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Found 348 results

  1. Here is my review on LEGO Marvel Spider-Man No way home 76280 Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle: THE GOOD: Sandman is great with a fun build and lots of movements. Finally getting Lizard minifigure. Able to integrate into last year final battle set seamlessly. THE NOT SO GOOD: Very very expensive. Do we really need a repeat for Spider-Man & Electro? I wish this was part of the Final Battle set released last year. On its own, it's great with a very good Sandman build. And Sandman has a lot of movements and I especially love the movements you are able to do with the neck and arms. He also looks very menacing too. Having its own stand makes it a very good and lively display. The minifigures are great, and finally you get a Lizard minifigure. While it is well done, I do wish Lizard is a big fig. Spider-man and electro are nice too but if you have bought other sets, it;s very repetitive. I wish Spider-man is also a new variant. Now, it's clear this set must have designed as part of the Final Battle set, as it fits seamlessly into it without issues. This also the main issue, because on its own, this set cost $80NZD which is very very high. I rather pay more for a bigger than to be honest and I wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't a 30% off discount. If you really want a complete scene from no way home or the lizard minifig, then it's probably a set for you with a high price, otherwise if you just a casual fan and already satisfied with the final battle set, then you don't really need to spend on this set.
  2. Hi there, I made a new superhero related movie trailer with stop motion animation. It's a project just for fun and I hope you will enjoy watching it too. :) I am always happy to hear any feedback. :)
  3. I made a smaller Hulkbuster from Mishima's Design, so.. full credit goes to him, I just built a modified version of his MOC with what I had and I think.. it looks pretty good. It's mostly made with piece from 76104 and other pieces from 76168 and 76171.. among other Cull Obsidian and an Outrider for scale ^^ And a bonus.. Iron Man in the Hulkbuster
  4. Here is my review on 76266 Endgame Final Battle: THE GOOD: Great selection of minifigures (a few re-use but if you don't own the earlier sets then it's really good). Interesting build through out building the ruins. I do think it's great design on how you can place the pegasus flying out the portal. Another lively diorama. THE NOT SO GOOD: For some, this might be boring given we had another endgame final battle few years back but that one was before the destruction. Valkyrie's outfit can be a bit more whiter I guess, it's a bit too grey. I enjoyed building this and like the end results. Without a doubt this set will always be compared with the Spider-Man one, but I will focus in this one. While it's a scene of ruins, it actually looks pretty good and very lively. It's also very tall. The way the design allow you to pose the Pegasus flying out the Portal is brilliant. There are quite a few MCU easter eggs/references incorporated into this set, opening it up will reveal a couple of them. Surprisingly, this set does not have many stickers, just a few essential ones for exterior details. The build of the tower is actually pretty fun and interesting. The design also gave it very good stability so it doesn't fall a part. the minifigures line up is great in my opinion, especially if you missed out some of the earlier set. For this set, you do get a new variant of Wanda, Valkyrie and Thanos. Although Valkyrie a bit too grey, a little bit more white or silver might have make her better. The other downside is that we has another endgame final battle set not so far back, although that one was a scene before the destruction. Well, if this is your first MCU set then it won't be a problem, it fact if you have not own much of the marvel sets before this turns out to be a very good set. At $180 NZD, it's a bit high but it's a reasonable price is my opinion considering the content and compare to some other recent sets. Plus it's not hard to get a discount on this one. I would definitely recommend this one if you like the MCU but if you don't like MCU then really nothing much would appeal to you in this one. One thing though, this has so much possibilities to recreate some of the most ridiculous parody of endgame by just adding other licensed minifigures to this. Now I just need to find more pieces to add more portals!
