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  1. I just love this kind of MOCs! Great job! I've been fascinated by @L@go's MOCs for this very reason – they capture the mood of the original sets, and have some extra polish thanks to the newer parts.
  2. imvanya

    This garbage truck really needs more support.

    There actually is a separate thread for this MOC started by the designer himself: Show Alexander some well-deserved love
  3. imvanya

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    I wonder if anyone would be up to building this: The rims are obviously based on the Harley-Davidson ones, and thanks to the Speed Champions sets, there are enough Ford-related prints/stickers available.
  4. imvanya

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    Thank you for the kind words 'ThatGuyWhoBuilds'! For a while now, I've been using Mecabricks to do the rendering. One thing to keep in mind: if you only have experience with building in Lego Digital Designer, it may take some time (very little, actually) to figure out how it works in Mecabricks. Overall it is an amazing service. Overall, it is an amazing service, it is constantly getting better, and the rendering is very easy to do, very quick and very good. I would also recommend this thread by @Scrubs , the developer behind Mecabricks, to get a better idea of what it can offer:
  5. imvanya

    fighting irl stopmotion

    Just click and hold the title to edit it. The video is pretty fun, it reminded me of the "This is Sparta!" moment from 300. Some special effects could make it more spectacular, though. Maybe something like dust from under the legs?
  6. imvanya

    Emma's 2019 Lunar New Year Party!

    I really like the use of the door for the headboard, very nice piece usage!
  7. imvanya

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    Thank you 'Merlict'! I like the swords because they have that slight bend to them, and they also contribute to that Japanese theme of the build. That said, the rigid hoses might work.
  8. imvanya

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    Yet again it took me almost 6 month since the last MOC to complete a new one. The excuse I make for myself is that there are a few tricky techniques used to get the shape of some elements right, but I guess that' just another way of saying that I am overcomplicating things Today I would like to present to you Kaiju: This started as a mod/update for an older MOC - JDM, but in the end I would say that the only thing that they have in common is the prototype. I am very happy with the solutions for the side vents and the rear lights. Admittedly, the lights have some parts just slotted between other parts, but they seem to be secured pretty well. Another fiddly part is the connection of the rear section to the rest of the build. The new bracket piece came in very handy indeed. Here's a link to the MOC on Mecabricks and an LDD model. As a final note, a disclaimer for those who may try to build it IRL: I don't know how sturdy this is if it is at all, but I will appreciate it if you let me know Comments and critique are welcome!
  9. imvanya

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    I liked this just from looking at the pictures - a great combination of City scale and some more advanced Technic functions. But I did not realize just how simple yet effective the mechanism is, so I was completely blown away once I saw the video. Amazing job, would love to have one myself!
  10. imvanya

    2019 B instructions

    Click "Show more", B models seem to be there (Porsche doesn't have one):
  11. imvanya

    Ease of mirroring official sets

    I assume that with 6542 by mirroring the set you mean mirroring the layout of the pier. Judging by the instructions book, no side-specific parts are used, so you should be able to build the entrance on the other side. You could actually mirror the pages to make it easier.
  12. Unikitty sets had a lot of 1x3 printed plates (released last year) and the Speed Champions Porsche 917K had some of those too.
  13. Well, if we consider smaller and older iconic sporty cars, Fiat 500 Abarth and Golf GTi Mk1 would qualify.
  14. imvanya

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Second that. I've also seen it used (very cleverly) to build a front for a European cabover semi. Unlike a few other "functional pieces", it is shaped exactly like a regular brick which makes it perfect to add texture. For instance, could also be very useful for that same reason.