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  1. See bottom right: The same piece - a wheel insert - is used on the SRT Demon, but it isn't printed there. Looks like that is exactly what they did. I actually appreciate the fact that now not only F1 cars with their switchable front wings have this modular feature. The thing I find somewhat disappointing are the rear lights on the Charger - they don't look very Charger-like. 1 stud is too much, 1 plate would be much better.
  2. I found out about this meme after wondering about the same, and while it is really silly, it is also quite funny:
  3. imvanya

    (MOC/MOD) Aston Martin DB5 With Extra Curves

    The bottom curve is a great improvement! It looks like the height of the door had to be sacrificed.
  4. Could this work? (Sorry if this has been suggested already) I'm not sure if there is anything to attach the mudguard to, but it seems to be close in size and shape to #6797, and it is available in dark bluish gray.
  5. The reference seems to be this: I think, similar to the F40's standard-Competizione conversion, the Charger will have the option to remove the supercharger. I appreciate that they do include it, since Dominic Torreto's Charger is definitely an iconic car. As to the width of the wheels, a quick Bricklink search shows that the narrow wheel is available in black, so if you are a lucky owner of 4 of those, some Fabuland tires and a few light gray pin connectors, you should be able to do something like this:
  6. imvanya

    Need Idea For Ramp (MOC Question)

    The LDD subforum, which I linked above, has a dedicated thread for official sets built in LDD - here it is. Unfortunately, 76057 doesn't seem to be among the built sets, but it is available for and Mecabricks. Perhaps, you could start with after all, as you originally planned
  7. imvanya

    Need Idea For Ramp (MOC Question)

    I don't have any experience with, i mostly use LEGO Digital Designer and Mecabricks. LDD is easier to figure out and the experience is more similar to actual brick building thanks to the auto-snap feature. It is somewhat strict in terms of which connections are allowed and which are not, but most of the time it is more than enough. Also, there is an LDD subforum on Eurobricks with tons of useful information and tips available. Mecabricks, on the other hand, is much more flexible when it comes to unusual connections, but it will take more time to figure out how to use it. Mecabricks' big advantages are that 1) you don't have to install anything as you build in you browser online, and 2) it has a very good built-in rendering tool, which I personally use a lot, e.g. for images I linked above.
  8. imvanya

    Need Idea For Ramp (MOC Question)

    That's just for road markings, if you don't need any, you could use just the bricks. That's a reference for you to figure out how to match the width of the bridge to the width of your SNOT ramp. The picture shows that 2 studs = 5 plates. The bridge is 10 studs wide, which is (10 / 2) * 5 = 25 plates, or 8 bricks and 1 plate:
  9. Honestly, considering that Mansory have produced quite a few outrageously colored cars, I see nothing wrong with a purple-on-white G-Wagen
  10. As discussed in the 42096 topic, the white wheel arches are smaller and very likely printed, unfortunately: Fingers crossed, even if LEGO decide to produce a few more wheel arch designs, they will produce the three existing ones in more colors and without prints before that.
  11. imvanya

    Need Idea For Ramp (MOC Question)

    30477px1 are indeed quite expensive at $7 or more for a used one on Bricklink, so for the same money you can get a few hundred 1x4 or 1x6 bricks, which cost only a few cents per item. As to building advice, you could first do some testing with the parts you already have. The most straightforward approach would be to simply build a wall-like structure with a stripe in the middle like this: You will have to extend it to make it the right size, so some measuring will be necessary. This might be helpful: From there you can modify it by adding some bracing to avoid flex. You should be able to hide it on the bottom part of the road. The hard part will be the transition from bricks to baseplate. Here you might need to get creative or ask someone more qualified for advice
  12. imvanya

    Need Idea For Ramp (MOC Question)

    For Option 3 you may look at something like this: There are a lot of other similar solutions all over the forum, but that's the first one I found. If you have some spare parts to manage this, it shouldn't be very tricky.
  13. imvanya

    [MOC]Body Shop

    This looks great! Do you have any shots of the interior space?
  14. Nice interior, quite minimalistic, but one would expect that from a spaceship that is about function, not luxury. I also wonder how true to the SW canon that roll of toilet paper is?.. I'm not very good at building spaceships, or Sci-Fi Mocs in general for that matter, but integrating an already built interior into a MOC sounds very complicated. In this particular case, it'll have too be quite large, too. If someone does use it, though, I'll be interested to see the result, that's for sure. As a piece of LDD advice, you can take screenshots with Ctrl+K.