  5. Here is my review on 76261 Spider-Man Final Battle: THE GOOD: 3 generations of Spider-Man in one set! Pretty much all key characters from the movie are all in this set. Surprisingly detailed with fulfilling building experience. The scaffoldings are another surprise build with very realistic end results. Very lively display piece. THE NOT SO GOOD: Missing Lizard and Sandman (minifigure form). This set is very impressive indeed. It also turns out to be a little bit bigger than I expected based from the box art which is a good thing. Rarely you get a set from the Marvel theme which are non-D2C that is fun to build and great to display. First, the completed model looks very lively, the new curvy clear part really makes a difference here. There are lots of small detailed packed in the set which provide a fulfilling building experience. I have to admit that the head of Status of Liberty build is very similar to Welcome to Apocalypseburg one, and this probably prevented be to have an even better building experience. I'm also surprised on the scaffoldings, the way these are designed give them a very realistic feel to it. More over, this set comes with 9 minifigures, including all 3 generation of Spider-Man. And it also includes all other key major characters in the movie which is very rare LEGO do this. A bit sad there isn't Lizard or Sandman. Well, strictly speaking sandman is in this set just not in minifigure form. At $180 NZD, this is pretty good value with what you actually get. This is one of the best Marvel MCU based set in recent time and definitely recommended to everyone. A Must Have for MCU and Spider-Man fans.
  6. Quandale Dingle

    Lego Lore

    Hey guys, I want to know lore or hidden secrets in Lego sets from any theme (city, creator, dots, disney, duplo, friends, harry potter, icons, ideas, marvel, dc, minecraft, minifigures, monkie kid, ninjago, trains, xtra, star wars, sonic the hedgehog, studios, toy story, indiana jones, overwatch, lord of the rings, architecture, juniors, batman, cars, lego movie, lego batman movie, clikits, 4+, classic space, castle, modular buildings, dacta, dimensions, factory, discovery, exo force, elves, frozen, fabuland, fusion, galidor, ghostbusters, hidden side, hero factory, technic, island extreme stunts, jack stone, jurassic park, atlantis, juniors, chima, ninjago movie, mixels, monster fighters, nexo nights, powerpuff girls, pirates, roboriders, racers, scooby-doo, simpsons, brickheadz, spongebob, sports, stranger things, teenage mutant ninja turtles, thomas and friends, bob the builder, town, unikitty, vidiyo, trolls world tour, ultra agents, wild west, vikings, winnie the pooh, world city, world racers, bionicle, and znap)
  7. lego_guyon02

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Hello everyone, This thread is a place to share any custom figures or modifications to existing figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I hope we can use this thread to inspire each other for years to come! Did you know the Star Wars and Harry Potter themes also have topics like this? You can check them out below! - Star Wars by @Kingslayer - Harry Potter by @Seaber Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We gotta start somewhere so here's a good chunk of the custom/modified figures from my collection, it's not everything but I hope you'll be able to take inspiration from some of these figures! I'll apologise in advance for the mediocre quality of some of the pictures Black Widow family L-R: Melina Vostokoff, Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow Revengers L-R: Bruce Banner / Hulk, Brunnhilde / Valkyrie, Thor Wakandans L-R: Nakia, Shuri, T'Challa / Black Panther (kinetically powered up), T'Challa / Black Panther Fugitive Avengers L-R: Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Steve Rogers / Nomad, Bucky Barnes / White Wolf Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. L-R: Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson / Quake, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird Earth-bound villains L-R: Grant Ward, Johann Schmidt / Red Skull, Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier, Ulysses Klaue, Erik Killmonger, Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster Spider-Man villains L-R: Hydro-Man, Quentin Beck / Mysterio, Adrian Toomes / Vulture Space-bound villains L-R: Ayesha, Yon-Rogg, Grandmaster, Hela Black Order L-R: Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight Thanks for viewing and I hope to see some of your customs soon!
