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  1. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the pics of the Capital, dimaks13! I completely agree with all you said, BrickyBoy! The museum is a great idea. And when the caveman is placed inside, it for sure looks more appealing. Nevertheless it's too small and an entrance is missing. Apart from the blue (imo too wide) car, I do really like all the vehicles - esp. the city tour bus and the ice cream car. Since we got a halfpipe in the Creator winter wave, imo this one is wasting money and bricks. Nevertheless it does look nice. The snackbar is fine. Apart from the holes on the sides, the hotel is a real beauity. All in all a great set! I would have prefered a new exclusive Town Plan in order to get bigger (16x32) buildings and instead of a hotel and / or a museum I would have liked to get a huge department store. But for now I'm happy with this set, too. I think it's possible it's a cancelled set? Themes do occasionally skip set numbers, I assume it because of the reason I mentioned above that this happens. On the one hand it might well be that 60199 and 60203 were cancelled (since 60187 and 60189 don't appear anywhere, too). On the other hand, firstly this would be the first time in Lego's Trains theme history of the last years that TLG released a new Trains subtheme without any train station. Plus some time ago we got the info (I think it was @Sir von Lego) that there'll be a caveman and an orca in this year's (exclusive) Arctic sets. Now we see that the caveman appears in the Capital. So wouldn't it be likely that the orca appeared in another, not still known (Arctic) Exclusive? So then only the other set number in the row (60199 or 60203) would be missing and could likely be a station.
  2. Thank you very much for the info, @Paperballpark! It's great to hear that CC is finally getting a set in a decent size and hopefully even with enough rooms inside and a decent interior! That there'll be a Slave 1 included (which seems after the description to be not a micro build, but although only a smaller, nevertheless a System scale version), is a good idea. But if there was a Twin Pod Cloud Car included, (too,) this would even be bettter.
  3. 10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Thank you very much for the press release, Ecclesiastes! Positive: Nice set with nice functions. The sugar candy stand and the juice stand look brilliant. Negative: Having Lego employees working for the rollercoaster is really unfitting. We get no new torso for the minifigs. Plus I miss decoration and lights (like there were in contrast at the ferris wheel). The storage room for this set is massive - and it doesn't seem as if you could divide it into bigger parts. Plus 330 Euros is absolutely too much money for what you get - a bad price ratio performance. If I buy this set at all, than only when getting double VIP points! But imo the 3 in 1 Pirates Rollercoaster looks much more interesting and is besides even much cheaper!
  4. Future Star Wars Sets

    Next year (2019) is the 20th anniversary of Lego SW. So I think we should see some great and classic sets then. I bet that which concerns the OT, there for sure will be minimum one set of every episode - supposably from the locations of Tatooine, Hoth and Endor. As someone who buys (if at all) only System scale OT sets, I'm really hoping for the following five sets: Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner (with decent and detailed interior!) Lukes's Home or Obi Wan's Home TIE Bomber AT-ST TIE Interceptor
  5. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the info! So that we've got final and even very detailed pictures of the Outdoor Adventures as well as of the Hospital, here's my detailed comment: Outdoor Adventures: negative: - no new smartphone prints (the designs and colors are already years old and need a refreshment in new and much more common colors (like black and white)) - no climber's accessory (apart from the helmet) - baby's clothing is again only in one color without any pattern - use of the extremely old and unfitting backpack and that even in brown - baby's face has the same expression as the one before positive: + eight new torsos of which the absolute majority can be used for regular City (meaning inside the city), too + some new face prints + a cool new female hair piece + eagle looks amazing + tent is highly welcome + guidepost is a perfect addition + fried egg as a nice new accessory + baby "holder" is great + really like the new downhill bicycle + much more attractive minifigure selection and accessory than in last year's Fun at the Beach Hospital: negative: - ambulance has no place inside for a paramedic to examine the injured, which is really a big fault and in principle the only real thing disturbing me in this set - no patient's room(s) - small reception is missing (the chair and the computer belong to the emergency ward) - small heli as well as little helipad are needless (parts should better go to a bigger ambulance for more interior) positive: + use of the small heli as some sort of organ transport (?) + very good looking exterior design of the small heli as well as of the ambulance + great and very fitting modern architecture of the building in white-red with a lot of glass + modular system (much better for storaging the set!) + excellent and very detailed interior + a lot of accessory + baby and buggy included + examination room and operating room + first really decent (System scale) hospital in the whole history of Lego So all in all these are both two absolutely amazing sets which I'll buy for sure!
