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Found 37 results

  1. Hello to the community. Below you see a render of a digital MOC I've realized beginning of the year. The MOC shows the former Luxembourg Airport Findel as it locked in the 50s, late 60s. Reference Images: The final MOC: Lego MOC Luxembourg Airport Findel by legolux1973, on Flickr Credits go to De Marco Bricks and Wheels, building instructions for the tractor and the tank truck I found on his Youtube Chanel. Maybe you like the MOC. Regards, legolux1973
  2. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] Air Canada 737 MAX

    I recently finished building a LEGO City/Minifig scale plane that offers more details than your usual airliner. I have submitted my creation on LEGO Ideas. See more pictures and vote for it here! My model also has its own display stand which can also be used to display the minifigs. This plane is built using brick-built solutions instead of relying too much on pre-fabricated plane pieces. This plane has quite a nice cabin on the inside and can accommodate many minifigures. To see pictures of the Economy AND Business class cabins, please see my LEGO IDEAS project page.
  3. I've always found something interesting about airport architecture from the mid-century and have wanted to do some other parts of an airport since my first class lounge a few years ago as seen here so I guess this is something of a follow up. It was all originally centered around the baggage carousel which went through several revisions. I went with a circular one which I think were quite rare from all the source material I looked at. I included a shop, information desk and toilets between the columns for some interest all based on a 60's style. I've used various patterns and mid-century elements in the structure walls and ceiling. No one single airport was the inspiration but a mix of many. I started this project just before a recent trip to NYC of which I visited the TWA terminal, If I'd started it after my trip my ambitions may of gotten the better of me! :D What an inspiring sight it was though! 4 images in all this time; You can find them on my flickr is if so prefer here: Regards
  4. Greenstar

    Airport People Movers

    Hello does anyone have any advice on building a custom airport people mover system or automated Guideway Transit network using LEGO Bricks? Has anyone built successful systems of the type using custom built track?
  5. Dan Journman is a world famous traveling freelance LEGO reporter, specialized in engineering and technology. If Eurobricks agrees, I will post here excerpts from Dan's travel stories. His accounts have typically 4 parts: A description of his experiences, historical background from local sources, technical details, and his personal final comments. Some years ago, Dan visited a distant small mining facility with innovative water powered generators. But that's another story. This topic is from an intermediate stop during his journey, at a small regional airport. Dan's Story The morning flight from the SW capital was uneventful. It lasted a while as it was on the edge of the range for our small airplane, but it was still rather pleasant. The old but well maintained and clean aircraft was an LTR-24, seating 25 passengers, 1 cabin and 2 flight deck crew members. The three-bladed propellers revealed that this particular airplane was a quite old version of the popular regional turboprop; though with upgraded avionics and FMC. The LTR-24 is the smallest of the LTR range that has included the LTR-32, LTR-40 and SLTR-44. Based on the real world Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR series, passengers board through a rear located door and cargo is loaded through the large cargo door in the front, behind flightdeck. The first thing I noticed when we landed was the size of the airport building. I was surprised to find that there were only two daily flights connecting with bigger towns, in addition to some local flights to nearby sites, including the mining town I was about to visit. As I had some time to spare before my next flight, I had the opportunity to talk with the airport manager who was very helpful in providing information and he even gave me some pictures taken by drone, showing a similar aircraft (LTR-24) parked at the apron. The manager explained me that the airport building was an ambitious attempt to establish a secondary regional hub in the NW territory, to serve the few small northernmost towns of the region. Pressure from local politicians and overoptimistic hopes for rapid development of the region dictated the construction of a relatively large terminal with 5 gates, including 2 air-bridges. The two-level building has the capacity to serve several simultaneous flights. However, by the time the terminal was inaugurated and for the years to come, the passenger volume remained low and the largest airplane ever connecting the city to the main NW hub was the humble LTR-24 with a twice-daily service frequency. Two or three smaller SWTL-16 based at the airport connect the nearby towns. The irony in the pictures is obvious; the air-bridges are out of service since the LTR-24 (as well as the smaller commuter planes) cannot use an air-bridge and passengers board from one of the 3 ground gates. In fact, only a fraction of the terminal facilities has ever been used. Local press has often cited the airport expansion as a scandal, perhaps not without a reason. Some technical details about the Terminal The airport terminal of this small hub has a departures hall with check-in kiosks and desks, baggage drop-off and ticketing services. In the secured area, the main hall (mostly empty space) has only a small cafe selling also some souvenirs. Passengers board the planes through two air-bridges or ground level gates. A dedicated hallway allows any gate to be used for arrivals as well. The arrivals hall has two baggage claim belts and a car rental desk. The footprint area of the terminal is 6912 square studs (0.44 square meters, 4.8 square feet) and the volume is approximately 138000 cubic studs (0.08 cubic meters, 2.8 cubic feet). Final Comment from Dan A typical waste of taxpayers money. Spend too much, build too big, leave things unfinished and ugly looking. Low quality construction with limited use and functionality. Photo 1 (from drone) Baggage loading and passengers boarding. Loaders are placing the baggage into the forward cargo hold. Photo 2 (from drone) Passengers exiting the terminal building through ground gate B2. We used the exact same gate. Photo 3 (from drone) Another view of the flight preparations. Notice the First Officer standing next to the number 1 engine while doing the pre-flight check. Photo 4 Upgraded flightdeck of the old LTR-24 commuter turboprop; photo taken from behind First Officer's seat.
  6. Scriba

