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  1. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Respective the big police helicopter: It seems to be a helicopter with coaxial rotors which I really like since so it's a completely new type of helicopter we haven't seen before: Concerning themes and sets for summer 2021: Since TLG is going to release three civilian sets with buildings already in the beginning of 2021 and since there'll be no new special police theme and no new police station, this is something completely new. Consequently I'd say it's nearly impossible to guess what TLG will release in summer. Nevertheless here are my guesses: one exploration theme with only four sets (like 2020) no whole Coast Guard theme (tip: if there would be, then there wouldn't be the CG jetski in the Great Vehicles theme), but possibly some CG stuff inside some more civilian set(s) (e. g. a beach with small CG station and medium sized CG boat) more civilian sets - esp. minimum one shop (a skateboard / bike shop would tie in perfectly with the skatepark) if we were extremely lucky, then maybe an elevated train (as an Exclusive) What do you think?
  2. I remember I read it either on stonewars, promobricks or stonewars. Yes, you're right.
  3. Thanks for the news! It's great to hear that there'll be only twelve minifigures in the future and that there'll be three complete waves in one box - so the chance that you can get the minifigures you want are much bigger and don't need that much money any longer. Plus I welcome it that the next regular series will be already in January.
  4. Klaus-Dieter

    LEGO Creator 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Thanks for the news! The safari treehouse is too big and blocky. But the surfer's house could be quite nice - regreattably the picture doesn't show it completely.
  5. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Thanks for the news! The majority of the sets seem to look extremely good and - like most already said - I'm that happy that downtown Lego City is back again! Esp. the city center, the skatepark, the family house and the robbers' building are excellent!
  6. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hello everybody! 🙂 A list for the Winter 2021 Friends sets appeared on the usual place: 41444 Organic Cafe (30 dollars), 41447 Park (40 dollars), 41448 Cinema (50 dollars), 41449 Andrea's House (70 dollars) and 41450 Shopping Mall (100 dollars) could be interesting if the buildings were (minimum) two floors tall, had decent sidewalls and if the colors weren't too extremely girlish, don't you think?
  7. Klaus-Dieter

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I can't agree more! And yes, I could see all these sets in the dimension of Obi Wan's Hut, too. Plus Lars' Homestead is long overdue - as is a Bantha which would fit perfectly in it! If we got both, all scenes from "A new Hope" on Tatooine would be replayable with the sets of the past years - how awesome would this be?!
  8. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new City sets

    Since the past years TLG has introduced many new animals I made a list which animals we supposable will see and which animals I would like to see in the next years (only) inside the City theme. I devided between "reprinted part" and "new mould". Here it is: Farm: reprinted part: brown-white checked cow (from cow), grey horse (from horse) new mould: sheep, jackass, pheasant Harbor / Ocean: reprinted part: small mixed sea animals in different colors (from the Friends theme), turtle (from the CMF theme) new mould: seal, orca, pot whale, jellyfish Moutain / Forest / Winter:: reprinted part: otter (from Harry Potter theme), wolf (from dog), reindeer (from Winter Village theme), hedgehog (from Friends theme) new mould: weasel, chamois, fox, wild pig, squirrel Jungle / Volcano / Savannah: reprinted part: zebra (from horse), monkey (old monkey, but with prints), big panda bear (from brown bear) new mould: elephant, gazelle, bison, male lion, ocelot, rhino Dessert: reprinted part: big snake (from Harry Potter CMF theme) new mould: hyena, small dromedary Outback: reprinted part: dingo (from dog) new mould: kangaroo, koala, Tasmanian devil Arcitc / Antarctic: reprinted part: snow leopard (from leopard), snow rabbit (from rabbit) new mould: sea lion, wisent City: reprinted part: male duck (from rubber duck), female duck (from rubber duck), grey-black pigeon (from pigeon) new mould: swan What do you think and would like?
  9. Thank you very much for the news! Here are my first thoughts about the new Mos Eisley Cantina: What I dislike: the price (definately hundred Euros too much) no drumset player for the band again no BANTHA!!! What I like: a lot of minifigures - and many of them are completely new, partly even random characters two additional buildings very detailed exterior as well as supposable interior dewback included again the nice "rocket pod" a new landspeeder All in all I'm really looking forward to more detailed pics and reviews soon and mainly to then finally somewhen get the set myself, too! I hope that 2021 will see Lars' Homestead with BANTHA (not as D2C, but as regular set). If so then with the sets of the past years everything would be there to create and replay all scenes from "A new Hope" on Tatooine - which would be awesome!
  10. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new City sets

