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  1. imvanya

    F1 Front Wing

    How about this: The color choices for the ski piece are a little limiting, though.
  2. I have been thinking about the rear lights as well, so here's my go at it: It looks like it would be too small, and the candle flame piece is only available in trans orange and trans light blue, and is also quite wavy. Still, maybe you will find a use for this
  3. As one of the commenters mentioned in the 10290 Pickup Truck topic, using the new narrower wheels to get double wheels on the rear axles could be a nice mod. It may be tricky, though. I'll just copy my take on that from that topic:
  4. imvanya

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    My thoughts exactly, but some modding may be necessary – the wide wheel is only 1.5, not 2 times wider than the narrow one. From what I can tell, simply replacing the wide wheel with 2 narrow ones will leave them sticking out about 3/4 of a stud. It looks like you can make the middle axle 1 stud narrower on each side, but the assembly behind the rearmost wheel seems to be the main thing to work around:
  5. imvanya

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    I think the tires are new, seem like narrower versions of 15413. Basically, what 30699 is to 44309
  6. imvanya

    HELP! ! !

    Please check this post: It includes links to several tutorials on posting images to the forums, so you should be able to find answers to most questions you might have
  7. imvanya

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    You very right, it is 2433:
  8. imvanya

    Now my Dog will Sit! (Lego Dog Moc)

    A very cute dog, and a great MOC! Just a suggestion, perhaps you could use a to fill in the gap between the eyes? It must be a newer thin DOTS bracelet:
  9. Here is a render of the mechanism featured in the original entry:
  10. It looks like a
  11. This is a great MOC, and I would definitely not call it a "failed" submission – it just did not happen to win I really like the height adjustment feature and how neatly it is integrated – normally, something like that would mean compromising the looks, but here it is obvously not the case. As a matter of fact, this was on my personal short list during the first stage of the vote. Thank you for sharing the updated version!
  12. imvanya

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's City vehicles

    I started the year by building a new Modular, and as usual, this got me to come back to LEGO in general. Long story short, I finally finished a redux of another older MOC of mine – a school bus. The design should be more streamlined now, though the look ended up somewhat rectangular. In any case, it is now more reasonably sized, and at the same time I managed to cram a brick-built V engine and a removable engine cover. It has seats for 12 passengers plus the driver, the roof is also removable. Bright Light Orange/Flame Yellowish Orange is perfect for a school bus, but is not too common, so I tried to make sure the pieces I used are available in this color. The .io file is available at my Bricksafe here, the model is also available at Mecabricks here. You can get PDF instructions at my Bricksafe here. Please note that a few of the new pieces have not yet made into (66956 and 71752), so lime green placeholders are used in the instructions.
  13. imvanya

    What Comes after the Saturn V build?

    Hi, 'kylenpillay'. Welcome to Eurobricks! Have you considered the Creator Expert sets? The sets are normally quite considerable in size and feature some advanced building techniques, which makes them quite satisfying to build. Depending on your interests, you could go for vehicles or buildings. Alternatively, you could just go by size. For instance, you can check Brickset for a list of sets with most pieces. Anyway, hope you find this helpful!
  14. imvanya

    HELP! ! !

    This must be what you are looking for: