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Found 27 results

  1. The Nakano Camera Corner is a famous camera shop in district 7. Sakura is waiting in front of her dad's shop, waiting for Alicia to hang out. Here are some more details of the capsule hotel (reference to Neuromancer by William Gibson, cheap hotel). and the apartment block on the right side of the building with the Octan energy sign: See also: [MOC] District 7 - A cyberpunk figbarf - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums
  2. the Inventor

    [MOC] Orenjikoma

    A Think Tank together with a bounty hunter build for Marchikoma: Orenjikoma by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  3. District 7 - A cyberpunk figbarf by Ids de Jong, on Flickr A cyberpunk figbarf, inhabitants of Nano-shi, district 7. From left to right: ?? A hunter of the shadow moon syndicate. Random citizen A VR idol junkie. Meili A waitress at a local restaurant. Alicia Dyson She lost her parents in the cyber uprising 12 years ago, currently living with her adoptive parents at the dojo and out for revenge on the hackers that caused the uprising at district 7. Renji Murata Son of the head of the Murata Electronics corporation (M-Tron). Training at the dojo he met Alicia and one day he noticed that she was being chased by some random thugs, luckily he could save her. When she told him what had happened, Renji decided to help her bring justice back to district 7. Genji A fine mechanic, if he can’t fix it nobody can, also good in breaking stuff down. Lina A popular new Idol, has just released her first album, LinaLine. Doc. Yamaguchi He’s more interested in filling his pockets then helping the people, suspected of multiple synthetics drugs deals he has yet to be caught. District 7 - A cyberpunk figbarf #2 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr From left to right: Alexis A renowned bounty hunter. General Kuribayashi A war veteran, who fought in the cyber uprising 12 years ago. Although now retired, he likes to meddle in various aspects of district 7 for his own profit. ?? A heavily armed police officer. Sakura Nakano Friends with Alicia Dyson. She likes to hang out in the game district together with Alicia. Hideo Ishiguro Head of the Tokawa Group, one of the major corporate entities in district 7, although he is suspected to have many shady side businesses. Jin A local noodle delivery guy. Dr. Hyeon Song You can find him in the back alleys of District 7 and if you can pay his price, he will definitely make sure you get the best and latest augmentations available. If you have less money, he'll also gladly put some refurbished stuff in you (don't ask how he get's it though, he doesn't like that). Cali Working at CyberNEKO, a local bar located in district 7.
  4. Hello Speed Champions fans, Black Arrow is a ficticious hypercar which was designed for a "Hypercar building contest" hosted by sfh_bricks on Instagram. I tried to design something really cool inspired by the cyberpunk culture. Building instructions are available on the following links: It is a studless build in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. Some rules had to be followed: only certain types of car bases, wheels, fenders and windscreen are allowed, cockpit have to be closed, fixed dimensions (wheelbase, width, and maximum length), build must fit a full minifig with helmet. I prefer the brick built solutions to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds, and therefore stickers are not used. My intent was to keep the build smooth and to add lots of details: for example the air intakes, the rear wing, the side view mirrors etc. . Maybe the most challenging one was the double headlight. I tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used. There are two versions of the front assembly : 1) the double headlight version which is a bit more extreme and 2) the simple headlight version which is more solid and sturdy. The model has space for one minifigure. I suggest to use a helmet or small hair. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Black Arrow 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 03 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 04 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 05 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 06 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 08 by László Torma, on Flickr Black Arrow 07 by László Torma, on Flickr
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] Some small cyberpunk cars

    A new small compact car made by the Murata Electronics corporation. With an all new heads-up display. For sale in district 7, for only 20000 credits. Murata - C1E by Ids de Jong, on Flickr The pulsar Z1 is a small compact EV for quickly moving around in the city. For sale at your nearest dealer in district 7, 16000 credits (base price). Pulsar - Z1 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr For the building in the back see this topic: [MOC] District-7 - Ramen corner - LEGO Sci-Fi - Eurobricks Forums
  6. the Inventor

    [MOC] Fuchikoma and Section 9 members

    For Marchikoma I build this Fuchikoma which even fits a fig quite nicely, see also for more information about the original. Fuchikoma - フチコマ by Ids, on Flickr When I had build this Fuchikoma based on the Ghost in the Shell manga, I also had to come up with some figs based on section 9, These are my (purist) take on the members of section 9, from left to right: Saito - Tactical Sniper Motoko Kusanagi - Major/Field Commander Togusa - Investigator/2nd Field Commander Daisuke Aramaki - Lieutenant Colonel/Section Chief Batou - Lead Investigator Boma - Spotter, Investigator, and bomb specialist Pazu - Investigator Ishikawa - Covert Intelligence and Technology Executive Officer and a Fuchikoma who does not want to miss the photo session. Public Security Section 9 - 公安9課 by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  7. the Inventor

