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  1. Klaus-Dieter

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Ah, thank you very much for clarifying, @Mr Hobbles! So PF 2 has three pros in contrast to PF 1: - 10 (instead of 8) channels - no direct eye contact needed for sending out signals - less space for the PF stuff (because of the missing ultrared sensor) in trains needed
  2. Klaus-Dieter

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Thank you all very much for the info! To be able to print a minifigure with your own design is a great idea! Since I live far, far away from the next Lego Store, I really do hope that S@H will offer this servie soon, too.
  3. Klaus-Dieter

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Having read different articles and posts and having watched several videos: Am I correct that with the new PF stuff, you can only drive two trains with one remote control (one per A- and one per B-channel) at the same time? And per two trains more, you need one more remote control?
  4. Klaus-Dieter

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    No, please no re-releases or redesigns! Btw: I could well imagine that the new big bear wool beanie (in blue-white and in red-tan) from the Arctic theme will appear in the WV set, too. And yes - some info on this set is since long overdue (we even don't know the set name / kind of building yet).
  5. Klaus-Dieter

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Fire and special Police theme will be for sure. Which concerns Space and Underwater Research I hope that TLG won't bring them back already next year. Farm, Harbor, TV / Studios, ... are much more overdue.
  6. Klaus-Dieter

    Future Castle Sets?

    You're right, @Aanchir, since it's already some years ago that the last exclusive Castle set launched, I didn't remember this. But nevertheless I hope that there'll be a huge exclusive Castle set - even if not in the first year of a new Castle line.
  7. Klaus-Dieter

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    This is amazing, Praetorian_!
  8. Maybe the CC looks similar to its first version, but only bigger - meaning minimum two floors big and representing much more the shape of CC: one side with the exterior with two landing platforms (one for Slave I and one for a possible Cloud Car) and the other side with the interior (entrance floor, carbon freezing chamber, waiting room, dining room, prison, torture chamber, duelling room and the "bridge" where Luke falls down). What do you think?
  9. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new City sets

    In my list I forgot that it seems plausible that we'll get an exclusive train set (instead of a harbor, farm or station). Because all two previous train subthemes had an exclusive City train set the year after: 2010: passenger train + cargo train, 2011: red freight train, 2014: high speed train + cargo train, 2015: heavy-haul train, 2018: passenger train + cargo train, 2019: ??? Some months ago there was that competition on Ideas and then some voting, too, for a small GWP set for 2019 which is Space theme related. So there was speculation about Space (not as a City subtheme!) returning in 2019. Independent from that, a Space theme as a subtheme of City might well be coming in 2019. If TLG decided to release their research themes in a four years circle - but because of the already so often posted reasons imo that would be quite bad!
  10. Klaus-Dieter

    Future Castle Sets?

    @Digger of Bricks and @BrickJagger: Some months ago there was that competition on Ideas and then some voting, too, for a small GWP set for 2019 which is Space theme related. So there was speculation about Space (not as a City subtheme!) returning in 2019. But you're right. I did some searching and well, yes, it doesn't have to say that if Space was returning in 2019 there wouldn't be no chance for a new Castle theme the same year. Nevertheless I'd be curious about whether we'd see a big Castle Exclusive if Castle returned (independent from when).
  11. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new City sets

    Yes, I could well see it. I mean: Last year TLG released three completely new animal molds (tiger etc., lobster, new spider) and this year, too (mammoth, sabel tooth tiger, new rat). So I bet that there'll be three new animals in 2019, too.
  12. Klaus-Dieter

    Future Castle Sets?

    Rumors said there's a new Space theme in 2019. So I fear that we've to wait for a new Castle theme til 2020.
  13. The coaches and carts you built look really excellent, Murdoch17! The most I like the "Anton's Brit Shop" coach.
  14. Klaus-Dieter

    2018 Creator Sets

    Apart from the Surfer Van (which is with its eight studs to bright in scale for a City layout) and the Tree House (which looks to Creator-ish in order to place it in City), I absolutely agree with you, sebitsena! The Pirates Rollercoaster (apart from the missing chain and "motor" to get the cars upstairs) and the Mobile Stunt Show match perfectly with the Fairground theme. And the Yacht fits exactly in the City theme - as well as the Candy Shop (apart from it being only one floor big with a balcony on top). So I hope that 2019 will go on with this trend - then I hope to see again more buildings!
  15. Klaus-Dieter

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I built up the Captial as well as the Hospital in the last weeks - both are really stunning sets! So I really hope that 2019 will see more civilian sets - and esp. buildings - in the same size of these! Plus I even really like it how TLG links the subthemes of CIty (injured miner in the hospital, money transfer van in this year's Police subtheme as extension to last year's bank, ...).