideas, so....... when I put this all together it looks like this: And then the following problem: the catched fish needs to be brought to land, so i needed some fishing company. When I had built that I thought that the green trawler was somewhat small. And again I built a ship. This time a Shrimpboat. One ship let to another and now the company Patterson Seafood owns 2 shrimpboats. This piece of my harbour scene was on display at Skearbeak 2017: The last 2 buildings I have added are a shipchandler called O'Donnell Brothers and a small railway Freigt Depot from BR (Brickton Railways) Last week I connected everthing together and this is the result. The train in my harbour is a modified copy of the EMD model 40 from commander wolf. The darkblue fishingboat is a modified copy of a model from Mr.Zumbi.
  17. Before starting, let's take a look at the line-up for the pirates section! @Maxim I - yours truly and organisator of the lay-out @Captain Green Hair - More famous Dutchman than the Flying Dutchman @Sebeus I - became famous for his Flying Dutchman @Faladrin - His vessel on a track is purely genious, more about this in the pictures below @Legostone - Builds stunning vessels at a tempo normal people change their underwear @kabel - Our beloved moderator. Wasn't fysically there, but his MOC's were. @Imperial Shipyards - His very first exposition. I am still dreaming about the detailing on his vessels! There were also some famous Eurobrickers busy with the Castle and Western section, but hopefully @TitusV & @Captain Braunsfeld will make a topic to show that part. Unlike last year (84m²), the pirate lay-out was a bit smaller and measured 32m². Anyway, here you go! Let's start with a small story. Due to marriage, the Green Faction became an union with the Red Faction. This dragged them in the everlasting war between Red & Blue. The Greens hoped to postpone this war as long as possible, but the Blues found it time to attack the "Prince of Stedor". This action lead to a huge reaction as the combined Red & Green fleet wasn't that far away. With the "Margot" as Flag ship, the Red & Greens prepared for a good old fashioned battle of the Line... Meanwhile, the alarm bells ringed in the Green city of Trador. People fled inside their houses while soldiers prepared to fire at the passing Blue vessels. The Aqar was just about to enter the harbour. This mighty 4th Rate opened fire at the back of the Blue Line. The Blues quickly answered with the incoming fire of Trador with their Bomb Ketch Luckily there were some peacefull scenarios as well: But that was probably more a fata morgana. The Blue Ship of the Line "La Fleure" was engaging the notorious Flying Dutchman. Helped by 2 other blue vessels they hoped to make the seas less relentless. A little bit further down the road (erm sea), the Greenies were hunting a pirate hidden on his island Some other scenes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching! For some more pics, check my flickr. Be also sure to check the update fleet of Imperial Shipyards! This is really awesome!
  18. Hello all, I wanted to share my lego creation of the Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC). The NSC is Coast Guard's largest white hull cutter operating all over the world conducting a variety of Coast Guard missions. The NSC has been featured on national news for its significant impact on illegal drug smuggling in the easter Pacific Ocean. The NSC is part of the Coast Guard's recapitalization of its aging fleet with cutters as old as 60 years old. I had built this model at request of a co-worker and I think it turned out pretty good. See my album of the design and construction of the ship! I am slowly learning building techniques and building efficiencies. Always welcome to constructive feedback/comments/suggestions. Enjoy!
  19. This collab is realized by Captain Genaro, Blackdeathgr and me. Here is the part of collab built by Captain Genaro: Amazing, the Mardierian officer thought. Had the native guide not pointed it out, he would completely missed the half overgrown stone, but now that he saw it, his imagination ran wild. The stone, more of a boulder really, was nearly the size of a man and despite cracks and weathering, had clearly been cut out by skilled stone masons. The overgrowth and weathering alone suggested that it predated any colonial settlements, but from what he had seen, the current natives lacked the means to quarry this block, much less move it any distance. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The native guide attempted to explain something about the stone with hand gestures, falling from the sky? No, that doesn't make sense, the officer thought. Or is he trying to tell us to rest? But before the Mardierian officer could interpret the gestures, he heard shouting followed by a thud, splash, and screams of terror. Immediately, he turned his head towards the commotion and saw the head and upper torso of one of the adventurers bobbing amid the torrent. Another man lay at the officer's feet, struggling to get up, and with a massive chest sitting precariously close to being washed away by the stream. On the opposite bank, men shouted at the poor soul to swim, keep his head up, grab onto something, head for the bank, just do something until we can help you, but all their shouting was in vain. The officer, though he had seen his share of violence and death, simply stood there stunned by the result. To think the adventure had gone so well up to this point, not a single man lost and an alliance with the natives. But alas, in his haste to reach his goal and avoid the Garvian frigate, he had decided to take the most direct route regardless of the risks. Sure, the stream was narrow, but it moved too fast and was mostly too deep to be forded. A bridge wouldn't take more than a few hours to construct, but the Oleanders couldn't be kept waiting. Any delay on his part and the ship-of-the-line captain might decide to abandon their deal and return to his patrols. And now, as a result of his haste, as a result of his greed for gold, a man had died. