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Found 42 results

  1. Thulgard by David de Rijke, on Flickr Few of the ships of the once so mighty Mitgardian expedition survived their voyage, but the brave survivors joined up and found land! On the vast continent of Vela, yet unknown to Historica, they founded their new home, Thulgard. As the wood of the ships was used for pallissades and watch towers, the crews went out to forage and build some structures to survive the incoming winter. They did not go unnoticed, however... Their new settlement of Thulgard seemed to be placed in the domain of the Empire, and some imperial officers already stood at the gates to reclaim it, diplomatically. Not a single change however that Mitgardian captain Amkyr will let that happen! Thulgard lays in the Westerlands, the -obviously- western region of the Empire, ruled by the house of Glainthes, who have their seat near Bunnock's Barn, half a day's march away. Bunnock manor by David de Rijke, on Flickr Thulgard might be my most detailed build at this scale. At least it has the best rockwork I have ever produced :p The mountain had been under construction for, like, a year, so I am kind of glad that I am done, for now I sorted out my lego, I can't wait to build much and much more! Alas I kind of forgot I am studying abroad now for some weeks, so I had to hurry with the photography before I left. I might wanna make better pictures when I am back!
  2. [MOC] Construction mini Truck Tutorial

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO MOC Construction mini Truck. This Tutorial shows, how you can build the Truck with LEGO:
  3. Hi guys! It’s been a while since I last posted a MOC, but I haven’t had as much time to build as I would like to. So, without further ado, here it is: a wheeled asphalt paver. I didn’t model it after a specific machine but inspired myself in the Volvo and CAT pavers. Initially I wanted to build it in green after Vogele, but I don’t have that many green panels. Maybe sometime in the future… Like all my MOCs, it is fully manual. It has 4 functions: - manual 4-wheel steering controlled by the right sided trans-yellow brick; - tilting of the hopper controlled by the left sided trans-yellow brick; - lowering/raising the screed via 2 small LA operated by the ball joints on both sides; - extending/retracting the creed blades done by 2 large LA controlled by the black round 2L connector at the back. It also has a 4-cylinder fake engine connected to the rear wheels via an old-style differential and the feeder conveyor belt rotates in the opposite direction of the rear wheels, feeding the “tarmac” as the paver moves forward. I have built and rebuilt this MOC 2 times in the past months and I’m still not 100% happy with it. But improvements will have to wait at least until November. More pictures can be found at my bricksafe account. Here is the video showing it's functions. Sorry for the not so great quality Suggestions, tips and comments in general are always welcome! Thanks for reading!
  4. The Lego set 42030 Volvo L350F is one of my favorite sets. I love the playability, but I wish there were more Volvo vehicles from the same series of earth moving vehicles that were equally playable. I happen to have a second L350F bucket kicking around from a second set purchase to make a A40 dump truck. I wish I had the Lego motorized excavator, but I have parts and this is Lego after all, I'll just make one. The first check in my mind is the bucket size. The L350F bucket is a spade nose rock bucket with teeth and segments. In real life this bucket is 13 feet wide and holds about 9 to 10 cubic yards. The EC750E's largest bucket is a general purpose earth moving bucket with a capacity of 9.34 cubic yards. It's width is unspecified(in the EC750E brochure), and while it will not be a spade nose bucket, the volume is close enough that maybe this could work. The first thing I've done is to figure out if/how the loader bucket could be used as a digger bucket. My initial scale is 1 stud width = 6 inches based on the 750mm grouser being 30" (2.5') or 6" x 5 being a good match for the Lego track being 5 studs wide. We'll see if I stick to this roughly 1:30 scale in the end. I'm going to document the build here: and discuss the problems that come up in this forum. Here is the first proof of concept on the bucket/arm/boom.
