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  1. Welcome to Mitgardia If you are new and want to join the fun here, you just think of a character/sigfig for yourself, post it here, and start building. For a signup example you can look at the members overview section. Green and yellow are the official colors of Mitgardia, so incorporating them into your creations helps show your loyalty though it is not required to have the Mitgardian colors in every MOC. Keep reading to find out more about the great Northern guild! Section One: Guilds of Historica Background The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten. Race against race, clan against clan; shields clashed with swords, long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge. The arcadian land was thrown into chaos. When all seemed lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s greatest city: the fortress of Cedrica. To settle the grievances and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined the clans into one mighty Kingdom: Historica. They founded the Four Great Guilds – each one a realm in itself – Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South, and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin ruled the central lands of Historica for decades. But darkness and chaos had only been thwarted, not conquered. Magic was unleashed upon the land, magic that fell into the hands of Victor Revolword. Only in union did the Guilds find strength to defeat him and destroy the Elemental Helm that gave him power. Yet the struggle was not over, for out of the chaos magic had bred there arose a new threat: the Black Spire. Ravaage the Terrible, of whom no man ever spoke save with bated breath and behind closed doors, ruled the darklands of Nocturnus with a rod of iron and resistance glowed only in scattered embers. Meanwhile Drow invaded Avalonia, Algus from the north swept into Mitgardia, and the resurrection of the ancient Desert King threw Kaliphlin into confusion. Slowly, the heroes of the Guilds realized the truth: the fire that fueled the powers of destruction and chaos throughout the land burnt deep in the heart of Nocturnus. There Ravaage sought for the ultimate power, the Necromancer’s Helm. Only by once again uniting, this time against Ravaage, could Historica be saved from ashes and the rule of the undead. But who would unite the Guilds? The King had been slain by Revolword, his son murdered by Ravaage; no other family could command the respect of all the Guilds or ignite their loyalty and patriotism. Yet a rumor arose, a rumor of hope. An heir had appeared, under whose banner all who desired peace could unite. Heroes of Historica, rise up and fight the invader who brings discord to your realm! And rise the heroes did. Throughout the land, in every corner, evil and chaos were subdued. Rivals pledged allegiance to the new, unknown King, and sallied forth to battle Ravaage together. Old jealousies were forgotten. Each man felt that it was the dawning of a new day for Historica. By trickery, the mages of Historica defeated Ravaage and destroyed him, sealing the chamber of the Necromancer’s Helm forever. Leaderless, Ravaage’s army has crumbled, his plans and power vanished. Disorder remains, but the worst seems to be over. All eyes turn toward the throne of Cedrica, where the new monarch, Queen Ylspeth, reigns and rebuilds. Much needs to be resolved, many questions remain to be answered, but at last, Historica breaths free. Guildsmen! This is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire, and battle for the glory and honor of the banner… Section Two: Guild Background and Theme Mitgardia: Frigid Wonderland Landscape: From the Frozen Beyond with its secrets to the vast snowy lands of various clans. Where the clan territory ends the terrain starts with large pine forests and the heavenly mountains. After passing the mountains you'll find the tundras and finally there's the Demon's Ridge. That's Mitgardia. No one knows what lies in the Frozen Beyond, not many dare to go there. It is home to fierce creatures like ice dragons and blizzard wolfs, whom haven't crossed the Ebar stream for centuries which connects the Frozen Beyond to the Clan Lands. Recently the fearsome Algus made an attempt to overthrow all of Mitgardia, but have been pushed back into the wastelands of the Frozen Beyond. The Clan Lands are home to various tribes. The conditions are extremely harsh as there's snow whole year long, here real men are made. At the age of 12 boys are send into the cold by pairs, to make it on their own a whole year long to return as men. Even southern cities send their boys to the clans to learn the ways of the clans. South of the Clan Lands majestic mountains appear. The Heavenly Mountains, surrounded by pine forests these mountains are home to grand cities like Omurtag. These mountains are also Mitgardia's economical heart, because they contain iron, gold, coal and other treasures. Past the mountains you'll find the tundra, which holds plains and forests. These lands are Mitgardia's agricultural center and it's home to most of Mitgardia's inhabitants as it also contains Valholl, the capital. In the summer the tempertures can even go up as high as the ones they are used to in Kaliphlin, because of warm winds from Nocturnus´ vulcanoes. Most south lies Demon's Ridge. A natural barrier to keep unwanted guests out of Mitgardia. With its steep mountains, combined with the cold, you don't want to go through them without a guide. The Isles of Solitude are mostly uninhabited, though ruins of ancient strongholds still remain, and a few outposts of stalwart Mitgardians can be found. Standard: Green and yellow unite Mitgardia. Economy: Giant mines with Historica's best treasures, and of course Ale, are Mitgardia's most important economical resources. Timber is also plentiful Section Three: Recent Guild History Even Mitgardia fell prey to the disorder and discontent so prevalent in Historica recently, and nearly plunged into civil war as some of the powerful Dwarven houses looked to invade Avalonia. Ultimately, the crisis was averted, but tensions between some Dwarven families and the Mitgardian government remained. And then came the terrible invasion of the Algus from the Frozen Beyond. In the struggle to push them back to their icy lands much of Mitgardia was weakened. With a new heir to the throne in Cedrica, maybe now Mitgardia can rebuild its former days of unity and might. Section Four: Guild Leader Core Leader: soccerkid6, this is the member who you can go to for changes to this thread, member disputes, and game question about Mitgardia. Guild Leaders: These are the characters who lead the factions for story purposes. Mitgardian Faction- Sir Glorfindel (soccerkid6) is acting as the Steward of Mitgardia currently, while Elon Chorian (Ecclesiastes) attends to some important family matters. Sir Glorfindel's advisors: Elon Chorian (Ecclesiastes) Steen Larsson (kabel) Section Five: Current Guild Challenges. Guild sign-up: If Mitgardia sounds like the home for you, create a character and post your character in this thread! Community Build: Landscapes of Mitgardia, Dwellings of Mitgardia Mitgardia free-build-challenge: Age of Mitgardia Please post a link to each of your free-builds or challenge builds in this topic, as you complete them. It keeps things simple for indexing purposes. Past Books: Mitgardia Book I Thread, Mitgardia Book II Thread Section Six: People of Mitgardia. Mitgardia is home to a wide variety of people, below are some examples of the types of inhabitants you may find: Members Elon Chorian (Ecclesiastes) Titles and profession: Leader of Mitgardia Short Bio: Proud member of the house of Chorian who live in Ondylion for centuries which was destroyed by the elemental monsters. With the absence of the Jarl and his city destroyed, Elon is living in Valholl now as steward of Mitgardia. Hometown: Valholl Parts: Head, Head and Torso, Green Arms, Hips and Legs, Cape 1, Cape 2, Cape 3, Shields and Axe Blades, Bar, Plume, Steen Larsson (kabel) Titles and profession: Carpenter, Royal Architect, Vice-Admiral of the Mitgardia Fleet, Homeprovider for the Poor, Defender of Valholl as well as Doctus of Mitgardia. Short Bio: Steen was born in Helgestorp a small village near the city of Stoneroda, where, at the age of 7, he became a carpenter aprentince. Due to his military skills he soon rose within the ranks of the Stoneroda militia and his protector Lord Eric Grimmson became awere of him. Steen was eventually choosen to represent the Stoneroda carpenter guild in the Valholl Thing, the Mitgardian parliament. There he showed that he was able to do more than just fight and cut timbers and thus earned quite some titles. With the descrution of Helgestorp and Stoneroda, Steen relocated to Thorshaven, where his brother Lars Larsson currently serves as the mayor of the prospering young town. Hometown: Stoneroda Parts: Hair,¨Head, Cape, Torso, Arms, Hips and Legs, Spear Sir Glorfindel (soccerkid6 - previous sigfig) Titles and profession: Architect Regent of Valholl, Officer of Valholl, Treasurer of the Valholl Mason's guild, Economic Titan, Knight of Valholl, Mason Teacher, Shadow Rider, Rigr, Gentleman, Farmer, Innkeeper, Watchman, Protector, Frost Berserker, Eagle Eyed Danger, Manager, Gatekeeper, Vendour, Miller, Lord Mayor, Agrarian, and Strategic Heavy Weight Short Bio: Though Daydelon has been a small town in years past it is now expanding rapidly and Glorfindel is committed to keeping it strong. Glorfindel visits Valholl often to discuss current matters in Mitgardia with Elon and Steen. Among the dwarves of Mitgardia Glorfindel has many allies, and is always welcomed at the great city of Hradcanny. Hometown: Daydelon Parts: Plume, Green Hand Plume, Helmet and Visor, Head, Cape, Scabbard, Torso, Arms, Legs, Sword, Shield Eryl Storrar (soccerkid6) Titles and profession: Short Bio: Eryl Storrar of