    [MOC] District-7 - Ramen corner

    The district-7 Ramen corner is famous for it's delicious noodles, because there are only a few seats available, it's always busy especially during lunch hour. Renji and Alicia are just passing by looking for another place to eat. District-7 - Ramen corner by Ids, on Flickr Detailed shot: District-7 - Ramen corner (details)) by Ids, on Flickr The kitchen: District-7 - Ramen corner (kitchen) by Ids, on Flickr Doc. Yamaguchi is busy creating some illegal synthetic drugs in his apartment before heading to his underground shop where he sells his stuff. District-7 - Ramen corner (interior) by Ids, on Flickr
  8. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Dark red hover-coupé

    This was the 6th MOC at the 6th week of 2022 Starts by trying to make a mudgurd with those round slope corner I´m a spacemen , so I have a lot of dark red that I never use, this was the base of the color choise ...and I think it turned out very well
  9. Sérgio

    [MOC] Hover Tram 2052

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in Train-Tech. Regarding My Hover vehicles, I also created a Hover Tram (or passenger train if you prefer) Nothing much to say, well, yes, it has the tan train windows, I didn't pay a fortune for them, I have had Emerald Night Set since the day it was released :) Hover Tram 2052 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Hover Tram 2052 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  10. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Hover Taxi

    This was the 5th MOC , of the 5ths 2022 week !!...5th element inspired Its a Hover car with the colors of a NY cab
  11. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Red hover car

    This is the "son" of the Black hover car and the Red fly car Born when I was experementing widening the black hover car It´s the 8th MOC , of the 8th 2022´s week
  12. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Black hover car

    This is the last week MOC , the 7th week of 2022, 7th MOC A "look a like" cyberpunk hover car In the photo its the mk2 version, the first one was a little slim But this underside photo it´s from 1st version
  13. Hello Corvette and Speed Champions fans, the Chevrolet Corvette C4 car, colloquially known as the 'Vette, is a two-door, two-passenger sports car manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet across more than 60 years of production and eight design generations. The fourth-generation was the first complete redesign of the Corvette since 1963 and it is known for its sleek look. It was produced from 1983 to 1996. The model was inspired by one of my favorite Matchbox as a child, the color scheme was inspired by cyberpunk and destopian movies. Building instructions are available on the following links: It is a studless build in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. I wanted to create a sleek model which is as accurate as possible in this small scale. I prefer to minimize the use of stickers to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds, and therefore this model include only one standard Lego vehicle registration plate sticker. My intent was to keep the width-length-height ratio of the real car and this size makes it possible. The model contains lots of details: for example the hood decoration, the gray bottom part, the glass hatchback, the side-view mirrors, the tiltable seats etc.. Maybe the most challenging one was the iconic rear side with the vehicle registration plate, here there is a half stud offset. I tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used. The model has space for two minifigures. I suggest to use small hairs. Without the seats minifigures with bigger hairs can be used too if they are leaned back. Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 03 by László Torma, on Flickr Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 04 by László Torma, on Flickr Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 05 by László Torma, on Flickr Vette C4, Skull e. - Instructions 06 by László Torma, on Flickr
  14. Lately I've been inspired by making flying cars, I had already made this taxi a few years ago in its "normal" mode I decided to give it an update with a lot of greebling, using only parts I already had without resorting to new purchases Inspirations from films like 5th element, Bladerunner and even Back to the future 2. the color scheme refers to the old taxis in Portugal, the taxi driver is a man with a sullen mustache, just like the taxi drivers in Lisbon Cyber Taxi 2067 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber Taxi 2067 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber Taxi 2067 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber Taxi 2067 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber Taxi 2067 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  15. Sérgio

    [MOC] Cyber General Lee 2979

    Hi, although my favorite theme is model trains, I can't miss drinking sources of inspiration elsewhere, lots of details, greeblings and some construction techniques used in Space, and Sci-fi vehicles are amazing and I love watching competitions and MOCs from this genre but in fact I never dared to do anything... I've recently started to see some BladeRunner-style "space car" works on flickr who inspires me to give a try. Most of the locomotives I make are orange and I had some parts from other projects, I saw that I also had some Bionicle and Exo-force parts and I started to play and see what came out and this was the result. The base of the car is a Dodge Charger, and by the color, obviously I had to make a General Lee from the Dukes Of Hazard, the rest was to do the greebling with what I had at hand. I hope you like my first MOC with real parts of a Sci-fi vehicle. Cyber General Lee 2979 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber General Lee 2979 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber General Lee 2979 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber General Lee 2979 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Cyber General Lee 2979 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  16. For Halloween I built a smal MOC set in my fictional cyberpunk city district-7. Beware of what lurks in the sewers of district-7, if not enough food gets supplied, be prepared to get tricked. You don't want to get tricked. Treat or get tricked by Ids, on Flickr
  17. The city of Nano (Nano-shi, 七市), also called district-7. The police is just patrolling the streets of the game district: Nano-shi (七市) - game district The district-7 police department, officer Shinjiro and his android partner KeiRo in front of their police car of the Mobile Patrol Force. The police car is inspired by Syd Mead his sketches for Blade runner. District-7 Police Some more pictures of the police car: District-7 Police Car Thanks for looking and let me know what you think (higher resolution pictures on flickr:
  18. darththeling