    [MOC] Airships

    With the end of fossil fuels and therefore kerosene, airlines have collapsed or converted into luxury travel by airships. New small companies have developed in areas left vacant by large companies. It's the beginning of the story, now let see the airships : At-Al AT-Al by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr IMG_2004 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr Voliris (France) Engine: bio fuel The AT-Al is the modification of the AT-Ap intended solely for transport, this modification allows the boarding of passengers in conditions of very relative comfort but very cheap. StädTa 'UHU' IMG_2039 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr IMG_2037 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr Schempp-Hirth (Germany) Engine : Electric The Uhu is the short-distance air taxi you need : fast, perfect maneuverability, takeoff and short landing. LuPa 'FALKE' IMG_2018 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr IMG_2021 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr 100_2489 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr Schempp-Hirth (Germany) Engine : Electric The Falke is a tourist airship, its panoramic cabin and its aft platform allow a unique view. The broadband connection allows you to post your trip in real time. Cavaletta IMG_2028 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr IMG_2032 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr 100_2512 by Scriba CanardPC, sur Flickr Adria Aeronautica (Italy) Engine : Electric The Cavalletta is produced only on command, it's a chamion of speed and autonomy. This Cavalletta belongs to Giulia Tosca Griselli, the singer of the group Geotori. All the pics : Full description, dowload files/PDF/decals : At-Al : Uhu : Falke : Cavalletta : Hope you will enjoy them !
  7. Ape Fight

    From a LEGO catalogue circa 1995

    Got my Town out of the loft the other day, thought some of the pictures might bring back fond memories of the way Town used to be All the pics are on and a description (plus all the pictures) can be found on MOCpages here
  8. We've seen this before. But this time I'm back with an airport that won't fit on any reasonable-sized table. Planned for two terminals, perhaps three, and spoiler alert . . . there might be some kind of monorail shuttle system involved. What you're looking at in the initial pics is terminal #2, near completion. Right now, there's pics of Terminal one and it's runways. I simply cannot get over how many of those round white dots that I've gone through lighting the runway. I've altered the rear end of two of the three blue jets to allow the lines to continue through. I've tried to add a red variant, and I'd like some feedback on the tail wing being red, right now it is red because I'm out of light grey tail wings, but would like to know everyone's thoughts - should I just keep it this way when the light grey tail comes in. There's 4 set 6396 jets in all. Two short length and width, two engines on each side of the fusselage and then two that are longer and as commented by one of my friends, probably have an absolutely excessive amount of engines - six total with a pair on each wing in addition to the other two. The longer term plan is to integrate a complete MOC (not MOD) of a very, very significant and unique airport terminal, but as of now the plan is a little more scatterbrained. You can see in the background (below the monorail shuttle) you'll see the area that should soon be occupied by terminal #1. Most of my stuff is pretty predictable, so you can probably guess what you're going to see next, and the themes of the planes that will be residing in the #1 Terminal. The #1 Terminal and runway system will be about 60% of the size of Terminal #2. And yes, while positioning the plane that is about to take off, I can only be reminded of the KLM flight disaster with the tail strike as the passenger jet desperately tried to lift, striking it's tail, and eventually the other plan on the runway.
  9. ER0L