Harburg is already a staunch Mitgardian despite his young age. Which should stand him in good stead as he likely will be lord of Harburg one day. Eryl's parents, Karsten and Karin, are the Lord and Lady of Harburg, while his uncle is Sir Glorfindel - Karsten's younger brother. Eryl has a twin sister named Elise, and like most twins, they get into plenty of mischief together. Hometown: Harburg Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs Mikkel Winter-Stone (mrcp6d) Titles and profession: member of the Jarls' engineering corps Short Bio: Mikkel is an engineer for the Jarl, hailing from the Mitgardian capitol, Valholl, and was traveling on a cartography expedition in the Northern Wastelands when Victor's machinations came to light. Since then, he has used his knowledge to improve on the crossbow, increasing its range and accuracy. Recently, in conjunction with the dwarves of Omurtag, he has begun experimenting with new fire-powered ballistic weapons. Whether this fire-breathing tube functions on science or wizardry, he knows not - he just knows it works. Hometown: Valholl Parts: Feather , Hat , Head , Scarf , Torso , Green Arms , Hands , Legs Sir Gunman the Lurikeen (Gunman) Titles and profession: Economic Titan Short Bio: Gunman was born in euosmos, a small city Southeast of tundra.Following his father's steps he became member of a local clan named DAOC at the age of 13. The clan was all about hunting wild animals near euosmos and exploring the lands of Mitgardia. Today at the age of 27, Gunman and his friends Hlias and Markus are core members of the clan and starting to plan serious adventures outside of the Mitgardian boarders. Hometown: Euosmos Parts: Arms, Torso, Legs, Sword, Cape 1, Cape 2, Head, Hair Wyndor (MKJoshA) Titles and profession: Leader of the forces at Dalig Ulv, Friend of the dwarves of Treacleheim, Bane of the Algus Short Bio: Wyndor lives in the northwestern portion of Mitgardia. During the Algus Saga he worked with Charlemagne from Kaliphlin to obtain a dragon. Now he spends his days patrolling the northern borders of Mitgardia with his dragon to ensure no Algus make their way south. Hometown: Dalig Ulv Parts: coming soon! Makny Annenson (The Stad) Profession: Commander of the Stromvakt Bio: Born to the second son of the Lord of Førstlys on the Burial Isle, Makny Annensen was never likely to inherit the rule of his grandfather’s holdings. Instead, he passed his youth learning the ways in which he could best serve his family and people. After his customary year in the clan lands when he came of age, which was just before the Elemental Crisis, he had many adventures and faced many trials, eventually coming into his own as a warrior and strategist. Following the wars against Ravaage, his puppet states, and his allies, Makny surrendered any claim he would ever have to the lordship and took his father’s place commanding the Stromvakt, the elite household guard of Førstlys. Hometown: Førstlys Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Scabbard, Cape Alfadas Mandredson (Alfadas) Titles and profession: Rigr Alfadas Mandredson, Frost Berserker, Eagle Eyed Danger, Shadow Rider, Watchmen, Gatekeeper, Protector and Farmer from the North! Short Bio: Hailing from a small village near the Winter lakes in the south of Mitgardia, Alfadas grew up as the oldest son of the leader of said village. The village thrived in fishing (as they are close to the winter lakes) and the export of said fish to nearby towns. Alfadas didn't much feel like becoming the leader of a small boring village, so he took a couple of friends and together, with Alfadas as their captain, they traveled all across Mitgardia, aiding people and Mitgardia itself. Slowly coming to the conclusion he isn't invulnerable (mostly because he got one of his legs chopped off by a Cyclops) Alfadas grew up to become a more responsible person. When he gets tired of fighting, he will have a village to govern. Hometown: The Winter Lakes Parts: Hair, head, torso, cape (brown), sword, shield, legs (aren't official legs, they are regular green legs with a peg leg) Isengrin (meepinater) Titles and profession: Soldier, scaredy-cat, chicken, little mouse. Short Bio: As a child, Isengrin always wanted to serve as a soldier. When he became of age, he enlisted for a soldier. In his first battle, however, he witnessed his company murdered by orcs. He has never recovered since. Although he can still summon his courage, Isengrin often turns pale at the mention of orcs or goblins... or anything of the sort, really. Hometown: Omurtag Parts: torso: part #937 in dk grey with black hands. legs: part #970 in dark grey. weapon: part # 25111 in silver. Shield: part #22408. helmet: part #3844. armor: part #2587. head: part #326cpb2081 Arun Hilgrim (CaptainAaron) Titles and profession: none Short Bio: Arun is a novice explorer and aspiring wizard from Valholl. There, he recently completed university studies in archaeology and mystic lore. With the recent dangers facing the realms, he hopes to help by unearthing ancient artifacts and discovering long-lost secrets. Besides being a well versed researcher, Arun has some arcane skill. This is currently limited to two abilities. First, he can brightly illuminate his staff at will. The second is that he can comprehend the speech of his wooly goat, Grep. Arun is now moving into his family’s old cottage located in the foothills northeast of Valholl. From there he will have a safe haven for adventuring and can begin exploring the lands of Mitgardia. Hometown: Valholl Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Backpack Lady Eleanor of Bluevale (Bracari) Title: Ruler of Bluevale Short Bio: The Bluevale country is Lady Eleanor's ancestral home. Nestled inside a mighty mountain range it is a long valley with a large lake in the middle, fed by a myriad of small streams which spring from the surrounding mountains. A river flows from this lake carving a small pass through the eastern part of the mountains. The southwestern region has hot springs and geysers due to volcanic activity, this gives the valley a special micro-climate. The valley is fertile and was famous for its Orchards whose Apples were then distilled into cider, appreciated throughout Mitgardia. The Lords of Bluevale prospered from this trade for centuries, acquiring land and businesses even in the Capital itself. Unfortunately a volcanic eruption followed by a war between brothers took a heavy toll on the community as many died or fled. Although triumphant against his brother, Lord Brius (Eleanor's grandfather) moved the family to Valholl being able to maintain a noble status due to his wealth. Eleanor was born there, her mother dying in childbirth, and raised surrounded by finery, a melancholic grandfather and often absent father. However, without the steady income from Bluevale's products, some bad investments and general squandering of money by Eleanor's father, Lord Firth, after her grandfather's passing the family lost most of its wealth. When Lord Firth died just a couple of years later, the family status gone and looked upon with a certain disdain by other nobles a young Eleanor decided to sell the little holdings she still had (even the family's house in the city where she grew up) and with a small retinue of faithful servants return to Bluevale to reclaim and rebuild the family's domain. Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs and Hips, Cape. Ronan Lund ((Luc)ky Luke) Titles and profession: Blacksmith in training Short Bio: Ronan was born in the small village called Flockwood. This village high up in the mountains was founded, after the destruction of Helgestorp by a small group of former inhabitants. After a few days of walking haunted by freezing winds this small group found a spring in an almost hidden valley. The group decided to stay there and founded the village now known as Flockwood. Because of the dangers the group encountered in the mountains and the everyday treat of the freezing cold and the mountain’s wildlife, every boy and girl had to learn how to fight from the day they learned how to walk. Even though he lives in a rough place Ronan always tries to stay positive. Hometown: Flockwood Parts: Hat Head Cape Torso Pants Ygnvi Arnesson (Ayrlego) Titles and Profession: None Short Bio: Ygnvi Arnesson grew up in a small rural village set in the valleys of Mitgardia's southern mountains. His early summers were spent in the mountains tending to his families livestock and he seemed set to become a simple farmer. That was; however, until he was drafted into the local fyrd during recent troubles. Unlike many of his neighbours, he seemed to have a talent of fighting, and the taste of life outside of the village of his birth gave him a yearning for adventure. Now free of his service in the militia, he looks to make his name and fortune serving Mitgardia however he can. Parts: hair, head, torso (with green arms), legs Amos Lachlan (Spud the Viking) Titles and Profession: Clergyman, chronicler, scholar. Short Bio: Amos Lachlan is the second son of a farming family in the South lowlands of Mitgardia. He preaches within a small community and still has a soft-spot for agriculture because of his upbringing. Lachlan would like to venture out into surrounding settlements in order to get a general sense of the politics and needs of the people. He keeps notes of current events in order to provide written history. Along with him travels his dog; Kirk. Hometown: A small village on the West side of the Antler river Parts: to be updated Andros Graymane (A_Goodman) Titles and Profession: Blacksmith Short Bio: Born to a modest family on a farm outside of Valholl, Andros grew up in comfort while learning trades such as lumberman and agriculturist. However Andros always had a gift for forging. At the age of 15 Andros left home and joined a group of mercenaries called the Silent Scythe. They were known for taking odd jobs around