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr While the officer stood there stunned, the rest of the men recovered. The shouting soon stopped, the roar of rushing water drowning out the prayers mumbled by the men as they quietly blessed their selves before fortifying their selves to continue on their journey to the coast. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Shall we continue, sir," the soldier on the near bank asked. "Sir?" he repeated as the officer remained in his stunned state. "Oh, yes, yes, very good. As you were," the officer muttered seemingly to no one in particular. The soldier eyed the officer who seemed unaware of anything that was happening around him, and then began shouting orders for the men to continue and to watch their damn step lest they want to become the next sacrifice to the river nymph. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Here is my part of collab (recognizable by the bad photo quality): On a bright and sunny day, a Garvian frigate cruises in the vicinity of Tema Hiva (rumours say a city of gold was discovered on this island). The ship, the Ugly Duckling, The Lion of Garvey, is a newly commissioned 6th rater (or class 5 in the universe of BoBS), pride of her captain. On this cruise, the captain must fulfill one mission, intercept the Mardierian vessel carrying the gold discovered on the soil of natives. The captain of the Lion of Garvey was very confident of the success of his mission, knowing Mardierians have lost most of their ships in the battle of five fleets. But it seems he has neglected one detail, the Blues are not in war against Mardier and their fleet is intact. So, on this shinny day, the watch of Lion of Garvey was surprised by a big bowsprit pointing at their six. - Captain, ship on our six! - Can you identify her? - Nay, sir, but she's a two-decker! - It must be Margot, our Eslandolan friends are trustworthy lads. - Sir! She is arboring a Fleur de lys on the bow castle! - What??!!! Impossible!!!! - What should we do captain? She's gaining rapidly on us! The garvian seamen aren't mistaken, she's indeed an Oleander ship of the line, built in urgence by the Royal Shipyard and arrived in time to the rendez-vous point. The Mardierian exploration team, although lost one of their men in the haste, finally managed to plow a path through the jungle and loaded the gold aboard. There, the gold is placed under the custody of a Mardierian colonel, who will make sure that the gold reaches safely its destination. The Oleanders are well aware of the importance of the cargo, therefore, they've despatched a SOTL carrying 60 guns. This is her maiden voyage and some Oleander dignitaries and ship experts are onboard to evaluate her sailing ability and supervise the loading and unloading of the gold. - Captain! They are opening the gunports, what is your order, sir! - Hum, humhum, heu, rehum... - Sir! - Lay down your weapons, lads! We can't fight a sotl at this distance. - Farewell Garvies! The Mardierian officer on the stern waves at them and says in smiling. Extra pictures of the ships: Thank you for viewing!
  20. To the citizens of the Brick Seas, the time has once again come to auction off ships! First, I think last time we were a bit spammy, pushing this thread up to the top constantly. I want to change that, so I have prepared a google form and sheet where you can check if your bid went in. If you want to add a ship to the auction just tell me here and I'll quickly add it to the auction (under your terms, you don't have to follow the Eslandolan terms here) View the current bids here PLACE A BID Eslandola puts the following ships up for auction: Shipname Class Current Owner Minimum bid Pinto 4T2 Eslandola 60 Nino Grande 4T2 Eslandola 60 El Pollo 3T2 Eslandola 40 Margert 2T Eslandola 20 Plump Patty 4A Eslandola 60 Tribute 4A Eslandola 60 Long Beard 4A Eslandola 60 Traders Doom 3A Eslandola 50 Little Tyke 1A Eslandola 15 Floating Eyepatch 1WR Eslandola 10 For these ships the following rules apply: Eslandolans pay 80% of their bid, rounded up Marderians pay 1000% of their bid Starting bid is 20% the ships value Only Eslandolans may bid on Warships bigger than 2A sold by Eslandola (not automated, but I'll check the bids) Tomsche is offering the following ships: Nightmare 2A Tomsche 30 Siren's Song 5LA Tomsche 80 Brad the Pirate 3A Tomsche 50 No limits, everyone may bid on these. Once you bid, it is set, if you decide not to pay you'll be excluded from further auctions. If you accidentally bid too much, want to tell others you placed a bid or have any other questions tell me here. Bidding ends with the end of Saturday, March 11th anywhere in the world (so as long as it still the 11th you may continue bidding) Once again, if you want to bid, click here and enter the relevant information. Check the current bid here.
  21. JamesArts2172