    [MOC] Levels of Coruscant

    Welcome to Coruscant. It's a build of playsets that stack on top of each other for practical, space-sharing reasons. We will be going from the tip of the penthouse down to the base of the megastructure, far underneath the surface where the seedy Underworld lies. This vertical build has been tinkered with since 2015. It started with Padme's apartment which was meant to sit alongside Palpatine's Arrest - but then I made an Outlander club and felt it might be worthy to have both builds combined in some way, since those scenes flow together in AOTC. The Federal district (Jedi Temple, Sheev's office and the Senate Building) could be a part of this, but to the side. This area is for civilian life. The recent TCW episodes which took place in the Coruscant Underworld gave us more of a sense of what life down there is like for the poorer Coruscanti residents. It compelled me to complete the vertical build, celebrating the glory that is this ancient urban city-planet at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. Ordinarily I'm not into using too much rainbow color, but this is supposed to be a cyberpunk city, allowing for lots of light and billboard images where possible. I have a couple of light bricks but unsure where to place them to best effect. There's a few trans pieces in place that need Aurebesh, although I am unsure how to get them in transparent sticker format. Anyone have suggestions for printing onto transparency? Let's look closer at each of the sections. At the top of the tower we have the elite tier, political-class lodgings. Padme's balcony is a place she and senator Jar-Jar can gaze out and enjoy the perpetual sky traffic. This build was originally bigger with another room for the bed and an action feature to blow the window out (so Obi-Wan can chase the worm-droid) but action features seems unrealistic as the tower isn't probably sturdy enough for that kind of play. I don't see many Senator Padme MOCs and I think it's amusing to recreate the scene where she packs to go back to Naboo in a huff. Anakin is missing from this build - his speeder would be parked at Sheev's office. I did have CW era Anakin+Padme posing, maybe that looks better? Here's how it was before: Below this penthouse is the parking area, as well as another lodging area for wealthy or connected Coruscanti. A couple of space dudes wait for a bus or a taxi. This is the practical part of the build, the one that allows Bounty Hunter Pursuit a place to sit on the shelf. I realize that the Aurebesh is inverted, it's an old PSD file I can't locate but I am in the process now of creating new artwork for billboards to include in this build later on. Is TLG ever going to give us another AOTC speeder chase? If so, a little part of the scene (like below) would be such a welcome addition. This red block is meant to represent the Uscru entertainment district of Coruscant. This nightclub is inspired by the Outlander Club of AOTC. The space above the bar is an area for private dancing (CW face Secura standing in for a pole dancer. Need some Oolas for this room). Outside we see a shady character selling death sticks quite fearlessly. Bane looks to be waiting to meet up with some roughs for a job. The back panel pops off for access to the bar and club area. Tried to maintain the light fixtures look from the CW series along the handrails. We're going down below the surface now to the Underworld. Here we'll see a number of lower-income apartments, there's a tunnel/sewer type passage between the buildings with some rats. This prevents space to build any interior areas, but it allows for a hand to reach in a grab the whole tower (minus the base) for moving. There's a holophone around the corner. Around the back there are colored signs waiting for Aurebesh, billboards etc. and an improved Bith face advertisement. This also makes a good location to stage Ahsoka/Ventress duels. The lowest level wasn't something I'd planned to build, but the Blacktron baseplate screamed Cyberpunk to me so I had to. I had a big bin of parts from taking apart an old Slave-1 and a few other kits that I didn't have display space for, and started assembling what ended up being the 'base level' of low-rent vendors, who live a hardscrabble life among criminal gangs, rust and destitution. There's a Hutt down here, not Jabba or Ziro, just a commoner of the depths who loves deals on creap fruit. There are four businesses and one private residence, and I strongly suspect at least one is a criminal front. I did pull apart my Police Gunship for part of this build, but the plan is to make a Coruscant police speeder at some point. For now, police cam droids will have to do for law enforcement. Check out the conduit worm under the rusted panel! Gross. Once again, front and back together without the speeders from the classic set 7133-1 parked in place. Coruscant is a tricky location to try and reproduce. I've been coming back to Eurobricks for years getting ideas and inspirations from builds around here... there are some fantastic creations, and although I'm missing some, I just want to shout out to some members who have provided inspiration with these terrific builds. [MOC] CORUSCANTBy EtelEnzos. I doubt TLG would try and make a Betrayal at Bespin like attempt at Courscant, but this in an incredible interior/exterior playset. The tall foyers really capture the atmosphere. [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit By o0ger This entry proves how important it is to place the Bounty Hunter Pursuit at the Outlander club location - it helps to give a context to the build instead of just 2 speeders. Coruscant By Gerechtigkeitsliga The amount of detail and the sheer size of this monster is staggering! Look at the gap in the building for the air traffic to flow through - it's incredible. [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise, by Finnmoses. This one stretches beyond the imagination. It is so incredibly huge and tall it is simply mind-boggling the level of detail and content in every scene. Truly this is a Coruscanti masterpiece to behold. I hope it's still being proudly displayed by Finnmoses.
  19. *Your entry has earned 40 XP* Coruscant - Lower Levels - Lift 654 - outside Kwazi's Chop Shop... High value targets from an Imperial Remnant have been spotted under the glow of an oversized pink krill by an enterprising elixir peddler. Zaz Sikari, a veteran Clawdite bounty hunter, with plenty of debt to pay, has already intercepted their taxi... Most residents won't think twice about a speeder dropping through the lift, except to get out of the way. But this taxi won't be coming back up. With the Imp's getaway out of the way, the Nemoidian buyers move in. This particular target had been around for a while. At the beginning of the Empire, he was an enforcer on Cato Nemoidia. Rumors persisted that he still kept Nemoidian artifacts and other unsavory trophies, and that it was in search of new, highly volatile artifacts that lured him into the deeps of Coruscant. This particular buyer was insistent on confronting the target himself. His drop team was merely there to secure the field. He would stay behind, to pay for the act that he insisted must be done. It wasn't long before the New Republic made their way down the lift.
  20. Babo