the Tundra and occasionally making their way north into the Clan Lands. After several years, a job went bad and the few remaining members of the group disbanded. Upon returning home Andros discovered the family farm in ruin and no trace of what had become of his family. Taking the small amount of gold he had saved during his time as a member of the Silent Scythe he purchased a small forge south of Teridyan, on the eastern border of the Tundra. Here he creates some of the highest quality weapons and armor in all of Mitgardia. Although he feels more comfortable creating weapons than using them, as a former mercenary, he is always ready to suit up in his old set of armor and join some fellow guildsman on a quest. As long as there is some gold in it for him of course. Hometown:Valholl Parts:Will Add Virgil Faust (Blaze) Titles and profession: Captain of the Northern Rangers. A group of soldiers whose task it is to protect the most northern places of Mitgardia. Their speciality is hunting and taming dragons and big lizards, but are also excellent at capturing/hunting or sometimes even killing of other large creatures and monsters. Short Bio: A young ranger, but with already a great reputation, he is the youngest captain ever and also the gouvernor of Pikesteel village. If you have a big snake in your bathroom or a drake in your backyard, send a message to Virgil, he will know how to take care of them! Hometown: Pikesteel Village, at the foot of Pikesteel Mountain. Dargrin Galvinor (dathil) Short bio: The Galvinors go way back. Originating from Varlyria, Dargrin's ancestors came to Stagmont in Mitgardia looking for a new home, a place to follow their ideals. Within a few generations, they became a respected family, due to them using their coin investing in the expanse of Stagmont. The Stagmont Dargrin has been born and raised in, has become a serious town, and the Galvinors are accepted as its paramounts. Dargrin, his brother Edmun, and their uncle Drakk are focussed on solving the mysteries around the disappearance of their parents during the war, as well as on restoring the prosperity of their hometown. Hometown: Stagmont (sigil: Stag on a dark red and dark green field) Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Cape Snorri Puvelson (Puvel) Titles and profession: Farmer - Protector Short Bio: Snorri Puvelson, son of Puvel the Hurn, is a veteran of the Alguswars. After receiving training from his father, Snorri joined the fight in the cold mountains. Even though he’s a battle hardened veteran at his young age, his aim is to lead a peaceful life and make his hometown prosperous again. Hometown: Kyllingfelt Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Legs? Eoin Wallace (Eoin Wallace) Short bio: Eoin Wallace is a fierce warrior who lives in the woods just south of Dalig ulv, with his friend Douglas. From his house in the woods he mostly spends his time patrolling the wilds of mitgardia, discouraging bandits and keeping law and order. He sometimes goes into the cities but when he does its never for long, for he feels uneasy with all the people in one place. Home town: the woods south of Dalig ulv. Parts: head, legs, torso, green and yellow arms with flesh hands, scabbard, sword, cape, hair, brown stick, torch, gem. Louis of Valnötsträd (Louis of Nutwood) Titles and Profession: Young Karl; Aspiring warrior. Short Bio: I was born in a small village called Valnötsträd, famous for its timber. Father was a skillful carpenter and Mother was an audacious house builder. But I never aspired to work with them. My destiny was much grander. I dreamt of crossing the lands of the North, to seek for mysteries and great adventures, just like my grandfather, Föbvr the Wise. I wanted to fight alongside the bravest of men and build alliances with the wisest of them. On my father’s deathbed, I pledged to protect my family. And I swore to the gods that I would become a great warrior to fight and die for the people of Mitgardia. To Valholl. To Mitgardia! Hometown: Valnötsträd Parts: Hair, Head with freckles, Cape, Hun Cape, Torso, Dark brown left arm, Dark blue right Arm, Legs, Sword, Shield, Brown Stick. Sigrid Haraldsdottir (Aurore) Titles and profession : advisor and aspiring herbalist Short bio : Sigrid was the youngest daughter of the ruler of Horgaard, a tiny village nested in a secluded valley of the Heavenly Mountains. She spent a peaceful childhood bickering with her siblings and riding in the mountains, while showing an insatiable curiosity about...well, about everything and anything - but especially plants. And rocks. And animals as well. When her father and brothers went to war, Sigrid and her older sister Dagmar were left behind in charge of the village. Years later, none of the men have returned. Dagmar has become the de facto ruler of the village, and Sigrid acts as her advisor. HometownHome-one-horse-village : Horgaard Parts : Hair - Head - Cape - Torso (with white arms) - Skirt (alternate legs when mounted) Captain Arion (ForTheGreaterGood) Short Bio: My sigfig's name is Captain Arion, he's a Mitgardian army captain and he's from Teridyan. He's the second of five children, and prefers to lead his soldiers by example rather than by words. Parts List: hair, torso , arms are just regular green system arms, legs ,sword, shield, head Ava (Zarcania) Short bio : Has been recently discovered by a Mitgardian, lying on the floor near ruins in the south of Mitgardia. A list of name has been found in his pocket. It appaers that, at least some could be Mitgardians names. Until now, he has not really managed to wake up from the limb he is in, so we don't really know more. Title and profession : we don't know... Hometown : we don't know...
  2. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New Unsought but Welcome Out Through the Market Embarking Once Førstlys had disappeared in the distance, the wind caught their sails and the ship surged westward, slicing through the growing whitecaps and skipping over the deepening troughs between the swells. Their course carried them rapidly past the rocky southern coast of the Burial Isle, whose sloping hills soon grew to craggy peaks and towering cliffs. Throughout the afternoon they kept their distance from the increasingly jagged shore, for which Kjell was thankful, as the seas rolled more violently the further they sailed. He felt his nerves were tight enough just worrying about the waves, and wasn't sure he'd be able to worry about the mighty rocks against which they crashed as well. He and the other men said very little, each fighting his stomach (with varying success), while the gold-clad elves moved quickly and efficiently around them, seemingly unperturbed by the motion of their vessel. As the sun descended and lit upon the horizon, the old elf turned to his helmsman. "Vaikea olla oikealla." The helmsman shouted a few quick commands and, to Kjell's alarm, the ship wheeled about quickly and tacked rapidly to the north, directly towards the cliffs. He wanted to yell, but dared not open his mouth. In a matter of minutes the dark mass of the coast loomed before them, and to either side in the gathering twilight could be seen great sea rocks, jutting from the churning waves like gnarled fingers. Panic began to overtake Kjell; gone was the nausea, and in its place was the hollow fear that he might soon be swallowed by the endless, frigid darkness upon which they foolishly danced. Beside him the old elf was calm. Soon the foam of the mountainous swells, which relentlessly battered the rapidly-nearing cliffs, was all that could be seen in the dusk. The old elf raised his right hand before him, his left hand held to his chest, and quietly but clearly spoke, "Kuíave fōd thu luz." Out of the night a pale light shot across their path, illuminating the base of the cliffs in a blue glow, and beyond it the waves seemed to calm. Still, before the ship they yet surged, and the old elf turned once again and spoke to his helmsman, "Tee kaivoon, setten nomeasti vasemmalle." The ship shifted course slightly, cutting along a deep valley in the water. Kjell couldn't breath. The helmsman shouted again, they shot across the light onto smooth water, and immediately turned hard to port. They glided over the glassy surface, down a narrow aisle of water between the rock face and the luminous wall that held the raging sea at bay, and Kjell saw that the light progressed in a steady chain between the sea rocks. As they neared one, the dim light revealed that the wall issued from openings in a structure that was built into the landward side of the rock, hidden from any eyes that would dare to search from the Bay of Storms. Nearly as tall as the rock itself, the edifice towered over their ship as it passed. In awe, Kjell turned to the old elf and breathlessly asked, "What is this? Who built it?" Again, the slight smile played at the corners of the elf's eyes and he replied, "These are the Lánfadan. They were built in the long distant past by the Pinnothen, whose blood you share." Kjell could not summon a response so, unprompted, the elf continued, "They were a great students of the world about them, observant of the flow of energy through the earth, trees, and sky, and were insatiably curious. They soon mastered the ability channel that energy, direct it as they desired, and bend it to their considerable will."
  3. Felt great to do building for a GoH challenge again! The tower style is largely based on my previous Harburg Castle, which is nearly 5 years old now. Crazy. And the roof is the same basic design, and you can find our tutorial for that here. Lord Karsten always makes it a point to personally inspect the various watchtowers situated around Harburg’s borders several times a year, and often Eryl or Elise accompanies him. Recently Historica has enjoyed a time of relative peace, but Karsten won’t let his men fall into carelessness. Few more pictures on Brickbuilt.
  4. The Stad

