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Found 463 results

  1. Hi all! Lately I am more and more intrigued by trying to make my own silicone molds for LEGO parts (mostly Bionicle) and make resin casts. I have had a look online and there's some good tips and tutorials. This is an "old but gold" tutorial about how to make molds for lego hairpieces and helmets, I remember it from many years ago, but now sadly the images have gone missing. Has anyone tried, and has experience to share? In particular brands of silicone and resin to use. Another important thing will be trying to match as much as possible original LEGO colors. Does anyone have some experience to share on that regard? It would be very helpful! Some people got very nice results but I doubt they'd want to share their secrets :P I have never attempted silicone casting, so I only know what I could read online :) Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi everyone! This is the first part of a series of revamps I've recently done of the Phantoka and Mistika sets in the CCBS style of BIONICLE G2. In this thread I'll post my revamps of the six Toa. You can click on the images to go to my flickr profile, where you'll find some more. I have to mention that these are heavily based on [this]( revamp of Tahu Mistika by Lewis Hammond. Without further ado, here they are! TAHU POHATU ONUA LEWA KOPAKA GALI I hope you enjoy my take on these characters. Next week I'll post my revamps of the six Makuta. Have a nice day! :)
  3. awesomenessborn

    R3-3D5 [Sparring Bot]

    Had this moc made since 2017. Thought it was time to give him an upgrade and post him. Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more. Flickr: Insta: ~Borne
  4. awesomenessborn

    Creeps from the Deep: Kalmah

    “We shared our victories, and our punishment… so we will share the power of this mask as well.” ~Kalmah This was a collab made with several other builder’s. Check out their creations here: Takadox Carapar Nocturn Pridak If you guys enjoy what I make, visit my flickr and instagram pages! Flickr Page: awesomenessborn Instagram: awesomenessborn
  5. I present to you, the first gundam of Allelujah Haptism in the series : Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Type: Lego Gundam Name: Gundam Kyrios Code: GN-003 Size: 1/60 Pilot: Allelujah Haptism Team: Celestial Being Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ( 機動戦士ガンダム00 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō? ) Reference: _Non-Grade 1/100 _High Grade 1/144 _Anime This is my Facebook page: Flickr album: DevianArt album: You can also check this video for full gimmick and articulation :) These are more image LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With weapon LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr Since this is a transformable Gundam , I also implement the Flight mode for this Kyrios LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With a team: Gundam of Celestial Being by Demon1408, trên Flickr Thumbnail by Demon1408, trên Flickr
  6. awesomenessborn

    The Queen’s Emissary

    Here is my round one entry that allowed me to advance to the second round in the 2020 Biocup. Enjoy! Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more! Flickr: Insta: ~Borne
  7. awesomenessborn

    Dullahan of Ireland

    The Irish legend goes, if you hear your name called out in the night, the Dullahan has come to collect your soul. Made for Bio-Cup 2020: Round 2 Theme: Western Europe Enjoy! Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more! Flickr: Insta: ~Borne
  8. 7700 Stealth Hunter 7701 Grand Titan 7702 Thunder Fury 7703 Fire Vulture 7708 Uplink 7711 Sentry (Click the images to access the gallery with more shots) Ever since Hero Factory: Brain Attack launched, I've tried to imagine what Exo-Force would've looked like using CCBS. Here are some revamps of the main six mechas from the original line. I hope you like them! :)
  9. I finished (or maybe I'm just halfway through?) a series of Piraka and Toa Inika tributes/revamps. Had lots of fun, and heaps of nostalgia, reading through those ancient Bionicle texts then figuring out how I could be most faithful to each character. Which one of these is your favourite? Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
  10. BaneShake

    Macku (2003) Review

    I have never done a Bionicle opening-and-review video, but the theme meant so much to me as a kid, I’ve decided to dip my toes in the waters and give one a try with the Mask of Light version of Macku. (If this is in the wrong section, please move or remove this post as necessary)
  11. Alexander The Great

    [Video review] #8692 Vamprah

    Hello there! This is my latest review of the set #8692 Vamprah. It is in Russian, but I've added the English subtitles so you could check it out if interested. I'd gretly appreciate your feedback, whether on the review itself or the translation. Please, leave a comment if you'd like to support this review and potential next ones.
  12. So, pretty much everyone agrees the G2 storyline was a steaming pile. Not just because what what we got was bad, but because we got so little of it. I've personally rectified this with an extensive headcanon that would more accurately be described as a full-fledged rewrite of the story. And with this came a bunch of modified sets and completely original creations. All of these have been posted on twitter, bur since this forum doesn't appear to have twitter embeds, I'll just be posting the photos and text separately. So, with that being said, let's start with my Master/Uniter fusions. The genesis of this idea was that I didn't want more than one of each character on the shelf. So I combined most of the aesthetics of the Masters with the torsos and elemental creatures of the Uniters. And I also made some other very interesting changes: Also, on another note, it's good to be back. Looks like admins quietly fixed my password recovery for me (it had been so long since I had last posted that the email address it was attached to no-longer exists.). I don't expect to be posting too much here, but I do go way, way back. I was a mere kiddo when I joined, and somehow managed to not get myself banned despite the (predictably) low quality of my posting. And I recall many fond conversations I had with people here during the latter years of Bionicle's original run. Shame pretty much nobody I interacted with back in the day is here anymore. ( I still wanna know whatever happened to JINZONINGEN73. Sigh.) Anyway, I'll be back with more creations later, if people are interested in seeing them. You can also check my twitter account and see all of them instantly (There's a link in my profile now.). Just be aware I mostly just retweet political junk, so if that isn't your thing, you might as well stay way and wait for me to post more stuff here.
  13. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC-REVAMP] Admiral Jaldamir

