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    <p> My favorite theme is Technic, and the set I most recently purchased was 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V.</p>

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  1. Thank you! I'm happy you like it! I haven't made any digital model, but I might have some photos from some other angles, not sure though. I'm not at home right now and the photos are on my computer, so I can check tomorrow. Unfortunately I have disassembled the model, but I might be able to reengineer the mechanisms in a 3D model by looking at the photos.
  2. Congrats @shadow_elenter! That prize must have been meant for you, color scheme couldn't be more perfect . Looking forward to see your upcoming MOC!
  3. Thank you everyone for your votes and congrats to @shadow_elenter and @Erik Leppen for your gold and silver medals, very well deserved! I really liked the theme, so thank you @Jim for arranging this contest. I really enjoyed it.
  4. Some truly great Technic sets have been released during the last decade. 8258 Crane Truck, 8043 Excavator and 8110 Unimog were some of the early must buys for me. I really like those sets and my favorite was the Unimog. In 2015 the Arocs stole the number one according to me. The following year I totally fell in love with the CLAAS and I have liked it ever since. I think it offers a perfect level of functionality, and it looks awesome. The steering system is totally ingenious, yet not that complicated actually. I still think of the CLAAS as the best Technic set I've ever built and certainly a must have. I never got the 42009, and I haven't purchased the Porsche and Bugatti yet but I think those are some great sets as well.
  5. @Maaboo35 You're probably right, I never built it so I probably shouldn't judge. I can add that I find building alternative models extremely challenging, and I'm impressed with how good B-models the designers can come up with. No wonder they have to make compromises sometimes.
  6. I agree with @Erik Leppen, 42070-B is the worst of them all. But I think 42029-B is pretty ugly too...
  7. 5: 10 1: 6 8: 4 12: 3 11: 2 2: 1 Great to see such different models. Fun and challenging contest!
  8. Mold marks, as many others already have pointed out. Sometimes I also make sure that bushes are symmetrically orientated.
  9. Very good looking model, and the swimming motion is very fluid and realistic. Remember having one of those fish following a string as a kid.
  10. Thank you! I really wanted to achieve some sort of realistic braking, and I tried a couple of different techniques. Happy to hear that you liked it. Thank you!
  11. I have always really liked to solve problems, of all kinds. That's my biggest motivation to build Technic mocs. I come up with an idea for a model with certain functions, and all the problem solving needed to get those functions to work is what makes the building process so fun. The only bad thing about this is that once all the problems are solved, I don't always find motivation to finish the model. Another thing that motivates me to build technic mocs is the possibility to share my models with other enthusiasts online. Creating building instructions for other people who'd like to build your model is also very motivating. The motivation for building official sets is my curiosity of learning which building techniques and mechanics are used to get everything to work.
  12. Great model of a classic ride! The two way rotation results in some really interesting movement, that's satisfying to watch. Well done and good luck!
  13. Thank you! After being slowed down by the brake, the seat module comes in contact with a line of rotating tires which slowly brings it down the final part.