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  1. One of the first people who ever answered a question of mine on eurobricks. Why ban such a friendly user. An utter shame.

    1. Deathstroke77


      For anyone wondering, you can find CM4Sci on reddit by the same username. He posts on /r/lego quite frequently, he shouldn't be too hard to track down, if you're looking to talk with him.

    2. robertgorman2505


      Thank you for this information.

  2. We'll meet again
    Don't know where

    Don't know when

  3. Utterly ridiculous. I wonder who the Eurobricks secret police have in mind next..

    1. VaderFan2187


      Maybe they were influenced by LEGO

  4. It's really a shame that that a friendly and since long signed up nember got banned! Why?! :devil:

    1. VaderFan2187


      Why don't you contact him? Find him on brickset and press "Contact"

    2. Klaus-Dieter


      Thanks for this info! :classic: So I have to sign up on brickset.

    3. VaderFan2187


      You actually don't have to, you just need email :classic:

  5. How could this have happened! Im shocked!

    1. Mantarri


      You mean the fact that he is banned? :sceptic:

      I wonder why Dluders was banned, no one seems to know.

    2. Cagast


      I'm sure it has something to do with leaks. We'll miss him.

  6. Well that's surprising. Good luck, man.

  7. NNNNOOOOO Cm4sci why did you get banned? :sad: I will miss you my friend! but don't give up! start a new account and do it again and everybody will be happy! :classic:

  8. Bye, Sci. :cry_sad: We never really talked but you seemed nice. Will miss you as I have seen you contributing to the leaks sections... and at 8000 posts you will likely be missed by most of the community... 

    :cry_sad: I'm tearing up :cry_sad:

  9. Why did this amazing guy get banned? What exactly happened?

    1. VaderFan2187


      Don't ask me! He seemed like a nice guy... at >8000 posts... but banned? I guess no one is safe...

  10. Bye, Sci. See you on TTV. 

  11. Farewell, my friend :sad:

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    2. Mr Greeble

      Mr Greeble

      I just wish I knew why he was banned so I, or anyone else doesn't repeat his mistake. :look:

    3. VaderFan2187
    4. Robert8


      As I said in the (now locked) thread, I hope this will be reverted :sad:

  12. Banned? *huh* How come?! :cry_sad:

    1. Jarreth2


      I've just tried to send a message to ask the same thing .. and I can't .. it says CM4Sci can't receive messages .. I can't believe it !! 

  13. You built this entire thing for the raffle? Wow, I'm impressed. Could've saved it for the Winter Village contest (that seems to be coming late this year)
  14. CM4Sci

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Good, cause it isn't $30. Pretty sure Brickset messed up, the limo is $30.