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  1. Future Castle Sets?

    Very interesting discussion! I'm hoping that much for the Castle theme returning, too! But only if TLG did design the sets in a classic way. Imo Kingdoms was the best Castle theme ever because firstly it gave us the classic feeling the sets of the 80s and 90s offered and secondly it did offer many civilian sets and even an exclusive tournament! But I hope that if TLG brought back the theme, they will offer us even something new or since long before not seen: e. g. one fraction could be forest people, we could see the long awaited siege tower with the enemies entering a castle wall, there could be an attack on a watermill, a modular style huge exclusive Castle set (going with the tournament set from 2012) would be very appealing, too etc. etc. etc. Plus it would be cool it TLG gave us new fractions since always only lion knights vs. dragon knights is really boring. The best would be to offer forest people. Otherwise give us shields with armorial bearings or at least since long before not seen animals like a wolf or a bear. Which I for sure do not want to see are a fantasy theme like the one(s) before Kingdoms, crazy designs and unfitting colors like in the last Castle theme or only the always repeating king's castles with only a bit additional stuff. If TLG didn't plan to bring back a (nice and "realistic") Castle theme, then at least an Exclusive would be very nice - a huge modular Castle fitting the tournament from 2012, a medieval village fitting the Village Raid from 2011 or a new market place fitting the Medieval Market Village from 2009.
  2. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the info, @ddavid! 320 Euros?! That would be really, really much money and about the doube price of all Fairground sets before. Plus I can't imagine what will be in this set that justifies the big price! Maybe a dragon rollercoaster driving through a classic castle - like in the Legoland Parks? Hopefully there will be a lot of side structures like stalls selling food and smaller attractions like a shooting gallery - which I really missed in the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel. And I even hope that it won't be too big - otherwise it wouldn't go with the Fairground sets so far (imo the carousel was already too big in comparison to the Fairground Mixxer (imo the best set of the line so far)).
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    Maybe there'll be an exclusive City or Creator Expert train next year. But I highly doubt it this year. 1. Since 2010 there hasn't been a whole Trains theme and an exclusive train set the same year. 2. We don't get a train station this year, in total only two train sets - which is imo a bad sign for the theme's popularity. 3. Last year was the birthday of the Trains theme. And nevertheless no single set was released therefore, not even a small mini diorama or a microscale train as GWP - which was really a shame. 4. There are already so many - sadly mainly licensed - exclusive sets this year. Sorry to have to say this! I agree. With TLG's current policy very likely not earlier.
  4. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Does someone know whether Lego will present all summer sets in a display at Lego World Copenhagen this weekend like they did the last years? Because this could again give us hints which City Exclusive(s) we'll get. (I honestly doubt that TLG will do because the first time photographing at Nuremberg Toy Fair wasn't allowed and all summer sets weren't shown at NY Toy Fair.)
  5. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Zusammengebaut reports that at the Nuremberg Toy Fair there was a hint given which clearly leads to the conclusion that this year's Fairground set will be a rollercoaster. Hopefully TLG this time includes some decent sized stalls (shooting gallery, candy stall etc.) - again only a ride would imo not completely satisfying!
  6. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    After having seen all the prelims: I don't know what to think about that kind of go-cart transporter as well as of the go-cart racing area (which looks very, very similar to the training center from this January). Supposably not my cup of coffee because too girlish. Judging the HLC beach center from the small blurry picture is too hard. On the right there is for sure some kind of skids tower, in the middle is a huge entrance and behind all three parts is a "monorail" with somtething which looks like a big, driving shower cubicle. But what's the tower on the left for - some guest rooms? The creative works shop reminds me a bit of the car selling shop with repair station from the City Square from 2015. I really like the garage gate on the left, the showroom downstairs and the glazed office upstairs. For sure this fits well in a city even without the racing area. Is that a very small drive-in cinema on the left side in the snackbar? That snackbar is since long overdue. It's a pity that there's no second floor. But apart from that it does look amazing! But, judging by now, the best set of the whole wave is the accessory shop. The ancient architectual style is simply maginficent!
  7. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Now that we know that the Creator line offers us "only" the Pirates' Rollercoaster as a fairground set - if you want to, you can count the Fallingwater Show, too - and not a whole theme (like we firstly thought), so then there are still hopes for a Creator Expert fairground set this summer. Imo consequently very likely no rollercoaster.
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    In the leaked retailers catalogue (no new pics of the train sets) there's no station posted. So that's really bad. The only possibility I see is if there was a city center like set for City as a yearly Exclusive, a station might be included there. What do you think? Exactly my opinion!
  9. 2018 Creator Sets

