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  1. Hi! Have you by any chance happened to place the red differential upside down? In that case, the turntable wouldn't fit.
  2. HallBricks

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I think the chassis parts seen in the video are very early prototypes, or simply just designed for the video. The final product won't necessarily look anything like in the video. The main reason I think so is that the new rims seen in the picture don't fit the hubs of the chassis in the video.
  3. Most of the new sets are available on the Lego shop now, not the Mack Anthem though...
  4. To me there's no doubt the panels on the boom of 42082 are 5x11, but I'm not sure about the dog bones. I think it looks like it could be done like this: It looks like there's some sort of slot in the middle.
  5. Prices in SEK are usually higher than in EUR so you can expect the prices in EUR to be a little lower than the prices converted from SEK. For example, 42070 retails at 250€ ~ 2425 SEK. In Sweden it retails for 2599 SEK ~ 270 €
  6. That would look quite nice though
  7. HallBricks

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    It is more challenging to design a model with already existing parts, since you can't just design a new part when it is needed. Using already existing parts results in very clever parts usages, and I think it makes the final model more interesting. Even though new parts are interesting and exciting, lack of new parts isn't something that reduces the quality of a set in my opinion.
  8. HallBricks

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Finally received mine after backordering a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately the box arrived in perfect condition, I've seen that some received damaged boxes. After waiting the entire summer, I don't really want to complete the build in just 5 hours. I think I'll do one or to numbered bag per day.
  9. Funny because the hook was the part that took the longest time to find for me as well. I actually think some parts were a little tricky to assemble as well. Especially attaching the axles to the rest of the chassis.
  10. I don't think we are expecting too much from it, but it will certainly not be the flagship. As you mentioned, it will most likely be a medium set with usual size for 1H flagships. I imagine it to be similar to 9397, but with more parts, more advanced functions and better looks.
  11. HallBricks

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    The Saturn V is now available for back order at S@H. Estimated shipping date is September 6.
  12. I feel like the design style of many technic sets changed when this year's lineup was released. Many sets are less complex then usually and especially the smaller sets don't look that good in my opinion. Even though these pictures are just preliminary, and things will most certainly be changed, it seems to me like this new design language is used in next year's lineup as well. I think the 42035 Mining truck is a good example of a small simple model, aimed at younger children, that still looks pretty good to me. This year's, and next year's smaller models are different. I don't think this has to be wrong, but the new sets just don't appeal to me. I don't usually buy the smaller sets, so this doesn't bother me that much. I really think the MACK truck will be great, the licensed sets are usually very good ones. The rally car might be a nice set as well, I'm pretty sure the design will change a little. I think it will be similar to the 42039 both in terms of size and functions. I have also good hopes that the super ultimate car project will be awesome.
  13. I have experienced the same problem today
  14. It's nice to finally get the 11x5 panel in dark bluish gray with the dozer
  15. Probably true, dark azure actually looks good in most cases, but I am pretty sure they will keep the regular blue as well.