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  1. DOOM!

    [MOC] Poseidon

    Awesome build! Has a great overall look to it.
  2. DOOM!

    [MOC/IDEAS] Concession Corner Modular

    Really nice! This really captures the downtown feel.
  3. DOOM!

    [MOC] Joe's Cottage

    Awesome build! uniquely cool. :)
  4. Brandon, ya got me there, I do like the printed pieces. DOH! Still prefer my yellow figures though ;P
  5. DOOM!

    Why do you collect LEGO?

    Because Lego is fun! It is also a great way to mentally unwind without zoning in front of the TV. Keeps the creative juices flowing. :)
  6. For me race never entered into the equasion, I always swap the licenced set figures for yellow figures, because they match the rest of my yellow figures. Yellow is the color the figures have always been for me, It's the color of Lego people.. I guess I kind of feel like the flesh tones are taking away a little of the creativeness of a toy line founded on creativity, I never had a problem imagining yellow figures being what I want them to be. I think a lot of people came into the hobby after the licenced figures came to be, for them I can understand the dislike of the yellow figures, they just didn't seem real enough, but by then I had way more yellow figs than I would care to swap.
  7. This is an amazing project to follow along with. Very cool to watch the progress and upgrades you've made along the way. I have always wanted to do something like this but time and space are limited right now. Maybe in the future :) Thank you for sharing, love what you've done, and can't wait to see what's next..
  8. DOOM!

    [MOC] Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse

    This is how all modern updates should feel. You've kept the original vibe, while classing it up beautifully. Well done!
  9. DOOM!

    [MOC] Cargo Wasp Inc.

    Too cool! Like the originality.
  10. Must be in the minority, but I liked the raised plates. I thought they were cool. As stated before they helped give the sets some volume.
  11. Sajuuk, that is one sweet ride! Love the helmet choice too. :)
  12. DOOM!

    Modular Zoo - Bear Enclosure

    Great idea and execution!
  13. Great job! Excellent update.
  14. DOOM!

    [MOC] Destroyer- 619 "Dominion"

    Sweet! I read a lot of Sci-fi novels and this is what I envision when I read.