    [Freebuild] Embarking

    Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New Unsought but Welcome Out through the Market The quay was crowded with sailors and merchants who hurried between the boats, barges, and ships at dock. Smaller craft suited to the plying the island's rivers had nestled into the berths along the outer wall of the structure, while the seaworthy vessels were docked in the dredged-out depths of the inner harbor. The air was filled with shouting and laughter in countless tongues, and wares in all manner of boxes and caskets were piled all about. The Lord of Førstlys and his second son, Kjell, accompanied by Ulrik Dunwald and trailed by a small retinue of guards, forged their way through the bustling throngs. At the end of the quay they passed through the sturdy bastion that served as customs house, watch tower, and lighthouse, and out once more into the autumn sunlight. Beside the pier lay a ship unlike any they had ever seen. Brilliantly white and glistening with gold, it was larger than even the great Kaliphlian dromons that had sought shelter in the harbor during the Elemental Crisis, all those years ago. Before Kjell could find words to remark on the sight before them his father had hurried onward to the elf. The mysterious visitor, who had promised passage across the impassible seas that guarded the southern coast of the Burial Isle, strode forward to greet the approaching men. "My friends," he said, offering an outstretched hand, "the hour is upon us. Let us make haste, that we trade not kind winds for long farewells." Kjell's father took the elf's hand and spoke solemnly. "I fear that I shall never show you the true depths of my gratitude. Though perhaps fortune will yet favor me, and you shall grace our halls again ere the end of my rule. At that time I shall certainly try." The elf smiled and bowed his head, then turned and swept down the gangplank. The Lord of Førstlys turned to Kjell and placed an arm upon his shoulder. "My son, may the gods guard your footsteps and their wisdom guide your hand. Bring your cousin home." "As you will father," Kjell replied. He bowed, turned, and, followed closely by Ulrik, boarded the ship. The crew of elves moved deftly to cast off and set sail, and soon the quay was shrinking across the widening water. As Kjell lost sight of his father amid the teeming shadows and forms of an increasingly distant Førstlys, a wave of fear and resentment washed over him. He hated the formality and decorum that kept him from embracing his father in the face of uncertain fate, and he hoped with all his heart that that had not been the final farewell that they would share.
  5. Dragons are somewhat rare in Mitgardia, and while some are tamable, most are deadly if reclusive wild animals. The Western Large-Maw Wyvern species is known for eating deer, bear, and especially mammoth--putting its disproportionately large head and mouth to good use. While they typically inhabit the more remote mountains and foothills north of Erikson and avoid contact with humans, every now and then one of these winged fire-breathers is pressured out of its home range and become a hungry menace to the smaller villages in the country between Erikson, Falkidalr, Nordheim, and Northridge. It's good to build in the Guilds again! I actually started the dragon before even last year's CCC and had it almost complete back then but didn't finish it or build anything to go with it. The wing fabric was designed by me in FUSION360 and then laser cut. Totally a fantastic way to do this kind of stuff as opposed to trying to cut stud-sized holes with a leather punch or something and the outline with a rotary wheel and scissors--I tried that with a test piece, it's not fun and frayed edges are a thing. CAD makes relating all the features super accurate, even through the angles created by the hinges. More angles in the Flickr album. C&C is always good.
  6. Zarcania

    Story of Ava, chapter 3

    Chapter 1 is there, Chapter 2 is here Chapter 3 Once, Ava left our house to scratch one more name from his list, it was the sixth or the seventh. Well, I can't remember well, it was so far from now... He left after borrowing a carriage from a neighbour of ours. He was supposed to come back within three days, however after the fourth day, he was still missing... When he reached home again on the sixth day, he told us that on the way back, he had a problem with an axle of the carriage and had to stop in the nearby town with a stable where the smith can repair. He didn't want to give back the carriage with a wheel broken... The village where he stopped is not so far from here and is well equipped. The stable even have an attic where they can store the hay surplus. Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia You surely recognise the roof technic... Please do not hesitate to comment. I clearly need to improve the backwall (not pictured), but it will have a special thread on it later. I am still missing pieces so I "filled" more than really build it. Thanks to the medieval forge, I can now start build a little more... The textures is also a focus I need to have in future build. I will try to improve this one if he survive my kid play test. The awning is very fragile because I added it after building the left part of the stable... I was about to rebuild but it hold so I didn't touched it finally. I like the drinker for the horses but I find it a little crude. In the end, I would like to propose it for the phase 2 of stable for the Age of Mitgardia event.
  7. Introduction : Sigrid's journal "We were called to a meeting with the other village leaders yesterday. Jarl Elisif wanted us all to know about the victory at the Enchanted Forest. Of course, the word had already spread, and everyone was already talking about how Jarl Thimolir's bear cavalry saved the day. After months of tensions, even the most ardent sceptics now seem to veer to the side of the Queen. And that's great news. Instead of worrying about a possible war, we can now hope for peace. Instead of focusing on arming and training our people, I can now step back and also plan for the long term. It's time to rebuild Horgaard." In order to assist my sigfig's efforts to rebuild her village, I'm going to build a mead hall. And given that this is the first time I'll build such a MOC, I expect a lot of thinking, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time. During the months by the housewarming hallwarming party, here is the thread where I'll track the progress of the construction and all the thinking behind. History Chapter 1. What could it look like? Chapter 2. Of roofs and doors Chapter 3. Woodworking Chapter 4. Construction delays Current state
  8. This is my entry for this year's Summer Joust, in the "Every Set Could be a Castle Set" category. It's a castle-ification of Friends set 41391 Heart Lake City Hair Salon - and a freebulid for Mitgardia as well as an Age of Mitgardia House II entry here in GoH! _______________________________ As a Dwarven barber, Per Wilkinsson had always considered that facial hair was a matter of utmost importance. A silky, impeccably plaited moustache showed off high social status in a tasteful, distinguished way. A disheveled, bushy beard indicated more than just a lack of elegance. He had been apprentice to the best barbers in Omurtag, had obtained the repected title of Master, and had learned all the arcane secrets of his art. He was at the very peak of his career when his wife unexpectedly inherited a significant mining concession in some remote, backwater corner of the Heavenly Mountains. And she decided they would move there. A simple life and the jolly atmosphere of a familial mine, away from the vicissitudes of the bustling city - that's what she suddenly wanted for their children. Undaunted, Per decided he would open his own barber shop there, civilize the local savages and bring them the light and benefits of proper beard grooming. _______________________________ As usual, a few more information of plants and animals is included in the hidden section below! And, also, a comparison with the source set.
  9. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New Unsought but Welcome The autumn sun had nearly reached its zenith as Kjell and his father made their way from the stronghold and down to Førstlys' harbor. Avoiding the prying eyes of the High Road, they took the Watchman's Way and picked a path through the bustling Lower Market. "Father, know that I do not question your judgment, but I must know why you entrust me and my task to this envoy," Kjell pressed as they walked on. "You speak as though you are old friends, though I have never heard his mention." His father was slow to respond, pacing deliberately through the crowd with his guard behind him. "When I was young, perhaps not even half your age, we hosted this very same elf in our halls. He spoke little of his origins, though he told many tales of our own island, as if he had lived several lifetimes upon our shores already. During his short stay he taught my siblings and me to read books and scrolls from my grandfather's library that even our most learned scholars could not decipher, and he showed my father and me many of the island's secret and forgotten places. He was among us for but a few seasons, and then, quite abruptly, he departed and did not -until this day- return." "So why return now and entangle himself in our domestic affairs? While I am grateful for his aid, I am loathe to let a new friend fight our battles for us with so little a commitment of our own strength." Kjell grumbled, his legs aching to reach their destination with more urgency than his father would allow. "As he told us earlier, he believes that this domestic affair aligns with his own task, and coincides with his purpose in returning to these shores," his father replied. "Though, as to our commitment, fear not my son. Some of your compatriots returned from their ranging this morning, and have volunteered to join you in relieving your cousin. Ah! Here comes one of the very same hardy fellows!" The lord of Førstlys halted and waved as a tall, swarthy, mail-clad man cut a path through the crowd, his heavy grey cloak billowing behind him. Kjell recognized Ulrik Dunwald and his confidence swelled. It would truly be a boon to have a company of Skygger at hand. Ulrik reached them, stopped, and offered his sword as a sign of fealty. "My lord, I am yours to command!" Kjell's father inclined his head in acknowledgment, and Ulrik turned to Kjell. "My captain, it has been to long since my Shadows and I have ridden at your side. We are happy to do so once more." "And I am happy to have you at my side, old friend," Kjell replied, offering an outstretched hand. "Then let us make haste," Ulrik exclaimed. "Glory, and a ship, await!"
  10. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

    Tales of Valnötstrad Svart Dyr, The Black Dragon “The man stormed into our village as a sudden summer rain. His clothes were ragged, torn, and burnt, and his sunken eyes showed what could only be described as fear in its most visceral state. Before he could mumble a word, we knew the tale. We knew the threat. How could we not? His town was the third to be attacked since last we saw the full moon. Soon, there would be no other villages left untouched, and ours was just as exposed. The man pointed to the setting sun, indicating the beast went west, where the dirt path led to the wetlands. We gathered our spears, packed our shields, and bid our loved ones farewells. Our feet sank with every step, and when the dirt path turned to mud, we heard the roar of a thousand demons, drifting among the woods. The party divided to flank whatever it was we would encounter until we reached a clearing. And there, we saw it. Its meandering tail, its thick skin made of leather, its long neck that could reach the sky. From its end, yellow fiery eyes showed no recollection of a soul, but the primitive drive of a starving animal. He opened his pale wings and embraced the water, the trees, that small group of once brave, diminished to nothing but frightened warriors... Hell, it took the whole swamp. Its belly shone and its teeth glistered with the blinding light of its breath. The cold wind became a scorching wave of flames that took our brothers and our courage in a heartbeat. But with my last sigh of hope, I grabbed the shaft of my spear and threw it at the beast. The spear hissed, cutting wind and flames before it cut the dragon’s flesh and landed on its chest. A demonic shout made the trees tremble and our hearts burst. With an impulse, the monster flapped its wings and flew away, leaving behind a hint of faith: a trail of red blood. Svart Dyr, the Black Beast is what we called it. That night, we did not kill it. It is a tale for another night. But that was the night we knew we could.” By Fiobvr the Wise, my grandfather. Louis of Nutwood ______ Built for CCCXVIII, Medieval Monster Menace Category. Hope you all like it. Would love some feedback.
  11. Zarcania