  5. On the eastern end of the Main Street Shopping Center construction crews are hard at work adding in the final retails spaces. Personally, I'm hoping for a Taco Tuesday but the developers are keeping everything pretty tight lipped as to what will end up at the end of the street. Astute observers of our little city will notice the Brick Bank that has popped up in the shopping center to give First National a little bit of competition. Anyways, enjoy our little construction site and your thoughts/comments are always welcome. Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction Site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  6. Arcane arrives! This LEGO TF took me almost 2 months to complete .Arcane transform into a crane ,and *hic* ... a crane . The idea to make this guy came last year and it's been bugging me since , like a song that keeps repeating itself in my brain. I only managed to think of a name for him last week and to my suprise..... "Arcane" (despite being a pretty decent name for a Decepticon, on par with "Bludgeon" ) was NEVER used before in TF universe. Crane Mode My prerequisite for building this mode was that it should have basic functionalities of a typical mobile crane... the boom is able to be raised in excess of 60 degrees and full rotation of the crane using the 4x4 turntable plate. It's a pity LEGO has yet to produce a frictional turnable with maybe steps of 22.5 or 11.25 degree perhaps, as it would be very useful here for me. Crane Mode :D The slender legs of this bird are unable to sustain the weight of this MOC especially when the wings are spread further out. The tail helps alot here to ensure the following poses are possible: Robot Mode One of the last component to be built was the targetmaster chick. Before this I thought of making the weapon/gun to be concealed as extensions to the bird/crane's tail.... but then again buttmaster doesn't sound right. So it's scrapped. NO. Its not a partsformer . Transformation doesn't require parts to be taken off. I would say when it comes to building triple changer TF... Arcane is my tour-de-force. I am very satisfied with how the back kibble looks (thanks to the flexibility of crane neck allowing it to be tucked in fairly nicely on the robot mode's back) . Another thing I enjoy doing is "sculpting" a tight and lean abs for him. Drop by my blog to see more photos and how Arcane transform between modes! Thanks! =) My days are numbered after this. So I instead of building unique LEGO TF from scratch.. I will be improving/upsizing my past LEGO triple changers .. starting with Springer & Broadside.
  7. Adobe is a very cheap but effective construction material. Clay, mixed with straw and other materials and left to dry in the sun create basic bricks which can be used as is or fired in a kiln for harder bricks. Either way they are used for the basic construction of many buildings and then faced with plaster. They can be created anywhere the raw materials are found and so are often made on site. They help to fuel the construction boom in Khadira as the Town expands. Dozens of new bricks dry in the sun while another is in the mold. The wall in the background is in need of re-plastering and the old bricks are showing through. Another small scene from Khadira. Hopefully it is beginning to build up an image of a busy and growing town. This one I hope represents basic construction going on to meet the needs of the people. Now for a little break from Khadira to finish up the siege engine for the alliance.
  8. Hello everybody! I’m an avid reader of eurobricks, visiting this marvellous website at least daily, but I’ve never had the balls to post any of my MOCs. Well, this time it’s different. I present to you my latest MOC, a set TLG should have made a long time ago. It’s a road roller! The only function it has is steering plus a fake V6 engine driving both the front and rear drum. More pictures can be found at my bricksafe and rebrickable accounts. For those interested, here is the LDD file. The interior is a bit basic, but I’ll leave it be for now, focus on university and other MOCs. But I may return to it and improve it in the future (I have a few ideas already). Suggestions, tips and comments in general are welcome! There is always room for improvement
  9. MOC: Backhoe Loader

    Hello all, This is a MOC of a backhoe loader, inspired by the style of the 2015 city contruction sets, and in a similar scale. My desire to do one had a lot to do with my disappointment with the one that came in the train set that came out around that time. I spent a long time finding similar city MOCs before starting, and photos of the real thing, making sure it would feature everything that I could think of.. namely, articulated actuators, outriggers, front and back shovel. I used mostly recent parts, the only real exception of a discontinued part being the back shovel, Lego never created a click-hinge update of that part. LDD (missing: the back shovel) http://backhoe01 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe02 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe03 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe04 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe05 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe06 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe07 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe08 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe10 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr This is how I made the backhoe rotation assembly very sturdy. http://backhoe11 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr The prototype, before I placed the bricklink orders to make the MOC in the colors that I really wanted. http://backhoe12 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe13 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr
  10. City Construction ONE