    Admiral Jaldamir Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "A noble and valiant commander whose sole purpose is to bring to justice anyone who dares to stand against the crown. Has a long-standing enmity towards criminals who fare the seas, especially Pirate Lord Dreadwind and his band of miscreants". Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr A reimagining of an old character I had built way back in 2015. Since the moment I lay eyes on the kanohi Iden I've always pictured it belonging to an elegant, gentlemanly-looking character. wanted to make this redcoat aesthetic work. Safe to say I managed to pull this off? I'll let you all be the judge of that!
  14. My new moc... Name : Justice gundam Code : ZGMF-X09A Series : Mobile suit Gundam Seed Pilot : Athrun Zala ***Check this link to see Finished version : Full video : Built to fight side by side with Freedom gundam : Stand alone with Fatum-00 unit and the Fatum and be attached on its back or this style... but need support base I will finished this moc soon, hope you like it ! ***Check this link to see Finished version : My previous moc : Thanks for visiting !
  15. Since Hero Factory first started, I wondered how it could be connected with Bionicle. My current theory is that, after Mata Nui became dormant again, the Agori and Matoran needed a solution to their problems. Glatorian were too weak, and Toa were too few. Over hundreds of years, technology advanced, space travel was harnessed and new planets were discovered. It was then that an enterprising young Agori by the name of Akiyama Makuro finally developed a factory capable of building new warriors, known as Heroes. Do you have a different theory? Post it below!
  16. I've finally decided to part ways with Bionicle (sorry Constraction Forum!!!). Maybe I'll get back into it if we ever get a G3, but for now, I'm selling all of my G1 sets. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. I am very open to offers, so don't let that price discourage you. Just be fair - there's a ton here! Contacting me via eBay is the best way to make an offer or to ask a question. Feel free to ask! Read the full description on eBay. More pictures on eBay as well.
  17. Hello there, it's been pretty quiet huh? So, in 2016 I neglected getting some of the BIONICLE sets then, for a number of reasons, and I was recently looking into rectifying that on eBay and Bricklink. I found that- more than the 2015 sets and even years prior to that- the prices for the 2016 figures are ridiculous. Like, even used figures I see at $40-50 regularly, and the only decently priced ones are bootlegs from China . Don't even get me started on the mint ones. So... what gives? Why are people asking so much for these figures in particular? Ah well, thank you and have a good one!
  18. The 7th and last rahkshi for my bionicle 2017 project, Spectrahk probably ended up with the best color schemes. I wanted a spooky, glowing look to it, as befitting something that can float through walls. The blades on the staff are really sleek and thin compared to my other rahkshi. It has the same features as the others, flight mode, G1 kraata, swiveling waist, and adjustable staff. The staff blades are a bit wobbly due to the build. I liked the look of them too much to change it though. The staff is actually modeled to look like the one on my G1 spectrahk, which used the old vladek swords And with that, rahkshi project 2016 is finished. Here is a group shot of Makuta with his sons; forgot to use the flash for that last one... As always, comments and feedback welcome! Thanks for looking!
  19. I present to you, the first gundam of Setsuna F Seiei in the series : Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Unlike previous mocs, this time i add the shoulder articulation to make it more range of movement. The knee armor and upper leg also have gimmick of moving armor, which you will see in my later post. Type: Lego Gundam Name: Gundam Exia Code: GN-001 Scale: 1/60 Pilot: Setsuna F. Seiei Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ( 機動戦士ガンダム00 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō? ) Reference: _Perfect Grade 1/60 _Master Grade 1/100 _Real Grade 1/144 Flickr album: Click here DevianArt album: Click here You can check the Video here : Front view LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr Back side: LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr Hold beam saber: LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr On the shelf: LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Exia GN-001 by demon1408, trên Flickr
  20. Thedarkmaster2

