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  1. Cool Oldtimers on Lego Ideas

    The way the rear on the white car is built is very smart, I haven't seen a solution like that before. I should remember that Good luck with your project!
  2. (MOC) FENDT 1050 Vario

    Welcome to Eurobricks ‘ederseesteine’! That is a very good-looking and quite detailed model, I really like it. As a side note, LEGO actually used to have a Farm theme for LEGO City: I never owned a set from the theme, but there was something very appealing about them, so I can understand why you decided to build your own. I hope you will share future models as well!
  3. Apparently, LEGO built a life-size version of the 75888 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0
  4. [MOC] Mazda Cosmo Sport

    I really like how your build captures the Cosmo's signature rear lights. Thanks for sharing!
  5. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Thanks @koalayummies! I wanted to use the studshooter rear lights for quite a while, they looked like something that could replicate the round supercar taillights. I can’t take credit for the snowboard spoiler, I’ve seen them in quite a few MOCs, and TLG used it in the Speed Champions McLaren P1. Thanks @ColletArrow! It was one of those times when I was like “Hmm, these parts look like they would fit together”, and they did!
  6. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    So, hachiroku24's Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse inspired me to have a go at building the Eclipse. It turned out trickier than I initially expected, so it is still somewhat rough around the edges. I decided to leave it as a convertible as I couldn't come up with a good build for the roof, but I am really happy with the rear section: You can download the .lxf file here, or find the Mecabricks model here. Comments and critique are very welcome.
  7. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Thanks 'supertruper1988'! I've seen the trick, but I haven't tried it. I assume, LDD won't allow it, but in Mecabricks it shouldn't be a problem. I guess, I will give it a try. In the meantime, I have come up with another design for the taillights, at the price of the exhaust pipes ans some stray studs: The trans-red connectors seem to be a little bit more common then the popsicles (just in case anyone wants to build it IRL).
  8. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    It now takes longer than it used to for me to complete a model, but I'm happy that I took some extra time with this one. I really wanted to use technic panels in a MOC for a while, however, it turned out to be harder than I expected. I've tried several approaches of attaching them, I haven't been able to find a good way to cover up some of the gaps they created, and LDD refused to attach them to plates. But in the end, I feel like I fulfilled this dream. So here it is: I am still experimenting with A-pillars, this obviously isn't the ideal solution. You can download the .lxf here, or find the Mecabricks model here. Both LDD and Mecabricks lack some of the crucial parts that are available in the other one, so consider checking out both. Comments, suggestions and critique are more than welcome.
  9. Defective arch pieces in new set?

    Here’s a photo from Bricklink which illustrates the differences between existing variants of the 1 x 6 x 2 arches: You can check Bricklink for more info:
  10. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Thanks Wes, and welcome to Eurobricks! Thanks ‘ColletArrow’, I am myself very glad how that worked out. I haven’t had a chance to test the connection of the front part “in the brick”, but I did spend quite some time coming up with a solution that loooked viable.
  11. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Well, better late than never. I can't believe it's been almost a year now since I last posted in this topic Never stopped visiting the forum, though. Anyway, I've tried out Mecabricks, and it's great. The best thing about it - an up-to-date parts palette, something LDD can't boast. "Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs with Stud Notch" was what I was looking for, and that's what I got So, here's Studshooter: And here's a link to the .lxf file. Comments and critique are as welcome as ever. UPD: I used the amazingly handy new feature of Mecabricks and rendered the model. A huge thank you to Scrubs for creating such a great service!
  12. Lego In-universe Brands

    I could suggest this article at Brickset, it looks like it might be helpful:
  13. [MOC] LEGO City - House of Culture

    A very good-looking building! Very modern and quite unusually shaped, but the subdued colors complement it nicely. And the use of airplane wings piece is NPU if I have ever seen one
  14. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Thanks 'L@go'. Yeah, to be honest, I thought so, too. I guess I was really excited that you could attach those slopes at all Anyway, I'd better start working on a mod/fix.
  15. [LDD MOCs] Sports cars

    Just a quick update to the previous post. To keep the looks sleek but still enable the car to fit a minifig, I've made a compromise where there is no steering wheel. It can be fixed by 1) replacing the windshield and the 2x4 tile and 2) removing the tile with handlefrom the interior and putting in the steering wheel. Since the replacement wedge piece is not available in black, a recolor of the whole roof from black to white might be needed. Basically, after the mod the look would not be as sleek, in my opinion, but the car would become more "functional"