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  1. TheRiddlersMind

    Securing the artefacts [R6-Rhen Var-SCS]

    Cheers Brickwolf 😁
  2. TheRiddlersMind

    Securing the artefacts [R6-Rhen Var-SCS]

    Thank you @Darth Bjorn and I should of really done snot rocks looking at it πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Thank you @halixon Appreciate it 😁
  3. Rhen var... a inhospitable planet. The frozen barren dunes the high cliffs the bone chilling wind who would want to live here. taskforce leviathan was ordered to secure valuable sith and jedi artefacts for lord hassat. we sent down a initial research party to make are way into the temple we stumbled on a meditation chamber that the jedi used you could feel the earyness in here . We was ordered to track down any holocrons and wayfinders or valuable artefacts that were in hiding within the temple. mission on Rhen var by Tom, on Flickr Detailed shot. without minifigs by Tom, on Flickr Fallen troopers of the past. more photos of the mission to Rhen var moc by Tom, on Flickr
  4. TheRiddlersMind

    [T10 - Kessel - SCS] Project: Red Sun

    Thank you Thank you and feel free 😊
  5. TheRiddlersMind

    [R6 - Galidraan - SCS] The House of Hassat

    this is incredible @Darth Bjorn love the details.
  6. TheRiddlersMind

    [L10 - Empress Teta - TIC] Intercepting the intel

    great job shockwave it looks amazing
  7. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* here is my entry for the stygian caldera society project: red sun by Tom, on Flickr Taskforce Laviathan have been tasked with infiltrating a old republic base from the clone wars there mission is to find the location to a old sith temple buried on the planet emperor palpatine task laviathan to secure any sith artifacts and return them to the invictus for transport to (confidential) project red sun will commence when boots hit the ground.
  8. TheRiddlersMind

    Faction: The Stygian Caldera Society (SCS)

    i pledge allegiance to the scs. TK-4343. Captain jager 323rd legion. by Tom, on Flickr
  9. TheRiddlersMind

    323rd expeditionary force.

    the 323rd expeditionary force was assigned to the ISD invictus there mission was to spearhead the assault in to the capital and meet up with at-at Greta. the convoy consisted of a Trexler 906 armoured marauder, TX-225 GAVw "occupier" combat assault tank and a IFT-T (TX-130T Sabre tank) these items of equipment were valuable for our very survival of the assault, without them are platoon would not make it into the city alive. our commander rychen had new orders come through his holo receiver. We was tasked to approach at night, from the south. It was apart of a 3 pronged attack there no hope for the defenders of the outer wall, isd invictus would lower it self in to the upper atmosphere and rain down a orbital strike, on the city. civilians? there just the casualties of war. our orders where clear we waited till night fall to make our final push to the city.
  10. TheRiddlersMind

    Updating Your Minifigs

    They are looking awesome. I need to invest in the endor style helmets
  11. TheRiddlersMind

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    my entry for the tt retaliation. by Tom, on Flickr sig fig has the yellow imperial retaliation After the lost of the second death star i was placed as captain for the 323rd legion aboard the ISD Invictus my operation number was TK-4343 Captain JaΔ£er. I was tasked to secure Telos IV. Are mission was to push back any resistance on the planets surface, and set up a forward operating base to push out to Maltha Obex and help strengthen the hold for the Triumvirate. The 323rd made planet side we where ordered to start taking the outskirts of the capital, while on patrol we made contact with a new republic scouting party they ambushed us on both sides. The IFT-T lit up and engaged with the republic AT_RT while I and TK-7737 moved right took cover behind a crumbled wall TK-5671 pushed up and was taken out by a republic trooper. the fighting seemed to have pasted a eternity but a few seconds past, never have I been ambushed like that in all my years or the corp. I compased myself and we moved on. Our commanders orders was to secure our position and wait for reinforcements to arrive. before we moved in to the capital.
  12. TheRiddlersMind

    Scouting party

    Thanks Per_SW and im trying to thinks of "alien" type of foliage that may be present in the Star Wars universe
  13. TheRiddlersMind

    (Concept Art) U Wing in Rogue One by Thom Tenery

    Amazing work. It looks awesome.