    Over in the City topic, @whung gave us a strong hint how to find the pics. Thanks whung! I'm not interested in another new tree house. The monster truck show looks imo much better than expected. I like how decent TLG built the jacht "although" it's "only" a Creator one - really cool and will for sure go very well with all the City and Friends beach sets from the last years! The pastry looks really lovely and is a welcome addition to every City. It's a pity that they added a stairs to the right side. But I like all the details in- and outside. Great!
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the info, whung! It's really a pity that we don't get a station (at least not as non-Exclusive). At the moment I still don't know what to think about the Arctic sets. The prelims are too blurry. But that I can already say: Bad is that the majority of the vehicles seems way oversized to me. The good thing is the prehistorical animals, that sort of snow cave and the new heliplane. But the new hospital is far across my expections - a wonderful set! (I don't care about that useless and out of scale heli. I simply won't build it.) Luckily this time there is no helipad on top of the building. I really like it to be three floors big and to be a corner building - great! There seems to be decent interior inside. Plus if we had much luck, the nice ambulance has place for one paramedic. No, regrettably not. The only hope I have is for the yearly exclusive City set where I this year of course await some sort of new city center. And maybe - maybe - there might be a station included. What do you think?
  11. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the link to the pic, bobbybat! That Outdoor Adventures People Pack looks promising! We'll get wandering, climbing, driving through wild water and downhill biking. The inclusion of an eagle is great! I really missed the baby last year and am consequently happy that it returns. I hope that we (in contrast to the beach pack from last year) will get many new faces and torsos - the baby included (if it was again ony white, that would be boring) -, that there will be new mobile phones and that the big “thing“ in the middle will be a tent. Btw: Since TLG doesn't allow pics and descriptions from Nuremberg Toy Fair, I hope that they then will publish a complete sets list and at least one official pic for every set at this month's end!
  12. 2018 Lego Trains

    Thank you very much for all the info and the link to the pics! Although I would have prefered a commuter train instead of a another high speed train, I must say that this new passenger train looks great! The style and colors are perfect and something new and different, I like the comeback of the six studs wide platform (but it again is not at least as long as one carriage) and that two carriages are included (so with two sets you can build up a decent sized train). Plus that new trolley is since long overdue. I only hope that the train's interior will be more elaborated than the ones in the last (non-D2C) ones (two carriages with the same interior would be horrible) - a board bistro in one of the carriages would be perfect! In contrast I've got very mixed feelings about the cargo train: Imo the engine as well as the wood carriage and the mobile train crane look great. Plus I really like the inclusion of the signal tower and the buffer which haven'tbeen seen for a too long time. The forklift and the red container seem to look good, too. But that money transport container (!) with train seems to me to be very unrealistic. Plus we already got a bank van in the Mountain Police theme and even this one in the Trains theme again has no inside wall and the forklift won't be able to place the pallet inside (because the pallet is six studs wide but the van's interior only four studs). Besifes I ask myself with which vehicle the logs and the red container should be transported before and after transportation on track. A bit strange and callow imo. Btw: With these two big trains coming, there should be a train station, too, shouldn't? Or do you think TLG will firstly release it next year?
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    Thank you very much for the info, theevilcrayonbox and welcome to EB! From the description the passenger train doesn't seem to be that interesting. Plus I fear that the platform will again be much too small. But the cargo train sounds great! I have been waiting for a log car and a crane car since many years. Plus an overwatching tower - very likely a small railway control center - is for sure a great addition. I'd assume that both trains are electric trains (and none of them is diesel). Thank you very much for this info, Grrr! I already commented about this in the Friends topic.
  14. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the news, Falconfan1414! Not the best one, but very likely one of the best City themes: When you watch the Brick Show, you know that there'll be a bunch of vehicles included, but only a small station. That's really bad. But I really like TLG for not repeating the old and boring "digging out crystals"-stuff, but bringing a prehistorical aspect to the theme. Mammoth and saber tooth tiger sound amazing! Plus we already know that there'll be an orca included. Even if I didn't buy the sets, I for sure will buy the animals. Btw: For those who got the caveman and cavewoman as CMF or promos some time back, I could imagine a nice prehistoric scenerey together with mammoth and sable tooth tiger. So perhaps Safari Exploration in 2019/2020/2021? That would be amazing!
  15. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    According to The Brick Show 41347 Heartlake Summer Resort looks similar to the HLC Mall (from 2014) and will contain an elevated train with the new rollercoaster pieces which connect the different parts of the ressort. Very likely the elevated train looks like the one @Aanchir posted.