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  1. DOOM!

    [MOC] Cargo Wasp Inc.

    Too cool! Like the originality.
  2. Must be in the minority, but I liked the raised plates. I thought they were cool. As stated before they helped give the sets some volume.
  3. Sajuuk, that is one sweet ride! Love the helmet choice too. :)
  4. DOOM!

    Modular Zoo - Bear Enclosure

    Great idea and execution!
  5. Great job! Excellent update.
  6. DOOM!

    [MOC] Destroyer- 619 "Dominion"

    Sweet! I read a lot of Sci-fi novels and this is what I envision when I read.
  7. DOOM!

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    Some very cool stuff, very Crimson Skies feel to them. Crimson skies images.
  8. DOOM!

    Desert Outpost

    It's got a great "feel" to it! Very nice.
  9. DOOM!

    Adventurers Reimagined 5976

    Love the Amazon temple ruins!
  10. I just realized that Lego uses the set number for the licence plates on thier vehicles. It is probably common knowledge for a lot of collectors but I had never made the connection until today. Kinda cool. :)
  11. DOOM!

    Neo Classic Moon base MOC- WIP

    Looks like a cool project!
  12. DOOM!

    [MOC] EFNS Integrity

    That is very,very nice! Looks like something space pirates might want to steer clear of.
  13. DOOM!

    Euclides Sector II

    Really great design, I 've been thinking about a moon base lately and this is just fantastic!
  14. DOOM!

    [MOC] Reptilian Star Fighter

    Good looking ship in either scheme.