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Found 11 results

  1. Ever wondered what a large scale caravan would look like? Here, I've made one that has pretty awesome features! Here's the interior! First, there's the kitchen with a cupboard, drawers, microwave oven, 2-burner cooktop and a radio! 2-person bed with quilt! I still need to know how I could make a fridge/freezer that can store a lot of food! Luxurious Dining Suite with 2 upholstered chairs, coffee mugs & fruit bowl! Folding Entry Steps! The drawbar. Here, there's 2 gas bottles, jockey wheel, safety chains and even a security lock on the coupler! The sunshade on the kitchen window can be closed for travel! The shutters on the front & back can be opened & closed too! The entry door can also be opened! Waste Water Pipe Interchangeable Number Plates, depending on which Australian state you live in! (I live in South Australia!) Stabilizer Jacks Those new 'Flat Tile 1x1 Half Circle' (Part #24246) pieces make nice trailer lights! Number Plate Light Here's the food! Additional Features: Two Spare Wheels Removable Roof Opening Side Windows Outside Light Now if only there was going to be a car that could go perfectly with the caravan... Maybe a Holden Kingswood or Belmont Wagon! Thanks for reading!
  2. So here I have a few cars and trucks that I have collected. I do have aircraft but they are tucked away somewhere safe for the time being. (currently moving place so prepareing stuff for that) Hope you enjoy.
  3. klockizbroda

    [MOC] The Old School Caravan Trip

    Hello, With this first post I wanted to share with you my latest MOC which I call The Old School Caravan Trip. It is my humble tribute to the classic 'car and caravan' sets done in a bit old fashion way, with a tiny vintage car towing almost equally tiny caravan. The caravan is fitted with a foldable bike rack, a roof rack for the luggage and it has just enough space inside to fit a bed for one minifigure. As an experiment, I decided to submit this MOC as a product idea on LEGO Ideas, so if you fancy supporting it, you may find it here. Hope you'll enjoy it! The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr
  4. droomangroup

    [MOC] Toyhauler RV w/ slideout

    hey all, check out this replica RV i created as a homage to the RV we lived in for 5 years. since my other cars and small trucks are 6 wide i made the house section of this RV 8 wide which i think works well for the scale. you can see more pics on my imgur album here... and you can see pics of the real RV here... here's a few teaser pics, feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions... the real RV... one of the cool features is the slide out entrance stairs... and of course the slide out couch nook... cheers droo
  5. badchriss

    MOC: Adorable 4 wide Caravan

    Hey Guys,check out this adorable little Thing i made in LDD. This Caravan might be useless for Minifigures,but it is perfect for Decoration and to attach it to a small 4 wide Car with the Proportions of an Austin Mini. The Caravan (inspired by some european micro Caravans) was made with 112 Bricks. Hope you like my Work. Of course i will show you my finished real LKife Version when it`s ready.
  6. BrickWild

    [LDD MOC] 1960s Airstream Bambi

    Travel down memory lane to the 1960s in a single-axle Airstream Bambi RV! I even managed to add an interior, despite its small size!
  7. Brick Architect

    Funny Camping Day!

    The little Bricks Family is going Camping! Let see what happens... (Movie based on the Set 60117 Van & Caravan Lego City) Enjoy!
  8. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  9. Hello everyone. This is my first project/submission for the LEGO ideas site. I am also doing the troso prints but they will be done in a week so I did not want to wait and added the prject already however I will update the pictures later. You can see the troso designs (very simple - clasic style) on one fo the pictures. Let me know your feedback.
  10. LegoJalex

    Caravan in snow

    When I was taking a walk one afternoon I saw this caravan on the side of the road, and got then inspired to build it in LEGO.
  11. eurotrash

    MOC: Caravans

    Lego Caravans Summer's here! And what better way to start it off by building a couple of Caravans. I'd been struggling with a Chicken Bus based on the Harry Potter Knight Bus. My first attempts looked like an Eggplant with Windows, then it morphed into a fairly decent looking 7-wide Transit bus. But it still wasn't what I was hoping for so I started again from scratch and built this caravan. It's 7-wide, 22 studs long and although the color scheme looked a bit loud I'm pleased with the outcome. There are exterior lights, steps, a roof mounted AC unit, an awning currently rolled up ( ), a couple of Gas bottles on the front tongue, but it currently has no interior. Then as part of my forthcoming Trailer Park I had to build another one and I stumbled across RTN LNA's instructions for an Airstream on another site ( I knew I just had to build it. The door was tricky and I slightly changed the connection method for the roof and the two ends and added the AC unit/TV antenna but otherwise it's his plans that I used and they are well recommended. So grab a cold one and join me around the campfire! Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.