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  1. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Thanks Wes, and welcome to Eurobricks! Thanks ‘ColletArrow’, I am myself very glad how that worked out. I haven’t had a chance to test the connection of the front part “in the brick”, but I did spend quite some time coming up with a solution that loooked viable.
  2. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Well, better late than never. I can't believe it's been almost a year now since I last posted in this topic Never stopped visiting the forum, though. Anyway, I've tried out Mecabricks, and it's great. The best thing about it - an up-to-date parts palette, something LDD can't boast. "Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs with Stud Notch" was what I was looking for, and that's what I got So, here's Studshooter: And here's a link to the .lxf file. Comments and critique are as welcome as ever. UPD: I used the amazingly handy new feature of Mecabricks and rendered the model. A huge thank you to Scrubs for creating such a great service!
  3. Lego In-universe Brands

    I could suggest this article at Brickset, it looks like it might be helpful:
  4. [MOC] LEGO City - House of Culture

    A very good-looking building! Very modern and quite unusually shaped, but the subdued colors complement it nicely. And the use of airplane wings piece is NPU if I have ever seen one
  5. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Thanks 'L@go'. Yeah, to be honest, I thought so, too. I guess I was really excited that you could attach those slopes at all Anyway, I'd better start working on a mod/fix.
  6. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Just a quick update to the previous post. To keep the looks sleek but still enable the car to fit a minifig, I've made a compromise where there is no steering wheel. It can be fixed by 1) replacing the windshield and the 2x4 tile with this windshieldand this wedge piece and 2) removing the tile with handlefrom the interior and putting in the steering wheel. Since the replacement wedge piece is not available in black, a recolor of the whole roof from black to white might be needed. Basically, after the mod the look would not be as sleek, in my opinion, but the car would become more "functional"
  7. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Here's something I've been working on for quite a while. As with most of the cars in this thread, it started with an idea that I wanted to test - using this wedge piece as a fender. As a matter of fact, I had that idea way back in the day and did actually utilize it in a MOC. It was done in a bigger scale mostly because I also wanted to use the snowboard piece as the front lip, but it was the older, larger snowboard rather than the current minifig-scaled one, which was later also featured in this thread. So, long story short, I finally got to the point where I was happy with how this one looked. Originally, I went for something like a Nissan 350Z, but eventually the GT3 racer theme appeared, first in the color scheme and then (more obviously) in the giant rear spoiler. Here it is: The one thing that still bugs me about this build is the way the blue slopes on the front are attached. LDD refuses to connect it using its inverted sibling. However, it looks like it actually should be possible: If anyone can check the viability of this set-up, I would love to know. Anyway, here is a link to the .lxf file, feel free to use it. Comments are welcome, as usual.
  8. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Once again, thanks for sharing the instructions 'cameron-miller1988'!
  9. [MOD] 60145 Buggy

    Nothing fancy, just wanted to add a little texture to the rear: Not that it is that necessary in this case, but the .lxf file is available here
  10. Those white bricks definitely look out of place, a misprint, I would say. Overall, the build does look quite straight forward, so I would not overthink it if I were you. But I agree, mistakes like that do not help. Maybe, it is some kind of an evil prank on innocent AFOLs?
  11. 1 row = 1 brick = 3 plates high 1 column = 1 stud wide The notches mean exactly that - verticla notches are 1 stud apart, horizontal notches are 1 plate apart. At the top you have the list of all the parts you will need to build the portrait. All layers appear to be 2 studs deep. I am sorry if I have just explained something you already knew
  12. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    I slightly changed the rear of the car, I personally like it better now: The file at Brickshelf has also been updated and now includes both versions, see the previous post for the link.
  13. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    After a rather long break (life kind of got in the way of building ) I have finally finished another car. It is yet another pony-/muscle-car loosely based on a real-life one. With this one I wanted to avoid the "6-wide body/4-wide cockpit" build as previously suggested by 'GallardoLU' in this thread, hence the usual suspects - A-pillars made out of mini antenna pieces. My favorite, though, are the double slopes at the back, they actually determined the inspiration/prototype for the whole build. I am currently trying to get the hang of using Bluerender, so apologies for rather mediocre renders: The exhausts are quite silly, but this style is very common among official City cars, so why not? As usual, feel free to grab the .lxf.
  14. A cool idea and very well executed, too
  15. [LDD MOC] Sports car

    Thanks a lot 'cameronmiller1988'! It is really great to see these cars built "in the brick", the way the were meant to be Also, I really like the color choice. Azure seems to be somewhat underappreciated, but I personally think it is quite sporty. Anyway, if you feel like sharing pictures once any of the other ones are built, I would love to see them. Who knows, I might come up with another one by then