  8. 2019 is here and we've seen this set around since March 2018. Marvel LEGO fans are thrilled when the UCS Hulkbuster is finally announced but when it actually arrived, I sensed hatred more than love towards this LEGO mech. So, please leave your comments whether you agree or disagree of the 10 reasons that I gather from the internet. This set is still available in 1. BLUE TECHNIC AXLE PIN AWKWARDLY PLACED AT THE SHOULDER. All those red and suddenly a blue technic pin showing at the shoulder is quite awkward in this scenario. Maybe a new red coloured pin can be a better alternative? Or we can substitute this Technic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise coded 43093 in bricklink with a tan or grey coloured part to make it blend into the shoulder pad better than this basic colour contrast of red and blue. 2. WRONG COLOURED CHEST LIGHT BRICK. The light brick in this set is a great bonus for us all and I understand that LEGO only produce red and yellow light bricks in the past. Why not make a new blue light brick for this iconic set of LEGO mech? I'm sure the exclusiveness of a blue light brick in this set will make this set more popular. 3. RESTRICTED ELBOW MOVEMENT. To make this pose, I had to remove the arm at the elbow, and then place it directly on the shoulder and fortunately it works quite well for the photo . Now if you notice the right arm (the intact one), the gold plate at the outer part of the elbow is blocking the arm to be moved side way as well as the grey round plate at the inner part of the elbow. This actually defied the purpose of the ball joint at the elbow which suppose to make the arm more flexible. 4. WEAK GRIP OF THE HANDS. He is holding the fire extinguisher? Or the fire extinguisher is sitting on his last finger? I would say it was a hard time balancing the red can of powder in his hand. Other than that, I like it that Iron man can sit inside nicely without any stud so that he can be easily taken out from the seat. I'm not a MOCer so I can't really suggest how to make another extra finger for him. Longer finger would help in the grip too I guess. 5. LACK OF KNEE JOINT As you can see, the designers traded the stability of the model with the flexibility of his knees. The long brown technic axle is to be plunged into the lower part of the leg so that the weight of the whole model will be directed straight towards the heel. I think there must be another way out for it to be able to pose better. 6. RESTRICTED HIP MOVEMENT. This pose took me 30 minutes to make it balance. As you can see, i removed the knees, and connected only one of the double click ball joints to the hip. The thigh parts are only resting on the lower legs. Luckily the sole of his foot is wide enough to support the 'running' pose. Modification is direly needed. 7. INSIGNIFICANT GLOW IN THE DARK PIECES. Yes! We have glow in the dark parts in this set! But the proportion of the pieces and the size of the model is not right. More pieces or larger parts would be nice. 8. UNABLE TO STAND UPRIGHT. Look at the ball part between the sole and the lower leg, they are suppose to stabilise the model but the space is a little bit too much so the Hulkbuster is kind of leaning on the respective ball part of the leg instead of standing up straight. 9. TOO SKINNY. Hulkbuster in the movie is very bulky and large to be sturdy enough to fight the Hulk. Here he looks a little bit malnourished. 10. STICKERS! The UCS label sticker is very hard to apply without creating air bubbles. The decals for the model is not very abundant here, why not give us printed ones? Alright, now that we are done with the downside of having this model, but to me as a collector, this set is still a must get to complete my collection of LEGO Hulkbusters. For MOCers, this set provides a good framework for you to do modification for a larger and better Hulkbuster. Other than the model, the platform build is impeccable with large black 8x16 tiles, lots of 2x4 tiles, and the side builds of yellow machine arms. The comparison of 76031, 76104 and 76105 Hulkbusters heads. The prints are very nice gold and they are exclusive to their respective sets. This is my previous review of 76031 and 76104. Mark 43 suit with a transparent head. This looks like an unfinished work of Tony. But the details of the suit is definitely magnificent. This suit is exclusive to this set too. The accessories of the set. Veronica is amazing with the stand. The fire extinguisher is my favourite here as it looks so similar to a real one. A comparison with Smaug. He looks like the gold dwarf statue in the movie. I mean the size. More to compare with old Hulkbusters. The height of them are just at the waist of the UCS version. More buildable LEGO figures. Now Smaug doesn't look that big. Conclusion Despite the bad aspect of the Hulkbuster, I still feel that this is a good buy before it retires. As I mentioned above, there are lots of room to make it a better version of Hulkbuster, so this set can become an official collection, or you can modify it to become a bulkier, more flexible version of a LEGO mech. Review Summary Playability: 6/10 - This model is more of a display model on the platform provided. Playability score actually decreased along with the lack of the ability to pose him properly. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The design is very nice but it can be better. Too skinny. Still a high score because it can be a good foundation for MOC. Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigure! All the printings and the details are marvelous! But why not put a Tony Stark minifigure as well? Overall: 7.5/10 - This set is still available in store. Get it before it retires. Hope you enjoy the review, do share your thoughts in the comments!