    Star Wars: Micro MOCs | mini kits

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new, but I build lego Star Wars MicroMOCs; in other words 'mini minikits'. I got my ideas from the Star Wars advent calendar series- style micro kits. I have built over 200 so far and I'm still going, so if you want to see any of these regularly, check out my facebook page: and my YouTube Channel "James_Arts_2172: Lego" All I did was go through every page of both DK Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and build every single ship and vehicle in them. Of course I have made many more besides (2014-present sets, Ep 7, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebel, Force Unleashed, Old Republic).
  22. Galen82

    (MOD) 75053 - The Ghost

    Hello all, my very first post here on the forums. I recently purchased the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels and felt the set didn't really do the ship justice, hence I played around with modding her. I decided to extend the cockpit section longer by 2 stubs, and smoothening the slope on her dorsal side. Also made big changes to her under belly, basically covering the big holes in the under hull and making the landing pad housings taller. Lastly i removed the detachable feature of the Phantom, and modified her aft hull to fill up the space on the Ghost. Pls do leave some comments on what you guys think. Am kinda new to this :
  23. They knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort... The Eslandian authorities, well aware of the leak of their intel concerning the Golden Fleet, had decided to keep more or less the same route, as it was considered the fastest and probably the safest (if we were not counting the numerous pirates that would try to plunder the fleet). So, they decided to recruit some new vessels to create a good escort. This is where the brand new vessel of Felipe de la Manzana had been sent for her maiden trip... Captain Log, end of September 616 : The Galleon we are in charge is peacefully setting sail to our next stop where we will resupply with fresh water, but I am not sure we will not see another pirate flag before. It was exhausting for my crew to protect this Golden Fleet... Every corner of every rock or sand bank from Nellisa to Terelli is welcoming a vessel ready to attack us. Bl...dy officials who are not capable of keeping this fleet a secret. I just left this log away a few minutes and we are already seeing a black sail... It has become a routine now, my sailors are well trained and my artillery crew has became more accurate. Finally, this escort will be a good training for them... Well, I am back to my log, just to report that we effectively intercepted a pirate ship trying to plunder the fleet. The Galleon had been touched but suffered no real damage. My crew managed to cut the road of the pirates apparently quite surprised to discover a heavy armed frigate to stop them. Apparently they knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort. This is the official log Felipe de la Manzana left at the Terelli port officer when he arrived safely. After that run, he returned with his brand new Frigate to Elisabethtown to join Basil. He did not knew he would receive urgent orders from the crown just at his arrival... But this is another story... This is, finally, my challenge 4B entry. I hope you will like it ! I really wanted to try some micro ships based on LEGO canot hull. Garmadon made already one and it was so amazing that I couldn't pass on that technique. This challenge was the best opportunity for me to try several ship designs. Your comments and criticisms are very welcome !
  24. Murdoch17