    MOCs: LEGO Aviation

    Hi all, as you might know I’m a car builder mainly, however, I’m interested in practically everything in the Lego City world, boats, trains (and monorail, of course!) included. One of the subjects I’m very fond of is Lego aviation. Of course, we won’t see those heavy brick-built aircraft fly high in the sky. But even grounded planes are quite interesting, especially passenger and cargo planes, just because of their size which allows lots of special functions you won’t be able to include in smaller vehicles. Plus an airport is in fact a place where lots of different vehicles can be watched: crash tenders, pushbacks, pallet and belt loaders, jet air starters, refuelers, extra-wide buses etc. etc. Since there are quite a few MOCs now concerning aviation I will put them together in this thread. This can also be regarded as a contribution to the idea of a more technical Lego city where any space available is used to include functions or light to get more interesting Lego City layouts. #1 Faun 8x8 Crash Tender (ARFF/FLF) 8w ARFF, equipped with 3 flashing lights (9 Volt Light & Sound) plus battery box. Fits 2 minifig firefighters. The Faun has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96949 #2 Canadair Waterbomber CL-215 Wingspan 80 studs, weight 1050 g, equipped with 3 PF M motors (2 for the engines, 1 for the flaps), battery box and IR receiver. The rudder is coupled with the nose wheel. Fits 2 minifig pilots. Since 2014 the Canadair has undergone some changes, e. g. it has smaller propellers nowadays. Also the Canadair has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=95522 #3 Turbofan A possible design of a spinning turbofan with PF M motor I've developed some years ago: Sorry, I only have this blurry video of it. This design hasn't been used on an aircraft model yet, maybe I'll build something around it in the future. #4 Pushback/Tow Tractor/Aircraft Tug “Goliath” Not the most beautiful vehicle I've ever built, but it does its job: moving relatively large aircraft on a Lego airport which is rather rare to be seen, I guess. Equipment: PF M motor, IR receiver, battery box + Light & Sound flashing lights. Plus it has a storage compartment to keep the tug bolts. The pushback has a front wheel drive (with worm gear) and is able to push or pull Lego aircraft up to 1,5 kg (tested), maybe more, on a straight path - I wasn't able to build in a proper steering. More pics: Fixing the engine: Video: Thanks for looking, more to come (there's another aircraft in the pipeline). [Edit, 26 June 2016] #5: Sea King Coast Guard Helicopter PF motorized The chopper has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...26#entry2596441
  10. Hi everyone! This is a microscale recreation of the Marvel Super Heroes set 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle for the 60th Anniversary of the LEGO Brick contest on Brickset. Here is a pic of the original set for comparison. I tried to include as many details as I could. And here's a back view of the build: I hope you like it.
  11. So here is my latest airport terminal. It's a custom modular. While it's custom, there are some obvious takes from the lego city airport set 7894, but not many. The inside is a full functioning terminal with a security check point, help desk, restrooms, gate area, bag check and bag claim, a lego store, a lounge and dining area and a observation area. It has its own monorail station which also has a bus stop and bike share station. I'm still working on rebuilding the jetways.
  12. Hello Eurobricks, (sorry, posted by mistake , I'm currently writing the topic) That's OK now. If you get tired of airport vehicle, you can still escape. I had some time to kill during my forced holidays, so I present you my latest MOC, a baggage belt loader. This kind of vehicle are used to delicately load you baggage in the bulk cargo room of aircraft. The belt is made of two parallel tread sliding on studeless beam and are actuated by a PF-M motor + Worm gear (and some gear inside the conveyor). The U-shape prevent the tread to move. Regarding the other function, you can find steering (through PF-Servo motor), propulsion (through PF-M motor) and the elevation of the coveyor (through PF-M motor and linear actoator) Except the smal size of the model there is no real complexity in this MOC. I tried to add some small detail to make it look better, I'll let you discover them in the here below video. thank you for reading Complete album on Flickr :
  13. Behold, my latest MOC! The airport catering truck! This is attempt 3 for this MOC. I had 2 ideas before which I tried, but both were abysmal and failed. One was a car transport truck, but the gearbox was messy and there were no good functions I could make with the pieces from 42043. The second was a revival of 8868, but that turned out even worse as different parts of the truck were on different scales altogether. Finally, I scrapped it and decided to start fresh. Thus, this project was built. If you're wondering why there's paper on the side of the container, it's due to the lack of panels in the 42043 set (I would have needed at least 14 more to coat both sides of the container, but then it wouldn't be an alternate model). On the other hand, now there's a logo! It's the logo for the LSG Sky Chefs, a company that makes airplane food. The hardest part of this project was getting the gearbox not to slip for the pump and drive function. Early on in the build, I didn't realize it, but the lack of reinforcement came to haunt me towards the end. As a result, the side panels are crude, but they keep the gearbox together, just barely. Until the very end of the project (when I added some backbone to the truck), the entire vehicle shook when the pump was activated. So the model had and still has some faults, but in the end, the build was worth it and I believe the model looks good and works well. Feel free to leave your thoughts, I would love to hear them. Pictures and video below. The model is 1 42054 long and 1 42054 high. Thanks for reading/watching and I hope you enjoy! BrickbyBricktechnic
  14. Today, I would like to share my first creation on Eurobricks with you all. A model of a giant towbarless Pushback Tug. To be exact, the Goldhofer AST-1X 1360. The real vehicle can lift up the front landing gear of the biggest aircrafts. I tryed to build all the functions, how they are build in the real Goldhofer, especially with the rear steering. The model has 8 RC functions:- Front wheel drive (XL Motor)- Front wheel steering (M Motor) - Rear wheel steering (2x M Motor) -- I had to decide, whether I would like to have crab steering or steering with different wheel angles to allow smooth driving. In the end I've chosen the second option, because crab steering is still kind of possible.- Raise cabin (M Motor)- Pneumatic pump (L Motor)- Raise landing gear (L Motor)- Close lid (M Motor)- Fix landing gear (M Motor) Unfortunately, the model has some flaws. The cabin is lifted in a weird way, because of the battery box under it and I struggled with the lifting section. I had to use really strong clutch gears and worn out valves, and even with that, the valves didn't switch always. Also I had a problem with one of the pneumatic cylinders, the reason why I used two pumps. As a result I had to glue two 2L axle between the pumps to the red 1x2 thin liftarms because of the vibration. I was sick of searching for another solution . Here is a quick render, made with LDD and Bluerender. Images with higher resolution on Flickr: I already took the model apart, but l would still love to hear your opinion, some tips or criticism. Maybe I'll give that model another go in the future.
  15. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Airport Service Car

