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  1. Bricktasty

    [MOC] Car Dealer (Vintage style(?))

    So today this happened. I tried to capture some vintage era feels, i feel i did it but i will leave that up for discussion. Enjoy. (first try too so hope its at least halfway decent)
  2. Bricktasty

    Group 5 Race vehicles.

    Oh IMSA Audis caused a stir when they entered. The other teams calling foul play when it as really just brilliant engineers being creative. Lancia I believe was Group 5 HOWEVER rule changes/group definitions may have changed during some time, a quick google search came up with similar groupings for the car so hard to say. (Personally I've always loved the roar and the battles, the rules never appealed to me. Although I know some people are into and that's more power to them) Speed Champions sets would be epic! Lego ideas would be a great place for submission. I may just if I grab time, attempt to make a moc to test the waters.
  3. Bricktasty

    Group 5 Race vehicles.

    Hello all! Bricktasty here, just a quick post about, what I feel was an amazing time for racing, Group 5/Sihouette Race Cars. This bygone era of out of this world power, crazy car styling and eargasmic engine grunt have always hit a soft spot for me. Granted I am 25 and never seen or watched them race, however, I wanted to know if mocs were ever created of them. I only ask because, quite frankly, I'm not really involved with mocs. I would love too but no idea where to start. Thank you for reading. Bricktasty P.S. Ford ZAKSPEED was best
  4. So here I have a few cars and trucks that I have collected. I do have aircraft but they are tucked away somewhere safe for the time being. (currently moving place so prepareing stuff for that) Hope you enjoy.
  5. Bricktasty


    Cheers @Duq Look forward to it all.
  6. Bricktasty


    Hello! I love lego trains, when I was younger I used to have set 10205 and boy I wish I still had it. However I recently bought 60197, 2 in fact. And boy howdy I love it, managed to marry 2 carriages to make 1 big carriage. Thank you for reading.
  7. Bricktasty

    Hippity hoppity it me, bricktasty

    Pleased to meet you too! And thank you for the welcome!
  8. So a little info about me, 25 years young. I love 70s/80s lego and legoland sets. However I'm a lover of all lego and have recently bought 60197 twice because it looks good. Far cry from an old set I used to have, 10205, which used 9v. Honestly I'm just rambling now, hope that you all have amazing days and night. And can't wait to talk and preview others creations.
  9. Hippity hoppity it me, bricktasty