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Found 56 results

  1. Hey everyone, + + ^^ That's basically my TC12 entry. A yellow chopped hot rod with tracks and giant claws in the back. Features: Huge crushing claws in the back to use on racers who get too close small missiles that shoot from the claws Tracks in the back from 42069 Track-wrapped wheels in the front a huge V8 from 42050, with added flame-spitting exhaust pipes HoG steering So hopefully that shows how it got it's name. The model isn't finished. I have placeholders right now for the claws, which will be these pieces: I have to order the pieces for the sides of the body. The side that is yellow will be changed, and the side that is red will be changed to yellow. The chassis is not yet symmetrical, due to changes during the building process. Now for the pictures, so you can see everything I'm talking about. Sorry for bad quality, there was bad lighting in the room so I turned to my go-to filter to make the pics look better. ^^Here you can see the linkage for the crushing function. Another reason I've made this as a WIP topic is to get feedback to help guide the completion of this model. So tell me what you think! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
  2. [MOC] '23 Ford T-Bucket

    It isn’t easy seeing Hot Rod or T-Bucket where I live and honestly I was never interested about Kustom Kulture world (I did not even know what they was ...). Then I saw some models of other international LEGO builders and I was impressed. I like a lot the "T-Bucket", built on the basis of the 20's Ford T with a custom frame and a big V8 engine. While I was waiting for some pieces from some Bricklinkers to make a new large MOC (I’m going to share it as soon as possible…), I built my sixties style T-bucket (during the ‘14 Christmas holiday). Here it is. Below my T-Bucket in californian style, with a Deus ex Machina surfboard on the seat... My LEGO T-Bucket has the two-seater body of a ’23 Model T roadster with a back turtle deck (inside there is the gasoline tank). A Model T radiator is fitted and a powerful Chevrolet V8 small-block with a Supercharger send power to the big rear tyres. The body and the turtle deck can be separated by the chassis and you can see the transmission. One of the detail I prefer are the exhaust pipes made by 4 mm hoses. It hasn’t been easier push four hoses inside the “Tree Palm Trunk”… It was fun to build it and it surely will not stay alone… As usual on my flickr stream you can find out more info and pictures... I wait for you there... Follow me also on Norton74 brand new facebook page. All the best! Andrea - Norton74
  3. The Takehito Yamato Coupé I saw this classic Hot Rod on Chop & Roll magazine few months ago and I was stricken by the uncommon colour (PPG 1936 Cordoba Tan) and by the smooth design of this Deuce. Plus its story was really cool: built in California and shipped to Japan where its new owner lives. Japan has a thriving hot rod scene, and many cars have been bought and shipped there. This coupe, however, is the first being built to order then making the trek across the Pacific. Takehito Yamato contacted Walden Speed Shop, based in Pomona Ca., after seeing his works in The Rodder’s Journal. Takehito wanted a traditional hot rod, and while that may be essentially what he ended up with, the details are what really sets this coupe apart. Inspired by the Takehito Yamato history I built the tan Deuce with all the details you’d expect to see in a brick-built scale model. To complete the work I built a brand-new show-room full of vintage stuff. Below the broken-down view showing the red Chevy ZZ383 with aluminium heads in all its glory. Below the Deuce with the magazine where I read about its story. More info and pictures on my flickr Thanks for stopping by.