    Here are my hopes for the 2022 Trains theme: road-track possible signal light repair truck (like the one in 7936, but six studs wide and much more elaborated) - 20 Euros train rail crossing (like 7996 Train Rail Crossing), but with four arms so you can have two trains runnning parallel - 30 Euros commuter train (similar to 7938, but in green, at the best lime green) (please no highspeed train since in the past two Trains theme there always had been one) - 140 Euros fire fighting train (prefered because something completely new) or track repair train (similar to 3677) - 200 Euros huge, minimum two floors tall train station (with ticket booth, railway control center, bistro, grocery, Lego store and indoor waiting area) and a handicapped accessible taxi van (could be the year's D2C set then and fit very well two years after the Main Square from 2020) - 100-180 Euros What do you think? And which sets would you like for the 2022 Trains theme? Sorry, I didn't want to temper awesome ideas; I only wanted to avoid too big hopes in order to that then people may well get disappointed. Only have a look at Lego Ideas: Everybody thought that the 10k playable aquarium will be selected by the Ideas theme because this MOC was something completely new and would have been awesome for people who like aquariums but can't afford a real one (because of money, place or work).
  11. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego Bus Stop build

    That's a simple but effective and very nice looking bus station, @Terryoleary! I would suggest to put a 2x8 plate between the yellow modified bricks and the blue modified plates to have it more stable. Otherwise fine.
  12. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Or it could be about exploring leftovers of ancient cultures like Middle Agesor Stone Age, with some ruins and trees and a lot of exploration vehicles - like @Brandon Pea proposed earlier. Yes, of course. I could even well imagine a cross-over between industrial and animal research which would offer diversity for adults and enough playability and action for kids: naturalist with moutainbike and otter's cave - 10 Euros forester's offroad car with hunting stand and reindeer - 20 Euros (wood) harvester, wood transport truck and wolf - 50 Euros forester's hut, sawmill with small crane, wood transport barge and fox (new mould) - 100 Euros And these could btw tie well the Ski Resort, the Winter Village sets and a possible City moutain rescue theme, too. What do you think?
  13. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I had one more look at the park in 60271: Could it be that the Robin Hood statue is a hint for a Forest of Forest Expedition wave next year? The reason this came to my mind is that TLG has included these "hints" already from time to time in the past years: "FAIR" poster in Downtown Fire Brigade in winter 2019 => Fun at the Fair People Pack in summer 2019 Snow Groomer in winter 2019 => Ski Resort in summer 2019 Diving Yacht in winter 2018 => Ocean Exploration sets in summer 2019 Rescue Helicopter in winter 2018 => Hospital in summer 2018 Cargo Terminal in summer 2017 => Trains sets in summer 2018 Volcanoe Exploration sets in summer 2016 => Jungle Exploration sets in summer 2017 (< a volcanoe is often surrounded by jungle) Plus there have cross-overs between different subthemes and the same time or some time later: Elite Police sets in summer 2020 => museum in the city hall in Main Square in summer 2020 Arctic Exploration sets in summer 2018 => Ötzi statue in the museum in Capital City in 2018 "Beach Party" in the Bus Station in summer 2017 => Fun at the Beach People Pack in summer 2017 -"- => bank security truck and bank security container in Cargo Train in summer 2018 bank in Bulldozer Break-In in winter 2017 => bank security truck in Moutain River Heist in winter 2018
  14. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Having a look on your list it seems very likely, @Brandon Pea. Nevertheless it'll depend on how well a theme sold. And I had the impression that VE didn't do that well. Plus TLG has been releasing a minifigures pack every year from 2016 onwards, but now decided to not release a minifigures pack this year - surely because the ones last year didn't sell well. So ...
  15. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new City sets

    Oh yes, thanks - I was lost in translation and mixed it up with double decker. Nevertheless and even then I highly doubt that an articulated bus will ever happen because of three reasons: 1. For a standalone set it would be much too pricey. 2. If being decent sized, for smaller kids it would be bulky. 3. Only a huge town plan style set could include it - and then a tram seems more interesting since outside of these kinds of sets a tram will never happen (, too). Well, you might be right. Yes, these two busses were great! Til now I personally like the transit bus from the PublicTransport System the most. But City busses so far were amazing - as well as all trams. Friends had one in the Art School, too, which fitted much better in size to City.