    Recke The Burning Cold

    I created another MOC For you to enjoy, Here is Recke The Burning Cold IMG_20190314_064515436 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Originally a warrior of the fire tribe, he got buried in an avalanche during a northern crusade. For millennia he was trapped in the tundra. However as the ice melted during recent years this warrior was freed once more. Now empowered by ice as well as fire he seeks vengeance on both his old enemies and the allies that forgot about him. IMG_20190315_075729391 by Dark Maste, on Flickr For offense he wields the Sword Of The Freezing Flame. It has a flame and an ice blade that coexist due to their equality of power. IMG_20190314_064543064 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190315_075550742 by Dark Maste, on Flickr For defense he has a simple ice shield similar to that wielded by villagers of ice. IMG_20190314_064530493 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190315_075610440 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190315_075624739 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is his custom lower leg. IMG_20190314_064604778 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is his two Arms, one was replaced by Ice, the other is original to him, IMG_20190315_075801627 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190315_075813857 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Recke has mighty shoulder pads, IMG_20190315_075819758 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is an terrible back shot IMG_20190315_075900302 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is his royal crest IMG_20190314_064612377 by Dark Maste, on Flickr And Finally here is a size comparison with Lovely Galit Uniter of Water. IMG_20190315_080314326 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Recke's Crusade brings trouble to the villages of Fire and Ice, as well as those that protect them. Protectors, Rahi, and even other Skull Raiders are no match for his duel elemental powers and Mastery of combat. Can the Toa stop this forgotten warrior. Or will all submit to the Ire of the Freezing Fire?.. .IMG_20190315_080153179 by Dark Maste, on Flickr
  21. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Hydruka

    Hydruka are stubborn aquatic Rahi, formerly domesticated by the Matoran of Mahri Nui. Muaka Tarakava Nui Rama Manas Ghekula Frog Gukko Ussal Crab Tahtorak Colony Drone Acid Fly Hahnah Crab Klakk
  22. Toa Visorath, member of the Toa team you call in when everything has gone sideways. Got too much Rahi? Call in Visorath and the other Toa on his team, they'll handle it. Some Piraka on the loose? Bring in Visorath and the gang. Visorath wears an Akaku Nuva, as it allows him to see farther and with X-ray, even with his elemental rifle. Those wings help him soar to heights to get the advantage or to avoid rahi, makuta, or other enemies when things get dicey. Mainly he uses them to get to a nice perch to look over his other teammates, or shoot at enemies. "Do I feel lucky?" I'm sad LDD doesn't have better/more Bionicle pieces,. The rifle is a modified version of this one.
  23. It seems like stores couldn't give these things away in 2015-2016, everywhere had them discounted heavily and still had shelves full of them. But now all a sudden they seem to command hefty prices on bricklink, and don't have many listings on top of that. Ebay deals are somewhat better, but still high. What happened? I could understand the last wave of sets from summer 2016 being pricey due to not having a world wide release, but I don't get the rest. Maybe it's just down to the fact that not many people bought them, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks.
  24. Primus

    Shadow Lord Tahu

    Master of Darkness. Destroyer of Ta-Koro. Butcher of Toa. Scourge of Mata Nui... While fighting Teridax, Tahu became corrupted by antidermis and drained of his honor. He killed Teridax and absorbed his power, becoming fully transformed into a force of pure evil. He then when on a spree of destruction, killing the other Toa and levelling Ta-Koro. Tahu acquired the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time, so that he could relive the killings of his closest friends and revel in their misery...... By embracing his dark desires, Tahu has become the Lord of the Shadows... Built for the BS01 Legends and Infamy Contest. Also the mask is a Lego Prototype part I got back in 2010 in case you were wondering :)
  25. The Mugbearer

    The Vahki

    Vahki were the mechanical law enforcers designed by Nuparu that kept order in the more dystopian times in the city of Metru Nui. Making Onu-Metru their home and the Great Archives their domain, Rorzakhs used their Staves of Presence to spy on the Matoran suspects, routing out illegal trade hubs and Matoran Underworld hideouts. Stalking the ramparts and scaffolds of ta-Metru, Nuurakhs used their Staves of Command, forcing the Ta-Matoran to turn their undivided attention to the work at hand, sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion. Overseeing the district from the rooftops of the crystalline spires of Ko-Metru, the Keerakhs ensured peace by using their Staves of Confusion, making any troublemakers lose their sense of time and space long enough for Vahki to apprehend them. Stalking the canals of Ga-Metru, the Bordakhs used their Staves of Loyalty to make the Matoran delinquents willingly hand over their accomplices and reveal the locations of hidden Matoran Underworld hideouts. Stomping the badlands of Po-Metru, the Zadakhs employed their Staves of Suggestion to soften up the minds of even the most rock-hard stubborn Po-Matoran. Watching over the hubs of Le-Metru, Vorzakhs possessed Staves of Erasing. Considered the most terrifying of all Vahki Staff powers, Staff of Erasing was capable of temporarily stripping the target of any higher mental functioning, leaving them shambling along the streets of Le-Metru without a thought or reason. This was a huge undertaking. It took me a lot of time, energy and motivation to not only put the staves together, but also pose the models in an appealing way, as well as create interesting backgrounds/scenes to put them in. For me as a content creator this set of models is a bit of a milestone as I have started to employ heavily the vector graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Vectors are hella fun but also a handful! I am glad I am doing them though. With some of those I struggled a lot, and in these moments I received help from my spouse Demitsorou who is an amazing artist and you totally should check them out. I've no idea where to go from here, but I guess up is a good direction?.. Anyway, thank you for reading this and checking out my newest creations. <3