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  1. SalvoBrick

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    I'm waiting to know something about prize B...
  2. SalvoBrick

    [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    Brilliant! I'd like to see it in real bricks
  3. Santa is delivering my Christmas tree :D
  4. SalvoBrick

    Modular 31012

    Look carefully the pictures and you'll need no instructions (seriously, I usually don't make instrutions of my MOCs, and this one in particular has been modified 3 or 4 times since then...)
  5. SalvoBrick

    The Mecha Townhouse

    Ahah brilliant!
  6. SalvoBrick

    Peace & War Square

    Absolutely impressive! :-o
  7. SalvoBrick

    MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Very nice design for a modular
  8. SalvoBrick

    [MOC] Legoland Movie Theater

    This is great!
  9. SalvoBrick

    MOC Modular round park square

    This is great! Love the buildings too! Nice job!
  10. SalvoBrick


    Beautiful! I like everything, expecially the car. Excellent work!
  11. SalvoBrick

    Octan Racing motorcycle dealership

    It's a nice, small modular. I like it!
  12. SalvoBrick

    [Video]Christmas 2016 Santa Claus Surprise

    Excellent video! ( ... e buon Natale )
  13. SalvoBrick

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    Wow! That's really nice! One of the coolest MOC modulars seen in the latest months!
  14. SalvoBrick

    The Lego Assembly Line

    Really good! How long did it take to make the animation?