    Story of Ava, chapter 2

    Chapter 1 is there. Story of Ava, chapter 2. It took him several years to scratch all the names on the list... He went through all Mitgardia to "complete" his list as he used to say... He came back from one of his travels and told me that he got the final clue to reach the destination of his quest thanks to a young girl. She was only six... I didn't asked how he got this clue. As usually, he stayed one or two days before leaving again... When he left our house for the last time, he explained us confusedly that he now knows where the source of all his problems lies. He can now face and destroy it. The vortex is now reachable in the ruins north of Arnarvhall. He turned back and it was one of the lasdt time we see each others... Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia Comments are welcome of course. :-) I am still struggling with pieces... The vortex needed to be improved but I didn't found how.
  12. (Luc)ky Luke

    An unexpected discovery

    `After a few months of training with the hunters, one day we where forced to go further from the village than ever before by a sudden landslide. After the landslide we found ourselves in a warm valley, unknown to me, where we could see spots of dry grass and flowers blooming amidst the snow. Karspart seemed nervous just like the other hunters, which I have never seen before. We stopped abruptly and all the hunters around me loaded an arrow into their bows while Karspart took out his sword. Karspart whispered to me to stay alert because the last time they came here the valley had belonged to an outpost from Nocturnus. We stayed in this position for what seemed like an hour, fearing the worst. We heard nothing that alarmed us and Karspart gave a sign that we should get closer to what seemed to be a building in the middle of the valley. As we stepped forward we looked for any movement or any sound that could be dangerous. And as we went closer we saw more and more that the structure was broken and swords and shields lay scattered around covered with snow. We still did not dare to lower our guard because we knew it could be a trap. We searched the ruins thoroughly, but we found no sign of life. The whole thing seemed to be abandoned. But why? Late in the evening we finally returned to our village unharmed. None of the hunters spoke about it and I did not want to say it out loud, but I think that the war is over. But if so, how long ago did it end? ` -Ronan I had a very busy year with not much time to build or post, so as a consequence this build is a year old. I hope I will be able to build more this year and keep improving (because I am not really happy with the end result of this build)! This is the first time I tried to edit the photo's. Previous parts of the story: 1. Flockwood's forgery (intro) 2. Finding a profession 3. Finding a profession 2 4. With the hunters
  13. Feb. 2021 edit : still growing! New plants and animals from Avalonia. Feel free to add your ideas or suggestions. And, of course, feel free to use those plants in your builds! ________________________ Natural History of Historica A collaborative herbal book Volume I - Herbs Marsh-mallow (Althaea Officinalis) Marsh-mallow is native to the humid western coasts of Avalonia. Mostly known for the candies that are made from its root, it also has interesting medicinal properties for the treatment of cough and throat ulcers. Parts : leaves, stem, flower Angelica (Angelica Archangelica) Angelica is a common sight in northern Historica. Since its appearance is quite similar to poisonous species, however, it is rarely foraged in the wild. Cultivated, it is widely used in the traditional Mitgardian cuisine - especially candied as a decoration for cakes. Its medicinal uses include, but are not limited to, the treatment of all kind of digestive troubles. It is also said to be an efficient magical protection against curses. Parts : leaves, stem, umbels Hypericum (Hypericum Perforatum) Hypericum is generally considered as a noxious weed that challenges gardeners from all over Historica with its invasive growth and resilience to weeding. However, its is welcome in most herbal gardens since its oily extract is very useful to heal wounds and burns. Opinions seem to differ as to its magical properties. Many people believe Hypericum to protect from evil spirits, while gardeners seem to find the plant more annoying than any spirit it could protect from. Parts : leaves, stem, flower Mandrake (Mandragora Officinarum) An aura of mystery and magic surrounds the Mandrake. Native to Varlyrio, Kaliphlin and southern Avalonia, it's not easy to cultivate in Mitgardia. The result is worth the effort though, as this plant can be used to prepare one the most efficient sedatives known to the Guilds. It's also hallucinogenic and hypnotic, and is thus highly sought after by charlatans and fake shamans. Parts : leaves, stem, flower Avalonian Crown Lily (Lilium Avaloniflora) - by @Grover The Avalonian Crown Lily is native to the coastal areas of Avalonia, particularly in the Mystic Isles. Its occurrence is uncommon in most areas, but it is cultivated and traded around Historica, so is a common ornamental potted plant. It gets its name from the large white bowl shaped flowers ending in spikes like a crown and is noted for the pollen covered pistils, usually golden yellow, that protrude from the flowers.  Parts : stem, calyx, corolla, pistil White nettle (Lamium Album) White nettle is a very common plant that can be found in grasslands and forests all over Avalonia and Mitgardia. All parts of the plant are edible (and have a surprising mushroom flavour), and the leaves can also help with melancholy. A so-called Aureum variant, which features bright lime leaves, can be found in the southwestern foothills of the Mitgardian Heavenly Mountains. A rumor says its unusual coloring indicates the presence of gold underground. The inhabitants of the little village of Horgaard know it's simply an horticultural experiment, escaped from the garden of a local herbalist… Volume II - Bushes - Under construction - Volume III - Trees - Under construction - Volume IV - Animals NEW Common Field Wombat (Wombatus Agerus) - by @kahir88 A medium-sized rodent eats plants and smaller insects. Avalonian farmers have long struggled to drive them away from their lands. Males are particularly aggressive when their territory needs to be protected against other males. Many Avalonians take advantage of this and make to fight each other for amusement. Common Seagull (Larus Historicus) - by @Grover The common seagull is native to all the coasts of Historica and is a common sight there. These gulls flock in large number, particularly around sources of food, and are somewhat of a nuisance in coastal urban areas, making a mess wherever they are found. These birds are noted for their white color with grey and black wing markings. Omurtag Zwergpinscher The Omurtag Zwergpinscher, colloquially known as the Dwarven Devil Dog among Human communities, is a breed of domestic dog developed by the Mitgardian Dwarves of the Heavenly Mountains. Renowned for their vigilance and tenaciousness, Omurtag Zwergpinschers make excellent guard dogs and ratters.
  14. Zarcania