    Imperial Space Ships - real life

    (Moderators, please note: These ships are inspired by Star Wars vehicles / sets , but they are not linked to star wars in any other way. As such, please do not move this thread to Star Wars forum. Thank you!) also, sorry for the blurry pictures. These are the best I could do. The Nevermore was commissioned in 2009 as the second ship of the "Vanguard" class of Star Cruiser. The ship's only sister vessel, the Usher, was destroyed in 2010 by a Blacktron strike force while the Nevermore was just a skeleton-frame and a yard number. (The Usher was enroute to the Unknown Regions to confront a Fleet of Blacktron ships headed for the Imperial shipyards, located on the world of Titan IV) The Nevermore was finished at lightning speed and was launched the week before the Blacktron arrived in May 2011, and soundly beat the Blacktron fleet with the help of a prototype Ion Cannon attached to Titan IV's surface. After chasing the Blacktron from the sector, the ship was christened the Nevermore by his Imperial Highness himself, with it's symbol being the Raven. In August 2012, the ship set off with orders to join up with the Imperial frigate Lenore and two Assault Carriers named the Avenger, and the Impervious (among with several dozen support ships and fighters) to from the Home Fleet. Name: Nevermore Owner: Lego Empire Model: Vanguard Class Star Cruiser Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 16 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 1,850 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 60% speed of light The Nevermore features 16 engines. As you may have guessed, this ship is a modified version of set 9515: the Malevolence made into Imperial Gray-scale. The command bridge of the Nevermore features Admiral Oswald Lyons seat (on the right) with Lt. Commander Eliza Burnside (top seat) and Doctor Andrew Sinister (bottom seat) Right: Admiral Oswald Lyons Middle: Dr. Andrew Sinister Left: Lt Commander Eliza Burnside The Lenore was built during the last Blacktron War in late 2010. It was built with an experimental engine system which super-charged the regular TIE reactor into a BO-TIE ultra-reactor. This will make the regular Twin Ion Engine obsolete... once all the kinks are worked out with the design. Until such time, the cream of the crop in reactor technicians and their associated equipment are stationed on the Lenore should anything go wrong. This ship can go faster at light-speed than the Nevermore, though it trundles along at slower speed when not at full throttle. (It's sort of like a conventional turbine: works well at full speed but it's not so fuel efficient at lower speeds) Anyway, the Lenore is currently stationed in the Home Fleet the Star Cruiser Nevermore with two Assault Carriers named the Avenger, and the Impervious, among with several dozen support ships and fighters. Name: Lenore Owner: Lego Empire Model: Poe Class frigate Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 3 Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines (BO-TIE) Max Speed: 1,300 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 65% speed of light rear view featuring the 3 BO-TIE engines. Right: Captain Patricia Romanov Middle: Dr. Edward Jekyll Left: Lt. Commander Landon Williams Both the Nevermore (top) and the Lenore (bottom) are in scale with each other. ...and here is the symbol of the mighty LEGO Empire. Well, that's all for now. What do you think? Comments, Questions, & Complaints are welcome!
  25. GuyDudeMan27

    Alternate Color Ships

    Hi guys! I was looking at my new Jedi intercepter today and was wondering about Obi Wan's red version. That, in turn, sparked a thought. There are so many ships in Star Wars, and many have alternate color schemes. So I was wondering if a topic existed solely to display these alternate colored ships. I have failed to find one, so I started my own! If this in fact should go in another topic, do move it mods. Thanks, and enjoy! Set 75038 - Obi Wan's color scheme Obi Wan's Eta 2 by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Set 75003 - Multiple Squadron Colors Set 75003 - Green Squadron Colors With Grey Fins Set 9495 - Red Color Scheme + Mods (gunner and landing gear)