  4. I mainly build Technic C-Models, but I also enjoy Creator alternatives, so here's what I built out of set 5763. In the photo, hot-rodder sigfig is added for scale and reference). Features: ► minifig scale (with adjustable steering wheel) ► openable and adjustable canopy-cage with roll bar ► rear suspension (individual for each wheel) ► details such as engine with radiator and twin turbo, lights, steering wheel, twin exhaust and rear view mirrors Browsing through OLX (online marketplace fo classified ads) I found old (2011), used 5763 for a price of a new small, ~50 piece set. I liked how the set contained big wheels and offered possibility to build suspension, so I bought it right away. Only one super-cheap plate was missing, so it was a nice deal. The MOC Alternative uses almost every part from the set. As you can see, the build came out quite clean:
  5. MOC: Evening at the Beach

    Another build for ABS Round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. This build started off with the hot rod, and I then decided it needed a bit of setting and sand seemed like a good choice. After that, a sand castle seemed an obvious choice for an extra use of the seed part. And the car does roll smoothly. More on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  6. Some of you may be familiar with the Hob Rod, the project I was doing on and off throughout a few years. The idea was to pull a hot rod with some nice functions and details while keeping it in a ~35 stud size. Various other things and issues made it a long term project and I have no doubt this baby will be improved even further. Well, here's how it looks now. 37 studs long because of the exposed rolling chassis arms, uses Technic and System parts as you can see. Intended as a cruiser and salt flats racer - and a small tribute to the Kustom Kulture - it's based on the '30s trucks and features many details that won't let you forget about that. Raise Hob. Features: ► fake mountain V6 engine with moving pistons ► blower with chain-driven pulley (1:1.5 crankshaft-pulley ratio; 1:3.501 axle-pulley ratio) + Enderle-style bugcatcher + fake carburetor + external tachometer and oil pressure gauge ► working differential and transmission (2.334:1 crankshaft-axle ratio) ► coupled '30s style link steering connected to steering wheel and a HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, custom skull-shaped gear shifter and comfy channeled couch for two ► channeled and chopped body style with kustom roofline + functional bed with Moon tank ► classic radiator grille and "zoomie" exhausts, front tow bar and rear push bar and rear engine emergency shut-off lever ► locking suicide doors with internal handles and slanted edges + locking, chain-suspended bed gate ► exposed suicide front axle + wide, fake leaf spring-suspended rear axle, each wheel with fake drum brakes
  7. A Hot Rod based on a Ford Model A Coupe. Detailed V8 engine and lots of chrome pieces :-)
  8. Here is the updated V2: LDD E.C.H.R..lxf Rebrickable Here is the 1st version:
  9. 1929 hot rod roadster

    Hello, This is my first topic and i want to share my little roadster with you. The '29 roadster sits on a '32 frame and is equipped with a flathead V8, a single stromberg 97 carburator, cyclone heads, a Duval- windscreen and a nerf bar under the '32 grill. It has the original factory paint on the body. It can be fitted with these other engines: - one 4 banger equipped with the stock head a single winfield manifold and a winfield carburator. - one 4 banger equipped with the stock head a dual riley manifold and 2 stromberg 81 carburators, each fitted with a gold air cleaner. - another flathead V8, equipped with a dual manifold and 2 stromberg 97 carburators and edelbrock heads. - one small block chevy equipped with offenhauser heads, a dual manifold and 2 stromberg 97 carburators, each fitted with a gold air scoop. - one small block chevy equipped with edelbrock heads, a dual manifold fitted with 4 stromberg 97 carburators. The car is simple but the engines were really fun to make, trying to get some details in the builds with the grill pieces, the alternators on the 2 flatheads and the carb setups. Thanks for watching, Danny PS: the building in the back is a Dudok (a Dutch architect) Esso Station from the early/mid 50s and it is not in minifig scale (1/87 scale)
  10. Get your kicks on Route 66... U.S. Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is propably the most iconic road in the world. The first time I heard about Route 66 was many years ago when I listened the Rolling Stones playing "Get your kicks on Route 66". From that moment on I loved the 66 and especially all the buildings, the art deco' gas stations and the advertising signs along the road. I built a little piece of the Route to present my latest Hot Rod that has a great story at its back too. The red/white machine in the pic was owned and raced by Hayward V-Eights member Lee A. Jagla of Hayward, California. Lee got the hot rod as a gift from his parents for his high school graduation in 1960. In 1965 the “T” went into storage, and spent the next 48 years locked up in a dry garage. When Lee passed away, his daughter sold the old hot rod as part of her dad's estate. In 2014 it was advertised for sale on eBay. Jon Aksel Lier of Tønsberg, Norway, found the listing and won it. Now he happily drives a truly piece of american kustom kulture! Below disassembled The car features a '23 Ford Model T body mounted on a '30 Ford Model A frame. Power comes from a 241 cu. in. '53 Dodge baby Hemi that ran an Offenhauser intake manifold and a single 4 barrel carburetor. It ran 1939 Ford taillights and Yankee brand headlights. Painted white with a red chassis. Plus I added two red stripes on the entire machine, a little hard-top and the brand Ford in red on the back of the turtle deck. More info and pics on flickr. Thanks for stopping by. Andrea Lattanzio | Norton74
  11. Comin' in quite late, one year after discontinuing of the original set, but still quite hot - I give you the Bootleg Belle, a monstrous desert hot rod on steroids. Forget the stance, omit the channeling, leave out the chopping. Stacking a classic 1930's coupé on top of a 1940's truck's slanted chassis, adding 9' diameter wheels and a monstrous supercharged mountain V8 created this pinnacle of Kustom Kulture. Bootleg Belle is a moonshine hauler at a size of a small mountain that gives you a nice sense of superiority, even if you are a modest bloke. With two meters of metal framework under your butt you know who is the king of the desert now. Features: ► mountain V8 cammer engine with moving pistons and Iron Cross-decorated cylinder heads ► blower with rotating pulley + Enderle-style bugcatcher & twin carb ► radiator with reinforced grille ► ribbed hose headers and shotgun exhausts ► working differential and transmission ► working steering connected to steering wheel and a rear facing HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► opening, functional trunk ► rear hinged ("suicide") doors with shaved handles ► individual suspension for each wheel ► reinforced bumpers ► rear view mirrors, desert safety flag 42000 C-model, uses around 92,5% of set's parts (loose assumption). Sorry for the quality of photos, still can't afford a decent camera.
