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    Generally castle, military, space or city builds. Plus a bit of Star Wars if I’m in the mood.


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  1. Scorcher43

    Troop Movement - Carrefour Outskirts

    Wait, is that something we're not allowed to do? Cause I was gonna do a bit more around Carrefour, like relatively big moc plus small side builds more.
  2. Scorcher43

    After Action Reports (AAR)

    Briolui Total Points: 0 Campaign 1 - Carrefour [GBW] - CP 1 - Troop Movement - Carrefour Outskirts
  3. 25 September, 2019 Timfield Highway route 45 - Carrefour outskirts - siege day 3 1 battalion, 232 Royal Brioluian Rifles advancing to support defence of the city. Orders to rendezvous with remaining elements of 4 Fielder Rifles (reserve) and civilian volunteers in defence of Military Research Bureau. Strategic value... absolute - loss of area and capture or destruction of classified weapons prototypes unacceptable. "Bloody hell" Private Maxim Throstle said as the truck passed a car that had gone through the barrier on the side of the highway and straight into the backyard of some terribly designed houses. What scared Maxim the pool of blood and arm sticking out from the bottom of the car. On a normal day, Firefighters, Police and Journalists would be everywhere, but there wasn't anyone around, even the houses through the hole looked abandoned. That's when it hit him, the world had changed and it was never going to be the same again.
  4. Scorcher43

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Thanks! I just think its more interesting to see a character who isn't a badass right from the get go, feels more real to me.
  5. Scorcher43

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    (Bit late to the party, but I hope I can get in on the action. Also I can't seem to get the image to rotate, please forgive the vertigo of a sideways portrait) Name: Maxim Throstle Rank: Private State: Briolui Unit: 1 battalion, 232nd Royal Brioluian Rifles Regiment (motorised) Story: Born in south-western Briolui as the eighth child to a middle class family, Maxim was often living in the shadows of his elder siblings, constantly trying to prove himself to be his own man. As any good Brioluian child, Maxim was devoted to the Royal Family and the country's system of constitutional monarchy, the longest running democracy in the modern world. Given his parent's lacked the ability to send him to university out of their own pocket having had 7 other children to raise, Maxim decided to sign on for the Serviceman's Bill to pay for University in exchange for military service. Being assigned to the 1st battalion, 232nd Royal Brioluian Rifles Regiment, Maxim finished training just as the Republic of Nations declared war upon the Coalition of Allied Nations. As the young, untested generation of Brioluian soldiers makes ready to face the tide of the ever-oppressive COAN, Maxim wonders if this is his opportunity to make something of himself in the changing face of the world.