  9. Here is my review on 76213 King Namor's Throne Room: THE GOOD: Cool throne seat. New hair piece for shuri. Lovely printing on Namor and other minifigures too. Interesting design for the submarine. THE NOT SO GOOD: Namor is missing the goatie... A bit expensive but better than Star Wars pricing lately I like the set in the end, it's great to get new characters in the MCU as minifigure despite Namor is missing the goatie. While this set shouldn't be called a room, but the throne seat is actually pretty cool and looks good. The disc shooter doesn't work that well though unless you fully review the treasure under the throne to give it a bit more push. A good small set I will definitely recommend to anyone, the pricing is probably $10-$20 too much but it's ok once you get a discount on this. I can't wait to see the movie in a month time!
  10. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

    Here is my review on 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum: THE GOOD: Another modular building with is the same year always a win! Looks great. Interesting building techniques and innovative use of parts for exterior especially. Back to multiple instruction booklets with each one per level to enhance experience with family. Full of MCU references beyond Infinity War & Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Awesome new hair piece for Mordo. THE NOT SO GOOD: Stairs to 3rd level does not exist in this build. The windows look nice but the decors can easily be misaligned. Minifigures selection can be improved, instead of spider man & iron man & Ebony Maw, may be Kacillius, Ancient One & Christine Palmer makes more sense? This is indeed somewhat a dream came true. If you tell me a year or two ago this is happening I wouldn't would have believe it. The good news, this set is good. The exterior is probably executed better than the interior. It just looks great and I really like the techniques to build the corner of the sanctum. The building experience is great, nothing felt repetitive and lots of new ways to build things. A lot of stickers but I would say it's excessive, some though I do wish it is printed. The new trees are great but the windows decor, easily to be misaligned just because the piece only secured by one stud. Interior packs in lots of details and MCU references, however I do feel space is limited because of the total depth in this design. Extend the building 6 studs more deeper might give it a bit more flexibility in this regard but even with this, I doubt they can add the stairs to the top level. This is the only issue that really bothers me. Otherwise, this set doesn't just look great but have a few play features integrated too. Those portals are really fun. Also there are tons of references to MCU that only MCU fans could spot immediately. Just by looking at some of the references, I think they should add Thor:Ragnarok to the box art too. May be also include Thor & Loki as minifigures would have made this even better. Minifigures wise, it;s great. I do wish more leg printings and characters other than iron man, spidey & ebonay maw would be more appealing to MCU fans. Having said that, both iron man and spidey are exclusive to this set and spider got additional leg prints too. I just wish getting a few characters more directly related to Dr.Strange. I also like the box art and the instruaction booklets, me and my wife had a great time building this together because it has been awhile big sets like this comes with multiple booklets allow you to build different parts simultaneosly. Also I hope Lego continue to include background info of the set going forward. This is a great set and I do recommend this to everyone, while the price is high but I think it totally worth the price.