  12. As soon as I started modding the Model A Hot Rod that comes with 75875, I knew I couldn't stop there. I decided that I needed to hit all of the different body styles for a Model A (Coupe, Sedan, Roadster, Pick up). This was an interesting challenge because there were some serious part limitations, but some of the best results come from that type of challenge. Here's a link to the black with flames coupe: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=134717 Other Speed Champions Mods: 2016 cars http://www.eurobrick...opic=122188&hl= 2015 cars http://www.eurobrick...36#entry2154620 As I built them, I experimented with different ways to handle the front bumpers, headlights, engines/exhaust and tail light treatments. Each one also has a different solution for the windshield. So here's the coupe for quick reference: Model A Sedan This one uses a "suicide style" front end treatment that puts the wheels farther out front. It also incorporates the little visor look that Model A's have over the windshield. Model A Roadster I opted to slam this one so the body is almost on the ground instead of the "hot rod rake" stance of the others. It also is intended to look like a Buick Nailhead V8 with a roots supercharger. Model A Pick Up The main thing for this one was to get away from basic primary colors and go for something that looked more vintage. To spice it up I went for Hemi gold accents on the engine and a wood plank bed. The air cleaner is made from a wheel and I used extra white border from the sticker sheet of 75875 to mimic an air filter element. Lastly, some shots of the Hot Rod garage.
  13. Once again, I just couldn't be more pleased with this year's Speed Champion sets. As some of you will recall, I've been widening the standard Speed Champion cars to be 8 studs wide. I just prefer the aesthetic, and now my drivers aren't centered in what is supposed to be a 2 or 4 seat car. 2016 cars http://www.eurobrick...opic=122188&hl= 2015 cars http://www.eurobrick...36#entry2154620 The Model A was a special case because while it surely wasn't the scale that would necessitate 8-stud width, I didn't think it needed to be 6 studs either, so I went with 5, which keeps it a small old hot rod size, but is still more to scale than the tiny 4-stud configuration that comes with the set. In addition to the change in width, I've done a lot of detail work, from the engine to the back of the car. I didn't change much on the Raptor but did add to the garage pit area. This was so much fun I immediately began building more hot rods in this style and scale. Edit: Here's a link to the other hot rods. Enjoy! For comparison, here is the stock version:
  14. [MOC] Mean Machine

    A mean (as the name betrays) little Hot Rod. I had these exhaust parts (from 6646) kicking around for literally ages and finally found the ideal place for them. Enjoy! The driver is the female crook from High Speed Police Chase (60042). More about the car on my blog.