    Hello! Today I decided to build custom LEGO airport service car. And this is what I've built. I used only 50 bricks. It took near 1 hour to make it, but I like the result. I will put this MOC to the my custom LEGO City airport. To build it I used yellow, gray and black LEGO pieces. I think, I can make not only one service car, but two or three. Do you like my new MOC?
  16. Here's a vehicle that I believe has never been done in Technic before: An airport catering truck. This MOC intends to combine pneumatic and power functions. Here are the functions I have planned: -4 outriggers (PF) -Drive (PF) -Lifting the container (Pneumatic) -Opening front door (Pneumatic) -Opening rear door (Pneumatic) -Suspension, steering, fake engine Here's what I have so far: BTW, it is (loosely) based on this real truck: Leave some comments please! I need suggestions for battery box placement and gearbox reinforcement. Thanks! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  17. Hey guys. I thought I would post a video of my Airport. I "think" I am finally done messing with it for a while. It now has a general aviation area, a much larger main terminal, a rebuilt tower, a seaport and many other improvements. I also wanted to incorporate the new airplane sets that came out this year. So here it is. Hope you like the airport. Next project is finding a place for the modular coming out in Jan!
  18. This model is inspired from 6691 set which was produced between 1981 - 1983. It was one of my favorites sets in childhood. There are many differences but I intended to keep the Classic Town spirit. I've added a working door on the right side, windows on sides, I've used nowadays elements like curved slope bricks for actual design and I also made the model a little smaller. LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 1 by Severus A, on Flickr
  19. I've decided to build an airport stair vehicle adapted to the classic 4 wide airplanes. As far as I know, the only mobile stair for 4 wide planes could be found in City Airport set no 10159. The plane in the picture is the original plane from 6396 set. LEGO stair vehicle 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 7 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 2.2 by Severus A, on Flickr
  20. Hi everyone, I am always looking to broaden my range of Architecture styles that I try my hand at, so this time its mid-century modern. This was a good way of incorporating some interior ideas I had without building a huge exterior building to house it. I've went with a understated colour palette, and simple but varied textures which are found in many a lobby of civic buildings built around this time. A few features such as the large simple wallclock, sloping windows and planters were all a common site in all the reference material I could find. The bar overhang(er) was a personal touch. It's another bar but this time within an Airport lounge. Anyway on with the pics, 5 in all; You can view them on my flickr stream here if you prefer: Comments welcome! Bon voyage!
  21. mapimi

