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  1. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you very much for the pictures, info and links! I don't like the sports stadium and the treehouse. The friendship house includes too many unrealistic contents, so it doesn't go within a City layout. That's a pity since the main facade looks brilliant. The camper van as well as the other big vehicle look nice, but are for my taste too huge. The different rooms look great. But regrettably they are senseless since there is no empty house available where to insert them. But the puppet stage, the art van and the art cafe look brilliant and will make a great addition to everyone's - and so even my - city! Btw: I'm really curious about which sets we'll get for summer. Hopefully again a big house - a diso, a big store or at the best a playhouse!
  2. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the pictures, links and info! I must admit that I can't share the enthusiasm with the new Mining theme. If TLG had released a decent bucket wheel excavator I would have been interested in this theme. But imo the bucket wheel excavator looks unrealistic and blocky. Much more I would have liked to see a new construction site - we haven't seen one since 2019! Apart from the bigger vehicles being absolutely out of scale, the regular Mountain Police sets are nice. But since I already have some Forest Police sets, I'll pass. The only really interesting Mountain Police set for me is the one with the money transfer in it. A really cool vehicle which I'll then try to buy seperately. But in principle the only sets which attract my interest are the Great Vehicles. Apart from the for my taste heavily oversized Monster Truck they look brilliant! Nevertheless I've to say that this seems to be for me over all a lame winter wave - esp. since it's the 60th anniversary! I hope that we at least will get a Town Plan style DC2 set in the beginning of 2018! (Although it doesn't seem so since there probably will be the modular Exclusive (first).)
  3. Hello everybody! The last three years there always has been a small but great set given away as a gift to celebrate the anniversary of a classic theme: It started in 2014 with 5002812 Classic Spaceman Minifigure to celebrate Classic Space. https://brickset.com/sets/5002812-1/Classic-Spaceman-Minifigure One year later, in 2015, there was the anniversary of Pirates. So TLG released 5003082 Classic Pirate Minifigure. https://brickset.com/sets/5003082-1/Classic-Pirate-Minifigure And last year (2016) we got the 5004419 Classic Knights Minifigure for the birthday of Castle. https://brickset.com/sets/5004419-1/Classic-Knights-Minifigure The first two sets did combine classical style with updated elements and new ideas. In contrast, the last set was more or less an exact replicia of its original. On the one hand this was a bit disappointing, but on the other hand it was nevertheless - like the others - a great set. Searching through the Brickshelf database, but finding anything, although this year (2017) being the anniversary of Technic as well as of Trains and taking into account that all previous sets were already released in summer, I have a question: Where is the yearly theme anniversary giveaway gone?
  4. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    That does look fantastic, TheLordOfBricks! I really like all the details and the very realistic look like if it was an old picture of a famous painter.
  5. Western : The Funeral Store

    That's a nice scenery, Faladrin! The minifigs and details do fit very well. The only suggestion I have, that would be to make the house not only black but bring in some other color, too.
  6. MOC - Wild West: School

    Excellent work, bnesty! I really like the ex- as well as the interior. My only suggestion would be to have the open side one one of the long sides and therefore the short side closed.
  7. An Old West Town

    Excellent, simply excellent, Bara SH!
  8. Western : Feeding the vultures

    That's an excellent scenery you created there, Faladrin! I esp. like how you built the vultures.
  9. Fort Bow

    Well done, kinggregus!
  10. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    The Western building as well as the water tower do look, brilliant, Xon67!
  11. M√ľnster Anno 1643

    That's an excellent building, Kapp! The ex- as well as the interior are stunning. I esp. like the wooden walls upstairs.
  12. Western: A New Saloon

    That's a stunning building, Captain Braunsfeld! I really like the exterior as well as the interior which both look very realistic. Btw: Do you have a picture of the interior of the upper floor, too? Only because I couldn't find any in your flickr gallery.
  13. MOC - Western Laundry Shop

    Well done, Captain Braunsfeld! The clothes line is a great addition.
  14. Some More Western Houses

    These are really nice buildings, Captain Braunsfeld! I esp. like the first one.
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Although very sceptical about it, thank you very much for this news, Brick Dangerous! Since 2018 will see a new trains theme as subtheme of City, it's imo unlikely. The only thing might be if TLG released only a train stop (like 7939) in the City theme which then wouldn't compete with the Creator Expert one. Not neccessarily: 1. 10184 Town Plan (from 2008) wasn't released as a City set, too, but as a seperate and exclusive set. 2. It would be really poor if there wasn't any System anniversary set although 2018 will be its birthday.