  15. [MOC]Nux-Imitating Terror Rod

    "Okay guys, this is a cool ride, you can let me down now. Guys? Guys!" We had a large modular town on a LUG exhibit couple of weeks a ago, and had some contests inside the collaboration. This was my entry in the vehicle category. It got the fourth place (with a tie). A gang of car fanatics supposedly saw Fury Road and got inspired. Unfortunately poor Larry ended up in the front. But someone got to do it, right? More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  16. I built different hot rods and T-buckets in the past few months: a Green T-bucket, a Tow Rod, a classic black Roadster, Show Rods... ...but this time I built a unexpected machine... a '23 Ford T-bucket in pure Steampunk-ish style. This little machine features classic T-Bucket elements - an oversize small-block V-8, a short and reinforced chassis, drag slicks, "T" style radiator - mixed with Steampunk characteristics. Black, gold and brown colors are really a great combo and they seem looking tasteful on this little strange vehicle. Even if there are two pipes above the engine, necessary to exhaust the steam, this "T" can also use petrol, it's a sort of hibrid fact on the back you can see the gas tank. Here the Steampunk "T" is photographed on my Garage. All the best and happy building! Andrea - Norton74
  17. EDIT: New version in post 10! EDIT2: Chassis in post 13. ________________________________________________________________ 5292, Servo, Li-Po, V2. Do you need hear anything more? Well, these specifications are also important - this this car features full live axle suspension - in front leaf flex cable springs, rear axle is equipped with (approximately) two soft spring shocks. Slightly inspired by Chevy Bel-air '57 I am not satisfied with rear fenders, but the performance of this little beast is great! Be sure to check it out! More photos:
  18. Hello everyone, I present you another motorized and remotely controlled hot rod – Black coupe. My goal was to make mid-sized model with realistic suspension and working engine. Regarding size and functions it is somewhere in between my models “Fire bucket” and “Lucky 13”. Dimensions: 41 studs long, 19 studs wide, 13 – 14.5 studs high and weighs 804 g. PF components: 1 L motor - driving, 1 M motor - steering, 1 8878 battery, 1 IR receiver As you all know, with motorized creations, it is always a problem to place PF parts so they don't influence overall appearance of a model. In my previous hot rods, I used place under the false engine to put PF motors and as a result, false engine had to be higher than in a real car. That was a little bit frustrating but I didn't see any other option. So with this hot rod, I wanted to avoid that at any cost. Some compromise had to be made so I decided to use just one L motor for driving (accepting the fact that it won’t be very fast) and to put it under the driver’s seat. M motor for steering is placed next to it, under the passenger’s seat. As a result, smaller custom made V8 engine is placed lower on the chassis - right where it would be in a real model. Other functions: Working suspension - I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the suspension of my previous hot rods (they worked but weren’t realistic enough) so I really wanted to make improvement in that area. Development of the front solid axle and rear live axle, leaf spring suspension (with all the links and dumpers) was, at least for me, most important and most challenging part of this model (considering the scale). Front: solid axle, leaf spring Rear: Height-adjustable, live axle, leaf spring Working steering wheel – drag link steering Development of the small custom V8 with moving parts (working pistons, radiator fan and a generator) was the most satisfying part of this build Working door handles – openable suicide doors Trunk door can be opened – behind it is a mechanism for adjustment of rear height of the vehicle (manually controlled gear) and battery (easy to turn on/off and charging). Roof can be removed easily Retractable rear license plate – controlled with a fake handbrake lever inside the cabin I just love this function, I had it already on my Lucky 13, but for this build, I wanted it to be controlled from the cabin (driver's seat) for more realistic appearance. Features: Custom chrome parts – wheels, headlights, radiator grill, door handles and rear view mirrors Interior – red seats and dashboard I hope you'll like it, please comment and tell me what you think More photos:
  19. No suspension, no steering, just pure rapidity.
  20. A Full Blown Engine, Visible Transmission, Retractable Hood, Adjustable Wheel, Repair Tools - these are just some of the specs of the new Hot Rod 27! If you enjoy my project and you'd like to see it on the shelves, please support it here: The Story: I've always loved inventing new Lego toys. A few years ago I began building a custom hot rod. I wanted to make a car that would not only look good, but that would also be realistic. That's how I gave it a transmission that goes from the full blown engine to the front wheels, as shown in the video: A few days ago I found out about Lego Ideas and I wanted to submit my car, but I had new ideas. I wanted to make it more playable. That's how I came up with the retractable hood and the adjustable wheel. I made it so that a minifigure is able to enter the cockpit and drive the car, and even wear a helmet. Furthermore, I added some tools near the cockpit, in case the engine malfunctions or there's a flat tire. It also has front lights and tail lights, a radiator in the front, lateral exhaust pipes, adjustable engine pistons, rear-view mirrors, a big gas tank and slick, wide tires in the back. Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 cm ( approximately ) With about 140 pieces, the Hot Rod 27 can become an affordable and easy to build custom car!
