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  1. imvanya

    Best bang for buck LEGO Town set (~$100 range)

    This year's Friends sets have a few bigger sets that seem very fun to play with – 41709: Vacation Beach House, 41711: Emma's Art School, 41714: Andrea's Theatre School, 41721: Organic Farm. Last year's 41449: Andrea's Family House looks nice, and I can imagine expanding it with custom built stuff City in general is more action-packed with Last year's City subtheme Wildlife Rescue seems to have a gender-neutral appeal with lots of animals and fun play features. That said, they are not really big builds. Also, there's a LEGO building instructions app with a Build Together feature. The feature allows you to build a set with different people building different parts of it and then combining them together. Not all sets are featured in the app, but 2022 Friends sets 41702: Canal Houseboat and 41703: Friendship Tree House are. Brickset has a review for Build Together: Review: Build Together As to LEGO shows, there seems to have been LEGO Friends series over the years.
  2. imvanya

    [MOC] Fuchikoma and Section 9 members

    Fair enough. Just to clarify, my comment was meant as a criticism, it just felt like a good opportunity to share some ideas I had for a similar thing
  3. imvanya

    [MOC] Fuchikoma and Section 9 members

    That's awesome! I love Ghost in the Shell, and at some point was thinking how to build purist minifigs. Batou was as far as I got, and only in theory: I am still convinced that Chirrut Imwe's head would be a great macth for Batou I always liked Batou's ponytail look, but the closest thing to it is the Pirates of the Carribean piece, which it is not available in Tan, only Dark Tan and Dark Bluish Gray. Flat top pieces – both the old and the new one – used for Zane in Ninjago sets are good alternatives. Honestly, Zane looks almost like hew as inspired by Batou among other things. For the body, I would go with the Collectible Minifigures Series 3 Pilot's bomber jacket. Regardless, I really like your interpretations. Saito, Togusa and Ishikawa are definitely my favorites.
  4. Congrats on a well-deserved win!
  5. imvanya

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Turbo VV

    I am with you on that! Got one figured out – Box Vidiyo Handle Strap
  6. imvanya

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Could it be 853-1 Auto Chassis? Building instructions are available at, the gearbox in that fits your description:
  7. A really nice MOC! It was very cool following the WIP thread and seeing this go from a digital model all the way to the accurate bus model. From some angles, you can hardly tell it's LEGO, so going studful definitely payed off.
  8. Saw this just yesterday and was immediately reminded of this topic: Lego Yukikaze Moc with Russian paintjob by Tyutyu the A-10 guy, on Flickr
  9. My latest model is a cement mixer. This is a model I have been working on for quite a while. It is loosely based on a 3-axle Mack Granite and the Bruder toy model in particular. The truck features a cab that can seat 2 minifigs. an openable hood with a brick built engine inside. The drum is brick-built, so unfortunatley I did not manage to make it hollow, and driven by the truck's 2nd axle. I also included a discharge chute with an extra extension section. I am very happy to have finally finished this model and quite satisfied with the result. Some of the connections, specifically the filling funnel and the ladder, may be somewhat flimsy if built with real bricks, but I have not had the chance to check it myself. I also had to make the Tile 2 x 4 with Silver Car Grille Pattern piece myself as it is not available in either the or Mecabricks library. It has only been used in Juniors/4+ sets, which could explain why it is missing. The .io file is available at my Bricksafe here, the model is also available at Mecabricks here. You can get PDF instructions at my Bricksafe here.
  10. I wanted to share a teaser of something I've been building on and off for the last few months: At the moment, I'm finalizing the design and working on the instructions. I hope to share the full model and instructions very soon.
  11. imvanya

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    With LEGO having a BMW license with 2 Technic motorbikes released, I wonder if we could see an M4. I was looking at the 2022 sets and noticed the new projectile launcher piece. I can definitely see it used for a front grille build. A pic for reference, see the shooters on the green car's hood:
  12. Totally agree! Any troubles you had with the bodywork definitely paid off. The shape of the front is great, it's curved in multiple directions, yet it still incorporates some details like the headlights and looks just as well when in the narrowed plane configuration. Great job!
  13. Yes, that's what I meant. If you decide to build the MOC with idependent suspension, the missing parts would have to be sourced from other sets or bought separately. Edited my post for clarity.