    Lego Tesla Cybertruck moc

    Hello. This is my newest moc, Lego Tesla Cybertruck.
  21. paokus

    The Serum Lab

    Hi!! this is my latest project "The Serum Lab" hope you like it, here the link if you want to see more pics a video and support Thank you very much!
  22. Henry Bricklider

    (WIP) Cyberpunk City MOC

    Hello everyone, I would like to present to you my Cyberpunk City MOC inspired by Ninjago City and envisioned after going to a local LEGO convention. I don’t have a cool name for the city yet. I would like to get this MOC finished by next summer. The buildings are modular-esque. The buildings currently include a grocery store, a garage, a Chinese restaurant, a police station and an ice cream parlor. I am not yet sure what other buildings I’ll put in this MOC. The police station is going to be two stories and I’ll have a second story of shops above the section with the ice cream parlor. I am also not focusing on making interiors for these buildings even if there are some details inside. The next part of this MOC is a police cruiser. It is a modified version of the police car in 70802 Bad Cop’s Pursuit with swapped parts and substitutions. The second vehicle build in this MOC is a transport truck. It is a heavily modified version of 7686 Helicopter Transporter. I am planning on adding a trailer of some sort to it. That is all I have got so far. I hope you enjoy the progress so far. I have had a good time working on this MOC for the least few months and can’t wait to keep working on it. Also, @leafan because he wanted to see this.
  23. Past weekend I've been searching the web for a Lego display/project... But no succes. All I can remember of it: - Pic's weren't hosted on Flickr, but hosted on something else, maybe an own server/page. - It was a collaboration of various builders in a cyberpunk/futuristic/dystopian city setting. - Made somewhere between the years 2005-2009, 'cause it was one of the reasons I got into Lego again. - Similar to Zero Hour on Highway 44 & A Bus Stop In Bucharest in terms of style & looks. Wondering if any of you guys & gals on Eurobricks might know?
  24. The Chosen One

    The controller

    It's the Devil's way now, There is no way out, You can scream and you can shout, It is too late now...
  25. I'm looking for 2 particular MOC's, but haven't had any luck finding them; - Both are collaborations of serveral builders with a cyberpunk/futuristic/dystopian city theme. - Google isn't my friend anymore... I keep finding the 2013 Cyberapocalypse build or the 2011 Cybercity build, which aren't it. The 1st one; - Found it; A Bus Stop In Bucharest. The 2nd one; - Isn't so recent as the 1st one, more around 08/09-ish, maybe even older? - Had a train/metro on the foreground with a road above it. - Hoverboarders on the side of the road on some sort of track. - Police vehicles + police figs occupying the road itself. - An overpass/bridge + a gang of 'Akira' styled bikers riding underneath it. - Had vehicles caught in a traffic jam. - Was hosted on an own server, no Flickr/MOCpages. - Was called 'City 17', 'Sector 7' or something similar to that. - Found it; Zero Hour on Highway 44. Please drop a comment if you happen to know what I'm talking about. Mod's you may close this thread/topic, if you feel like it.