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  1. Have finally received and built this model. Since the first pictures were shared, this model has grown on me, and is now by far my favorite of 2017. The model really does look better in real life, than on pictures and videos. The stickers and the purple-black-yellow color scheme actually works quite well. This model doesn't have as much color vomit as many other recent set, especially this year´s summer sets. The chassis is mostly built with grey colors and looks really good. The suspension is realistic, and fun to build. The winch is clever and the doors are really cool. However, the finished model is not as interesting as I thought it would be. It feels much more like a toy than Technic sets of this size usually do, with almost 2400 parts this is the fifth biggest Technic set so far in terms of part count. It's probably the lack of PF and/or pneumatics that makes this set feel less advanced than many other large sets, but children will enjoy playing with it as Jim mentioned in the review. I still really enjoyed the set, the value is very good, you get many useful and fairly new parts for a very good price. I also made a quick demo video to show all features of it. I received my copy rather late, and I suppose most members here already have seen several videos of it, but I'll just share it anyway.
  2. I'm using Safari, and it's the same as last time. I can vote, and then the poll disappears. If I reload, I can vote again but not show any results. Also - this is not on topic, but don't know where to ask - The technic forum has the same look as on the phone right now. Is it meant to be so, or is it just for me? Sorry, mobile look with desktop layout. No header and blue and white colors.
  3. I think you might be right Jim. They clearly have something very special planned for the next year. I found this on the Swedish AFOL forum:
  4. Testing Poll (again)

    I could vote but wasn't able to see the results And if I refresh I can vote again, just as mentioned before
  5. Thank you. That makes sense
  6. I drove past a fire truck today, and saw the rims were painted black and white just like on this model. I have never thought about that before, why are the rims painted like that? I tried to Googled it but found nothing...
  7. A while ago I saw a topic called something like "Your Worst MOCs". This "Research Explorer" vehicle is literally worse than 99% percent of the MOCs I saw in that topic. We finally got the movable lights though Thanks for reviewing this model.
  8. Haven't read your review yet, only taken a look at the photos of the finished model. I don't want to spoil the build for myself, but I assume the review is very good though Finally got to place an order, have waited for this set to show up at Swedish retailers, the other two sets have but not this one for some reason. Decided to place an order on amazon.de instead. It's listed at 105 €, but somehow I ended up paying 110. Still a good deal though. Cant wait for it to arrive...
  9. General Part Discussion

    It usually takes quite some time before TLG makes recently released parts available on Bricks&Pieces. I remember that the parts introduced with the Arocs weren't available until almost a year later. The good thing is that once they are available they can be quite cheap compared to on BL, so it's probably worth the wait.
  10. Nice review as always Sariel! I'm not impressed by this set. I think the functions are too simple. It's similar to 42064 in my opinion, more like a City set. I agree with @Jeroen Ottens, that setup with a 24t gear usually doesn't work. The teeth usually touch the edge of the lower pin hole on the connector. The 24t gear was slightly redesigned about a year ago, I might not have tested it since then... The new one probably has a slightly smaller diameter.
  11. Difference between Orange and Earth Orange

    Of course! I even have those... Thank you very much, didn't think of that.
  12. @Jim I have also been curious about the setup behind your fantastic photos. I've seen the topic you linked to before, and I think your backdrop on the picture looks quite small. Are you using that exact setup when taking photos of larger models like 42070 as well?
  13. When I saw the first pictures of the 2H sets, I thought they were three of the worst looking sets ever released. 42069 was the worst looking in my opinion, but that has totally changed now. The set has went from being my least favorite, to being my favorite when it comes to both looks and functionality. The color scheme seems a bit odd, but it actually looks pretty good.
  14. I also prefer when bags are unnumbered. I like to have a big pile with parts in front of me, that's how building with Lego has always been. I'm glad the BWE had numbered bags though, 4000 parts on the table is a bit too much...
  15. Difference between Orange and Earth Orange

    @ColletArrow I'm working on a very small crane model. Literally the smallest scale you can achieve with Lego, and I wanted to use the bar for the crane boom so the color does matter. Even though the final model is going on my own shelf I want it to be Lego parts only. I'll hopefully figure something out. I didn't realize how rare this color was and thought someone could easily take a picture of it. Thank you for your help!