  11. Ghost Rider Midnight Race By Rui Miguel "I ride, and Hell follows with me." Ghost Rider Midnight Race is a product concept I made as a fictional SDCC LEGO set exclusive. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Marvel’s “Ghost Rider” and when I saw Marvel Legends team from Hasbro teasing a Ghost Rider project for their next Haslab with that beautiful anniversary logo, all I kept thinking was how badly I wanted to see one in LEGO! So the idea started there. I think with the current LEGO portfolio a stand-alone Ghost Rider set would only be made into production under these circumstances and that’s why I made the decision to make this a Comic Con Exclusive (although I’m aware this would let down a lot of fans that wouldn’t manage to reach this release, including myself) This is my first Marvel project and it is also bigger in terms of the design process. This project allowed me to fully embrace multiple roles that bring LEGO Products to life. From Model Design (both analog and digital), Graphic Design, Building Instruction Developer, Packaging Designer and Marketing. The most challenging part was being my own ‘Model Coach’ to ensure that the model lives up to LEGO's high-quality standards. All these were meticulously engineered to bring the best play and building experience to the project. Above you see multiple views of the model and a detailed look at the graphic design. You can also find free access to the PDF file of the building instructions and the Bricklink studio file of the model of the motorcycle and display stand. You can upload to Bricklink and generate a wanted list of LEGO parts needed to order. With the manual, you can build your own Ghost Rider motorcycle (and see a “small” tease for what’s next in the pipeline). If you build or just read the instructions I hope you find the scope of scale in terms of details that I wanted to bring to this project. You are cool and I hope you have a good time and fun while building, playing and displaying. Feel free to leave a comment 😉 Feedback is always appreciated 😊 Features: - 238 pcs (motorcycle and stand only) - Removable and playable motorcycle - Stand display - Stickers sheet not included Download Links (mega): PDF Building Instructions (21.1 MB) Bricklink Studio file (289 KB) If you haven't, check out my Star Wars Crab Droid
  12. Hey there, Recently, I tried my hand at several Mech Armor style MOCs to see if I could put my own twist on those models, and created this duo. The idea was to design a $20 pack of two armors like the 76219: Spider-man & Green Goblin Mech Battle but to go beyond the simple "duo-pack" concept. Rocket's walker-type mech can convert into a cannon to use on War Machine's shoulder, as seen in the pictures below. More pictures and (free) instructions are available on my Flickr gallery. Enjoy !
  13. Hello, folks! Without long introduction - here are all my brickheadz so far (more than half are new, others - you could see them, but they have been slightly reworked). Note for mobile users - there will be many pics to load for your device. All building instructions are free. I'll add some comments by the way, but pics should do better :) 1) Newlyweds - kinetic model Animation (it may take some time to load): What is love? Baby don't h.. Hm, that's not what should have been said :) This couple celebrates their marriage with great dance. By the way, almost 22000 ukrainian couples got married since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Love and peace will win! This model is driven manually by rotating a gear in back of the stand and can be motorised if you connect any motor you have to it. Given that the stand, groom and bride are separate models that work together, you can re-insert the bride and groom to make them rotate in the range you want. It also means you can use this stand to make your own brickheads "dance" as long as they have similar structure (all internal mechanics). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 2) Ukrainians A brave cossack; his younger brother; beatiful girl - they all can be the symbols of Ukraine. Let's take a closer look: This brave cossack has an earring in the left ear. Years ago it meant he was the one and only son of his mother. He wears traditional cossack pants - "sharovary" and traditional shirt - "vishivanka". Also, his hairstyle is called "oseledets" or "chub". Animation: Young girl. She also wears traditional combination of jacket and an embroidered skirt. Her flower wreath with colored ribbons is a symbol of youth and girlhood. Animation: Baby cossack - a symbol of ukrainian kids. Animation: Free buiding instructions: Rebrickable 3) Iron man with glow effect Animation: To use him as a pocket defender or just as a nightlight - it's up to you) It's a rework of set #41604, if you already have it - that's at least 40% of needed parts. You can use any PF-compatible power source to make it glow (such as 8881, 88000, 8878 and others). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 4) Ghost rider with glow effect Animation (without a chain): When it's cold, when it's dark, when there is no hope... Here is our hero - he brings light, warmth and hope for better times! You can use any PF-compatible power source to make it glow (such as 8881, 88000, 8878 and others). Free building instruction: Rebrickable 5) Polar four It's not just a company of polar habitants - it's a family: dad, mom, son and a cute bear cub in a sweater that, I bet, behaves and is perceived as a second son :) Animation: Animation: Animation: Animation: Also, you can build a silmplier and less parts-hungry version of a bear cub (without embroidery on the sweater): Free building instructions: Rebrickable 6) Popeye the Sailor Animation: Give this guy a spinach - and he will do an impossible! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 7) Athlete Animation: For all the lovers of fitness, dark glasses and pants with stripes :) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 8) Wolverine Animation: Friendly, polite, gentleman - all this is not about him. Strong, incredibly hardy, an excellent fighter - that's him! Now he can be your personal Jesu... bodyguard! :) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 9) Batbaby Animation: I'm sure he will nicely fit into the Batman's universe. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 10) Antique warrior Animation: A brave warrior is ready to protect you! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 11) Lumberman Animation: This guy never worries about the thickness of logs and about your problems. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 12) Kitten Animation: This tiny kitty will love you at first sight! Free building instructions: Rebrickable 13) Kiddy Animation: Just don't take the steering wheel from him and he will be ok!) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 14) Lifesaver Animation: "Ok, I get it. Everything will be fine, don't worry!" - lifesaver. Free building instructions: Rebrickable 15) Buddy Animation: He's a good friend of mine. From now - yours too!) Free building instructions: Rebrickable 16) Leeloo Animation: Free building instructions: Rebrickable 17) Sheriff Animation: “Dude, did you do all this mess in this room? I have questions for you! ”- sheriff. Free building instructions: Rebrickable Thank you for your patience attention! :D
  14. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 76208 The Goat Boat

    Here is my review on 76298 The Goat Boat from Thor Love & Thunder: THE GOOD: The boat is excellent and surprisingly big with lots of space to fit many minifigures. Interesting brick built goats. Excellent minifigures and you get all key characters from the movie in one cool set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Gorr is a bit boring, legs printing would have improved it way more. This set is excellent and I like it very much. I'm surprised on how big it is when I finished the build. The building experience is great too, there are some clever designs through out the build. And it's a surprisingly accurate build compared to the one in move if you have seen the trailer. When this set was first announced, lots of questions on where are the LEGO goats, but after building it I kinda like these brick build goats, as a bonus their faces are printed. The other thing I really like is the fact that all key characters from the movies are included in this one set! Which is very rare in a MCU themed set. While more details would improved the Gorr minifig but the other minifigs are so good, I'm happy to accept a bit of flaw. The price of this set is pretty decent too given it's so often you can get 15%~20% discount off this. I will totally recommend this set to everyone and the upcoming Creator 3 in 1 Viking ship will definitely be a good companion to this set on a display shelf.
  15. Hi everyone :) I'm a Star Wars guy first and foremost, but I started collecting Marvel stuff in 2017/18 in the run-up to Infinity War, and also began building Marvel MOCs. This is the first one I like enough to share it on here. It is obviously based on the Pizza building from the Sanctum set 76108. I used the tan wall-bricks and black windows as a base for the aesthetic of the building. Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place MOC - Presentation Img by Ephseb, on Flickr Front: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Front by Ephseb, on Flickr Rear, with fire ladders: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Rear by Ephseb, on Flickr Roof.. Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof by Ephseb, on Flickr ...with a secret exit for Spider-Man! Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof Trapdoor by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof Trapdoor & Spider-Man drawing by Ephseb, on Flickr Minifigures by Ephseb, on Flickr Pepe the Pizza Guy, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds with his Lego Death Star, Aunt May Interior Pictures, Ground Floor: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Pizza Place by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Hidden Pizza Oven by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Stairs, Mailbox & Door open by Ephseb, on Flickr Interior Pictures, First Floor, Apartment: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Apartment 1 by Ephseb, on Flickr Interior Pictures, Second Floor, Peter's Room & Bathroom, Top View: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Apartment 2 by Ephseb, on Flickr Better View: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - It's got a washing machine! by Ephseb, on Flickr I hope you like it!
