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  1. SalvoBrick

    10 years of Brickville, my modular city

    I printed by myself on adhesive paper
  2. SalvoBrick

    10 years of Brickville, my modular city

    An answer for everyone: 😊 - all buildings are my own creations: a few migth be inspired in some details to something I've seen on the web, but the original idea is mine; - I try to use all the available bricks before eventually buying more. Usually I don't plan the building using cad programs like LDD or Studio, except a few buuldings, like the store, the cinema and the tan house with the red roof. - All the building will never be finished; I'll always find some detail I can change: that's the fun for me :) - Due to limited space, I have two dioramas, one city and the other train, each one is 4 x 8 baseplates. Theorically they can be combined to one 8 x 8 but I don't have enough space in my apartment - The weird color palette is due to the fact that in the beginning I had a lot of blue or yellow bricks, so I have blue and yellow buildings Hope it helps. More updates on my Flickr gallery (see signature) and maybe here too 😉
  3. SalvoBrick

    10 years of Brickville, my modular city

    Except you, it seems that nobody is interested in my city here 🤷‍♂️ Well, I'll continue to upload new stuff on flickr as usual!
  4. Ten years ago I started my actual modular city, named Brickville, made exclusively of MOCs. After ten years a lot has changed, I had to split the diorama in two separate ones: one exclusively city and the other with train. Here's how Brickville has changed in 10 years... And here's the train diorama. Unfortunately I can't unite the two dioramas for space reasons. If you're interested I can post more pictures :)
  5. SalvoBrick

    Vehicles in my town: updates

    Hello people! This summer I've updated several MOC vehicles in my town. Hope you'll enjoy! first, the taxi: now converted to 6-wide and a few more realistic touches; The TV van has been updated too; Tow truck totally rebuilt; more realistic look for the hot rod; total rebult for the ambulance too; Mail delivery van converted in a 3-wheeled van (like an Ape Piaggio) so it can move with more agilty into narrow streets; and finally the car transported, with updated mechanism: Hope you liked these vehicles and if you want to see more check my flickt gallery: Salvatore | Flickr
  6. My tables are custom-made, each one is 4 x 4 baseplates so I have no problems
  7. SalvoBrick

    Brickville 2020

    This year finally find time and resources to split my city diorama in two different dioramas: a "city-only" one and a train one. I had to put the train diorama in the attic, so I left the "city-only" one in my apartment. As you can see, I removed tracks and station and I've rearranged the buildings: You can see more pictures in my Flickr: Hope you like :)
  8. SalvoBrick

    [MOC] Modular Mini park

    That's really cute! ^-^
  9. SalvoBrick

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    The batmobile is simple and effective. I like it!
  10. SalvoBrick

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    8-wide cars? Ok, I won't buy these sets anymore, I prefer to build MOCs.
  11. SalvoBrick

    [MOD] Lego 31079 Camper

    Better than the original!
  12. Hello! This year my Lego city, later called Brickville, is 15 years old. I've started it around May-June 2004 when I had both time, space and money to build the dream of childhood: a whole Lego city. In summer 2004 it had only classic City sets, and only a few MOCs built in the same style (open backside and such) After a few years I wasn't satisfied anymore of this style, so in 2008 I built a new version with railroad, "closed backside" buildings and sidewalks. In 2009 I've started to include modular buildings, but the modularity wasn't for road baseplates. Then I was forced to move and only in 2012 I had enough time and space to build a new, full modular city. Due to space limitations, I was able to include only a small portion of the railroad, near the station. In 2014 my city turned 10, including a few more buildings and some more realistic trees. Today I have more realistic details, tiled road sides, even more realistic trees, a city park, a construction site with a proper crane. Plans for the future are to build in my attic a new railroad-only diorama and making this one a city-only one. If I'll have enough money and time I'll start it next year :) Hope you liked and let me know if you have any question.
  13. SalvoBrick

    BTTF Delorean time machine: my version

    There's space for one minifig
  14. SalvoBrick

    BTTF Delorean time machine: my version

    A few modifies: Do you prefer this one or the first version?
  15. SalvoBrick

    Rava Town

    Impressive! Your town surely requires a lot of space...