    What will happen if to many people are in charge on the construction site? Maybe this. Intended for younger children but everyone might enjoy it anyways :) Would love to hesr your comments (exept for comments about the voice acting job, hehe, that is not my strongest ability) Love all the yellow Lego City Construction objects. So I might do many more of theese videos.
  11. Lego technic Construction Drill! A drill used at construction sites to remove hard rocks which prevent construction. Some of it's functionality is inspired by Sariel's planar manipulator. More in the video! Thank you for watching! BrickbyBrick P.S my LEGO Drone idea is on LEGO Ideas now! Please support it: Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, First things first, let me re-introduce myself. In the past, I used to use the name 'erelender' here, mainly because I wasn't aware that my account name would be my display name while signing up 2.5 years ago. I haven't been very active lately, but if you've ever heard about me, it would be thanks to my TC9 entry, Manitou Telehandler, which won 3rd place. Thanks to @Jim, I'm now able to use the name I'd like Now that re-introduction is out of the way, I can present you my latest models: Mini Construction Vehicles Series One day, while I was sitting on my lego desk, thinking of what to build, I found myself building a small bulldozer. Then I kept building and rebuilding it for the entire weekend. In the end I quite liked the little chap, so I went ahead and built a number of other construction vehicles in the following couple of weeks when I found the time. They are definitely not modeled after any real-life ones. There is also no set scale for the group, but I'd say they are somewhat close to each other mostly. Bulldozer This was the first to come, and my favourite, with angle-adjustable and liftable blade, and liftable ripper. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Excavator This one was the second, but I rebuilt it from scratch after the others because I wasn't satisfied. Includes rotating super-structure, arm movement, and liftable front blade. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Mining Truck The third one built, but my second favourite. I just love how tough it looks with those tyres, even though they are much sportier than they should be. This one was probably the most challenging one of the lot because I just couldn't get the size of the cabin&bed as I liked, but I'm satisfied with it now. It only features tipping bed, but hey, it's something :) PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Skid-Steer Loader with Forks The fourth one, and the smallest. Even though it's not as heavy-duty as its siblings, it wins in the area of being cute and still functional. It's also white because at this point I was beginning to run out of small yellow parts, and I just couldn't build it in yellow. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Road Grader Number 5. Nothing special about this one other than that the blade height is so nicely fit that it would really grade if I put it on some soft sand :D PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Road Roller The last one. I was basically out of yellow parts, so this is definitely not the best of the bunch, but it still resembles the real thing and it works. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link For the Full-Size images, please check my Flickr Photostream. After finishing all 6 models, I thought they were good excuse to learn LDCad and LPub, so I went ahead and created instructions for all of them. I must say I really liked LDCad after switching from MLCad. Some things are much easier to do in LDCad. In the end it was a fun project spanning around a month or so for everything. Thanks for reading, I hope you like them. Cheers
  13. [MOC] Y-Wing construction

    Hi folks, currently my Y-Wing is being "build" This is also my first post in the Star Wars Theme here on EB - (after a long time of only making cars and town related stuff) Still trying to figure out the cockpit and getting firm connections so it wont fall apart Hope you like it, feedback/criticism is always welcome :) Y-Wing under construction by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr sry there aint no other pictures, hope i can render a few more soon...
  14. Hi, here is my MOC idea of a micro scale construction site.
  15. I present to your attention a number of models of construction and road machinery. Strictly - Lego City style. So far - only a general picture. I listened carefully to the comments on the work and your proposals, what other techniques can be assembled to recharge the car park of the city. Thank you.
  16. MOC Modular Construction Site

    My Name is Ryan Taggart. I design my modulars using LDD, and source bricks through Bricklink & Brickowl. This is my third completed MOC Modular. The Crane is a redesign of the 2006 set 7905-1 (the tower, controls, and rear end are new - the boom is like the set [hard to improve on] ) It also features a home for the 'portaloo' from Service truck 60073-1 The custom printed elements were done by FAB Bricks UK. For details and for the design and thought process visit me @ MOC Pages. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/424271 NOW LIVE ON LEGO IDEAS UPDATE - 18th Feb 2016 24 DAYS IN 5000+ SUPPORTERS! THANK YOU EVERYONE I've added more images: hope you like it.
  17. After my fork rake and the tractor I present you the AROCS SCV:pRC - Specialized Construction Vehicle: partially Remote Controlled Today I would like to present my modification of the Lego 42043 MB AROCS to you. Yes, the setup is unusual for a typical construction truck. I decided to choose this setup because I like the crane setup from the old 8868 truck. The room between the specialized setup, which is inspired by the 8868 crane cabin, got filled with a side tipping bed. I moved the original tipping bed to the trailer. But first, let me tell you what functions it has inside and which of them can be controlled by RC. 1) RC package, supplied by one AA battery box: Driving (XL-Motor, RC) Steering (Servo, RC) Supporting stand (L-Motor, 2 small linear actuators RC) Tipping (L-Motor, 1 big linear actuator for each tipping bed, RC, switching between the two tipping beds possible through gearbox) The RC functions are limited to functions needed while driving the truck or getting ready for working with the clamshell. Because of the heavy weight of this model and the strong XL-Motor I had to replace the cv-joint with a cardan joint. 2) Clamshell package, supplied by one AA battery box: Compressor (shares the M-Motor with the rotation) Rotation (shares the M-Motor with the compressor) The rotation of the clamshell setup can be changed or stopped through the red lever, which you can see on the right side, slightly under the cabin. If you switch on the battery box the M-Motor will run permanently and so will the compressor do. Only the rotation can be turned off through the gearbox. All functions of the clamshell setup are integrated, so there is no cable or tube running through the turntable to the truck. There is no limited turning radius. More pictures are available at my brickshelf album. Please use the thumbnails below, because the brickshelf album is not yet public.
  18. I think that soon Lego will have to make models based on new vehicles; they just can't do old vehicles forever? For example, next year a bucket wheel excavator and a wheel excavator will make their debut (as far as I know those two have never appeared as Technic models before). EDIT: Wheel excavator already appeared. So what else can debut in the future? I can think of: - Waste truck - Steamroller - Cement truck A steamroller and a cement truck can be 2 models of the same set because they both have big cylindrical parts. Added: - Pile driver - Tunnel boring machine - Asphalt paver - Front shovel excavator - Street sweeper Already appeared: - Tracked dumper - Forklift - Road grader - Wheel excavator
  19. Superheroes teams up for some construction work. Spider-man´s spider sense is not what it´s used to be.....
  20. Assembling Bricksburg