  16. Veynom

    [MOC] Steve Roger Rogers

    My latest build: Steve Roger Rogers, improbable crossover between a BI Battle droid and the famous Captain America. Which version do you prefer ? Light or dark ? Marvel or Star Wars? Round shield or vintage shield? Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr After seeing a couple of weeks ago a meme about this, and remembering some cool instructions to make battle droids, I decided to build the meme with bricks. I started with the light blue version, as more bricks are easily available in that color and it was therefore easier. Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr The shield was the real challenge and required quite a few trials and errors. At first, I did not want the easy solution of the pre-print shield from Lego. Besides, when I finally got it, I realised the colors were not matching. I tried multiple brickbuild versions but macaroni tiles do not exist in the needed colors and size. Ultimately, I remembered that Cap also used a different shield shape in the early era. So I built that one instead and loved it. Note that one of my shield attempts resulted in the small grey socles. Not everything was lost in the end. Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr As I had purchased the printed shield anyway, I tried to build a dark blue version of Captain America. I played a bit more with the colors by swapping bricks here and there but in the end, it also looks cool. Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr Now, I have 2 small statues, quite colored, original and highly flexible to display. Steve Roger Rogers by Veynom, on Flickr A few words about the markings: The "A" on the head, and the horizontal lines come from a very old dry transfer sheet from Verling (people who did scale modeling in the 90s should remember). The 3 stars on the old shield and the star on the torse of the dark blue version are cut in a simple white sticker. The 1x1 round tile and the round shield are printed bricks from TLC. I hope you enjoyed this little build.
  17. Here is my review on 76205 Gargantos Showdown: THE GOOD: Great Gargantos build and it looks menacing just because the size of it is actually bigger than the pictures shown. Excellent minifigures, great printings on all 3 characters. Great choice to use medium legs for America Chavez. Super heroes sets not based with a facade build nor repetitive vehicles. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't think of any. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is probably one of my most anticipated movie of the year, and this lego set made me happy. It turns out to be way better than expected. I think Gargantos is very well done is is a lot bigger than the product pictures online. The build is fun too and I did not encounter the connectivity issue which some other reviews have highlighted. The minifigures are excellent, love the details on American Chavez and the use of mid legs here. Always good to have more Wongs and Strange. This strange though has excellent printing, the only thing I wished happened is re-use to the first Strange's effects. That has more details and represnet the magic spell more compared to a clear colour piece. I recommend this set to any marvel fans and I think it's great and good to see small sets not based on facade builds nor vehicles. Interestingly, Wanda is missing and she is still on the packaging so I guess the rumors of another set coming are true. Will just have to wait and see.
  18. BardDandelion

    [MOC] Wanda Vision TV

    Hi! Wanted to share my newest MOC - it's based on MCU tv series "Wanda Vision" Hope you enjoy it! ;)
  19. Darth Fandom

    New LEGO Marvel Film

    I was just scrolling through my YouTube notifications and it turns out that there's a new LEGO Marvel short film, which you can watch here. I've only briefly skipped through to some of the scenes, as I don't have time to watch right now, but here's what I've got (SPOILERS): It seems like the film is only using 2020 sets, which leads me to believe its a sequel to Climate Conundrum. I'll be watching it later today, and post my thoughts as well.