    Story of Ava, chapter I

    Story of Ava, chapter I The winter was ending, the snow was starting to melt and flower to bloom. I didn't know that it will be the day where something really strange would happen in my life. In this period, I make a short walk every day to reach the well next to the old ruins. This morning the air was nice and fresh, I was sure that the water would be available due to the melted ice. I was right by the way but in the end I did not bring any drop of water. Unlike every other occasion, the forest was quiet. When reaching the well, I saw someone lying next to our source of water. I ran to him because this night's temperature would be very hard to stand without a good fire. He was more fainted than dead and when I shook his shoulder to check whether he could answer me, his first words were to ask if he finally reached Mitgardia. Of course I answered : " Yes, just in the south of winter lakes". - At last, he said. He was really struggling to breathe and I asked who he is and why he is there. He just had the time to tell me : "My name's Ava..." before going into darkness again. I wanted to know a little more on him before bringing him home. Indeed, I didn't want to have any problem with a fleeing slave or a convicted offender. I looked through his stuff and just found his sword, few coins and a list of names, with dozens of names, and some of these are clearly Mitgardian names. I put everything in my backpack and dragged the man to my house to heat a little and save him. Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia -------------------------- That's the start of the story of Ava. I hope you liked it. I don't know yet where this can go at all but if you want your name on this list, I would be happy to put it :-) --------------------------- --------------------------- Well, these are other the pictures of my first MOC that is not intended to be played with my kids ! Comments and critics are very welcomed. There are clearly lots to improve. First of all, I lack a lot of pieces as I am just starting lego (some pieces from my childhood, one set of lego friends of my daugther and some spare part bought here and there). Two creator box on the way should help. I am happy of the well even if not brilliant, it is all from my mind and did not get ideas on the net. I put some ruins at the back to give some background details and I found the balance nearly OK. Ruins could have been bigger if I had more grey pieces !!!). As major improvements, I know that the snow should be better (why do you think it happens in spring ;-) ), there is just small spot here and there and that is not good. Tree is at the correct size but it does not has the correct style to fit Mitgardia and semmes to be a little "poor". I also lack minifig parts so this one is not really up to the story, pose was always strange but I guess lying is not really the better way to expose them. The "stand" is horrible, I should find some other technics fitting "my inventory". I also need to give some better level design because is seems too flat and the spot on the right is not of the good color. In the end the quality of the picture itself must be improved, I have seen that there are some tips somewhere, and will go to have a look as soon as I have some time. If you know some ressources that might help a begginer, please do not hesitate to link it in bulk here, I'll have a look.
  15. After spending the better part of the season up north in Mitgardia, Rhalyf heads south looking forward to warmer Kaliphlinian temperatures. The beauty of the frozen lake and snow covered trees unnoticed as the cold wind whirls past. This MOC is my entry into the Frozen North category of the Summer Joust 2020 competition. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category Landscape Design → Snow and Ice Website | Flickr | YouTube
  16. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies The elves had arrived in the harbor of Forstlys as the first light of dawn warmed the horizon. Hastening forth from their ship, they had immediately requested an audience with the lord of the isle. Now they stood in the hall as Kjell and his father strode in, several guards of the Stromvakt following closely behind. One elf wearing armor trimmed in green stepped forward and bowed low as the men approached. "My lord," he began,"I wish that my return to these shores were in happier times and on business less urgent, but I fear that I bear word of trials and troubles yet to befall your lands." Kjell felt his father bristle beside him, weighing his answer to a greeting that some might consider a veiled threat. "Friends," the wizened lord replied,"your arrival here is quite unexpected, and your news, it seems, unwelcome. We have seen much trouble already of late, and had hoped that the worst was put behind us. You must tell us more of this new threat. From whence does it come? What are we to expect? Why does it come now?" "Alas, my lord, to describe the origins of this evil would be to tell a tale that spans millennia, for it is tied to the fate of the same people who built these very halls three ages ago," the elf explained, gesturing at the ancient stones around them. Kjell struggled to hide his shock at hearing this, but if his father were surprised he concealed it quite well. "I would know all I can of the trials we are to face," contested the lord. "The day is yet young. Come, tell us all you can, ere your errand carries you onward, as I'm sure you've many more to tell this news." The emissary then related to them the tale of the Pinnothen, who had come to great power in the north of Historica - long before it was known as such - until they fled internal strife and untold disasters and followed their Chosen Prince into the east. There they found vast lands, called the Great Wings, in the grip of countless slavers and the many dark elf kingdoms who employed them. The Pinnothen hosts freed and embraced every slave they found, and drove the elves before them relentlessly. The cunning and cruelty of the Eastern Drow could not withstand the righteous fury of the Chosen People and the vengeance of former subjects let loose upon their old masters. In their new home, the Pinnothen created a mighty new empire that far surpassed the power they had known in the west, and which still stood unrivaled. With their armies crushed and their once-vast holdings reduced to a handful of remote, barren islands, the Drow turned to dark sorcery as a means to regain their strength. For years uncounted they labored and practiced, perfecting the art of swaying the mind and enhancing the body. Eventually they perfected their rituals, and began to grow their ranks once more with a fierce creation spawned from their hapless prisoners and few remaining slaves. The creatures they created took their name from the mark left by the unholy magic that had made them: the Hand of Corruption. Slowly, the Drow explored their new strength of arms, lending their beasts in small number to various warlords and despots, sowing chaos wherever possible and testing the potency of their creations until, finally, they found an enticing target. While the Pinnothen remained unchallenged and unassailable in the Great Wings, an insolent would-be ruler named Raavage had found great success with a relatively small contingent of the Hand of Corruption in the old homeland of the Pinnothen. Though he may have ultimately been defeated, Raavage's efforts had taken a heavy toll on the people and the land, and Historica was now ripe for conquest by a greater force. The Drow finally had their opportunity, and would hold nothing in reserve now. "My presence here is as a warning," the emissary finished. "You must prepare yourselves, and guard your alliances cautiously. The Drow will sow seeds of discord among you to ease their advance. I fear they have already begun to infiltrate the ranks of those who would oppose them. My people have already captured many of their spies upon the seas east of here, and I am certain many more have eluded us." Kjell immediately thought of the strange exchange with the Rigr that had recently brought him here to Forstlys. "My lord," Kjell interjected, "before our guests take leave of us, there is more I must ask of them..."
  17. Previously: A New Post at Gammeltårn Party Supplies Perils Old and New They had spread themselves around the low stone table at the center of the chamber, contemplating the map that had been expertly tooled into its surface. Kjell, the restless second son of the Lord of Førstlys, had rarely spent time in this room as a boy, preferring to adventure around the city with his cousins rather than study charts in the keep. His role in the conflicts of the past few years had made him all-too-familiar with this room and its centerpiece, but this was the first time that the colored pieces on the table differentiated between the Mitgardian forces from the mainland and the local levies of the Burial Isle. "The garrison at Duergvenn is considerable," Kjell's father pointed at the piece nearest him. "Half of their number could be spared to march upon the Rigr's camp without leaving the city exposed. If they join with the men from Soldengang, their combined strength could be at the pass in eight days. Such a show of force should be enough to convince the mainlanders to stand down. The Rigr is haughty, abrasive, and now apparently treasonous, but he is no fool." "No," replied Kjell, "he is no fool indeed, and he has undoubtedly taken this time to strengthen his own position at the pass. From the north that way is unassailable. He could hold his camp against a force ten times his own. The western levies would be too little, and far too late. We have here at Førstlys by far our greatest strength of arms, but the Jarl's garrison is camped at our gate, and their loyalty remains unknown. I fear we cannot muster men enough for this task without recalling my brother from his adventures." "What of the pathway to the south of the pass?" asked the lord, not acknowledging the mention of his eldest son. "Is it so easily defended? Or, were he to be reinforced, could your cousin break this siege on his own?" "Makny is a cunning warrior and a hardy fighter. From his position he could handle the Rigr with merely another two-score men. But there is no way to get them to Gammeltårn, save for the path on which the Rigr is camped." "What of the harbor?" the lord asked, his eyes glancing to the golden-clad elves in the room. "Father," Kjell began skeptically, "the South Coast is naught but towering rocks and churning swells. Gammeltårn cannot even be seen from the sea, let alone reached by it." At this his father sighed and shook his head. "It seems I should have had more rigorous tutors for you in your youth. There are places on this island that do not yield their secrets to the unlearned, but the knowledge of which is your birthright, had you taken the time to know it." "My lord," spoke the dark-haired elf, "I see now that you have guessed at my history with this land, and I can guess why you have allowed my intrusion upon this council." The Lord of Førstlys remained silent, though a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth as the elf strode to the desk and picked up a block in the Førstlys livery. "Allow me to offer my knowledge of those same secrets, and my own strength of arms in this errand. To hear account of your situation, I suspect this task aligns with my larger duty on these shores. As such," he placed the block on the map to the south of the island, "we are yours to command." Kjell, utterly confused by the turn in conversation, took the offered hand. "My lord, we are grateful for whatever aid you can provide, though I fear I cannot yet guess at what that might be." "My young friend," smiled the elf, "All things shall be known in due time. But now make haste and prepare your retinue, for we sail at noon."
  18. Rogue Angel

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement. Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions. Some further ideas for the categories are in this list curated by @Grover. But again, even this extensive list is not exhaustive; if you think your build qualifies for a category, put it there. Creativity is always encouraged! Agriculture Grains and Produce Farm Garden Mill Granary Marketplace Vineyard Orchard Livestock Farm Cattle/Horse ranch Dairy Swineherd Sheepfold Marketplace Kennel Beekeeper Fishery Nautical Harbor Shipwright Quay Fishery Ferryman Port Dock Lighthouse Military Keep Barracks Gatehouse Tower Castle Fortified Bridge Wall Beacon Cavalry Stables Ballista Tower Fort Religious Chapel Church Monastery Tomb Cemetery Temple Mosque Shrine Medical Apothecary Herbalist Infirmary/Hospital Mortician/Necromancer Torture Chamber Barber/Physician Hospitality Food & Beverage Bakery Butcher Winery Kitchens Brewery Café/Street Food Tavern Lodging Inn Stables Coach house Celebrations Wedding Festival Laborers Lumber Mill Grain Mill Mine Stone Cutter Wood Cutter Mason/Adobe Maker Stable Hand Cleaning Workers Field Hands Foresters Carter Diggers Quarry Craftsmen/Merchants General goods Cooper Wainwright Tannery Carpenter Dyer Marketplace Fishing Rod Merchant Glassblower Arms & Armor Blacksmith Bowyer Fletcher Siege workshop Armorer Clothing Cobbler Seamstress Textiles Furrier Woolen Mill Specialty Candlemaker Wood carver Stone Carver/Sculptor Goldsmith Bookbinder Florist Jeweler Horse Tamer Merchant's Hall/Guild Coal Merchant Magic/Potion Vendor Tinker Potter Services Herald Cartographer Money lender General Store Scribe Courier Trading Post Shipping house/Warehouse Scholars Observatory Alchemist Philosopher Library University/Academy Astrologer Entertainment Minstrel Fortune Teller Street Musicians Performing Troupe Brothel Sports Arena Theatre Administrative (Town or City only) Town Hall Chancery Forum Council Building Administrative Building Meeting Hall Customs House Palace Embassy Courthouse
  19. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Frøstdjur, The Frozen Beast