  21. During the seventies, in the United States, an unusual car trend spread: the "Show Rods". This kind of cars, built from the ground up, were distinguished by an unconventional design, brilliant colors and amazing craftsmanship. Their engines were extremely powerful, yet they rarely touched the road. In other words, these cars were meant to be looked at, not driven. Yes, Show Rods were paradoxical. One of the most famous "Show Rod" designer was Tom Daniel who in 1967 designed the “Beer Wagon” for Monogram, the well known scale models manufacturer. Here my LEGO replica of the "Beer Wagon" based on antique Mack Bulldog chain drive rear end. My "Pilsner" yellow machine features: - fat drag tires on the rear; - chrome dog dish hubcaps; - eight chrome pipes thru the hood; - beer keg gas tanks; - beer keg between the seats; - wooden load compartment. Below the outline... Tom Daniel's Beer Wagon is for sure the wildest beer haulin' drag machine all around You can read the story of my "Beer Wagon" and my other Hot Rods, included many pictures, on the 2016 February issue of Brick Journal (# 38). All the best! Andrea Lattanzio - Norton74
  22. Take a classic '32 Ford Hot Rod, paint the whole machine in bright yellow, add a crane on the back and you've got the weirdest Tow Rod ever created! My latest work is based on my previous Ford Roadster cutomized with a classic LEGO crane from early era. I love using old pieces to build my models and the "string reel winch with metal handle and crane arm complete with string and metal hook" fits perfeclty on this crazy Tow Rod. Below the back with the vintage crane and the custmomized license plate The Green "T" seems having some troubles...the yellow machine tows the "T" at the Speed Garage for mixing up, soon it will be back fit. If you have a problem with your car, now you know who to call: Norton74 24 hr Towing Service. You call, we haul! Cheers Norton74 @ Facebook
  23. Thrill of a chase or laid back touring? Here's your powerful kustom chariot. Flamboyant, sleek and fast, this street rod is a perfect machine for touring or racing. Powered by a boosted V8 engine adorned with velocity stacks, this automobile with a getaway car vibe has a dangerous stance and even more dangerous exhaust manifolds. Features: ► V8 engine with rotating pulley and velocity stacks-adorned intake manifold (no cylinders) ► rigid transmission (three Cardan joints; without differential) ► steering with working steering wheel and a HOG ► rear hinged ("suicide") door ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► "winged-boat-tail" design body with coupé roof, spoiler-mudguards and two straight, quadruple exhaust pipes ► details such as doubled rear wheels, fake brake discs and brakes, floodlights, rear lights, turn lights and suicide bumper 42024 C-Model
  24. Hello, today I show you my latest MOC: the "Green T". Even if I don't live in "The Golden State" I love the strange vehicles called "T- buckets". Seeing these Buckets moving from a beach to another is very usual in California, where I live a little bit less... Anyway, the "Green T" is my last MOC and it's my pride and joy (especially photographed in my Speed Garage). This genuine T-bucket has the two-seater body of a Model T roadster with a little turtle deck in the backside. A full chromed Model T-style radiator is fitted. The big V8 sends power to the oversized rear wheels, with the typical dog dish hubcaps, through the strong drivetrain. A big charger is fitted on the top of the engine. This time I've used many chromed bricks and I think they look great on the "Green T". I love also the white-green color combo. Here few pictures: The front with the typical Model T-style radiator The back with the custom plate... Enjoy the "Green T" and discover the new equipments featured in the "Speed Garage" The "Green T" has been blogged by: The Brothers Brick Brick Nerd The Lego Car Blog More pictures and details on flickr Thanks for your attention. All the best and happy building! Norton74 - Andrea Lattanzio Norton74 @ Facebook Norton74 @ LEGO IDEAS
  25. The front half is mean. The rear half is business. The whole car means business. I give you my favourite MOC to date, a modest, but satisfactory build: The Hob Rod. A '30s pickup truck that was obtained by a hot-rodder and turned into a pickoupé hot rod with a decent dosage of chopping, channelling and grinding. It's powered by a blown V6 engine, creating a fine example of quite an extreme kustom kulture-influenced vehicle. The car started as a simple mod of 42022 - the plan was only to put a differential in it, maybe include opening doors. Of course, the whole thing resulted with a lot of loose parts ordered on-line and now is a completely different vehicle. It took me a while to find and execute the proper way have a HOG and rotating steering wheel bypassing the transmission axle. When it was done, everything went smooth. Features: ► mountain V6 cammer engine with moving pistons and Iron Cross-decorated cylinder heads ► blower with rotating pulley + bug-catcher & carburettor + external tachometer and oil pressure gauge ► radiator with a tiny-tiny puke can + a set of headers and classy exhausts ► working differential and transmission ► 30's classic link steering connected to steering wheel and a HOG (all featuring an intricate steering vs transmission bypass system) ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, custom skull-shaped gear shifter and comfy channelled couch for two ► slanted roof and roomy bed for that pickoupé feeling everybody desires ► locking, rear hinged "suicide" doors with shaved handles and slanted edges ► exposed suicide front axle + wide, leaf spring-suspended rear axle for perfect control at salt flats ► rolled pan rear bumper and a club plaque I apologize for the poor quality of all photos, that's the best I can do for now.