    Bombardier C-Series

    Hello everyone I would like to introduce my model for the Bombardier C-Series (both the CS100 and the CS300) which is the newest narrow body plane being made by the Canadian giant Bombardier to take on Airbus and Boeing's duopoly on the medium sized aircraft market. My model for the CS100, the smaller of the two members of the family comes in the colours of Swiss Global Airline, which is the launch customer for the type. The aircraft features retractable landing gears and opening doors. It can seat 6 passengers. The tail is this way until I can justify ordering two 3x3 cross plates (15397) which I still have to do. DSC04420 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04442 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04437 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04427 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr My CS300 is 4 studs longer and comes in the colours of my custom airline Nova Airlines. The aircraft features the same retractable landing gear and door system. DSC04460 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04467 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr I hope you enjoy these two airplanes. My goal is too bring more details into the lego aviation world. I hope you find these creations achieve this. All comments are welcome :) Happy Building -Max
  22. Another video review of a set that is currently marked as still needed on the index, and in my case it was recorded three months before Aero Hawk (but found missing on the index second, hence the topic creation order). I really adore this small set as both very nostalgic and imagination driven, which I do like in cases such as this one. Series: Lego Town Airport Catalogue number: 6529 Year of release: 1990 Minifigures in set: 2 Pieces in set: 28 From what little I browsed the index so far, I have at least two or three more Town-themed sets that are in need of review in my posession, so I might speed up their coverage creation to fill these gaps :)
  23. Wallas

    [Video Review] 6536 Aero Hawk

    Browsing through the review index for Town, I noticed that 6536 Aero Hawk was still needed, and as a matter of fact, I reviewed that set two weeks ago on my English YT channel. It's not a full pictorial, but I put every thought I had on this set into this five-and-a-half minute video, so I hope you will like it :) Series: Lego Town Flight Catalogue number: 6536 Year of release: 1993 Minifigures in set: 1 Pieces in set: 43
  24. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Airport Fire Truck no. 1

    Hi again, today I post my Airport Fire Truck, the model is from the 2013 set 60061 "Airport Fire Truck". I like the design and the model, so I decided not distorting it further. I added a fire hose on the right side, a fire spear in the front, more equipments and lights.
  25. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Village Airport

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! While other airports may be hectic and troublesome this time of year, there are never long lines at Village Air. Travelers come from far and wide to take a short ride with pilot Charles Brickbergh, the legendary aviator who completed the first trans-Atlantic flight. Since retirement, he has made a humble home in Winter Village, and built a small prop plane that the locals affectionately refer to as "Rudolph." As our eager travelers (a small family of four) anxiously await the return of the pilot, they enjoy the hospitality and fine food of the Airport Café; and Charles' trusty mechanic Biff works on the plane. ~ I noticed, as I was going through the last five years of Winter Village contest entries, that while there have been lots of cottages, and train stations, and shops, no one had ever built a Village Airport. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. While my entry stretches to 48-studs wide it is mostly open space due to the plane hangar (and the piece count comes in around 1500) so I think it is still in the approximate size of previous Winter Village sets. There are a few more pictures on my flickr account (unfortunately, I was taking pictures as we were heading out of town for the long Holiday so I didn't get time to set them up the way I wanted) - Any constructive criticism would be more than welcome - first time I've built anything like this. Thanks!