    The Frozen Beast I’ve heard tales of dragons guarding treasures. I’ve heard songs of dragons that held knowledge. But the story behind this one, is a little different. Past the ridge of cold mountains, after the forests and bays, there is a mountain that grows beyond sight. Afar the tallest of the trees and over the ceiling of clouds, it breaches the skies and hides its summit behind the vast unknown. The Elders say there is a castle in its peak, from where both Midgard, the land of men, and Asgard, the land of gods can be seen. The legends speak that only at the top of the tallest tower, the gods are prone to hear your prayer. Many have tried to claim the tower and make their way to the hall of the gods, but every time a man proclaims himself its ruler, a beast comes forth to end its reign. Frøstdjur, it was named. The Frozen Beast. White wings, as bright as the sun. Its breath as cold as a thousand winters. If one is worthy enough to hear the voice of the gods, only the beast will tell. No man should enforce himself to the great hall of the gods, for only they know our destiny. Frøstdjur protects this truth and their will, making sure the chosen ones are heard, and the unworthy vanish in the frozen wind. ________ Really hope you like it! For a long time I wanted to build a dragon, and Zane's Titanium Dragon (70748) from Ninjago series was my inspiration. It was a challenge to make it sturdy, but I'm happy the way my creature MOCs are coming to life. This is an entry for the Summer Joust 2020 "The Frozen North" Category. Make sure to check the micro-scale version of this story, Sannhetens Fjell Would love to hear what you all think. Skol! Louis of Valnötsträd
  20. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Jörmungandr, the Sea Serpent

    “We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature”, said the Elders in a time long gone. With the drop of the first snowfall, came the season of shortage, when not a seed grew from the soil and men would hide within their homes. In need of stockage to go through Winter, men raged against each other in pursue of a better crop, a better land, a better life. But as years passed, Winters became longer and colder, and the Elders presumed it was a curse from the Gods. “We do not live in harmony with Mother Nature, who gives so much, but asks so little in return”, they proclaimed, convincing all men to establish a ceremony of appreciation, hoping the Gods would be pleased enough to end the Winter season. For seven days, a selection of the most dexterous, cunning, strong, and sharp men were set to battle each other in a series of games for the appreciation of the Gods, to thank them for sharing their knowledge, protecting the mortals, and providing for the crops. By the end of the seventh day, guided by the ancient Elders, all men were sent to the seashore, where the golden sun would set on the horizon as a white mantel of snow covered the rocks. There, the results of the games were shared with the public and the man with the lowest scoring was pushed into the waves, as an offering to the Gods. Facing the edge of the world, to the eternal sea, the Elders called upon Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, and offered him a cleansed soul. But snow continued to fall. The second man with the lowest score was sent forth, and as the Elders proclaimed the sayings that would wake the giant serpent and bring an end to the cold winds. But once again, snow descended from the sky. This time, Fiandr, the strongest of all men, most dexterous and cunning, winner of the Games Ceremony took the lead. He walked along the rock wall up to the highest cliff, where a lonely tree hung with white leaves. Fiandr faced the eternal sea and called the serpent. [We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not seek your guidance, but our own foolish desires. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for what we do cannot be undone. But here I stand, devoid of arrogance, proud or greed, offering my life, if you are merciful enough to take it. Take my flesh, for it does not suit me anymore. Take my blood, for it does not serve me anymore. Take my soul, for it does not scream, anymore. Take my life, and I will swim alongside you in your castle under the waves, protecting the world of the living and nurturing a life of balance and harmony until time stands still.] Fiandr screamed at the waves, his breath a smoke of frost. He took his knife, gleaming with the last light of the sun, and with a sharp movement, he cut open his wrist, letting a red current flow like the northern rivers. Before the first drop of blood reached the ground, a blue serpent emerged from the frigid waters of the eternal sea. As fast as its head left the water, it dove back in, taking with it the soul and flesh of the most skillful of the mortals. The Elders stood as the last snowflake detached from the grey ceiling that covered the world, and a warm breath of wind caressed the land. From this day on, when the cold winds blew and the Season of Shortage began, The Games Ceremony took place as a way for the mortals to show their appreciation for the Gods, for the winner to claim its rightful place alongside Kevin, the Jörmungandr, sacrificing his life, and for the Gods to show their mercy. “We apologize, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature” _______ Louis of Nutwood. _______ Really hope you all like it. Skol!
  21. Mitgardia is home to a diverse range of inhabitants, and each and every one of them has a place they call home. Whether that be dwarven halls, norse cottages, elaborate castles, orc strongholds, or any other personal dwelling. Dwellings of Mitgardia Community Build Open to all Mitgardians, here is a new community build to encourage the development of Mitgardian dwellings across our mighty guild. Task: - Build a home for your character, or another Mitgardian citizen - No minimum or maximum size - Any scale allowed (micro, minifigure, etc.) - Interiors are encouraged, but not required - There is no limit on the number of dwellings you can create - Post a link to your completed builds here Award: Each dwelling will be added to a illustrated index in this post to serve as inspiration for future Mitgardian builds, and also to give a good idea of the sorts of dwellings found in Mitgardia. Also, completing a dwelling will earn you the title of Citizen of Mitgardia. Example builds (from Book II): Index:
  22. Hey everyone! This is the first in a series of builds I am going to be doing that are inspired by Challenge V but were a little late so I’m doing them anyways. I hope you like it! Recently, Eoin had been tasked by Jarl Olav, to find a fleet of Valyrian warships that were supposed to be sent to help during the wars with the Algus in Mitgardia. They were told by the Valyrians that the fleet was sent, but it had never landed, so now it was his job to find out what happened. Eoin had decided that it would be best to search the shoreline in case they had been blown off course and lost. If that didn't work he knew he would have to get on a boat and search the islands and ocean just off the coast, but that would take ages so he was trying to avoid it by scouring every beach along the coast. He had finally found it, after months of searching! Or at least one of the ships, but it looked like it had been looted by bandits and there was no sign of any of the other ships or soldiers... As he approached the bandits drew their weapons and threatened him: "Don't you come any closer!" "What do you know of the Valyrian fleets?" replied Eoin hopefully. The two looked at each other, and shrugged before readying their weapons and attacking! Eoin easily dispatched the two poorly trained bandits, then started to search for clues. After looking through the boxes, he found all the sort of valuables that would be expected in a warship including the bandits own weapons. It seemed after reading the bandit's journals that they had found the ship ruined on the beach, but were waiting untill the spring thaw to visit the more southern markets in Avalonia. However, still nothing about the soldiers. As he was turning to leave, Eoin stopped as something had caught his eye. There were tracks leading away into the mountains to the north. They were old, but there was a lot and the seemed to be going in the same direction. Eoin had heared legends of the mountains, known as the Frostpeak Mountains and they were mostly used to keep small children from exploreing them since no one had actully returned alive. This was not a good sign...
  23. This is my entry to the Eurobricks Flower Show! It's also a freebuild for Mitgardia here in the Guilds of Historica. __________________________ As an aspiring herbalist, Sigrid used to find most of her ingredients in the forest that surrounded the village. But while gaining experience, she felt the need to grow her own garden. She needed to keep the most useful plants within easy reach - and also wanted to make experiments with flora that would not grow natively in the Mitgardian mountains. In a few years, she had managed to gather many medicinal plants from Mitgardia, and to acclimate a few ones from Avalonia. And her garden kept growing : there were still so many plants to learn about! __________________________ As with my previous builds, the spoiler section contains details about the featured flora. __________________________ Since many commenters seemed to enjoy the well, there is now a tutorial here in my flickr! Credits : the birch tree uses Katie Walker's leaves weaving technique.
  24. adde51