  6. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the news! Outdoor Adventures included eagle, minimum seven new torsos and minimum three new faces. The tent looks brilliant as do the baby carrier and the new female hair piece. It's only a pity that we're not getting a new smartphone print (the ones seen are already years old) and that the old backpack (even in brown!) is used instead of the great, new backpack (like seen in TLNM CMS). But overall a great minifigures pack!
  7. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, the sabertooth tiger is cool. As well as the other prehistoric animals like mammoth and mouse. But imo these animals are with the lack of a (decent sized) static station and mainly completely oversized vehicles the only good thing in the whole new Arctic theme!
  8. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Exactly my thoughts! Having only very huge rides but nearly no side structures (in a decent size / in a size in the same scale like the rides) makes a fairground not only unrealistic but even less interesting (looking).
  9. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For those who maybe haven't seen the (?) exclusive 41345 Animal Care Center yet (since at the first time it to my knowledge didn't show up): I really like TLG for giving us that set! Personally I would have prefered two regular shops (at the best one on the left and a different one on the right side, possbily even an apartment upstairs) over an animal care center. And sidewalls on the second floor would have been better, too. But the architecture is stunning! We luckily get two floors which makes every Lego house looking much more realistic and interesting. Plus I really like it having complete sidewalls at least on the ground floor. And that it is (in contrast to the majority of the Friends set) only 10x32 is perfect, too, since this way it does need less place and goes much better with City sets!
  10. 2018 Creator Sets

    Thank you all very much for the info! The Candy Shop looks nice, but the stairs on the side look weird and a decent second floor is definately missing! The Truck Show is ok. Apart from that some stickers on the Yacht would have been nice, it does look awesome! And so does even the Pirates Rollercoaster with all its great details (only a pity that there's no function to get the train up)!
  11. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the info! I'm not interested in the smaller sets, plus the summer ressort doesn't seem to be that great than I had thought. And the racing area isn't my cup of coffee, too. But the tuning workshop, the burger shop, the accessory shop and the animal care center do look really amazing! Plus they will for sure fit very well in a regular Lego City, too!
  12. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Why?! I wouldn't they so. In contrast exclusive sets get their exclusivity even from special elements or elements in different color or design which aren't available in regular sets: e. g. last year's Jungle subtheme had a tiger.
  13. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the info! At the moment I must say that I can't share the same enthusiasm the most of you do: Yes, the set looks nice and very realistic, there's a ticket booth and even a lemonade stand and a cotton candy stand exist as some small sidestructures. But for its immense size it's disappointing that there's no looping and there's not much decoration (lamps, signs, etc.). Plus the size is really, really huge. Another model of this size won't have place in my collection. That it has to be more expensive than the previours Fairground sets is clear - 200 Euro would be fitting, even 250 would already hurt - but 320 would really be usury! There are only three waggons per train (I would have prefered one large train instead) and the number of minifigs is very low. Besides I'm really disappointed of TLG not including any bigger sized sidestructures like food vans or vans with shooting gallerys, ... in their Fairground sets! I can't deny that I get the impression that the Fairground sets rather tend to get standalone sets than sets to build up a whole fairground with all of them together. I'll finally judge after having seen the press release. But I fear that it won't change much.
  14. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    @Johnmeel , you were correct - 60196 is definately the Artic Supply Aircraft: brickset has a pic of it: The aircraft is ok, the small accessory, too. But that overdimensional truck with spinning saw looks ugly! Plus there's again a sable tooth tiger and no sign of the rumored caveman and orca. Perhaps there'll be another Arctic Exclusive with an ice-breaker in which the caveman and the orca will appear? I really do hope not - since I really want at least one civilian building in 2018 City and at the best a whole new Town Plan for its anniversary!
  15. I really hope that we'll see much more non-licensed series in the future. And please non-themed! Regular series offer a huge variety: You find characters of historic periods as well as today's ones and even some futuristic ones plus there are always some customed minifigs, too - so the perfect selection for everyone (and not only for a special part of TLG's customers). E. g. in the beginning of the CMS I always bought minifigs of all series. And these partly were three series a year. In contrast to for example this year (2018) when I buy minifigs from only one series (namely series 18); the other two series don't interest me in any way since I'm neither Batman / TLBM nor HP fan. So I'm disappointed and Lego does get less money from me. Bad for both, I'd say.