  20. This is my custom Hall of Armor. It took me 18 months and contains 56 minifigs and a bunch of little stories and Easter eggs. Check out the entire gallery at: Or
  21. Here is my review on 76177 Battle at the Ancient Village: THE GOOD: The Ten Rings effect. The Dragon head and tail are nice. Good selection of characters in minifigure form. THE NOT SO GOOD: Nothing representing the village in set title. Dragon body looks more like a snake due to it's too narrow. Price is a bit high considering the volume of the set. Overall, it's a set for MCU fans. The idea of a dragon build like this is nice but apart from the head and tail it's too thin to be a dragon. Being called Battle at Ancient Village but no parts to portrait a village also raises questions. Having said that, getting 4 different characters from the MCU in one set is nice, the quality of print are great too. The highlight is definitely the ten rings for me, although you can only get 6 rings in this set. (Time to go Bricks & Pieces to complete the ten rings) This does feel like the designer has a nice idea but budget/pricing target constraints not allowing the best possible execution of this. And yes, this is a pricy set. I wish it's $20NZD cheaper. I will recommend this set if you are MCU fans like me otherwise you may not find this set interesting or worth your money,.
  22. Here is my review on 76201 Captain Carter VS The Hydra Stomper: THE GOOD: Hydra Stomper looks better than in photos and surprisingly great build. Excellent quality for the 3 minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Although the minifigures are great quality but I do wish Captain Carter is the one you've seen from series. (Lego saved that one for the CMF) Tesseract is too big for minifigures. Can be $10 cheaper. Overall, this set is better than what I originally expected. At first I was disappointed that both What If? sets are mech but this one turned out to be great. I think in terms of proporiton, this Hydra Stomper looks better compared to previous Hulk Busters type mech. Just the colour a bit too bright compared to one you've seen in the animated series. The way both arms and legs are built are also different to previous ones. While the minifigures are excellent quality, the only disappointing thing is this Captain Carter does not comes with the original colour nor the unique hair style which you going to get in the upcoming CMF. In fact, this version of Captain Carter never make an appearance in the episode. However, this set is good if the marvel What If? series appeals to you and I would recommend this set to any MCU fans and especially if you don't own any of the previous Hulk buster type mechs.
  23. Here is my review on 76200 Bro Thor's New Asgard: THE GOOD: Bro Thor! The printing on legs for the lower belly still not perfect but not as bad as I expected. Very detailed interior with lots of great references to the movie. THE NOT SO GOOD: Miek ... it's a weird design. I really like this set as a fan of Endgame, never thought Lego would make a set based on Bro Thor and so many empty wine bottles. The Bro Thor minifigure is just great, I do with they have the sun glasses look but nevermind. Korg is good but can be better, Miek on the other hand looks really weird. Much prefer a moulded piece. You do get to build lots of interior details which is great. This is really a display set for the fans as it as no action or play features integrated. I also love those easter eggs and references in the stickers designs. I'm pretty sure there will be fans out there going to buy multiple to build the full Bro Thor's man cave. Will totally recommend this set to any Avengers fans.
  24. As a fan of the MCU, have to get this set day one. Here is my video review on 76162 Black Widow's Helicopter Chase. THE GOOD: Excellent minifigures. Especially Black Widow's torso! Great looking helicopter. It lacks interior but it's one of the better helicopter in recent years. Boxart ... I think this has set new standard in box art. THE NOT SO GOOD: Would be nice to have specialised piece for Taskmaster's shield. May be include Red Guardian in the set as well. Overall, I think this set is huge improvement compared to the Endgame sets. The build is good and the minifigures are excellent especially Natasha (A brand new hair piece and head print would even be better but one can never ask too much). To my surprise the actual task master minifigure is looking way better than in photo. It's a shame they didn't include Red Guardian but all good for me as I'm very happy with this set. I'm not usually a fan of Lego Helicopter but I do like this one. This set also is a good example on how to use stickers while not being excessive. And I absolutely love the box art. The price ain't that bad considering the overall building experience and end results. I would totally recommend this set to everyone especially to MCU fans.