    Kiruna watchtower

    A few years ago, on one of his travels, Tabib D'Odo found himself in the frozen land of Mitgardia. He had made the journey to try and establish some relationships with the northern people as he knew it might come in handy in the future. This was before Mophet had grown to the city it is today, but Tabib had already started to prepare for what he hoped would come. He knew the resources from the northern forrests and mines were instrumental to what he hoped Mophet would one day become. Accustomed to the warmer weather in the glorious sand pit that was Kaliphlin though, he did not enjoy the rugged climate...nor was he too fond of the short-in-stature, and grumpy dwarfs that inhabited the land...But sometimes one must do what is required. He found himself in the southern parts of Mitgardia, west of the Winterlakes, before deciding that he had travelled far enough. On his way to Mitgardia he had passed through some very pleasant villages and made some good aquaintances which he hoped would be beneficial in the future. Had had also heard wispers of a magnificent city in the sky but failed to really grasp where this place was located. As he walked through the forrest carrying a bag of Kaliphlian spices and herbs intended to ease any negotiations, he came across a watchtower near a place called Kiruna. He was greeted by a short and very sturdy man that called himself Sten Håård. He was the captain of the watchtower and along with two of his camrades it was his responsibility to watch over the region. A small, nearly frozen river ran alongside the watchtower and around it, a few chickens slowly walked about. Tabib and Sten got along surprisingly well and after a few pints of ale, Tabib was informed that trade with the northern tribes in the area would not be a problem. He left the frozen land with a smile on his face, and started the long journey back to his beloved sand pit, of which he was very proud to be a part of. So this is another one of my entries to the summer joust, this time in the frozen north category. Hope you guys like it!
  25. Entry to Book III, Challenge V: Category A - The Varlyrian Troops. Howling in the mountain. The chilling cold pierced through my leather jerkin as if there was nothing but my bare hands to cover me. Rigid with the frost, my cloak flapped nervously behind my back and pulled me south, alerting me – no, begging me to turn back and run. But after a handful of days travel, I reached too far into the mountains to return, and was too committed to find the truth, even if it meant never to reveal it. It had been months, since these strange events have been occurring outside our once calm and monotonous village. It did not happen once or twice, but numerous, countless times, every so often – and I remember the day it started. It was late in the night when I woke to the sound of Bartosz, our grey-skinned hound, barking frantically at the kitchen window – it was unusual for him, as for the past 7 winters, he’d slept curled and tucked in his own fur under the wooden structure of my bed until sunrise. That night, tough, he’d made a fuss. Wheat grains covered the timbered floor, the oak-chair my pa built was split around the cottage and he’d scratched the whole wooden door from waist height to bottom so vigorously that the fur around his paws was tainted burgundy with his raw blood. For the first time in years, he glanced at me, ears pointed to the ceiling, his white teeth as large as my fingers glowing in the moonlight and liquid dribbling from his mouth to the floor, the muscles in his shoulders swollen, spasming at me, and he growled. A sound born from the core of a threatened, fearful beast. It made me tremble, for I was not staring into my dog’s eyes, but into the soul of a monster dragged only by its primal senses. I realized it was not only Bartosz who was acting strange, but in the distance, I heard the howl of another dog, and then another. It was rather a chant, as possibly all the dogs on the village were now howling to the moon, as if calling their animal companions to a feast, or worse: issuing an alarm – a pack behavior to become alert of what’s to come. It happened again and again, and it drove us insane. Not only the howling, but the growing cold that rushed through the village every time harder and harder. You see, we live in a village – the last human village before reaching the mountains - that’s not that far from the sea, filled with arable land, soft ground, perfect for planting fruits and vegetables – it rains when the sun is hotter, and the climate is rather friendly apart from occasional winter winds that come from the mountains. But it got so cold, so unexpectedly... Nothing grows from under thick layers of frost, week after week. So, it drove us... insane. Particularly Frignevr, the blacksmith – that poor bastard. He was as short-tempered as he was big, and you would mistake him for a giant if he wouldn’t assure us his mother and father were as human as they could be. That one night, I felt the chill stretching through the holes between the planks that held my house together, Bartosz woke and ran, and the howling started. Amidst the whistling chants, a desperate roar, not from any dog or beast, but from what could only be a giant man, echoed on the stoned streets of our frost covered village. That horrific gutted scream smashed our doors, hammered our ears, and settled within our dreams, and just as it started, the unnerving, desperate cry ceased, giving way to a perpetual dead silence that endured ‘til morning. From between the ice-covered mountains, the first light of the day painted over the white mantel a red trail to a land uncharted, for this was marked only by the spilled droplets of blood of one of our own. That day, attending for the realms request, an expedition of ten men was sent to investigate. That night, not only the hounds and wolves howled a constant, tenuous melody, but a raw smell, a stale, moldy whiff, a stench of putrid decay took the streets, and uninvitedly entered our homes. The smell was eventually dissipated into the mountains, from where the expedition never returned, and the trail faded over the layers of unwanted and unexpected snow. Under pressure, the realm gathered another fifty men – swordsmen, archers, bannermen, carrying the white and gold markings on their shields – for a second expedition, along with hounds and eagles trained to detect hidden trails and follow camouflaged scents. Sixty men short, the army supposed to protect our sons and wives started to look faint and incomplete, specially when four days past their departure, the group that left to the sound of our prayers, vanished and buried our hopes under the falling snow. At night I did not sleep, but jumped aside when the dogs started barking, the nauseating odor invaded my house, and a deafening roar that combined a thousand lions sounded across the cobblestone paths, and made my chest tremble with a shiver running through my spine. I wanted to move but couldn’t – and I prayed for the souls of those poor men that would never return to our lives. I woke to the unnerving sound of a fist pounding at my front door, and as sudden as the cold took our village, and our blacksmith and our army, I knew my time had come. “Ready your shield and sword. Beg your family farewells. We part on the morrow”, signed the High-King, the Rego, over his waxed seal. Carpenters, fishermen, merchants, old and young, experienced or – most likely – not, with sword in hand. The few remaining that populated our village reunited where the first light of day shone: between the mountains where a trail of blood leaded the way to our uncertain destiny. We camped by night if we were lucky enough to find a rathole or a cave, or under the starts and the moon, and the rocks and the cold, and marched by day, following whatever was left of the expedition before us – pikes, helmets, messages left on walls and trees, pieces of cloth, footprints... Until there was nothing left to follow, but a dim and distant rotten and burnt smell that refused to cease. Every morning, our group turned smaller and weaker, as the members of our crew perished to the fierce conditions and reckless paths we were thrown into. By night, we heard the scuttling screams and roars coming from above us and echoing through the scars carved over centuries on the rocks. Looking ahead to the unknown, the vagueness to put reason to the sounds, the smell, the unhuman thirst to kill and its psychological defiance, drove one by one to an abyss of despair. That night, we took shelter on a cave, and shared its roof with a family of skeletons that made this gap on the mountain their home for centuries. Despite the blowing wind and the drenching humidity, we were able to light a fire and roast the last of our game. While sucking the lean meat from the fragile bones of an overcooked squirrel, I glanced towards the bottom of the cave where the carcasses of our hosts lay, and looking into their empty sockets, I saw my destiny. On the wall, black markings made of coal caught my attention. The drawings depicted a group of men being followed by a larger silhouette with pointy ears. It could be a wolf if it were not for its height. A demon, perhaps, or a vision from people long forgotten. On the first light, I left the cave and my companions behind, for during the night, they have all joined our hosts in an eternal sleep. As I approached the summit, that putrid smell turned sour, stronger than ever, as if a thousand bodies were left in the open to disintegrate over time. The snow turned thicker, and the paths became steeper as I pushed myself against the blowing wind, depriving me from seeing ahead. My hand lifted and covered my eyes, and from between my purple fingers, I saw a narrow path that pushed the snow aside and left its markings on the ground – a fresh trail, I realized. I followed the trail as it took me to the summit of the mountain. Two pillars emerged from the ground like snow-white banners, showing the world the peak was claimed – not by men – but by nature itself. Molded into the rock, was the inner part of a dome protecting its center from the what looked like a shire devoted to – if not built by – the gods themselves. In its center lay huddle made of what appeared to be a tangled amount of... what is that? I approached it and identified the maze being made from bones stripped from flesh, broken, smashed, and crushed into a bed that smelled of mold and rotten flesh. Big and small, long, and thin. I saw the fabric scratched along the way, and the splinters of weapons left throughout the mountain. These were the remains of the expeditions, the leftovers of our friends, the pieces of our royal guard. I lifted my cloak to retain the nauseating smell, while struggling not to vomit as I moved closer to the basket. Inside were the remains of animals and men, piled at each other through time. Cornering a rock, I followed the trail of bones, and then I heard. The visceral sound of a meal being eaten, meat being pulled from the bone, blood dripping, and a constant snort of desperation. Over a large pile of bones, a dark creature full of fur leaned and feasted. Its dangled black hair dripped with blood, and the stench was more than I could bare. It looks like... a wolf. And I remembered the drawings on the interior of the cave. Three, maybe four times my size, thick and muscular, its arms stretched wide could reach me in a heartbeat. I tried to sneak away, but the mere sound of my pounding heart must have alerted the beast. It turned and stared with fearsome yellow eyes, and as I pointed my spear to its chest, one swing of its long and hairy arm was enough to blind my sight and numb my senses. Laying on the snow, my sight turned darker and I heard the bark of my best friend Bartosz. …The councilor knocked at the Rego’s chamber door. “Your Highness, we are being called to position in the war of the continent. They ask for men and weapons. Our presence is demanded at once”. The Rego took the parchment and tossed it in the hearth. “How can I take part, when all my men were sent to the mountains and failed to return?” ________ Louis of Nutwood. Hope you like it. Would love to hear thoughts and comments.