    edited to put all final images in the first post... After seeing the LEGO movie, I wanted to re-create buildings from Emmet's neighborhood. While researching, I realized a great deal of what was in the movie was based on previously-existing sets. I thought it would be interesting to do a project that compared the original LEGO sets to the modified movie versions. Knowing how much time, money, and physical space it would take to build these out of real bricks, I decided to try my hand at LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). After having created a couple of the buildings in LDD, I ran across the post for Bluerender and used it to generate photo-real renderings. Here are my results: .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...logo_final_.lxf The latest image posts: Downtown Bricksburg and the Kragle antidote. Octan flying cube. The latest WIP of Emmet's Mech (with BlackStar): .lxf file: Emmet's apartment Emmet's apartment interior How Emmet fits a 50-stud-wide apartment into a 30-stud-wide building: A variation on Emmet's apartment (green with a slanted roof) Pet Store (right) Pet Store (left) Plumber Joe's apartment .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...the_plumber.lxf Condemned building Fresh Fruit market Sherrie Scratchen-Post's apartment Emmet's street Emmet's street in micro scale Fire Brigade .lxf file: http://www.brickshel...ire_brigade.lxf Fire Brigade tower (original) Fire Brigade Tower (updated) Filling Station Garage Street Corner Rooftop garden 1 Rooftop garden 2 An example of the reuse of building parts Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 (Fire Brigade) Mega Green Grocer Bricksburg Castle Bricksburg Castle back Cafe Corner / hotel with clock tower Fish (market?/restaurant?) Office(?) Building Office Building Church It's not mentioned in the images, but the the ice cream cart in this image, the giant Green Grocer, and the "fish" building comes from 10211 Grand Emporium. Cheese Slope building Fire Brigade Radio Station Plaza with Bob's Kabobs Here are some Bricksburg accessories from the Movie, including garbage containers, rooftop details, a street corner, billboards, and the mosaics from the "fish" and "fresh fruit" buildings, including the LDD file, for you to use in your own MOCs: lxf file: http://www.brickshel...accessories.lxf Condemned building Condemned building Ma and Pa Cop's house Highway Overpass Monorail stop Skyscraper ground level The Coffee Chain Skyscraper 1 Skyscraper 2 Skyscraper 3 Skyscraper 4 Skyscraper 5 Skyscraper 6 Skyscraper 7 Downtown: Flying cranes Downtown: Larry's flying coffee machine Skyscraper under construction 1 Skyscraper under construction 2 Construction site Small cement mixer Tipper Truck Cement mixer Dump Truck Crawler Crane Instruction Tube Large crawler crane Instruction Holder Building cranes Building crane Construction helicrane Brick sorter Front end loader Back hoe Heavy loader Emmet's mech Emmet's mech compared to the official set Rush hour traffic Small car Public transportation, monorail, and Surfer Dave's car SUV Small van Delivery truck Police cruiser SWAT van Octan HQ micro scale upper floors Octan HQ micro scale Octan HQ from Finn's basement Octan HQ minifig scale Lord Business' relic room Octan corridor with MetalBeard and Benny Octan sound stage--news conference stage Octan sound stage--80s-something technology Octan sound stage--Where Are My Pants? Octan offices. Octan Control Room. Octan DJ booth Octan Executive Conference Room The many moods of MetalBeard MetalBeard's strong, virile body MetalBeard's "Down on the Farm" form Mrs. Scratchen-Post's kitty sled lxf file: http://www.brickshel...post_sleigh.lxf A Christmas tree assembled by The LEGO Movie Master Builders Emmet's snow sculpture Nathan Sawaya's Oscar statue from the 2015 Academy Awards. Mark Mothersbaugh's LEGO energy domes from the 2015 Academy Awards Awards given to all Emmet Awards nominees More on the way!
  21. [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Hi everyone! I got this interesting idea of a fire station some time ago, and built this in two weeks, the fastest building I have done so far. I have no intention to get the now-expensive 10197 Fire Brigade, which doesn't really appeal to me. However, I am thinking, if I am to build a fire station, what design should it be? All fire stations have the distinctive feature of the big gates for fire trucks and the walls that separate them, no matter what the buildings look like. I took that idea, and thought about extending these bays to the second storey. At the same time, what if the interior walls grow so big that they grow outside of the facade walls? And so I turned the sketches into real thing. I choose dark red as it is less prominent than bright red, giving a more sophisticated color scheme for the city. Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor: Captain talking to the staff... On the second floor, there are pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen! "Hey why are you two playing table tennis on the street, huh?" One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go! I hope you like this modern building design, thanks!
  22. More of my pickup truck here. Support It Here---
  23. The Building of Rekkrfell

    Bitter cold was sweeping into Mitgardia from the north, freezing everything in its path. But the citizens of Mitgardia would not flee, instead the construction of a mighty fortress was ordered, as a base from which to repel this new enemy. Rekkrfell, the warrior mountain: I will be completing Rekkrfell, and its my biggest castle yet. C&C welcome
  24. My Pick up truck and trailer

    I built the truck using the common lego sity technique and the trailer with spare parts I had lying around see links link 1---- link 2---- Please comment if you like it or have tips to change the design thanks.
  25. It's been far too long since I built a town MOC, so I decided that had to be remedied! And yes, I'm aware that this isn't the order in which things are usually gone about, but I wanted to show a little bit of several different jobs at the same time... A close-up from a slightly different angle: Thanks for checking it out, comments and criticism welcome!