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Found 6 results

  1. Lion King

    Icons Vehicles Wishlist

    We get several vehicles from Icons (18+) theme that often. So I’m curious about what vehicles on your wishlist youwould like to seee Lego make. Post your wishlist! For me, I would like to see: 1.) Wrangler Jeep 2.) Vintage Fire Truck (unlicensed like Picku Truck) 3.) Vintage Police Car (unlicensed) 4.) Yellow Taxi
  2. R0Sch

    10318 Concorde

    According to Brick Clicker the next LEGO Icons set will be a scale model of the Concorde. Set nr.: 10318 Nr. of pieces: 2083 Price: 199.99$ Release date: September 4th Licensed: Yes (Airbus) Length on stand: 102cm / 40in Dimensions: 105 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm Scale: 1:60 Lead Designer: Milan Madge Stickers: none
  3. From Brickcatch: Official Name: Land Rover Classic Defender SKU : 10317 Pieces: 2336 Theme: LEGO Icons Age: 18+ Years Price: $239.99 Release Date: 1st April 2023 Hopefully it should be of the same scale as the Mustang/Camaro. It should also include the following: Opening passenger doors Steering mechanism Opening rear door/hood
  4. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! URAL 4320 6x6 The legendary Soviet truck, which has been produced since 1977 to the present! I started collecting in parallel with Dodge at the beginning of the year. Initially, I put ordinary hubs on it and drove around the house very well, but before photographing the finished model, I decided to test it on the street, as a result, it was very hard for the engine, (the old version is on the video) after which, over the past week, I went through the chassis, put the portal hubs, abandoned the fake engine and moved the buggy motor under hood (to make a direct gimbal on the gearbox). As a result, it became slower, but more passable! Description: -Drive Buggy motor -Steering Geek Servo -Managing RCbrick -Permanent ALL-wheel drive 6x6 -Bridges with planetary gearboxes -2x high-speed transmission (the lever is duplicated in the cabin) -The steering wheel turns with wheels -Doors, hood and tank open -Detailed interior and under-hood space -Weight: 2.6 kg Length: 68 cm. Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: All photos on the link:
  5. WIP - I have installed a platform and layout in my Modular Town to include the new Eiffel Tower. I built some trees and a monorail station for the 6399 Airport Monorail and added steps from the street level to reach the platform of the Eiffel Tower. I also plan to remove the micro-sized lamp posts and some of the miniature foliage. I think this will help with make the minifigures seem more comfortable in this space, so they don't feel like Gulliver in Lilliput. I also plan to shorten the TV/Media antenna, so that I can fit the Eiffel Tower on a table and in a room with a low basement ceiling. Also, there is a Carousel very close to the real Eiffel Tower, so I plan to install the small Carousel from Winter Village Market (10235) near the Eiffel Tower display. This will balance out the presence of the Airport Monorail station. I would love to hear more about this subject: -How do you plan to display the new Eiffel Tower (10307)? -Will it be part of your LEGO Town or Modular Display? -How do you plan to deal with the micro-sized lamp posts? -Will you make modifications to lower the overall height, so that it will fit inside your house? -What buildings do you plan to display nearby, if any? By Ogelsbob, aka Legodt Check out my WIP on Flickr: